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Review: Hatch Restore 1 (2020 Model) – Personalizes sleep for better rest and tranquil wakeups

Explore the viral Hatch Restore 2’s features and its potential to revolutionize your sleep experience... Read more

Review of Hatch Restore 1 (2020 Model)

Test of Hatch Restore 1 (2020 Model)

4.1/5 - (8631 votes)

Cena: $129.99


  • Attractive design
  • Customizable settings via Hatch Sleep app
  • Creates cozy sleep environment
  • Variety of sleep sounds options
  • Ambient light wake-up feature


  • Premium features require payment
  • Alarm sounds may invade dreams
  • Slow wake-up not suitable for all
  • Potentially less effective for heavy sleepers

“After a week of testing, I am convinced the Hatch Restore 2 has potential for those who are in need of a peaceful companion for better sleep and tranquil wakeups. However, it might not be for everyone, particularly if you favor a swift, jolting morning routine. I love how it personalizes sleep, yet the gradually increasing wake-up sounds might prompt odd dreams for some. It’s a smart gadget worth considering for its aesthetics, customizable sleep features, and alarm system, although it ultimately depends on your individual preferences and sleep habits.”

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Color Grey
Brand Hatch Baby
Power Source Corded Electric
Model Name Restore 1
Music Tracks White Noise

Introduction: My Journey Towards a Better Night’s Sleep

Desperate to escape the heart-attack inducing start to each day owing to my fire alarm style phone alarm clock, which left me feeling groggy and exhausted, I found myself intrigued by the overnight TikTok sensation – the Hatch Restore 2.

How a TikTok Audit Turned into a Product Test: The Hatch Restore 2

Like many, I fell into the rabbit hole that is TikTok and stumbled upon the Hatch Restore 2. This product was being hailed as a revolutionary sleep system, providing users with a deeper night’s sleep and a calmer wake-up routine. Personally, I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of ‘viral’ products, so I decided to take it upon myself to test this machine and see if it could live up to its PR hype.

Aiming for Peaceful Mornings, Not Mini Heart Attacks

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t morning people. Waking up can be a real struggle, and the blaring sound of a fire alarm to start the day is anything but gentle. I have had more mornings than I’d like to admit where I feel like I’m fighting against a wave of fatigue. The Hatch Restore 2, with its promise of gentler awakening through different light and sound settings, seemed like a potential game-changer. But could it truly strip away the fatigue and give me the energy I so desired every morning? My hopes were high, but I also kept a critical eye. After all, product testing is all about unbiased and thoughtful evaluations.

First Impressions: Unboxing the Hatch Restore 2

  • Elegant design of Hatch Restore 2 is aesthetically pleasing
  • Physical design is user friendly and intuitive
  • Box includes Hatch Restore 2, power adapter, user manual

As I unpacked the Hatch Restore 2, I was immediately struck by its elegant design. The soft tan tone of the machine had a minimalistic aesthetic that I found could easily blend into many different interior decoration schemes.

Pleasing Aesthetics

The Visual Appeal: Beyond its primary function as a sleep aid, the Hatch Restore 2, with its rounded shape and sleek simplicity, is indeed a beautifully designed piece. It’s clearly a product that the manufacturers have invested not just in functionality but also in appearance.

The Physical Design: User Friendly and Intuitive

Another immediate observation was the simplicity of its physical design. The product has two top buttons that frankly, make usage instinctive. One labeled “rest mode”, for winding down to sleep, and the other “rise mode”, for waking up. It’s a straightforward layout that does not overwhelm the user with numerous buttons and settings.

What’s Inside the Box

Unboxing: Opening the box, I found the Hatch Restore 2, a power adapter, and a user manual. The packaging was neat and organized, truly giving the impression of a high-quality product.

My Initial Evaluation

The well-thought-out aesthetics and user-friendly design initially impressed me, but I was mindful this would count for little if the device couldn’t deliver on its promise of transforming sleep experiences. So, with reserved optimism, I looked forward to seeing how effective the Hatch Restore 2 truly was.

Customizing My Sleep

  • Hatch Restore 2 is customizable via the Hatch Sleep app
  • Users can specify sleep sound, light color and brightness
  • App enables personalized wake-up routine with gradual light and sound

Before I could even start using the Hatch Restore 2, there was an initial setup to be done. It’s all done through an associated mobile app, cleverly named the Hatch Sleep app. Once downloaded, you’re taken through a fairly straightforward setup process.

The Hatch Sleep App: Setup and Navigation

The app interface is user-friendly, and it didn’t take long for me to get the hang of the controls. There, you get the chance to name your machine, a small detail I found charming. But here’s where I faced my first barrier: the premium package. The app offers an upgrade to a premium package giving you access to a more extensive sound library. It’s a pay-to-sleep sort of feature that some people might find helpful, but I decided to stick to the free options for now.

Finding My Perfect Sleep Settings

With the hatch sleep app, you can customize the sounds, light color, and brightness. For my rest mode, I went with the free sounds and chose a soothing campfire cracking and popping in the dark. As for the light, you can opt for total darkness or choose a soft, ambient hue to serve as a night light. I opted for a dim glow that was gentle on the eyes without disrupting my sleep.

Personalizing My Wake-Up Routine

Then came the wake-up settings, which was much like setting up the sleep mode. You choose the sounds you’d prefer to wake up to, and in my case, I decided on the calm chirping of birds. The app also offers a gradual increase in light and sound levels to mimic a natural sunrise, an interesting feature I was keen on trying out. You set the time you want to get out of bed, and the Hatch Restore starts the wake-up process about ten minutes before that.

One thing I’d like to mention: don’t expect an abrupt alarm to kick you out of bed. This is designed for a slow, calm wake-up process, a stark contrast to my usual alarm-induced panic.

The customization process was honestly fun, and it felt super personal. I had the power to design my entire sleep and wake-up routine, making it an experience unique to my preferences. However, is it as effective as it is inclusive? Well, that’s what I was about to find out.

The First Night: Setting Sail on the Sea of Sleep

  • Hatch Restore 2 promotes peaceful, uninterrupted sleep
  • Device creates tranquil, sensory bedtime ambiance
  • Provides a gentle, natural wake-up experience

Finally, the time had come – the first encounter with the Hatch Restore 2, a product that held the promise of uninterrupted, peaceful sleep. Drawing the sheets closer, with anticipation hanging in the air, I activated my uniquely personalized Hatch Restore 2 and awaited my journey into peaceful slumber.

Creating a Cozy Atmosphere with Hatch Restore

The Hatch Restore 2 certainly lived up to its promises in one area: it did a commendable job in creating a tranquil bedtime ambiance. The calmness created by the carefully crafted fusion of my chosen campfire sound and the dim, warm light did more than just decorate the room; it seemed to seep into the senses, pushing the day’s anxieties to the back of the mind.

The swell of the campfire sound had a calming effect, as if serenading sleep to my bedside. The warm, soft light emitted by the Hatch Restore 2 elevated the atmosphere, giving the cold, dark room an enchanting nighttime glow. It felt far less ominous than plunging headlong into a pitch-black room and waiting for sleep to take over.

Waking Up to a New Dawn: The Hatch Wake-Up Experience

After what seemed like an all-too-brief affair with peaceful sleep, it was time to encounter the Hatch Restore 2’s alarm function. The morning light was simulated by the device’s slow glowing and brightening, a stark contrast to the traditional blaring alarms many have come to dread. Together with the chirping of birds, which gradually increased in volume, waking up felt far more ‘natural’, despite the artificial tweak.

However, impartially speaking, this serene atmospheric wakeup wasn’t all sweet bird songs. The hatch had a bit of a fowl twist. The very sounds designed to wake me had infiltrated my dreams instead. I dreamt of birds in a forest, a clear reflection of the soundscape seeping from the Hatch Restore 2. As soothing as it was, there’s an unsettling feeling waking up to sounds you’ve been dreaming about – akin to a rude intrusion of the real world into the personal space of my dreams! A momentary confusion.

Regardless, this didn’t detract heavily from what was an otherwise peaceful wake-up experience. Without a doubt, it was a more pleasurable way to wake up than to the deafening blare of my usual fire alarm!

One Week Later: Pros and Cons of Living with Hatch Restore 2

  • Hatch Restore 2 offers customized sleeping atmosphere
  • Device allows personalized settings for sleep routines
  • Wake-up sounds can influence dream content

Reaching the one-week mark in my Hatch Restore journey, it is fair to say that this piece of tech truly shapes the sleep experience in unique ways. From setting up personal sleep preferences to actual implementation, everything falls upon a spectrum of simplicity to complexity. However, it’s not all sunshine and lullabies, so let’s unveil my unbiased and detailed list of pros and cons for the week.

The Pros of Using Hatch Restore 2

  • Ambience Creation: One of the definite upsides of this gadget is its ability to curate comforting sleep atmospheres. This is mainly due to the range of light and sound options the device offers. The available sounds are particularly soothing, with my personal favorite being the crackling campfire sound. It brilliantly mimics the natural ambiance, and even better – you can customize it to suit your needs.

  • Customization: The device allows you to personalize various settings like light color, brightness, and your favorite sound, giving control and making sleep time a more personal experience. The ‘rest mode’ and ‘rise mode’ offer unique settings for both retiring to bed and waking up. These personalization options add a personal touch to your bedtime routine – almost like a cozy, comforting ritual.

Cons of Using Hatch Restore 2

  • Escaping into Dreams: As intriguing as it may sound, the distinct sounds used for waking up carried an unexpected downside – they were weaving into my dreams. Waking up to the chirping birds was not just an audio experience. More often than not, it ended up being an orchestrated dream about being in a forest which was amusing in its own way, but might be troublesome to those who prefer a more abrupt alarm.

  • The Gradual Wake-Up Experience: The Hatch Restore 2 is explicitly designed to aid in a slower, gentle wake-up process. This can be reassuring and calming for some, but for those accustomed to immediate wake-up calls like me, it seemed a bit sluggish. For someone who likes to jumpstart their day, a progressive wake-up sequence could potentially feel a bit slow.

Ultimately, the Hatch Restore 2 immensely impacted both the way I retired to sleep and woke up from it. Despite the mixed experiences, it was mostly a pleasant transformation from my erstwhile routine. Do they outweigh the potential hardships? It’s a decision subjective to individual sleep preferences.

Conclusion: Is the Hatch Restore 2 Worth It?

  • Hatch Restore 2 offers customized sleep experience
  • Wake-up feature might be distractive to some
  • Product’s worth depends on personal sleep habits

My One Week Journey

A week of living with Hatch Restore 2 has both convinced and confounded me at the same time. Each day unfolded a new experience, which ranged from soothing deep sleeps to strange transitions to reality via bird-infested dreams.

The Hatch Restore 2: A Two-Faced Companion

There were aspects of the Hatch Restore 2 that I found unquestionably beneficial. Its ability to transform my bedroom into a restful slice of heaven with just the press of a button took my sleeping experience to a whole new level. The customizable options are a major bonus – the lights, the sounds, the settings – all designed to facilitate a peaceful transition to the dreamland. But the positives are not without their negatives.

I had mixed feelings about the wake-up experience. The sounds intended to gently nudge you out of sleep became characters in my dreams, making for some rather confusing wake-ups. While I appreciate the intention – who doesn’t desire a calm and smooth transition from sleep to waking? – the result was somewhat distracting.

So, Is It Worth It?

The answer isn’t straightforward. It was an interesting diversion from my traditional alarm clock, that’s for certain. But is it superior? The Hatch Restore 2 is decidedly more pleasant, affording the user a more customized and natural wake-up experience. Yet, the same mechanisms that make it so standout also sometimes make it unsettling.

My conclusion is that if you are a person rigged for gentle awakenings, or someone who loves to drift to sleep amidst calming sounds and subtle lights, the Hatch Restore 2 is for you. It does take some getting used to waking up to Hatch compared to a traditional alarm. But if it’s a jolt you need to start your day, Hatch may not be your cup of tea.

Making the Call – A Personal Choice

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and sleep habits. If the cost isn’t a concern for you, and you value a bedtime experience tailored to your liking, then the Hatch Restore 2 can be a worthy addition to your sleep hygiene regimen.

Do remember, however, that no product is a one-size-fits-all solution in the realm of sleep. It’s all about finding the right balance of what works for you. That said, I do see why the Hatcher Restore 2 has gained such popularity and acclaim. It brings in a fresh perspective to solve age-old wake-up woes. But as for me, I might just keep my fire alarm… for now.

Closing Remarks: My Final Verdict on the Hatch Restore 2

After spending a full week living, sleeping, and awaking to the Hatch Restore 2, I have gathered some quite insightful observations that I feel may help you make a conscious decision.

My Experience

In terms of sleep quality, the Hatch Restore 2 truly made a difference. The ability to choose sounds, light color, and brightness to my preferences was a novel experience. The guided meditations and sleep stories offered by the premium package are delightful additions – if you’re willing to pay extra for them. The ambiance brought by Hatch did add a soothing atmosphere to bedtime, aiding in a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

The Wake-Up

However, the wake-up experience was a bit of a mixed bag for me. While I appreciate the concept of a gentle, gradual wake-up and found the steadily increasing light and sound to be a much-needed change to the jarring alarm on my phone, I found that the very sounds I had chosen to wake me up gently were invading my dreams! This bizarre sensation, though unique, was not something I particularly enjoyed.

The Verdict

The Hatch Restore 2 caters to a very specific sleep experience, one that prioritizes personalization and a gentle transition to and from sleep. If that’s something you’re after, and you’re ready to invest in your sleep quality, then I see no reason not to give Hatch Restore 2 a shot. Especially considering they offer a handy return policy for those who might not enjoy their experience.

My Thoughts

In the grand scheme of things, Hatch Restore 2 is an innovative product that seeks to enhance our sleep experience in a way many of us might not have thought about before. It’s not perfect, and it might not be for everyone. But for those who find this concept appealing, it offers a chance to transform their sleep routine into something truly personal.

So, is it worth it?

If you’re someone who values a carefully curated, gentle sleep and wake-up routine, and if you don’t mind the occasional dream invaded by birdsong, definitely consider the Hatch Restore 2. However, if you’re someone who prefers a more immediate alarm and doesn’t want to pay extra for additional features, it might be worth exploring other options.

With the Hatch Restore 2, I discovered a new dimension to my sleep routine – a journey that was both enlightening and occasionally confusing.

Final Word

In conclusion, the Hatch Restore 2 is a competent product that delivers its promise of personalized sleep experience. It’s no wonder the product has generated such buzz; it genuinely tries something new – above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from similar products in the market.

As always, it’s essential to remember that this is just one person’s opinion. Your experience may vary, and that’s perfectly fine. At the end of the day, the best sleep product is the one that works best for you.

Should you buy the Hatch Restore 1 (2020 Model)?

Buy it if…

You’re after a more serene sleep environment

The Hatch Restore 2 creates a soothing, tailored backdrop for your sleep with customizable sound and light preferences.

You want a gentler, more gradual wake-up routine

The Hatch Restore 2 employs a progressive wake-up method, steadily growing louder and brighter to help you rise naturally.

You’re interested in guided meditation and sleep stories

Although a premium feature, the Hatch Restore 2 offers a diverse selection of guided meditation and sleep story options.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re a heavy sleeper

You may sleep through the Hatch Restore’s gradual alarm, making it less effective for heavy sleepers.

You prefer abrupt awakenings

If you’re accustomed to an immediate wake-up, the Hatch Restore 2’s gradual process might frustrate you.

You’re not interested in a services fee

Access to meditation options and an extended library of sounds requires a premium subscription.


What is the Hatch Restore 2?
Hatch Restore 2 is a clock system designed to help you sleep better and wake up feeling rested. It features breathing exercises, various lighting modes, and sound options.
How can I control and set up my Hatch Restore 2?
You can control and personalize your Hatch Restore by downloading the Hatch Sleep application. It’s available in the app store.
What are the different modes on the Hatch Restore?
The Hatch Restore features two modes: ‘Rest mode’ and ‘Rise mode’. Rest mode allows you to set relaxation sounds and light intensities. Rise mode let’s gradually wake you up with increasing light and sound.
What is included in the premium package of the Hatch Sleep app?
The premium package of the Hatch Sleep application offers a larger library of sleep sounds to choose from.
Did the Hatch Restore 2 effectively help to wake you up?
Yes, but in a calmer, slower manner compared to a typical alarm clock. It may not be as efficient for someone who prefers an instant wake-up call.
Does Hatch Restore 2 provide a calm sleeping environment?
Yes, it creates a very comforting and cozy environment before bed with soothing lights and sounds.
Does the Hatch Restore 2 come in different colors?
The Hatch Restore 2 reviewed came in a neutral, tan tone.
Does it have a return policy?
Yes, Hatch Restore 2 has a return policy if you are not satisfied with the product.

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