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Review: i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1″ (2022/2021) – Delivers style, functionality and top-notch affordability

Explore iBlazon’s unique, robust lineup of protective, colorful iPhone 14 cases... Read more

Review of i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

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Test of i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1″ (2022/2021)

4.5/5 - (3745 votes)

Cena: $23.99


  • Exciting new packaging variant
  • Unique color options like Azure and Frost
  • Built-in plastic screen protector
  • Impressive fit and perfect button feel
  • Comes with belt clips
  • Translucent case option for Apple logo visibility
  • Robust armor box for maximum protection


  • Not all models received similar cases
  • Plastic protector vs glass protector preference
  • Cases may add bulk to phones
  • Potential wear and tear on phone
  • Limited color options for certain models
  • Some cases might feel too large
  • Few options for iPhone 14 Pro Max

“Given my in-depth experience with iBlazon’s lineup for the iPhone 14 series, I can conclude that their cases truly deliver a mix of style, functionality, and top-notch affordability. The new packaging, tantalizing color selection, and enhancements in design have genuinely impressed me. Regardless of the model, whether it’s the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, or 14 Pro Max, there is a case that caters to everyone’s preferences—be it rugged, slim, or translucent. But, as an unbiased consumer, I believe the choice ultimately depends on the specific needs and style preferences of each individual. So, consider what you value most in a phone case before making a final decision.”

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Brand i-Blason
Color Azure
Form Factor Basic Case
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 14
Material Thermoplastic Polyurethane

The Big Reveal: Unboxing iBlazon Cases for iPhone 14 Series

And there I was, ready to reveal an impressive range of iBlazon cases designed for the highly anticipated iPhone 14 series. From the get-go, it was evident that the unboxing was going to be quite the event. Speaking from a bias-free position, the meticulous packaging was the first thing that caught my eye, proving once again that first impressions do matter.

Unique Packaging that Screams Quality

Before digging into the details of the cases themselves, it’s worth acknowledging iBlazon for their outstanding packaging. From its presentation, to the thought-out details, each package conveyed a sense of premium experience. Unboxing each one was like opening a new gift, adding a dash of excitement to the whole ordeal.

Aesthetic Appeal and Texture

Startup right away with the new packaging. IBlazon has seemingly put a lot of thought into this, with some cases taking on a fresh look while others retained the traditional design. The texture of the newer, premium packaging added a nice tactile aspect. Handles well, feels good, and looks even better. It’s definitely an upshot from previous iterations.

Now, let’s dive in and discuss the iBlazon cases one by one. Based on initial impressions, build quality, fit, and attention to detail, each possesses its own set of unique features worthy of exploration and review.

Examining i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

Kicking Off With the Basics: iPhone 2021 and 22 6.1 inch Aries SP in Azure

  • Azure Aries SP specifically for iPhone 13 and 14
  • Case offers protection, style, and functionality
  • Comes with built-in plastic screen protector

Starting my journey into the world of iBlazon Cases , the first in line is the iPhone 2021 and 22 6.1 inch Aries SP in Azure . This case is designed specifically for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 and dons an alluring blue color, termed as ‘azure’ by iBlazon.

Unboxing the Azure Aries SP

The unboxing experience is straightforward. The package includes the case and an installation guide. To my delight, iBlazon also incorporated a video guide to installation considering that some might find the process a little tricky. It is substantial to mention that the azure color is indeed commendable, adding an interesting shift to the otherwise standard black and white case variants.

First-hand Experience

On first glance, the Azure Aries SP captures attention with its striking color. The case itself is lightweight and my iPhone fit perfectly into it, ensuring it wasn’t bulking up or causing discomfort while handling the phone. Across the case, there is a subtle use of clear plastic, offering the double advantage of protection and style.

Protection and Functionality

The Aries SP Azure is cleverly designed with cutouts that line up accurately with the iPhone’s ports, not obstructing the phone’s functionality at all. The mute switch and the charging port are also thoughtfully covered to prevent dirt accumulation. When it comes to screen protection, it comes with a built-in plastic screen protector securing your phone against direct screen impact.

Critical Assessment

In terms of criticism, one thing to bear in mind is the plastic screen protector included in the package isn’t at par with a glass screen protector in terms of touch screen response and clarity. It’s decent, but those who prefer a more premium touch might want to separately invest in a glass screen protector.

I also noticed that the azure color might not complement all phone colors equally. If you have an iPhone 13 or 14 in any shade of blue, it might not stand out as much. However, against neutral shades like black, white or gold, the azure really pops.

Concluding Thoughts

Taking into account its design, functionality, and coveted color, the iPhone 2021 and 22 6.1 inch Aries SP in Azure is a fantastic starting point for anyone looking for a fashionable yet functional phone case. Although there’s room for minor improvements, it certainly adds a touch of personality to the iPhone 13 and 14.

Summary: i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

Fantasizing about the Rugged Armor Box Black for iPhone 21 22 6.1

  • Rugged Armor Box offers sturdy, robust protection
  • Features built-in plastic screen protector
  • May be bulky for some users

As an experienced product reviewer and a fan of smart innovations, it’s not every day I come across a product that genuinely piques my interest and curiosity. The Rugged Armor Box Black for iPhone 21 22 6.1 from iBlazon is one that fits the bill.

First Impressions

To begin with, the design of the Armor Box does justice to its name. It’s rugged , sturdy, and immediately gives you the impression that it’s built to endure. There’s an undeniable aura of robustness that is quite hard to ignore.

Unboxing and Getting Hands-on

Upon unboxing, what really grabbed my attention was the attention to detail. Upon peeling off the protective plastic and holding it in my hands, there are significant elements that stand out. Having reviewed countless products, I can attest that the attention to detail is something not many brands can perfect.

Design and Aesthetics

Looks-wise, the Armor Box boasts a matte black finish, giving it a sleek, understated, and timeless look . It’s not just a case; it’s a modern-looking accessory that complements the device. If you’re into minimalistic designs and prefer your cases to be devoid of flashy logos and designs, then the Armor Box is a treat.

Features and Usability

The case comes with a built-in plastic screen protector, a feature that saves you the hassle of buying a separate screen protector. The cutouts on the case align perfectly, providing ease of access to all the buttons and ports. I tested the button and found them to be easily manageable, no apparent stiffness or sticking. The port opening, too, is worth mentioning. A simple yet effective protective flap feature gives assurance against dust and dirt.

Should you go for it?

No product is perfect, and the Armor Box isn’t an exception. The black Armor Box might be a tad bulky for some, especially if you’re someone who prefers ever-so-slim and ultra-lightweight cases. However, if you’re after protection and wouldn’t mind a little added weight for the same, the Armor Box is certainly worth considering.

Assess your needs, weigh your options, and if the Armor Box fits your requirements, it certainly can be a valued addition to your iPhone accessories collection.

Expose on i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

Into The Fascinating World Of Colors: The Armor Box in Tilt

  • Armor Box in unique ‘Tilt’ color
  • Dual-layer protection with slim feel
  • Extra protection with style and functionality

Next up on our exploration is the Armor box in an intriguing shade called ‘Tilt.’ Now, here’s something extraordinary: this is a color we’ve not come across before in our product powwows. And, it sure does speak volumes about iBlazon’s creativity.

Unboxing the Unique

Upon unboxing, the first sight of this Armor Box in Tilt is a joy to behold. It’s a captivating blue that immediately grabs your attention. But, it’s not just about good looks. This case gives you a clear impression it is here to cater to your protection needs. So, let’s dive deeper into this wonder.

Installation and Design

Getting your phone into this case is simple – like all iBlazon products – with clear instructions included within the package. Let’s start with removing the plastic protectors on the front and the back. Now, the unique color truly reveals itself.

Coming to the actual design, we’re looking at a rugged case with a visible dual-layer protection. It gives a solid feel in hand yet doesn’t take away from the slim identity of iPhone 14.

Fit & Function

Fast forwarding to fit, this Armor Box case snugs around your phone almost like a glove. Unpredictable falls or day-to-day scratches shouldn’t be a worry. You can see the Apple logo clearly through this case, making it quite appealing.

As for the functionality, it includes the same built-in kickstand we’ve experienced with other iBlazon series. It’s simple to deploy and lays flush with the case when not in use. Spot on!

Protection & Accessibility

  • Reinforced Corners: The feature that I found particularly impressive was the reinforced corners. They’re crafted to take the brunt of accidental drops remarkably well.
  • Port Openings: It’s clear that iBlazon has given thought to every tiny detail. The charging ports are conveniently covered, offering an additional line of defense against dust.
  • Button Accessibility: The case provides excellent accessibility to all buttons, each responding very well to presses.

All in all, a top-tier case for those seeking extra protection without compromising on style. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea – the bright shade of blue isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re up for a colorful surprise, the Armor Box in Tilt color could be just the thing for you!

Remarks on i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

The Peek Through Design: The Armor Box SP in Frost

  • Armor Box SP offers unique translucent design
  • Installation is straightforward and hassle-free
  • Case may yellow or scratch over time

Upon my encounter with the Armor Box SP in Frost for the iPhone 14 Pro series, it became clear that this case brings something unique to the table. Stepping away from traditional opaque designs, iBlazon has amazed us with a fascinating translucent design that is undoubtedly a head-turner.

Design and Aesthetics

The Armor Box SP in Frost embodies a distinctive translucent design, unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s like looking through a veil of frost. The case is clear enough to allow your phone’s actual design to be on display. Simply put, it’s see-through elegance .

Unboxing First Impressions

Peeling the protective films off, the case resides magnificently in all its splendour. A delicate balance between subtlety and attention-grabbing class. The clear, see-through construction immediately sets it apart, even among its counterparts.

Installation Process

Even with its unique aesthetics, installing a phone in this case is similar to the rest of the iBlazon line. The case breaks apart smoothly, ready to embrace the phone securely. The process is straightforward and truly not much of a hassle.

Unique Features

  • Visible Innerworkings: With this unique translucent design, the interesting feature to note is that you can see the mechanisms inside the belt clip. You can view the tiny details often hidden behind opaque materials.
  • Matches All Colors: The Armor Box SP in Frost is versatile and would suit any phone color, especially if you’re keen on flaunting your phone’s original design and color.

Any Drawbacks?

Despite its intriguing design, this case may not be for everyone. For those who are more private and want to keep the look of their device under wraps, its transparency may be a drawback. Also, it’s crucial to note that over time, clear cases can be subject to yellowing or scratching.


In all, the Armor Box SP in Frost is certainly a breath of fresh air in the world of phone case designs. However, like every product, it isn’t without its potential shortcomings. Still, should you find its unique aesthetic appealing and aren’t bothered about showing off your device’s original design, this case is definitely one to consider.

Interpretation of i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

Exploring Cases for the Unexplored iPhone 14 Plus

  • Azure Aries SP case offers superior protection for iPhone 14 Plus
  • Case offers good grip, drop protection and doesn’t increase bulk
  • It allows clear visibility of Apple logo

Now, for a much different iPhone model – the iPhone 14 Plus. Though not widely purchased, this phone definitely deserves its set of superior protection. Interestingly, the line-up for the Plus consists of a wide palette of color options that are going to turn heads. Let’s start the case examination, shall we?

Breaking Down the Azure Aries SP For 6.7 inch iPhone 14 Plus

First off, I came across the Azure Aries SP, specifically designed for the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus. It had the same color as the 14 Pro, an alluring Azure – a very nice shade of blue. Peeling off the protective film, the case had a very satisfying and intricate design.

Upon installation, I noticed the case’s size wasn’t overwhelmingly bigger than the iPhone 14 Pro. It was crafted beautifully to taper down at the sides, offering a firm grip. The raised corners provide good drop protection and the phone felt secure within the confines of the case. All the cutouts were on point and the in-built screen protector added a bonus protective layer.

The case made the iPhone 14 Plus feel comfortable to handle without increasing the weight or size drastically, offering an uncompromised handling experience. But remember, aesthetics make up just one aspect of a case. It’s also about the protection, functionality, and comfort it offers. This case, in my opinion, checks all these boxes.

Critical Takeaway

What is perhaps the highlight is how it allows the Apple logo to be seen straight through it, which I know is a huge plus for many users. It’s also worth mentioning that despite its larger design, the case did not render the phone bulky or difficult to manage. Quite contrary, it enhanced the hand feel offering a smoother grip.

However, for some, the case might seem slightly hefty, owing to the intrinsic nature of the iPhone 14 Plus. And while the color is distinct and aesthetically pleasing, potential users who prefer subtler shades may not find this particular color option ideal.

Overall though, if you’re an iPhone 14 Plus user who doesn’t mind a dash of vibrancy, this case could be well worth checking out!

  • Product Quality: Premium
  • Fit: Perfect
  • Protection: High
  • Functionality: Excellent
  • Design & Color Options: Excellent with unique color options
  • Value for Money: Worthwhile

Remember, every user’s preferences and experiences can differ, so what seems perfect to me, might not fit your requirement and vice versa. Therefore, it always helps to evaluate your smartphone usage and needs before deciding on a case. Stay tuned as we explore more case options for this iPhone model.

Analyzing i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

Transitioning To Purple: The Armor Box SP in Moov For iPhone 14 Plus

  • Armor Box SP provides bold, unique color options
  • Design assures quality and protection
  • Included kickstand enhances smartphone experience

Exploring the world of iPhone case colors has been nothing short of a visual treat. The transition to a more daring, vibrant color has definitely added an extra layer of excitement to this unboxing experience. The color I’m focusing on today is a shade of purple that iBlazon whimsically calls “Moov” and it’s for their Armor Box SP case designed to enhance and protect the 6.7 inch iPhone 14 Plus.

First Impressions

Unboxing the Armor Box SP in Moov, it is instantly clear that this isn’t your average phone case color. The case graced my eyes with a rich, vivacious purple hue, a bold statement indeed. The case did not feel too bulky in my hand and it was surprisingly lightweight despite its rugged design.

Quality and Design

The Armor Box SP in Moov was not just pleasing to the eye, but delivered exceptional quality. The design and build of the case felt sturdy, offering a sense of assurance for the protection it promises to provide.

Whilst many might feel hesitant to venture beyond the traditional black or grey case, I was pleasantly surprised to find the purple made a very charming impression. The purple’s vibrancy was balanced well with the robust black detailing, ensuring it wasn’t overwhelming, and rather, added a tasteful flair.

Usability and Features

What I absolutely loved was the included installation guide – a user-friendly take on ensuring customers are equipped to reach the full potential of their product. Navigating through the installation was simple, thanks to the step-by-step instructions.

Also, the Armor Box SP comes with a kickstand – another noteworthy feature. It was easy to deploy and manage, thereby enhancing the smartphone experience particularly for those who enjoy streaming content on their devices.

A Final Word

For folks open to experimenting, the Armor Box SP in Moov provides an opportunity to refresh the standard phone accessory ensemble. With the Moov shade, they’ve not only presented a unique, bold color option, but they’ve delivered on the fundamental purpose – to protect. The Armor Box SP for the iPhone 14 Plus stands as an impressive testimony of how functionality and aesthetics can indeed go hand in hand.

Expose on i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

Back To Basics: The Armor Box SP in Black For iPhone 14 Plus

  • Armor Box SP combines subtlety with strength
  • Offers robust protection and added convenience with belt clip
  • Excellent value for the price

Next on our radar is the Armor Box SP in classic black for iPhone 14 Plus. Adopting a ‘back-to-basics’ approach, this variant chooses to keep things subtle and timeless. Let’s dissect this offering and see what it brings to our smartphone protection arsenal.

Unboxing the Clover

Unwrapping the Armor Box SP in black was quite straightforward. The case rested comfortably in its packaging, a direct contrast to the bright, flashy designs we’ve seen earlier. But that’s exactly where its charm lies – in its simplicity.

The First Impression

The matte black finish immediately caught my attention. Even before I could touch it, the case exuded an aura of sleek sophistication. On the one hand, it’s incredibly understated; on the other, it’s robust and ready for action.

In Hand Experience

Once out of the box, the Armor Box SP felt reassuringly strong and firm in my hands. The black color oozes a sense of stealth and sleekness, allowing the case to stay under the radar, blending seamlessly with everyday attire and environments.

Protection and Comfort

Despite its minimalist appearance, the Armor Box SP doesn’t compromise on protection. The coverings for the mute switch and charging port keep out dirt. The heightened corners and carbon fiber accents on the bottom further enhance the case’s ruggedness, ensuring the iPhone 14 Plus is snuggly guarded against drops.

To Belt Or Not To Belt?

One feature that really stands out is the included belt clip. It’s an added convenience for users who need easy phone access throughout the day. Plus, with this case on, your phone can effortlessly clip onto your belt, making it an accessory that’s not just practical but also stylish.

Final Verdict
  • Design: The Armor Box SP in black scores high on visual appeal. Its matte black finish exudes a sense of sophistication, making it an ideal pick for those who prefer subdued elegance.
  • Protection: With its premium materials and thoughtful design, this case offers a robust shield against accidental drops and bumps without adding excessive bulk to your device.
  • Value: Considering its design, protection level, and added features like a belt clip, this case offers excellent value for the price.

In conclusion, for those in search of a case that marries subtlety with strength, the Armor Box SP in black is certainly worth considering for your iPhone 14 Plus.

Rundown: i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

Taking A Leap: Reviewing Cases for the 6.1 Pro of iPhone 14 Series

  • iBlazon cases offer unique designs and diverse color palette
  • They provide robust protection and aesthetic appeal
  • Cases complement iPhone 14 Pro’s distinctive design

Leaping into the realm of the iPhone 14 Pro, we plunge deeper into iBlazon’s offerings of casing designs and their functionalities. Let’s uncover the mystery behind the armored delights and how these designs hold the power to completely transform your iPhone 14 Pro.

The Intricate Design

As a product reviewer, I’m always on the hunt for something that truly stands out, portrays individuality while not compromising on functionality. Upon unboxing these iBlazon cases for 6.1 Pro, I immediately felt a sense of uniqueness.

Adding Colors to the Palette

With the Armor Box SP and the Ares cases, I was in awe of the product line diversity accompanied by a broad palette of colors. With their enriching colors like Moov, Azure, Black, and many more, these cases offer a mirror of self-expression.

Moving On to Functionality

The durability of a case is a critical point of consideration for any user. After using both Armor Box SP and Ares, it was unquestionable that they did not just focus on looks.

The armored cases provide a robust shield that easily absorbs shocks from occasional drops while maintaining a compact look. These armors are ideally designed for practicality along with style and durability. The Ares case, on the other hand, provides a perfect blend of minimalism, protection, and sophistication.

Final Words

Upon investigating, one could say it’s sheer mastery how iBlazon has managed to cut above the clutter and consistently deliver high-quality phone cases. Their cases wrap around the iPhone 14 Pro impeccably which adds to the device’s distinctive design, all the while promising to shield it from scars of daily wear and tear.

Pro Tip

Remember, the most crucial aspect when choosing an iPhone case is figuring out what you want from it – do you want it to be merely protective, purely aesthetic, or an effective blend of both. So, arm yourself before you head out to shop for your next casing solution!

Inspection of i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1

The Grand Finale: Revealing the 6.7 Ares SP And Azure For iPhone 14 Pro Max

Coming to the rainbow’s end of this unboxing journey, finally, let’s explore the realm of the groundbreaking king of the smartphone market – the iPhone 14 Pro Max. And what better way to shield this tech titan than with the towering 6.7 Ares SP in Azure from iBlazon?

Unboxing the Behemoth

As I pulled out the 6.7 Ares SP and Azure case from its packaging, I was not only struck by the monolithic size that was a fitting match for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but also by an overwhelming sense of relief. Checking out this case, it was immediately clear to me that this was not a protective accessory that took its job lightly.

First Impressions

The Case in Hand: Pondering on Huge Proportions

Upon placing the case onto the iPhone 14 Pro Max dummy (remember, we still need to be careful with our actual devices), it fit snugly, forming a cozy armor around the plus-sized phone. From the word go, it was apparent that the case had been meticulously engineered to be an extension of the phone itself.

The Camera Cutout: Protect and Flaunt

Focusing on the camera cutout area, the case seemed to understand its responsibility quite seriously. The cutout provided perfect recessivity, ensuring the iPhone’s high-end camera apparatus would stay aloof from any surface it came in contact with. Now, that’s sure to keep those camera lens scratch-free.

Button Feedback: Nice and Tactile

No, the bulky case did not compromise tactile feedback. The buttons maintained their clicky responsiveness, which is a detail that we have come to respect and demand.

Pondering Port Protection: Covered but Accessible

Another design aspect that caught my attention was the covered yet accessible ports. The mute switch and charging port were well protected without losing any ease of accessibility. Functionality and protection – a perfect harmony.

Going Azure: A Color Dive

I must take a moment to give a shout-out to the color aspect. The azure color of the case gives the device a distinctive personality, without causing a cacophony against the sophisticated look of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

On the whole, the case was not just about physical compatibility or protection; it also seemed to have a character that subtly yet surely complemented the heavy stature of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

To wrap up…

It was quite a finale to this extensive unboxing session. Checking out the Ares SP azure case for the iPhone 14 Pro Max felt like acknowledging the titan with a worthy armor. Equal parts protective and personality-adding, it could easily be the reliable guardian for your premium smartphone investment.

Should you buy the i-Blason Ares Rugged iPhone 14/13 Case 6.1″ (2022/2021)?

Buy it if…

You want sturdy protection for your phone

iBlazon cases provide a robust case that guarantees ultimate protection for your iPhone, perfect for those who are more prone to accidental drops.

You desire a case with aesthetic appeal

iBlazon offers various eye-catching colors and designs that allow you to express your unique style while protecting your device.

You need functional features in a case

iBlazon cases come with added features like a built-in kickstand and belt clip, which enhance the usability of your phone.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer ultra-thin cases

iBlazon cases, although sleek, aren’t the thinnest on the market. If ultra-sleekness is your top priority, you might want to look elsewhere.

You are on a budget

While the quality of iBlazon cases justifies the price, they might not be the most cost-effective option for budget-conscious buyers.

You don’t like changing cases frequently

If you prefer sticking to one case for a long duration, iBlazon’s wide variety might tempt you to switch more frequently.


Do the iBlazon cases fit the correct iPhone models snugly?
Yes, the cases are made to fit each iPhone model perfectly, ensuring a snug fit and protection.
Are the cases reviewed for all models of iPhone 14?
Yes, the review covers iBlazon cases for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
What does the ‘Azure’ refer to in the case description?
Azure refers to the color of the case. It is a very nice blue color offered by iBlazon.
Do these cases come with a built-in screen protector?
Yes, most of the cases come with a built-in plastic screen protector.
Does the Armor Box case come with a belt clip?
Yes, the Armor Box case comes with a sturdy belt clip for ease of carrying.
What is unique about the Armor Box SP in Frost?
The Armor Box SP in Frost is a translucent case, allowing you to see the Apple logo on your phone clearly.
Why is the iPhone 14 Plus referred to as a ‘weird’ phone?
The reviewer referred to the iPhone 14 Plus as ‘weird’ due to its relatively fewer pre-order sales compared to other models.
Are all buttons and ports accessible in the iBlazon cases?
Yes, all buttons are accessible and are functional with the case on. The mute switch and charging port are also covered for protection, but can be easily accessed when needed.

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