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Review: ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone, 2023 Upgraded HD Movie Projector – A versatile, compact projector offering superb projection quality.

Explore the 1080p Compact Video Projector from Aleppo: efficient, versatile, with high-quality projection and connectivity options... Read more

Review of ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone, 2023 Upgraded HD Movie Projector

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Test of ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone, 2023 Upgraded HD Movie Projector

4.3/5 - (3114 votes)

Cena: $99.98


  • Compact and versatile projector
  • Bunch of output ports
  • Built-in speakers and audio jack
  • HD 1080p quality
  • Multiple ways to connect
  • Convenient mount features
  • Bright and loud projection


  • Gets very hot
  • Emits quite some noise
  • Airplay had some issues
  • Trust issues with some devices
  • First USB slot mandatory for mirroring

“After spending quality time with the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector, my verdict is primarily positive. The projector impresses with its versatility, easy connectivity options and superb projection quality. However, the heat generation and noise issues are a bit disappointing. For those seeking a compact, affordable projector for outdoor movie nights or to replace a TV in a kid’s room, considering its performance and convenience features, it’s principally a solid choice. But a potential buyer should bear in mind its minor shortcomings, to ensure they align with their expectations and requirements.”

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Recommended Uses For Product Party, Home Cinema, Gaming
Special Feature Built-In Speaker, Lightweight, Built-In Cooling System
Connectivity Technology Vga, Wi-Fi, USB, Av, HDMI, 3.5mm Jack
Display resolution 1920 x 1080


Ever wish you could take your favorite movies and videos anywhere you please in high definition? Limited no more to the boundaries of your flat-screen TV or constricting laptop screen, a world of larger-than-life, crystal-clear viewing bliss awaits thanks to the innovative powerhouse that is the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector. This piece of tech allows you to spread video content across literally any flat surface with minimal fuss. From my first encounter with this beast, it soon became clear that this product combines compact size and an impressive list of versatile features to make streaming entertainment convenient, accessible, and fun.

Meet Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector: Compact, Versatile, and Efficient

If you’re like me and want a projector that checks all the boxes from practicality, performance, to price, then this compact piece from Aleppo’s might just be what you need. When the opportunity arose to review this product, I obviously leapt at the chance. After all, who wouldn’t be intrigued by a device promising to bring 1080p resolution to your portable viewing pleasure? This roundup aims to provide an unbiased dose of my experience with it, keeping the spotlight on the high-quality performance, usability, the hurdles, and everything in between.

A note of disclosure:

This video projector was provided for the purpose of this review. That said, all observations and opinions expressed throughout the review are based solely on my own use and experience with the product. It’s essential to remember that even though a product is received free of charge, the honesty and integrity of the review remain paramount. A product’s value can only truly be measured by the satisfaction and benefits it brings to its users.

Report: ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone, 2023 Upgraded HD Movie Projector

Unboxing: First Impressions

  • Aleppo’s projector includes plugs, cables, and remote
  • Compact design with user-friendly operation
  • Slight plastic smell upon unboxing

As soon as the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector landed on my doorstep, I could barely contain my excitement. There’s something inherently thrilling about unwrapping a new gadget, and this was no exception.

What You Get: A Glimpse Inside the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector Package

The first thing you notice upon unboxing is how neatly everything is packaged; the projector, plugs, cables, and even a handy remote are all protected in snug compartments. It hints at the quality that awaits you.

  • Plugs and Cables : I must commend them on their foresight. They’ve included pretty much every type of cable you’d need, from an HDMI cord to standard plugs. No last-minute trips to the electronics store are needed here.
  • Remote : The inclusion of a remote is a thoughtful addition, especially for those evenings where you just want to lie back and flick through your options without having to get up.
  • The Mount : As a nice bonus, there’s also a mount included, which gives you the freedom to set up your projector in the most convenient location.

A Look at the Essentials: The Projector’s Plugs, Cables, and More

The projector itself looks sleek and compact. The buttons on top are intuitively laid out, so you should have no trouble operating it, even in the dark. You get a focus adjuster and a Keystone for fine-tuning, which I find absolutely essential in any good quality projector. The various ports on the side cater for USB, AV out, HDMI, and even VGA. It’s clear that they’ve designed this device with customer convenience at the forefront.

However, as I’m always candid in my reviews, I should note that there was somewhat of a plastic smell upon unboxing. This can be a bit off-putting, although it does tend to fade over time.

In conclusion, the first impression the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector leaves is largely a positive one. It provides a decent amount of essential components and bears a user-friendly design, all in one compact and convenient package.

Analysis of ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone, 2023 Upgraded HD Movie Projector

The Look and Feel: Getting Acquainted

  • Compact, user-friendly projector with easy controls
  • Comes with mounting features and versatile ports
  • Device heats up but offers compact portability

As soon as I got this projector in my hands, I couldn’t help but be impressed by its compact size. It comes enclosed in a well-protected unit, which immediately gave me the impression that the manufacturers really cared about the safe arrival and longevity of the device.

Simple and Straightforward: Exploring The Physical Features

Talking about buttons and ports – it’s a clear win for user-friendly design. The controls on top are uncomplicated and easy to understand, you’ve got the essential ones like signal switching, directional input, and an ‘okay’ button to confirm selections. Similarly, my apprehensions about focus adjustment were eased by the presence of focus and keystone buttons for quick lens adjustment.

They further thoughtfully included a lens cap, which, trust me, is handy for protecting the lens from dust and accidents.

It’s All About Convenience – A Look at the Projector’s Handy Mounting Features

The bottom of the device got me excited!

  • A quarter-inch mount to attach to a tripod – remarkably useful for temporary setups or on-the-go presentations.
  • Non-slip rubber pads – which not only stabilize the device but provide a bit of shock absorption as well.

The right side or rather the ‘input’ side houses an array of ports which gives it that versatile edge – two USB ports, AV out, headphones or mic jack, HDMI and VGA; it’s truly all-inclusive.

Hang on though, here’s something you ought to know: the projector heats up quite a bit and can be loud at times. An obvious trade-off for its compact and portable nature, which I believe is manageable especially considering its offerings.

All in all, a sleek looking projector with simplicity at the heart of its design, yet packed with various features. The ideal partner for your indoor movie sessions or outdoor presentations.

Review of ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone, 2023 Upgraded HD Movie Projector

The Connectivity Options: Flexibility at Its Best

  • Compact video projector offers extensive connectivity options
  • Supports HDMI connection, iOS screen mirroring, and Wi-Fi
  • Slightly tricky initial setup with Airplay

One thing I found particularly impressive about this compact video projector was its far-reaching connectivity options. It’s all about choice and flexibility, and the options seem almost endless.

Connecting your Devices: From iPhone to HDMI and Beyond

The projector offers a wide array of ports catering to multiple devices – smartphone, DVD players, you name it. If you are a gadget lover like me, you’d understand how vital having various input options is.

The unit made it easy to connect my iPhone directly to it and play media instantly. There’s also an option for HDMI connectivity, which I tried out. It worked perfectly in displaying crisp and clear images, meeting my expectations of a 1080p projection.

Screen Mirroring with iOS: A Seamless Experience

Furthermore, the convenience of iOS screen mirroring was simply delightful. Connecting my iPhone to the projector was a straightforward process. It’s just a matter of selecting the ‘cast screen’ option and executing the screen mirror action. Again, the projection quality was impressive, whether I used the projector for displaying videos or browsing the internet.

Note: Interestingly, the projector supports both Wi-Fi and hardwired connectivity. So, If you prefer going wireless like me, or you are more inclined towards a hardwired connection, you’re still covered.

However, it’s worth noting that I had a little hiccup initially with the Airplay. Things didn’t go as smoothly as expected. However, after some minor adjustments, I got it working. Make sure to consider this in case you’re planning primarily to use Airplay.

Overall, I found these varied connection options to be a significant selling point of this projector, showing its versatility to cater to varying user needs. The experience was overall pretty user-friendly and intuitive, barring a few minor hiccups with the AirPlay system.

Scanning ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone, 2023 Upgraded HD Movie Projector

Putting it to The Test: Functionality and Performance

  • Projector delivers impressive 1080p 60Hz quality
  • Built-in speakers provide sufficient sound, upgradable
  • Projector offers versatile and user-friendly connectivity options

Eyeing the Projection Quality: Does It Live Up to The Hype?

Time to turn this bad boy on and see how it delivers. The first impression? I was impressed. The projector, as promised, displayed in 1080p 60Hz, and it was immediately clear to me that this wasn’t your ordinary compact projector. The video stream was fluid, the lines were sharp – it was an image quality I wouldn’t expect from such a small machine.

There was an array of features to customize the display to your comfort. I toyed around with the focus and keystone to adjust the angle, making sure the image was straight and flat on my blank wall. The process was quite straightforward, and the results were satisfying. It was as if I had just installed a new, widescreen television in my room!

Testing the Sound: Evaluating the Inbuilt Speakers

Next, I tested the sound. The built-in speakers? Not too shabby. They managed to fill my room with enough sound to make the viewing experience enjoyable. Also, it was nice to have the option of the 3.5 mm audio jack if I wanted to upgrade the audio experience with external speakers.

However, if I were to be critical, I can’t deny that a surround sound home theater system these speakers are not. While they can provide an adequate sound for your average viewing, for an immersive cinematic experience, you might want to connect to a separate speaker unit.

Checking the Connectivity: Can It Go the Distance?

Having tested the image and sound quality, it was time to explore the projector’s connectivity options. The Wi-Fi setup was smooth, and I tried the iOS Cast screen mirroring. True, there were some hiccups with the AirPlay, but, in the end, the screen mirroring did work.

I wasn’t going to stop there though. I went ahead and tested the HDMI option. And, what can I say? In no time at all, my entire phone screen was alive on the wall. It displayed flawlessly. Similarly, screen mirroring via USB cable was also a pleasant surprise.

Finding various ways to connect my phone to this compact projector made me realize the versatility of this gadget. Its ability to sync effortlessly with multiple devices makes it a user-friendly and flexible option.

So, in terms of functionality and performance, this Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector held its own pretty well. Perhaps, it might not be the giant of powerhouses, but for its size and price, it’s a serious front-runner in the compact projector category.

Check of ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone, 2023 Upgraded HD Movie Projector

A Few Hurdles: Things You Should Know

  • Projector produces substantial heat during extended use
  • Cooling fan can be noticeably noisy
  • Connectivity issue when using AirPlay

In every product review, it’s vital to present both the strengths and weaknesses to provide a 360-degree view of the item. In line with this, there are a couple of drawbacks I noticed while using the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector.

Heat and Noise

The first hurdle I encountered during my trial was the substantial amount of heat produced by the projector during extended use. Understandably, most projectors generate heat; however, the intensity of the heat emission on this model is worth noting.

Besides, the cooling fan, while necessary to mitigate this heat, tends to be noticeably noisy. This isn’t a deafening sound, but it could potentially be distracting during quiet moments in a movie or presentation.

Connectivity Hitch with AirPlay

Another issue I faced was a bit of a snag when attempting to connect the projector to my device via AirPlay. Although the box claims it’s compatible with iOS cast screen mirroring, I had quite a challenge setting it up. The issue might be app-specific or could possibly be addressed with a software update, but it’s something potential buyers should be aware of.

Final Thoughts

While these drawbacks are noteworthy, they don’t necessarily deal a crushing blow to the overall value of the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector. In general, the perceived caveats could be largely subjective and contingent upon one’s specific needs and tolerance for such flaws.

It’s vitally important to weigh these points against the projector’s strong suits to see if the pros outweigh the cons for your particular situation.

Concluding Thoughts: Is the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector Worth It?

  • Aleppo’s projector offers versatility and good visual quality
  • User-friendly with noise and heat issues

After spending time getting to know the Aleppos’s 1080p Compact Video project, it’s time to deliver the verdict. Let’s go over the pros and cons and give an unbiased opinion on whether or not it’s an investment worth making.

The Good

  • Versatility: Arguably one of the most appealing traits is its versatility. The projector offers multiple connectivity options including iOS and HDMI. Handling connections from various sources ranging from an iPhone to a DVD is straightforward
  • Visual Quality: What truly caught my eye was the projection quality. The picture clarity and resolution at 1080p were admirable. It truly brushes up the viewing experience to a significant notch higher.
  • Ease of use: Person-friendly features like the Keystone for angle adjustments, the focus knob and clear labelling of ports made it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The Not-So-Good

  • Noise and Heat: One aspect that can be a turn-off is the noise and heat emitted by the projector. It tends to get noticeably hot during prolonged use and the fans kick up a bit of a noise trying to cool it down. This might affect the ambiance if being used in a quiet setting.

Final Verdict

All things considered, Aleppos’s 1080p Compact Video Projector puts up a strong fight to be considered for your next gadget purchase. Its splendid video quality and easy setup provide a superb viewing experience, be it for a presentation or a summer movie night under the stars. However, be aware of the noise and heat issues if silence and coolness are paramount to your viewing pleasure.

Remember, the right choice of a projector ultimately depends on your use-case and individual needs. So consider this review as a guide in your quest for the ideal video projector.

Where to Buy: Making it Yours!

With our comprehensive walk-through complete, you are probably asking: ‘Where can I snag one of these amazing compact video projectors for myself?’

We’ve got you covered.

Aleppos’ 1080p compact video projector is available through various online marketplaces. Remember, purchase options can vary based on the availability and efficacy of delivery to your location.

Product Listing and Pricing Availability

The key detail you’ll want to focus on when purchasing is the current pricing and availability. As with any technology products, these factors can fluctuate. So always stay updated to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

You can usually find these details listed alongside the product description, be it Amazon, eBay, or any other online electronics marketplace.

Checking Details and Reading Reviews

Before placing your order, take a moment to review the product details and specifications listed on the retailer’s website. Be critical and precise – look out for the features and performance metrics that matter most to you.

  • Does it have all the connection options you want?
  • What’s the maximum screen size it’s capable of projecting?
  • What is the native resolution and brightness?

Also, go through the customer reviews section. These firsthand accounts from users can provide invaluable insight into the projector’s performance, reliability, and overall quality. They are an essential factor to consider, helping you make an informed purchase decision.

Final Thoughts

When it’s all said and done, keep in mind that purchasing a compact video projector like Aleppos’ model is not just about having a cool gadget. It’s about upgrading your multimedia experiences, and transforming your leisure time into something truly special. So, invest wisely – make sure you get a device that really meets your needs.

Happy shopping!

Should you buy the ELEPHAS Mini WiFi Projector for iPhone, 2023 Upgraded HD Movie Projector?

Buy it if…

You Want a Portable Movie Experience

The compact design, coupled with a robust set of features, make this projector perfect for outdoor movie nights or replacing an old TV in your kid’s room.

You Prioritize Versatility

The projector offers multiple connectivity options, allowing you to hook it up via HDMI, USB, VGA, and even directly to your smartphone.

You Value Image Quality

The projector supports 1080p resolution, ensuring you’ll enjoy a high-quality viewing experience.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Easily Bothered by Noise

The projector, while packed with features, can generate noticeable noise when in use, which may disrupt your viewing experience.

You Can’t Tolerate Heating

The projector can become quite hot when in use, a factor to consider if you plan to use it for extended periods.

You Have Trouble with AirPlay

The reviewer had some issues getting the screen mirroring via AirPlay to work, which could be problematic for some Apple users.


What all is included in the box of the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector?
The box includes the projector unit, plugs, cables, a remote and a HDMI cord.
How can I connect my iPhone to the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector?
You can connect your iPhone to the projector via Wi-Fi, HDMI with an adapter, or USB cable for screen mirroring.
Does the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector come with built-in speakers?
Yes, the projector comes with built-in speakers.
What are some of the physical features of the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector?
The projector has a lens cap at the front, quarter inch mount at the bottom for mounting on a tripod, two USB ports, AV out, headphones or mic, HDMI as well as VGA, and a tilt adjustment knob.
What is the projection quality of the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector?
The projector delivers a high-quality projection at 1080p 60 hertz.
Does the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector produce a lot of heat or noise?
Yes, the projector can get very hot and make a bit of noise during operation.
Where can I purchase the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector?
Links to purchase the Aleppo’s 1080p Compact Video Projector can be found in the description section of the review.

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