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Review: Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine – Delivers a wide variety of sounds

In-depth review of the budget-friendly Easysleep Sound Machine’s varied features and practicality... Read more

Review of Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

Table of Contents

Test of Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

4.6/5 - (8973 votes)

Cena: $19.99


  • Affordable price point
  • 25 diverse sound options
  • Includes a handy nightlight
  • Non-slip, lightweight design
  • Good track loop lengths
  • High max volume
  • Blocks external noises effectively


  • No included power adapter
  • Weak speaker bass
  • Lacks an internal battery
  • Sound quality could be improved

“In my unbiased opinion, the Easysleep Sound Machine delivers reasonable value for its price range. It delivers a wide variety of sounds and has a comfortable nightlight feature. However, the lack of bass in the sound quality is a drawback and having no internal battery limits its flexibility. It may not be the best on the market, but for those on a budget, it’s a decent option to consider.”

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Color White
Brand Easysleep
Power Source Battery Powered
Music Tracks White Noise
Number of Tracks 25

Introduction: First Impressions of the Easysleep Sound Machine

Purchasing a new gadget can be a thrilling experience, and my first encounter with the Easysleep white noise sound machine presented quite a bit of anticipation. This review provides candid first impressions right from unboxing to preliminary interaction with the device’s various features.

Price and Initial Thoughts

Available for £24.99 in the UK, the Easysleep Sound Machine seemed affordable for a machine of its calibre, given its promise of variety in sound options, night light feature, and timers. This seemed a strong indication of the potential value for money the device might offer.

The Unboxing Experience: Packaging and Contents Revealed

Upon delivery, the simplistic packaging of the Easysleep sound machine was instantly noticeable. Packaged in a plain cardboard box with minimal plastic use, one couldn’t help but appreciate the company’s environmental consciousness. In terms of in-box contents, there was the user manual, the highly portable sound machine and a USB charging cable, although a power adapter was notably missing. As a seasoned user of similar devices, I didn’t mind the absence of the power adapter. Still, potential buyers who may lack sufficient USB outlets at home might want to keep this detail in mind.

Despite the straightforward packaging, the difficult unboxing process was a little surprising. The packaging isn’t an assurance of the product’s quality, but having an easier time opening the product box can enhance the customer’s initial experience.

Overall, the first impression of the Easysleep sound machine is moderately reasonable. It presents an anticipation of good value; however, some points need delving into deeper, like sound variety, sound quality, and user-friendly features. Additionally, the unboxing experience leaves room for improvement. The following sections offer a detailed exploration of these aspects.

Breakdown of Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

Features and Design: A Closer Inspection of the Easysleep Sound Machine

  • Easysleep machine is lightweight but lacking in sound projection
  • USB charging available, power adapter not included
  • User-friendly interface with distinct function buttons

Upon first glance, the Easysleep Sound Machine leaves a positive impression. Let’s delve into its specific features, design and functionality to understand better what it brings to the table.

Weight, Size, and Shape

The Easysleep is surprisingly lightweight, which at first seems like a positive for its portability. However, the lightweight nature might give an impression of the device lacking in sound projection , as some might correlate a heavier machine with potentially superior sound output. The round design is aesthetically pleasing and could easily blend in with any decor.

Power Source

This machine uses a USB charging cable which is convenient as USB is a universal standard. Nonetheless, it does not come with a power adapter. Although this is not a deal-breaker for me, some might prefer having an adapter included. After all, it offers added flexibility in terms of charging options.


  • Power & Nightlight Buttons: The on/off power button and the nightlight button are easily identifiable and function exactly as they should. This makes the device quite user-friendly.
  • Volume & Track Choice Buttons: Separate buttons for volume control and track choice are a definite plus. This avoids the hassle of a single button performing multiple functions, which could sometimes be confusing.
  • Timer Button: The timer setup is adjustable and offers options for a continuous play, one, two, three, or four hours. Nevertheless, a longer duration could have been a better addition for those who prefer listening to the soothing sounds throughout the night.

In summary, the features are thoughtfully designed, keeping user convenience in mind. However, there are certain aspects like the absence of a power adapter and limited timer duration that could do with some improvement.

Inspection of Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

Sound Testing: Taking a Deep Dive into the 25 Sounds

  • The Easysleep sound machine offers 25 varied sounds
  • Speaker quality is generally satisfactory
  • Sound variety and quality makes it a good contender

Let’s now delve into one of the key features of the Easysleep sound machine: its 25 sounds. This arsenal of sounds will be the primary concern for many potential users, so I wanted to give them an in-depth examination.

My Favourites and Least Favourites among White Noise, Fan Sounds, Nature Sounds and Music Tracks

The sound variety was both extensive and impressive. There is a good balance of white noise, fan sounds, and nature sounds, with also some music tracks thrown in. The music tracks have been thoughtfully added – they could be appealing to both adults and kids alike.

However, not all tracks were created equal. A couple of water tracks seemed a bit muddled, and some music tracks could have been clearer. This might matter to some users, especially those who expect perfection at every decibel.

How Good is the Speaker? A Look at Clarity, Bass, and Maximum Volume

After my sound test, the speaker quality was generally satisfactory. For a not-so-expensive sound machine, the sounds were fairly clear. It’s just that the speaker’s bass doesn’t quite live up to expectations. If you’re a fan of deep, resonating sounds like brown noise, you might find them lacking depth on this device.

Regarding volume, its performance was respectable for its size and price. While it may not be able to compete with more powerful – and expensive – white noise machines in terms of volume, it’s far from disappointing. The highest volume level may not be overwhelmingly loud, but it can comfortably fill a room.

The key takeaway from the sound testing is that while the Easysleep sound machine may not offer the highest quality sound or the most powerful audio performance, the extensive variety and respectable quality of its sounds make it an excellent contender in its price bracket.

Weighing Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

The Nightlight: Evaluating its Brightness Settings, Colour, and Performance in the Dark

  • Easysleep Sound Machine has four nightlight brightness settings.
  • Nightlight has one color option – serene amber.
  • Nightlight’s brightness covers dark room adequately.

Let’s talk about the nightlight feature of the Easysleep Sound Machine. Could it be the added touch to make your bedroom more comfortable and serene? Could it mean easy navigation across your room during those midnight strolls? Well, let’s see.

Brightness Settings

The nightlight of the Easysleep Sound Machine boasts of four brightness settings. This means you’ve got options to adjust to a level of brightness that suits your preference. Lower settings can create a soothing ambiance while higher ones can illuminate a room enough for some late-night reading.


This machine offers only one colour option with its nightlight, which isn’t necessarily a drawback. Sometimes, simplicity is the key. The colour is a serene amber that emits just enough warmth to create a calming atmosphere, perfect for bedtime.

Working In Darkness

At night, the glow from the device is pretty strong yet unobtrusive. The highest brightness setting provides adequate light to see your way around a dark room. But how one feels about the brightness, or the lack thereof, can be quite subjective. So if you prefer complete darkness or the dimmest of lights, you might want to keep the nightlight off.

Final thoughts on the Nightlight

  • The nightlight on the Easysleep Sound Machine is a nice touch, adding utility and a pleasing visual element to the device.
  • It’s not a deal-breaker if you don’t care for nitelight. But, it’s an added bonus for those who find comfort and functionality in soft, ambient light.
  • Realistically though, don’t expect the light to be bright enough to replace a usual bedside lamp.

Overall, I think the combination of sound machine and nightlight into a compact device like the Easysleep Sound Machine is a good idea.

Examining Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

Practical Usage: Living with the Easysleep Sound Machine

  • Tracks on the machine last between one and four minutes
  • Effective noise blocking at maximum volume of 77.3 DBA
  • No internal battery reduces machine’s portability

Having spent several days with the Easysleep sound machine, I’ve found that using it is quite a straightforward experience. The machine’s small, lightweight, user-friendly nature ensures that interacting with it becomes second nature. That said, there are a couple of aspects I’d like to discuss in more detail.

Sound Loop Lengths

The machine prides itself in its 25 different sound varieties. Much to my appreciation, the loop lengths for these sounds showed considerable variation – especially for a budget machine. The music and meditation tracks lasted between one and four minutes each . This is considerably long, making any transition point between loops less noticeable. Therefore, the experience remains immersive and soothing at all times.

Noise Blocking Effectiveness

Analysis of the white noise machine’s proficiency in blocking external noise was another crucial aspect of the practical usage test. I’m glad to report that the machine performed quite well in this regard. Its maximum volume, registering at 77.3 DBA from a one meter distance, successfully blocked out household noises such as traffic and television sounds . As a result, you can enjoy an undisturbed, calming atmosphere to aid your sleep or concentration.

Limitations Observed

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. The absence of an internal battery could limit its portability. Yes, the device is lightweight and compact, perfect for travel. But, it requires a constant power supply through its USB connection. This makes the machine slightly less convenient for users who might not readily have access to a USB outlet.

Remember, a product’s practical usage carries significant weight in evaluating its usefulness . Thus, while it’s essential to appreciate the Easysleep sound machine’s simple, user-friendly design, potential buyers should consider the importance of loop lengths and noise blocking effectiveness and the limitations the missing internal battery may cause.

Lookover of Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

Critiques and Suggestions: What I Like and What I Think Could be Improved

  • Impressive sound variety and long loop lengths
  • Compact design with nightlight feature
  • Needs improvement in speaker bass and battery

Having spent a few quality time with the Easysleep sound machine, I’ve managed to recognize some key strengths that certainly deserve praise, as well as a few shortfalls that could use improving.


  • Sound Variety and Loop Lengths: One notable strength of this product lies in its impressive sound variety. With 25 sound options, including ambient sounds like rainfall and wind, to white noise and fan sounds, it provides a unique mix. Moreover, the loops of the music and meditation tracks extend between one and four minutes each, which is considerably long for a budget white noise machine.
  • Nightlight Feature and Design: Easysleep also stands out for its compact and lightweight offering that makes it easy to carry around, especially for those who travel frequently. Additionally, the four brightness settings for the nightlight are commendable. Despite being light amber, their warm and bright enough to light up a small room effectively.

Suggestions for Improvement:

  • Speaker Bass: One area where the machine could do better was in the richness of the bass sounds. The bass sound, especially notable in the brown noise, was somewhat lacking. Improving the quality of the speaker could be a good way to provide users with a more immersive experience.
  • Internal Battery: Another feature that I would love to see in future iterations of the product is an internal battery. As it stands, its dependency on a USB outlet limits its usability, particularly in circumstances where one might not be readily available.

All things considered, the Easysleep machine has much going for it, albeit some room for improvement. The choice of the sound is great and the loops are commendably long. However, enhancing the speaker’s bass and incorporating an internal battery could up the product’s game to a whole new level.

Summary: Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

Comparing the Easysleep Sound Machine

  • Easysleep Sound Machine is compact and travel-friendly
  • Easysleep offers an impressive variety of 25 sounds
  • Its attractive price caters to budget-conscious buyers

How does the Easysleep Sound Machine stack up against other notable products within its category? In this section, let’s put our focus on the machine’s comparison with some of the other big players in the market, notably the Yogasleep Dream Center and the Lectrofan Classic.

With the Yogasleep Dream Center:

It’s an interesting exercise to compare the Easysleep to the Yogasleep Dream Center. The most striking difference lies in their design. The Easysleep touts a lightweight, compact design, which makes it an excellent travel companion. The Dream Center, on the other hand, has a more premium feel with its weightiness and more sophisticated design. When it comes to sound variety, the Easysleep comes out on top with an impressive 25 sounds as compared to the Dream Center’s 20 sound options. The Easysleep might miss out on the deep bass sounds but offers a more extensive range of tracks.

Against the Lectrofan Classic:

The Lectrofan Classic has earned its merits as one of my favorite white noise machines, mainly because of its superior speaker quality. It must be noted that the Easysleep maintains a decent clarity for its price point, but when it comes to deeper, bassy sounds, the Lectrofan clearly takes the lead. Interestingly, despite Lectrofan’s more refined sounds, the Easysleep does quite a commendable job in blocking external noise.

Price Analysis:

Keeping in mind the premium features of these two market players, their prices skew towards the higher side. Easysleep’s comparative edge lies in its attractive price tag, which caters perfectly to budget-conscious buyers. Despite it hasn’t got the best speaker quality, the extensive variety of sounds, functional design and affordability account for its impressive value.

To wrap up, the comparison highlighted distinct aspects where each product shines. Whether you prefer the Easysleep or opt for another depends largely on what features are most critical to you.

Critique of Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

Conclusion: My Final Verdict

  • Easysleep Sound Machine offers variety and blocks noise effectively
  • Lacks bass sounds and internal battery
  • Provides decent value for its cost

Having used the Easysleep Sound Machine for some time now, here’s my honest and unbiased, final verdict.

My Likes

The Easysleep sound machine certainly packs a punch considering it’s a low-budget product. With 25 sounds to pick from, there’s plenty to like. Users get a balance of white noise, fan sounds, and nature sounds, making it suitable for both adults and children. Moreover, its lightweight and compact design make it a viable travel companion.

Room for Improvement

However, the product isn’t perfect. The most prominent issue is the speaker’s inadequate bass, particularly noticeable in the brown noise sound. An internal battery would make the machine more convenient, especially given its portability.

The Efficiency

The Easysleep sound machine did effectively block out external noise during my period of usage, which included blocking out traffic sounds and television noise from other rooms.

Value for Money

One might argue that the speaker quality isn’t top-notch. However, considering the price point, the quality is solid compared to other white noise machines within a similar budget. In essence, you get a decent balance between cost and sound quality.

My Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this device is a reliable budget white noise machine. Those who value variety in sound choices and need effective noise blocking might find this product appealing. However, users seeking deep, bass sounds may have to look elsewhere.

Breakdown of Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine

Epilogue: Wrapping up the Review

That brings us to the end of this comprehensive review of the Easysleep Sound Machine. We’ve inspected the box contents, explored its design, tested the sound, evaluated the night light and looked at practicality of day-to-day usage. This review process has been filled with interesting observations, highlights and few points that could use improvement.

Unbiased Recap

The Easysleep machine brings a decent variety of sounds, good enough for a lower-priced model. The 25 sound options offer great diversity, though I have to acknowledge the lower end bass compared to other machines I’ve evaluated. I was especially impressed by the meditation tracks, and appreciated the addition of three different rain tracks.

In terms of the nightlight, it was practical, with four brightness settings and an easy, bedside glow that didn’t disturb the ambiance of the room. However, do note that it only offers one color variant.

Critiques and Suggestions

Although the sounds and nightlight functions are satisfactory, this sound machine might not be your top pick if you’re looking for loud sound options or more bass. The speaker isn’t of premium quality, but it carries the tracks well for a budget device.

Furthermore, while I appreciated the compact size of the device, which makes it perfect for travel, the lack of an internal battery can be a drawback. You’ll always need a USB outlet nearby, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, the Easysleep Sound Machine offers good value for your money. It’s a versatile, lightweight device that provides a variety of sounds, a decent nightlight and a user-friendly interface. Keep in mind the issues regarding volume and bass, and the requirement for a USB outlet, as it could influence your decision depending on your specific needs.

This comprehensive review has hopefully provided you with valuable insights into the Easysleep Sound Machine and technical aspects to consider while you’re on your quest to find the perfect sound machine for your needs. As always, it’s integral to choose based on your unique requirements. So, keep evaluating, check out multiple reviews, weigh the pros and cons and you won’t go wrong!

Should you buy the Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine?

Buy it if…

You’re looking for variety

The Easysleep sound machine offers an impressive selection of 25 sounds. Plus, it has several rain tracks that rain lovers would appreciate.

You’re on a budget

For its reasonable price of £ 24.99, Easysleep packs a lot of features you wouldn’t usually find in a budget sound machine.

Compact size and portable

Its lightweight and compact design make it an ideal choice for travelers or for those who like to switch rooms.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer deep bass sounds

This sound machine is not for you if you prefer your white noise with a lot of bass. Its speaker quality lacks in delivering deep bass sounds.

You prefer to have a power adapter

The Easysleep sound machine comes with a USB charging cable but lacks a power adapter. If you prefer your gadgets to have their own adapter, this may not be for you.

You don’t have a readily accessible USB outlet

The device seems to lack an internal battery, so it needs to stay close to a USB outlet. If easy access to a USB outlet is an issue, you might want to consider other options.


What is the price of the Easysleep Sound Machine?
Ethan bought it for £ 24.99 in the UK.
How many sound options does the Easysleep Sound Machine have?
The Easysleep Sound Machine comes with 25 different sounds to choose from.
Does it have a power adapter?
No, it doesn’t. It comes with a USB charging cable.
Does it have a timer feature?
Yes, it does. There are options for continuous play or one, two, three, or four hours.
Does the Easysleep Sound Machine have a nightlight?
Yes, it does, and it comes with four different brightness settings.
How do the volume levels of the Easysleep Sound Machine perform?
Ethan notes that the loudest volume isn’t particularly impressive compared to some more powerful white noise machines, but it’s not bad for a budget device.
Can the Easysleep Sound Machine block external noise effectively?
Yes, Ethan found it was able to block out external noises such as traffic or television in other rooms in the house.
How portable is the Easysleep Sound Machine?
It’s very small and lightweight, making it a good option for traveling.
Does the device have an internal battery?
No, the device lacks an internal battery, meaning it needs to be kept close to a USB outlet.
Would Ethan recommend the Easysleep Sound Machine?
Yes, he thinks it is a decent little white noise machine for a relatively low price. However, potential buyers should be aware that the speaker quality isn’t the best for the price.

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