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Review: HP Envy Pro 6452 – Multifunctional capabilities for daily tasks

Explore the unbiased review and setup of the tech-savvy HP MV Pro 6458... Read more

Review of HP Envy Pro 6452

Test of HP Envy Pro 6452

3.7/5 - (16 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Minimalistic and compatible design.
  • Reliable for heavy weekly use.
  • Multifunctional: print, scan, fax features.
  • User-friendly with HP Smart App.
  • Helpful HP customer support.
  • Optimized with wall socket hookup.
  • Attractive Blue Light feature.


  • Tricky initial set-up.
  • Indefinitely lit blue light.
  • No supporting tips for Windows users.

“After an extensive period of using the HP MV Pro 6458, my final verdict is overwhelmingly positive. Despite initial difficulties during setup, the excellent support received and the printer’s stellar performance have left a lasting impression. My daily printing and scanning tasks have been a breeze with its multifunctional capabilities. The ‘forever on’ blue light, far from being a nuisance, adds a charming aesthetic appeal that aligns with my personal taste. This printer, in my opinion, is not only beautiful but also extremely functional, making it an essential device in my everyday workflow. “

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Brand HP
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Printing Technology Inkjet
Special Feature Wireless
Color white
Model Name Envy Pro 6452
Printer Output Color
Printer Media Size Maximum 8.5 x 14 inch
Print media Glossy photo paper
Compatible Devices Smartphones

Initial Impressions: Impressions and Thoughts On My Second HP MV Pro 6458

When you come across a product that’s good enough to buy twice, you know there’s something special about it. That’s the case with the HP MV Pro 6458 printer. This would be my second HP MV Pro 6458, with both being previously refurbished when purchased and despite this, I’ve had an exceptional experience with them.

A Minimalistic Touch to It: Appreciating the Simplicity and Design

First things first, the style. One of the things that immediately stand out about the HP MV Pro 6458 is its design. It’s minimalistic, it’s sleek, and it’s white – a perfect blend that easily matches with all my other tech accessories. Maybe it’s a personal bias towards cohesive aesthetics, but it certainly adds to the overall appeal. However, it’s not just about looks. The compact size allows it to fit seamlessly in my workspace without taking up too much room.

The Compatibility with My MAC Devices: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

As a faithful user of MAC, compatibility is always a top priority when choosing new tech products. Luckily, the HP MV Pro 6458 integrates effortlessly with my MAC devices, which is an absolute win. This seamless compatibility is a great feature the HP MV Pro 6458 brings to the table. However, I must say this might not be the same for every user, so it would be beneficial if HP could provide clear instructions for users with different systems.

Overall, initial impressions of the HP MV Pro 6458 are largely positive. This printer combines efficient functionality with a no-frills, sleek design that manages to catch the eye. But, just like any other device, there are certain facets that could be improved. For instance, although I have not experienced any difficulties, others might find compatibility concerns with non-MAC devices. As with any product, potential buyers must assess their individual needs before making a decision.

Scrutiny of HP Envy Pro 6452

My Experience: The Daily Use of HP MV Pro 6458

  • HP MV Pro 6458 reliably handles intense usage
  • Offers printing, scanning, faxing and copying
  • Blue light might be bothersome in dark environment

As an experienced user of this machine, I believe there’s something genuinely compelling about this printer. My life as a therapist involves a significant amount of printing and scanning – we’re talking 15 to 20 copies per week, with each document being about four to five pages. That’s a lot of paperwork!

A Reliable Workhorse

Printing can often be a stressful experience, particularly if you’re in a hurry or have a considerable workload. But, surprisingly, the HP MV Pro 6458 has been holding up remarkably well, handling my intense usage without a hiccup. No random error messages, no paper jams, and certainly no ink-related problems – it’s been – touch wood – very smooth sailing.

All-in-One Feature

It’s worth mentioning that this machine is not just a printer. It’s an all-in-one piece of equipment with scanning, faxing, and copying features. Although I mainly use it for printing and scanning, the fax feature stands there, representing a promise of versatility that can be pretty handy.


Running my daily operations with this printer turned out to be quite straightforward. The controls are intuitive and user-friendly. The copy feature does its job efficiently, and as for scanning, the quality is high enough to meet my demands. The only thing I don’t utilize as frequently is the fax but it’s there when I need it.

But, There’s a Caveat.

The one thing you might find yourself wrestling with is the blue light. Yes, this is a minor detail and might also be a little subjective but the blue light on this printer that remains on can be bothersome, especially when you prefer an entirely dark environment. While this doesn’t impact the functionality of the printer, it’s something worth considering if you’re sensitive to light.

In conclusion, the HP MV Pro 6458 has proven itself to be a capable companion for my professional needs. Despite its minor quirks, it provides an efficient solution catering to a wide range of tasks, proving an indispensable tool in my daily work.

A Guide For Curious Minds: Understanding The Scanner

  • HP MV Pro 6458 scanner accessed from two locations
  • Blue light notifies scanning process, stays continuously on
  • User-friendly dashboard eases scanning tasks and document management

One striking feature I found on the HP MV Pro 6458 is the scanner. Now, let’s delve deeper into how this feature shapes my daily use of the device.

Ain’t Your Average Scanner

Designed with a distinct operational style, the scanner, unlike most all-in-one devices, can be accessed from two different locations. This sleek feature makes it a top-notch scoring point for me, user-wise. The top part conveniently lets you input multiple documents for scanning, while the flatbed underneath lives up to the expectations when it comes to handling more fragile or thicker items.

A Little Light Magic

When it comes to scanners, the HP MV Pro 6458 mixes practicality with a dash of modern aesthetics. The blue light is a consistent visual notifier for scanning processes, glowingly marking the unit’s presence. However, here’s some fair criticism: this light is continuously on, even when the device retrieves to its resting state. Although it’s not glaringly bright, this might be a slight bother heaving in darker room conditions. But hey! don’t stress – there’s a quick fix for it. You can always turn off the printer from the back, muting the glow.

And Now, A Little Blue Light Gripe


Just like everything else in this world, nothing is perfect. And yes, that extends to the HP MV Pro 6458’s scanner light as well. Some users might scratch heads over this: aspect – the blue light that stays bolstered, never showing signs of dimming or shutting off. For them, this can be an unnecessary quirk, glowing persistently in a corner of the room attesting to the printer’s omniscience. However, for me, this feature adds a cute, aesthetic touch to the printer while keeping things alive in the workspace. If the shining beacon ever gets bothersome, there’s always the option to hit the off switch and let it lay rest until your next scanning operation.

Effortlessness at Its Best

Speaking from a my-user perspective, the scanner function is utterly seamless, making regular scanning tasks a breeze. Navigate your way around the clean-cut dashboard to handle scanned documents, present your work, and manage memory usage – it’s that simple!

Bottom Line:

To sum up my exploration of the scanning feature, the HP MV Pro 6458 does a commendable job blending functionality with design aesthetics. Although the eternal glowing blue light might raise a few eyebrows, it doesn’t outweigh the scanner’s practical and innovative features that frankly, makes my life easier. All in all, it checks all the boxes for what one would expect from a modern, all-in-one printer-scanner.

Let’s Get Smart: Navigating Through HP Smart App

  • HP Smart App offers remote printing
  • App supports scanning and faxing features
  • Stable internet connection crucial for app’s smooth operation

A major part of my productive relationship with the HP MV Pro 6458 has been the convenience and flexibility offered by the HP Smart App. From printing to scanning, even faxing, the app really acts like a central hub for all printer’s features.

Printing From Anywhere: Convenience Redefined With The App

One of the biggest selling points of this set up for me is indisputably the ability to print remotely . It was effortless setting up the mobile app on my phone and PC, and since then – printing has become a matter of a few taps. Be it from my work desk or the comfort of my living room, the app handles printing commands efficiently and without any hiccups.

Your All-On-One Portal: Scanning, Faxing, and Working Around the Dashboard

The app doesn’t stop at remote printing. Oh no. It transcends to scanning and faxing as well. This has eliminated the need for physically being near the printer to get things done. Sounds dreamy, right?

Well, one useful feature I found is the ‘fax from app’ function. While I found the dashboard of the printer to be an easy-to-navigate, the app takes it a step further, giving me more control and visibility right on the phone or PC, making this truly an all-in-one solution.

But picture this. It’s late at night and you accidentally press the scan option on your dashboard, causing it to fumble around for non-existent documents to scan. Minor, but avoidable inconveniences like these are a thing of the past with the HP Smart App.

Just remember that the interaction with the app is only as smooth as your network connection allows, so having a stable internet connection is key to fully reap the benefits of this feature.

Overall, the HP Smart App has made my use of the HP MV Pro 6458 an even more seamless experience. However, it’s not perfect. There are times when functionality could be smoother, and the user interface is a bit of a learning curve. Yet, with its multi-functionality and flexibility, it sure does add value to the printer as a whole!

The Ups & Downs: A Critical Review of the Printer Set-Up

  • HP MV Pro 6458 set-up can be challenging
  • HP Support provides customer-centric and competent help
  • Post-setup, printer functions brilliantly

Setting up a new printer can be challenging, especially when it’s loaded with features like the HP MV Pro 6458. While I appreciate the functionalities it brings to the table, let’s take a closer look at my personal experience during the set-up phase.

The Struggle: How I Almost Gave 4 Star Rating

The HP MV Pro 6458 comes in a sleek package, but don’t let that fool you. Its setup proved to be quite an obstacle course. Being a dedicated Mac user, I found it challenging to connect the printer with my Mac. Sure, the machine is designed to be universally compatible, but the whole experience had me wondering whether it leans a bit more towards catering to Windows users.

There were moments when I was on the verge of giving it a four-star review purely because of the steep set-up curve. It felt more like a disappointment after the exciting prospect of having a new printer.

HP Support to The Rescue: My Experience with the MAC Specialist

In my moment of despair, I reached out to HP Support and asked for a Mac Specialist. And boy, was I relieved! They were not just competent; they were understanding, patient, and, most importantly, knew exactly how to deal with my particular case.

The specialist was a gem, guiding me through each step of the setup process. After an hour-long session, the printer was up and running. This immersive, albeit time-taking experience, helped me understand the nuances of HP MV Pro 6458.

For anyone struggling with the set-up, I would strongly recommend reaching out to HP Support. They provide a truly customer-centric service and are well-prepared to tackle any issues you may encounter.


  • I understand my experience might not be universal and this specific HP printer could work seamlessly with other MAC systems or other setups.
  • Despite the initial hiccup, once set-up, the printer functions brilliantly and makes my life easier, redeeming itself.

A Little Piece of Advice: Optimization Tips for Better Usage

  • Direct wall socket connection yields stable printing
  • HP MV Pro 6458 is suitable for MAC users
  • HP Smart App enhances usability for MAC

Let’s dive right in, shall we? As a frequent user of HP MV Pro 6458, I’ve managed to gather some tips and tricks for better optimization, which I will share forthwith.

Setting Up the Printer

At the beginning, setting up the printer was a bit of a challenge for me. There were times when I almost gave up, believing that I made a mistake purchasing this device. The struggle was real, but I must confess that it was truly a test of patience.

The right connection

After going through a tedious process, I figured out that the best way to connect the printer is not through a surge protector but directly to a wall socket. Trust me , it makes a world of difference. The direct wall socket connection gives a clear, constant connection that doesn’t inconveniently cut off during printing.

Suitable for MAC Users

Now, if you’re a MAC user like me, rejoice! I had some issues initially, but luckily, I was able to get help from the customer care service. Their MAC specialist assisted me with step-by-step instructions which proved immensely helpful, and I was able to set up successfully after about an hour.

Steps For Set-Up

  • Ensure your printer is directly connected to a wall socket for optimal power supply.
  • Download the HP Smart App to enhance usability. The app ensures you can print, scan, or fax directly from your MAC device.
  • Contact customer support if you encounter any difficulty during set up. Their specialists are really helpful.

To be fair, I must admit that I don’t have any experience with windows, so I can’t really assist on that. But if you’re a MAC user like me, you’re well and truly covered!

That’s about it. Taking these steps into account, you’ll be well on your way to fully optimizing and enjoying your HP MV Pro 6458. And remember, it’s not about just setting up the printer, it’s also about optimizing your printer for best usage. Happy printing!

Aesthetics Review: Admiring The Blue Light Feature

I’ve always been a fan of aesthetics in any product I use, and that’s no different with the HP MV Pro 6458. I must admit, a standout feature of this printer is the intriguing Blue Light Feature. There’s something captivating about it that gives the printer an edge, making it pleasing to the eyes.

The Charm Of The Blue Light

The blue light is like a beacon. Soft, but distinct – it holds your attention. I must say, it adds a dash of character to the device, making it more than just another piece of office equipment. In the daytime, it’s just a light but in the dark? Oh boy, does it become more. The blue light shines bright, creating a comforting tech-presence in the office.

On a more critical note

It doesn’t come without its challenge though. The light is always on, like always! This could be distracting for some. So, if you are someone who prefers pitch darkness while sleeping or is easily bothered by continuous lighting, this might be a factor to consider.

My solution

However, I’ve found a simple workaround for this. There’s a switch at the back of the printer. Simply turn it off when not in use and voila! The light goes off, providing the desired darkness.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Does the constant on state of the light outweigh the aesthetic appeal it brings to the printer? Not in my opinion. I think it’s a feature that adds personality to the printer; a definite plus in the design aspect. Yet, I agree that the user should be given an option to control the feature for an even more personal experience with the device.

All in all

In conclusion, the Blue Light Feature on the HP MV Pro 6458 is one that stands out – in both the light and the dark. Although it may have its quirks, personally, it gives the machine a distinct charm that goes hand in hand with its performance. Indeed, this printer is not just efficient, but also aesthetic!

Should you buy the HP Envy Pro 6452?

Buy it if…

You Need a Comprehensive Printer

The HP MV Pro 6458 has scanning, faxing, printing, and copying capabilities, making it perfect for those who need an all-in-one solution.

You’re A High-volume User

This printer is capable of handling high volume workloads, with the reviewer stating they were printing and scanning up to 20 copies per week without any issues.

You Appreciate Remote Accessibility

The HP smart app compatibility allows you to print and scan from anywhere; ideal if you prefer mobile convenience and flexibility.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Bothered By Persistent Lights

The blue light indicator on the HP MV Pro 6458 stays on indefinitely, and this may prove bothersome to some users.

You Prefer a Quick Setup

The setup process for this printer can be time-consuming and challenging according to the reviewer’s experience.

You Don’t Own a MAC

Although the printer can undoubtedly work with other devices, the reviewer’s advice is mostly catered to MAC users, hence non-MAC users may potentially face difficulties following the steps.


Does the HP MV Pro 6458 come in other colors or just white?
The review discusses the white version, however, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s site for other color options.
Is the blue light on the HP MV Pro 6458 always on?
Yes, the blue light is always on. If it bothers you, simply switch off the printer from the back.
Can you scan documents directly from the HP MV Pro 6458?
Yes, you can use the scanner on the printer to scan documents.
Is there a mobile application for operating the HP MV Pro 6458?
Yes, you can use the HP Smart app, it allows printing, scanning, faxing and adjusting settings for the printer.
Was the HP MV Pro 6458 set up challenging?
According to the review, it was challenging, especially for the MAC user. However, HP support was extremely helpful during the setup process.
What are the specific setup recommendations for MAC users for HP MV Pro 6458?
The review recommends hooking up the printer to a wall socket for a constant and clear connection.
Did the HP MV Pro 6458 meet the printing and scanning needs?
Yes, as a therapist, the user was able to consistently print and scan 15-20 documents of 4-5 pages each per week.

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