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Review: Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Wi-Fi – Smart, intuitive with clean design aesthetics

Comprehensive review of the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine with smart, customizable features... Read more

Review of Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Wi-Fi

Table of Contents

Test of Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Wi-Fi

4.7/5 - (38724 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Sleek, minimalistic design
  • High-quality sounds for various situations
  • Easy to use with a smartphone app
  • Configurable light settings and sound presets
  • Thoughtful ‘OK to Wake’ functionality
  • Energy-saving timer option
  • Portable with lightweight build


  • No Spotify or auxiliary input support
  • Additional costs for aesthetic sleeves
  • Could benefit from more pre-set sounds

“In wrapping up my experience with the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine, I must say I’ve found it to be a smart and intuitive device. Its clean design aesthetics combined with practical functionality has made it an appealing addition to our nursery. While it lacks an auxiliary port, the diversity of inbuilt sounds and the quality of the speaker make up for it. The app is simple to use and presents additional features like the sleep timer and toddler ‘OK-to-wake’ function- a thoughtful touch. However, I look forward to potential upgrades that could provide a wider selection of sounds. All in all, for the price tag, the Hatch Baby Rest offers solid value and should serve many parents well in their quest for peaceful nights.”

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Style Wi fi
Brand Hatch Baby
Color White
Product Dimensions 4.2″D x 4.2″W x 6.61″H
Special Feature Portable, Dimmable


When you’re a new or expectant parent, a good night’s sleep for you and your little one is a premium commodity. A quality sound machine like Hatch Baby Rest can make all the difference! Let’s shake that rattle and take a closer look at this innovative product that’s turning heads and pacifying restless toddlers.

Background about the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound machine is the brainchild of Hatch Baby, a tech-forward company making waves(and white noise) in the parenting world. Having brokered a lucrative $250,000 deal on Shark Tank for their high-tech changing pad, the Hatch Baby Rest is another promising notch in their smart nursery product line that promises to deliver interesting nighttime solutions for parents.

Buying decision for the product

Note: This review is entirely unbiased. The Hatch Baby Rest sound machine was purchased with personal funds, meaning no sponsorship or partnerships influenced the outcome of this evaluation. This examination is purely based on personal usage experience and assessment. It’s all about giving you an honest, unbiased, and detailed review to help you make the most informed choice. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the world of sound machines!

Report: Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Wi-Fi

Impressions on the Hatch Baby Rest Product Design

  • Hatch Baby Rest combines minimalist design with practical functionality
  • Has add-on sleeves for customization
  • Key features ensure simplicity and efficiency

Products designed with attention to both functionality and aesthetics have always been a crowd-pleaser and Hatch Baby Rest fits that description quite impressively. Let’s dive into my honest and unbiased impressions.

First-hand Unboxing Experience

Unboxing the Hatch Baby Rest was, to begin with, minimalist. Nestled within is the sleek device along with an AC adapter. You can’t help but notice its simplicity yet a refined modern touch.

Understanding the Product Structure

At first glance, the device is a lightweight cylinder, crafted smoothly to seamlessly integrate into any nursery setting. It’s minimalist, sleek, and allows you to appreciate its well-thought-out design elements.

The Product’s Aesthetic Outlook

  • The device dons a matte white finish, giving it a gentle and soothing look that creates both a visually and physically comforting presence.
  • Top of the cylinder is where the speaker sits for the sound functionality and it’s surrounded by a chrome ring that acts as the preset activator.
  • The bottom of the device houses the power button, volume control, and a button to cycle through the tracks.

Additional Product Add-Ons – The Hatch Baby Rest Sleeves

Want to add a dash of personality to your Hatch Baby Rest device? This is where the Hatch Baby Rest sleeves come in. With a range of different designs available at an extra cost, they are a fun way to customize and enhance the overall look of your sound machine. However, in this review, we’re focusing on the device in its most basic form – no additional sleeve.

Overall, the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine manages to strike a beautiful balance between sleek minimalist design and practical functionality. Built to ensure simplicity in its operation, while delivering the core features it promises, the Hatch Baby Rest does serve its purpose pretty well.

Report: Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Wi-Fi

Detailed Product Features

  • Unique design with a meticulously designed speaker
  • Chrome ring enables quick access to preset sound-light combinations
  • Powered by a micro USB cable and AC adapter

In this section, I will delve into the thick of what makes the Hatch Baby Rest intriguing. From its unique design to its functionality, I am going to take you through my user experience with this sleep aid device.

Speaker and Sound Quality

Undoubtedly, one attribute of this product that you’ll immediately notice is the meticulously designed speaker located at the top of the device. Now, while it’s not exactly comparable to a high-end Bose Soundlink in terms of sound quality, I found it noteworthy especially in what it’s intended for — providing soothing lullabies and white noise for your toddler’s room. For this purpose, I found the sound quality more than satisfactory.

The Magic Chrome Ring – the preset enabler

Another feature that caught my eye was the distinguishable chrome ring on the speaker’s top. It may seem like a mere decorative feature, but it’s purposeful. A simple tap on this chrome ring lets you quickly access preset sound-light combinations, very convenient when you’re trying to lull your little one to sleep and want to experiment with different settings.

Bottom Panel Functions – Power Button, Dim And Volume Control

Bottom Part

The bottom part is equipped with the power button, a track cycling function, a dim button, and volume control. Although conventionally one might argue that these functions could have been more accessible if positioned around the speaker’s side, their placement didn’t significantly interrupt my user experience with the device.

Powering the Hatch Baby Rest – the Micro USB and AC Adapter

The hatch baby rest is powered by a micro USB cable. It comes with an AC adapter straight out of the box. I found this pretty straightforward and user-friendly, but it would have been an extra perk if it had an option for rechargeable batteries for more flexibility, especially for on-the-go scenarios.

Overall, the Hatch Baby Rest Design packs ample functionality in its minimalist design, scoring highly in its user-friendliness. In the following section, let’s dive into some extra functions that truly set this product apart.

View of Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Wi-Fi

Special Features: Light Settings and Sounds Exploration

  • Light settings and sound options define product
  • Hatch Baby Rest’s app provides easy control
  • Presents expansive sound options and customizable light settings

When it comes to the Hatch Baby Rest, the crown jewels are undoubtedly its light settings and extensive sound options. Packed full of features, these elements work together seamlessly, essentially defining the product’s functional design.

Downloading and Syncing the Hatch Baby Rest App

The first notable aspect is the ease of navigating through the Hatch Baby Rest’s smartphone app. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily the app installed and synced with my phone. The process was straightforward, requiring only a simple Bluetooth connection before I had instant control over the device’s many settings.

Experimenting with Light Settings

Within the app, the customizable light settings feature was a sheer delight. With just a tap, I was able to cycle flexibly through a range of calming colors, from warming yellows and reds to cooling greens and blues. The app dictates that red and yellow hues are best for promoting sleep, and while I’m no scientist, I certainly found these tones to be particularly soothing when it came to creating a tranquil environment. An added bonus was the ‘Dynamic Rainbow’ option, a slow transitioning between all the vibrant colors, that amused me, although not essential for functionality.

Experimenting with Pre-set Sound Options

Similar to the light features, the sound options are equally expansive with 11 pre-set sounds comprising of lullabies, ambient white noise, and nature-inspired audios. Personally, the sound of beach waves was a standout, creating an atmosphere of serenity. However, the notable absence of an auxiliary port for additional sound options was slightly disappointing.

Custom Presets – What are they and How They Function

Custom presets is another feature that the Hatch Baby Rest readily offers. With this, you can combine your preferred light color and sound, save it and have it at the ready whenever needed. At its core, this particular feature is about convenience, allowing for seamless and instantaneous transition to your preferred setting.

However, an area that could be improved upon is the range of available preset combinations. The embedded presets are solid performers, offering soothing lullabies coupled with nightlight colours. However, more choice might just tip the scales towards the Hatch Baby Rest becoming an essential item for many households.

Overall Experience

From a critical standpoint, the app is well designed that boasts an intuitive user interface. The combination of several features in one product – an admirable sound machine, a pleasing nightlight and an easy-to-use app, I reckon, the Hatch Baby Rest successfully provides a nurturing and tranquil atmosphere.

Check of Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Wi-Fi

Product critique and user experience

  • Hatch Baby Rest sound machine offers easy, versatile operation
  • Lacks auxiliary port, limiting sound options
  • App could benefit from more sound options

When it comes to user experience, the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine certainly leaves a strong impression. The ease with which the machine can be operated and the range of options it offers for customization truly sets it apart as a notable product in the market. However, a detailed, unbiased, and crucial examination uncovers a few areas where improvements could be appreciated.

Audio Outputs and Auxiliary Port Absence

The speaker on the Hatch Baby Rest is, in general, of quite good quality. We experienced clear sounds that were pleasing to the ear, and the volume range is excellent, capable of filling a room or providing a soft background noise depending on your needs. However, from an audiophile’s perspective, the speaker may not be comparable to higher-end sound systems like a Bose Soundlink. But considering its purpose (providing white noise or gentle lullabies for your little one), it does its job very well.

On another note, Hatch Baby Rest lacks an auxiliary port, limiting the sound options to only the pre-set choices. While the pre-set sounds are varied and well-selected, parents may find the lack of flexibility a bit of a miss. The ability to stream a favourite lullaby or a soothing tune from any online music platform like Spotify would have made it even better. It’s something we hope the makers might consider for future versions of this device.

Thoughts on potential app updates – additional sounds addition

The Hatch Baby Rest app is simple and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate through the options, select preferred settings and customize your baby’s sleep environment to your liking. However, at present, the app is only equipped with 11 standard sound options. While these sounds cover a good range, the possibility of adding more sounds through the app would be a welcome feature and allow for increased personalization. This could give parents more room to experiment and discover what works best for their baby’s sleep routine. Thus, potential updates to the app could be seen as beneficial and much needed.

General thoughts on Hatch Baby Rest user experience

Despite the minor drawbacks mentioned, the overall user experience with the Hatch Baby Rest has been largely positive. The product certainly delivers on its promise of providing a customizable and convenient sleep aid solution for babies and toddlers. It is sleek, easy to use, and provides a diverse range of options. The simple yet thoughtful design along with the effective light and sound features contribute significantly to its appeal. However, the user experience could be enhanced with a few adjustments and additions, making an already good product even better.

Exploring additional app functions: Timer and user programs

  • Hatch Baby Rest app includes a timer functionality
  • App offers preset user programs for nap and bedtime
  • “OK to wakes” feature teaches self-discipline to toddlers

One of the things that truly sets the Hatch Baby Rest apart are the additional functions that come with the app. So let’s dive in and see what these are all about.

Timer Feature

Starting with the timer function, I found it incredibly handy. No longer do you have to worry about leaving your sound machine running all night, potentially wasting unnecessary energy. The timer function allows you to set a countdown, after which the machine will shut off automatically. It’s a small yet thoughtful feature that differentiates this product and shows the brand’s attention to detail.

However, it is worth noting that the timer might not be a perfect fit for all users. For parents whose little ones have varying sleeping patterns, it could be tricky getting the timing right, but with a little trial and error, it can be an excellent energy-saver.

User Programs

Moving on to user programs, the app offers preset options for nap time and bedtime. This means you can pre-set your preferred light and sound settings according to the type of rest your child is about to have. Once set in the app, it will last for the specified amount of time you set it for. I loved the simplicity of this function but also saw room for improvement. While the preset programs are a good starting point, it would be even better if users could create their own programs and save them for future use. It would allow for complete customization based on the unique needs of the child.

OK to wakes Function

Lastly, I tested the “OK to wakes” feature. Aimed at toddlers, this function uses colours to help children understand when it’s okay to get up. When the toddler wakes up and the light is red, it signals them to stay in bed, but when the light turns green, they know it’s okay to get up.

Although it’s a well-intended feature, its effectiveness will ultimately depend on the child’s age and understanding of color codes. However, kudos to Hatch Baby Rest for incorporating a function that intends to establish a routine and promote self-discipline among toddlers.

In conclusion, while the additional features of the Hatch Baby Rest app extend its usability and appeal, they might not be a perfect fit for everyone. Depending on your child’s specific needs and routines, you might find some more useful than others. Nonetheless, the fact that these features are available and included gives an edge to the Hatch Baby Rest in the landscape of baby sound machines available in the market.


  • Hatch Baby Rest combines functionality and aesthetic design
  • Lack of auxiliary port limits lullaby options
  • Price around $59 with additional features for extra charges

So, there you have it folks. Our comprehensive review of the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine and nightlight. Based on our extensive exploration, here are the closing thoughts.

Final thoughts on the Hatch Baby Rest product

The Hatch Baby Rest product, in my opinion, beautifully checks the boxes of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it an excellent pick for parents on the hunt for a quality sound machine. The sleek minimalistic design, paired with the custom light and sound presets, brings to the table a user-friendly experience for all the tech-savvy parents out there.

That said, the absence of an auxiliary port reduces the flexibility of one’s choices of lullabies or soundscapes. It confines you purely to the presets provided by the brand. An improvement in future versions would be to allow users to stream their own tunes and sounds to the device.

Price range and purchasing outlets

In terms of the cost, you’re looking at a price point of around fifty-nine dollars, plus shipping, from Hatch Baby’s official website . If you’d like to spruce up your sound machine, they also offer add-on sleeves for an additional $12. Although the price might seem steep, the overall quality and range of features provided by the product make it a worthy investment for your nursery.

Closing appreciation for audience

I hope you found this review comprehensive, informative, and helpful to your decision-making process. Your support means a lot, and we look forward to continuing to provide unbiased, firsthand reviews on various family-related products. Thanks for sticking with us through this review!

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Now that you’ve got my take on the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine, I’m keen to hear your thoughts. What feature speaks to you the most about this product? Or perhaps, you’ve already had a trial run with this sound machine. Let’s get the conversation going in the comments section below.

Have any questions?

I understand that this review might awaken some questions in your mind about the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine. Be it about its design or functionality, don’t hesitate to drop your questions in the comments section. I strive to respond as quickly as possible with accurate, insightful responses to help you grasp a full understanding of this product.

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Want to know more about the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine?

Just click on the link in the content description, it’s loaded with further in-depth information about the product, available sleeves, pricing, and where to purchase.

Thank you for reading through our review on the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine. We hope it provided you with all the insights you were looking for, and perhaps, even helped shift your buying decision. Remember, your child’s comfort is always worth your time and consideration, so choose wisely!

Should you buy the Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 2nd Gen | Wi-Fi?

Buy it if…

You’re searching for an all-in-one sleep aid for your baby

Hatch Baby rest serves as both a sound machine and a nightlight, providing soothing ambiance for your nursery.

You appreciate a product with great design

Admired for its sleek, minimalistic design, this device is lightweight and available with custom sleeves to fit your aesthetic preference.

You desire a tech savvy product with an easy-to-use app

The Hatch Baby Rest app is simple to install, syncs up with your phone easily and comes with multiple handy features.

Don’t buy it if…

You need a product with auxiliary port

There’s no auxiliary port available at the moment, limiting the range of sounds you can play on the device beyond the preset ones.

You prefer manual control over mobile dependency

Although functional buttons are available on the device, extensive functionality requires the use of the Hatch Baby Rest app.

You’re on a tight budget

Priced at $59 plus shipping for the device and additional $12 for each sleeve, it may be expensive for some customers.


Is the Hatch Baby Rest a sponsored product?
No, this review is completely unbiased and the product was purchased independently.
Can the Hatch Baby Rest’s design be customized?
Yes, the Hatch Baby Rest offers additional sleeves for customization, which can be purchased separately from their site.
Can I use the Hatch Baby Rest as a speaker for my phone?
No, the Hatch Baby Rest does not currently allow streaming from other devices as it does not have an auxiliary port.
Can I control the Hatch Baby Rest remotely?
Yes, the Hatch Baby Rest product can be controlled remotely via its dedicated app.
Can I set a timer on the Hatch Baby Rest?
Yes, within the Hatch Baby Rest app, you have the option to set a timer for it to automatically turn off.
Can more sounds be added to the Hatch Baby Rest?
Currently, the Hatch Baby Rest has 11 pre-set sounds. It is unclear if more sounds will be added via app updates in the future.
What is the price of the Hatch Baby Rest?
As of the recording, the Hatch Baby Rest is priced at $59, excluding shipping. The optional sleeves cost an additional $12.

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