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Review: Garmin – dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator – Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed) – Sleek design with accurate destination finder feature

Review explores Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 GPS, covering features and potential pitfalls... Read more

Review of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Table of Contents

Test of Garmin – dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator – Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

4.3/5 - (1155 votes)

Cena: $329.99


  • Thinner, sleeker design than older model
  • Updated Wi-Fi capability
  • Accurate truck speed limit detection
  • Advanced destination finder feature
  • Next-day delivery with Amazon Prime


  • Struggled to connect Bluetooth and app
  • Old GPS cord may be incompatible
  • Traffic updates issue with new GPS

“After a detailed evaluation and hands-on experience, I find the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 to be a worthy investment for truck navigation. The sleek design, accurate speed limit display, and impressive destination finder feature make it a major step-up from my old GPS model. However, my struggle to connect the Bluetooth and app, along with the uncertain compatibility of the old cord for traffic alerts, were slightly disappointing. All in all, I would still recommend it, keeping in mind the user might need to explore solutions for these minor inconveniences.”

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Brand Garmin
Vehicle Service Type Truck
Screen Size 6.95 Inches
Special Feature Touchscreen
Connectivity Technology USB
Map Type North America
Included Components dezl OTR700, USB cable, Vehicle suction cup mount, Documentation, Vehicle power cable
Audio Output Mode Digital
Battery Life 2 Hours
Mounting Type Dashboard Mount, found in image


If you’re someone who depends heavily on a GPS for navigation, particularly if you’re in the trucking business like me, you know how crucial a reliable and accurate GPS system can be. And when that essential piece of technology starts showing signs of malfunction, it might just be time for an upgrade. This has been the story of my interaction with my old GPS model which, although trusty and longtime stood by, was beginning to give me worrisome moments.

My GPS Adventures in Positive Energy Trucking

In my profession, GPS device isn’t just another gadget for convenience; rather, it’s a tool of the trade, as essential as the truck itself. The job demands many hours on roads, some familiar, others less so, making way through traffic, with the changing road signs and weather conditions. This is where a reliable GPS comes in; it’s the assurance of a companion that knows the road and guides correctly. When this companion starts showing a black screen all too often and refuses to come back to life on immediate plugging, it’s a cause for concern. It’s almost like losing the sense of direction mid-journey.

Current Scenario: The Troubles with Old GPS Model

Unfortunately, that’s precisely the issue I had been facing with my old Garmin GPS unit. It had been a good service provider on most journeys, but of late, it had developed an unpredictable nature. The instances of it refusing to turn on had increased, threatening my reliance upon it. Additionally, in a few instances, it had even dangerously directed me onto routes that weren’t suitable for trucks, which could have led to undesirable situations. This ordeal left me pondering a question – should I continue to grapple with the unpredictable behavior of the old Garmin GPS model or invest in a new unit that could potentially save me from further road-woes?

All factors considered, it seemed like the right time to check out newer models, loaded with advanced features. And thus began my journey towards upgrading my GPS system – which led me to the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700.

Scrutiny of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Investing in a Garmin Dēzl OTR 700

  • Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 offers user-friendly long-haul navigation
  • Device boasts Wi-Fi connectivity for map updates
  • Purchasing from Amazon adds convenience and potential warranties

If you, like me, are frustrated with an old GPS that’s giving you more headaches than route directions, the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 might be your beacon. I took the leap and invested in this device, and I’d like to share my firsthand experience with you.

Why I Chose the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700

With my old GPS model acting up, causing unnecessary stress during my drives, I figured it was time for a change. I decided on the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 primarily because I had read about its user-friendly features tailored for long-haul navigation. While I did consider other models, the promised Wi-Fi connectivity for map updates in this new Garmin model tipped the balance in its favor. In the past, the task of manual updates using a computer was quite tedious and honestly, very easy to forget, thereby making this feature an appreciated convenience.

My Amazon Shopping Experience

Deciding where to purchase my new gadget was pretty straightforward. Like many of us, I resorted to the trusted platform of Amazon. The well-structured product descriptions, side-by-side comparisons, and the convenience of Prime delivery sufficiently influenced my decision. However, just a tip, make sure you check out the seller ratings before making any purchase, as some may have better offers or added warranties.

In conclusion, the combination of interesting features, a reasonable price point, and easy purchasing had me sold on investing in the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700. While these were my key considerations, do your research to understand what would work best for your specific travel requirements. In the end, the right GPS should offer you stress-free navigation, updated routes, and untroubled travels.

Audit of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Unboxing the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700

  • Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 has appealing, modern design
  • Remarkably thinner compared to older model
  • Has unexpected Wi-Fi capability

Finally, the moment of truth – the unboxing! Last week, my new Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 arrived, and I must admit, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. The anticipation of opening the box to a new gadget to solve my GPS blues was overwhelming, but I had to keep my level-headedness to provide an unbiased review. So, let’s dive in.

First Glance: Opening the Box

As soon as I opened the box, the first thing that caught my eye was the design aesthetics of the GPS. This wasn’t the most important aspect, but it sure did make a good first impression. Its sleek design gave it an appealing, modern look that spoke of efficiency and a hassle-free user experience. But of course, appearances can be deceptive, so we needed to look further than the surface.

Size Comparison: Upgrading to a Thinner, Sleeker GPS Model

On comparing the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 to the older model, there was obviously a significant difference in thickness. This one was remarkably thinner, which triggered the idea of a possible improvement in portability, without compromising its functionality. An excellent start so far, I must say. However, interaction and actual usage of the GPS would give a more accurate impression of its quality.

What’s in the Box: Accessories and User Manual

On opening the box further, these are the contents:

  • GPS Navigator
  • Power Cord
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • USB Cord
  • Instruction Manual
Presence of all these equipments confirms that everything necessary to mount and use the GPS was provided. So no hidden costs or extra purchases to get it running. Responsibly and effectively providing all essentials by the manufacturer demonstrates their consideration for the user’s convenience.

Wi-Fi Capability: An Unexpected Surprise

Something exciting popped up from the features list in the instruction manual – the Wi-Fi capability. Now that was unexpected. The thought of having my maps update through Wi-Fi rather than the conventional computer plug-in truly made it seem like an upgrade. Yet, as we all know, the actual operation of features could sometimes fall short of the manual’s claims. Hence, the testing of this feature was eagerly awaited.

Regardless of the initial enthusiasm, the unboxing of the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 was, in summary, quite promising. Not only by the look and design, but by the potential advantages of size and Wi-Fi that were seen. But would it live up to its expectations in operation? Only time would tell.

Highlight: Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

What’s in the Box: Accessories and User Manual

  • Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 package includes several essential accessories
  • Has Wi-Fi capability for easy map updates
  • Kit could provide clearer individual component instructions

As we delve into the contents of the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 package, it holds more than just the GPS device. Let’s take a closer look.

Unveiling the contents

Upon opening the box, you’ll find not just the sleek and incredibly slim GPS unit but a few critical accessories as well. Tucked carefully along with the device are a power cord, a suction cup mount, a rather unfamiliar gadget that snapped onto the GPS’ back, and a USB cord.

Power cord: A necessary accessory, but nothing out of the ordinary. Suction Cup Mount: The mount felt sturdy and seemed easy enough to affix to the windshield – no surprises here. Unknown gadget: A little bit of sleuthing later, I discovered that this was a part of the mount meant to be attached to the back of the GPS – not exactly intuitive, but manageable once you know what to do. USB cord: Always handy to have an extra, isn’t it? User Manual: And last but not least, the instruction manual. Remember, this can be your best friend if you run into trouble with the device, so don’t toss it aside!

Wi-Fi Capability – A Welcome Feature

An exciting feature that sets this device apart is its Wi-Fi capability. It makes updating maps significantly more straightforward. No more connecting it manually to a computer as with the previous model. Ironically, in times when we are constantly connected, plugging devices into a computer to update seems like a painstaking task. Hence, this feature is indeed a relief! However, the real test would lie in its performance and reliability during actual use.

To sum it up, the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 and its accessories appear to be of thoughtful design and construction. The Wi-Fi feature is a strong selling point, but its efficacy remains to be seen. On the flip side, this kit could’ve provided clearer instructions on the purpose and usage of each component – especially for the unfamiliar extras. Even something as mundane as what each gadget does can enhance the setup experience for folks.

Observation of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Getting Up and Running: Setting up the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700

  • Setting up Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 is straightforward
  • Device has potential connectivity and compatibility issues
  • Garmin Dēzl OTR 700’s design and interface is impressive

Given my past experience with GPS devices, the setup process for the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 wasn’t going to be an alien task. The journey from unboxing to getting the device up and running is detailed below, sprinkled with a dash of pros and cons.

Mounting the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700

Understanding how to mount this device is quite straightforward. The mount comes with a suction cup that easily attaches to the windshield. Once attached, push the tiny button down to secure it. The mount is then ready to hold the device. Clipping in the GPS into the mount is a breeze. But although aesthetically pleasing, one can’t help but wonder about the durability of such a slender gadget.

Side-By-Side Comparison: Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 Vs. The Old GPS

A curious task was to compare the setup of the new Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 to the old model. After peeling off the protective sticker and plunging into setting up, some stark differences emerged. The setup process of the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 was intuitive and user-friendly. However, the delight was slightly negated by unexpected connectivity issues. While the process offered the option of syncing with the mobile, alas, the Bluetooth connectivity yielded no positive results. Although not a deal-breaker, an unintuitive app with pairing issues can be annoying when you’re excited to hit the road with your new gadget.

Plugging in the Power Cord

The power cord coming with the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 is similar to any standard cord. However, remembering my old GPS, which had the traffic and weather alerts embedded in the cord, I decided to test the compatibility of the old cord with the new device.

On connecting the old power cord, I noticed no apparent incompatibility. However, troublingly, the traffic update function was unresponsive, displaying only a waiting message. This raises concern about the backward compatibility of this device – an aspect that could be crucial for many prospective buyers.

So, the setup phase wasn’t entirely hiccup-free. The device, with its sleek design and intuitive interface, scores well on the first impressions. However, connectivity issues and apparent backward incompatibility are drawbacks that could put off some users. There’s still quite a bit left to explore and evaluate, so let’s remain unbiased and delve deeper into the functionality of this new GPS device.

Audit of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Route Test Drive: Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 in Action

  • Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 provides precise, reliable routing
  • Lacks traffic updates and Bluetooth connection

You know, the true testament to any GPS’s worth is not found within the confines of its packaging, no matter how sleek, but in the wild so to speak, during a concrete test drive. So, as expected, I decided to pit my new Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 against my older GPS model, concurrently, while navigating a short trip.

Initiating The Route Test Drive

Initially, I set a fairly simple destination on both GPS devices. Almost instantly, I noticed slight differences in their routing. While the new Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 indicated an estimated arrival time of roughly 34 minutes, the older GPS model registered a slightly longer journey of about 35 minutes. Fascinating, right? Let’s dig a little deeper into these differences.

Analysis of the Tips and Tricks of Both Systems

On scrutinizing the route mapped out by each device, it became apparent that my new Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 was taking me crossroad Bonebrook through to Lorenzo and Grass Camp. Interestingly, the older GPS also proposed a similar trajectory, with a slight twist that not just extended the travel time, but also directed me towards a road that was generally off-limits to me. Right off the bat, the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 scored major points for precision and reliability in my books.

Traffic Alerts: A Small Setback?

However, things took a somewhat confusing turn when I realized that the new Garmin device didn’t offer traffic updates, a feature that had come standard with my old GPS model. Thinking on my feet, I decided to try out the power cord from my old device. Even though it worked seamlessly with the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700, it unfortunately didn’t solve the traffic update issue. This small hiccup could affect real-time decision-making during rides, especially during peak traffic hours.

In an effort to address this, I attempted to connect my new GPS to the Garmin mobile app, hoping to access traffic alerts that way. However, despite several attempts, it appeared that my phone and the GPS just wouldn’t connect, and I couldn’t pinpoint why.

Final Thoughts

Despite these minor setbacks, I was rather impressed by how smartly the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 functioned for a novice user like me, especially when compared to my old GPS. It was able to map out an optimal route and remained faithfully reliable throughout the drive. However, the lack of traffic updates and Bluetooth connection issues might require further exploration. It’s a promising device for sure, yet there’s always room for further improvements.

Remarks on Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Evaluating Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 Features in Real-Time

  • Dēzl OTR 700 provides accurate speed limit information
  • Innovative warning system enhances safer driving
  • Destination Finder feature offers detailed location view
  • Traffic update feature requires improvement

Now, here is where things get interesting – testing out the GPS in real-life situations. Comparing to the old GPS, I noticed several key features that significantly improved my driving experience.

GPS Speed Limit Accuracy

One of the first things I noticed was how accurate the new Dēzl OTR 700 was in providing speed limit information. Unlike my old GPS, which usually displays the general speed limit for cars, this new model is far more advanced.

It displayed the exact speed limit for trucks. Now, it’s unclear how many places actually have this type of specific speed limit, but the fact that it surfaced on the new model and not the old one offers some peace of mind for us truck drivers on the road. It was a great example of technological progress, suiting more personalized needs, and delivering relevant information.

Warning System

Another standout feature is its innovative warning system. The old GPS traditionally showed warnings in the corner of the screen – in this case, sharp turn warnings. However, the Dēzl OTR 700 brought it front and center, right underneath the green bar.

Having this notification pop-up where I can clearly see it not only helps me anticipate upcoming obstacles but also contributes to safer driving experiences. I must say, this is a well-thought-out feature that deserves recognition.

Destination Finder

Then we have the exciting ‘Destination Finder’ feature. This innovative functionality offered a closer view of the destination area, and it even prompted options for different warehouses I could park my truck at once I reached the selected destination.

This level of detail was completely absent in the old GPS. It would just guide me to the location, and that was it. The destination finder is a cool new feature that adds value for truck drivers, giving a bigger purview of where we need to end up, and it’s undoubtedly one of my favorite aspects of this new model.

Room for Improvement

No product is perfect, though. While the Dēzl OTR 700 excelled in many areas, I did face an issue when it came to the traffic updates. It seems that the system couldn’t connect to traffic, and despite keeping the feature running for the entire journey, it still displayed a perpetual loading message.

This might be a compatibility issue between the old power cord, their traffic updates, and the new model. I couldn’t find a resolution to this during the testing phase.

So as fantastic as the new Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 is in many ways, these are areas that could be streamlined and improved for better user experience in future models.

Highlight: Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

The Final Verdict: Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 – Is It Worth It?

Time to roll out the carpet for the final word on the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700. The prime question, was the switch worth it? Is the investment in this upgraded model justified? Well, the experience was a mixed bag of boons and banes.


  • Improved Layout: The larger, the thinner design of the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 is notably superior to that of the older model. The detailed display of the truck’s speed limit and road warnings on the main screen added convenience to the experience.

  • Accurate Navigation: The new Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 showed consistent precision—providing correct routes and avoiding prohibited terrains, significantly surpassing the older model.

  • Destination Finder: The surprising feature where the GPS showed warehouses close to my location was notably handy, and it’s evident that Garmin has given thought to specific requirements of truck drivers.


  • Troubles with Traffic Alerts: The issue regarding the traffic alerts was perplexing and inconvenient. I couldn’t discern whether the old cord can provide traffic updates with the new device. The repeated error messages were indeed a negative.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The feature, although intriguing, was problematic throughout my journey—I couldn’t get the Bluetooth and mobile app to connect, despite multiple attempts, which was quite disappointing.

In conclusion, considering the innovative features and relatively minor issues, the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 did leave a positive impression. The GPS upgrade certainly offered valuable perks that could come in handy for anyone on the road extensively. However, the issues around traffic alerts and Bluetooth connectivity need to be taken into account. So, if you’re considering an upgrade or buying a fresh GPS device, the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 could be a solid contender. Do ensure to evaluate the product thoroughly to make sure it meets your specific needs.

Should you buy the Garmin – dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator – Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)?

Buy it if…

You Want a More Accurate GPS

The Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 appears to have superior route planning, directing you only to approved roads for trucks, unlike older models that might lead you astray.

You Value Wi-Fi Capabilities

The Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 can update maps via Wi-Fi without needing to be plugged into a computer – a convenient feature for those always on the go.

You Need a Sleek and Modern Design

The Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 is noticeably thinner than the older models, offering a more modern and compact design for your truck.

Don’t buy it if…

You Want Reliable Bluetooth Connection

The Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 has some connectivity issues, making it difficult to sync with the mobile app.

You Rely Heavily on Traffic Alerts

The new GPS may not be compatible with older cords that provide traffic update and alerts, which could be a disappointment for those who constantly rely on such features.

You’re on a Budget

While not explicitly mentioned, high-tech GPS systems like the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 often come with a higher price tag, which might not suit those with tight spending limits.


Why did Michael choose the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700?
Michael’s previous Garmin GPS was malfunctioning and not turning on properly, so he decided to upgrade to Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 which has additional features like Wi-Fi capability.
What were the first few reactions to Garmin Dēzl OTR 700?
Michael found the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 to be thinner and sleeker than his old GPS model. He was also impressed with its WiFi capability.
Did Michael face any issues while setting up the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700?
Yes, Michael had trouble connecting the GPS with Bluetooth and the associated app. He also encountered issues when trying to use the old power cord of his previous GPS for traffic updates with the new model.
Are there any noticeable differences between Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 and the old GPS during the route test drive?
Yes, the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 performed well in comparison with the old model. It showed more accurate truck speed limits and provided more useful warnings. In addition, it displays potential truck destinations as he approach them which his old GPS didn’t do.
Does the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 alert about traffic updates?
Michael attempted to use the power cord from his old Garmin for traffic alerts with the new model, but it is unclear if this feature is compatible as he was receiving an error message.
What does Michael think overall about the Garmin Dēzl OTR 700?
Overall, Michael liked the new Garmin Dēzl OTR 700 even though he faced some initial setup challenges. He recommends it, highlighting the WiFi capability, accurate truck speed limit detection, and enhanced warning visibility as some of the superior features compared to his old model.

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