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Review: Google Pixel Buds Pro – Reliable, economical, high-performing earbuds

In-depth review of Google’s Pro Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds including sound quality and battery life... Read more

Review of Google Pixel Buds Pro

Test of Google Pixel Buds Pro

4.4/5 - (4930 votes)

Cena: $399.52


  • Compact and easily portable case
  • Comfortable earbuds with three fit options
  • Sustainable battery life
  • Good integration with Android OS
  • Quality sound within budget
  • Decent noise cancellation capabilities
  • Good call quality even in noisy environments


  • Price susceptible to frequent changes
  • Not the most comfortable for long-term wear
  • Average noise cancellation compared to high-end alternatives
  • Battery life depends on volume
  • Sound quality might not satisfy high-end seekers

“Ultimately, I find the Google Pro Pixel Buds Pro a solid addition to the noise-cancelling wireless earbuds market. The sound quality, call quality, and battery life are highly commendable given its price point. The noise cancellation isn’t perfect, but it’s better than many in its tier. While comfort may be subjective and they might not be the most comfortable option around, for a noise-canceling earbud, they definitely hold their own. If you’re seeking a reliable, economical, and high-performing set of earbuds, this could definitely be worth considering.”

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Brand Google
Model Name Pixel Buds Pro
Color Charcoal
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless, Bluetooth


Welcome to the Breakdown: Google’s Pro Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds in Depth

Alright, tech enthusiasts, we’re back for another thorough review, and this time, we’re delving into the world of wireless audio technology — specifically Google’s Pro Pixel Bud Pro. This set of earbuds, loaded with noise cancellation and several other features, is the upgraded model of the often praised Series A.

Our mission? To see how the Pro Pixel Bud Pro stacks up both against its predecessor and other brands in the market. Hold tight, because we’ll be breaking down everything from the design to the sound quality and performance.

Reminder: Personal Purchase, Price Fluctuations, and Your Support

As always, we aim for complete transparency. For the record, the earbuds being reviewed were personally purchased, promising you an unbiased appraisal. Due to rapid price fluctuations in the tech world, we won’t be giving any specific prices, but rest assured, whatever the current price, we’ll evaluate if the product provides value for it.

Reviews like these are made possible by your continued interest and engagement, so we’re counting on your thoughts, insights, and inquiries to enrich this review process.

Interpretation of Google Pixel Buds Pro

First Impressions

  • Pro Pixel Buds feature sleek, minimalistic design
  • Offers easy, intuitive control options
  • Provided in different sizes for perfect fit

When I first received Google’s Pro Pixel Buds Pro wireless earbuds, my attention was immediately drawn to their sleek, minimalistic outer packaging. This section will delve into the physical attributes and first impressions, leaving no stone unturned.

Case and Earbuds’ Profile

On unboxing, the compact earbud case stood out with its portable design, sitting comfortably in the palm of my hand. Slightly bigger than the series A, it maintains the familiar clamshell design which flips up to reveal the earbuds. The case is equipped with a handy USB-C port at the bottom and a reset button – a clear indication of Google’s thoughtfulness in ensuring easy user operation.

As for the earbuds themselves, their petite form presents a snug fit, which was an automatic plus point. Replete with rubber tips, the earbuds fit comfortably inside my ears without causing any discomfort or the feeling of ‘spreading out my ears’ felt with some lesser-qualified brands I’ve tested in the past.

Control Options

A standout feature of these earbuds is their touch controls. With a variety of single tap, swipe, and press options, it was relatively easy to adjust volume, play tracks or answer calls. I did find it took a couple of tries to get the hang of the controls, but once mastered, they proved convenient and easy to use.

Comfort and Fit

Three sets of wireless rubber tips are included, catering to different users’ needs for ultimate comfort. This thoughtful inclusion demonstrates an understanding that everybody’s ears are unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t do when it comes to earbuds. I appreciated the option to experiment with different sizes to attain the perfect fit for my ears.

To sum up this initial impression stage, Google’s Pro Pixel Buds Pro wireless earbuds have left an assertive first mark. Their compact design, easy, intuitive control options, and customizability in terms of fit make these earbuds feel user-friendly and ready for the next stages of delving into their performance.

Testing Google Pixel Buds Pro

Unpack the Package

  • Google’s packaging is minimalistic and eco-friendly
  • Earpieces come in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Box includes Pixel Buds, case, charging cable and earpieces

As I opened the box, the first thing that genuinely impressed me was the minimalistic and eco-friendly approach Google has taken with its packaging. There was hardly any non-recyclable material that I could find, which is a refreshing change from the usual plastic overload that comes with most tech gear. Kudos to Google for this thoughtful consideration towards reducing environmental impact!

Eco-friendly Packaging and Extra Earpieces to Suit Different Ears

I noticed that even the small case housing the extra rubber earpieces came in a paper package. Just a small tug at the ends, and voila, I had a range of different sizes – small, medium, and large – for the earpieces at my disposal. I found this particularly useful as we all have different ear sizes, and having the right fitting earpiece can make a world of difference when it comes to long hours of usage.

Exploring What’s Inside the Box

  • Google Pixel Buds Pro earbuds: The first thing you see upon unpacking is the sleek and compact wireless earbuds themselves.
  • Wireless Charging Case: Tiny and transportable, the case came off as very convenient with a user-friendly clamshell design.
  • USBC Charging Cable: The inclusion of a USBC charging cable in the box makes charging a hassle-free experience.
  • Different sized rubber earpieces: In a little eco-friendly paper box, three different sizes of rubber earpieces were available for a customizable and comfortable fit.

Overall, the unboxing experience was simple yet giving an aura of quality and attention to detail from the brand’s end. Everything you need to get up and running with the Pixel Buds Pro is right there in the box. The eco-conscious packaging added an extra layer of satisfaction, making the experience more appealing.

Estimate of Google Pixel Buds Pro

Detailed Review

  • Battery life lasts 8-10 hours at high volume
  • Strong sound quality within its price range
  • Effective noise cancellation technology

Sustainable Battery Life: Balancing Volume with Power Use

The first thing that caught my attention during this product testing was the battery life . The manufacturer promises around 11 hours of play at medium volume. While pushing the volume limits quickly drains the power, it still manages to offer a decent 8-10 hours of audio bliss, which is quite impressive.

Integrated Tech for Up-to-Date Info: Making Most of Android OS

The integration of earbuds with Google’s Android OS provides convenient and informative real-time updates. For instance, it readily displays the remaining power in the case and each of the earbuds. This continuous insight into the battery status is a handy feature to have and adds to the overall appeal of the product.

Does Sound Quality Justify the Price?

Next comes the sound quality . For a sub 200-dollar device, it lives up to its price tag by delivering a robust audio performance, though it’s essential to note that it might not outperform certain high-end earbuds priced significantly higher. But within its price bracket, it’s safe to say that the earbuds provide some of the best audio experience.

Deciphering Noise Cancellation Capabilities: Ranges and Comparisons

The earbuds employ noise cancellation technology, which, though not as effective as its over-the-ear counterparts or those in the $300+ range, still holds its own. It certainly outperforms any sub-$100 noise-canceling earbuds I’ve tested in the past. So while it doesn’t deliver the best noise cancellation in the market, it achieves a commendable level of ambient noise reduction.

Call Quality: Outdoor and Noisy Indoor Tests

Finally, I put the earbuds through several call tests , both indoors in a noisy environment and outdoors with moderate wind conditions. The microphone offered good voice clarity, ensuring my voice was heard clearly, which adds another feather to its cap.

However, it’s worth mentioning that while the earbuds offer a host of features, they’re not perfect. There is always a bit of room for improvement, and with advancements in technology, we might see these changes in their future iterations.

Observation of Google Pixel Buds Pro

Pros Vs Cons

  • Google’s Pro Pixel Buds offer snug, comfortable fit
  • Delivers impressive sound quality within budget
  • Features commendable, affordable noise cancellation

In light of a comprehensive analysis, it’s time to lay everything down in a good old fashioned “Pros Vs Cons” format. Let’s break down the core elements from comfort and feature-packed performance, to affordability and unique weaknesses the earbuds might have.

Comfort over Time: A Side-by-Side Comparison with Series A

When it comes to comfort, Google’s Pro Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds have a snug fit and do a good job of not sticking out weirdly or making the user uncomfortable. Although, I have to admit that their predecessors, the Series A , had a lighter, more comfortable feel. They also had an additional rubber piece that seemed to enhance the in-ear feel and long-term wear. On the upside, the Pro Series does have noise cancellation which Series A lacjed, and when compared to other noise-canceling earbuds in the market, they score highly on the comfort meter.

Price-Point Analysis: Best Audio within Budget?

As for the audio quality, the Pixel Buds Pro earbuds deliver a clear, immersive sound that is certainly impressive for the price range they belong to. While they might not surpass some of the more high-end, pricier earbuds in auditory deliverance, they definitely stand out in their budget category. That said, the noise cancellation feature, while impressive, does not match up to that offered in over-the-ear headphones or more expensive wireless earbuds. But for a set of earbuds that are PCed under $200, the noise cancellation is certainly commendable and exceeds that of any other sub $100 models.

From a neutral perspective, the Pixel Buds Pro does an impressive job in giving the user a wholesome earbuds experience within its price range. However, its comfortability could see improvement and mimic the ease that the Series A earbuds offered. In conclusion, these earbuds provide a considerable return on investment in terms of their advanced audio and noise cancellation capabilities, battery life, and user-friendly features.

Review of Google Pixel Buds Pro


  • Google’s Pro Pixel Buds offer impressive battery and sound quality
  • Comfort for long-term wear falls short of predecessors
  • Strong audio, noise cancellation, and battery offer value for money

So, does the latest Google’s Pro Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds live up to expectations or fall flat in the competitive race of wireless earbuds? After experiencing these buds in various scenarios, ranging from crowded public spaces to quiet nooks in the home, I feel equipped to share this comprehensive verdict.

Overall Verdict: Is It Worth Investing in Google’s Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds?

Given the impressive battery life, the easy integration with Android OS, and their surprisingly good sound quality, these buds make a strong case for themselves. However, it’s also worth noting that the comfort for long-term wear didn’t quite measure up to its predecessors – the Series A. Yet, when compared to other noise cancellation earbuds in the market, these earbuds held their ground quite well in terms of comfort.

The price point, falling under $200, places these earbuds in an affordable category for many. And for this price, the strong audio output and good (if not outstanding) noise cancellation offer value for money. The obvious gaps are there, but they were expected for this price range and are outweighed by the range of features these earbuds offer, in my opinion.

Call to action

Buying an earbud set is a very personalized decision as everyone’s needs vary greatly depending on their lifestyle. If the described features resonate with your needs, then these could be the right earbuds for you. So, before making a purchase, weigh these features against your priorities. If strong audio, acceptable noise cancellation, and great battery life are paramount to you, these buds are unlikely to disappoint!

One last piece of advice – scrutinize product features, but also make use of crowd-sourced wisdom. Other users’ reviews sounding similar experiences can be a great gauge to make an informed decision. So, don’t forget to take into consideration multiple sources before taking the plunge!

Expose on Google Pixel Buds Pro


Having explored every facet of Google’s Pro Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds, it’s clear that they hold their ground within their price range. These earbuds offer a unique blend of features that work towards enhancing your everyday audio experience while also ensuring a comfortable fit.

Final Thoughts

For customers seeking noise-cancelling wireless earbuds within the sub-200 price bracket, these come out as strong contenders. They are compact with a decent battery life, provide good sound for both music and call quality, and are reasonably effective at noise cancellation.


The fact that they might not be as comfortable for long-term use as some other lower-priced, non-noise-cancelling earbuds might deter some potential users. However, among noise-cancelling in-ear models, they rank well for comfort and don’t give the impression of sticking out or causing discomfort.


Despite a few mixed feelings, it’s reasonable to conclude that Google’s Pro Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds deliver a respectable performance for their price point. While there might be more comfortable or superior noise-cancelling alternatives at higher price points, these earbuds strike a balance between quality and affordability.

What’s Next?

  • Updates about pricing, availability, and compatibility should be kept in check to ensure the best user experience.
  • If questions or doubts remain, users are encouraged to raise them. Remember to rely on firsthand experiences or trusted sources to ensure credibility.
  • Lastly, it’s always beneficial to compare the product with others in the same price range to make an even more informed decision.

With that, our comprehensive review of Google’s Pro Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds comes to an end. Thank you for following along, and here’s to making an informed purchase decision!

Should you buy the Google Pixel Buds Pro?

Buy it if…

You Prioritize Sound Quality and Comfort

Google’s Pro Pixel Bud Pros are some of the best sounding wireless earbuds in the market, with extra comfort provided by three different sizes of earpiece.

You Value Long Battery Life

You get up to 11 hours of playtime at medium volume and with its case, it provides 30 plus hours of power which is more than adequate for extended use.

You Need Seamless Tech Integration

These earbuds have superior integration with Google’s Android OS, providing useful features like power statistics for each earbud and the case right on your device.

Don’t buy it if…

You Seek Absolute Noise Cancellation

Though the noise cancellation of these earbuds is good, it is not as strong as pricier, over-the-ear wireless headphones.

You Desire Superior Comfort

While these earbuds are quite comfortable, the Series A model was noted to fit more comfortably for long-term wear.

Budget is a Priority

The Pro Pixel Buds Pro, although offering good value for their price, might not suit those on a tighter budget looking for cheaper alternatives.


Are the Google Pro Pixel Buds Pro wireless earbuds worth buying?
Considering the price point, and the quality of sound, noise cancellation and battery life, the reviewer recommends these earbuds as they believe they provide a good balance of cost and features – especially for noise cancellation.
What’s the battery life of these earbuds?
These earbuds advertise about 11 hours of playback on medium volume, with the case providing up to 30 hours of charge. But in real-life scenarios, expect 8-10 hours at a louder volume.
How is the noise cancellation of Google Pro Pixel Buds Pro?
The noise cancellation feature on these earbuds is deemed as good. It surpasses any sub $100 sets that the reviewer has tested in the last year.
Are the earbuds comfortable to wear?
While not as comfortable as Series A, for noise cancellation earbuds, they are rated very comfortable. They sit well inside the ear and do not feel uncomfortable or too big.
What kind of controls do these earbuds have?
They offer touch controls – for instance, a single tap to pause/play or pick up / hang up a call, and a swipe towards your nose for volume up and towards the back of your head for volume down among other functions.
Does it integrate well with Android OS?
Yes, it integrates excellently into Google’s Android OS, showing all kinds of options including the power level of the case and each earbud.
Are these earbuds eco-friendly?
The packaging of the earbuds has almost no non-recyclable material, even the case for extra earpieces is made of paper.

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