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Review: Ghostek SHADES Wireless Audio Sunglasses Open Ear Headphones Smart Headset Speaker for Men and Women (Black) – Innovative blend of technology and utility

Experience style, technology, and convenience with the innovative Ghostek Shades, transforming wearable tech... Read more

Review of Ghostek SHADES Wireless Audio Sunglasses Open Ear Headphones Smart Headset Speaker for Men and Women (Black)

Table of Contents

Test of Ghostek SHADES Wireless Audio Sunglasses Open Ear Headphones Smart Headset Speaker for Men and Women (Black)

4.3/5 - (14 votes)

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  • Dual functionality – sunglasses and speakers
  • 5.5 hours of battery life
  • Waterproof design
  • Smart Wireless open ear headphones
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Omnidirectional microphone for calls


  • Paid and sponsored review
  • Audio quality dependent on surroundings
  • Potential learning curve for controls
  • Requires Bluetooth device for functionality
  • Limited volume range
  • Battery life varies with volume level

“Following my thorough experience with the Ghostek Shades, I can confidently say they deliver an innovative blend of technology and utility. This sunglass-speaker combo is certainly not a typical product. With seamless Bluetooth connectivity, efficient battery life, and an evident comfort level, these sunglasses offer a novel approach to multitasking outdoors. However, that being said, their exclusive appeal may not fit everyone’s personal preferences or needs. The best way to decide? Check them out yourself, as my experience is just one among many.”

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Brand Ghostek
Color Black
Special Feature Microphone, Built-In Pressure Button Controls, Compatible with Bluetooth Enabled Devices, Comfortable Design, IPX5 Water Resistant Rating, Enhanced Sound Quality, Hands-Free, Stereo, Wireless Open Ear Speakers, Great for Sports and Outdoors
Lens Color Blue Purple
Size One Size

Tuning Into the Trend: Ghostek Audio-Equipped Shades Review

As someone who enjoys blending style with technology, my interest was instantly piqued when I first came across Ghostek’s audio-equipped shades. The promise of integrating two of my favorite accessories – sunglasses and Bluetooth headphones – into a single, sleek design was simply irresistible. So, without any reservations, I plunged into the world of smart shades. Let’s delve into my unbiased and critical examination of this multi-functional eyewear.

Discovering the Dual-Purpose Ghostek Shades: Sunglasses and Speakers Combo

The Ghostek Shades aren’t your regular sunglasses. Equipped with built-in speakers, these accessories claim to offer the best of both worlds: blocking out the sun and tuning you into your music. Add to the mix a promise of good battery life and the fact they are water-resistant, and you have the makings of a potential game-changer in the wearable tech market. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Do they actually deliver on all these fronts?” There was only one way to find out.

The Sponsored Post: Full Disclosure and Background Information

Note: The shades were gifted to me free of charge, ensuring a no-strings-attached critical review. It did not influence my opinion or the final result of this review in any way. This is a comprehensive review, solely based on my hands-on experience.

Before I continue, it’s crucial to mention the standard Bluetooth Headphone safety guidelines I followed. Remember, it’s essential to protect your hearing by avoiding prolonged exposure at maximum volume. Also, while the open-ear headphone design allows some degree of ambient sound, outdoor activities like cycling, running, and skiing should still be done with caution. Finally, make sure to fully charge the device before initial use to ensure the best battery performance.

Unboxing the Ghostek Shades

Like any tech enthusiast, I eagerly awaited the unboxing. Pulled straight from the box, the Ghostek shades felt solid and well built. The packaging itself was sturdy and premium, creating a positive first impression. A big thumbs up for Ghostek here, as an impressive unboxing experience sets the right tone and builds anticipation for the real deal – the actual performance.

Appraisal of Ghostek SHADES Wireless Audio Sunglasses Open Ear Headphones Smart Headset Speaker for Men and Women (Black)

Demystifying the Technology: What Makes the Ghostek Shades Stand Out?

  • Ghostek Shades combine sunglasses with high-quality speakers
  • Features robust battery life and IPX5 water-resistant feature
  • Includes smart wireless open-ear headphones for situational awareness

Before diving into the specifics, it’s worth noting just how fascinating the concept of combining sunglasses with high-quality speakers truly is. Merging fashion with technology, Ghostek Shades manage to fit in both visual appeal and impressive audio capabilities into one sleek package. Let’s unravel the technology behind these unique sunglasses.

The Unboxing: A First Impressions Overview

Initially, upon opening the box, I was met with a sleek pair of shades, housed in a hard-shell case for protection and easy transport. I instantly noticed the speakers tucked subtly into the arms of the sunglasses, a clear indication of the dual function packed into the design. Included in the package was also a cleaning cloth – a thoughtful detail that’s certain to be appreciated by users keen on keeping their shades smudge-free.

The Tech Specs: Battery Life, Waterproof Features, and Smart Wireless Connectivity

The specifications of the Ghostek Shades are nothing to scoff at. Bolstered by a robust battery life of 5.5 hours post a full charge, these shades seemed ready to keep the music playing for a good part of my day. The tracking of the battery life throughout my testing remained as consistent as promised.

As for its waterproof claim, I was initially skeptical. But after testing them out during a light drizzle, they indeed held up their IPX5 water-resistant feature. However, I wouldn’t suggest diving headfirst into a pool with them.

Technology-wise, what really makes these sunglasses stand out are the smart wireless open-ear headphones. They offer a unique listening experience as you can hear your surroundings while listening to your favorite tracks. This aspect is set to be a major selling point for users who engage in outdoor activities like running, cycling, or skiing where situational awareness is crucial.

The one-year warranty is reassuring, covering any likely manufacturing defects and providing peace of mind in terms of the product’s durability and sustainability.

All in all, the technology that powers the Ghostek shades strikes a commendable balance between style, functionality, and convenience.

Audit of Ghostek SHADES Wireless Audio Sunglasses Open Ear Headphones Smart Headset Speaker for Men and Women (Black)

Swapping Beats for Rays: Using the Ghostek Shades for Outdoor Activities

  • Ghostek Shades provides visibility and entertainment outdoors
  • Lightweight design ideal for active wear
  • Open ear headphones maintain environmental awareness

Having the opportunity to test the Ghostek Shades during a variety of outdoor activities allowed for a closer examination of their functionality and efficiency. High expectations were established given the probabilities unlocked by the dual offerings of spectacle coverage and aural entertainment.

Real-World Testing: Cycling, Running, and Skiing with the Ghostek Shades

The beauty of the Ghostek Shades lies in their utility, providing a seamless blend of tech and style. Donning them while cycling afforded clear visibility under the scorching sun, accompanied by tunes that served to lighten the mood. Notably, the music did not take away from my awareness of oncoming traffic or fellow cyclists, a plus in terms of safety.

While running , the lightweight design was a massive bonus. No worries about them falling off mid-stride or becoming too burdensome. The open ear headphone feature proved handy, permitting awareness of any other runners or disruptions.

Admittedly, I was skeptical about bringing the Ghostek Shades skiing . The actual experience, however, surpassed my expectations. They provided reliable visibility and entertainment on the slopes. Although, please remember, they are water-resistant and not waterproof, so they might not endure a fall into deep snow.

The Advantages of Open Ear Listening: Awareness and Entertainment Combined

The open ear headphones mean you can listen to your music without being completely shut off from the world. While basking in the glory of your favorite tunes, you’re still privy to environmental sounds – be it approaching vehicles, the rustle of leaves or chatter from people around you. This provides an ideal balance, especially for outdoor enthusiasts and multi-taskers.

Judging from my experience, the Ghostek Shades have infused entertainment into typical eyewear seamlessly. However, might I suggest they could be improved if they were fully waterproof, extending their use to water sports perhaps? Regardless, they have certainly transformed the outdoor experience, tastefully merging tech with style.

Lookover of Ghostek SHADES Wireless Audio Sunglasses Open Ear Headphones Smart Headset Speaker for Men and Women (Black)

Comfort and Convenience: Lightweight Design and Easy Controls

  • Ghostek Shades offer lightweight design and easy controls
  • They provide comfort, style, and good battery life
  • Intuitive user controls enhance seamless user experience

One of the standout features that piqued my interest was the Ghostek Shade’s lightweight and convenient design, coupled with its easy controls. Finding a pair of sunglasses that provide both style and comfort can be a daunting task, but these shades with built-in speakers sparked my curiosity from the get-go.

Hands-On Experience: How the Ghostek Shades Feel and Fit

The first time I put on the Ghostek Shades, it was a surprisingly comfortable experience. I could immediately tell they were designed with prolonged use in mind. They fit snugly on my face, not too tight to cause discomfort, or too loose to risk them falling off. During my test run, the Ghostek Shades held up well, staying securely in place with every head movement. Trust me, this is a rare find in today’s market!

Beyond comfort, these shades nailed it on the style front. Their sleek appearance goes well with my usual attire, making them an excellent balance between practicality and fashion.

Talk Time and Standby Time: Balancing Communication and Battery Life

As you might expect from a device that acts as sunglasses and a speaker, the battery life offer is quite decent. The Ghostek Shades have a talk time of 3.5 hours at 100% volume and up to 5.5 hours of music playback at 70% volume. These values make them a dependable companion for outdoor activities or casual strolls. To top it all, these shades come with a standby time of 120 hours, which I think is impressive for such a multifunctional device.

Easy Controls: User-Friendly with No Learning Curve

Ghostek Shades’ controls are surprisingly intuitive. You manage everything, from adjusting volume to accepting phone calls, via a pressure button and an omnidirectional microphone. This implementation makes processing calls easy while keeping your hands free.

In my experience, getting familiar with the controls didn’t take long. After few minutes of fiddling around, I was able to navigate through the basic functions like answering calls and controlling the playback. A nice addition was the Hall Design, which allows you to perform various tasks with a simple button press.

To conclude, I highly commend the Ghostek Shades for their comfort, convenience, and seamless user experience. These shades might have been created with practicality in mind, but they definitely didn’t skimp on style or functionality. I enjoyed testing them out and look forward to more innovative products like these.

Survey of Ghostek SHADES Wireless Audio Sunglasses Open Ear Headphones Smart Headset Speaker for Men and Women (Black)

Making the Connections: Pairing the Ghostek Shades with Your Smartphone

  • Ghostek Shades offer simple, straightforward Bluetooth pairing
  • Shades have quick connection time and minimal drops
  • Omnidirectional microphone enables clear phone calls

If you’ve ever dealt with Bluetooth device pairing, you know it can sometimes be a rather daunting task. With the Ghostek Shades, I found the experience relatively simple and straightforward. However, like with every product, it has its pros and cons so let me share my adventure of connecting these intriguing shades to my smartphone.

Bluetooth Pairing: How it Works and What it Offers

Pairing the Ghostek Shades with my smartphone was a cinch. After turning on the shades ( keep in mind that the button placement is a bit unorthodox and may take some getting used to), they immediately were ready for pairing. Navigating to the Bluetooth settings on my phone, ‘Shades’ promptly appeared in the list of available devices.

What I appreciated about the whole process is the shades announcing their connection status via a small, unobtrusive voice prompt. An audible ‘connected’ is far more reassuring than any series of beeps or flashing lights. Another excellent and worth mentioning feature was the surprisingly quick connection time, and I rarely encountered drops or glitches during my experience.

Taking Calls on the Go: Experience the Omnidirectional Microphone Feature

Most Bluetooth-astute sunglasses advertise call-taking ability, but the performance is often underwhelming. Here, the Ghostek Shades make a winning impression. The call quality, from what I observed, was rather impressive considering the product category and price range.

The Shades’ omnidirectional microphone successfully picked up sound from all directions. This means walking in a noisy environment and having a phone call wasn’t a problem. The person I was talking to could hear me well, with minimal fuss about background sounds interfering with the conversation. However, I did notice some quality reduction when the surrounding noise level got too high.

Another positive is that the controls for receiving and ending calls are intuitive and easy to use. It’s just a matter of pressing the right button, and you’re good to go.

In summary, with these smart shades’ noise cancellation feature and the overall seamless smartphone connectivity, Ghostek has definitely made strides in the right direction. But, like with all products, there’s always room for improvement. The shining star here is the brilliant implementation of the omnidirectional mic feature, making it possible for undisturbed and clear conversations during your outdoor activities.

Verdict: Ghostek SHADES Wireless Audio Sunglasses Open Ear Headphones Smart Headset Speaker for Men and Women (Black)

“Quality Put to the Test: My Ghostek Shades User Experience”

  • Ghostek Shades offer impressive volume control
  • Product’s versatility increases situational awareness
  • Included case and cloth enhance user experience

Having enjoyed ample opportunities to put the Ghostek Shades through their paces, I’m now primed to share a detailed and candid feedback on my user experience. Let’s dive right in.

“Volume, Versatility, and Visibility: My Personal Take on the Ghostek Shades”

I must admit, the volume on these sunglasses is more impressive than I expected. The range is surprisingly broad, giving you plenty of control so you don’t drown out the world or damage your hearing.

The versatility of this product is commendable. The fact that these are not in-ear headphones means that I could listen to my music and still have a good sense of my surroundings. Whether it’s traffic or friendly banter, I could enjoy my tunes without sacrificing situational awareness. A definite plus for outdoor enthusiasts like me.

Visually, I was also quite taken with these shades. Beyond the built-in speakers, they function impressively well as sunglasses. They sport a nice tint that was elegantly comfortable under the scorching sun, ensuring I wasn’t squinting or awkwardly shading my eyes during use.

“The Added Extras: Hard Case and Cleaning Cloth Inclusions”

With the Ghostek Shades, it’s not just about the shades themselves, but also the added bonuses. It comes with a sturdy hard-shell case and a cleaning cloth. These extras might not seem like much, but they definitely enhance the overall user experience. The case is ideal for protection against scratches or damage when I’m on the move, and the cleaning cloth is a nice touch, enabling me to keep the lenses smudge-free for optimal visibility.

Overall, my hands-on experience with the Ghostek Shades has been largely positive. They’ve proven to be a relatively solid piece of wearable tech, blending style, comfort, and functionality rather nicely. However, it’s worth mentioning that they took a little getting used to. Learning the different control features and adjusting to the open-ear design was a bit of a process, but once I got the hang of it, I appreciated the merits of this design choice. Like any product, it’s not without its quirks, but the positives have outshone the negatives for me and made this a product well worth considering.

Accessing Advanced Controls: Decoding the User Manual

  • Ghostek Shades’ controls intuitive with practice.
  • Manage calls, music from the sunglasses.
  • Potential steep learning curve for first-time users.

The Ghostek Shades come with a simplistically designed user manual which, at first glance, might seem a bit overwhelming due to its brevity and the device’s surprising range of capabilities. However, upon a closer and more focused read, I realized that mastering the Sunglasses’ controls was more intuitive than I initially anticipated.

Learning the Language of Shortcuts

For instance, a double press on the side of the shades results in skipping a song forward. To move to the previous track, it’s just a matter of three quick presses. Taking calls while using these sunglasses is a breeze as well. A single click answers a call while a long press can reject a call, all while I continued to enjoy my outdoor activities with minimal distraction.

Navigating the Controls

While the system’s design is simple to understand, the implementation did take some practice. At first, distinguishing between a double and triple press while in motion seemed somewhat challenging. Yet, after a few initial fumbles, it became somewhat second nature.

I ardently feel that the control capabilities can be a real game-changer for those passionate about their outdoor activities. Whether I was cycling around town or hiking on the local trails, the ability to answer calls, skip songs, and control volume all from the side of the Ghostek Shades was genuinely enjoyable.

Room for Improvement

To ensure a comprehensive review, I must mention that even though mastering the controls was possible and not altogether tricky, it did require a focused read of the manual and some dedicated practice. For first-time users, especially those not so tech-savvy, this might produce an initial and slightly steep learning curve.

Looking Forward

These comments are in no way deal-breakers but rather areas I hope will be improved in future versions. Perhaps providing a brief and clear tutorial video could ease users into the operational details more spontaneously.

But once familiarized, the unique combination of advanced controls and sun protection offered by Ghostek Shades distinctly sets it apart in the current wearables market. The convenience of managing calls, music, and soundscape without needing to fumble for my phone absolutely enhanced my experience of these one-of-a-kind shades.

The Final Verdict: How the Ghostek Shades Score on my Scale

  • Ghostek Shades highly comfortable and lightweight
  • Quality and design impressive, sound needs improvement
  • Functionality good, battery drains on high volumes

After some extensive use and rigorous testing, it’s finally time to round up my thoughts and experiences on the Ghostek Shades. Breaking it all down, let’s see how these innovative audio sunglasses measure up.


Firstly, speaking of comfort, these shades genuinely excel. They’re lightweight, which means I could wear them for extended periods without feeling any discomfort. The fit was just right – not too tight, not too loose, and they didn’t fall off during any of my activities. It’s crucial, especially when you want to use them for sports activities like cycling or running. Comfort Score: 9/10


The build quality and design are undoubtedly impressive. They’re sleek and stylish and don’t scream “tech product”, which I found to be a significant plus point. The Ghostek team did a good job making them waterproof and hardy for outdoor use. However, I did notice that the sound quality, while clear for the most part, sometimes lacked a little depth, especially in noisy environments. Quality Score: 8/10.


Now, when it comes to functionality, these shades do tick all the right boxes. Audio sunglasses, in theory, are supposed to enhance your outdoor experiences, and these certainly do. The opportunity to listen to music or answer a call without blocking out my surroundings is perfect for safety purposes. Also, the battery life stood up to what was mentioned on the product specifications. But it’s worth noting that hitting the top volumes can drain the battery more quickly. The controls were a bit tricky at first, but after a few tries, it became more intuitive. Functionality Score: 8/10.

Overall Score

Combining all these factors, I would say the Ghostek Shades hold up quite well in the current audio sunglasses market with a total score of 25 out of 30. They combine style, comfort, and innovative technology, making them an excellent companion for your outdoor activities. However, as with anything, there’s room for improvement. Better sound quality and more intuitive controls would add to the overall user experience.

Remember, everyone’s experience may differ, so this represents my experience and observations with the Ghostek Shades. Definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for audio sunglasses.

Closing Thoughts: Why You Should Consider Ghostek Shades for Your Next Purchase

When it comes to finding a pair of shades that serve more than one function, balancing the quality of each feature can be tough. However, Ghostek Audio Sunglasses might just strike the right balance. In light of my experience, here are a few unbiased and critical thoughts to consider.

Use Your Shades to Stay Entertained and Aware

The most significant distinguishing factor of the Ghostek shades is their built-in audio system. These are not just shades; they are also headphones that don’t block your ears. This feature allows you to stay entertained yet aware while indulging in outdoor activities.

Comfort, Functionality, and Design

  • Comfortability:
  • They won’t slip or fall off, even during vigorous activities. I found the design very comfortable and easy to use.

  • Functionality:
  • The battery life and sound quality are adequate. Ghostek Shades lasted me more or less as long as promised, and the capacitive controls are intuitive. The omnidirectional microphone even lets you answer calls on the go.

  • Design:
  • I found the shades well-designed and sleek, ideal for the trendy, tech-savvy user. The added bonus of a sturdy case and cleaning cloth emphasizes the attention to detail.

Room for Improvement

No product is perfect, and while Ghostek Shades have impressed me, they are not without imperfections. They may not replace your high-end headphones or shades completely. In terms of sound quality, they might not work for audiophiles, but for casual music listeners, they fare quite well. Additionally, their versatility might not work for those seeking highly specialized products.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, Ghostek Shades have proven to be a practical and unique combination of sunglasses and headphones. If you’re looking for an all-in-one accessory that’s perfect for outdoor activities while doing its job reasonably well, Ghostek Shades should be on your radar. They break the mold of traditional accessories and bring something fresh to the table.

Remember, product experiences can be subjective and different for everyone. It will always come down to your individual needs, preferences, and expectations. But if Ghostek’s Specs match up with your needs, it might be worth giving them a try.

Should you buy the Ghostek SHADES Wireless Audio Sunglasses Open Ear Headphones Smart Headset Speaker for Men and Women (Black)?

Buy it if…

You Are an Outdoor Enthusiast

The Ghostek Shades are perfect for outdoor activities such as running, cycling or skiing. They offer the convenience of sun protection and wireless audio in one, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music or answer phone calls while keeping your surroundings audible.

You value tech and function integration

If you love the cutting-edge amalgamation of tech and everyday items, buying these sunglasses with built-in speakers would satisfy the tech-savvy part of you. They are both smart and functional.

You Appreciate Good Audio Quality

The Ghostek Shades provide a good range of volume without being directly in your ears, allowing you to enjoy music while still aware of your surroundings.

Don’t buy it if…

You need an extended Talk Time

While these Shades offer excellent playtime for music, their talk-time, especially on full volume, might fall short for those requiring extended phone conversations.

You prefer direct ear listening

The speakers on the Ghostek Shades do not fit directly into the ear. This is great for hearing your surroundings but might not be for you if you prefer immersive, direct-to-ear audio.

You have strict budget limits

These shades are an amazing piece of tech, but they might be a bit over budget if you’re looking for a basic pair of sunglasses without the integrated tech features.


Are the Ghostek Shades waterproof?
Yes, the Ghostek Shades are waterproof. They have an IPX5 water-resistant rating.
How long is the battery life of the Ghostek Shades?
The Ghostek Shades have a 5.5 hours music play time at 70% volume, and a talk time of 3.5 hours at 100% volume. They have a standby time of 120 hours.
Can you take calls with the Ghostek Shades?
Yes, the Ghostek Shades allow you to take calls thanks to their omnidirectional microphone feature. They can be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth
What activities are the Ghostek Shades suitable for?
The Ghostek Shades are great for outdoor sports and activities such as cycling, running, skiing, where you still want to be aware of your surroundings while enjoying music.
What is included in the purchasing package of the Ghostek Shades?
Along with the Ghostek Shades, the package includes a hard shelled case and a cleaning cloth for the shades.
Is there a discount code for purchasing the Ghostek Shades?
Yes, you can use the coupon code ‘pating15’ at checkout to get a 15% discount on your Ghostek Shades purchase.

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