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Review: FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera – Excellent blend of retro charm and modern convenience

Explore the charming, high-performing, convenient Fujifilm Square SQ1, a retro-inspired instant film camera... Read more

Review of FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

Table of Contents

Test of FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

4.6/5 - (1396 votes)

Cena: $87.61


  • User-friendly with easy film installation
  • Auto exposure feature for convenient shooting
  • Provision for perfect selfies with mirror addition
  • Stylish, retro design
  • Quick photo development
  • Effective film counter


  • Sensitive shoot button causes accidental snaps
  • Lacks a self-timer feature
  • Film costs can add up quickly
  • No built-in film pack

“After spending ample time with the Fujifilm Square SQ1, I can confidently say that it offers an excellent blend of retro charm and modern convenience. The simplicity, ease of use, and auto exposure feature make it a delightful experience for an instant film camera enthusiast like myself. I do feel, though, a self-timer could have added a lot more practicality to the offering, and I had to be mindful about sensitive shutter button. The film price is a noteworthy factor but, considering the unique, tangible memories it creates, I find it justified. So, weighing everything, I genuinely believe the Fujifilm SQ1 is a worthy investment for those seeking to capture instant snippets of their lives in a chic, nostalgic style.”

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Brand Fujifilm
Special Feature Auto Exposure
Film Format Type Instant
Item Weight 390 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.15 x 4.6 x 2.26 inches
Included Components Camera Body & Accessories
Model Name Instax Square SQ1
Film Color Colored
Compatible Devices camera

Capturing Memories with a retro Twist: Fujifilm Square SQ1 Review

In the era of digital photography, one might question the relevance of instant film cameras. Yet the Fujifilm Square SQ1, with its retro appeal and user-friendly interface, challenges that notion compellingly.

The Anticipation: Unboxing the Fujifilm Square SQ1

Unboxing the Fujifilm Square SQ1 felt like reliving the nostalgic charm of yesteryears. The camera’s minimalist design, coupled with a wrist strap and a pack of batteries included in the box, immediately conveyed simplicity and practicality. Notably, I found that the package did not include the film. It’s a critical point to remember for those looking to hit the ground running – remember to purchase your instant films separately.

The Rookie Guide: Understanding Your Fujifilm Square SQ1

After unboxing, it was time to familiarize myself with this little memory-making machine. The back of the camera houses a simple latch that reveals the film compartment. The compartment’s design is remarkably straightforward, making the film loading process a breeze even for the uninitiated.

Batteries Included: Prepping your Camera for the First Snap

The Fujifilm Square SQ1 houses its batteries in a compartment that seamlessly blends with the design of the camera. While this integration makes for a sleeker design, it can also create a moment of confusion. However, with a mere push, the compartment door slides off- a petite surprise in the design. With the batteries inserted, the camera was ready to start capturing moments.


The simplicity of setting up and the minimalistic design do make a strong initial impression. However, it would have been more user-friendly had Fujifilm included the film in the package or clearly mentioned its absence on the box. The company could also consider making the battery compartment more visibly distinguishable to avoid any initial usage hitch.

Remarks on FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

First Impressions: Aesthetics and Functionality

  • Fujifilm Square SQ1 balances aesthetics and functionality
  • Impressive in user-friendly operational features
  • Has a highly sensitive shutter button

On first glance, the Fujifilm Square SQ1 impresses with its simple yet chic design. The camera has an undeniable appeal, reminiscent of the throwback feel of retro instant film cameras. The instant film camera comes in three distinct, eye-catching colors – a vibrant orange, a cool glacier blue, and a classic white.

Square SQ1: The Look

The model I tried out was the white one. It has a minimalist allure and can easily be a fashionable addition to one’s gadget collection. The form factor of the camera is another highlight – it’s compact and can easily be held, making it a good travel companion. But remember, it’s not just about how it fits the palm of your hand, it’s about how this device captures once-in-a-lifetime moments in an instant.

User-Friendly Operation

The Fujifilm Square SQ1 scores highly for usability. Packed with features that are uncomplicated and straightforward, it appears as though it’s designed with ease-of-use in mind. It has an intuitive design: without having to pore over complex instruction manuals, you can start capturing memories.

This camera even has a battery compartment that’s quite simple to access – you just have to push and it slips off, a feature which all of us can truly appreciate. Notably, the camera has an auto-exposure function that adjusts to your environment automatically, ensuring that you get perfect lighting for your shots every time. The catch? There’s no option for manual settings adjustment – while some may prefer the simplicity, others may miss the creative control.

An Unusually Touchy Shutter Button?

A noteworthy observation about the camera was the highly sensitive shutter button. You only have to tap it slightly for a picture to be taken. While this could be seen as a unique feature, some might find it a bit too touchy, especially when you end up taking photos unintentionally. Just a heads up – a pack of 20 films cost you around 16 pounds, so each accidental snap can be quite costly!


Overall, the Fujifilm Square SQ1 leaves a strong first impression in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It balances a cool, retro look with user-friendly operational features. But like any product, it isn’t without its quirks – its highly sensitive shutter button being one of them.

Weighing FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

In the Details: Everything Fujifilm Square SQ1 Offers

  • Fujifilm Square SQ1 features convenient Selfie Mode
  • Camera debunks shaking instant film myth
  • Offers auto-exposure feature for easy use

Delving into the specifics, the Fujifilm Square SQ1 is indeed more than just an instant film camera. Its notable features set it apart in the market, meriting a closer inspection.

Say Cheese!: The Selfie Mode And Its Convenience

One feature that caught my attention was the camera’s ability to switch into ‘selfie mode’. With a neat little rotation of the lens, the camera is ready to take some high-quality self-portraits. There’s even a mini mirror on the front of the camera, allowing you to align those perfect shots. So, despite being a vintage throwback, the camera doesn’t lack in catering to the modern need for selfies! However, do take note that the camera button is ultra-sensitive, thus ensuring minimal pressure while taking your shot is advised.

Busted! Debunking the Instant Film Myth

One significant thing I discovered, with a pinch of surprise, was that the idea of ‘shaking an instant film’ after a photo is taken is nothing more than a myth, widely misperceived and practised. Instead, the output develops on its own, at a steady pace, without the need for a shake-up – an all-too-common pitfall that can thankfully be crossed off the list of worries.

Look Beyond the Lens: Auto Exposure Feature

One of the most appealing aspects of this camera – and it’s a biggie – is its auto-exposure feature. The Fujifilm Square SQ1 automatically sorts out the optimal exposure for your shots. You don’t have to muddle around with settings or figure out adjustments for different lights. It’s simplicity at its finest, merely point and shoot, and the camera will do the rest. Yet, remember, convenience doesn’t completely override the basics of photography. The composition still matters!


This camera offers simplicity and convenience at its finest, but it is crucial to understand that this should not replace the basics of photography. Planning your composition is still key in capturing excellent pictures.

Overall, the Fujifilm Square SQ1 proves to be an interesting fusion of retro charm and modern practicality. Keeping its amenities user-friendly and neatly whipping out good quality photos, this instant camera leaves a positive first impression. However, users seeking more advanced features may find certain limitations. Join me in the next chapter as we delve into the cost aspect of this camera.

Critique of FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

Worth the Investment?: Film Costs and Value

  • Ongoing cost of Fujifilm camera is film packs
  • Subjective value of physical photos may justify cost

One key factor to consider when investing in an instant camera such as the Fujifilm Square SQ1 is the ongoing cost of the film. Sure, the camera itself was quite an attractive deal, especially since I got it on sale, but it’s crucial to consider the recurring expense that comes with it – the film packs.

Snap and Spend: Cost Analysis of the Fujifilm Instant Film

If I’m being perfectly honest, this is probably the area where my enthusiasm dampened slightly. Each pack of instant film – which only contains 20 shots – comes in at a sweet 16 pounds. Of course, I knew this going in, but there’s something about holding the tangible print in your hand that brings reality into sharper focus.

As I fumbled with the touch-sensitive shutter button and ended up accidentally exposing a couple of films (word to the wise: be very careful with that button!) , it was readily apparent just how quickly the costs could potentially rack up.

The Price of Memories: Is 16 Pounds Per 20 Pack Worth It?

When assessing the value of the Fujifilm film packs, it’s quite a subjective matter. How do you accurately price a memory captured in a fleeting moment? Isn’t there a unique, priceless appeal to physical photos in this digital age? These were the thoughts swirling in my mind as I snapped away.

On one hand, the cost felt slightly steep, particularly for anyone intending to use the camera frequently. The film packs aren’t the cheapest on the market, and this could definitely add up over time.

On the other hand, the joy I felt seeing each photo develop before my eyes – each a tiny portal back to the moment it was captured – was, in my opinion, worth more than its weight in gold. This inherent joy might make the cost seem worthwhile for some, especially if usage is somewhat sporadic.

Therefore, while the ongoing investment in film packs cannot be ignored, the value derived from the camera does, to an extent, help to justify the cost. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision whether the cost of capturing instant memories aligns with your budget and photography needs.

Scanning FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

Making Memories: Testing Practicality and Performance

  • Fujifilm Square SQ1 is easy-to-handle and portable
  • Produces distinct, vibrant, retro-style prints
  • Lacks a self-timer feature

Heading out for a day of shooting gave me the perfect opportunity to put the Fujifilm Square SQ1 through its paces. Here’s the scoop on how it all went.

Portable Preservation: How Convenient is the SQ1?

As indicated by the manufacturer, the SQ1 is designed to be handled with ease and I found it to be true. Its compact size and lighter weight make it very convenient to take on the go. Whether I slid it into my bag or simply used the included wrist strap, it was a walk in the park carrying it around.

Hitting the Shutter Button: The Output Quality

First things first, the picture quality. With a camera like this, you’re not aiming for high-end DSLR standards. The charm of an instant film camera lies in its aesthetic, and in this respect, I found the Fujifilm Square SQ1 charming. The prints had a retro feel and were fun and distinct.

However, there’s something to be said about the color reproduction. The colors were vibrant, but not always true to the original scene. There were slight color deviations, but nothing too major to be honest.

  • Note: It’s important to manage your expectations with an instant film camera, as they can’t measure up to the advanced technology in DSLRs or smartphone cameras, but they do have their unique appeal.

Wishfully Thinking: The Much Needed Self-Timer

As I reached towards the end of my adventurous day, I wished for a feature that was missing. Having a self-timer would have been a great addition to the Fujifilm Square SQ1. It did need me to get creative with mirror reflections and friendly help to capture myself in a shot when I wanted to be in the picture. It’s by no means a deal-breaker but it’s something Fujifilm might consider for future versions.

In conclusion , the Fujifilm Square SQ1 proved to deliver on its basic purpose of being a fun, convenient, and retro way of capturing memories. Its strengths like its portable design and Auto Exposure feature make it a great buy at its price range, but keep in mind, it might not be the ideal choice for those looking to capture high-quality, detailed images.

Rundown: FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

Wrap-up: Final Verdict on the Fujifilm Square SQ1

  • Fujifilm Square SQ1 has an elegant, user-friendly design
  • Features a selfie mode but lacks a self-timer
  • Recommended for its blend of functionality and retro charm

As I wrap up my time with the Fujifilm Square SQ1, it’s time to lay out the overall impression that this retro-infused device left on me. Let’s swing across the pros and cons that were undeniably evident.

The Pros: What I Loved about the Fujifilm Square SQ1

Firstly, the elegance of its design strikes you from the get-go. Whether you decide on the white, glacier blue, or the zesty orange, be prepared to make a statement at any event.

The user-friendliness of the camera is also worth mentioning. From inserting the film to snapping your picture, all steps were pleasingly straightforward – perfect for photography newbies.

Also, the SQ1’s selfie feature was a pleasant surprise. It allowed me to align my shots perfectly and offered a fun twist to using an instant film camera. The output? A delightful snapshot of pure nostalgia!

The Cons: Room for Improvement

Despite the advantages the SQ1 brings to my photography toolkit, there were some elements that could use refinement. The product’s touch-sensitive button can prove to be a bit tricky to navigate. As I found out, a slight brush against it can trigger an unintended click. With the cost of film, this might prove expensive over time.

I also missed having a self-timer . It would have leveled up the user experience and allowed for more varied and fun shots without needing an extra set of hands.

Would I Recommend the Fujifilm Square SQ1? My Final Assessment

In the grand scheme of things, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, making the Fujifilm Square SQ1 a worthy addition to any photography enthusiast’s collection. It’s a camera that’s versatile while being simple, delivering a satisfying blend of nostalgia and modernity. Sure, there’s room for improvisation, but doesn’t every product have its quirks?

So, with the excitement it brings to each click and the uniqueness of its output, I would absolutely recommend the Fujifilm Square SQ1 to anyone seeking a blend of easy-to-use functionality and retro charm in their photography journey.

Breakdown of FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera

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Until Next Time: Wrapping Up the Fujifilm Square SQ1 Experience

So, that’s it for the Fujifilm Square SQ1 review. Hopefully, it’s been a beneficial journey, one that leaves you more informed and confident in making your next instant camera purchasing decision. Until the next review, keep those ideas, questions, and experiences coming. It is your input that drives the quality and relevance of these reviews!

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Should you buy the FUJIFILM Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera?

Buy it if…

You’re a Fan of Retro and Instant Photography

If you love old-school photography and instant prints, the Fujifilm Square SQ1 is perfect with its charming, retro design and impressively accurate prints.

You’re Looking for a User-Friendly Camera

The Square SQ1 is easy to operate, from film installation to taking photos, ideal for those who prefer simplicity and user-friendliness.

You Value Aesthetic Appeal

The camera is chic and compact, available in a variety of colors to fit your personal aesthetic. It also comes with a convenient pouch for travel-friendly, stylish storage.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a Strict Budget

Running an instant camera can be costly over time, with instant film packs being quite expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, these costs may accumulate.

You Want a Self-Timer Option

The Square SQ1 lacks a self-timer feature. It might not suit your needs if you prefer taking photos without holding the camera.

You Prefer Digital Photography

As an instant camera, the Fujifilm Square SQ1 provides printed photos. If you prefer digital formats or need multiple copies of the same photo, this camera may not be the ideal choice.


Are the batteries included with the Fujifilm Square SQ1?
Yes, batteries are included when you purchase the Fujifilm Square SQ1.
Does the Fujifilm Square SQ1 come with film?
No, the instant film for the Fujifilm Square SQ1 is sold separately.
How much does the film for the Fujifilm Square SQ1 cost?
The film for the Fujifilm Square SQ1 costs roughly 16 pounds for a 20 pack.
Does the Fujifilm Square SQ1 have a selfie mode?
Yes, the Fujifilm Square SQ1 does have a selfie mode.
Is the Fujifilm Square SQ1 easy to use?
Yes, the camera has been described as very user friendly with no complex settings.
Does the Fujifilm Square SQ1 have a self-timer?
No, the Fujifilm Square SQ1 does not have a self-timer.
How quickly does the film for the Fujifilm Square SQ1 develop?
The development time for the film ranges around 20 seconds.

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