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Review: Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer – A fun, versatile and entertaining printing experience.

Explore the fun, quality, and user-friendly features of Fujifilm’s latest portable photo printer, Instax Mini Link 2... Read more

Review of Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

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Test of Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

4.8/5 - (1732 votes)

Cena: $78.99


  • Portable with fun colors
  • Cost-effective
  • Updated app with new features
  • Wireless printing capability
  • Long battery life up to 100 prints
  • Unique live air mode for customization
  • Fun modes for creative printing


  • Limited to phone usage
  • More costly film packs
  • Less comfortable to hold
  • Not compatible with other Fujifilm cameras
  • Air features may feel gimmicky
  • Micro USB charging instead of USB-C
  • Needs Bluetooth for all functions

“After putting the Instax Mini Link 2 through its paces, I’ve found it to be a fun, portable photo printer with a blend of familiar features and new, innovative additions. While it’s primarily designed for use with a smartphone, it provides a versatile and entertaining printing experience. Its new air mode features like the digital spray paint and laser pointer indeed make it a delight. The slight discomfort in one-handed operation is worth noting, but doesn’t majorly detract from the overall experience. Whether you should upgrade or not highly depends on your penchant for these added functionalities. But, if you’re seeking a playful, creative twist to your printing sessions, the Mini Link 2 holds appealing charm.”

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Brand Fujifilm
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature Lightweight
Color Clay White
Printer Output Color
Maximum Print Speed (Color) 5
Max Printspeed Monochrome 10
Item Weight 7.36 Ounces

Introduction: My Take on Instax Mini Link 2

Having tried out numerous devices in the world of instant photography, quite a few have piqued my interest. However, Fujifilm’s latest launch, the Instax Mini Link 2, stands out as a product begging for a review. Its sleek design and innovative functionalities intrigued me enough to shed my usual, slightly skeptically critical posture and dig in to fulfill your curiosity and mine.

Fresh from Fujifilm: Instax Mini Link 2 Overview

The Instax Mini Link 2, announced in June 2022, is the newest addition to Fujifilm’s line of portable photo printers. Utilizing Fujifilm’s globally acclaimed Instax Mini format, the device aims to provide both casual and avid photographers a simple, elegant and fun way to instantly transform a digital moment into a physical memory. With a price tag of around 130 USD or 115 GBP, it has the potential to appeal to a wide demographic.

Choosing your Color: Pink, White, or Space Blue?

Right off the bat, the Instax Mini Link 2 doesn’t shy away from a little personality. Available in soft pink, clay white or space blue, it adds a dash of individuality to the usually monochrome world of photo printers. Everyone can pick their favorite, embracing a splash of colour in an often black-and-white technical space. A clear edge for this model, in my view, is the concept of blending functionality with a visually pleasing design piece, pretty important for a device you’ll potentially carry around often.

I’ll, of course, strive to keep a balanced view during this exploration- focusing on specific functionalities, features and overall user experience. It’s important to go beyond the color-coated surface, after all. So, let’s dive deeper into this exciting product to find out what it’s really about.

Highlight: Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

A Look at the Design: Blending New and Old

  • Instax Mini Link 2 retains popular design elements
  • Introduces new features like side button and LED
  • Has micro USB charging and long-lasting battery

When you first lay your eyes on the Instax Mini Link 2, you might notice that it bears significant resemblance to its predecessor, the original Mini Link. This isn’t a coincidence – Fujifilm has consciously chosen to retain certain aspects of the design that proved reliable and popular among consumers.

Spot the Difference: Comparing New Model with Old

On the surface, both variants sport a similar rounded shell, particularly appealing if you’re a fan of pocket-sized gadgets. The ribbed finish has been given a little update, now appearing more pronounced than before. The Retention of this feature adds a degree of familiarity and consistency to the line of Instax printers. However, the notable difference lies in the newly introduced elements, the side button and the LED in the corner of the body, explicitly added to support fun new features

On Charging and Battery Longevity: What to Expect

As for its charging system, the Mini Link 2 retains the micro USB charging port, so you’re pretty much covered if you’ve got other devices using the same. On the battery front, you’d be pleased to know that you can squeeze out up to 100 prints off of a full charge, which, depending on your usage, could reach a decent number of days or even weeks.

While keeping the familiar design elements might bode well for fans of the old instax model, it also raises the question of whether the Instax Mini 2 does enough to justify its higher price tag. The enhancements introduced could potentially open up new creative possibilities, yet also could’ve been better integrated, or truly innovate beyond the boundaries of the predecessor.

Is the meld of old and new going to be a winning combination? We’ll delve deeper into the features and functionalities of this printer in the next parts to ascertain that.

Examining Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

Getting Started: Power on and Cartridge Insertion

  • Instax Mini Link 2 powers up using logo button
  • Printer charges over micro USB, offers 100 prints
  • Simple cartridge insertion at the printer’s rear

Alright, so let’s dive right in. What does it take to get the Instax Mini Link 2 up and running? Well, first things first let’s start with switching it on.

Power Button Usage

The mini printer’s logo, placed strategically at the front, doubles as a power button. I like the simplicity of this design as it keeps the interface clean and clutter-free. By pressing the button, you fire up the printer and the same button also lights up to indicate the printer’s status. Overall, an intuitive and user-friendly operation.

Micro USB Charging

Another feature worth noting is – the printer charges over micro USB. This is both convenient and standard with most devices these days. A fully charged battery promises about 100 prints, which in my opinion, is reasonably ample. However, the non-availability of a USB C port, a trait that leans more towards modern tech devices, is a little disappointing but clearly not a deal-breaker.

Cartridge Insertion

Now, moving on to inserting the Instax mini cartridge – simple enough. The printer sports a compartment at the rear that’s meant to house the cartridge. Merely open it, pop in the cartridge, ensure it’s appropriately placed, and you’re good to go. To confirm successful cartridge installation, photos emerge from a slot at the top when printed. It’s really that straightforward!

Critiques and Overall Thoughts

While the process comes off as pretty straightforward, I couldn’t help but draw slight comparison with its predecessor. The operations are incredibly similar to those of the original Mini Link, offering very little differentiation or advancement. But if you liked the simplicity of the first model, this similarity won’t be an issue. The ease of handling these basic steps is commendable, allowing even the least tech-savvy users to get started in no time.

And yet, I found myself longing for just a bit more excitement, something fresh about this experience to truly differentiate it from its predecessor.

It would be biased not to mention though, that the printer definitely scores high on practicality and user-friendliness, proving ideal for those preferring no-frills operations.

In conclusion, while the startup operations of the Instax Mini Link 2 are nothing revolutionary or particularly exciting, they’re clear, simple, and effective, making it quick and easy to get started with your instant printing journey.

Thoughts on Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

The Functionality: How Well Does it Work?

  • Power button’s dual functionality simplifies use
  • LED, button updates enable unique features
  • Wireless printing only through smartphones via MiniLink app

If there’s one thing we all want to know when buying a new gadget, it’s how well it works. After all, we’ve all been burned by attractive pieces of tech that just don’t follow through in the functionality department. Don’t worry, I’ve put the Instax Mini Link 2 through its paces, so let’s take a closer look.

Watchful Navigation: Button Beginners Welcome

The first thing I did after giving the device a once over was to turn it on and load an Instax Mini cartridge. To my surprise, the process was straightforward. The power button doubles up as the illumination indicator, a clever design choice, keeping the device streamlined and uncomplicated.

Critical note:

Despite the user-friendly design, Fujifilm could have done better by providing more detailed instruction with the packaging. A bit of a miss, considering not all users are tech familiar.

New Additions: Highlighting the Unique Features

What differentiates this model from its predecessor is the addition of a button on the side and an LED in one corner. Now, these aren’t just for show: they function alongside the updated app, resulting in some fun and interactive new features. For example, one can point the LED at their phone camera to overlay effects on live images. A novelty, sure, but distinct and entertaining nonetheless.

Critical note:

However, I found that novices may struggle with these features initially. But worry not, as Fujifilm’s app offers a comprehensive guide that makes it easier for users to explore these new attributes.

On Utilizing the Free Mini Link App

The Instax Mini Link 2 is primarily designed for printing photos from your phone using the free MiniLink app for iOS and Android. This is a wireless printer only, so you’ll need a Bluetooth connection. I found it quite convenient how the printer connects to the phone easily via app – it’s all quite seamless.

Critical note:

While this works great for phone images, it’s a bit of a letdown that only the Fujifilm XS10 camera can print directly via Bluetooth. As of now, it’s the only model with that feature. I hope they extend support to future cameras, but for now, assume that both the Mini Link versions are largely, or even solely, for phone use.

Highlight: Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

Digging Into the App Functionality

  • Mini Link app central to printer’s operations
  • App offers ‘Print’ and ‘Fun’ modes
  • New ‘Instax Air Mode’ enables camera experimentation

Getting hands-on with the free Mini Link app, I must say it’s an integral part of the printing operation, and rightly so. Trust me, you’re in for an interactive roller-coaster ride because this App grants privileged access to a world where you hold all the controls. In fact, the Instax Mini Link 2 is far more than just a printer; it is a perfect blend of technology and creativity.

The Dual Personality of the Mini Link App: Print and Fun

What caught my attention was the distinctive duality of this mobile interface. It’s split between two major modes – ‘Print’ and ‘Fun’. Simplistic to a fault, it’s incredibly user-friendly.

Exploring the Print Mode

Firstly, the ‘Print’ mode is straight-forward and practical. Offering three options: ‘Simple’, ‘Video Print’, and ‘Instax Camera’. The spick-and-span ‘Simple’ mode lets you browse and retrieve images from your phone, including ones transferred from different cameras. Secondly, the ‘Video Print’ functionality allows you to skim through video clips and select the perfect frame to print. Meanwhile, surprising as it might be, the ‘Instax Camera’ feature turns your phone and printer into a tag-team, using the printer as a remote control and also providing a frame for guidance while you’re capturing pictures with your phone. All these, combined with editing capabilities that let you play around with brightness, contrast, saturation, filters, and more – you’re sure to get the print you want, just the way you want it.

Livening Things Up with the Fun Mode

Moving over to the ‘Fun’ mode! This is where your imagination comes to life. Here you can create collages, doodle freely over pictures, apply unique picture frames, or even initiate a goofy match test with your buddy. This area of the app has almost everything it takes to create significantly amazing snapshots.

The Exciting New Addition: The Instax Air Mode

Hang on for this – the Mini Link 2 introduces an exciting novelty called the ‘Instax Air Mode’. It opens up a live view of the phone camera, with a pop-out tray offering five distinct options: spray paint, cherry blossom petals, laser pointer, sparkles, and bubbles. I must admit this is quite a neat feature; it plays along well with the LED on the printer and offers a whole new way to experiment with visuals in a more hands-on, tactile manner.

While it’s fun and certainly enjoyable, the balance of holding the Mini Link 2 one-handed, pointing the LED at the phone camera, and applying pressure to the new button did take some getting used to. It seems like the app functionality does promise an engaging user experience, but the physical ease might be a roadblock, depending largely on individual comfort and habit.

Final Verdict:

Summing it up, the Mini Link’s app experience is undeniably engrossing. While it provides practical solutions that ease the printing experience, it also ensures the journey is packed with spurts of rainbow-hued fun. Despite the roller-coaster of impressions, I’d suggest new users give it some time to get comfortable with the controls and experiment openly.

Dissection of Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

Experiencing the Live Air Mode: Is it Worth it?

  • Instax Air mode offers creative photography options
  • Innovative feature combines printer’s LED and new button
  • Encourages active interaction with the printer

At a glance, the Instax Air mode on the Mini Link 2 can seem like just another glamorous feature added to entice users. But diving deep into it, I discovered there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Channeling Your Inner Artist with Spray Paint & More

Here’s the interesting bit. The Instax Air mode fires up a live view from your phone’s camera, where you have five exciting options to play with: spray paint, cherry blossom petals, laser pointer, sparkles, and bubbles. Not just that, the sparkle pen and paint options further allow you to choose specific colors for a personalized touch.

Now, the innovation lies in the combination of the printer’s LED and the new button . You can point the LED light directly at your phone camera, press the button, and ta-da! You’ve now turned your phone into a digital spray paint can. It’s definitely a fun touch, but how well did it pan out in real-life use?

The New Way to Frame: Using Selfie Mode

In reality, you can switch your phone camera into selfie mode to better frame the results. Once you have your composition just right, pressing the shutter button in the app snaps the photo. This photograph can either be saved for digital sharing or can be physically printed. Alternatively, you can even choose to film a short video clip as you ‘spray,’ adding another layer of creativity to the process.

Triggering Creativity: More Than Just A Printer

Every feature added into the Air Mode is sure to spark your creativity and make photographing a lot more engaging. From the slowly falling blossom petals to the floating bubbles and static sparkles, the blend of reality and graphic artistry adds a cute, fun touch to your photos.

But my personal favorite was the laser pointer. It allows you to light paint over images without the typical mess or the need for dark conditions. Quite clever, I must admit. Now, you might wave the printer around blindly like me or switch to selfie mode for better results, the choice is yours. But either way, the Air Mode’s novelty cannot be denied.

Rest assured, all these features are gestures inviting you to interact more actively with the printer, encouraging you to keep it handy at all times, and have some fun while you’re at it.

Breakdown of Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

The Printer’s Impact: Encouraging Play and Print

  • Instax Mini Link 2 makes photo printing interactive and fun
  • ‘Air’ features might encourage higher film consumption
  • Printer turns into a creative tool with digital sharing

At the heart of the Instax Mini Link 2 is its ability to make printing photos an interactive, fun-filled process, rather than a mere routine task. Looking beyond its core printing functionality, a key question arises: Are the novel features a game-changer in the field of portable photography, or simply a marketing technique to encourage higher film consumption?

Are the Features a Strategy to Sell More Instax Film?

The cynic might argue that the new ‘Air’ features, such as bubble and petal effects, have been designed to push consumers into extra Filminstax Mini purchases, essentially increasing Fujifilm’s revenue. On the surface, this could simply be a means to make the printer more fun and interactive, encouraging you to carry it around and print more.

However, when digging a little deeper, I can’t help but question if the intent is to get me to use more film as I experiment with these unique features; especially given the fact that the ‘Air’ mode exclusively exists in this model. That’s not to say it negates the fun, creativity and uniqueness these features bring – it’s just worth bearing in mind when playing around with the printer and viewing your film stocks dwindle ever so swiftly!

Reflecting on the Fun Features and Sharing Preferences

Conversely, one can also manipulate the special effects via the free Mini Link app without printing and instantly share the works on social media. This sheds light on Fujifilm’s understanding of the importance of digital sharing, and perhaps an effort to remain relevant in an increasingly digital age. With this option, the Instax Mini Link 2 becomes not just a printer but a creative tool, facilitating the creation of unique digital and physical art. So, perhaps Fujifilm designed these features to appeal more to creativity than commerce – the jury’s still out on that one.

Regardless, what the printer does phenomenally well is encourage activity – be it spray painting live images, sharing photos digitally, or physically printing out the moments you want to keep. Its charm lies in its ability to make a rather mundane task undeniably playful; henceforth, it succeeds in amplifying the love for photography and crafting memories.

Remarks on Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

Print Quality: Real-Time Instant Photos

  • Instax Mini Link 2 provides instant photos
  • Offers control over printing and editing decisions
  • Bridges digital gallery to physical keepsakes

In the world of instant photography, the virtue that most users value is the ability to experience their memories and stories materialize within minutes – a novelty brought to us by Instax printers. The Instax Mini Link 2 embraces this tradition and does an excellent job at it too.

Enjoying the Perks of an Instax Instant Printer

The magic begins as the paper emerges from the printer barely 15 seconds after hitting print. The sense of anticipation that follows is almost palpable; you can’t help but eagerly watch as your captured moment steadily fades into view. It’s a process that typically requires about a minute and a half, but the wait is worth it . The result is a chic, glossy print that brings a vintage touch to your modern-day memories. You won’t even have to worry about shaking the prints or placing the printer on a flat surface. Once it pops out, you, your new captivating print, and the Instax Mini Link 2 could all just be thrown into your bag.

Giving Control Over Printing and Editing Decisions

The Instax Mini Link 2 isn’t just about preserving memories; it’s about making them perfect to your liking. Unlike traditional analog instant cameras, this printer gives you the chance to ensure only your best shots make it to print, essentially eliminating unsatisfactory shots. The power to peruse your camera roll or gallery, decide which images are worthy, and further perfect them with the Mini Link app’s editing capabilities is a significant feature that ensures your satisfaction. From adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, cropping or zooming, to adding filters, text, and stickers, the app offers a spectrum of possibilities to enrich your prints.

In effect, everything in your phone, including photos transferred from superior cameras, can easily find its way into the printer and eventually into printed form. Overall, the Instax Mini Link 2 acts as the bridge between your digital gallery and the physical world, providing you with tangible keepsakes, but with the bonus of a creative and personal touch.

Lookover of Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

On Handiness and Comfort: A User Compatibility Note

  • Instax Mini Link 2 offers portability and smartphone connectivity
  • Some features may require adjustment to handling method
  • Laser pen feature allows easy light painting

As someone who has had their fair share of experiences with a wide range of tech gadgets, I must say that user comfort is a critical factor to consider. It might seem a subtle aspect, yet it significantly influences your overall experience, your interaction with the device, and, ultimately, your enjoyment of its features. And that’s one aspect I noticed about the Instax Mini Link 2. So, let’s delve into that, shall we?

Handiness and Ease of Use

The very essence of the Instax Mini Link 2 is its portability. It blends into your lifestyle seamlessly and connects effortlessly with your smartphone. But here’s where a tiny bit of a wrinkle presents itself.

The new features integrated into the Mini Link 2 call for a bit of additional handling that some users might find fiddly. For example, the LED pointing back at the phone camera while pressing the button to trigger the air effects required some getting used to. It could become a little uncomfortable to hold it one-handed, particularly while applying pressure to the button.

Novelty over Comfort?

Yes, the bubble, petal, and sparkle effects are unquestionably cute and super fun. They bring a fresh, playful spin to your photos. However, I found the ergonomics of handling it a bit awkward. This, of course, is a subjective point and it might not be the same for every user. You might be totally fine holding it in a different way that feels comfortable or enjoy the novelty of this light painting technique.

Light Painting without Difficulty

Moving on to the laser pen, oh boy, that was a joy to use! It allows you to light paint without the usual nuisance of managing long exposures in minimal light conditions. I must say this feature did hit the right chord. It felt like a fantastic break away from the norm.

So, does the handiness and comfort affect the overall usage? The answer is yes, but not so much that it outweighs the fun and novelty brought by the Mini Link 2. But it’s a factor worth considering if comfort of handling is high on your list.

Critique of Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer

Conclusion: Is it Worth the Upgrade?

Assessing the Value of Instax Mini Link 2

After spending a fair amount of time with the Instax Mini Link 2, I’ve been able to form a comprehensive perspective on it. By offering a unique blend of digital ease and good-old-fashioned tangibility, this printer appeals particularly to those who value creating physical representations of their digital captures. The Mini Link 2 teases out a playful yet impactful printing experience, stimulating the senses through its interactive nature.

However, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Those seeking a more professional-level printing might stumble on its limitations. Its main aim appears to be driving user engagement and entertainment, rather than delivering topnotch technical performance.

Looking Ahead: Desirable Updates on Models to Come

In future, it would be great to see FujiFilm addressing the comfort issue some users may experience when using the device one-handed. Also, expanding the capabilities of the printer to cater to more camera options could make it a more universally appealing tool. This could nudge serious photography enthusiasts to view the Instax as a worthy addition to their arsenal instead of just a playful novelty.

Your Turn: What’s Your Verdict on the Mini Link 2?

I hope this review has offered you a fair assessment of the Instax Mini Link 2, outlining both its charms and potential drawbacks. It’s an interesting gadget certainly worth considering for its unique features and the fun-factor it affords. But as with any purchase, it’s best to consider your individual preferences and needs.

Are the new features enough to justify the upgrade? Does it offer value for its price tag? Ultimately, the decision rests in your hands. Just make sure to weigh its distinct features and potential benefits against your personal needs before you make the jump.

Should you buy the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer?

Buy it if…

You love instant prints

The Instax Mini Link 2 is a portable photo printer that effortlessly prints photos straight from your phone using the Instax Mini format, perfect for those who enjoy physical copies of their memories.

You thrive on creativity

New features such as Instax Air mode, with options like spray paint, cherry blossom petals, and bubbles, allow you to add a unique touch to your photos and cater to your artistic side.

You value fun and easy-to-use tech gadgets

With a simple user interface, interactive app, and high-quality prints, this printer merges enjoyment with functionality, giving you a fun experience while using it.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a tight budget

With a price tag around $130 or £115, and additional costs per print, the Instax Mini Link 2 may be a bit expensive for those on a tight budget.

You want to print from more varied devices

Currently, the printer primarily supports printing photos from phones and only one Fujifilm camera, limiting options for those who would like to print from other devices.

You’re not interested in novel features

If you prefer a basic, straightforward printing experience without additional features such as the Instax Air mode and fancy effects, this model might offer more than you need.


What is the cost of the Instax Mini Link 2?
The Instax Mini Link 2 costs around $130 or 115 pounds.
What are the color options for the Instax Mini Link 2?
The Instax Mini Link 2 is available in soft pink, clay white, and space blue.
Does the Mini Link 2 come with any new features?
Yes, the Instax Mini Link 2 features a button on its side and an LED on the body, both of which support some new fun features in conjunction with an updated app.
Can I use the Instax Mini Link 2 with my phone?
Yes, the Instax Mini Link 2 is designed for printing photos from your phone using the free Mini Link App for iOS and Android.
What are the options available in the Mini Link App?
The Mini Link App offers two primary modes – Print and Fun. The Print mode lets you adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, apply filters, crop or zoom or stamp them with text and stickers, whereas the Fun mode allows you to create collages, apply picture frames and do a lot more.
Can you explain the ‘Air Mode’ on the Mini Link 2?
Air Mode on the Mini Link 2 allows you to use the printer’s LED to draw over the live image from your phone camera. It features spray paint, cherry blossom petals, laser pointer, sparkles, and bubbles options.
What is the print quality like with the Instax Mini Link 2?
Like all Instax printers, the Mini Link 2 prints photos that gradually fade into view about a minute and a half after the paper emerges, giving an instant photo effect.
How comfortable is the Instax Mini Link 2 to use?
While this might vary depending on personal preferences, the reviewer found it a little uncomfortable to hold one-handed while using the LED and button to draw on photos in ‘Air Mode’.
Are the ‘Air Mode’ features just gimmicks?
While they certainly encourage more print media consumption, they are designed to be fun additions, adding enjoyable elements to your photo printing experience.
Are there other models with ‘Air capability’?
Currently, the ‘Air capability’ is exclusive to the Instax Mini Link 2 model.

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