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Review: GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement – Reliable solution for a drift-free gaming experience

Explore the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, its stick drift issue, and Golicit’s Hall Sensing Stick’s impact on gaming... Read more

Review of GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement

Test of GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement

4.2/5 - (149 votes)

Cena: $22.99


  • Improved Joy-Con drifting issues
  • Easy installation process
  • Enhances gaming accuracy
  • Quick-response calibration


  • Presence of a small gap
  • Slightly slippery joystick surface

“After spending substantial time with the Nintendo Switch using Golicit’s Hall Sensing Stick replacement kit, I find it to be a handy solution particularly for those plagued by Joy-Con drifting issues. Yes, it may not be perfect, with the slight gap at the top and the slipperiness of the stick, but the overall enhancement it brings in the gaming experience due to its accuracy and smoothness provides a sufficient trade-off. It’s definitely a product I would recommend, especially for gamers seeking an easy-to-install, reliable solution for an improved and drift-free gaming experience. “

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Compatible Devices Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo Switch Lite
Color GuliKit NS40 One Pair
Brand GuliKit

Unveiling the Sensational Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Joyride

Get ready for an exciting journey as we embark on a wholesome exploration of the ever-popular Nintendo Switch and its set of Joy-Cons. Nintendo Switch, aside from its innovative offerings in game titles and design, is also renowned for its detachable Joy-Cons controllers. These provide that crucial tactile connection between player and game, enhancing gameplay with their responsive input and easy handling.

Delight in Drifting: Getting to Grips with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Ever since I laid hands on my original Nintendo Switch, I’ve been hooked! The Joy-Cons were a game-changer for me, offering just the right balance of comfort and ease for intense gaming marathons. But, like any other hardware piece, these little guys have also shown signs of wear and tear over time.

The most common issue I encountered was the notorious ‘drifting’ – where your onscreen character seems to develop a mind of its own, moving despite no thumb movement on the Joy-Con. A rather pesky issue, it can get in your way of nailing that high score or conquering a challenging boss-strike in your favorite game.

Troubles with Tactility: Exploring the Infamous Joy-Con Stick Drift Issue

Let’s dive deeper into this ‘drifting’ conundrum. The Joy-Con stick drift issue presents itself when a supposedly stationary Joy-Con begins to register motion. The result? Your character begins nonchalantly moving around on-screen, though you’re not physically touching the Joy-Con. This can often be attributed to a defective Joy-Con stick requiring repair.

You could resort to sending these back to Nintendo, with the company willingly repairing your Joy-Cons for free. But what if there was an alternative? What if a solution existed that not only resolved the drift issue but also added an edge to your gaming? Enter the world of replacement parts, offering a hands-on fix to personalize and refine your Joy-Cons and get back to uninterrupted gaming. This is where Golicit comes into play.

Audit of GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement

Reimagining the Joy-Con with Golicit: A Revolutionary Quick-Fix

  • Golicit’s kit addresses Nintendo Joy-Con drifting issues
  • Kit uses Hall Effect mechanism for enhanced durability
  • Installation process requires no soldering

For gamers, there’s nothing more frustrating than hardware wear and tear that hinders an immersive experience. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are notorious for their eroding sticks, often drizzling us with drifting issues. But don’t we love a good turn-around story? Presenting Golicit’s Hall Sensing Stick Replacement Kit – a potential game-changer that promises to replace those nagging drift problems with precision and longevity.

Introduction to Golicit’s Hall Sensing Stick Replacement Kit

The Golicit Hall Sensing Stick Replacement Kit grabbed my attention when I was looking for a simple DIY solution for those weary Joy-Con sticks. This kit stands out from the crowd primarily for its unique technology. Instead of the traditional hardware susceptible to wear, Golicit utilizes magnets with a Hall Effect mechanism for tracking the stick’s position. This can potentially offer more accurate motion tracking and durability compared to the original equipment.

Debunking the Myth of Difficulty: The Easy Installation Process

Now, replacing anything tech-related can sound daunting. But to my pleasant surprise, the actual process of swapping out the Joy-Con sticks for Golicit ones was not as overwhelming as one might speculate. Here’s the best part – no soldering is required, yay!

  1. You start by carefully disassembling your Joy-Con controller. Beauty lies in the details – don’t rush with the miniature ribbon cables, they can be a little tricky to deal with.
  2. }
  3. Proceed with replacing the original stick with the hall-sensing one from Golicit. Remember to connect the battery as soon as possible to prevent any shorts or damages.
  4. With a bit of patience and attentiveness, you have your Hall Effect stick fitted in, ready to deliver a superior gaming experience.

Many individuals might shy away from dismantling their controllers, but the process was easier than anticipated. The entire journey from unboxing the new stick to integrating it into the console took about an hour – a small investment for significant results. However, remember, your speed might vary depending on your technical savvy.

I must mention though, the instructions missing in the box was a bit perplexing. Thankfully, online resources came to the rescue with a step-by-step guide. But I do think Golicit should consider including a detailed manual in the kit to improve user experience.

Audit of GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement

Unpacking the Golicit Package: What’s in The Box?

  • Golicit kit includes two hall sensing sticks for Nintendo Switch
  • Amazon version includes additional replacement tools
  • Installation requires patience and precision

If you’re wondering what’s inside the Golicit hall sensing stick replacement kit, let’s unpack the package together. But first, a word of caution – what I received seemed like a simplified version of what’s readily available on Amazon for about $30 a pair.

The Package Contents

Opening the box, I was greeted by the sight of two sleek, new sticks longing for a Nintendo Switch to call home. Despite the simplicity of the kit, it’s important to note these sticks are the stars of the show. They bear the daunting task of dealing with the Joy-Con drift issue that has been a thorn in the side of many a Nintendo Switch user.

However, please note that an off-the-shelf unit from Amazon comes with a few more added perks. It appears that the kit not only provides the pair of hall sensing sticks but also all the tools you would need to carry out the replacement operation yourself. Now that’s what I call thoughtful!

Instructions – Or lack thereof?

One key thing my review unit seemed to be devoid of was a set of instructions. No guidebook or even a leaflet was to be found within this otherwise minimalistic package. It initially seemed a bit daunting, but fear not, dear reader. It turns out the lack of instructions in the kit shouldn’t be much of a hindrance. Thanks to the handy guide over on, you can find a step-by-step tutorial, both written and videographic, to aid you in this new hobbyist operation. Do ensure to check it out if you’re a bit shaky about diving head-first into this endeavour.

Remember, the key here is patience and precision. If I can get it done in about an hour without causing any damage (and without any prior experience, mind you), you probably can do a much better job in a shorter time when armed with the right guide!

Bottom Line

When you invest in the Golicit hall sensing stick replacement kit, it might at first feel like you’ve signed up for a bit of a DIY project. But, with a bit of patience, handy online guides and the right tools included in the package (if you get it from Amazon), this can be an enjoyable and rewarding process.

Highlight: GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement

Golicit – the Perfect Fit?

  • Golicit stick has a slight gap, raising durability questions
  • Golicit stick’s tactile sensation differs from stock Nintendo Joy-Con
  • Golicit stick is a noteworthy alternative despite minor issues

After receiving the package and delving into the installation process of the Golicit hall sensing stick replacement, it’s time to evaluate whether this kit is a seamless fit for your Joy-Con controller and most importantly, your gaming experience.

A Small Hitch: Encountering the Gap Issue

The first aspect of Golicit’s hall sensing stick I scrutinized upon installation was the slightly apparent gap at the tip of the stick. Many fellow gamers on Amazon have similarly noticed this flaw, raising concerns about potential dust or debris intrusion.

While it might not directly impede the stick’s performance— considering the construction appears to be completely sealed— it does pose the question of longevity and durability of the Hall Sensing stick.

Interestingly, the manufacturer has responded to this issue, promising to rectify this in future iterations. However, as of present, it’s something you might want to consider before making the switch.

Comparing Tactile Sensations: Golicit’s Hall Sensing Stick vs Stock Nintendo Joy-Con

Upon comparing the stock Nintendo Joy-Con and the Golicit stick, what stands out immediately is the variance in their tactile sensations. The Golicit stick is somewhat more slippery than the stock Joy-Con’s rubberized coating.

While this may seem negligible, it does affect your overall touch interaction with the controller, especially during an intense gaming session where precise movements matter. Though the Amazon kit does provide a workaround with a sticker for enhanced grip, you could possibly explore other options, like replacing the stick top with one of your preferences.

Both these minor issues do not deter from the effectiveness of Golicit’s hall sensing stick, but being aware of them aids in making an informed decision.

In conclusion, Golicit’s hall sensing stick may not be a “perfect” fit in the literal sense, but it’s certainly a noteworthy alternative, offering improved performance and an easy solution to the drift issues I was facing. With consideration to its minor setbacks, your decision may ultimately rely on weighing out the compromises, depending on your specific gaming needs and expectations.

Audit of GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement

The True Gaming Experience: Putting Golicit to the Test

  • Calibration crucial before using new game-controller
  • Golicit’s hall effect stick provides smooth gaming
  • Stick rectifies drift issue after calibration

5.1 Calibration: The Essential First Step

When you install a new game-controller of any kind, it’s crucial to calibrate it first before diving in. The Golicit hall sensing stick is no exception. Despite the initial drift on the new controller, rather than jumping to conclusions, it’s critical to remember to calibrate first. Here’s what you do – navigate to the ‘controllers and sensors’ portion of your system settings on your Switch and head over to ‘calibrate control sticks’. The joy-Con’s responsiveness during calibration leaves quite a high expectation of what’s to come. Now, let’s put it to the test!

5.2 Smooth Gaming: Testing Golicit’s Hall Effect Stick on Power Pros Baseball

When I say “putting it to the test”, I mean hopping into a game that relies heavily on the precision and responsiveness of the analog stick. In my case, I picked the Power Pros Baseball. Bare with me while I share my honest experience with this newly installed game-controller.

The smoothness is undeniable! The stick responded almost instantaneously to even the minimal movements, which is absolutely crucial in a game like Power Pros Baseball where your timing needs to be impeccable. Comparing it to the previous drifting issues, this felt like an absolute game-changer. It jumps back to the center within a blink of an eye after I release it, enhancing the precision of the gameplay.

Neglecting any bias, the experience was stellar indeed. However, is it worth switching from the traditional Nintendo joystick? Well, it depends.

Note: Based on the initial test, the Golicit Hall Sensing stick does rectify the drift issue experienced before. However, do remember to calibrate your joystick before you play, and give it some jamming sessions before you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Examination of GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement

Golicit: Is it worth the Switch?

  • Golicit Stick improves gameplay accuracy and smoothness
  • Stick surface is slipperier than stock Joy-Con
  • Small top gap in stick can let in dust

After spending considerable time with the Golicit’s Hall Sensing Stick and putting it through its paces, I believe I have gathered enough insights to answer the big question: Is it worth making the switch from the original Nintendo Joy-Con? Let’s explore.

The Pros

Improved Accuracy and Smoothness in Gameplay: Here’s the thing, since I installed the Golicit stick, I’ve noticed a noticeable improvement in the accuracy and smoothness in the gameplay. Notably in ‘Power Pros Baseball’, I saw how smoothly the stick guided my character, offering an impressive sensitivity and snappy return to the center.

The Cons

Slippery Stick Surface: One aspect that could use improvement is the stick’s surface texture. It’s a bit more slippery than the stock Nintendo stick, which can be a minor discomfort during intense gaming sessions. The provided sticker does help to an extent, but I still found myself missing the firmer grip of the stock Joy-Con’s rubberized coating.

Golahit’s Light Gap: Then, there’s the small gap at the top of the stick. It doesn’t look like a big deal on the surface, but it could potentially allow dust to get in over time. Golicit has noted this issue and intends to address it in a future iteration, so it’s comforting to know customer feedback is taken seriously.


Ultimately, aside from a couple minor issues, the Golicit Stick has proved to be a worthwhile replacement. The improved accuracy and smoothness in gameplay alone place it a step above the stock Joy-Con. Though it requires minor technical know-how for installation, it’s a manageable process even for those who’ve never tinkered with a Joy-Con before.

So, if your original Joy-Con is struggling with drifting issues, or if you just want a smoother and more accurate gaming experience, I’d say the Golicit Hall Sensing Stick is worth considering. It does more than fix a problem; it potentially enhances your gaming experience!

Dissection of GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement

Wrapping it up: Is Golicit the Remedy for your Joy-Con Woes?

In my end-user experience, Golicit’s Hall Sensing Stick replacement definitely makes a distinctively positive difference. With enhanced accuracy and smoother gameplay, it felt like it breathed brand new life into my original Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con. But to be fair and unbiased, it’s not all sunshine and roses. There is some room for improvement. So, let’s give a summarizing answer to the question: Is Golicit the remedy for your Joy-Con woes?

Reviewing Golicit’s hall sensing stick: My Experience

This has been a voyage of discovery for me. The process, from receiving this product to installing and then testing it live in gameplay, was a mixed bag of expectation and raw novelty. The results, on the other hand, shone bright, particularly the upgrade in game performance and accuracy.

Installation: No picnic, but also no mountain climb

Note: The replacement process isn’t a walk in the park. But it isn’t an insurmountable challenge either. It required a bit of delicate handling, but with guidance from the guide, it was manageable. However, I know this may be a setback for the less tech-confident consumers out there! Don’t rush it, read and follow the instructions carefully, and all should go smoothly.

Performance: A noticeable boost

The immediate enhancement in gameplay was notable. I felt a more responsive and smoother feedback from the Joy-Con that genuinely improved the gaming experience. Power Pros Baseball, a game that highly depends on joy-stick control, suddenly feels more precise and agreeably fluid during play.

The Room for Improvement: Fit and Grip

  • The Grip:The stick surface is slightly more slippery than the original Nintendo Joy-Con. This is a minor issue that you can easily rectify by adding an inexpensive stick cover for extra grip.
  • The Fit: A small gap at the stick’s top didn’t degrade the performance. But it would be best if Golicit works on this in future iterations to perfect their product fit and finish.

In conclusion, Golicit’s Hall Sensing Sticks may not be the ultimate perfection we, as gamers, dream of. But it’s a tremendous step forward and a considerable upgrade if you’re experiencing Joy-Con drift. Considering the product’s performance, installation process, and minor challenges, Golicit indeed served as a reliable remedy for my Joy-Con woes!

Should you buy the GuliKit Switch Joystick Replacement?

Buy it if…

Your Original Joystick is Drifting

If you’re frustrated with your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con sticks constantly drifting or moving on its own, then Golicit’s Hall Sensing Stick is an ideal tool to replace the faulty part.

You Value Precision and Accuracy

Golicit’s Hall Sensing Sticks utilize magnets for tracking movement resulting in enhanced accuracy across games. It’s a worthwhile investment if clear, precise gaming is what you’re after.

You Enjoy a DIY Repair

Golicit’s product comes with an easy-to-follow installation process. If you’re quite the handyman and taking gadgets apart only to put them back together again is your thing, you’d find the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Not into Manual Fixes

The installation process, while relatively easy, still requires manual work. If you’re not comfortable with gadget repairs, it might be better to have your sticks fixed professionally instead.

Currently, You Only Own a Switch Lite

Golicit’s Hall Sensing Sticks are not designed for the Switch Lite. Hold off on the purchase if you don’t own a regular Nintendo Switch.

You’re Sensitive to Tactile Changes

While the Golicit Hall Sensing Sticks offer better precision, they have a slightly slippery surface compared to the original Joy-Con sticks. If you’re keen on grippy surfaces, this might be a downside to consider.


What is a major problem with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con?
Over time, the Joy-Con can start to wear out, leading to drifting issues. This phenomenon results in your on-screen character moving around even when you’re not touching the control.
How can I fix the Joy-Con drifting issues?
You can either send your Joy-Con back to Nintendo for repair, or fix it yourself using a replacement part kit.
What is the Golicit hall sensing stick replacement kit?
The Golicit kit is a replacement for the original Joy-Con stick. It uses a Hall effect sensing system that relies on magnets, which is more accurate and less likely to wear out than traditional hardware.
How hard is it to install Golicit’s hall sensing stick replacement kit?
Installation is relatively straightforward and does not require any soldering. A guide on can help walk you through the process.
What should I be aware of when installing the Golicit replacement stick?
Pay careful attention when handling the tiny ribbon cables, and disconnect the battery as soon as possible to avoid shorts.
What is the feel of the Golicit replacement stick like?
The Golicit replacement stick feels slightly more slippery than the original Joy-Con stick.
How does the Golicit stick perform in real world gaming scenarios?
Initial tests have shown improved accuracy in gameplay, with a smooth and instinctively responsive feel.
Does the Golicit stick change the look of the Joy-Con?
Apart from a slight gap at the top of the stick where dust may get in, the replacement fits in nicely and does not significantly alter the appearance of the Joy-Con.

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