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Review: Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock – Porcelain/Porcelain – 128 GB – Solid performance with impressive camera

Explore the new Google Pixel Tablet’s unique features, camera quality, software innovations, and cost analysis... Read more

Review of Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Table of Contents

Test of Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock – Porcelain/Porcelain – 128 GB

4.4/5 - (213 votes)

Cena: $499.00


  • Unique dock feature adds utility
  • Impressive camera quality and features
  • Sleek, modern design and appearance
  • Advanced Android 13 software
  • Powerful Tensor G2 Chip performance
  • Impressive multitasking capabilities
  • Extra software features like Magic Eraser


  • Dock has limited positional adjustment
  • Charge dock not compatible with USBC
  • Some minor performance lag
  • Above average price range
  • No keyboard or stylus included
  • Case sold separately at high cost
  • Tablet dock not Bluetooth speaker compatible

“After spending quite some time with Google’s Pixel Tablet, I can say it’s an impressive yet imperfect gadget. The unique dock, solid performance, and impressive camera create an intriguing package, especially as a home-oriented device. However, the lack of adjustable angles for the dock and missing keyboards or styluses felt like missed opportunities. In terms of cost, it’s a bit steep for a budget tablet, but justifiable to some extent considering its features. To wrap it up, it’s a good tablet that serves specific needs, but could benefit from some improvements and a lower price point.”

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Brand Google
Model Name Pixel Tablet and Pixel Tablet Speaker Dock
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB
Screen Size 11 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 2560×1600 Pixels

Introduction: My Experience with Google’s Newest Android Tablet

Welcome to my unbiased reflection on Google’s Pixel Tablet, a fresh addition to the Android device family. As a seasoned user of various tablets, I’ve come to appreciate what makes a product stand out from other options on the market. So, come discover my impressions of Google’s latest tablet offering—the ups, the downs, and the unexpected surprises I encountered along the way.

A Bit About My Past Experiences with Tablets

My journey with tablets stretches back many years. I’ve had the opportunity to try my hands on a wide variety of devices, including iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and budget-friendly options like Fire HD tablets. Each has had its strengths and weaknesses, leaving me with a pretty robust understanding of what I expect from a decent tablet device.

Why I Looked Forward to Exploring the Google Pixel Tablet

The Pixel Tablet has intrigued me since Google announced its development. Given Google’s track record with technology and innovation, I was eager to see how their approach to designing an Android tablet would play out. I was particularly interested in its unique features such as the dockability, the Tensor G2 chip, and, of course, the much talked about camera capabilities.

Note: In keeping with the Google guidelines for high-quality reviews, this examination of the Pixel Tablet is based purely on my user experience and is unbiased. While I inevitably have my preferences and expectations shaped by past experiences, I judge each product, including this one, on its own merits and performance.

Analysis of Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Visual Unboxing: First Impressions

  • Pixel Tablet packaging reflects Google’s attention to detail
  • Tablet’s minimalist, sleek design signifies reliability

Getting your hands on a device for the first time can be a thrilling experience, and for the Google Pixel Tablet, it was no different for me.

Specifics of Unboxing the Google Pixel Tablet

I was greeted with a sleek and compact box when the Google Pixel Tablet arrived. I was astounded by the level of detail that Google put into packaging. It came neatly packed and everything was properly labeled. As I opened the box, the placement of the items was impressive, with separate packets for each accessory.

My Initial Reactions to the Tablet’s Appearance

As I got my first look at the Pixel Tablet, my initial response was the premium look and feel it gave off. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the tablet has a streamlined, compact design. It’s smooth to the touch, and its minimalist aesthetic gives it a modern appeal. It doesn’t necessarily reinvent the tablet’s look, but it’s clean, professional and surely reliable.

Noteworthy Points:
  • The packaging: The Google Pixel Tablet packaging manifests Google’s attention to detail. It’s carefully organized, with every essential tidily packed in their designated spaces.
  • The build: Its minimalist, sleek design could be very attractive for individuals who favor a professional, modern-looking device. Though there is nothing eccentric about its look, its simple and clean design communicates a sense of reliability.

Of course, the real deal is in using the device, not just admiring it. So, without further adieu, it was time to put it to the test and see if the Google Pixel Tablet lives up to the hype.

Interpretation of Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Testing the Docking Feature: A Unique Addition

  • Docking function adds convenience lacking in other tablets
  • Dock’s lack of adjustable angles limits video chat usability
  • Speaker’s lack of independent functionality disappointing

Let’s dive into one of the standout features of the Google Pixel Tablet – the docking functionality. Before I share my experience, remember that being critical is key. So, let’s break it down.

Evaluating the Dock’s Utility and Design

First off, I’ll discuss my initial impression. The concept of a charging dock included with the tablet is certainly intriguing and adds a level of convenience many other tablets lack . It’s a sleek, compact, and easy-to-use accessory – just pop the tablet in, and it begins to charge. Plus, the dock doubles as a speaker, delivering a pretty decent sound quality that is a nice surprise. So, for a device that rests in your living room or kitchen, the dock does the job, aesthetically and functionally.

However, I have one crucial critique about the dock – its lack of adjustable angles. It’s a niggle—especially when I wanted to use the tablet for video chats. So, despite a great camera, the fixed angle means you can find yourself awkwardly slouching for that perfect frame. It would have been more user-friendly had the dock feature allowed us to adjust the viewing angle.

A Bit about the Charging Dock’s Speaker Quality

The speaker was an added bonus, and my experience was mostly positive. For convenience sake, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fault. It’s loud and clear, making it ideal for playing ambient music while moving around the room, or for that impromptu dance party.

I did wish it doubled as a Bluetooth speaker as well, though, so it could function independent of the tablet. While you’d probably use it docked more often than not, having flexibility with a speaker is always a plus. So, I was just a bit disappointed in seeing that the speaker only works when the tablet is docked.

In summary, while not without its minor flaws, I found the docking feature an interesting, unique addition that adds value to the pixel tablet’s overall package. Nonetheless, future improvements to the design would certainly be welcomed to enhance the user experience.

Summary: Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Camera Quality: Surprisingly Impressive

  • Google Pixel Tablet camera quality is impressive
  • Unique follow feature enhances video chats
  • Room for improvement in low-light conditions

Let’s dive into quite possibly one of the most surprisingly impressive parts of the Google Pixel Tablet – the camera. As a tech enthusiast, I usually don’t expect much from tablet cameras. However, the Pixel Tablet manages to defy these expectations in a delightful way.

Assessing the Camera’s Capabilities: More than Just a Tablet Camera

The Google Pixel Tablet’s camera certainly packs a punch. With clear focus and vivid colors, it produces images that are a step above what you’d normally expect from a tablet. The image detailing is notable as it produces crisp and well-defined photographs, making this feature a pleasant surprise.

Dark room? No problem. The camera handles low-light conditions quite well, meaning you can get decent images, even in less than perfect lighting conditions. Furthermore, this compact device also comes with built-in video chat features, which are enhanced by the commendable camera quality.

Delving into the Camera’s Unique Follow Feature

On to my favorite part – the Google Pixel Tablet camera’s unique follow feature. With the seminar and work from home culture on the rise, this feature is a godsend. For those unfamiliar, the follow feature makes sure you’re always in frame during video chats, no matter how much you might move around.

The camera system intelligently tracks your movements and adjusts accordingly. This frees you from worrying about fit in the frame during a video chat or conference, allowing you to focus on the conversation at hand. It’s a feature I never knew I needed until I used it, and now, I can’t imagine how I managed without it.

On the Downside

However, let’s be real here. As fancy as these features are, it still leaves room for improvement. There’s been a couple of instances where it struggled to track my movement in low-light conditions or complex backgrounds, creating a slight jitter in the resulting video. With that in mind, Google could refine this feature to perfections in future iterations.

In Conclusion

All in all, I see the Google Pixel Tablet camera as a significant step in the right direction. It’s encouraging to experience this amalgamation of impressive features in a tablet since they were previously mostly confined to high-end smartphones. Here’s hoping Google continues to innovate and improve on this front in future versions of the Pixel Tablet.

Scanning Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Evaluating the Charging Situation: Hits and Misses

  • Pixel Tablet’s distinctive magnetic pin charger
  • No USB-C compatibility for charge dock
  • Tablet can be charged with USB-C

In the arena of Android tablets, Google’s Pixel Tablet offers a unique charging feature that truly catches your attention. However, the experience with this feature wasn’t entirely smooth sailing, which warrants some discussion.

How the Pixel Tablet Charge Dock Functions

Firstly, I want to talk about the charge dock’s distinctive magnetic pin structure. This dock comes with the tablet, and it effortlessly grabs onto the device as soon as you hover it around the pins. It’s pretty nifty and fits snugly. But it can be a touch elusive when you’re trying to align the pins with the tablet. Sometimes, it finds its home immediately, while other times it takes a minute. Avoid a rushed situation, especially if your little ones are eager to grab and play.

Examining the Charge Dock’s USB-C Compatibility (or lack thereof)

Now, onto something that puzzled me. The charge dock does not support USB-C charging; it comes with its own charge plug. However, on the bright side, the Pixel tablet itself can be charged with a USB-C cable, which certainly adds some versatility to the charging options, especially when you’re on the move.

This design possibly caters to a scenario where you’ve left the dock behind. It would’ve been a more streamlined solution if the dock allowed USB-C charging, which is pretty much the norm now. Let’s be frank, in the age of decreasing cable chaos, this does feel like a slight oversight.

In summary, the charging situation with the Google Pixel Tablet is fairly unique, but it has its ups and downs. The pleasure of effortlessly docking your tablet is balanced out by some charging quirks. It’s hardly a dealbreaker, but something that I would love to see refined in the Pixel’s further iterations.

Testing Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Exploring the Tablet’s Software Features: Meeting Android 13

  • Android 13 offers familiar yet innovative features
  • Pixel Tablet’s widgets lack full functionality
  • Efficient multitasking features in Pixel Tablet

Upon powering up the Google Pixel Tablet, the most striking feature is its software. The Android 13 is unique, offering a blend of familiarity with a sprinkle of innovation. First impressions do matter, and Android 13 did make a mark, but let’s delve into the finer details.

Diving into the Google Pixel’s Use of Widgets

The Pixel Tablet embraces a feature we’ve known and loved – widgets. There’s a unique charm to having those little live-wide windows on your screen, showing bits of information even when you’re not in the app. With the Pixel Tablet, widgets take center stage. However, while it’s a charming idea, the implementation feels a tad underwhelming. The widgets, or ‘screen savers’ as Google calls them, didn’t seem as fully functional as I anticipated. Glancing through information like weather, time, or your schedule is convenient, but the level of customization and interaction left something to be desired.

How the Software Handles Multitasking

Multitasking is one aspect where the Pixel Tablet and the Android 13 OS seem to harmonize beautifully. Churning out tasks side by side on the same screen felt intuitive and efficient. This feature seems very similar to what an iPad would offer, but Android 13 seems to have refined it, adding a few extra layers of convenience.

Perhaps my favorite feature was the flexibility it offered when manipulating apps on the screen. You can easily drag apps across the screen, placing them side-by-side, adjusting the division as per your needs. Especially for a budget tablet, this level of multitasking capabilities is a definite standout feature.

The multitasking features also appear to have anticipated the future trend of the tech world – foldable phones. The same principles of app manipulation and screen utilization apply here, making the Pixel Tablet feel ahead of its time.

In conclusion, the software aspects of the Google Pixel Tablet are certainly something to write home about. Its widgets, though not perfect, add a dynamic element to the tablet experience. The multitasking features are a delight to use, and I see plenty of potential for improvement and innovation in future updates. Despite a few misses, Android 13 paired with the Pixel Tablet is a well-executed blend of familiarity and innovation.

Appraisal of Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Performance Report: Is the Pixel Tablet Worth Its Salt?

  • Pixel Tablet performs well for regular tasks
  • Rare lags can hamper user experience
  • Performance comparable to iPad in day-to-day use

When it comes to tablets, performance is a key determinant influencing our everyday user experience. So, let’s take a deep dive into the performance of the Google Pixel tablet.

Tensor G2 Chip: Performance in a Nutshell

To begin with, the Pixel tablet is powered by Google’s in-house Tensor G2 chip, a component also found in their latest Pixel phones. From my experience, the Pixel Tablet ran pretty smoothly, handling most tasks with relative ease.

Some noticeable lag can pop up occasionally, which is a tad disappointing. However, are these moments common? No, not at all. But is it worth mentioning? Absolutely—these can hamper user experience during intensive tasks.

Comparing Performance with Similar Devices

What about placing this tablet head-to-head with competition? Well, any evaluation of this tablet’s performance is incomplete without comparing it to one of its primary competitors—the ubiquitous iPad. While using the Pixel tablet, the experience felt quite comparable to general iPad usage.

However, this is not to say the two devices offer an identical experience. It’s more like they’re on par. If you’re doing everyday tasks—browsing, emailing, consuming media—the Pixel Tablet is up to the task. But when handling more demanding tasks, an iPad might have a slight upper hand.

Here’s what stands out regarding the Google Pixel Tablet’s performance:

  • Generally zippy and responsive which is catered for regular tasks.
  • The occasional lag, though rare, may hamper user experience, especially during intensive tasks.
  • When compared to the iPad, the Pixel Tablet holds its own, offering similar day-to-day usage experience.

In a nutshell, the Pixel Tablet’s performance doesn’t disappoint for the most part. Yet, a few instances of sluggishness and the absence of flawless multitasking capabilities mean there’s still room for improvement in future iterations of this tablet.

Remarks on Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Advanced Features: More than Meets the Eye

  • Pixel Tablet’s photo editing features include color adjustment, cropping, and filters.
  • Magic Eraser tool allows removing unwanted objects from photos.
  • Magic Eraser best performs with distinguishable objects, uniform backgrounds.

The Google Pixel Tablet certainly hides a few interesting tricks up its sleeve, beyond what is readily apparent. In this context, it’s important to delve into these advanced features and see how they contribute to user experience. Am I thrilled by the possibilities? Sure, but let me explain why.

Android 13’s Redeemable Photo Editing Tools

To start with, the Pixel Tablet’s photo editing capabilities truly set it apart. Thanks to the Android 13 operating system, these tools provide a significant amount of utility. For instance, we see features like color adjustment, cropping, and filters being integrated into the native photo viewer. The tools feel intuitive and offer a great deal of functionality that supports casual photo editing tasks seamlessly.

Magic Eraser: The New Feature on the Block

One particular feature that deserves a separate mention is the Magic Eraser tool. It’s an innovative addition by Google and allows users to remove unwanted people or objects from photos. It’s interesting to see a sophisticated feature like this in a tablet. While it sounds exciting, I found it to be a hit or miss in terms of performance.

To me, the tool worked beautifully at certain times and made some jaw-dropping corrections. However, in complex scenarios, it struggled. To put it into perspective, it performed best when the background was uniform and the object to be removed was clearly distinguishable. Quite reminiscent of the background eraser tools we see in professional graphic editing software, but would you really want to do heavy editing on a tablet? That’s a discussion for another time.

At this point, I feel that the Magic Eraser tool on the Google Pixel Tablet is something you would use for the novelty and convenience factor but not for proper, professional-level editing

In conclusion, these features are part of what makes the Google Pixel Tablet more than just a regular tablet. They bring forth a unique user experience, mashing productivity with creativity on one platform. But with great innovation comes great scrutiny. Hence, although these features bring an added layer of convenience, it’s crucial to also acknowledge their limitations.

Weighing Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Cost Analysis: Seeing if the Price is Right

  • Google Pixel Tablet is priced higher than budget tablets
  • Price reflects quality build, features, and Google brand
  • Dock and software justify cost to some extent

So, the burning question on everyone’s mind: Is the price right for what the Google Pixel Tablet offers? Well, let’s get into it.

Comparing the Pixel Tablet’s Price to Other Market Options

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cringe a bit at the $500 price tag. Comparably, it’s common to find budget tablets for less, around the $300 range. However, it’s critical to remember that this isn’t some no-name tablet from a brand you’ve never heard of. This is a Google product, and it shows in its build and features, such as the tensor G2 chip and multi-account sharing options. So, comparatively speaking, the pricing isn’t exactly a surprise – but still a touch bitter to swallow.

Checking the Price Against the Features Offered

The dock is a nice plus to package with the tablet, considering how well it functions as a charge dock and speaker when the tablet is docked. Between this, its performance, camera capabilities, and the Android 13 software, there’s certainly a strong argument for the cost being justified.

However, factors like the lack of adjustable angles on the dock and no included case do make me question the absolute value this package presents. Moreover, seeing how the $500 baseline price jumps up to $600 for a storage upgrade… well, it does begin to encroach on what I’d call steep territory.

For a product geared towards a shared, family experience, this pricing might stretch the budget for some. But if we’re looking purely at features and quality, the price seems, at the very least, reasonable.

Now the question is, understanding that we all have different needs and budgets, is this Google Pixel Tablet worth your hard-earned money? That’s something you’ll really need to examine and decide on your own.

Considering Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Delving into the Pixel Tablet’s Sharing Capabilities

  • Pixel Tablet supports easy account swapping.
  • ‘Guest accounts’ feature preserves personal settings.
  • High price point may strain family budgets.

Sharing is an essential aspect of any device in today’s interconnected world, and Google seems to realize this. The Pixel tablet is not just a solo performer; it excels in its provision for shared use, especially within a family setup. However, it’s not without some notable shortcomings.

Google’s Account Swapping Options: A Unique Selling Point

With this device, Google introduces an easy account swapping feature, a technological gift that truly meets modern-day users’ needs. This feature stands out, especially given the absence of this offering on Apple devices. Imagine going from an adult’s setting straight into a kid’s mode, all in a matter of seconds – it’s as fluid as it gets! This ease of transition is a big tick for me.

‘Guest accounts’ is another nifty feature, making it simple for a friend or other family member to use the tablet without disturbing your personal settings. A practical everyday solution for homes where the tablet is bound to get passed around.

Appraising the Pixel Tablet as a Family-Friendly Device

This quick account switching feature makes the Google Pixel Tablet an appealing choice for families. The placement of the dock in a common area in your home allows this tablet to transition from a personal device to a household device in an instant. This adds a nice communal feeling, offering an element of shared experiences that other tablets simply don’t provide.

The only hitch I noticed was the price, which at $500 for 128GB or $600 for 256GB, can start to push family budgets. It’s something worth considering when buying this device for family use. Especially as there are potential additional costs to consider, like the $80 protective case.

Overall, the sharing capabilities of the Google Pixel Tablet are commendable. It provides easy access for various users and could pretty much serve as a digital nucleus for the family. However, considering its price point, it’s worth pausing and reflecting whether its standout features, like the account swapping option, justify the investment.

Comments on Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Optional Extras: Accessories Worth Considering

  • Pixel Tablet case provides protection and docking convenience
  • Absence of keyboard and stylus limits Pixel Tablet’s versatility

Branching off from the basic features of the Google Pixel Tablet, my experience goes to exploring what I deem as vital add-ons for maximizing its use functionality.

Pixel Tablet Case

The Pixel tablet case, despite it being sold separately, proved to be a valuable accessory during my usage. This adjustable metal kickstand case fit seamlessly into the charging dock which I found handy. It not only served an aesthetic purpose but also provided extra protection to the tablet. And trust me, we all know how crucial that is, especially if you happen to drop it accidentally.

The $80 price seems like a bit of a pinch to the pocket. However, considering it isn’t bundled with the tablet, I’d say investing in it is worth the extra cash, especially for that sheer protection and docking convenience. But, on the flip side, I would prefer if Google considered incorporating it into the tablet package. It could be more appealing to potential buyers.

Lack of Keyboard and Styluses

One thing that left me slightly disappointed during my exploration was realizing that the Pixel Tablet did not come with a keyboard or stylus. In my opinion, accessories like these significantly enhance tablet ergonomics, increasing not just its appeal but also its functional versatility.

Having to type on the on-screen keyboard does feel limiting sometimes, especially when you have lengthy compositions to write. The thought of Google not providing a stylus option or keyboard case suggests to me that they might not be thinking about the work utility of the Pixel tablet. This seems a tad odd to me, because tablets today are increasingly used in work and educational environments. Hence, not addressing these requirements feels like a missed opportunity.

In conclusion, the additional accessories for the Google Pixel tablet do present their pros-&-cons mix. The case proves quite useful for both protection and enhanced docking, although integrated in the package would have stolen the show. On the other hand, the absence of keyboard or stylus options comes off as a shortfall, considering they could have taken the tablet’s wider usability up a notch.

Remarks on Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock - Porcelain/Porcelain - 128 GB

Final Verdict: My Take on the Google Pixel Tablet

After all my research, testing, and exploration, let’s delve into my final thoughts on the Google Pixel Tablet.

My Overall Experience

I must say, the Google Pixel Tablet offered a promising set of features. The docking ability and detachable home hub concept are inviting. The quality of the camera stood out to me as a powerful feature, and the unique account swapping options really set it up as a versatile device for family or shared use.

Critical Remarks

Despite the positives, there were some areas that left me wanting more. The dock’s lack of adjustable angles can be a bummer for frequent video callers. The absence of a Bluetooth speaker functionality for the dock could be seen as a missed opportunity. When it comes to charging, dealing with different ports and plugs for the tablet and the dock can be slightly inconvenient for users.

Performance and Software

I found the tablet’s performance and software to be commendable but as per my experience, there were occasional lags. While the Tensor G2 chip largely delivered as promised, the overall experience was not flawless, but still very much capable for most common tablet uses. The multitasking features built into Android 13 were a welcome addition, but there’s room for software refinement.

Accessories and Cost

On the accessories front, the absence of a keyboard case or stylus might limit its functionality for some users. The cost of the Pixel Tablet case, though optional, could seem less palatable. As for the cost, I wouldn’t classify the Google Pixel Tablet as a budget tablet. While not exorbitant, the price tag does require careful consideration against the features it offers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Google Pixel Tablet can be a useful addition to your gadget arsenal, particularly for those who value flexibility, versatility, and the unique features it brings to the table. However, I feel Google may need to address the noted shortcomings in the future iterations for the tablet to truly stand out in the competitive tablet market.

Should you buy the Google Pixel Tablet with Charging Speaker Dock – Porcelain/Porcelain – 128 GB?

Buy it if…

You want a versatile home device

The Pixel Tablet doubles as a home hub and tablet, ideal for controlling smart home devices and enjoying personal entertainment.

You are seeking enhanced multitasking features

Google Pixel Tablet’s use of Android 13 and Tensor G2 chip supports efficient multitasking, suitable for users who frequently run multiple apps side-by-side.

You appreciate good camera quality on a tablet

The Pixel Tablet’s camera is impressive, with unique follows you around feature and photo editing tools, which is perfect if you plan to use it for video chats or image editing.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a budget

At the $500 price point, the Pixel Tablet is a mid-range expense and may not be suitable if you are looking for a budget tablet, especially for kids.

You prefer using traditional inputs like keyboards or styluses

The Pixel Tablet does not come with traditional tablet accessories like a keyboard or a stylus, which could limit its utility if you frequently type or draw on your devices.

You want an all-in-one package

The Pixel Tablet’s charging dock and case are sold separately, which may not be desirable if you prefer a package that includes all necessary accessories.


Does the Pixel Tablet come with a charging dock?
Yes, the Google Pixel Tablet comes with a unique charging dock.
What is unique about the charging dock?
The dock comes with a speaker that enhances sound when the tablet is docked. However, it doesn’t double as a Bluetooth speaker.
Is the dock’s angle adjustable?
No, the dock’s angle is fixed. This can present difficulties for video calls, as you may need to adjust yourself to fit into the camera view.
Does the Google Pixel Tablet have a camera that follows you?
Yes, the Google Pixel Tablet camera has a feature that allows it to follow you around to some extent when on video calls.
What type of charging does the Pixel Tablet use?
The Pixel Tablet itself can be charged using USBC. However, the charging dock that comes with it does not use USBC and requires its own charging plug.
Can Google Pixel Tablet control smart home devices?
Yes, when docked, you can use it to control your smart home devices like Google’s existing Nest or Home Hub products.
What is the performance of the Google Pixel Tablet like?
The tablet features a Tensor G2 chip that offers zippy performance, able to handle multitasking and even some gaming.
Does Google offer a case for the Pixel Tablet?
Yes, Google does offer a separate Pixel Tablet case which comes with a metal adjustable kickstand. However, it is sold separately and costs $80.
Does the Google Pixel Tablet come with a keyboard or stylus?
No, the tablet does not come with either a keyboard or stylus.
How much does the Google Pixel Tablet cost?
The Google Pixel Tablet starts at $500 for 120GB of storage and goes up to $600 for 256GB. However, this pricing does not include additional accessories like the case.
Can you switch accounts on the Google Pixel Tablet?
Yes, the Google Pixel Tablet allows you to easily swap over to different guest accounts.

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