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Review: Insta360 X3 – Waterproof 360 Action Camera – Creative powerhouse for immersive videography

Experience a thrilling journey with the feature-packed, high-quality Insta 360 camera... Read more

Review of Insta360 X3 - Waterproof 360 Action Camera

Test of Insta360 X3 – Waterproof 360 Action Camera

4.5/5 - (1929 votes)

Cena: $377.99


  • Waterproof feature allows underwater filming
  • Comes with a convenient invisible selfie stick
  • High-quality 4K footage
  • 360° camera shoots stunning visuals
  • Provided tutorials for effective usage
  • Tools like ‘Me Mode’ and ‘Active HDR’ enhance output
  • Included memory card for efficient storage


  • Battery life might be short
  • Wifi connectivity can disrupt other online activities
  • Unable to hold the stick during certain sports
  • Some camera operations may seem complex initially

“After spending quality time with the Insta 360 Camera, my honest and unbiased verdict is this: it’s an innovative gadget that truly delivers. From the invisible selfie stick phenomenon to its incredible water-proof feature, it continues to amaze me. Yes, the battery life seems to be a bit on the lower side, but it does not overshadow the all-encompassing, high-quality experience it offers. Bear in mind, this is not just a camera – it’s a creative powerhouse for immersive videography.”

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Brand Insta360
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Flash Memory Type Micro SD
Color Black
Special Feature 5.7K Active HDR 360 Video, 72MP Photo, 4K Single-Lens Mode, 8K Timelapse, FlowState Stabilization
Screen Size 2.29 Inches
Optical Zoom 3 x
Photo Sensor Technology CMOS
Camcorder type Action Camera
Model Name CINSAAQ/B

Introduction: Falling Head Over Heels with the Insta 360 Camera

Every once in a while, a product comes along that just blows me away with its functionality. One such is the Insta 360, a remarkable 360 camera that has proved to be a game changer in my digital photography journey. With its sleek design, dynamic features, and impressive technological capabilities, it was hard not to fall head over heels for this ingenious device.

Unlocking the Magic: The Unboxing Experience

The anticipation was palpable as I unboxed the Insta 360. There’s always something immensely satisfying about unearthing a new product, and this was no different. Nestled within the packaging was not just a camera, but an invitation to peer into an all-round viewing experience.

Meeting the Lifeline: Inside the Insta 360 Box

Upon opening the box, I found more than just the cylindrical camera. The package came inclusive with the necessary gear for an immediate start: a functional selfie stick, a protective cap, and a convenient bag for all the equipment. It was evident that the manufacturers had meticulously planned for the consumer’s convenience, an effort that was commendable.

The unboxing process was smooth and created the first positive impression of the Insta 360. The design of the camera struck me as being well-crafted, appealing to the eye, and unique. But, as every tech enthusiast knows, the real magic lies within the performance, and that was what I was eager to explore.

Ultimately, the introduction and unboxing of the Insta 360 felt like an adventure in itself, setting the stage for the fascinating journey that was about to unfold.

Probe of Insta360 X3 - Waterproof 360 Action Camera

The Camera of Wonders: Exploring the Insta 360 Features

  • Insta 360 offers unique features for content creators
  • Camera has underwater shooting and apps
  • Provides high quality, 4K and 360-degree image

Let’s explore why the Insta 360 camera is such a gem. At first glance, it doesn’t look much different from your everyday camera: sleek design and compact size. But what truly makes it stand out are the unique capabilities it harbors, all designed to meet the needs of today’s enthusiastic multimedia content creators.

Making a Splash: The Underwater Use and Water-Proof Feature

The Insta 360 camera takes adventure recording to a new level with its underwater shooting capability. Keep in mind, you’ll need a specific accessory for this feature , but imagine the stunning marine life footage you could capture on your next diving escapade. However, remember to fully encase your camera in its protective cover to prevent any water damage.

Gaining Perspective: A Look at the App

Companion apps are becoming a staple in modern tech, and the Insta 360 camera isn’t left behind in this regard. The app interface is user-friendly and provides a real-time view of what the camera is recording. It turned out to be incredibly intuitive to use, enabling immediate visualization of stunning 360-degree shots. Please note , connecting the camera to the app requires Wi-Fi and thus may interfere with any concurrent live stream activity.

Erasing Reality: The Invisible Selfie Stick Phenomenon

This feature was one of the most exciting for me – who would have thought of an invisible selfie stick! This ingenious feature results in footage seemingly shot by an unseen hand, adding a touch of magic to your clips. It’s important to use the “me mode” as this makes the selfie stick invisible in the final footage.

Immersed in Quality: Reveling in High Definition Footage

Quality matters a lot and with the Insta 360 camera, the results you get are jaw-droppingly good. The footage is crisp and bright, with stunning 4K resolution. The 360-degree image quality is a beautiful sight to behold, immersing viewers in the experience.

The Insta 360 does much more than a standard camera, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, all at an impressive 60 frames per second. Navigating through its features was definitely enjoyable, although certain aspects like the need for Wi-Fi connectivity during app usage could be slightly inconvenient to some users. However, with all its prowess, it’s safe to say that this camera is definitely a tech marvel that’s worth considering.

Study of Insta360 X3 - Waterproof 360 Action Camera

Personal Odyssey: Venturing into my Insta 360 Experience

  • Insta 360 delivers stunning, high-quality imagery
  • Invisible selfie stick offers smooth view
  • Minor inconvenience in Wi-Fi feature access

Welcoming the Insta 360 into my life has indeed been an odyssey filled with thrilling discoveries and remarkable functionality. It’s been an intriguing combination of exploring new technology, dabbling with a high-quality camera, and beholding the wonders it reveals.

On the Road: Walking through Casinos with Insta 360

Armed with my Insta 360, I then ventured into a bustling casino for a real-time, immersive capture of interesting sights and sounds. The crisp images, stunning depth, and the intricate detailing were more than I bargained for. The Insta 360 stood by me, flawlessly capturing the essence of the bustling casino.

A welcoming feature of this camera is the invisible selfie stick. Holding the stick front and center, it was surprising and rather captivating to see that the stick disappeared completely in the final footage. This incredible technology provided a smooth, unbroken view of the surroundings — almost like an unseen entity was documenting my adventures.

Breaking Limitations: Single Lens, Dual-Lens and the 360 Effect

There was so much to delve into with the Insta 360 functionality. The camera offers two unique modes – the Single Lens mode for those classic shots and the Dual-Lens mode for some fun, 360-degree captures.

Engaging with both modes, I found the camera to deliver a sleek performance. Each shot was polished and stunning with the 4K quality. But the real highlights here are the 360 effects. With the camera held straight, the images taken were otherworldly. It remarkably seemed as if someone else is the maestro behind the camera, recording my journey with an all-encompassing view. The visual splendour that this tech-integrated camera provides is genuinely exceptional.

My only grumble, however, was the considerable struggle to access the camera’s features while being connected to Wi-Fi. The process seemed to interrupt my continuous live stream, which seemed like an aspect that would require some getting used to. But for a camera that churns out such stunning images? This small hiccup seems like a minor inconvenience.

Critical Conclusion

In my journey with the Insta 360, I have discovered that it is much more than just a camera. It’s a device that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary visual narratives, effortlessly. While there may be a few bumps along the way, there’s no denying that the exciting features and impressive performance of this camera are worth exploring.

Estimate of Insta360 X3 - Waterproof 360 Action Camera

Not Just a Camera: Understanding the Value-Adds

  • Insta 360 offers comprehensive built-in tutorials.
  • Includes memory card for enhanced storage.
  • Battery life could be improved.

The Insta 360 is not just another camera—it’s an unparalleled powerhouse of features packed neatly into a compact device. This is where we delve deeper into the auxiliary benefits it brings.

Building Knowledge: Utilizing the Tutorial Function

If you’re like me, starting out with a new gadget can be daunting. With the Insta 360, however, this worry was quickly put to rest. The camera includes a comprehensive tutorial section. Each feature is explained clearly and systematically, making the learning curve a lot smoother than I anticipated. It’s an incredible feature that allows you to access educational content right on the camera itself. Kudos to the developers for paying attention to such important detail.

Efficient Memory: Appreciating the Memory Card Feature

Nothing ruins filming efforts like a lack of storage. Fortunately, the creators of Insta 360 had this in mind. The camera comes equipped with a memory card right out of the box. This proved to be a significant value-add from my experience as I no longer needed to worry about scrambling for extra memory or running out of storage. It’s like a ready-made solution for recording high-resolution 4K videos minus the extra costs.

Power Play: Discussing the Battery Life

The battery life, however, could be an area for improvement. While the camera does an excellent job of capturing stunning images and videos, its battery seemed to drain relatively faster than expected during my test. I found this to be a slight inconvenience since I ended up needing additional batteries for ensuring uninterrupted shoots. So, if you’re considering buying this camera, be prepared for this minor setback and consider investing in some extra batteries.

In conclusion, the Insta 360 is no ordinary device—it’s a ticket to creative video production with incredible features that go beyond just shooting videos. The thorough tutorials, built-in memory card, and lesser impressive battery life all contribute to the product’s individuality and are necessary to consider in a comprehensive overview.

Analyzing Insta360 X3 - Waterproof 360 Action Camera

The Ultimate Verdict: My Final Thoughts on Insta 360

  • Insta 360 camera offers transformative filming experiences
  • Invisible selfie stick feature enhances video quality
  • Camera supports 4K resolution and various modes

After spending a considerable amount of time with the Insta 360 camera, I am in raptures about this innovative piece of technology. However, in the spirit of a balanced review, let me provide a snapshot of my highs and lows with the product.

A Bag Full of Love: I’m Head Over Heels for Insta 360

Since I began using this camera, it has rarely left my side. The experience has been nothing short of transformative. The unmatched flexibility in capturing photos and footage with a 360 effect, and the ability to film underwater (with a custom accessory, not included in the package) is simply revolutionary. The invisible selfie stick feature is a game-changer for me. This nifty attribute enables me to obtain footage where it appears as though someone else is filming, which truly enhances the overall quality of the output. Public outings have become much more interesting to document now.

Yet, it would be remiss of me not to mention the delightful features such as the 4K resolution and the various camera modes that seem to make every moment appear more vivid than real life.

A Video Voyage: Prepping for A Footage Showcase

But here’s the thing. As mesmerizing as the Insta 360 camera might sound on paper, its actual performance is what causes the sparks to fly. In my upcoming videos, I’m thrilled to share the impressive footage I have obtained using this camera.

The real-time footage will offer a much more immersive perspective on what this camera is capable of. This decision isn’t necessarily a drawback, but rather a teaser to fuel the anticipation for my followers. Still, I do wish to remind potential buyers to factor the time it takes for full connectivity into their decision.

Nevertheless, weighing all factors, I must say the Insta 360 camera does live up to its hype. It keeps the promise of capturing memories in an exotic, high-quality format. A word of advice though – it would be wise to invest in extra batteries if you plan on extended usage, since the battery life didn’t last as long as I’d hope. This is a small price to pay though, considering the features on offer.

On a personal note, having this camera has enriched my life and added a new dimension to how I capture and share experiences. I wholeheartedly recommend the Insta 360 camera to anyone who cherishes capturing their world in a visually stunning manner, and cannot wait to show you actual footage.

Lookover of Insta360 X3 - Waterproof 360 Action Camera

Signing Off: Wrapping up My Insta 360 Review

To say that the Insta 360 camera blew me away would be an understatement. From its state-of-the-art features to the quality of the footage it creates, it’s clear that this product provides excellent value for its price. However, I believe there’s always room for improvement.

A Product Worth Reviewing

My experience with the Insta 360 camera has been mostly positive. The underwater feature, the invisible selfie stick, and the superb video quality made for fantastic user experience. The tutorials add a nice touch, educational and practical, making this camera user-friendly, even for beginners.

A Few Criticisms

Despite its many highlights, a few aspects of the Insta 360 Disappointed me. The short battery life was definitely a downside and purchasing extra batteries felt like an unnecessary expense. Additionally, while the Wi-Fi connectivity feature is commendable, it seemed to hinder my live streaming capability, something I feel the manufacturers could improve on.

Parting Thoughts on the Insta 360

All things considered, the Insta 360 is a camera that I would definitely recommend, albeit with a few reservations regarding battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether for professional use or for recreational purposes, its features allow it to excel in diverse scenarios.

A Final Word

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I hope it gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Insta 360 camera and encourages you to make an informed decision about whether this product is right for you.

Remember, like any tool, the Insta 360 is as good as the users make it, so don’t be afraid to explore its many features and enjoy the creativity it allows. Happy recording!

Should you buy the Insta360 X3 – Waterproof 360 Action Camera?

Buy it if…

You love adventure

The Insta 360 camera is waterproof and comes with an invisible selfie stick, making it perfect for filming water sports or extreme outdoor activities.

You value high-quality footage

This camera provides stunning 4K resolution and has a 360-degree mode for immersive visual experience.

You value learning and user experience

The Insta 360 camera comes with an intuitive app full of tutorials that teach you how to use the camera and its features effectively.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a tight budget

The Insta 360 camera comes with several accessories and high-end features, which may put it on the higher end of the price scale.

You are not tech-savvy

If you’re not comfortable with navigating modern technology, you may find the Insta 360 camera’s features and app overwhelming.

You require long battery life

The review mentions that the camera’s battery life is not long-lasting, so you might encounter interruptions if you plan long shooting sessions.


What’s included in the Insta 360 box?
The Insta 360 box includes the camera, a selfie stick, a cap for protection, and a small carrying bag.
Can the Insta 360 be used underwater?
Yes, with a specific accessory, you can use the Insta 360 underwater.
Does the Insta 360 come with an invisible selfie stick?
Yes, the Insta 360 features an invisible selfie stick that enables you to shoot footage seemingly without a supporting hand.
What are the different modes of usage?
The Insta 360 can be used with a single or dual lens. Further, with the invisible selfie stick and 360-degree shooting ability, it can create unique effects.
Does the Insta 360 have a High Definition feature?
Yes, the camera shoots in 4K quality, providing stunning footage.
What is the battery life of the Insta 360?
The reviewer notes the battery life could be improved, and had already ordered extra batteries.
Does the Insta 360 come with a memory card?
Yes, the Insta 360 package includes a memory card.
Does the Insta 360 offer tutorials?
Yes, the Insta 360 provides easy-to-follow tutorials, allowing you to fully utilize its features.
Can you connect the Insta 360 to your phone?
Yes, you can connect Insta 360 to your phone via Wi-Fi and see live footage on your phone screen.

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