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Review: G-Shock GA2100-7A – Excellent daily use watch with masculine appeal

Discover the G-shock watch’s design, functionality, and comfort in this comprehensive and unbiased review... Read more

Review of G-Shock GA2100-7A

Table of Contents

Test of G-Shock GA2100-7A

4.8/5 - (193 votes)

Cena: $98.58


  • Detailed negative display
  • Stylish aesthetics
  • Long and adjustable band
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Affordable price range
  • Various model color options
  • Adequate functional features


  • Display hard to read in low light
  • Complications with band shift
  • Feels less premium due to the weight
  • Certain models uncomfortable for larger wrists
  • The women’s models aren’t a perfect fit

“After extensively exploring and wearing this G-shock, my unbiased verdict would be that it’s an excellent watch for daily use. The matte band, designer aesthetics, and dimensions compellingly cater to a masculine appeal. The negative display, while a bit challenging to read in certain lights, adds an intriguing visual element. Comfort is mostly on point, with minor shifting issues that won’t pose a significant hindrance for the majority of users. In terms of quality, it may lack the weighty feel of high-end watches, yet stands its ground in terms of durability and style. A great grab for any watch enthusiast looking for affordability combined with functionality and flair. “

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Welcome Back to the Wrist-watch Review

Hey there, fellow wristwatch enthusiasts! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned collector or someone just taking the first dive into horology, I’m here to share my personal watch experiences with you. So, let’s get down to our latest review, this time focusing on yet another G-Shock I have recently acquired. This isn’t about brand promotion or showcasing a collection. It’s all about a critical, unbiased observation of what the watch delivers.

G-Shock – A Recurring Obsession

As a wristwatch aficionado, I’ve developed quite a fondness for G-Shocks. Equally loved and often misunderstood, these watches have a certain charm I find hard to resist. Known for their ruggedness and wide range of styles, the G-Shocks managed to claim a considerable share of my watch collection. My repeat purchases can either testify to their tantalizing appeal or my inability to defy the magnetism of a quality timepiece.

Unboxing a New Addition

Hot off the press, my latest acquisition has arrived. It’s another hyper-durable, sharp-looking G-Shock. Part of the anticipation building up around the unboxing experience, is the air of mystery until the box reveals the soon-to-be-discussed timepiece. You can share the joy (or disappointment if things go south) assessing the model’s worth in terms of design and functionality, and considering how it stacks up against the offerings of previous watches we have scoured together. So, without further ado, let’s dissipate the suspense and dig into the verdict for this new companion gracing my wrist.

Previous Videos Quick Recap

  • Cassie Oaks’ women’s G-shocks small but discomforting
  • Full-sized G-shock doesn’t fit perfectly
  • Each G-shock leaves different impressions

In some of the past video reviews, I had an intriguing journey with G-shocks. Some models appealed just right to the senses, while others fell on the not-so-ideal side. This journey has given me a deep insight into what works and what doesn’t in the world of G-shocks. Let’s get into the details and revisit those reviews.

The Cassie Oaks’ Women’s Edition

Your first meet with the quintessential Cassie Oaks’ women models in my previous reviews might have got you intrigued. The dainty size of these watches surely held a charm, making them an adorable add-on to a woman’s wrist. However, while these models boasted excellent aesthetics, they stumbled upon a major roadblock. Their size didn’t match the fit of my wrist, leaving a slight discomfort in wearing.

The watches, however, deserve a tumble of applause for their look and appeal, and at 99 bucks each, they could be a steal for women who prefer their accessories elegant and cute.

Diving Into The Man’s Territory

Then was the turn to step into the man’s territory, trying the full-sized G-shock. Much similar in design to its women’s counterpart but larger, this white timepiece with a black insert had a magnetic allure. In contrast to the charming feminine pieces, these could grab some serious attention, sliding seamlessly around the wrist of the modern man.

Yet, something struck unusual with this piece- it didn’t quite fit my wrist the way it was supposed to, and this hiccup surely kept it a notch down the absolute favorite list.

Having brought these experiences to light, let’s keep the bias aside and dive wholesale into the world of G-shocks, exploring, examining, and revisiting the highs and lows of my experiences with these timepieces.

Review of Full-Sized Man’s G-shock

  • Full-sized man’s G-shock boasts aesthetic appeal
  • Both black and white versions offer unique charms
  • Priced within a budget-friendly range

Today, we’re diving into a comprehensive review of the full-sized man’s G-shock wristwatch. My journey with this watch began with a keen interest in the aesthetic appeal of this white and black beauty. At first encounter, it boasted a bold yet subtle charm that instantly drew my attention.

Brief Overview: Aesthetics and Cost

The full-size man’s G-shock watch exhibits a solid feel in terms of aesthetics, with a standout black insert perfectly complementing the white exterior. The watch exudes an ambiance of minimalist sophistication which I personally quite like. However, as always, aesthetics can be subjective and can vary from person to person.

Price-wise, the G-shock sits comfortably within a budget-friendly range which makes it accessible to a wider array of potential customers and watch enthusiasts. However, it’s interesting to note that the pricing subtly indicates the quality and sophistication the watch brings to the table.

Comparison: Black Versus White

Comparatively, the white G-shock watch comes with its own unique appeal although the black insert does deliver an additional layer of visual elegance. However, whether one is better than the other can be subjective, largely dependent on personal preferences and particular tastes in wristwatches. This experience has led me to view the black version with a slightly more critical eye.

Ironically, despite its lower pixel-visibility due to the monochromatic style, the black version of the full-sized man G-shock watch offers a hint of uniqueness due to the less common color preference in watches.

It’s always enriching to review such products since the diverse experiences not only enable a direct comparison of features but also shape individual preferences and tastes. The full-sized man’s G-shock is indeed a fascinating wristwatch, distinct in its own unique flavor.

Critical Review of the Features

  • G-Shock watch has a negative, difficult-to-read display
  • Features customizable light function
  • Offers time and calendar on home screen

One of the most impressive and absolutely captivating aspects of this G-Shock is its list of features. Featured in this section is a critical and unbiased examination to help decide if this wrist candy is all it’s cracked up to be. So, let’s dig in!

Negative Display – Love It or Hate It?

The watch showcases a clear negative display, which gives it a sleek and modern look. However, this novel design comes with its own limitations. The readability of the display in imperfect lighting conditions can often be challenging. It’s crucial to remember that, while impressive, this might not be the best fit for every user’s individual needs.

1 Other Models with Negative Display Feature

Contrasting the negative display on this G-Shock with some other models, we do find a difference in clarity and visibility. If you’re considering this feature as a deal-breaker, you might want to compare it with other models to find the one that best suits you.

2 Difficulty in Reading the Display

Although the idea of a negative display is captivating and adds to the aesthetic of the watch, the reality may be a bit inconvenient. The display’s readability can sometimes falter under certain lighting conditions, which could be irritating if you need to glue your eyes for a couple of extra seconds to read the time.

Customizable Light Function

Another laudable feature is the customizable light function. The light stays on long enough to read the display and then switches off on its own, which saves battery life and makes the watch user-friendly.

Time and Calendar Display

What strikes as handy is the detailed display of the day and time right on the home screen. You will find the option to display the time or the date on your convenience. This feature is very practical and can go a long way in your day to day life.

Though the tiny details might seem superfluous to some, considering them critically is crucial to ensure that your choice aligns with your needs and lifestyle. Always be sure that the watch you choose offers all the features that make your wrist-wear experience seamless and comfortable.

Demonstration of Additional Features

  • G-shock watch has world time, stopwatch, timer features
  • Multiple alarms for organizing your routine
  • Navigating features requires some learning

Now let’s dive into the heart of the G-shock, its features. And not just any features guys, we’re talking about the ones beyond the good looks and the cool aura it radiates. We’re dealing with the stuff that operates ‘under the hood’ if you will, what makes this wristwatch worth your hard-earned cash!

World Time, Stopwatch, and Timer

This watch comes equipped with a world time feature. This lets me keep track of the time in various time zones across the globe. It’s a nifty feature for frequent travelers or those with international work obligations. I did notice though that switching between the time zones isn’t as intuitive as I would have liked.

Now if you’re anything like me and like timing your morning jogs or laps in the pool, the stopwatch and timer functions may come in handy. They function just as you would expect – smoothly and accurately. The Stopwatch is great for runs while the timer serves handy reminders or cooking timers – It’s versatility at your wrist!


Of course, let’s not forget the alarms . Yes, multiple alarms, not just one. This feature is perfect for those who lead busy lives and need multiple alarms at different times of the day. Users may appreciate the possibility of having different alarms for different functions, from waking up to reminders to drink water or take a break from work. However, I’ll be transparent here – setting up these alarms can be somewhat of a slight learning curve. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to it, though, it becomes second nature.

All in all, while the features on offer are basic and commonplace in today’s wristwatches, I must say G-shock has done a decent job in executing them. None of these features feel like cheap add-ons or just for-show ornamentals but are integral parts of the timepiece. Bear in mind, though, that it may take some time to fully grasp how to navigate through these features efficiently. But hey, once you have, you wouldn’t want it any other way!

In-depth Review: Wrist Comfort

  • Wrist comfort crucial in timepiece selection
  • G-shock man’s watch offers decent comfort
  • Wrist comfort is subjective

Comfort on the wrist is an undeniably crucial aspect of any timepiece. One has to consider whether or not the investment they’re making in a particular watch is going to prove pleasant for everyday wear or if it’s likely to end up gathering dust in a drawer due to discomfort. In terms of the full-sized man’s G-shock I’ve been detailing, the comfort factor is definitely worth discussing.

Comfort Comparison with Other G-Shock Models

Initially, my favorite G-shock in terms of comfort has always been another model that I’ve owned and cherished for a while. The band on this model is not only comfortable but fits my wrist almost perfectly – an experience I rate at 99% perfection, which is indeed a rave rating considering my broad familiarity with various watches.

However, taking this new G-shock for a spin, I have to admit that there’s a significant difference in the wrist comfort factor compared to my previous favorite. When compared with the smaller G-Shock models I’ve gone over before, the full-sized man’s G-Shock falls somewhere in between. It’s more comfortable than the smaller, female-oriented models—which, due to their size and fit, don’t wear as well on a larger male wrist, but falls slightly short of the comfort level of my top-ranking G-Shock.

How the Wrist Band Contributes to Overall Comfort

Key to this watch’s fit, is the actual design of the band. The matte finish of the full-sized man’s G-shock distinguishes it from its shinier counterparts. While this does not necessarily contribute to the feel on the wrist, it gives it a distinct aesthetic appeal.

Size-wise, the band is long and should be conveniently fitting for a myriad of prospective customers with different wrist sizes. However, upon fitting it on my wrist, it felt quite tight, and this was not the most comfortable experience. Fortunately, the tightness did not persist beyond the initial fitting stages, and it currently fits rather snugly on my wrist.

In conclusion, the comfort level of the G-shock man’s watch is commendable but not absolutely exceptional. It offers a decent level of comfort that ensures it can be worn daily without causing discomfort. In my experience, comfort is paramount, and I believe this watch does a good job ticking the right boxes in that category. Though it might not be my absolute favorite in terms of comfort, it still stands as a solid choice amongst its contenders.

An important factor to remember when considering wrist comfort is the personal and subjective nature of this aspect. What might feel snug and comfortable to one person might not feel the same to another. A test-run of the watch may be the way to go. A hands-on fitting would give a potential buyer a personalized gauge based on their own comfort and preference.

Full-Length Wrist Test

  • Matte band design may appear dull to some
  • Band accommodates different wrist sizes
  • Wrist comfort and style are subjective

Well, it’s time to really get to know this G-shock, isn’t it? I reckon there is no better way to genuinely understand the feel of a watch than wearing it. So, let’s dive right into the complete wrist test of our white G-shock with a black insert.

How it Looks and Feels

The first aspect worth mentioning is the matte band. Unlike some other G-shocks that come with shiny bands, this one took a break from convention. It’s an interesting switch which I appreciate, but the matte finish can appear a bit dull for some folks. Personally, I found the unique aesthetic quite appealing.

Slipping it on, the band is long and roomy enough to accommodate multiple wrist sizes comfortably. If you’re someone with bigger wrists, this watch might just be your cup of tea. That being said, for people with smaller wrists (like mine), you may find the need to adjust the band a bit more frequently.

The Matte and Shiny Band Drama

There’s no denying it – the band drama does play a role in the overall appeal of a watch. Shiny bands can make a watch pop and catch the eye, but can they dial down the subtlety a notch. In contrast, the matte bands, like the one on this G-shock, add an understated elegance. Now, whether you’re a part of the ‘shiny band fan club’ or the ‘matte band mafia’ is totally subjective and would greatly influence your overall evaluation of the watch.

Concluding thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference. This G-shock, with its unique color combination and matte band, has served quite well in the full-length wrist test. However, the band length could be a potential concern for those with smaller wrists. Regardless, the overall style and features of the G-shock provided a decent wrist wear experience.


It’s worth mentioning that this is just one person’s experience with the watch. I recommend potential buyers to try the watch on and assess its comfort and style against personal preferences.

Discussion: How it Compares with High-end Watches

  • G-shock watch lacks high-quality feel and heft
  • Despite lightweight nature, watch is visually striking and comfortable.
  • Offers good value for an everyday timepiece.

Stepping up my wrist game, I ventured into exploring this full-sized G-shock. Comparing it with high-end watches is quite an adventure, considering that the aesthetic value, comfort, and pricing are all decisive factors in reviewing watches. Let’s delve in.

Look and Feel

Firstly, the visual appeal of this G-shock model is definitely striking. It features a minimalistic yet trendy design, which I found pleasantly surprising for a man’s watch. The fusion of the white band and black insert gives it a sleek and sophisticated aspect that is not usually the norm in G-shock models. While the watch looks great on the wrist, it does not feel super high quality . The lack of weight is a distinctive characteristic that caught my attention.

Comparison with Luxury Brands

  • I’m accustomed to the weightiness that comes with luxury watches like the Omega series, making the G-shock seem a bit ‘cheaper’ in feeling by comparison. Even though the tactile experience differs, viewed from a distance, a wearer still gives off an aura of refined style.
  • The lightweight nature does introduce a level of comfort. You can move the wrist freely without feeling held down by the weight, it nearly seems like the watch disappears on your wrist due to how light it is.

The ‘Luxury Experience’

Don’t get me wrong, a high-end watch can offer an irreplaceable luxury experience, however, for an everyday watch, I felt that this G-shock serves the purpose effectively. If I’m aiming for a very refined, posh look, I might lean more towards my Omega, but for regular use, this G-shock model is more than sufficient!

Critical View

All in all, while this G-shock offers some praiseworthy features, it does at times, fall short of the mark when compared to high-end luxury watches. However, considering the price point and what it brings to the table, it still holds its ground firmly as a superb daily timepiece.

Addressing the Shifting Issue

  • Watch shifting on wrist impacts comfort
  • Shifting frequency varies with watch model
  • Doesn’t influence purchase decision significant

In this section, I’ll share my personal experience with a minor issue I’ve noticed with some of the watches – the shifting on the wrist. Although relatively trivial, it can affect the overall comfort, especially during prolonged use.

Comparisons with Other Models

Firstly, I’d like to point out, not all models exhibit the same behavior. Depending on the design and band, some watches sit quite comfortably on the wrist without significant shifting. However, I’ve noticed that smaller models, for example, those meant for women, are more susceptible to this issue. I believe the reason can somewhat be attributed to the difference in my wrist size as compared to the smaller circumference that these models seem to target.

Wear and Movement

During my time with the G-shock full-sized man’s version watch, I noticed it exhibited a small degree of shifting. It wasn’t as pronounced as the smaller models but was enough to capture my attention. Now, please note, it’s not a deal-breaker. The watch is comfortable to wear, it just tends to move a bit depending on wrist movement and positioning.

Frequency of the Shifting

In terms of frequency, it’s infrequent in a routine day’s usage. This, in my opinion, is not disruptive to the overall wearing experience and utility of the watch. In comparison, with the smaller women’s models, the shifting is more noticeable, which can deter from the overall comfort overtime.

Is it a Significant Issue?

Is the shifting issue significant enough to exclusively influence purchasing decisions? Personally, I don’t believe so. While it’s definitely something to consider when choosing a suitable watch, it doesn’t greatly affect the primary functionality and aesthetics of these watches.

More so, since each person’s wrist size and shape vary, it’s always best to try and test the watch for yourself and consider this aspect based on your personal comfort preference.

Verdict: Is it a Daily Wearable?

  • G-Shock watch is comfortable, adjustable and stylish
  • Watch’s features include world time, stop watch, timer and alarms
  • Readability and band shifting could pose issues for some

After sharing my experience and critically examining the features of this particular G-Shock watch, it’s time to answer the big question – Is it suitable for daily wear?

Comfort Level

The physical comfort of a watch is vital when it comes to wearing it daily. As I previously mentioned, this G-Shock sits pretty well on my wrist. The band length would comfortably fit most people, providing sufficient adjustability. However, the comfort level might vary for those with fairly thicker or thinner wrists, as the band does have a tendency to shift slightly. Since personal comfort can be subjective, I recommend giving it a try-on if possible.

Durability and Aesthetics

When choosing a daily wearable, one should consider the durability and aesthetics of the watch. This G-Shock, with its matte band and contrasting black insert, provided a stylish and unique look which sets it apart from other typical wristwatches. I did find it a tad lighter than some other high-end watches, which adds to its wearability factor. However, some may interpret the lighter weight as a compromise on quality, so once again this is a matter of individual preference.

Functional Features

This watch comes stacked with quite a few practical features like world time, stop watch, timer and alarms. The negative display, although different and exciting, did pose a difficulty in terms of readability which might not be ideal for daily wear.

In conclusion, between its stylish design, decent comfort level and practical features, this watch does make a good candidate for a daily wearable. However, its few noticeable drawbacks such as the readability issue and the slight band shifting might be deal breakers for some. An in-person examination or trial of the watch would provide a more accurate assessment for anyone considering this as their new daily wrist companion.

Buying Experience – The Good and Still Good

  • Buying G-shock online was user-friendly and effortless
  • Swift delivery and excellent after-sales service
  • Needs more product information for better decision making

Purchasing the G-shock was a breeze, no hitches at all. Navigating the site was user-friendly, making the entire process effortless. There’s something thrilling about making late-night purchases – you almost feel like you stumbled upon a hidden treasure. Let me illustrate.

The Good

One particular night, I was on the website, scanning through the available models. It’s two in the morning and my eyes practically pop out of my head when I spot this beauty. A click or two later, I’ve swept it off the virtual shelf and into my cart. The swift and secure payment system added to the seamless experience.

Still Good

You’d expect an impulsive 2 A.M. purchase to be regrettable the following morning, but that was not the case. When I opened my front door a few days later, I was met with a swift delivery that reaffirmed my initial excitement. As I lifted the watch out of the box, it looked just as good – if not better – in person. Workmanship, aesthetics, packaging – everything was up to par.

The after-sales service was excellent too. It came with a well-detailed and easy-to-understand manual. For those who might struggle with setup or understanding functionalities, the guide was a godsend.

Room for Improvement

While the overall buying experience was satisfying, I thought there could’ve been more product information. Particularly on the website, a more comprehensive comparison feature would have been helpful to distinguish between the different models. Providing potential buyers with more detailed product specifications and some high-quality close-up images can greatly enhance decision making.

In conclusion, the purchase was a worthy investment and a pleasant experience. The entire process was straightforward – from browsing the site and making the purchase to delivery and after-sales services. With a few improvements to the online platform, this could easily be an undefeated buying experience.

Final Thoughts

  • These watches are affordable, stylish, and practical
  • Range of styles, provide great functionality
  • Comfortable on the wrist and lightweight

Reflecting on the experiences, the exploration of these diverse range of watches has been quite an exciting journey. There’s something particularly fascinating about the way they feel, look, function and add a unique flavor to one’s style.

Affordability and Style

The affordability of these watches, coupled with their distinctive style, makes them quite a hit. They offer a lot of value for what you pay – ranging from around 99 bucks to around 200. While they may not be luxury watches, they offer a certain charm and durability that can’t be denied.

  • Variety: From the smaller round faced watches designed for a woman’s wrist to the substantial masculine versions, there is a style suited to everyone.
  • Aesthetics: The design aspects of these watches, especially with the negative display and light function cater to a broad spectrum of preferences. The matte and shiny bands also add a nice touch to the overall aesthetics.
  • Functionality: With features like the attuned light function set to three seconds, atomic time-keeping, and solar charging, these G-shocks ensure practicality alongside good looks.

Wrist Comfort

Quite important to note is the aspect of wrist comfort. The fit on the wrist, length of the band, and overall comfort are crucial for everyday usage . Some of them were more comfortable compared to others. However, for a daily watch, they offer a decent level of comfort.

Quality and Feel

The lightweight nature of these watches, while a pro for some, might feel a little underwhelming for those used to higher-end, heavier watches. Yet, the quality hasn’t been compromised, offering a satisfactory wrist experience, especially considering the price point.

Minor Flaws

On the downside, the shifting issue with some models may be a turn-off for some. Yet again, this seems to be a problem predominantly with smaller models, and not with all variants. And the negative display on some versions might prove a bit hard to read unless you’re in perfect light.

Should You Buy?

So, if moving past the minor issues – the question that arises – Are these watches worth investing in? While every person’s preference and taste may vary, these watches definitely offer a lot to appreciate. So, as long as you align with the aesthetics and don’t mind the few issues mentioned, these make for a worthy addition to your collection.

Overall Impression

To sum it up, these watches cater to a spectrum of style preferences, provide great functionality, and are easy on the wrist as well as on the pocket . They definitely make for an appealing choice for those seeking an affordable yet stylish timepiece.

Concluding Remarks

  • G-shocks justify obsession with unique charm
  • Watch collection can become a slippery slope
  • Preference developed for Metal Casio watches

Reflecting on the staggering range of wristwatches I’ve explored, it is quite clear that my continued obsession with G-shocks is well-justified. Each model has its own unique charm, making it a worthy contender for anyone’s wrist.

The Struggle of Binge Watch Buying – Any End to It?

Watch collection can indeed become a slippery slope. From my personal experience, every new release prompts a near-irresistible desire to own and review. However, weighing the utility and usability of each model is something that I’ve learned over time. The aesthetics, while important, should not eclipse the practicality of the watches.

Preferences for Metal Casio over G-Shocks

Over time, I’ve developed a keen fondness for Metal Casio watches . Despite their higher prices, their durable construction paired with the classic shine and weight, provides a level of comfort that justifies the investment. Yet, this is not to discount that G-shocks have held their own quite well, delivering quality performance under harsh weather conditions and ensuring precise time with their atomic and solar functionality.

In retrospect, this journey through contrasting models and brands sparks a certain realization. Variances aside, it is ultimately about what resonates with your personal taste and lifestyle. So, whether you’re a fan of sleek analog watches, or prefer the robust and multifunctional feel of digital wristwatches, the choice should be all yours.

After all, each wristwatch has its story to tell, and perhaps, you might want to be part of that story.

Farewell Note

As we wrap this up, I want to say that it’s been quite an experience navigating through different watch models, their features, and their comforts. These reviews are always engaging, as it’s always interesting to see how different watches perform in a variety of situations and conditions.

Being critical about every single detail might seem a bit unusual to some, but as watch enthusiasts, we know that it’s the minor things that matter the most, be it the shiny or matte band, negative display, or even the weight of the watch. After all, a watch is not merely a tool to keep track of time, but also a reflection of our personal style and comfort.

The Battle: Metal Casio Vs. G-Shocks

While the comparison between the Metal Casio and G-Shocks turned out to be interesting, I must emphasize that personal preference plays a significant role here. Some might find the lightweight G-shocks more appealing because of their easy-to-wear nature, while others might lean towards the sturdy feel of the Metal Casio. It’s interesting to note how each one has made its place in the watch landscape and caters to different tastes and preferences.

Shifting Woes

We can’t glance over the shifting issue either. Having the watch adjusting all the time can get bothersome, and it could potentially influence your decision whether you consider the watch as daily wearable or not. We hope to see watchmakers addressing this issue in their upcoming models.

All in all, this exploration demonstrates that there’s a timepiece out there for everyone. It’s all about figuring out what suits your specific needs and preferences. In the end, it’s your wrist, your comfort.

Thank you for your Time

Thank you for accompanying me on this review journey, and I look forward to bringing more watch reviews in the future. Until next time!

Should you buy the G-Shock GA2100-7A?

Buy it if…

You enjoy the look of G-shocks

The reviewer suggests this particular model has a sleek combination of white and black that stands out.

Perfect light isn’t always available

The negative display feature of this watch works decently in imperfect light according to the reviewer.

You want a watch with basic functions

Besides showing time, this G-shock model also features world time, stopwatch, timer and alarms – basic and useful.

Don’t buy it if…

Negative displays aren’t your preference

Despite being more readable than other models, the negative display can still be tough to read if you’re not in perfect light.

You prefer heavyweight watches

Compared to other watches, especially analog ones, this G-shock feels lighter which may make it feel less premium to some.

You have a larger wrist

The reviewer mentions the watch can shift position on larger or bony wrists, which may be uncomfortable to some users.


Which G-Shock model was reviewed in this video?
The GA 2100 7A G-shock model was reviewed in this video.
What are the features of this G-Shock?
The G-shock has features like Negative Display, light function, world time, stopwatch, timer, alarms, and date-time display.
What was the reviewer’s comment about the Negative display?
The reviewer found the Negative Display hard to read if not in perfect light, but acknowledged it as one of the better amongst other watches with a similar display.
What is the light function on this G-Shock?
The light function on this G-shock is customizable to stay lit for a set duration of time, such as 3 seconds.
Did the reviewer suggest this watch to be a good daily wear?
Yes, the reviewer found this model to be easily wearable daily with its comfort, aesthetics, and precise functionalities. However, there is a ‘shifting’ issue on the wrist that was mentioned.
What is the ‘shifting’ issue the reviewer mentioned?
The ‘shifting’ issue refers to the watch moving around on the wrist, which might be inconvenient for some wearers.
What is the price of this G-Shock?
The reviewer did not mention an exact price for this model in the video, but suggested that they found it for sale on an online website.
Which G-shock model is the reviewer’s current favorite?
The reviewer mentioned that their current favorite G-shock is a different model, which was not named in the video.
What is the comparison with other watches?
The reviewer compared this G-shock with other models in terms of comfort, Negative Display, and aesthetics. They prefer the aesthetics of this G-shock over others but respect the comfort of other models.
Does the reviewer plan on buying any more G-shocks?
The reviewer mentioned having a habit of buying more watches even after deciding not to. They did not confirm any upcoming purchases.

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