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Review: Garmin Varia™ RCT715 – Innovative blend of cycling safety and recording functionality.

Discover enhanced safety and convenience for cyclists with the game-changing Garmin Varia RCT 715... Read more

Review of Garmin Varia™ RCT715

Table of Contents

Test of Garmin Varia™ RCT715

4.6/5 - (110 votes)

Cena: $349.99


  • Integrated camera for ride recording
  • Versatile recording modes
  • In-built accelerometer for incident detection
  • Enhanced awareness with Radar alerts
  • Illuminating light functions for increased safety
  • High-quality 1080p footage
  • Compatible with different seatpost styles


  • Camera lacks stabilization for rough roads
  • Audio quality diminished by wind noise
  • May have false positives in incident detection
  • Potential complexity in recording functionality
  • Higher price tag than other models

“The Garmin Varia RCT 715 demonstrates an innovative blend of cycling safety and recording functionality. As a seasoned cyclist, I appreciate the integrated radar and light features alerting me of approaching vehicles. The ability to document rides with its camera is an added bonus strictly in terms of safety. While the device has some nuances, currently, there isn’t another product that combines these features, making it an incomparable essential on the road. To maximize value, I would urge Garmin to consider enhancing the camera’s stabilization and resolution for dual-purpose use – safety and capturing action footage.”

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Brand Garmin
Compatible Devices Monitor
Power Source Battery Powered
Product Dimensions 1.7″L x 1.3″W x 4.2″H

Welcome to the Next in Global Cycling: The Varia RCT 715 by Garmin

Welcome folks, today we delve into the fascinating world of Garmin’s revolutionary cycling tech, the Varia RCT 715. Exciting, isn’t it? Garmin, an industry leader in tech innovation, has made a splash in the global cycling scene by engineering this ingenious combination of radar, light and HD camera, aimed to make your experience on the saddle safer and more enjoyable.

What sets the Varia RCT 715 apart?

The Varia RCT 715 is not your conventional bike light. Imagine being more aware of vehicles approaching you from behind, from an impressive distance of up to 153 yards away. Add to this a bright red LED that’s visible from a mile away. Do you feel safer already?

But what truly sets the Varia RCT 715 apart is its built-in camera. This is not a feature found in the previous variant, the RTL 515. It gives you the power to record your complete ride, capturing all the moments – the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly.

The Camera: For More than Just Capturing The Scenery

The camera on the Varia RCT 715 offers an array of recording modes, depending on your need. Want to record your full ride? You can do that. Or maybe you just want to capture the moments when the radar detects activity? That’s possible too. The camera’s functionality just adds another dimension to this fantastic device.

I noted the accelerometer as a highlight feature. Ever thought of a device that can commence filming at the drop of a dime during an unexpected occurrence like a fall or crash? I hadn’t either until I began diving into the Varia RCT 715’s specs.

Safety while cycling on the road is paramount. As I got introduced to the RCT 715, I felt like I was entering a new era of road safety. Once you ride with it, you’ll feel like something’s missing on your rides without it. Yes, it’s that good.

As we delve deeper into the review, keep an open mind for some of the novelties that Garmin introduces with Varia RCT 715, as well as some critical aspects I found could use some improvements. Stay tuned for a thrilling ride into the nitty-gritty of the Varia RCT 715!

Thoughts on Garmin Varia™ RCT715

The Integrated Camera Feature: Ride and Record

  • Integrated camera in Varia RCT 715 records rides
  • Offers continuous and radar-only recording modes
  • Incident detection feature initiates automatic recording

The Varia RCT 715 combines the reliable radar and light services, we’ve come to expect from Garmin, with something new – a camera feature that lets you record your rides. As anticipated, it was something that quickly got me excited. The idea of capturing and reliving my rides sounded thrilling. Let’s walk through my experience with it.

Ever-Vigilant Lens

To say that the camera feature in the RCT 715 is a game-changer would be an understatement. Riding and recording simultaneously without having to worry about managing multiple gadgets is an absolute convenience. As soon as you turn it on, it springs into action, ready to capture footage of your ride the whole time it’s on. On my first ride, it flawlessly recorded the entire trip.

Different Recording Modes

The real kicker of this feature, however, is the versatility in recording mode the Varia RCT 715 offers. It can continuously record all the time when it’s on. Alternatively, there’s a radar-only recording mode where it records footage when it detects radar activity, primarily saving your precious battery life and storage space. I was impressed with this efficient feature, especially for those long countryside rides where traffic is sparse.

Note: I found that in an urban environment overwhelmed with traffic, the ‘Radar-only’ mode might not be as beneficial, as the camera might keep flickering on and off.

Responding to Incidents

The built-in accelerometer deserves a special mention. The functionality that stands out is the incident detection feature. It’s highly responsive and starts recording on its own in the event of an unexpected incident. While it’s certainly a feature I hope never to need,it gives an additional layer of security, making me feel safer during my rides.

The only drawback I found was that it doesn’t alert your emergency contacts unlike some other Garmin devices with a similar feature. Nonetheless, I appreciate the importance placed on safety, and this aspect takes it one notch higher.

In conclusion, the Garmin’s Varia RCT 715’s integrated camera lives up to its promise – providing a reliable recording tool wrapped in a safety-focused cycling gadget. Despite some small issues, the overall impression is that of an incredible bike companion, making your ride safer while documenting it in high-quality footage.

Probe of Garmin Varia™ RCT715

Diving into Radar and Light Functionality

  • Varia RCT 715 radar system enhances safety
  • Brightness and visibility of Garmin’s light is impressive
  • Cooperation between radar and light system promotes seamless safety

Let’s jump right into one of the most essential parts of the Varia RCT 715; its radar and light functionality.

Radar Functionality

With the RCT 715, Garmin further cemented its reputation for smart tech that enhances safety. Once you’ve ridden with its radar system, it’s hard to imagine going without it. The device alerts you to the approach of vehicles up to 153 yards away, significantly improving awareness of your surroundings. The radar functionality offers an invaluable sense of security, effectively creating an extra pair of eyes at the back of your head.

Light Functionality

Garmin’s light quality leaves little room for improvement. The brightness is impressive, and visibility goes up to a mile away – according to Garmin, that is. In my personal experience, the vivid red LED light is perceptible even from distances that were surprisingly far, although I can’t vouch for the exact measurements. Nonetheless, the saturation and reach of the light are commendable – safety is clearly at the heart of Garmin’s new offering.

The Conservation Between The Two
  • The RCT 715 not only alerts you to approaching traffic but also signals the drivers to your presence. The radar detects the vehicle; the light alerts the motorist. It’s hard to put a price on such a well-thought-out safety measure.
  • It was inspiring to see the seamless cooperation between the radar activity and the automated light system. When the radar detects a vehicle, the light automatically gains intensity – the synergy between the two makes the safety process feel integrated and natural.

In conclusion, the potent radar and light features of the Garmin Rct 715 make for an exceptional duo contributing immensely to safer cycling experiences. Yet, it’s important to note that these built-in features don’t replace the need for personal vigilance and adherence to safety rules and regulations on the road.

Report: Garmin Varia™ RCT715

Insights into the New 1080p Camera

  • Integrated 1080p camera enhances Varia RCT 715’s features
  • Camera maintains acceptable quality under various conditions
  • Device provides secure, robust mounting solutions

Let’s delve into the standout feature of the Varia RCT 715, the integrated 1080p camera. This inclusion makes the unit a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the RTL 515.

The Quality of Footage: Solid performance under various circumstances

With the inclusion of a 1080p camera capable of recording up to 30 frames per second, the ability to capture important roadway events has greatly improved. During daytime riding on smooth paths, the camera displays acceptable quality footage with readable license plates when vehicles are close. However, I found that recognition becomes a challenge when viewing from a distance or during rides on rough surfaces like gravel.

Fundamentally, it’s important to set expectations correctly. The camera on the Varia RCT 715 isn’t aiming to compete with high-grade action cameras like GoPro in terms of video quality. Instead, this camera is designed with a safety-first approach. However, personally, I wished for a bit stable recording quality considering the price.

Comparing the RCT 715 and RTL 515: Understanding the differences and upgrades

The size and weight of the RCT 715, when compared to the RTL 515, is understandably larger due to the inclusion of the camera. It’s roughly twice as large and twice as heavy. In my hands, the RCT 715 feels robust, a substantial device dedicated to keeping you safe on the roads with its blend of radar, light, and camera capabilities.

Crafting Mounting Solutions: Adapters for Comfort and Compatibility

Given its size and weight, the RCT 715 uses a different mounting system compared to the smaller RTL 515. I found the mounting system secure and pretty robust, the device locks solidly into place, ensuring there’s no jiggling or unexpected detachment during a ride. The package comes with three different adapters for different seat post styles, square, round and aero, with two orientations depending on seat post angles. For me, this enhances the user-friendly nature of the device.

Survey of Garmin Varia™ RCT715

Behind the Lens: The SD Card and Charging Solution

  • Garmin Varia RCT 715 offers ample storage options
  • Device ensures simple and fast charging

While the Garmin Varia RCT 715 packs quite the punch in terms of features, one must dive into the practical aspects of such a device. Specifically, let me explore the storage and charging options, two key considerations of any recording device. Simply put, what convenience does the Garmin Varia RCT 715 has in store for its users? Surprisingly, quite a lot.

Limitless Capacity for Your Adventures

The Garmin Varia RCT 715 provides easy storage options. For starters, it comes with a 16GB micro SD card already installed, a nifty inclusion that translates into immediate use right out of the box. But the device doesn’t stop there— you can amplify the storage up to a whopping 128GB.

During my own experience, I decided to push the limit a bit further and test out a 256GB card, which turned out to be compatible with the Varia RCT 715. This was a pleasant surprise that could offer users flexibility when it comes to capturing specific long rides without the fear of running out of storage space. Vesatile indeed!

Simple and Fast Charging

What about keeping the device charged, you may wonder? Garmin has got it covered. The device charges via a USB-C port, the current standard for many electronic devices. This not only provides faster charging but also allows the RCT 715 to be juiced up through a myriad of charging sources, without needing any specific adapters or chargers.

The charging port itself is neatly tucked away under a protective flap that safeguards against dirt, ensuring longevity and reliability. As a cherry on top, Garmin also includes the charging cable in the box. Doesn’t get more convenient than that!

To sum it up, Garmin seems to have taken a thoughtful approach towards the practical aspects of the RCT 715. The ample storage options – up to 256GB in my experience – combined with a simple and efficient charging solution, contribute to the overall high quality of this product. Garmin leaves no box unchecked in making this device accommodating, user-friendly, and ready for the road.

Rating: Garmin Varia™ RCT715

Exploring the Garmin Varia App Features

  • Garmin Varia app offers control over Varia RCT 715
  • Features radar status, video clip management, and camera adjustment
  • Enables storage management and video/audio quality controls

In the world of smart cycling tools, the Garmin Varia app stands out as the central hub that gives users complete control over their Varia RCT 715 riding experience. My exploration of the app revealed a lot of features that are worth delving into.

Gaining Control through the Main Screen

One of the things that struck me right off the bat was the interface on the main screen of the app. It displays your radar status, which assists in alerting you of approaching vehicles from behind. It’s a handy feature, especially if you have your phone mounted on your bike’s handlebars. Not only is it convenient, but it also adds an extra layer of safety to your ride.

Managing Your Recordings with the Gallery Feature

Now, onto the gallery icon at the top of the interface. Clicking on it starts a direct Wi-Fi connection between your phone and the RCT 715. This serves to access and manage your video clips. Viewing and deleting clips from the memory card, and downloading them onto your phone is a breeze with this feature. However, while the download process should be swift, I’ve experienced longer waiting times in some instances, though turning off bluetooth seemed to expedite the process.

Setting the Right Camera with the Varia App

Exploring further, I found the device settings to be quite useful. Here’s where you can adjust camera and storage settings, and even check for firmware updates. The top option – Camera Settings – allows you to view how your camera is positioned in real-time. You can switch between continuous and radar-only recording modes or even turn it off altogether.


Adjusting the quality of video and audio is also feasible from the camera settings. You can either choose between 1080p and 720p and make a call on whether you want to record audio or not.

Video Clip Length and Storage Management

Next, we have the video clip length setting. Here, you can select the duration of the video clip when manually recording. The options range from a minute and a half to five minutes. You can also decide if you want to enable data overlays such as GPS data and time.

Then comes the storage settings where you can format the SD card or access the gallery to manage your footage. This feature definitely adds a level of convenience to the overall user experience.

Overall, in my unbiased review, my experience with the Garmin Varia app was quite positive. It offers a plethora of features and easy control over your Varia RCT 715. That being said, faster download speeds would certainly take the app a notch higher in terms of user experience.

Remarks on Garmin Varia™ RCT715

Reflecting on the Battery Life

  • Garmin Varia RCT 715 shows impressive battery life
  • Battery performance varies, based on usage
  • Several factors can affect battery’s durability

Your cycling experience is greatly hinged on the reliability and performance of your accessory’s battery life. I found the battery life of the Garmin Varia RCT 715 to be impressive and appropriate for its primary function as a safety enhancement device. However, several factors may affect the battery’s durability. Let’s dive into the details.

Cycling with Continuous Recording

With continuous recording mode, the battery life is notably optimized. During my testing experience, the Varia RCT 715 was able to last up to a solid four hours while recording in 1080p mode. This duration can be influenced by other functions, like the light mode selected. For instance, with the solid or night flash mode, the device lasted for about four hours. Using the peloton light mode, the device’s battery life extended up to five hours, while shifting to the day flash mode stretched the duration up to six hours.

Looking at Radar-only Recording Mode

Meanwhile, the radar-only mode presents a different battery life scenario. In this mode, the device’s battery life greatly depends on the amount of traffic during your ride. In a quiet, rural environment where there is less traffic, I observed a much more prolonged battery life since the camera isn’t constantly on. On the other hand, in busier, urban environments, the constant traffic might cause increased radar activity and consequently, decreased battery life.

The Inherent Safety First Approach

In situations where you opt not to record at all and only utilize the radar and light functionalities of the Garmin RCT 715, I found the device’s battery life to be the most extensive, reaching up to ten hours. This ‘safety first’ approach leans more towards battery optimization, guaranteeing the device’s function for longer durations during your rides.

In conclusion, while it’s clear that battery life varies depending on usage, the Varia RCT 715 does make a solid effort in optimizing its power usage based on your specific needs. However, always remember that battery performance is often influenced by numerous factors, including ambient temperature and the age of the device itself. Therefore, these usage times may vary.

Report: Garmin Varia™ RCT715

My Overall Verdict on the Varia RCT 715

After analyzing, exploring, and experiencing the Varia RCT 715, I’m ready to disclose my comprehensive verdict on this product. Bear in mind that this judgment remains as neutral and critical as possible.

Price and Availability

Boasting a price tag of $399.99, the Varia RCT 715 can seem somewhat pricey. However, considering the incorporation of an advanced radar, an effective light, and a built-in camera all into a single compact device designed to enhance your safety while cycling, it could definitely be regarded as value for money.

From the Lens of a Biker

As an avid cycling enthusiast, the radar and light functionality offered by the Varia RCT 715 have certainly contributed to my sense of safety on the road. The integrated camera, though it may not match up to the capabilities of a full-fledged action camera, serves the purpose of recording footage for safety reasons efficiently. Whether capturing beautiful scenery on a smooth road, or recording potential evidence and details in case of an unfortunate incident, this feature could come in quite handy.

However, the sensitivity of the onboard accelerometer, which results in some false positives, could be a point of contention. Though this is mitigated somewhat when used in conjunction with a Garmin device with better incident-detection algorithms, it would be ideal if improvements could be made to the device’s own incident detection capability.

My Last Word

On the whole, the Garmin Varia RCT 715 exemplifies a new wave in cycling gear, marrying safety with technology innovation. Its unique blend of radar detection, light signaling, and recording make it an essential tool for any cyclist, particularly those who often ride on public roads. There are, of course, minor improvements that could be made, but these do not significantly detract from the overall utility and functionality of the device.

Note: Remember, the efficiency and experience of any gadget can vary based on external factors and individual use. What works best for one cyclist may not be as effective for another. Always assess the product in light of your personal cycling habits and environmental factors.

Should you buy the Garmin Varia™ RCT715?

Buy it if…

You value safety and awareness while biking

The Varia RCT 715 provides radar alerts and light functionality keeping you aware of approaching vehicles from behind upto 153 yards away.

You want to record your entire ride

Combining radar and light functionality with an in-built 1080p camera, the RCT 715 allows you to record your ride along with radar-associated incidents.

You appreciate versatile tech

The RCT 715 offers varying recording modes, on-board incident detection and compatibility with Garmin Edge and third-party devices, making it beneficial for every cyclist.

Don’t buy it if…

You want a lightweight device

The RCT 715 is larger and heavier than its predecessor RTL 515 – almost twice the size and weight, which might not be ideal for those seeking a lightweight setup.

You expect superior video quality

The 1080p camera’s footage quality is satisfactory yet not as refined as a GoPro or other high-end action cameras – won’t be the best for capturing crystal clear action footage.

You’re on a tight budget

Priced at $399.99, the RCT 715 is a significant investment and might not be feasible if you’re looking for a budget-friendly addition to your cycling gear.


What is the Varia RCT 715 by Garmin?
The Varia RCT 715 is a radar-light, equipped with a built-in camera, which alerts you of vehicles approaching from behind and records your ride.
What is unique about the integrated camera feature in Varia RCT 715?
The in-built camera offers versatile recording modes and has an onboard accelerometer for instant detection of events.
How is the Varia RCT 715 different from the RTL 515?
The Varia RCT 715 is heavier and larger to accommodate the new camera and other enhancements, unlike the RTL 515.
What storage options does the Varia RCT 715 provide?
The RCT 715 comes with a pre-installed 16GB memory card but can support up to a 128GB card.
How does the Garmin Varia app enhance the user experience?
The Varia app allows you to adjust settings, download and access footage, and receive instant radar alerts.
What is the battery life of Varia RCT 715?
With continuous recording mode, the battery lasts up to 4 hours; radar-only mode offers longer battery life, depending on traffic.
What is the price and availability of the Varia RCT 715?
The Varia RCT 715 costs $399.99 and should be available now.
Can I use the RCT 715 as an action camera?
The RCT 715 is designed for safety. While you can record action footage, its video quality and features may be better suited to capturing radar alerts and incidents.

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