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Review: GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s – Fun, educational, and innovative user experience.

Explore the intriguing Xiaomi Kiker Smart Rubik’s Cube, an affordable, innovative device turning beginners into solving pros... Read more

Review of GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s

Test of GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s

4.5/5 - (220 votes)

Cena: $39.99


  • Affordable, innovative Rubik’s Cube
  • Smooth, easy to operate mechanism
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Highly interactive and fast app
  • Educational and fun game modes
  • Outstanding Bluetooth connection stability


  • MicroUSB Cable not included
  • Some game levels require unlocking
  • Requires a standard charger
  • Cube design slightly irregular

“After spending considerable time with the Xiaomi Kiker Smart Rubik’s Cube, I find it to be a refreshing blend of fun, learning, and innovation. It’s a tool that challenges and educates at the same time, all while maintaining a friendly user experience. While the need for a micro USB cable for charging might be a slight inconvenience, it’s easily outweighed by the cube’s other features and cost-effectiveness. In my unbiased opinion, this cube delivers exceptional value for both beginners and professional Rubik’s Cube solvers alike.”

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Brand GiiKER
Puzzle type Lock
Manufacturer Minimum Age (MONTHS) 6.00
Number of Pieces 1
Material Plastic


Greetings everyone! Let’s dive into my experience with an innovative gadget I’ve recently encountered, the Xiaomi Kiker. This is no ordinary toy, it’s a smart Rubik’s Cube, designed to stimulate the intellects of both beginners and professionals alike. Get ready as we explore this remarkable product.

Embarking on the Xiaomi Kiker Experience: The Smart Rubik’s Cube for Every Player

The Xiaomi Kiker stands out in the crowd displaying a contemporary take on the classic Rubik’s Cube puzzle. This tech-infused cube can time how quickly professionals solve the puzzle, and even guide beginners with the steps on how to approach solving it. It is not just a toy, it’s an educational tool that bridges the gap between fun and learning.

A Competitive Bargain: Exceptional Features at a Low Cost

Here’s what made me turn my head, the Xiaomi Kiker retails at just 32 bucks! A low price tag for such a unique and innovative product. The affordability doesn’t come at the cost of quality either. Xiaomi is known for their reputable electronics, and this product reflects their commitment to deliver high-quality, cost-effective gadgets. Now, let’s unwrap this box of innovation and take sight of the magic hidden inside. Stay tuned for more!

Summary: GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

  • Unboxing reveals unique, headphone-like charging mechanism.
  • Pins and dock mechanism create unconventional design.
  • Cube’s feel is smooth, magnetic, and long-lasting.

As we begin to explore the Xiaomi Kiker’s package, we’re met with a very basic yet functional packaging. The box opens up to present a user guide on top, although it’s initially in Chinese, it does provide an equally helpful English interface.

But what catches our attention is the uniquely designed Rubik’s Cube itself. It’s almost as if the cube is donning a pair of headphones, but in reality, that’s a charging mechanism.

The Charging Mechanism

  • There are a couple of pins positioning at the center points that you have to stick it into, followed by a micro USB port at the bottom that you can connect to a standard charger. Though it’s essential to note that a micro USB cable isn’t included in the package. If you’re hoping to charge your cube, you do need that cable plugged into the U-shaped adapter for functionality. However, the removal is relatively straightforward – just a bit of pressure and it pops right out.

A Closer Look at the Design

Next, our focus shifts to the cube itself. Thanks to its slightly irregular shape, the Xiaomi Kiker strays from the traditional framework of a Rubik’s cube. The difference stems from the need to accommodate the pins and the dock mechanism, which result in the unconventional design. Despite this, the cube’s overall dimensions and shape still offer a familiar Rubik’s cube feel.

An Initial Touch and Feel of the Cube

The feel of the cube on first impressions? Smooth and magnetic. The mechanism for turning is far from stiff – quite the contrary, in fact. It seems it would be quite easy to make speedy moves and turns. The cube’s feel is backed by convenience in charging and lasting power – a mere hour-and-a-half charge can keep you going for approximately two weeks. Quite impressive in my book!

Examining GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s

Charging and Power

  • Innovative two-pin charging mechanism employed
  • No included microUSB cable
  • Efficient power consumption, providing two weeks’ playtime

Powering up the Xiaomi Kiker Smart Rubik’s Cube proved to be an innovative experience on its own. The engineering approach to the charging technology was one I truly admired. Let’s dive into that a bit more.

A Unique Approach to Charging: Using the Novel Two-Pin Mechanism

The Xiaomi Kiker Cube doesn’t follow the traditional USB port charging method. Oddly enough, it almost appears as though the cube is wearing headphones when charging. But really, what this translates to is a unique two-pin mechanism for charging.

The cube sits nicely onto two pins that are connected to a U-shaped adapter. One thing to note – the required microUSB cable wasn’t included in the box. While this is a widely used, everyday cable that you’d usually find around the house, it would have been nice to have one included for those rare instances where spare cables are in short supply.

Longer Playtime with Smart Power Consumption: Two Weeks on a Single Charge

Draining power is not a concern with this smart Rubik’s Cube. I found that it requires roughly an hour and a half to be charged fully. Once it is held in your hand, prepared to be astounded by its power efficiency – you only need a socket every two weeks or so! And to make sure you’re not left guessing about the battery status, there’s a built-in mono speaker that emits a sound when the charging process is complete. A smart feature I certainly appreciated.

Overall, the charging experience of the Xiaomi Kiker Smart Rubik’s Cube offers a combination of innovation and efficiency , making it even more enjoyable to interact with.

Scanning GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s

Getting Started with the Super Cube App

  • Super Cube app introduces Xiaomi Kiker’s features and modes
  • App connects to cube via Bluetooth without hassle
  • Some cube designs locked, require tutorial progression

Embarking on the Xiaomi Kiker experience begins with the Super Cube app. This is the important first step in getting to know how the cube functions, exploring its features and understanding its multiple learning and gaming modes.

First Impressions

Upon launching, the Super Cube app stands out with its comprehensive, user-friendly interface. However, it’s crucial to note that while the app itself has an English interface, the user guide printed out of the box was in Chinese. While this may not be a deal-breaker, an English guide would perhaps make the experience even more seamless.

Connecting the Cube

Starting up, the first thing you need to do is connect your cube to the application. And while this might sound intimidating, it’s effortless thanks to Bluetooth. The app successfully found and connected to the cube swiftly – a testament to its responsiveness and user-friendly design.

Navigating the Cube Properties

Once connected, you can dive right into the cube properties. These are the little details and stats about the cube such as battery life, cube’s name and even the number of steps made since the cube was new. Every move you make on the cube shows up with minimal latency on the app, giving you an almost real-life experience.

Exploring the Solving Icons

Ready to tackle your cube, but unsure how to start? That’s where the Solving Icons come in. The cube’s state is automatically detected and the app uses its built-in algorithm to guide you through the solving process. It even includes a fancy solve which guides you towards a specific pattern. However, a small hiccup to note is that some of these designs are locked – you’ll need to progress by following the tutorials before being able to access these unique challenges. It felt a little restricting, mostly because it would be engaging to be able to access these designs from the get-go.

Overall, the ‘Super Cube App’ initial experience is fairly intuitive and user-friendly. It creates a welcoming environment for both new and experienced cubers, with only a few, minor drawbacks that could improve the user experience to a great extent.

Study of GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s

Unleashing the Full Potential of the Xiaomi Kiker

  • Xiaomi Kiker Rubik’s Cube offers interactive learning features
  • Includes different game modes for cognitive tasks and enjoyment
  • ‘Self-timer’ feature aids in competitive Rubik’s Cube training

Exploring the Xiaomi Kiker Rubik’s Cube doesn’t end at understanding its design and charge functionality. This intelligent toy boasts a plethora of interactive features that allow learners of all levels to engross themselves fully and escalate their Rubik’s solving skills while making the whole process fun.

Learning Mode: Going from Cubing Beginner to Solving Pro

The beauty of this smart Rubik’s Cube lies in its ‘Learn Mode.’ Whether you’re a complete beginner or somewhat acquainted with solving rubic’s cubes, this mode is highly beneficial. It starts by introducing the basics such as orientations – up, down, and the three different layers. Moreover, with a story-telling approach, it beautifully elucidates the six kingdoms that signify the six faces of the cube. Fascinating, isn’t it?

As you move ahead, the complexity and challenges gradually increase. The goal is to solve particular designs and solve things on the top layer, middle layer leading to higher complexities. It’s almost like attending a fun, engaging Rubik’s Cube workshop at your convenience.

Game Mode: Mixing Fun and Brain-Exercise

Our favorite part about the Xiaomi Kiker is its Game Mode which perfectly balances cognitive tasks and enjoyment. It offers unique functions such as the Cube Mixer, which works on a token collection mechanism, and Cube Crash. The latter becomes increasingly difficult as more notes pop up, effectively testing and enhancing your wiliness.

Furthermore, the Pixel Puzzle is an artistic challenge that requires you to put up an artwork on one of the cube’s faces. The fourth game, Color Memory, is a test of your memory where you align your cube’s faces according to color sequences flashed on the screen.

To discuss a point of criticism, it wasn’t particularly convenient to unlock the levels for some patterns. Ideally, all these should be unlocked from the start, considering a broad range of users is likely to use this product.

Self-Timer Function and Global Rankings

Finally, this smart Rubik’s Cube also offers a ‘self-timer’ feature for those who wish to use it for competitive training. Once you scramble the cube, you can time your solving process, giving you a clear idea of your progress. Additionally, global leaderboards give you a fair idea of where you stand. A bit of competitive spirit never hurt anybody, right?

All in all, this Smart Cube doesn’t just teach you how to solve the Rubik’s Cube but it also ensures that you do it in an enjoyable manner. It allows you to unleash the cube’s full potential and Test your knowledge, one step at a time – now how smart is that?

Inspection of GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s


As we wrap up this hands-on journey, the Xiaomi Kiker Smart Rubik’s Cube comes across as an impressive blend of fun and learning – and does so in a cost-effective package. It takes the classic Rubik’s cube experience and pushes it several notches higher with technological integrations that make it accessible to a wide range of players – from complete beginners to seasoned solvers.

Perfect Blend of Fun and Learning

The innovative design coupled with a host of interactive features renders this product not just a toy, but a tool for cognitive development. Through the use of the Super Cube app, users get access to a range of functions like Cube Mixer, Color Memory, amongst a slew of other interactive features. These promise a mix of enjoyable and engaging challenges that can help hone one’s problem-solving skills.

The Affordability Meets Innovation

One particular spotlight for the Xiaomi Kiker Smart Rubik’s Cube is its competitive pricing. At just around $32, it offers a trove of innovative features while maintaining high-quality design and function, a remarkable feat in today’s often inflated tech market.

Critical Assessment

Yet, the product isn’t without its minor missteps. For instance, the need to unlock specific levels within the app before viewing complete designs feels unnecessary. Offering these ‘fancy solve’ options outright would lead to an even more intuitive user experience. Plus, the package could be improved by including a standard microUSB cable used for charging – a small addition that could significantly increase user convenience.

However, when viewed as a whole, these critical points pale in comparison to the innovative functionalities and overall value the Xiaomi Kiker Smart Rubik’s Cube provides. It’s a great fit for tech enthusiasts, puzzle lovers, or individuals seeking a unique gift idea.

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Kiker Smart Rubik’s Cube manages to redefine a traditional game, fitting it perfectly into our smart, connected world. All while staying affordable. And that, in essence, is a winning deal.

Should you buy the GiiKER Electronic Bluetooth Speed Cube i3s?

Buy it if…

You’re intrigued by Rubik’s Cube

The Xiaomi Kiker Smart Rubik’s Cube will revolutionize your experience with built-in accelerometers and motion sensors, making it a worthy buy for both tenderfoots and experts!

You love tech-supported learning

The cube pairs with the Super Cube App to offer interactive learning modes, useful for understanding the problem-solving process.

You appreciate good value for money

The Xiaomi Kiker is competitively priced at $32, offering multiple features including innovative design, sensor technology, and a user-friendly app.

Don’t buy it if…

You are not into mobile apps

The cube’s functionality is best utilized with its mobile app. Without interest in app-use, the cube’s smart capabilities might go underutilized.

You prefer traditional Rubik’s cube design

The design of Xiaomi Kiker deviates slightly from classic Rubik’s Cube, which might not appeal to traditional cube enthusiasts.

You require included charging cable

The cube doesn’t come with a micro USB cable for the charging adapter, which could be an inconvenience if you don’t readily have one available.


What is the Xiaomi Kiker?
The Xiaomi Kiker is a smart Rubik’s cube designed for both beginners and professionals. It’s a cube that can time your solving speed, teach beginners how to solve it and connect to an app for more functions.
How does the charging mechanism work?
The charging mechanism is a unique two-pin design. You place the cube on the base and connect a microUSB cable to the bottom to charge. However, the microUSB cable is not included in the package.
What functions does the Super Cube App offer?
The Super Cube App provides real-time cube movements, solving aids for regular and fancy solve designs and also a Learn and Game mode for tutorials and interesting cube related activities. There’s also a global leaderboard and a self-timer.
How long does it take to charge and how long does the charge last?
It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge the Xiaomi Kiker Rubik’s Cube. Once fully charged, you can use it for at least two weeks before needing to recharge.
Is there anything to note about the cube’s design?
The cube has a slightly irregular shape compared to a standard Rubik’s Cube due to its incorporated charging pins and docking mechanism. Despite this, it feels smooth and not stiff, perfect for quick maneuvers.

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