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Review: HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer – User-friendly, high-quality photo printing device

Explore the remarkable features and photo quality of the user-friendly HP Sprocket Studio... Read more

Review of HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer

Test of HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer

4.3/5 - (869 votes)

Cena: $88.57


  • Superior photo quality to previous Sprocket models
  • No penalization for periods of inactivity
  • Fun and easy to use Sprocket app
  • Features like augmented reality and mosaic prints
  • Clear printing process with minimal maintenance


  • No built-in battery; mostly needs to connect to power
  • Lacks protective mechanism against unauthorized usage
  • Only prints 4×6 size photos
  • Augmented reality feature requires close proximity
  • No secondary confirmation before printing in the app

“Coming to my final verdict, I must say the HP Sprocket Studio has impressed me. The efficient printing process, quality of prints, supportive app with some fun and practical editing features, make it a solid choice. Be aware of the lack of secondary confirmation and inability to lock out unauthorized users, which, while minor, are noteworthy. But for casual printers who would appreciate an idle-supportive device, this could be your calling. So, if you’re in the market for a user-friendly, clever photo printer, the HP Sprocket Studio’s capabilities make it something worth considering.”

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Brand HP
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Printing Technology Dye Sublimation
Special Feature Portable
Color White
Model Name HP Sprocket Studio Plus
Printer Output Color
Maximum Print Speed (Color) 1 ppm
Max Printspeed Monochrome 1 ppm
Item Weight 3 Pounds

The HP Sprocket Studio: Changing the Way We Print Photos

Looking for a small form-factor printer that produces high-quality images with ease? Well, you’re in the right place! Enter the HP Sprocket Studio, an innovative device that’s rapidly redefining the world of personal photography printing.

Unpacking the Device

The first impression you get when opening the box is how compact the printer is. Packed delicately, the HP Sprocket Studio exudes an air of sophistication with its sleek design and minimalist appearance.

My First Encounter:

Placing the printer on my desk, I could immediately see the possibilities it held for turning digital photo memories into tangible keepsakes. The feel of the device, the size, and the design all hint at a carefully thought and meticulously designed device to meet modern photo printing needs.


At an initial cost of $149.99, it might not be considered a budget item, but remember, it comes with interesting inclusions like paper and a ribbon. That’s a pretty decent starter-kit in my book! The additional pack of 80 prints (which includes the ribbon) costs around $34.99, translating roughly to 44 cents a print. This seems fair, given the image-resolution and the convenience.

Dye Sublimation vs Ink-Jets

What sets HP Sprocket Studio apart from many other photo printers is its dye sublimation process. This, I’ve found, gives photographs a quality far superior to its inkjet counterparts. Also, you won’t have any issue of clogged ink-jets if you print infrequently.

The Shaping of a New Photography Printing Experience

The HP Sprocket Studio sets a new bar in the world of personal photo printing. It represents what the seamless blend of convenience, technology, and design can be. Offering better image quality and sleek design, it surely is a game-changer in the personal photography printing landscape.

The device offers loads of potential for anyone looking to print high-quality digital photos in the comfort of their home!

Overview of HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer

Experience: First-Hand Encounter With the HP Sprocket Studio

  • HP Sprocket Studio utilizes unique dye sublimation process
  • Costs approximately 44 cents per print
  • Optional battery pack available for portability

When I first introduced myself to the HP Sprocket Studio, I was immediately intrigued. The relatively convenient size of the printer hinted at its portability and versatility, a concept that to me was refreshing. However, what really caught my attention was the unique process this printer uses. Let’s delve in.

Unboxing and Setup

Unboxing the HP Sprocket Studio was a smooth process. Everything was well-organized in the box, and the packaging was robust enough to ensure the safety of each component. Included in the box was a pack of paper and a ribbon – enough to get you started on your printing journey.

The Printing Process

Once everything was assembled and powered up, I started my first print. Unlike traditional printers, the HP Sprocket Studio uses a dye sublimation process which was fascinating to watch. The process involved the paper being pulled back and forth through the printer, each time laying down a different color. The photo quality was surprisingly impressive for a printer of this size and type. The idea that the printer won’t require any sort of warm-up or cleaning process, especially after prolonged period of no use, is a significant highlight. It bodes well for those of us who may need to print under time constraints or after long intervals of inactivity.

Additional Costs

  • You should be aware that additional packs of paper and ribbon cost about $34.99 for a pack of 80 prints, which equates to approximately 44 cents per print.
  • If you’re used to printing frequently, this cost might seem steep. However, for occasional printers, this is a comfortable investment.

The Battery Power

One thing to note is that unlike the other Sprocket printers, by default, the HP Sprocket Studio does not come battery-powered. It has to be plugged into a wall, although there is an optional battery pack available for purchase separately. This allows for portability, but does add to the initial cost.

The Bottom Line

After spending some time with the HP Sprocket Studio, I came away largely impressed. The quality of prints, the ease of operation, and the unique dye sublimation process sets it apart. The costs per print and the optional battery should be kept in mind, but as a whole, the printer delivers on its promise of quality and convenience.

Inspecting HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer

The All-New HP Sprocket App: A Walking Guide

  • HP Sprocket App allows mobile photo printing
  • App includes user-friendly interface and editing tools
  • Possible issues: accidental printing, uninvited connections

Our next stop in this review journey is the HP Sprocket App – an app designed to seamlessly print photos from your mobile device. It’s like having your own little photo lab right in the palm of your hand, which is a pretty incredible concept, right? The real question now is whether it lives up to the hype.

Getting Started

The first task after unboxing your new HP Sprocket Studio is to install the HP Sprocket App. Available for both Android and iOS, the app is your one-stop destination for printing, editing, and even sharing your favorite photos. It connects directly to your new printer via Bluetooth, and voila, you’re good to go.

User-friendly Interface

From the moment you open the app, it’s pretty clear that the interface was designed with user-friendly principles in mind. It’s neatly organized, intuitive, and doesn’t require a tech guru to navigate. It’s divided into indoor prints, tiles, and social media photos. You can scroll through your photo gallery, select a photo, and if you feel like it, add a little creativity.

Editing Tools and Filters

The app really shines when it comes to its editing tools though. Here’s where the fun begins . The HP Sprocket App offers filters, frames, stickers, and even a drawing tool, allowing you to give your pictures a personal, unique touch before they print. Whether you want to highlight a specific color, or perhaps add a cute sticker, or maybe a glamorous frame, the app has you covered. What’s more, the changes you make are reflected in real-time, so you precisely know how your print will turn out.

Any Downsides?

Now, it’s not all rainbows, though. There are a couple of potential issues to be aware of. First, keep in mind that once you hit that print button, there’s no going back. An accidental tap might lead to an unwanted print – a little frustrating, not to mention a waste of paper and printing dye. A confirmation dialog box before printing would have made a world of difference. Then there’s the matter of uninvited connections. The printer does not require user authentication to connect, which might open up potential unwanted print jobs from nosy friends or curious family members. Not a deal-breaker, but something to keep in mind if you’re planning to have some group fun with it at a party.

All in all, the HP Sprocket App provides an excellent companion to the HP Sprocket Studio printer, offering a hassle-free, simple, and enjoyable printing experience from start to finish. Downfalls are few, and the benefits certainly outweigh these minor inconveniences.

Study of HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer

Advanced Features: Taking the Printing Experience to the Next Level

  • HP Sprocket Studio offers advanced photo printing features
  • Includes Augmented Reality feature for dynamic print experience
  • Mosaic Prints allows creative, multiple page display

Without a doubt, the HP Sprocket Studio has its unique charms. But that’s not all there is, the advanced features of this printer take the photo printing experience to new heights. From the Augmented Reality (AR) feature to the Mosaic Prints, let’s delve into these features that present a more sophisticated aspect of photo printing.

The Augmented Reality Feature: Adding Life to Photos

One thing that sets the HP Sprocket Studio apart is its augmented reality (AR) feature. While this function might take a bit of effort to engage, it adds a fascinating dynamic layer to your prints. For instance, imagine having a picture of a significant moment; now, the AR feature allows you to animate those moments.

It’s not just about seeing a live photo moving as you move the print around, it’s about relishing the ability to catch every detail in the print and experience it in a visually appealing manner. Although this feature sometimes only kicks in when you get really close to the photograph, it offers a pretty cool user experience afterward. Furthermore, the printer also allows users to print out a still frame from a video to play the entire video in AR when the phone is pointed at the print, which significantly magnifies the user experience.

Mosaic Prints: Creating an Impactful Art Piece from a Single Photograph

Apart from bringing photos to life, the HP Sprocket Studio permits users to create a mosaic style print from a single photo. This feature especially caught my interest, as it gives you room for creativity, allowing you to create stunning mosaic prints across multiple pages. The printer does not limit you to using a single print; instead, it provides space for you to display your artistic prowess.


Keep in mind that while these features are impressive, they may require a learning curve to master fully. However, the more you explore these features, the more comfortable and adventurous you’ll become in using them.

Ultimately, these advanced features not only cater to your photo printing needs, they give you room to explore and experience photo printing differently. The HP Sprocket Studio cleverly integrates these advanced features to elevate the overall printing experience, rather than making it just about getting a physical copy of your digital pictures.

Perspective: HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer

“Words of Caution: User Alerts and How to Avoid Printer Issues”

  • Sprocket App’s print button lacks second confirmation
  • HP Sprocket App lacks Bluetooth user authentication
  • Must review before print and mind connectivity

If you’re an HP Sprocket Studio user, the whole experience is pretty smooth and lovable. But you know what they say, even a peacock has his spots!

Some apparent issues caught my attention while using this portable photo-grabbing machine, which I thought is important to share with fellow users and potential buyers.

“The Impulsive Print Button”

First, the Sprocket App’s user interface. It’s pretty straightforward and user-friendly, no doubt. Who doesn’t love a simple click-and-print feature? But here’s a catch. The print button on the app is quite instantaneous. Once you click on print, your photo is on its way through the print rollers. There’s no second confirmation .

So what’s the big deal? you might ask.

What if you unintentionally hit the print button? Or you were about to make some last-minute touch-ups to your picture? Then, just like that, the printer gets to work – and there you have your half-finished picture or an accidental printout! It’s another 44 cents down the drain, and frugally speaking, it can all add up if you’re an enthusiastic printer.

“The Uninvited Guest”

Second, let’s talk about the Bluetooth connectivity . Yes, being able to print from multiple devices at the same time might sound fun, especially if you’re hosting a party or a get-together. But alas, there’s no form of user authentication , which means anyone with the HP Sprocket App installed can find your Sprocket Studio and play their print party!

Now, this may not pose a huge risk, the worst they can do is print a few copies on your printer, not a big deal. But having some form of lock or restriction would’ve been quite beneficial, giving the user complete control over who uses their printer.

“Tips to Avoid Printer Issues”

After using the HP Sprocket Studio for quite a while, I got a few tricks to save you some trouble:

  • Review before you print: Since the app doesn’t provide any secondary confirmation, make sure that your picture is all set and you’re ready to print before hitting that button.
  • Mind your connectivity: If you’re in a public place or surrounded by other HP Sprocket App users, you might want to disconnect your device from the printer when you’re not using it.

In conclusion, the HP Sprocket Studio still delivers an incredible printing experience despite a few minor hiccups. As long as you’re mindful of these tips, you’re good to go!

Inspecting HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer

The Final Verdict: Does the HP Sprocket Studio Worth Your Investment?

I’ve gone through the ins and outs of the HP Sprocket Studio, trying to delve into every nook and cranny. My unbiased perspective has unveiled strengths and caveats. Now, it’s verdict time: is this purchase worth your hard-earned cash?


The Sprocket Studio undoubtedly lives up to its promise of photo quality. The dye sublimation process it employs manages to deliver rich, vibrant colors, making your prints look top-notch. Compared to the smaller HP Sprocket versions, the printed images are far superior. That being said, don’t benchmark it against a six-color inkjet printer because it might fall short.


Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the pricing. Tallying up at around $149.99, the initial price might seem a bit steep. Don’t forget the extra print packs that cost about $34.99 for 80 prints. Essentially, you’re paying about 44 cents a print, a fair price compared to other instant printers.


The printer is not just about looks and quality; it’s also about usability. User-friendliness seems to be high on HP’s checklist with this one. The functionality is pretty straightforward – load the app, choose a photo, edit if you want, click print, and voila! You have a photo.

The Downsides

  • It only caters to a single print size – 4×6.
  • The lack of a secondary confirmation button on the app could lead to unintentional prints.
  • The absence of printers’ authentication allows anyone with the HP sprocket app to print.

All in all, for occasional printers who crave quality, want a simple process, and are happy with that single 4×6 print size, the HP Sprocket Studios could be an investment worth considering.

Should you buy the HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer?

Buy it if…

You are an occasional printer

HP Sprocket Studio is perfect for people who don’t print all that frequently. It works without having to unclog ink jets, ensuring you won’t have any issues with the printer sitting idle for long periods.

You want high-quality prints

This printer provides top-notch dye sublimation image quality, better than some of the other printer models. It prints out decent glossy 4×6 photos suitable to distribute out to family and friends or put up on your wall.

You want some fun with prints

With features like augmented reality, overlaying video on prints, and creating mosaic style prints, this printer adds a dimension of fun to your photos, making it great for parties or family gatherings.

Don’t buy it if…

You print from a computer

This printer only connects via Bluetooth to your phone. Currently, printing from a computer is not an option.

You prefer stick-on prints

Unlike other Sprocket printers, the prints from HP Sprocket Studio are not stickers. You’ll have to adhere them with tape or glue if you want to stick them into your scrapbook.

You’re on a budget

While the prints look good, the costs can add up. Each print costs roughly 44 cents, and there is no secondary confirmation to prevent unintentional printing. Also, replacing the printer paper and ribbon comes with extra cost.


What size photos does the HP Sprocket Studio print?
The HP Sprocket Studio only prints 4×6 size photos.
How does the HP Sprocket Studio print these photos?
The printer uses a dye sublimation process to deliver high-quality images.
Does the HP Sprocket Studio have a built-in battery?
No, the HP Sprocket Studio needs to be plugged into the wall. However, a separate battery pack is available for purchase.
Can I print from a computer with the HP Sprocket Studio?
No, currently you can only print from your phone via the HP Sprocket app.
What is the cost per print for the HP Sprocket Studio?
The cost is about 44 cents per print.
Can someone else print on my HP Sprocket Studio?
Yes, anyone with the HP Sprocket app installed can connect via Bluetooth to the printer and start printing.
What is the AR feature in the print?
The AR feature allows you to see the live photo in your print when you point your phone at it through the app.
What precautions should I take while using the app?
Be careful while clicking on the ‘print’ button as there is no secondary confirmation, and a print command cannot be canceled once sent.
Can the Sprocket Studio print sticker photos?
No, the photos printed are not stickers like in other HP Sprocket printers. The paper is a traditional print.

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