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Review: FAMETEK Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge – TNG Bluetooth ComBadge – Fun accessory offering cosplay mode and smart assistant access.

Explore the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge in this unbiased, in-depth review... Read more

Review of FAMETEK Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge - TNG Bluetooth ComBadge

Table of Contents

Test of FAMETEK Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge – TNG Bluetooth ComBadge

4.4/5 - (2379 votes)

Cena: $64.99


  • Authentic Star Trek design
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Interactive Play/Pause button feature
  • Fun cosplay mode
  • Gimmick lovers’ favorite
  • Magnet attaches to clothes
  • Works with Siri/Google Assistant


  • Build quality could be better
  • Flops around during use
  • Poor battery life
  • Microphone quality is subpar
  • Speaker quality not up to par
  • Struggles with thick clothing
  • More novelty than utility

“While the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge is a fun novelty with some interesting features, I have to say its practicality is currently limited due to a few drawbacks. The gadget’s battery life fell short of expectations, and the call and audio quality lacked clarity. The build quality didn’t quite meet the price tag either. Overall, for hardcore Star Trek fans, it might be a fun accessory to own, but as a tech gadget, there are areas for improvement. However, its cosplay mode and smart assistant access offer a charm of their own that Star Trek enthusiasts might appreciate.”

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Model Name Star Trek TNG Bluetooth
Speaker Type Portable
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Voice AssistantChirp Noise, Usb Port


Stepping off the Starship Enterprise and straight into our lives, today, we’re delving into the world of intergalactic communicators with a detailed review of the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge. As a Trekkie, I can tell you, the excitement is palpable!

“Hey, It’s Lanzibe – Join Me as I Review the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge”

Being a fan and getting hands-on with a product straight out of your favorite franchise can stir up quite the fervor. But, it’s crucial to stay unbiased and really evaluate the product for its quality, functionality, and value for money. And that’s exactly what we intend to do!

“Self-Funded Review: Objective and Unbiased Take on the Star Trek Badge”

Purchased with my own funds, this product is getting thoroughly tested with no external influences. There’s no sponsor perking this review up, and no one has gotten a sneak-peek. Just a fan with an honest review, gauging if this gadget is worth beaming up into your homes.

Ready to explore this interstellar device? Let’s boldly go where no man has gone before!

Analyzing FAMETEK Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge - TNG Bluetooth ComBadge

First Impressions

  • Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator has distinct design
  • Pricey tag raises expectations about build quality
  • Questions raised about communicator’s longevity

From the get-go, it’s important to acknowledge that the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator does draw your attention with its distinct design and novelty factor.

“First Touch: Is the $60 Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator worth its price point?”

First off, the pricey tag does raise some expectations regarding build quality and performance. You might ask, is the $60 investment justified for what is essentially a badge? This is a question that may hang heavy in the minds of potential buyers and something this review intends to shed light on.

“Analyzing the Build Quality: Just Any Plastic Gadget or a Star Trek Worthy Accessory?”

Upon initial handling, the build quality of the communicator might raise eyebrows. Constructed almost wholly of plastic, casual users or diehard Star Trek fans alike could perceive this as a slight let-down. You’ll notice that the button seems rather flimsy, resulting in it flopping around on its own. Furthermore, the fact that the entire top portion acts as the button that has to be physically pressed down for it to engage, brings up questions about its longevity.

Despite its flawed build, it does serve its purpose quite admirably when slapped like they did on the show—a feature that fans will absolutely love. However, one can’t help but be concerned about how many such ‘slaps’ the badge can endure before giving up.

So, in terms of first impressions, while the “wow” factor does make a powerful case for this badge, the build quality could potentially act as a dampener for those seeking a product that is both functionally as well as aesthetically robust.

Audit of FAMETEK Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge - TNG Bluetooth ComBadge

Features and Functionality

  • Badge allows phone calls and virtual assistant interaction
  • ‘Cosplay mode’ emits authentic Star Trek series chirp sound
  • Badge pairs with Bluetooth devices and controls calls

Let’s dive deeper into the primary features and functionality of the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge. Does it really do justice to its brand name or is it just another white elephant? Let’s find out.

Interactive Features

One of the perks of having this Star Trek Communicator Badge is its interactive features. The entire top portion of the badge is essentially a button, which gets you many functionalities at a tap. Essentially, you can make phone calls or interact with your virtual assistant literally with a single tap, living up to its representation in the Star Trek series.

However, there is a bit of a downside here – the button tends to flop around a bit, raising concerns about its long-term durability and potentially affecting the overall user experience.

Cosplay Mode

The Badge comes along with a feature known as ‘cosplay mode’. So what does this entail? Every time the button is pushed, it emits a chirp sound reminiscent of the authentic Star Trek series . Now, this feature certainly adds up to its novelty factor for a Star Trek fan out there. But if you’re looking for more practical and everyday usage, the chirp might be pretty less than necessary.


The Badge pairs up like just any other Bluetooth device out there. It has decent connectivity where you can make it play or pause a video with a push of the button, and surprisingly, that works pretty smoothly. Also, by tapping the badge twice, it connects you to your virtual assistant (Siri or Google).

But, keep in mind, all these functionalities are subject to good Bluetooth connectivity which can vary based on your location and device used.

The Unexpected Call Feature

Let’s talk about its call feature. The badge also lets you manage your calls seamlessly. Imagine this – the Badge chirping when you get a call and then you just push a button on the badge to answer your call. Sounds cool, right?

But, is it practical? Does it make for good call quality? Well, those are things that we’ll dive into in the next section.

It’s indeed intriguing that a novelty item like this comes with so many functionalities. Yet, it isn’t bereft of disappointments, especially with its flimsy button and extraneous chirping sound in ‘cosplay mode’.

Verdict: FAMETEK Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge - TNG Bluetooth ComBadge

Battery Life and Charging

  • Battery life of Bluetooth Communicator Badge disappointing
  • Suitable for short bursts of usage
  • Charging process outdated and frequent

One major issue to address with almost any gadget is its battery life and charge capability. And the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge is no different.

The Power Question: Examining the Battery Life of the Bluetooth Communicator Badge

Let’s get straight to the point – the battery life of this device rather disappointing . Although the product page ambitiously states it runs anywhere from 2 to 48 hours, in reality, it came up significantly short.

If you intend to use the communicator for simple, less demanding tasks like simply slapping it for the signature chirp or occasional Bluetooth usage, then it may stretch to a couple of hours. But for calls or music playbacks, prepare to recharge within just an hour or two.

In essence, the battery life seems more suitable for bursts of usage rather than extensive use, which is a bit of a letdown for those who are looking forward to experience the Star Trek world more personally.

Charge it Up with Micro USB – But is the Battery Life Satisfactory?

To add to previous concerns, the charging process is a bit outdated with the device using Micro USB instead of more recent standards like USB-C or even wireless options. This slight discrepancy begs the question as to why more modern options were not considered for an otherwise futuristic device.

Just a quick disclaimer: it’s entirely possible that I received a unit with uncharacteristic battery issues so the experience may vary from user to user. That said, it is still something to consider when making your buying decision.

In summary, expect the charging aspect of this device to be a frequent exercise, and perhaps a bit obsolete. If you’re not put off by the regular charging requirement or the retro method, then this might not be a sticking point. However, from a critical point of view, it doesn’t score very well in this domain.

Judgement: FAMETEK Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge - TNG Bluetooth ComBadge

Utility and Practicality

  • Star Trek Badge attaches using magnet, not consistent on all fabrics
  • Functions well but poor audio quality and battery life

Before even starting, one might question, “Is the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge merely a funky collectible item or does it actually serve any practical purpose?” To delve into this, I’ll go over some of my experiences and observations.

Ease of Wear: A Test of the Magnet Attachment of the Star Trek Badge to Different Clothing Materials

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice there isn’t a traditional pin to attach this badge to your attire, rather it uses a magnet. The system comprises a round metallic piece that goes under your clothing. The badge itself attaches over your shirt, theoretically holding itself in place through fabric. It’s an innovative idea, but it’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Case in point – On thin fabrics, it works fine. My polo shirt, for example, accepted the badge staying in place without any issues. But the thicker your outfit gets, the less reliable this set-up is. A heavy jumper or winter coat? Yeah, it may fail you there, so bear this in mind.

Is the Star Trek Communicator Badge Just a Novelty Gadget or More?

Operating this gadget is not too complicated. A single tap gets it to play or pause your video; whereas receiving a call can feel immersive, with the badge chirping like in the TV show. But does it go beyond these features?

  1. Whilst receiving calls may be a cool feature, the less than stellar audio quality implies this device isn’t ideal for serious conversations. The audio is clear enough to catch phrases and responses, but don’t expect it to match up to dedicated audio devices.

  2. Then there’s the thing with battery life. The inconsistent backup ranging from 2 to 48 hours means you’re likely to find yourself frequently charging this device, especially if you plan on actively using it.

  3. The communicator badge does function well with virtual assistants, another interesting feature especially for fans of the show. Double-tap the badge and “Hey Siri” or “OK Google” becomes redundant. But again, the question persists: Would you want to use this on a regular basis knowing it drains battery life fairly quickly?

The Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator badge, in essence, does manage to encapsulate the essence of the beloved TV show. Fans might get a kick out of it, but if you’re looking at it from a strictly practical point of view, it leaves something to be desired. The product could be improved in several areas, but as a novelty product, it offers a bit of fun that Star Trek fans are bound to love.

Evaluating FAMETEK Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge - TNG Bluetooth ComBadge

Performance Tests

  • Bluetooth badge pairs efficiently with phones
  • Call quality is mixed, sounding distant and muffled
  • Aesthetically gives a Star Trek-like experience

As we’ve covered the physical aspects of the Star Trek Communicator Badge, let’s move on to discussing what an average user would be generally interested in – the performance. This section will address how the badge pairs up with Bluetooth devices, and how it handles phone calls.

Bluetooth Connectivity: An Easy Pair Up or a Frustrating Challenge?

The first thing I noticed while using this gadget is that the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge teams up with phones rather efficiently, leaving almost no room for complaints. To check its compatibility, I attempted pairing it with an iPhone, although the process is supposed to be the same for Android devices as well. Pairing turned out to be a user-friendly process: turn on the badge, enable Bluetooth on your phone, and the connection is established. No additional steps, no time-consuming pairing rituals. However, remember that the quality of the connection can significantly vary depending on the distance and potential obstacles.

Call Quality: A Promising Aspect or a Letdown? A Critical Analysis.

Moving on to the crucial part – the call quality. Now, for a device fashioned as a cool tech-gadget from a Sci-fi series, users might harbor high expectations. That being said, the overall call experience was admittedly a bit of a mixed bag. When an incoming call arrives, the Badge emits the iconic Star Trek chirp sound, creating an almost surreal sensation of being a part of the starship crew. However, the audio quality during calls warrants some criticism. The speaker isn’t quite loud, and the microphone sensitivity leaves a lot to be desired. This review’s purpose isn’t to blanket discourage potential buyers, but it does seem fair to mention that the call quality felt akin to using a low-end speakerphone, sounding somewhat distant and slightly muffled. Hence, this may not be your go-to device for important business calls but can work fine for less critical communication.

In conclusion, while the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge does offer some cool features and fulfills its promise of giving a Star Trek-esque experience, one must remember to keep practical expectations when it comes to its performance.

Audio Quality Test

  • Subpar speaker and microphone quality on device
  • Badge integrates well with virtual assistants
  • Overall practicality tainted by audio issues

Let’s dive into what is often a deciding factor for many when considering a product like this – the audio quality.

Detailed Examination of Speaker and Microphone Quality

Coming to the heart of the matter, the speaker and microphone quality didn’t quite live up to the expectations. For a device that needs to effectively pick and communicate voice commands, this aspect was a bit of a letdown.

Despite its compact size, the microphone did not excel in picking up speech clearly. Placing the badge close to the chest, the default position, resulted in voice distortion. This was felt especially during phone calls where the receiver noted a certain level of distant, speakerphone-like voice quality. A straightforward solution could be moving it closer to the mouth, but it’s not the most practical or comfortable solution.

The speaker quality mirrored similar disappointments. People on the other side of the call reported difficulties in understanding the conversation. It might be a fun gadget for an avid Star Trek fan, but it might not be your go-to device for everyday communication.

Siri/Google Assistant Interactions through the Badge – A Gimmick or a Useful Feature?

The badge’s interaction with virtual assistants, on the other hand, was a pleasant experience. Just by double-tapping the badge, it was able to bring up Siri or Google assistant instantly. This proves itself as a fun and handy feature when you need quick information and your smartphone is out of your reach.

However, the microphone issues mentioned previously come into play here as well. Though the initial command was picked up, any subsequent command was often misunderstood due to unclear audio pick-up.

Overall, the audio test raised some significant concerns about the microphone’s and speaker’s quality. Though the badge’s integration with virtual assistants is novel and convenient, its overall practicality is tainted due to these issues.


As a conclusion, my journey with the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge has been undeniably interesting yet a mixed bag. With its popular star trek novelty, the badge-winning charm is hard to overlook. However, after this in-depth critical analysis relying on my first-hand experience, several weak spots do emerge.

Jury is Out: Is It Just a Cool Novelty or Worth an Investment?

Whether you see the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge as a fun gimmick or worth its price point possibly comes down to what you value the most. On one hand, we have this exciting piece of science fiction, a toy that taps into the nostalgia of Star Trek fans and works primarily as a conversation starter. The device’s charm lies in its successful attempt to replicate a beloved piece of the Star Trek universe.

On the other hand, the badge’s functional utility somewhat lags behind. Its battery life leaves much to be desired and the poor audio quality might frustrate users expecting clear calls and effortless virtual assistant interactions.

Final Verdict: My Experience with the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge

My experience with the badge left me with mixed feelings: the contrast between the cool Star Trek-inspired design and the lack of some serious functionality. While the construction quality was somewhat disappointing — an all-plastic build, and a speaker that doesn’t deliver the best sound — the novelty of tapping the badge to take calls or interact with a virtual assistant indeed introduced a fun element.

The lack of a sturdy attachment could pose a problem with thicker clothing. But, the ease of Bluetooth connectivity and its decent response to virtual assistant commands provided a silver lining to some of its demerits.

In summary, the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge mostly shines for its novelty factor. And while it does function, potential buyers must be aware of the product’s limitations before making a purchase decision.

Should you buy the FAMETEK Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge – TNG Bluetooth ComBadge?

Buy it if…

You are a Star Trek fan

This gadget is a replica of the Starfleet communicator badge featured in Star Trek. If you love Star Trek, this could be something fun to own.

You enjoy novelties

This Bluetooth communicator badge is a unique product that works and can even play or pause your Youtube video with a tap.

You want to interact with your virtual assistant in a unique way

If you double tap on the badge, you can access your virtual assistant on both Android and iPhone.

Don’t buy it if…

You prioritize speaking quality when making phone calls

The speaker on this device is not strong and has been described as sounding like you’re on speakerphone.

You need a device with a good battery life

The battery life on this gadget is pretty bad. It may not even last a whole day if you’re actively using it.

You wear thicker clothing

Since this badge only has a magnet to attach to your clothing, it may not work if you’re wearing a thick piece of clothing.


Is the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge made of plastic?
Yes, the badge is made entirely of plastic.
How does the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge attach to clothing?
The badge attaches to clothing via a magnet.
What is the battery life of the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge?
The battery life varies between 2 to 48 hours depending on your usage.
Can the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge play and pause media?
Yes, it can play and pause media from a connected device.
How does the call functionality work with the badge?
When you receive a call, the badge will chirp. You can then press the badge once to answer the call.
Is the audio quality good on the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge?
The speaker and microphone quality on the badge are not very high.
Can the badge interact with a virtual assistant like Siri or Google?
Yes, by double-tapping the badge, you can access your virtual assistant.
Is the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator Badge worth the investment?
While the badge works as advertised and could be a fun novelty for a Star Trek fan, its practical utility is limited due to poor build quality, mediocre battery life, and subpar audio.

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