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Home » Electronics » GPS, Finders & Accessories » Trucking GPS » Review: Garmin – dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator – Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed) – Offers smart routing and comprehensive location tracking

Review: Garmin – dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator – Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed) – Offers smart routing and comprehensive location tracking

In-depth review of the Garmin Desal OTR 700 GPS for truckers, exploring its cost-saving, truck-friendly features... Read more

Review of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Table of Contents

Test of Garmin – dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator – Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

4.3/5 - (1155 votes)

Cena: $329.99


  • Programmable for different truck sizes and types
  • Offers multiple, truck-friendly route options
  • Detects and displays various truck services
  • Great tool for planning stops and overnight stays
  • Alerts driver to approaching weigh stations
  • Visual representation of highway exits
  • Customizable extra feature display


  • May seem expensive for some
  • Needs manual programming for accurate navigation
  • Information overload possible with multiple features
  • Certain extra features may not be useful for all

“Reflecting on all the features and functionalities this GPS offers, I find the Garmin Desal OTR 700 to be an excellent tool for every truck driver; it is easy-to-use, highly programmable, and reliable. Its smart routing and comprehensive location tracking safeguards against unwanted road mishaps and offers truck-friendly routes, making it an invaluable companion on the road. However, even with all its awesomeness, I encourage potential buyers to explore and compare with other GPS systems, as needs may vary per individual. That being said, Garmin Desal OTR 700 truly reigns as a superior device in my experience.”

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Brand Garmin
Vehicle Service Type Truck
Screen Size 6.95 Inches
Special Feature Touchscreen
Connectivity Technology USB
Map Type North America
Included Components dezl OTR700, USB cable, Vehicle suction cup mount, Documentation, Vehicle power cable
Audio Output Mode Digital
Battery Life 2 Hours
Mounting Type Dashboard Mount, found in image

Introduction to the Garmin Desal OTR 700: My Trusted Trucker GPS

Welcome, fellow road warriors. Today, we’re looking at a companion that has helped me navigate countless highways, truck-stops, and backroads – my trusted Garmin Desal OTR 700.

A Look Back: Why I Chose the Garmin Desal

As a seasoned trucker, I’ve tried a multitude of GPS systems. However, when I started using the Garmin Desal OTR 700, I found that its superior functionality stood out among its peers. It’s equipped with an intuitive interface, precise routing, and unique features tailored exclusively for truck drivers. An additional selling factor for me was its targeted feedback for truck-friendly routes.

But remember, personal preference plays a huge role in choosing the right GPS. While I’m a fan of the Desal OTR 700, your needs might differ based on your specific driving conditions or unique preferences.

The Price Point: Then and Now

When I bought the Garmin Desal OTR 700 last year, I paid $400 for it on Amazon. A year later, the price has slimmed down to $339. That’s a nice reduction for new buyers, versus the inflated prices you often find at truck stops. My advice? Don’t buy these GPS systems at truck stops where you might end up shelling out upwards of $450 for the exact same model.

However, it is important to view the initial cost as an investment in safe and efficient navigation. The amount you’re willing to spend on a GPS might depend on how much you’re going to use it and what kind of driving you do. So keep that in mind when considering the cost of the Desal OTR 700 or any other GPS.

The bottom line? The Garmin Desal OTR 700 has been a reliable companion for my journeys, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Remember to assess your needs and do your research before committing to a trucker GPS.

Scanning Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Programmability: Setting Your Truck Type and Size

  • Garmin Desal OTR 700 allows programmability for truck size/type
  • Programmed specifications inform recommended navigation routes
  • GPS ensures safe travel for the truck’s dimensions

One standout feature of the Garmin Desal OTR 700 is its versatility. Specifically, the tailor-made design interface allows you to programme the device based on your specific truck type and size. This may seem like a simple consideration but believe me, it has profound implications for your navigation experience, particularly if you’re at the helm of a semi-truck or a box truck of varying heights and sizes.

Simple Steps to Program Your Truck’s Specifications

The process of personalizing this GPS to your truck’s specifications is refreshingly straightforward. The display prompts you to select validations for your truck’s dimensions, which you have to input diligently. To be more visual, imagine this – you’re on-screen, setting up your device and you see a ‘Select’ option. This is where you feed in your truck’s dimensions. Once you’ve made your selection, you hit ‘Select’ again to finalize. In other words, based on your input, the GPS device is primed to guide you on a route friendly to your truck’s dimensions.

Why is this Important?

The benefit of this level of programmability can’t be understated. Why is it important to set your truck’s specifics, you may ask. Well, this programming feature fundamentally informs the routes your Garmin Desal OTR 700 maps out for you. It ensures that every route suggested is suitable and safe for your truck – no low bridges or streets with weight restrictions your truck can’t comply with. It’s a smart, forward-thinking feature that takes the stress out of navigation doubly so if you’re driving a larger truck.

However, an area the Garmin can slightly improve on is perhaps the inclusion of additional notifications or alerts during this set up phase. Although the process is user-friendly and intuitive, an extra prompt to navigate through the process wouldn’t be remiss for first-time users or those not as familiar with this kind of tech.

Regardless, the comprehensive programmability ultimately adds to the Garmin Desal OTR 700’s rank as a top-notch trucker GPS, marrying a user-centric experience with precise, reliable navigation.

Considering Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Finding Your Destination: Easy Address Input

  • Garmin Desal OTR 700 allows easy destination input
  • Device offers range of useful features for truckers
  • Some improvement needed in processing speed, touchscreen sensitivity

If there’s one thing I appreciate about the Garmin Desal OTR 700, it’s the simplicity and efficiency of inputting journey endpoints. The device is designed with truckers in mind, and that becomes evident when trying to set your destination.

Effortless Input Process

The moment you decide to start a new journey, the GPS makes it incredibly stress-free. You just have to hit ‘where to’, and you’re ready to set your journey parameters. First, tap on the ‘Address’ button, followed by punching in the specific street number. Once you’re done, a simple press on ‘done’ is all it takes to move to the next step – the street name. It’s straightforward, quick, and devoid of unnecessary complications.

Intuitive Feature Selection

Besides the simple address input, the device also serves up a range of useful features during destination input. For example, if you’re in search of a specific trucking service, you can find it right there on your screen. Additionally, saving addresses for future use and revisiting recent truck locations also add another layer of convenience to your trucking experience.

A Few Areas for Improvement

While the process is largely flawless and intuitive, there is one tiny area that I feel could use some attention: the speed at which addresses are processed after input. Although by no means a deal-breaker, the GPS may occasionally take longer to process the destinations which can prove to be a slight distraction when you’re on the road.

Another thing that could be finetuned is the touchscreen sensitivity. It sometimes takes a couple of tries to select the desired option, which can be a little frustrating at times.

Final Thoughts

Despite these minor gripes, the Garmin Desal OTR 700 excels when it comes to finding your destination. Its ease of use, combined with practical options tailored to truckers, make it an indispensable tool for anyone on the road. And even with its slight glitches, its pros significantly outweigh these small hiccups, making it a product I heartily recommend.

Highlight: Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Route Options: The Benefit of Route Flexibility

  • Garmin Desal OTR 700 offers route flexibility
  • Provides two routes differentiated by time and distance
  • Routes are curated considering truck-specific factors

One of the many standout features of the Garmin Desal OTR 700 is its approach to route options. Having an extra layer of flexibility when on the road can make all the difference, especially when driving long haul. Let me delve into the intricacies of this function and show you how it has enhanced my trucking experiences.

Decisions, Decisions: Comparing Routes for Time and Distance

Choice is something the Garmin Desal doesn’t shy away from. Anytime I want to get to a new location, this GPS entices me by showing two route choices. These two routes are usually differentiated by the estimated time of travel and distance, providing me that much-needed flexibility on the road. For instance, if I’m behind schedule, the shortest route is my go-to, whereas if I’m not in a rush, I might choose the other option to enjoy a little scenic drive.

The Truck-Friendly Advantage: Navigating through Suitable Routes Only

What I appreciate the most about Garmin Desal’s route options is how truck-friendly they are. Both routes provided are carefully curated, considering factors like the weight limit of certain roads and the height restrictions under bridges. Gone are the days of rerouting due to unsuitable roads for trucks, thanks to this GPS. It has a knack for guiding me where my truck fits, without compromising my original destination.

Throughout my experience, Garmin Desal has never misdirected me or forced me to backtrack because of an unforeseen road specification, making it a truly reliable co-pilot. But remember, although this feature is a huge plus, it’s always a good practice to be vigilant and aware of the prevailing traffic rules and road signs as rules can change, and technology might not always be up-to-the-minute accurate.

Overall, the Garmin Desal’s route flexibility makes my cross-country driving less stressful and more efficient. Between the ease of inputting my destination to the navigational guidance, this GPS system truly takes a load off when I’m out there on the open road.

Probe of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Detecting Truck Services: A GPS That Knows Your Needs

  • Garmin Desal detects truck services on the go
  • Has user-friendly interface; gives easy, efficient information
  • Could improve by offering more in-depth service info

One thing that truly sets the Garmin Desal apart from common GPS devices is its ability to detect truck services on the go. As a truck driver, you’re constantly on the lookout for places where you can stop and address various needs. Whether it’s parking, fueling, grabbing a bite to eat or even washing your truck, having a system that points you in the right direction is invaluable.

A Plethora of Truck Services on Your Screen

In my experience, Garmin Desal understands this need pretty well. On its main menu, there’s a ‘Where To’ function that allows you to search for local amenities. By clicking on the ‘Truck Locations’ button, an array of service options pop up on the screen.

The convenience here is that you have myriad options right at your fingertips. There’s truck lodging, parking, truck stops and even truck wash locations. In effect, this is a fully-fledged guide, acting beyond its primary function of navigation.

Priority on User-Friendly Interface

Garmin has embraced a commendable user-centric approach in its design. The steps to navigate through these options are simple and straightforward. The addresses and directions are incredibly easy to enter, and the results appear almost instantaneously. Each suggested truck stop comes with the road directions and the distance in miles, making it easy to plan your stop in accordance with your journey.

Room for Improvement

While this function is largely beneficial, it would be great to see more in-depth information about the services. For instance, detailed service descriptions or customer reviews of the locations would be a terrific add-on. Right now, it mainly lists the amenities available without much detail. It would also be great to have updated fuel prices for each stop.


Despite these potential areas for enhancement, the usefulness of the Garmin Desal’s truck service detection feature cannot be overstated. It is designed with a thorough understanding of a trucker’s wants, going beyond mere navigation to offer a well-rounded service to the user. The fact that Garmin Desal provides such necessary information in a quick, efficient manner is a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Rundown: Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Smart Routing: Avoiding Low Bridges and Restricted Streets

  • Garmin Desal OTR 700 specializes in truck-friendly routing.
  • Device effortlessly avoids low bridges and restricted streets.
  • Smart routing feature surpasses other GPS systems.

One of the standout features of the Garmin Desal OTR 700 has to be its expertise in routing with a trucker’s best interest at heart. It’s almost as if this GPS device is an extra pair of eyes on the road with you, except these eyes are equipped with advanced algorithms and a database chock full of road regulations.

The Power of Intelligent Routing

When driving a semi or a box truck, not every road or bridge is your friend. Some bridges have height restrictions that can spell catastrophic consequences for taller trucks, and certain roads aren’t designed to handle the weight and dimensions of a larger vehicle. The Garmin Desal OTR 700 recognizes this fact and ensures you don’t accidentally venture down a problematic path.

What makes this feature especially impressive is how effortless it makes dodging these roadblocks seem. Your only task is to trust the GPS and follow its guidance. The device has a knack for rerouting you via truck-friendly routes, preventing cringe-worthy encounters with low bridges or inadequately sized streets.

No Surprises on the Road

Remember that time when you turned down a street, only to be greeted by a glaring ‘2-ton limit’ sign? With the Garmin Desal OTR 700 in your corner, unpleasant surprises like these become a thing of the past. It’s almost as if the device is patiently holding your hand and guiding you away from potential missteps.

Trustworthy Navigation

Trust is vital when you’re putting your vehicle’s safety (and your own) in the hands of a GPS system. And unsurprisingly, it’s a challenge I’ve faced with several GPS systems before. However, I found myself rapidly developing a sense of confidence with the Garmin Desal OTR 700. Its smart routing functionality consistently kept me on the right path without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

To sum it up, the Garmin Desal OTR 700’s smart routing feature sets a high bar for other GPS systems to match.

Ideally, I’d love to see this smart routing technology evolve even further, taking into account other factors like real-time traffic data or roadwork updates. But as it stands now, Garmin is already delivering a robust, truck-friendly navigation solution that can help keep you, your truck, and your cargo safely on track.

Testing Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Adding Information to Your Screen: Customizable Extra Features

  • Garmin Desal OTR 700 offers customizable display functionality
  • Provides useful elements like elevation data, city information
  • Includes features like music, amenity information

One of the many features that makes the Garmin Desal OTR 700 truly stand out in the saturated market of GPS devices is its highly customizable display functionality. This GPS doesn’t limit you to just the essentials. Instead, it lets you personalize the on-screen data to suit your specific driving needs and preferences, becoming a co-driver that knows exactly what you want.

Adding Elements to Your Screen

With the Garmin Desal OTR 700, you can add a plethora of useful elements right onto your screen. From elevation data for when you’re winding your way through mountains, to information about the cities you’re heading into, it provides everything you need just a glance away.

I usually prefer to have the ‘cities ahead’ feature turned on. This feature shows the distances to upcoming towns and cities, making it a breeze to anticipate stops, plan detour routes if necessary, or simply keep track of my journey’s progress. Being well-informed ahead of time saves me from unwanted road surprises and allows for smoother, worry-free drives.

Musical Dashboard

Ditch the need for an old-school FM radio because the Garmin Desal OTR 700 can be your DJ on-the-go! While I don’t personally use this feature often, it’s still worth mentioning for music lovers out there.

Essential Information At Its Peak

On top of all that, the Garmin Desal OTR 700 streamlines data about various amenities you could be looking for on your route. Whether it’s a cozy restaurant for your lunch break, rest stops for that overdue stretch, or a gas station when you’re running on the last quarter of your tank, this GPS got you covered.

For instance, whenever I am on the highway and spot a sign for an upcoming exit, I cross-check the info on the Garmin with the signs. The GPS shows me exactly where I need to go in a comprehensible manner, displaying a visual of the road layout, a clear indication of my lane, and even the signage I should be looking for.


While the Garmin Desal OTR 700 does offer a range of customizable features, a bit more flexibility regarding the design and placement would have taken it up a notch. Yet, I appreciate the simplicity the current setup provides, which supports ease of use while maintaining a clean, uncluttered interface.

My overall verdict? Despite minor limitations, the customizable features of the Garmin Desal OTR 700 are a significant strength, contributing largely to its user-friendly interface and personalized navigation experiences.

View of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Smooth Exits: Never Miss A Turn Again

  • Garmin Desal OTR 700 aids in complex intersection navigation.
  • Device provides visual aid along with lane recommendations.
  • Significantly reduces stress and enhances highway driving safety.

Imagine cruising down the highway, suddenly forced to make a decision at a complex intersection with multiple exits. We’ve all been there. It’s stressful, to say the least. However, the Garmin Desal OTR 700 did a fantastic job in relieving me of that stress during my trips.

Navigating Complex Intersections

Highways and interstates can often be a tangled web of exits, lanes, and junctions. Take the wrong turn, and it can cost you precious time and fuel to get back on track. With this GPS, I found that it takes the guesswork out of navigating these complicated situations.

Specific Example:

While on the highway, I approached a junction with three different exits, a scenario that typically brought on a feeling of slight panic. But the Desal didn’t just give me an auditory warning – it supplied a visual aid as well.

Visual Statements: Picture-Perfect Exits

The Garmin Desal claims to show an exact picture of the upcoming exit sign on its screen. To my pleasant surprise, it lived up to this claim. When approaching an exit, the device displayed a near-perfect image of the exit sign, complete with lane recommendations. It even showed me the overhead sign in real-time!

Critical Assessment:

While this feature may not be perfect, it makes a significant difference in the driving experience. In some cases, the image quality of the signs was not as sharp as I would have liked or the display was slightly delayed. However, these were rare instances. It mostly did an excellent job of providing clear, timely images, making it nearly impossible to miss my turn.

Ending Remarks

Overall, the Garmin Desal OTR 700’s feature of aiding in smooth exits is a genuine lifesaver in high-stress highway situations. It’s not flawless, but it makes highway driving notably less stressful and significantly safer by making sure you never miss a turn again.

Assessment of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Upcoming Amenities: Plan Your Rest and Refuel Stops

  • Garmin Desal OTR 700 helps plan rest and refuel stops
  • Displays amenities available at upcoming cities
  • Enables effective planning of pit-stops

One the brilliant features of the Garmin Desal OTR 700 is how it helps you plan for upcoming rest and refuel stops. As a truck driver, I know the significance of locating suitable spots along the route to rest, refuel and replenish supplies – and believe me, this GPS device does an excellent job here.

Reading the Signs: What Do Those Icons Mean?

On the Garmin Desal OTR 700 GPS display, a set of icons intend to show the amenities available at upcoming cities. Those indicators range from a gas station symbol standing for available fueling sites to a spoon and fork icon denoting restaurants. Other symbols include a ‘Rest Stop’ icon for truckers to take a break and a circle with ‘P’ pointing out truck parking spots. A small bed icon indicates lodging facilities – a convenient feature when you’re approaching your driving limits and looking for a place to spend the night.

So, how does it really benefit?

With the anticipation of the available resources, the Garmin unit allows for effective planning of pit-stops. If, let’s say, you have an hour left on your ELD and are due for a mandatory rest, identifying a city with all amenities gives you a chance to refuel, eat, and rest without interruption. However, remember to stay flexible! Sometimes, emergencies do occur, and a truck park might be your only choice, even without lodging. But, in such scenarios, having this kind of information handy is relatively reassuring.

The Bottom Line

In my unbiased view, this feature, like many others on the Garmin Desal OTR 700, enhances the overall driving experience by ensuring convenience without detracting from the main navigation focus. Does it make the device indispensable? Not necessarily. But it does contribute towards it being a highly valued tool for truck drivers.

Highlight: Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Hotel Finder: Locating Hotels That Accommodate Big Rigs

  • Garmin Desal OTR 700 locates big-rig-friendly hotels
  • Finds hotels with accommodating parking policies
  • Allows adding hotel as a stop in route

One of the less discussed features of the Garmin Desal OTR 700, but perhaps one of the most useful for truckers like myself, is the system’s ability to locate hotels that can accommodate big rigs. The Hotel Finder feature of the GPS is a godsend, especially when you need a goodnight’s rest after a long haul. Below are my observations and thoughts on this feature.

A. The Planning Stage

In this GPS, planning my overnight stops is an experience that I can best describe as satisfyingly smooth. I found the interface user-friendly. It was easy to navigate between different software features but I appreciate how they made the process quite intuitive, encouraging even the less tech-savvy amongst us to explore and maximize the device features.

B. Hotel Locator: More than Just Directions

Unlike some GPS systems that might merely point you to the nearest lodging, what I found splendid about the Garmin Desal OTR 700 is how it lets you check each potential hotel’s parking policy. In my experience, not all hotels are welcoming towards big rigs, and the last thing you want after a long journey is a parking problem.

Simple steps guide you to the hotels. You click on the city you’re headed towards, and select ‘Hotels’ . The system then displays a list of available hotels, sorted by mileage. I found myself thoroughly appreciating how it not only finds a place for you to rest, but also ensures there’s a spot for your vehicle.

C. Importance of Verifying Parking Space

In a critical note, though the GPS does screen for hotels that could potentially accommodate trucks, I’d always ring the particular hotel for a double-check. Not a flaw of the GPS, just a note for fellow truckers. It’s always better to confirm than be faced with a parking problem after a long day.

D. Thoughtfully Designed

Adding the hotel to your route is pretty straightforward – a few taps and it’s added as your next stop. This allows for organised navigation to your rest place while ensuring your journey resumes smoothly the next day. I appreciate this functional design as it certainly takes the stress out of route planning especially when dealing with unfamiliar locations.

It is these small but thoughtfully designed features that really set the Garmin Desal OTR 700 apart. Hotel search doesn’t just point me to the nearest resting place, but to somewhere I can also conveniently park my rig. That, to me, is a GPS looking out for truckers.

Interpretation of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Don’t Miss Weigh Stations: Stay Legal with Alerts

  • Garmin Desal OTR 700 gives weigh station alerts
  • Visual cue and sound alert reinforce reminders

In the fast-paced world of truck driving, it’s not uncommon to forget a few things. One such thing that’s fairly easy to overlook, yet critically important, are weigh stations. Luckily, the Garmin Desal OTR 700 has you covered.

Weigh Station Alerts

When you’re on a long haul, keeping track of weigh stations can be challenging, especially when your mind is already occupied with a million other things. But with this GPS device, forgetting weigh stations is no longer a concern.

While using the Garmin Desal, I’ve noticed that it consistently alerts me about upcoming weigh stations. It displays a visual cue on the screen in orange, indicating “Weigh station up ahead”. This usually pops up a few miles before the station, ample time for drivers to prepare to make the stop.

Sound Alert Reinforcement

But the Garmin Desal doesn’t stop at just a visual alert. As you approach closer to the weigh station, there’s an accompanying sound alert that beeps, serving as a second reminder. This dual method of alerts ensures that a weigh station is difficult to miss.

The Importance of Weigh Station Alerts

Remaining compliant with regulations is a crucial part of being a professional trucker. Ensuring your load is within the legal weight limit is mandatory to avoid hefty fines or penalties. The Garmin Desal OTR 700 tool proves invaluable here, keeping you in the clear by providing timely alerts.

Critical Review

Contrarily, one could argue that perhaps an element of personal responsibility is lost when we rely on tech for such critical reminders. However, when it comes to staying within the boundaries of the law, I believe an extra safety net is always a good idea. Undoubtedly, it is still vitally important for drivers to be aware of their responsibilities and not solely depend on GPS alerts.

In the overall evaluation, the weigh station alerts feature stands out as a significant positive advantage of the Garmin Desal OTR 700. Its potential to help truckers avoid missing weigh stations, thereby avoiding potential legal issues or fines, is highly beneficial.

Appraisal of Garmin - dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator - Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)

Conclusion: The Verdict on Garmin’s Desal D E Z L O T R 700

So, here we are at the end of our journey with Garmin’s Desal D E Z L O T R 700. I’ve delved into its capabilities, examining it from each angle, and now, it’s time to bring it all together.

The Garmin VS The Others: How This GPS Outperforms Its Competitors

  • I’ve tried several GPS devices before, and I can confidently declare that nothing has matched the reliability and functionality of the Desal D E Z L O T R 700. Some alternative tools may come with their advantages, but they also carry their fair share of bottlenecks. Common issues I encountered were, for instance, slow calibration and confusing directions – a disaster in the making when navigating busy streets with a heavy rig. With the Garmin though, these problems vanished. I was cutting through traffic ‘like butter’, and avoiding low bridge clashes became second nature.

The Overall Impact: Why Every Driver Needs the Garmin Desal

  • The Garmin Desal D E Z L O T R 700 isn’t just a convenience—it’s a safety tool, ensuring that you avoid routes unsuitable for trucks. More than just saving your roof, it saves possible repair costs and keeps everything running smoothly. Consistently, this device has provided reliable routes, up-to-date information about upcoming amenities and destinations, helping make hauls much less of a hassle and more of an efficient, streamlined process.

Link-Sharing: Where You Can Get Your Own Garmin Desal OTR 700

  • If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, it’s currently retailed at $339 on Amazon. Considering when I initially bought this device it was $400, it’s quite a sensible price, especially if we take its benefits into account. However, don’t just take my word for it. I’d urge you to do your research, compare it with other options, and then make an informed decision that suits your needs.

Final Words: A Quick Note for Truck Owners

  • If you’re a truck owner or manager, I would strongly recommend investing in a device like Garmin Desal for every truck in your fleet. It’s a considerable yet worthy investment that’ll save you a lot in damages and insurance claims in the long run.

To sum it up, in my personal experience and unbiased opinion, the Garmin Desal is a winner. However, like with any tool, it ultimately boils down to how well it fits your specific needs and requirements. Here’s to safe, efficient, and hassle-free trucking!

Should you buy the Garmin – dezl OTR700 7 inches GPS Truck Navigator – Black 010-02313-00 (Renewed)?

Buy it if…

You Drive in Large Vehicles Regularly

With options for setting the size and type of your truck, the Garmin Desal OTR 700 offers accurate routing to avoid low bridges and restricted streets. Especially useful for semi-trucks and box truck drivers.

You Want Hassle-Free Trip Planning

The GPS is capable of showing truck services like lodging, parking, truck stops, rest areas, and even truck wash locations along your route, helping you plan ahead effortlessly.

You Need Help Navigating Complex Intersections

The Garmin Desal’s feature of showing pictures of exactly where you need to go, especially at complex intersections, would be invaluable for those who often find themselves on unfamiliar roads.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a Tight Budget

Priced at $339 currently on Amazon, Garmin Desal OTR 700 might be considered expensive by some considering that there exist free GPS options.

You are Satisfied with Basic Directions

If you don’t need the myriad of truck-specific features offered by Garmin Desal OTR 700 and are satisfied with just basic directions, a simpler and cheaper GPS or even Google Maps could suffice.

You Don’t Drive a Truck or Large Vehicle

The product is specifically designed for large vehicles like trucks. If you’re driving a normal car and not worried about attributes like bridge height, the extra features may not be necessary.


Can the Garmin Desal be programmed based on my truck’s size?
Yes, the Garmin Desal supports programming based on the dimensions of your truck. It allows you to enter your truck’s height, weight, length, and other pertinent details to deliver route options suitable for your vehicle.
Does the Garmin Desal GPS show truck-specific points of interest?
Absolutely! The Garmin Desal GPS is designed to display truck-specific services and points of interest, including truck stops, rest areas, and truck washes. It also shows key indicators such as gas stations, restaurants, and hotels in upcoming cities.
How does the Garmin GPS ensure the selected routes are suitable for trucks?
The Garmin Desal is programmed to avoid routes with low bridges or streets with weight restrictions that your truck may not be able to navigate. It guides you through truck-friendly routes, ensuring safety and eliminating damage risks to your vehicle.
Does the Garmin Desal GPS provide alternative route options?
Yes, Garmin Desal provides you with two route options to choose from – usually one being the shortest in terms of mileage, and the other may offer different advantages such as avoiding heavy traffic or more direct highway routes.
Can Garmin Desal guide me to my hotel?
Yes. The Garmin Desal GPS not only helps you find hotels in nearby locations but also directs you there. You can add the hotel as your next stop and it will route you there, before continuing on your original planned route.
Will the Garmin Desal alert me about upcoming weigh stations?
Yes, the unit notifies you of upcoming weigh stations a few miles ahead, and even beeps at closer proximity, ensuring that weigh stations are not missed.
Where can I get the Garmin Desal OTR 700?
The Garmin Desal OTR 700 is available for purchase on Amazon. The review includes a link directing to the product page where you can check the current price and make the purchase.

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