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Review: Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version] – A fantastic solution for pet-separation anxiety

Review of a game-changing pet gadget promising a stress-free environment for pets and owners... Read more

Review of Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

Table of Contents

Test of Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

4.5/5 - (4244 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Super easy to set up
  • Amazon Alexa home assistant support built-in
  • Crystal clear 1080p resolution video
  • Treat tossing feature is effective
  • Doubles as a low-tech security alarm
  • Two-way microphone speaker for pet interaction
  • Night vision camera feature


  • Alert system and bark sensor too sensitive
  • Empty room view when dog is absent
  • Advanced features require paid subscription
  • Doesn’t pair with Google Assistant, only Amazon
  • May cause a crowded space in homes

“After spending some quality time with the Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera, I have to say that it’s a fantastic solution for those who experience pet-separation anxiety. The setup is simple and the multiple features, such as the clear camera feed, treat tossing mechanism and the bark sensor not only keep you closer to your pet but also add a fun element into the mix. However, the overly sensitive bark sensor and costly subscriptions for advanced features are minor concerns. As an added hack, it serves well as a low-tech security system too. Overall, considering the peace of mind it brings to pet parents, I firmly believe it offers significant value for its price.”

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Recommended Uses For Product Pet Monitoring
Brand Furbo
Model Name Furbo 360°
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature barking detection

Introduction to Love Pup: A Heartwarming Experience

As a seasoned product reviewer, I’ve had the opportunity to explore countless items, from unique gadgets to everyday utilities. However, my recent trip to Love Pup offered an experience like no other. It was not only heartwarming but also gave me a newfound appreciation for the compassionate work they do within our community. Visiting Love Pup switched up my usual day-to-day grind of product reviewing and unboxing, sprinkling in a warm fuzzy feeling that lingered long after the visit. All in all, our Friday Fun Day at Love Pup genuinely left me brimming with positivity and motivation for the upcoming product review.

A Glimpse into Love Pup’s Endeavors

Love Pup, as the name implies, is all about spreading love and care for our furry friends. They are a beacon of assistance and resources for abandoned, stray, and injured animals in need. My experience with Love Pup opened my eyes to the vast sea of good they bring to our community. Walking down their facility corridors, the wagging tails, joyful barks, and the spark of hope in each rescued pup’s eyes was a clear affirmation of the phenomenal job they do.

A Special Unboxing Experience

We always strive to blend excitement and suspense into our reviews and unboxings. So, it was no different this time, as we had an intriguing surprise brewing up for the Friday Fun Day Review and giveaway. Hint: it’s something that our canine companions would absolutely love. As we prepared for a fresh, comprehensive review, we remembered the infectious energy of the dogs at Love Pup; this served as the perfect cue to ensure our review was just as enthusiastic and fun-loving as those playful pups.

Finding the Balance: Being Critical and Unbiased

Inspired by Love Pup’s heartwarming mission, we aimed to approach our review with equal diligence. It’s never been about promoting or tearing down a product, but rather about maintaining an unbiased perspective and sharing a comprehensive, reliable review. This ethos extends to every product we encounter, ensuring our audience can trust us to deliver an accurate and honest evaluation.

Experience Shapes Perception

Every experience provides us with a unique perspective. Love Pup’s dedication to fostering a better world for dogs reminded us to approach every product review with care and attention to detail. So, while it may have been a fun Friday expedition, our visit to Love Pup undeniably played a vital role in shaping our approach to the upcoming product review.

Critique of Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

Gadget Nerds’ Surprises: The Adventure with Amazon’s Fine Voices Program

  • Account of Amazon’s Fine Voices Program experience
  • Interaction through gadget reviews
  • Challenges of juggling commitment with daily work

I have had the privilege to be a part of the Amazon’s Fine Voices Program, and what an adventure it has been! Stepping into this program was an exciting journey into a world filled with gadget galore, delivered right at the doorstep.

Amazon’s Delivery Frenzy

The Amazon delivery saga is a tale of its own. Picture this: a flood of brown boxes, arriving at a steady pace, almost turning the garage into a mini Amazon warehouse. The prospect of receiving eight boxes daily might sound thrilling at first, but it quickly transforms into a storage challenge.

However, the excitement of exploring what’s inside these boxes held the appeal. Unboxing varied gadgets, from fancy high-tech ones to everyday utility items, was fun and refreshing. A new gadget, waiting to be discovered, every time a delivery arrived was a joy in itself.

Inviting Your Participation

While the influx of gadgets was overwhelming, it was equally exhilarating to share these experiences. Each video documented was an open invitation for viewers to partake in the journey. Answering questions, sharing honest opinions, and providing comprehensive reviews became the focal point of creating each video.

Yet, one might wonder about fostering genuine engagement without a call to like, subscribe, or comment. But the key is in creating and sharing valuable content that naturally prompts its audience to interact and engage.

Note: Being a part of the program brought in its own charm, yet there were times when it felt like a serious commitment. Juggling regular work while attending to packages, recording videos, and sharing experiences wasn’t always an easy task. But, who can resist the appeal of opening a surprise package after an exhausting day at work!

Rating: Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

Unboxing Friday Fun Day: Review and Giveaway

  • Furbo is a smart, treat-tossing pet camera
  • Enables remote interaction with pets
  • Highly functional, enhances pet interaction experience

We’re diving straight into an exciting experience today. It’s a review time for something that aims to strengthen that precious bond between you and your furry friend. This is not just about the fun, but also about feeding your curiosity. So, let’s get cracking!

Sneak Peek at Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Alright folks, we have a fun packed, smart gizmo in for today’s unboxing – the Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera. Yes, you read that right! This is not your average pet toy or accessory, it’s a smart pet camera that enables you to interact with your pet even when you are miles away.

First Impressions:

Upon unboxing, we find a sleekly designed piece of tech that could easily pass for a modern kitchen kettle with its chic, minimalist design. The build quality seems sturdy enough, and noticeably, there’s no hint of that cheap, plasticky vibe that you might associate with some smart home gadgets.

The Furbo stands at nine inches tall and is packed with a bunch of features, the prominent one, of course, being the 1080p, 160-degree field-of-vision camera. So, it’s not just a cute-looking gadget, but one that promises serious utility and a significant deal of fun too.

Keeping the Fun Element in the Bag: Treat Tossing

The Furbo isn’t just about spying on your pooch during your office hours, it’s indeed much more. Yes, the treat tossing feature! This is an interesting element that promises to keep your fur friend entertained. So even when you’re not around, Furbo tosses a treat at your four-legged pal.

But does this work as advertised? Indeed it does! It surprisingly works well. And trust us, it’s such joy to see your furry friend jump with excitement when the gadget tosses a treat. Furbo does an exceptional job making sure your pet never feels alone.

Wrap up

The Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera certainly adds an exciting dimension to pet care. It’s enjoyable, functional, and easy-to-use. It delivers on most of its promises, enhancing your pet interaction experience. That’s about it. Stay tuned for our next detailed review where we explore each feature, and discuss pros and cons.

Assessment of Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

FOMO for Your Fur friend: Your Solution for Remote Pet Parenting

  • Furbo is a Wi-Fi connected pet-care gadget
  • Offers 1080p camera, two-way microphone, and treat dispenser
  • Helps monitor and interact with pets remotely

Ever experienced that little pang of anxiety when you leave your lovable fur baby at home while you trudge off to work? If you constantly find yourself checking your watch, counting down the hours till you’re back home to your pet, the Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera might just be the antidote for your furry FOMO.

What’s Furbo?

At first glance, you might mistake the Furbo for a stylish kitchen gadget. The sleek, cylindrical unit stands just nine inches tall, camouflaging effortlessly with your home decor. But the Furbo is far from a mere ornament. It’s a clever gizmo loaded with features designed to help you care for your pet, even when you’re not physically present.

Stay Connected, Anytime, Anywhere

The standout feature of the Furbo is undoubtedly its 1080p, 160-degree field-of-vision camera. Connected over your Wi-Fi network, the camera feeds a live-stream directly to your mobile device. That means you’re just a tap away from peeking into your dog’s world, irrespective of where you are.

Beyond Just Visuals

But the Furbo isn’t limited to mere sight. A two-way microphone speaker setup allows you to hear and speak to your pet, further narrowing the distance between you two. A special barking sensor sends an alert to your phone whenever your pet is soliciting some attention.

Making Treat Time Fun

And it’s not just about monitoring. The Furbo adds a fun, interactive twist to treat time. It houses a small receptacle for doggy snacks which can be activated remotely to toss out a treat. This innovative feature doubles as a great training tool, all the while being a source of amusement for your four-legged buddy.

Through this review, the main goal was to give a genuine, neutral rundown of my experience with the Furbo. But remember, it’s always best to consider your personal needs and situation while making your choice. After all, every pet-parenting journey is unique.

Verdict: Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

Furbo Under Night Sky: Exploring Night Vision Camera Features

  • Furbo’s night vision camera monitors pets in dark
  • Camera requires good Wi-Fi for clear streaming
  • Night vision feature could benefit from color accuracy, zoom function

Next on our exploration was the Furbo’s night vision camera. That’s correct, Furbo houses a stellar night vision feature that completely revolutionizes how we monitor our furry friends.

Curiosity after Dark

We can’t help but wonder – what does your pet really get up to when the lights go out? This 1080p, 160-degree field-of-vision night vision camera leaves no room for mysteries as it helps us keep an eye on our pet anytime, anywhere.

Behind the Scenes

When the natural light dims, the Furbo automatically turns on its night vision. To our delight, the transition was seamless and did not disrupt the live streaming experience. It provides known peace of mind, especially if you’re keen on monitoring your pet’s nocturnal habits. However, do note that adequate Wi-Fi connection is paramount for a clear, uninterrupted stream.

Nighttime Viewing Quality

The quality of the feed under night vision was definitely impressive. The pitch-dark room became entirely visible, albeit in greyscale. Despite the lack of color, we could still easily identify objects and movements in the room. Rest assured, you’ll have an easy time spotting your pet’s late-night shenanigans, if any.

Room for Improvement

Critically speaking, some room for improvement exists. For instance, better color accuracy in the feed, even under night vision, could make a world of difference. The addition of color during night viewing could provide an even more comprehensive video of what occurs when we’re not around. Furthermore, a zooming feature could also become a handy addition, enabling a closer look when required.

Nevertheless, for a treat-tossing pet camera, Furbo has proven to be more than just a gimmicky gadget. It’s providing quality features, and the night vision mode is indeed one of them.

Review of Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

Fun with the Furbos Treat Tossing: A New Game for Your Pup

  • Furbo’s treat-tossing feature enhances pet-parent bond
  • Treat tossing mechanism can also serve as pet trainer
  • Furbo sometimes dispenses multiple treats at once

When it comes to adding an exciting twist to your fur friend’s everyday regime, the Furbo’s treat tossing feature stands out. For a dog parent, it comes as a joy to see our canine friend enthusiastically running after the tossed treatment, making it a perfect game for pet-parent bonding.

Getting Started with Treat Tossing

The setup doesn’t need you to be tech-savvy. Furbo has made it incredibly practical and seamless. The device is hollow inside, designed to be filled with your pet’s favorite treats. To activate the treat-tossing feature, you simply need to press a button. It’s indeed a delightful practice to see Furbo launching out a treat for our furry friends.

Response of Our Four-Legged Friend

As a pet parent, the initial goal was to observe how our pet reacts. To our delight, we found that it didn’t take much time for our pup to adapt to this new toy. In fact, it quickly learned to sit patiently in front of Furbo, all ready to snatch up the treat that was about to be thrown. This observation is testament to how intuitively Furbo has been designed to cater to a pet’s nature.

Treat Tossing: A Pet Trainer?

One surprising benefit we observed was Furbo’s potential use as a sort of pet trainer. When used properly, the treat tossing mechanism can be a great incentive for rewarding good behavior and training your furry friend.

Downside of Furbo’s Treat Tossing

While all seems hunky-dory, there’s a slight drawback. The Furbo might not always release a single treat and, in our case, sometimes it lobbed out up to three at once. While we got a good laugh out of it, a more precise dispensing mechanism would certainly be a value-add. I’m sure the pooches would disagree with this critique though, the more treats, the merrier!

The Verdict

Despite minor shortcomings, the Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera’s interactive feature has convincingly added an enjoyable dynamic to our pet-parent bond. There’s just something incredibly gratifying about watching your fur friend zealously participate in a game that also delivers them yummy treats.

Study of Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

Our Take on Furbo: The Pro’s and Con’s

  • Furbo offers easy setup and entertaining treat tossing feature
  • Furbo’s alert system potentially triggers frequent false alarms
  • Additional subscription needed for advanced features

The Pros of Furbo

We quickly grew fond of the Furbo’s design and functionality. Setting it up was as simple as they come – plug the unit into a wall socket, download the Furbo app to your phone, and link the two over your Wi-Fi network. We appreciated the crystal clear 1080p resolution. Even on a small smartphone screen, it was a joy to check in on our furry friends. The treat tossing feature also worked surprisingly well and it was genuinely entertaining to watch how quickly our four-legged companion learnt to anticipate it.

Another nifty feature that caught our attention was the built-in Amazon Alexa. If you’re into smart homes and voice activation, this integration would be a huge plus. Lastly, the Furbo could potentially serve as a low-tech security system; its person detection feature sends alerts when a person passes in front when you’re not home, and it also works with smart home connected smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

The Cons of Furbo

Despite the impressive features, the Furbo isn’t without its potential setbacks. For starters, the alert system functioned a little too efficiently. On one occasion, we received alerts only to check in and find an empty room. Although this could be seen as reassuring, it could potentially become a little bothersome with frequent false alarms.

Also, the advanced features of remote cloud recording and their “doggy diary” require an additional subscription, which might dissuade some users. We were also disappointed to find out that it’s Amazon Alex only. Google Home users may feel left out as they can’t pair their home assistant with Furbo.

Final Verdict

Overall, we found the Furbo to be a solid product offering a unique solution for pet owners dealing with separation anxiety from their pets. It might have a few setbacks, but alongside its sleek design and easy setup, its pros definitely balance the scale. In short, if you’re a pet owner frequently away from home, the Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera could be a pal worth considering.

Scrutiny of Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

Grab Your Free Furbo: Join Our Giveaway

  • Giveaway for a Furbo Pet Camera
  • Participation requires subscription, like, and comment
  • Winner will be selected randomly

The best part? We’re giving away a Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera to one lucky winner. You heard it right! Here’s a chance for you not just to read about how great Furbo is, but to experience it firsthand with your furry friend. So, let’s dive into the details without any further ado.

How to Participate?

Joining the giveaway is as simple as ABC, just follow the rules and the Furbo could be yours.

  1. Subscribe to the channel: We welcome everyone, newbie or oldie. Just hit that subscribe button and you’re in!

  2. Like this Video: Show some love by liking the video. It’s a little thing that keeps our community growing.

  3. Leave a Comment: This one’s crucial! Include the hashtag #lovepup in the comment section of this video. On why do you need Furbo, or any pet-related fun fact you want to share.

What’s Next?

Well, just sit back and relax! The winner will be selected randomly and announced exactly a week from now. If lady luck is on your side, you’ll have the Furbo all to yourself soon.

Important: Please make sure you’ve followed the instructions properly. Entries not following the rules will not be considered for the giveaway.

Can’t Wait to Win? Where to Buy

Can’t wait to see if luck favours you and you want your very own Furbo right away? No problem! You can always purchase it. Check out the purchase link below in the description.

Are you ready to explore the fun and peace of mind Furbo offers? Get, set, PARTICIPATE!

Review of Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]

Conclusion: Wrapping Up Our Journey with Furbo

And, that’s a wrap! Stay with us as we critically analyze our unbiased first-person experience with the Furbo treat tossing wi-fi pet camera.

General Impressions

Overall, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the chance to experiment with this technological marvel. The sheer joy of interacting remotely with our four-legged friend was not only entertaining but created a comforting peace of mind during working hours or whenever we were away from home.

The barking sensor feature, in particular, proved to be substantially helpful, keeping us informed of our pet’s activities and behavior while we’re away. We felt more connected and mindful of our pet’s needs, knowing when to tune in for a playful chat or to pacify curiosity induced barks with a tossed treat. Undoubtedly, it’s an excellent tool to maintain a good emotional bond with furry friends.

The Verdict

In terms of criticism and keeping bias at bay, the product is not exempt from the drawback. We observed that the alert system was super sensitive, sending alerts when the dog was not even in the room. The need for a paid subscription to access more advanced features such as remote cloud recording and the doggy diary also raises eyebrows. A home assistant compatibility limited to Amazon could be an obstacle for users invested in Google’s ecosystem.

However, every product has its ups and downs. The end line remains; if a pet-friendly home with a touch of innovative technology is what you aim for, the Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera is certainly worth considering. It’s an interesting blend of fun, functionality, peace of mind and a part-time low-tech security alarm for your home.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


To sum it all up, we loved the experience the Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera provided. Despite the few speedbumps along the way, it served its purpose magnificently, and the novelty of it all never wore off with time. Thus, if you’re in pursuit of a cutting-edge gadget to alleviate separation anxiety from your buddy, we say, go for it!

Should you buy the Furbo 360° Rotating Dog Camera Treat Dispenser [2022 Version]?

Buy it if…

You crave constant connection with your pet

With Furbo’s Wi-Fi pet camera, you can monitor, interact, and even treat your pet remotely, making it perfect for pet parents who hate the idea of leaving their fur friend alone.

You need a handy security device

Beyond a pet monitor, Furbo doubles as a low-tech security device, detecting when a person passes in front and sending alerts if connected smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms go off.

You want a stress reliever

If you often worry about your pet when you’re not home, Furbo helps alleviate anxiety by keeping you in sync with your pet’s activities.

Don’t buy it if…

You find paid subscriptions off-putting

While Furbo has great basic features, access to more advanced features including cloud recording and the doggy diary require a paid subscription.

You’re a Google Home enthusiast

If you’re predominantly on Team Google, Furbo might be a disappointment as it doesn’t support Google Home Assistant.

You favor silence over security

The alert system and bark sensor of Furbo work efficiently, meaning you might get alerts even when your dog is calm or the room is empty, which could be annoying if you prefer quiet.


What is the Fine Voices program?
Fine Voices is an exclusive program by Amazon that selects individuals to review numerous products. It was mentioned by the authors, Gary and Matt, as a program they were invited to participate in.
What is the Furbo Treat Tossing Wi-Fi Pet Camera?
It is a pet camera that allows pet owners to monitor their pets through streaming video. The device also has a treat-tossing feature and allows two-way communication between the pet and owner.
What are some key features of the Furbo Camera?
The Furbo has a 1080p 160-degree field of vision camera, and it’s connected to your Wi-Fi network for streaming. It also comes with a night vision camera, a two-way microphone speaker setup and a barking sensor.
How does the treat-tossing feature work on the Furbo?
The Furbo has a hollow inside that can be filled with treats. At a press of a button from your smartphone, it tosses out a treat for your pet.
Is the Furbo easy to set up?
Yes, according to the review, it’s quite easy to set up. Just plug it into a wall socket, download the Furbo app to your phone, and link the two over your Wi-Fi network.
Does the Furbo integrate with Amazon Alexa?
Yes, Furbo has built-in Amazon Alexa home assistant support. This offers additional voice activation features.
Are there any drawbacks to using Furbo?
The review notes that the alert system and bark sensor may work a little too well at times. Also, features like remote cloud recording and the doggy diary require a paid subscription.
How can I win a Furbo camera?
You can enter to win by subscribing to the reviewer’s channel, liking the video, and leaving a comment with the hashtag #lovepup.
Where can I buy the Furbo if I don’t win the giveaway?
The purchase link has been provided in the video’s description according to the review.

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