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Review: Ekster Wallet Tracker Card – Offers secure, practical and versatile tracking

Read a detailed review on the innovative Extra Tracker Card and Wallet, featuring its usability and impact... Read more

Review of Ekster Wallet Tracker Card

Table of Contents

Test of Ekster Wallet Tracker Card

3.9/5 - (1221 votes)

Cena: $59.00


  • Solar-powered functionality
  • Reliable tracking ability
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Versatile, suits various wallet types
  • Notifies when you’re out of range
  • Can help locate your phone
  • Decent battery life


  • App must remain open for tracking
  • No traditional leather smell
  • Difficult to retrieve from wallet
  • Potential Bluetooth interference
  • Sounds not loud enough for outdoors
  • Limited color options for wallets

“After three months of consistent use, I can confidently say that the Extra Tracker Card is an exceptional tool. Its highly functional features, especially the solar-charging mechanism, makes it convenient and easy to use. Though there’s a minor nuisance of having to keep the app open for constant tracking, the notification feature effectively resolves that issue. It’s a versatile product that offers a sense of security for my belongings. Whether you prioritize practicality, style, or both – the Extra Tracker Card is definitely a worthy investment.”

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Brand Ekster
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Supported Application GPS
Included Components Battery
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.9 x 3.2 x 0.6 inches


Welcome to a detailed and comprehensive look at another impressive product from Extra. The product in question today is none other than their handy-dandy, super innovative Extra Tracker Card. This practical gadget has whisked its way into my life and made a name for itself in my day-to-day routine. But don’t just take my word for it, let’s plunge into the nitty-gritty together.

Greeting and Introduction of Product

Greetings, tech enthusiasts! As a seasoned product reviewer and tech enthusiast, I get to lay my hands on myriad tech products, but this one surely stands out. Today, we’re delving deep into the features, performance, and overall value of the Extra tracker card, a product that isn’t just cool but useful across multiple scenarios.

Brief Background of the Extra Company and its Product

Before we dive in, a bit about Extra; kicked off on Kickstarter about five years ago by founders Olivier and Rick, they’ve since branched out to 11 countries and grown their team to be stronger and sturdier than ever. Extra creates sustainable, reliable, and notably, premium products aimed at leaving a significant, yet positive impact on your travel habits and the environment. The product that piqued my interest, and probably yours now, is their Extra Tracker Card which we’re about to navigate through together. Stay tuned to explore whether this product lives up to the hype.

Scanning Ekster Wallet Tracker Card

Why Extra

  • Extra offers sustainable, reliable, premium quality products
  • Aims to impact daily life with minimal world impact
  • Offers personalized shopping experiences with quizzes

For an EDC enthusiast, finding premium quality products that are both sustainable and reliable can be challenging. Extra seems to have taken up that mantle rather well. They’ve been around for about five years and their continued efforts to shape and improve how we carry everyday items is quite commendable.

Extra’s mission and vision

The founders, Olivier and Rick launched Extra with a commitment to leave the biggest impact on our daily move with the smallest impact on the world. A blend of sustainability and functionality – something not seen too often.

Range of premium products on the Extra website

Scanning through their website, it’s easy to see this commitment in action – A wide array of premium gear, each piece boasting an impressive range of colors to choose from. There’s an underlying feel of durability and luxury combined. Whether you like it sleek and polished or you prefer a more rugged appearance, there’s something for everyone.

Personal decision-making process guided by Extra’s quick quiz

Still undecided even with the array of choices? Extra has a quick quiz. With six straightforward questions, you’re guided towards products that align with your personal style and preferences. It’s a nice personalized touch, removing the guesswork in getting a product tailored for you in less than a minute.

Based on my experience, Extra goes beyond just offering products; they offer helpful resources that make the shopping experience not just convenient, but enjoyable and personalized. This combination of customer-centric insights blend seamlessly with their mission and vision.

Inspection of Ekster Wallet Tracker Card

Extra Tracker Card Review

  • Extra Tracker Card has sleek design, blends well.
  • Offers app-based device tracking, provides out-of-range alerts.
  • Reliable performance but requires app improvement.

Today, we’re diving into the heart of the matter, the Extra Tracker Card. Considered an essential accessory by many, this nifty little device has been making waves in the world of everyday carries. So, let’s find out if it lives up to the hype.

First Impressions

Upon taking the Extra Tracker Card out of its packaging, the first thing that strikes me is its sleek design. It’s compact, slim, and capable of blending seamlessly with just about any wallet or cardholder. Here is where Extra clearly puts product aesthetics at the forefront.

Practical Uses and Benefits

The Extra Tracker Card is more than just a pretty face. Let’s explore some of its practical use-cases:

  • It serves as an app-based device tracker, which could be your knight in shining armour for those ‘lost wallet’ panic moments.
  • The Tracker extends its duties to providing out-of-range alerts, helping you keep an extra eye on your wallet in crowded places.
With potential benefits like these, carrying around a wallet or bag without a tracker may feel like a risk not worth taking.

Real World Testing

If a product can’t hold its own in real-world conditions, the practical use-case flies out of the window. So, I’ve spent several weeks with the Extra Tracker Card, integrating it into my day-to-day life.

The tracker card hasn’t failed me once. Whether it’s reminding me about leaving my wallet behind at a café or helping me locate it in the mess of my room, the Extra Tracker Card has been reliable.

Point of Critique

Despite its many merits, the tracker card’s reliance on the app leaves room for improvement. Yes, there’s a need to keep the app open on your phone for tracking, which can be a bit of a nuisance, especially for those (me included) who have a habit of closing apps. But, to their credit, they do notify you if the app has been closed.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the Extra Tracker Card, with its sleek design, practical usage benefits, and reliable performance, certainly carves a place for itself in the ‘essential everyday carry’ list. It would be great if future iterations could work on the app-aspect, but it doesn’t overshadow the benefits the card brings. It’s a trustworthy companion that I’d recommend to those who understand the value of peace of mind when it comes to personal belongings.

Interpretation of Ekster Wallet Tracker Card

Extra Wallet Review

  • Aluminum Wallet designed for minimalist, compact style
  • Parliament Wallet is spacious with a card slider
  • Extra wallets blend practical design, style, and innovation

When it comes to wallets, we all have our preferences, don’t we? As part of the product suite from Extra, I had the opportunity to try out the Aluminum Card Holder Wallet and the Parliament Wallet. Let’s dive into my hands-on experience with these wallets and what sets them apart.

Introduction to Extra’s Aluminum Card Holder Wallet

What immediately caught my attention with the Aluminum Card Holder Wallet was its sleek design. The compact structure of the wallet, designed for minimalists, leaves ample space for cards without adding bulk. Practical and stylish? Absolutely!

Parliament Wallet Experience

At first glance, the Parliament Wallet, with a striking Merlot red color and distinguished design, makes quite an impression. The wallet has an array of compartments providing plenty of storage, even for those who carry a bit more in their wallet. The convenience of having immediate access to your cards with the card slider was definitely appreciated.

Experience of alternating between both wallets

Switching between the two allowed me to appreciate their unique features. I found the Aluminum Card Holder perfect for casual outings to keep things light and simple, while the Parliament Wallet was ideal for business occasions, where carrying more cards and identification is necessary.

Review of Wallet Designs and Color Options

Extra offers a variety of color options that cater to different tastes. From a style perspective, the wallets hit the mark with their contemporary design and quality build. The variety certainly allows you to choose something that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Critical Review

Convenience and style aside, it’s worth noting that these wallets aren’t particularly designed for cash carriers, considering the available space. The durability and functionality of the wallets, however, offset any such minor setbacks. Opting for the Parliament Wallet or making use of the Extra tracker card in combination with these wallets could be a way around this.

To conclude, both wallets from Extra bring something unique to the table. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist wallet or something with a bit more room, Extra seems to have you covered. I believe it’s safe to say that both wallets provide a blend of practical design, style, and innovation that’s considerably impressive.

Review of Ekster Wallet Tracker Card

Hands-on Experience

  • Extra Tracker Card delivers seamless tracking.
  • Consistent performance in long-term use.
  • Minor setback with application staying open.

Bringing an unbiased fresh perspective into play, I’ve spent a considerable time using the Extra Tracker Card. My goal was to gain a properly rounded understanding of how it delivers on its promise of seamless tracking for your everyday essentials.

Detailed look at Product Integration and Features

The Extra Tracker card, at first glance, fits easily into most wallets (including the Extra Parliament wallet), making it quite convenient. However, the initially daunting task was to get accustomed to the application software associated with the card. But it turned out to be a breeze once I got the hang of it, illustrating that it’s quite user-friendly.

The first feature that impressed me was the seamless product integration . The integration set up was straightforward, and in no time, I had it synced with my phone. The tracker card establishes a stronghold over your essential item (in my case, the wallet), which triggers an immediate alert on my phone once it’s out of range.

In-depth Review Based on Months of Practical Use

Consistency is the name of the game. And it’s one of the reasons I tested the product for an extended period. The Extra Tracker card shines in the long-term use scenario . Over the period of two to three months of usage, the tracker card has been reliable and consistent.

One thing I love about this tracker card is its solar-powered feature. Practically speaking, it’s low maintenance. My experience did resonate with Extra’s claim of 2-3 months battery life on three hours worth of charge.

Addressing Concerns About the Tracker Card Software

Talking about the tracker card and not mentioning the software would be doing it an injustice. Yes, there’s a minor setback – keeping the application running in the background all the time. However, wonders never cease when the app informs you of its closure and prompts for re-opening. It’s not a game-ender but remains a hiccup, nonetheless.

In conclusion, my interaction with the Extra Tracker Card has been an overall positive one. While addressing this product’s minor challenges, I believe it holds the potential to prevent losing essential items, hence providing a sense of security in everyday scenarios.

Expose on Ekster Wallet Tracker Card

Specific Tracker Card Features

  • Extra Tracker Card features solar-charging capability
  • Offers tracking range of approximately 200 feet with alerts
  • Provides more flexibility than similar products

Delving into the specific features of the Extra Tracker Card, there are certain attributes that make it stand out in the pool of similar products.

Solar-Charging Feature

The first distinct feature I fell in love with is its solar-charging capability. This creates an eco-friendly, convenient, and practical charging method for the card. With this feature, charging issues become almost non-existent. Note: Although I haven’t had to intentionally place it in the sun to charge since I started using it, the exposure it gets during regular use seems to suffice.

Tracker Card’s Range and Alerts

The tracker card offers a range of approximately 200 feet. Truth be told, certain elements may impact this range, like the presence of walls or the type of area where you find yourself. Despite these, the device’s alerts stood out as a lifeline for me. There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing your wallet will alert you if you get out of range. It’s like having an extra insurance for your wallet.

Comparison with Similar Products

I’ve experienced both the Extra Tracker Card and the Apple Air Tag and in my unbiased opinion, the Extra Tracker Card offered more flexibility as it can easily fit into any wallet without the need for a specialized wallet like the Apple Air Tag requires.

Nitpicks and Overcomes

Using the tracker card wasn’t completely without hiccups though. The necessity of keeping the app open on your phone for seamless operation felt a bit off to me at first. However, the app does notify you once you close it and I found this to be a necessary evil for monitoring my Tracker Card effectively.

In conclusion, while the Extra Tracker Card has its unique quirks, its benefits far outweigh its downsides. Its specific features such as solar-charging, range and alert systems, as well as its edge in flexibility over similar products make it a worthy contender in its category.

App Functionality and Usage

  • The app is the Extra Tracker Card’s nerve center
  • Interface facilitates interaction with tracker card and other devices
  • App’s background running needs improvement notwithstanding its merits

Let’s take a curious delve into using the app that augments the Extra Tracker Card’s functionality. The app is the true nerve center of the Extra Tracker Card, and understanding its basic functions is fundamental to using this product effectively.

Detailed Walkthrough of the App Interface and Features

Upon launching the app, you’re greeted with a clean and simple interface. The main screen houses the map and settings, signaling an intuitive design, focused on user-friendliness. At the center, there’s a neat list of synced devices, a valuable feature for tech enthusiasts with multiple gadgets.

Interaction between the App, Tracker Card, and Devices

The technology behind the product shines when interacting with other devices. For instance, double-tapping the button on the Tracker Card cues your phone to ring, a handy feature if your phone often finds its way into hard-to-reach couch crevices. This functionality is just one of the many ways that the app complements the tracker card and other synced devices.

Personal Nitpick and How to Overcome It

Now we come to my minor critique. The need to keep the app open for the tracker to function might initially seem inconvenient, especially for those, like myself, who habitually close apps not in use. However, the design team at Extra has somewhat mitigated this by programming the app to send a notification reminding you to leave it running when you close it. It’s not ideal, but it’s proof that Extra acknowledges this shortcoming and provides a stopgap solution.

Final Thoughts

While it’s true that the app has space for improvement, particularly in the running-in-background department, its merits undeniably outweigh this minor gripe. The clean, intuitive interface does a great job of simplifying the tracking process. The App also boasts a bunch of cool features that smartly enhance the user experience and interact harmoniously with the Extra Tracker Card and other devices. All in all, the app bolsters the Extra Tracker Card’s capabilities, making it an essential companion to the product.


  • Extra Tracker Card is reliable, user-friendly, and sleek
  • Solar-charging feature and solid battery lifespan are commendable
  • Requires app to be open for continued tracking

To sum it all up, the Extra Tracker Card and its accompanied wallets have proven to be quite reliable and user-friendly. That, combined with their sleek design and premium feel, makes them a worthy investment for anyone inclined toward efficient organization and convenience.

Personal Experience

Speaking from personal use over the last couple of months, I’ve found the solar-charging feature remarkably convenient. The card’s solid battery life and alert function have made my day-to-day activities much smoother, and the instances when I’ve forgotten my bag or wallet have noticeably decreased.

Critical Reflection

However, it’s worth mentioning that while the tracker card and app do integrate well, there is some room for improvement. The necessity to leave the app open for continued tracking might be a hiccup for some users. Nonetheless, this inconvenience is somewhat mitigated by the app alerting you whenever it’s closed, a feature I found unexpectedly useful.


Compared to similar market solutions, like the Apple AirTag, the Extra Tracker Card stands out owing to its easy integration with any wallet. The tracker card’s slim profile and solar power capabilities offer an edge over some bulkier, battery-dependent alternatives.

Final Thoughts

While no product can claim absolute perfection, the Extra Tracker Card and wallets sure raise the bar high when it comes to combining moving with style, convenience, and security. If you’re someone who values these aspects and don’t mind keeping the app running in the background, you’ll likely find these products worth the investment.


So before you decide, I recommend giving the product website a thorough read, check out the wide range of options they offer, and make use of the handy quiz to guide your purchase decision. After all, investing in an everyday carry item involves personal preference, and it’s important to choose what aligns best with your unique requirements.

Greetings, Gratitude, and Farewell

Reflecting upon my experience with the Extra tracker card and the accompanying wallets, it’s clear these products have some unique features that could prove valuable for certain individuals. From the high-quality materials and design to the smart technology incorporated into the devices, these products are designed to bring convenience in managing and locating personal essentials.

Gratitude for the Opportunity

I appreciate the opportunity to explore and share my insights on these innovative products with those considering purchasing them. Having the chance to candidly discuss my experiences over the past few months has allowed me to deliver a comprehensive account of the product’s functionality and effectiveness.

Navigating Possible Nitpicks

The one nitpick – managing the open state of the app – is more of a minor inconvenience than a major detriment, and it’s vital to be aware of it before making a purchase. However, the alert feature that reminds you when the app is closed is a neat workaround. Remember, though, your mileage may vary, and different individuals might have varying experiences with certain aspects.

A Friendly Farewell

In conclusion, the Extra tracker card and wallets aim to provide a streamlined solution for individuals who desire a compact, stylish way of carrying their essentials, coupled with the modern convenience of effortless tracking technology. The choice ultimately rests with the potential user’s specific requirements and preferences. Those keen on exploring based on the insights shared in this review can find more information and make purchases through the links provided in the description.

With that in mind, it’s time to wrap this comprehensive review up. Thanks again for tuning in and hopefully, the insights shared will assist in the decision-making process. Until the next time, stay informed, stay smart, and happy shopping!

Should you buy the Ekster Wallet Tracker Card?

Buy it if…

Security and peace of mind

The Extra tracker card comes with features like out of range alerts and ability to locate the card using the attached phone app, making sure you never leave your wallet behind or lose it.

Sustainability is a priority

Extra creates premium products that are not only reliable but also sustainable. They use solar power for their tracker cards, eliminating the need for constant battery changes.

Smart and sleek design

The tracker card is of similar size to a normal card, making it compatible with any wallet. Plus, it adds a touch of sophistication to your everyday carry.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re not comfortable with tech

While user-friendly, the reliance on apps and Bluetooth could be off-putting for those not comfortable with technology.

You prefer traditional leather

Extra uses vegan leather for their wallets. Although premium quality, it might not appeal if you’re a fan of traditional leather.

You frequently close apps

The app needs to be kept open for tracking. If you’re someone who closes apps frequently, this might be a bit of a nuisance.


What is the benefit of the Extra Tracker Card?
The Extra tracker card helps you track your belongings like your wallet. It alerts you when you are out of range, allowing you to avoid losing your items.
How is the Extra Tracker Card powered?
The Extra Tracker Card is solar powered. It requires three hours of charge for two to three months of battery life.
Where can I find the Extra Tracker Card on the market?
The Extra Tracker Card can be found on Extra’s official website. A link should be provided in the video description.
Is there a discount code for the Extra Tracker Card?
Yes, a special discount code is available in the description of the review video, which you can use for a purchase.
What’s the difference between the Extra Tracker Card and other similar products on the market?
The Extra Tracker Card offers unique features like solar charging and a range-based alert system. The detailed comparison is discussed in the review.
Is there an app for the Extra Tracker Card?
Yes, Extra offers an easy-to-use app for the tracker card, available for both Android and iPhone users.
What’s the reviewer’s main nitpick about the Extra Tracker Card?
The reviewer indicated that the need to keep the app always open on the phone was a small drawback.

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