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Review: HP Envy 110 e-All-in-One Printer – Innovative approach to everyday printing

Review: The versatile, stylish HP Envy 110e Printer offers wireless printing and social media connectivity... Read more

Review of HP Envy 110 e-All-in-One Printer

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Test of HP Envy 110 e-All-in-One Printer

3.1/5 - (144 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Stylish ‘not-like-a-printer’ appearance
  • Seamless wireless connectivity
  • Email and ePrint capabilities
  • Direct printing from social media
  • High-resolution touchscreen display
  • USB and SD card slots


  • Not easily portable despite pouch
  • Blends with other tech devices, confusing users
  • Requires setting up ePrint for email printing

“After thoroughly examining and experimenting with the HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer, I am still quite impressed and satisfied. Although its unconventional and sleek look initially caught me off guard, I’ve come to appreciate its unique aesthetics, functionality, and amazing versatility. The printer’s wireless features and ability to print directly from social media or via email is a notable game-changer. Nonetheless, it’s only fair to mention that the printer may not cater to everyone’s needs, especially those looking for more traditional printer options. But if you’re someone seeking to break free from the usual, the HP Envy 110e provides an innovative approach to everyday printing.”

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Introduction: Beginning a New Chapter with the HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer

So, it’s out with the old and in with the new, quite literally! After bidding adieu to my once trusty HP Photosmart c6150 all-in-one printer, I embarked on a new journey with my latest tech companion – The HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer. And let me tell you, the change was not just about the machine, it was a whole different user experience in itself.

Acknowledging Changes and Expectations

Change in tech paraphernalia can be quite intriguing. For me, it’s always this mix of anticipation and slight skepticism. And that’s what it was with the HP Envy 110e. The anticipation was about diving into newer features, improved performance, and an overall superior user experience. The skepticism, on the other hand, was whether this change is indeed going to be an upgrade over my older reliable HP Photosmart.

Setting the Stage for the Review

In this review, I’ll take you through my entire journey with the HP Envy 110e Printer – everything right from unpacking it to exploring all its unique features. I believe in being transparent and unbiased; so rest assured, I’ll sing praises where it deserves while I won’t shy away from pointing out things that I wish were different.

Unveiling the Product Spotlight: The HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer

The HP Envy 110e, as the name suggests, is an all-in-one printer that’s meant to handle all your printing, scanning, and copying needs. But here’s where it really shines – It introduces a whole world of ‘e’ possibilities!

What’s the Big Deal About the ‘e’?

The big question on your mind might be – What’s this ‘e’ all about? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s be patient and embark on this tech journey together to find out. Welcome aboard!

First Impressions: Unboxing the HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer

  • HP Envy 110e has distinct, unconventional design
  • Device resembles high-quality audio device or Blu-ray player
  • Design break divides opinions, but gets approval

As the HP Envy 110e slid out from its box, my first thought was, “Is this really a printer?” The design language is unlike any I’ve seen in a tech device, let alone a printer. Here starts the journey of discovering this unique device.

The Unanticipated Stylish ‘Not-Like-A-Printer’ Looks

The HP Envy 110e immediately caught my eye with its distinct form factor. Nestled snugly in its pouch, the first impression that it gave off was more of an elegant audio device or perhaps a sleek Blu-ray player, rather than a standard printer. Crafted with a remarkable sense of style, this device, at first glance, shakes off any conventional printer stereotypes. It’s a far cry from the usual bulky and boxy printers that are more commonplace.

Is it an Audio Device or a Blu-ray Player? Oh, It’s a Printer!

This twist in visual presentation isn’t just for show – it has practicality woven into it too. Traditional printers may catch the eye for all the wrong reasons. Their industrial aesthetic often sticks out like a sore thumb amidst other sleek gadgets. But that’s not the case with the HP Envy 110e. Its high quality audio device-like appearance blends seamlessly into a modern home or office decor setting. You might have to lift the door to the flatbed scanner or hit the print button to convince skeptical onlookers this is indeed, a printer with robust capabilities.

This unique approach to design is inevitably going to divide opinions. Some folks might like their printers to, well, look like printers. But for those seeking a break from the norm, who see their tech devices as a reflection of their aesthetic tastes, the HP Envy 110e is an intriguing proposition.

The Verdict on First Impressions

In terms of first impressions, the HP Envy 110e gets a strong nod of approval for daring to be different and breaking the mold. Kudos to HP for thinking outside the box – or should I say, the printer box. This departure from convention could just be the breath of fresh air that the aromatic printer landscape needed.

Hooking Up the HP Envy 110e: A Seamless Wireless Experience

  • HP Envy 110e offers easy wireless setup
  • ‘e’ stands for ‘Email’, enabling remote printing

One of the highlights with handling this HP Envy 110e printer was indeed its effortless setup process. The whole experience was a breath of fresh air, contrary to the usually anticipated tangle of wires, adapters, and lengthy instruction manuals.

Celebrating the Freedom from Tangled Wires

There was an unexpected revelation with the HP Envy 110e printer – it sets up wirelessly. No USB or Ethernet cables necessary. All you need is a WiFi connection and you’re ready to roll. So, imagine, no more tripping over cables or having to find that elusive extra power socket. Setting up the printer felt more like connecting your phone to a new WiFi network, it was that simple. This feature can be an absolute game-changer for those who value clutter-free space and love their gadgets to have a clean, wireless setup.

Demystifying the ‘e’ in the HP Envy 110e – It Stands for Email

This feature left me quite intrigued – the ‘e’ in the HP Envy 110e apparently stands for ‘Email’. Understanding the meaning brought with it a range of conveniences. It actually implies you can send an email to this printer from anywhere in the world and it prints it out! It’s a whole new level of digital communication and something I’ve not come across before. It might be of real benefit for those accessing their emails on the go and needing hard copies on a frequent basis.


As refreshing as the wireless setting up and integrated email feature are, there’s an important point to note here. Making sure your printer is secure and easily accessible is vital. You wouldn’t want your confidential documents or emails being accessed by unauthorized individuals on an unsecured network. In that regard, the setup process could do with a more explicit privacy validations.

Advantages of the ‘e’: The Game-Changing Email and Eprint Features

  • ‘e’ in HP Envy 110e allows wireless, email-based printing
  • The Eprint feature offers seamless printing experience
  • These features depend on network strength and internet speed

In the world of all-in-one printers, the ‘e’ in the HP Envy 110e stands out significantly, asserting its distinction and purpose. After thoroughly exploring its features, I can confidently say that the ‘e’ makes a world of difference – it’s all about convenience, flexibility, and a refreshing break from traditional printing norms.

Game-changing Feature: Print Your Emails Wirelessly from Anywhere

Firstly, the ‘E’ in the HP Envy 110e stands for ’email’, a feature that dramatically revolutionizes the process of printing. The device comes with an email address, which allows for wireless printing. The ability to email documents or photos directly to the printer from any corner of the world is incredibly convenient. The simplicity of just sending an email and having it print automatically is worth appreciating.

This enables users to print anything they need, anywhere they are, bypassing the need for a direct physical connection to the printer. While the concept may seem simple, the practical application ensures easy, stress-free printing – a breath of fresh air for those who often find themselves scrambling to print last-minute documents.

Documenting a Flawless Eprint Experience with the HP Envy 110e

Additionally, in my experience, the Eprint feature works suprisingly flawlessly. It only requires a quick set-up and then you’re good to go. This feature truly showcases how the HP Envy 110e is not just another printer in the market, but an innovative product designed with user convenience at its forefront.

The smoothness and efficiency of wireless printing must be attributed to HP’s seamless integration of technology and design, creating an unparalleled user experience that surpasses many other printers I’ve dealt with. However, it’s also important to remember that the performance of these features can vary based on network strength and internet speed, so keep that in mind.

Therein lies the distinct edge of the ‘e’ – it brings about a transformative shift in our printing habits, nudging us towards more dynamic, flexible, and smart ways of getting our prints, quite literally, at the tip of our fingers.

Pulling off such intensive connectivity features on a printer isn’t easy, but the HP Envy 110e does so quite elegantly, emphasizing its commitment to integrate function and convenience while setting a new technological standard in printing.

From Social Media to Paper: Printing Photos Directly from Facebook

  • HP Envy 110e printer connects to Facebook
  • Enables printing photos directly from social media
  • Raised potential security and privacy concerns

Now this is something to talk about: The HP Envy 110e’s groundbreaking ability to connect to social media accounts, specifically Facebook.

Connecting My Social Media: An Unexpected Printer Feature

As someone who is active on social media, I was pleasantly surprised to find this feature. It’s not often you see a printer that interacts with your Facebook account. In the name of testing, I went ahead and synchronised my Facebook account with the printer. Colour me impressed, the HP Envy 110e nailed it!

Touch and Print: My Experience with a High-Resolution Touch Screen Display

The three-inch high-resolution touchscreen display on the HP Envy 110e isn’t just for show. The interface is surprisingly user-friendly. Upon successful connection with my Facebook account, my photos were displayed on the intuitive screen. But the magic didn’t stop there.

When it comes to printing the photos, everything is customizable. You can pick a photo, choose the size you want it to be printed, specify the quantity, and even decide whether to print in color or black and white. All this, with just a few taps on the screen. And there’s no need to hook up to a computer or insert an SD card.

But let’s take a step back: The fact that this feature is offered on a printer is intriguing. It’s modern, it’s innovative, and to be frank, it’s very convenient. But there’s a need to address the possible concerns when it comes to privacy. Particularly, the printer’s ability to access and fetch photos from your social media account.

While it worked flawlessly for me, some might raise valid security and privacy concerns regarding this feature. It’s worth mentioning that HP claims it handles your data with utmost care. However, I encourage potential users to carefully review HP’s data handling policy and make an informed decision.

Overall, this feature sets the HP Envy 110e apart from other printers. It’s a well-thought-out implementation that brings a much-needed convenience to the table.

The Additional Capabilities: USB and SD Card Slots

  • HP Envy 110e includes USB and SD Card slots
  • Additional functionalities enhance user experience
  • Inclusion of built-in memory could simplify transfer

Wireless connectivity is indeed an excellent feature, particularly in the all too entangled world of tech gadgets. But it’s also important to cater to those times when other options are required. Catering to this, the HP Envy 110e was quick to remind me that we haven’t entirely discarded our tangibles. Not just yet.

Going Beyond Wireless: Accommodating USB and SD Card Connections

Stumbling upon the added provisions for USB and SD Card connections on the HP Envy 110e might have initially come as a surprise, but it was a pleasant one nonetheless. It serves as a gentle reminder that sometimes it’s good to have a backup plan. This way, if your Wi-Fi goes down or in case I found myself needing to print directly from an external device, I got it covered with a swift plug and play.

A handy note to mention here:

While I fully enjoyed and appreciated the cutting-edge, wireless technology of this printer, I found it proficient and considerate that it was not entirely devoid of traditional conventions.

Expanding My Printing Options with the HP Envy 110e

Having these extra functionalities adds to the flexible user experience. You wouldn’t necessarily think a printer would support different mediums like USBs and SD cards, but alas, my HP Envy 110e does.

  • With the USB port, I could swiftly print anything from word documents to brightly coloured pictures right from my USB thumb drive.
  • The SD card slot worked just as well, successfully recognizing and printing my high-resolution images flawlessly.

This versatility gave me peace of mind, knowing that no matter what comes up, I have the flexibility to adapt. Against the tide or with it, we’re in good hands with the HP Envy 110e.

Note of Criticality

While these additions are no doubt useful and showed HP’s foresight for various user scenarios, one could argue that the inclusion of built-in memory would make transfer and management even simpler. This feature isn’t a necessity, but it’s definitely something I’d enjoy seeing in the future.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, it’s about choice. Offering options and not dictating a single mode of use is what aids a product in standing out in today’s competitive market. With its additional capabilities, the HP Envy 110e did just that – it stood out to me.

Conclusion: Loving Everything About the HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer

It’s time to wrap up this journey with the HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer. It’s not an understatement to say that this device has totally revolutionized the way I experience printing.

Showcasing the Sophisticated Paper Tray and More

The Envy 110e has an incredibly well-designed paper tray. It’s sleek and efficient, not to mention conveniently located. When I load it up with paper, everything just slides in effortlessly. I could tell that the tray was designed with the user in mind, and this tiny detail added much to my overall printing experience.

Why the HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer Gets My Thumbs Up

In all my years of using technology, I’ve found that the best products are those that adapt to the times, yet maintain an element of familiarity to users. The HP Envy 110e All-in-One accomplishes just that. It’s got a user-friendly interface, which made my transition smoother. It took me no time to sync it with my devices and start using it for various functions.

I loved the fact that it was a breeze to connect wirelessly, with no need for USB or Ethernet cables. The ‘E’ function, which allows you to print from any corner of the world, by simply sending an email to the printer is nothing short of brilliant. This is a particularly useful feature when I’m traveling or for last-minute print jobs. Plus, the ability to print directly from my social media accounts was another huge bonus point for me.

Though, I would prefer it if the printer was slightly lighter. Here and there, I came across a few hitches regarding the efficiency of the print speed and found that the quality of the photo finishes varied which I think needs some tweaking.

All in all, my experience with the HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer has taught me a thing or two about seamless functionality and aesthetic design in tech devices. There’s a lot that this printer gets right – from its envelope pushing features to its sleek look. There are, of course, areas of improvement, but they don’t take away from the fact that this printer has transformed my printing jobs into a hassle-free process.

In conclusion, the HP Envy 110e gets a solid thumbs up from me. It may not be perfect, but it’s a brilliant blend of innovation and practicality. Looking forward to what HP comes up with next.

Should you buy the HP Envy 110 e-All-in-One Printer?

Buy it if…

You Value Hassle-Free Connectivity

The HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer offers seamless wireless connection. This eliminates the need to manage multiple cords or cables, simplifying your setup.

You Want More than Just a Printer

Far from being just a printer, the HP Envy 110e incorporates a scanner, copier, fax machine, and even allows you to print directly from social media and Snapfish accounts. This all-in-one functionality saves you time and space.

You Require Remote Printing Capabilities

The ability to print wirelessly from anywhere in the world, thanks to the eprint feature and the unique email address that comes with it, makes the HP Envy 110e a fantastic choice for those who travel or work from multiple locations.

Don’t buy it if…

You Prefer Traditional-Looking Printers

The HP Envy 110e has a unique, streamlined design that sets it apart from traditional printer models, which may not suit everyone’s tastes or workspace aesthetics.

You Don’t Need So Many Features

The HP Envy 110e comes packed with features, many of which might be overkill if you only require traditional printer functionalities.

You’re Not a Fan of Touchscreen Interfaces

While the HP Envy 110e’s touchscreen interface is high-resolution and intuitive, those who prefer physical buttons may find it inconvenient.


What are the key features of the HP Envy 110e All-in-One Printer?
The HP Envy 110e is a wireless All-in-One printer with an email feature for remote printing, a high-resolution touch screen display for easy navigation, social media connectivity (like Facebook) for direct photo printing, and also has slots for USB and SD Card.
Does the HP Envy 110e have a wiring system for connectivity?
No, the HP Envy 110e is a wireless printer, eliminating the need for USB or Ethernet cables.
What does the ‘e’ in the HP Envy 110e stand for?
The ‘e’ in the HP Envy 110e stands for email. This feature allows you to print documents wirelessly by sending them to the printer’s email address.
Can the HP Envy 110e print directly from social media platforms?
Yes, the HP Envy 110e can connect to your Facebook and Snapfish account, allowing you to view and print photos directly from these platforms.
Does the HP Envy 110e have slots for USB or SD cards?
Yes, the HP Envy 110e has slots to accommodate USB and SD Card connections, expanding your printing options.

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