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Review: ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar – Offers loud, quality sound and impressive outdoor durability

Comprehensive and unbiased review of the EXO Gear, evaluating design, sound quality, and value for money... Read more

Review of ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

Table of Contents

Test of ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

4.5/5 - (1407 votes)

Cena: $299.99


  • Appealing design
  • Strong, adjustable mount
  • LED color options
  • Clear high volume
  • Competitive pricing
  • Resilient build
  • Pair with multiple speakers


  • Inadequate bass
  • Distorted high volume
  • Clumsy mounting structure
  • Pricey for some
  • Inconsistent sound quality

“After thoroughly testing the EXO Gear speaker, I’ve come to appreciate its striking design, evident loudness, and the attractive front LED bar. However, it does leave room for improvement particularly in terms of bass which is noticeably lacking. While the sound distortion at high volume is a concern, the overall sound quality remains decent. As for the price, honestly, I think it could be lower considering the product’s features. That being said, if the price point isn’t a deal-breaker for you, this speaker is still a solid purchase. It stands strong against its competitors and does hold its own in outdoor conditions. So, if you’re up for a speaker that offers both style and loudness, and can live without deep bass, the EXO Gear is certainly worth considering. But do keep your expectations realistic.”

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Model Name SoundExtreme SE26
Speaker Type Woofer, Tweeter, Soundbar
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Waterproof, Usb Port, Shockproof

The Initial Impressions: Unboxing the EXO Gear

Unboxing a new gadget has its unique thrill, isn’t it? Especially when it comes to audio equipment, the excitement doubles up. So, let’s start our journey with the first impressions of unboxing the EXO Gear.

The First Look: Thoughts on the Design

The minute I laid my eyes on the device, the first thing that grabbed my attention was its aesthetic design. With sleek lines, polished finish, and an imposing presence, the EXO Gear immediately scores on the style front. However, the verdict on its functionality and efficiency is yet to be declared.

The Intricacies: Speaker Structure Breakdown

Diving deeper into its structure, I saw that this speaker unit comes equipped with two tweeters, four mids, and two woofers. To most ears, this combo promises an array of balanced sounds, with full-bodied mids, crisp highs, and immersive lows. But remember, all that glitters is not always gold. So stay tuned.

Unearthing the Downsides: The Bass Conundrum

Despite the impressive internal structure, I noticed a significant absence: the bass. A good speaker should be capable of producing a clear, deep, and strong bass— a vital component to create a full sound experience. Unfortunately, the EXO Gear seemed rather lacking in this department, which was rather disappointing considering its promising specs. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding, we’ll see how it performs during the sound tests.

Examination of ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

The Real-Life Test: Pushing it to the Limits

  • EXO Gear speaker has distortion at high volumes
  • Mounting mechanism is disappointing and awkward
  • Design and aesthetic issues noted

So, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of it. Let’s dive into the real-life testing of the EXO Gear speaker. What better way to assess a product than to see how it stands in real-world conditions, right? Here, we pay attention to performance under different volumes, the mounting experience, and aesthetic considerations.

Trial by Volume: Evaluating Sound Clarity

The first aspect was to test its sound quality, particularly noting any signs of distortion at high volumes. The song used for testing was a high-quality, royalty-free track played right from my phone to the speaker.

At initial volumes, I observed that the speaker gets loud, but not as loud as I expected. The volume was a bit restricted when the song was streamed from YouTube, though it was louder when played directly from my phone. Note: This could possibly be a Bluetooth/Apple issue rather than a downside with the speaker itself.

However, the downside struck when the volume cranked up. As the volume increased, a noticeable distortion began creeping in. One would not expect such a flaw from a speaker at this price point.

Gripping Reality: The Mounting Experience Unveiled

Now, let’s discuss the mounting experience – a crucial element for portable speakers, especially the ones designed for outdoor use like the EXO Gear. This speaker was mounted onto a four-wheeler, using the clamps provided with the device.

Initially, the speaker seemed sturdy enough and didn’t drill any holes on my equipment. However, there was something off about the clamping mechanism. Once mounted, it appeared upside down, and flipping it came with its own set of challenges. The mounting plate stuck out inconveniently and marred the sleek look of the speaker.

To Flip or Not: Judging the Fitting Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, there was a dilemma with the speaker. There’s an option to take the plates off and switch them, but that didn’t appeal to me. One, I didn’t want to tamper with the device and two, it’s clearly a design snag. I chose to flip it back because I preferred the upside-down look over having an unsightly mounting plate sticking out.

To conclude this section – the real-life testing did expose certain shortcomings of this speaker, namely the distortion during high volumes and the disappointing mounting mechanism. However, none of these factors make it a total dealbreaker but do reveal areas where improvement is needed.

Expose on ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

Aspects to Admire: Discovering the Highlights

  • EXO Gear boasts six speakers for sound enthusiasts
  • Multi-colored, adjustable LED bar enhances aesthetic appeal
  • Prominent sound that cuts through the noise

Without a doubt, every product, irrespective of its flaws, does have noteworthy features that draw some kind of admiration from its users. As I became more familiar with the EXO Gear, I discovered several bright spots that brought smiles and nods of approval.

Design Appreciation: The Winning Elements

To kick things off, everyone knows that a product’s design plays a pivotal role in creating that much-needed first impression. With the EXO Gear, I truly admire its design. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also tailored to meet the user’s needs. The product boasts six speakers, including two tweeters, four mids, and two woofers, reason enough to garner the attention of any sound enthusiast.

Visually Pleasing: LED Bar and its Multiple Colors

One particular feature that stands out in EXO Gear is the front-facing LED bar. This LED bar, which changes colors, gives the speaker a striking look that is hard to ignore. Plus, the ability to choose from a variety of colors – from red to yellow to white, with various levels of brightness, adds to the product’s aesthetic charm, providing a personalized experience according to one’s mood and ambiance.

Hearing it Over Noises: Evaluating Sound Reach

Another commendable aspect of the speaker is its volume. No matter if you’re in a room filled with loud companions or at an outdoor event, this device asserts its presence without fail. The ability of sound to cut through the noise and remain prominent is indeed praiseworthy! There’s a certain joy in being able to hear the music you love above the din, and EXO Gear doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

To conclude, although the speaker’s bass quality and high volume distortion might not hit the right notes with everyone, its admirable features are worth pondering upon. These aspects play a vital role in creating a great user experience and, as a result, might justify the product’s value to some users.

Appraisal of ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

The Monetary Conundrum: Is the Price Right?

  • EXO Gear speaker set has questionable price-performance balance
  • Underwhelming bass performance could affect purchase decisions
  • Price may not justify low bass output

Arriving at the money matters, the price of this EXO Gear speaker set might raise some eyebrows. I am not here to sugarcoat and mislead you, my job here is quite the opposite. Let’s dissect where it stands in terms of its price against the performance it offers and whether your hard-earned money is being well spent or not.

Factoring the Sound Quality: Could the Price go Down?

As much as I admire the design and multiple features offered by the speaker, it’s fair to mention that its bass performance is a bit underwhelming. If you’re a bass lover and that’s your ideal sound, you could be left wanting more. Reflecting this sound quality aspect, one cannot help but feel the price could have been a tad lower.

Remember: the price of a product must justify its performance. Lower bass doesn’t necessarily undermine the utility of these speakers, but it can tilt the purchase decision for some users.

Room for More Bass: Impact on the Purchase Decision

Think about your requirements and how much you value the thump of bass in your speakers. Is it a complete deal-breaker? Not at all, but it’s a point to consider. Especially if you’re planning to set this up in large, open spaces, the lack of bass could be more noticeable.

Marshalling Pros against Cons: Worth The Dollars Spent?

Weighing the pros, which includes its high volume and clear mid-ranges, against the con of lesser bass, the question emerges – “Is it worth the cost?” It’s a sturdy device, no doubt, and has aesthetics to its credit. But I’m here to provide you with an unbiased perspective based on my experience, so I’d suggest potential buyers take a step back and really analyze how it fits into their audio ecology and budget. I’m not saying ‘don’t buy it’, just be sure it suits your needs and preferences.

  • Summary: The EXO Gear has a more-than-decent design with thoughtful features. However, despite the clear sound, the minimal bass performance may lead some to question the price point. This isn’t an outright deal-breaker, but it is a factor worth considering.

Assessment of ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

Sound Testing: Putting the Speaker Through its Paces

  • Testing essential for understanding speaker’s performance
  • EXO gear speaker delivers high-volume, clear sound
  • Speaker’s bass performance is less robust

Testing the sound quality of a speaker is an essential part of the review process. The nuances of audio clarity, bass, distortion, and volume significantly influence the overall experience of any product. So, it was time to really test the EXO gear speaker outside controlled environments and figure out what it’s made of!

Setting the Stage: Preparing for the Sound Test

The entire sound testing procedure was carefully planned and executed. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the speaker’s performance, I decided to play a variety of songs with varying sound profiles. This included catching different sound elements like vocals, instruments, and bass-heavy tracks.

The Auditory Walk: Experiencing Different Volumes

Conducting a complete ‘auditory walk,’ I experimented with controlling the volume levels and pushing them to the maximum. I keenly observed the noise level as I gradually increased the volume. The purpose of this exercise was to measure the impact and distortion level at each increment point.

  • Half Volume: I was pleasantly surprised that even at half the volume, the sound was decently loud and clear.
  • Three Quarters Volume: Pushing it a bit further, I found that the speaker still held up quite well. Though the bass struggled to keep up, it was respectably loud and un-distorted.
  • Full Volume: Finally, at maximum volume, the speaker truly pushed its limits. The sound was undeniably loud, but some may find it a bit harsh due to the distortion at this level.

Verdict Post Test: Judging the Worthiness

After the comprehensive sound testing, the speaker proved to be a reasonably good performer. The volume levels were impressive, but the bass, not so much. It is important to note that turning down the volume by a single notch made a significant difference in the sound distortion. The speaker sounded cleaner and more controlled at slightly lower than maximum volume.

However, the lack of robust bass might be discouraging for some. But considering the speaker’s other impressive qualities and its size, it’s consummate when you’re looking for high-volume, clear, and portable sound. Whether the absence of deep bass is a deal-breaker could vary based on individual preferences and musical taste.

Investigation of ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

Sound Comparison: Pitting the EXO Gear against Names in the Market

  • EXO Gear speaker competes with Infinity Kappa
  • EXO Gear lacks depth in lower frequencies
  • EXO Gear’s lower price offers reasonable value

When evaluating a product, especially one as subjective as a speaker, it’s crucial to have a comparative baseline to gauge its performance. In this case, the contention is between the EXO Gear and the renowned Infinity Kappa.

Rival of the Day: Infinity Kappa against EXO Gear

Infinity Kappa is a well-received speaker, particularly in the ATV community, and is a great match for the EXO Gear in terms of market placement. This makes it a perfect competitor for our comparative testing.

Reading into the Comparison: Weighing the Sound Similarities

In terms of overall volume and clarity, the EXO Gear holds its ground reasonably well. It manages to deliver high frequencies clearly and does not distort until pushed to the extreme. However, it’s worth noting that the lack of depth in the lower frequencies puts it at a disadvantage when pitted against the Infinity Kappa’s well-rounded sound profile.

Account on Price: A Harsh or Fair Stand-off?

Considering the significant price disparity, with the EXO Gear costing half as much as Infinity Kappa, one might argue that it outperforms its price tag. This is particularly true when considering the design perks, such as the customizable light bar. However, the inevitable question arises: would a compromise in bass quality be a justified trade-off for the price? This, of course, is largely subjective and depends on individual user preferences as well as usage scenarios.

In conclusion, whilst the EXO Gear holds its own in certain aspects, there is room for improvement, predominantly in the bass department. On the whole, it provides a reasonable value proposition given its considerable lower price point compared to its competitors.

Scrutiny of ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar

Looking Ahead: Testing Durability and Water Resistance

  • Future testing will assess EXO Gear speaker’s durability and water resistance
  • Outdoor conditions and potential liquid spills are anticipated challenges
  • Long-term usage and bass performance in different environments will be evaluated

The Future Test: Prepping the Speaker for a Wet Run

In my future use, the EXO Gear speaker will not encounter just sound waves but water waves as well. This could be a prime opportunity to evaluate how the speaker holds up to the test of time and resist elements, exposing its durability factor.

The Biggest Competitor: EXO Gear vs. the Elements

To determine the toughness of EXO Gear, I’ll be testing its water resistance. The review, thus far, has suggested that the speaker performs proficiently in a controlled environment. But, the real challenge will present itself when the speaker is subjected to outdoor conditions and an occasional splash of water. It’s not about replicating a rainstorm or submerging it in a pool, it’s about normal usage conditions where a liquid spill or two is probable.

Final Remarks: Are We Set for the Real Challenge?

So, taking into account the speaker’s strong build quality and its apparent knack for facing volume-related challenges, I’m optimistic about this upcoming water resistance experiment. But not getting ahead of myself, I keep reminding myself to remain realistic with expectations. As the saying goes, only time will tell .

  • The test will also demonstrate how the speaker deals with long-term usage since no product review can be deemed comprehensive without assessing durability
  • The forthcoming review will also enlighten us about how the lack of bass we discovered during the initial tests fares in an outdoor or potentially wet environment

These will be crucial aspects to observe and evaluate to gain a complete understanding of the EXO Gear speaker’s performance under various circumstances. Stay tuned!

Final Recap: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Bottom Line: My Honest Verdict of the EXO Gear

Alright folks, it’s time for a frank and honest verdict. The EXO Gear speakers, for their share of merits and demerits, have certainly created a unique user experience. If you’re someone who values efficient design and clear highs, this product certainly tickles those fancies.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to ignore the negatives. While the speaker does an admirable job in the mids and highs department, the lack of a strong bass leaves a lot to be desired, especially for a product of its price range. I found the mount system, albeit sturdy, somewhat limited in its adaptability and aesthetics. Another significant point of criticism was the distortion that occurred at higher volumes.

Listening to the Crowd: Encouraging Reader Feedback

Again, these are just the observations from my user-experience. Each speaker enthusiast may have unique requirements and preferences, and that’s where all our experiences and opinions collectively can come handy. So feel free to share your very own experience with the EXO Gear.

Closing Thoughts

  • Design: While it has a visually pleasing look with its LED lights and clean lines, the upside-down mounting setup is a significant drawback.
  • Sound Quality: The highs are clear, and the volume is impressively loud. However, the lack of bass and occasional distortion are points of improvement.
  • Durability: Still have to put it to the water and dirt test. For a speaker expected to live up to the rigors of outdoor usage, this is a significantly important aspect.
  • Value for Money: While not the best sounding speaker in its price range, the LED lights, design and loudness might be enough for some to justify the cost.

All in all, the EXO Gear shows promise. But could it do with a few tweaks? Absolutely. Would it still make for a good buy? Sure, especially if that price point sees a dip. Ultimately, the decision lies with you, the discerning buyer. After all, reviews can only guide you so far in your shopping journey, beyond that it’s up to you to make the call based on your preferences and requirements.

Should you buy the ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar?

Buy it if…

You Appreciate Loud and Clear Sound

Despite a lack of bass, the speaker cranks up quite loud and has a clear sound. It’s great if you plan to play music across large open areas.

You value Durability and Versatility

The design and mounting system is sturdy; it can be installed in various vehicles or outdoors without any drilling required. Plus, with its LED light feature, it adds an aesthetic touch.

You favor group synchrony

If you and your friends want to have a unified music experience during gatherings, the ability to pair multiple of these speakers together can create harmonised sound across a large space.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re a Bass Lover

The speaker has a distinct lack of bass – if rich, throbbing beats are your jam, then this might not be the right choice for you.

You’re on a Budget

Although it provides satisfactory sound quality, the price point feels slightly high for the features it offers. If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider alternatives.

You Prioritize Aesthetic Orientation

If having your speaker labels in the correct orientation is important to you, you might be annoyed by the upside-down mounting issue that could affect the visual appeal.


How’s the design of the EXO gear speaker?
The EXO gear speaker has a good design with a mounting bracket that offers plenty of adjustment. It also features a front LED bar that illuminates in various colors.
What is the sound quality of the speaker?
The speaker gets loud and the high frequencies come out quite clear. However, at full volume, the sound can become distorted and bass is almost non-existent.
Can the speaker be mounted on a four-wheeler?
Yes, the speaker can be mounted on a four-wheeler using the supplied clamps. However, once mounted the speaker may appear upside-down.
Is the speaker value for money?
The speaker provides good volume and clear high frequencies, and competes well with more expensive models. However, the sound distorted at high volumes and the bass is minimal. Ideally, it would be better valued at around half its current price.
Is the speaker loud enough to be heard over engine noise?
Yes, the speaker is very loud and can definitely be heard over the engine noise in the tests.
How does the EXO gear speaker compare with the Infinity Kappa 4100 MSB?
The EXO gear speaker competes fairly well with the Infinity Kappa, potentially being even a bit louder. It also features pretty lights, making it visually more appealing, and costs less.
Is the speaker water-resistant? Can it withstand outdoor elements?
The speaker’s ability to resist water and outdoor elements has yet to be tested. The reviewer plans on testing this in the future.
Does the speaker offer the facility of pairing multiple units together?
Yes, you can pair multiple EXO gear speakers together, up to 200 units.

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