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Review: DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded) – Remarkable build quality and flexible connectivity options

Experience unrivaled audio with DOS Soundbox Pro Bluetooth speaker featuring stereo pairing, extra bass, LED lights, and 20-watt power... Read more

Review of DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

Table of Contents

Test of DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

4.6/5 - (23916 votes)

Cena: $49.99


  • Portable with solid build quality
  • Supports aux-in and external storage
  • Customizable LED light ring
  • Stereo pairing capability
  • Incredible sound performance
  • Extra bass button feature
  • Loud volume with little distortion


  • High treble at high volumes
  • LED party mode can be distracting
  • Battery duration varies based on volume

“After using the DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, I must say, its robust build quality, vibrant design and flexible connectivity options are quite remarkable. However, while the audio performance is generally impressive, I found the treble a touch too high at full volumes, despite the extra bass button coming to the rescue. The party mode, though a cool concept, felt more distracting than entertaining for me. Yet considering its reasonable price and overall capabilities, it’s a decent buy for anyone seeking a reliable, portable speaker. But, do bear in mind, sound quality might be subjected to personal preferences.”

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Brand DOSS
Model Name SoundBox Pro
Speaker Type Woofer
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Led Lights, Bluetooth, Handsfree, Extra Bass, Stereo pairing

First Impression of DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Upon unboxing, the DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speakers make quite an impression. From the get-go, they assert their presence as a robust and stylish piece of technology. Their bold and modern design lines give them a kind of energy that just demands attention.

Dive into the Design

Despite their compact size, they command a certain weightiness in hand, striking as both charming and reassuring. Lending a sense of heft and assurance that these speakers mean business when it comes to durable and longevity.

The choice of color, a delightful dark blue, is not just aesthetically pleasing but adds to their premium appeal. This shade of blue has a subtle depth and maturity that seems to suggest these are not mere playthings but serious sound equipment.

Meticulous Material Choices

The rubber buttons on the top of the speaker offer a tactile experience with a durable touch. A testimony to the thoughtful integration of functionality and design. The speaker’s overall construction incorporates solid hard rubberized plastic, known for its resistance to wear and tear, ideal for any outdoor adventure or even a few accidental domestic drops.

A arresting LED Feature

What immediately stands out is the carefully considered placement of the LED light bordering the speakers. It’s not merely decoration but a clever meld of design and function, offering users the option to customize the light settings to suit their mood. From relaxing music sessions to pulsating parties, this speaker can set the right ambiance.

In a nutshell, the DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speakers announce themselves confidently, with their daring design, robust build, and feature-rich capabilities. Creating a delightful first impression and raising expectations for a solid performance. Will they deliver on their initial promise? Let’s find out in the following sections.

Evaluating DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

A Preview of the Grand Giveaway

  • Grand giveaway of DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Anyone can participate and selection is random
  • Giveaway as token of appreciation to music lovers, tech enthusiasts

In the spirit of excitement and generosity, I bring fantastic news; we’re giving away one DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth speaker to one lucky individual. However, I must note that this giveaway in no way influences the unbiased and critical lens with which I examine and report on this speaker’s features and performance. After a thorough review, whoever wins this speaker will know exactly what they are in for.

What’s Up for Grabs?

This grand giveaway presents an opportunity to win the DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth speaker, a versatile, 20-watt portable speaker designed for on-the-go music lovers. The speaker combines functionality with aesthetics, supported by a color-changing LED light that proves visually appealing. It’s Bluetooth 4.2 compatible, allowing for a seamless connection with your devices.

How Will the Winner be Determined?

What makes this event more thrilling is how simple and transparent the selection process will be. A completely random selection, conducted live, will determine who gets to win this top-notch wireless, Bluetooth speaker. Trust me, everyone stands an equal chance of winning.

Who can Participate?

The giveaway is open to all. Wherever you are across the globe, you can participate. Keep in mind that our main objective here is to maintain a fair and equal opportunity for all participants.

Why the Giveaway?

  • This is primarily a token of appreciation to all music lovers and tech enthusiasts who strive to keep informed about the latest products in the market.

  • The giveaway, apart from being fun, provides an excellent opportunity to experience and learn more about this product first-hand.

  • Lastly, it’s about sharing the joy this speaker brings to me. And I believe one of you will enjoy it as much I do.

So, brace yourself as we embark on this exciting product review journey, and remember – the DOS Soundbox Pro could soon be yours!

Investigation of DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

In-Depth Look at the Specifications

  • DOS Soundbox Pro is a 20-watt portable speaker
  • Equipped with aux-in port and Bluetooth 4.2
  • Features an LED light ring and supports stereo pairing

Packing in the Power

Getting straight into the meat and potatoes of the DOS Soundbox Pro, it’s a 20-watt portable speaker . That’s a pretty serious punch for a speaker this size. But, power isn’t just about volume; it’s about ensuring a good range across lows, mids, and highs as well, and we’ll come to test that soon.

Flexible Connectivity

Moving on to the connectivity, this speaker is equipped with an aux-in port for hardwiring your devices using a 3.5mm cable. Alternatively, for the wire-averse, this sleek little machine boasts Bluetooth 4.2 for a seamless wireless connection. Want to play DJ without hogging your phone all night? Just use a microSD card. It’s hats off to the DOS Soundbox Pro for flexibility.

Sound with a View

This portable speaker comes equipped with an LED light ring . This not only makes the speakers more visually appealing, it also makes them more versatile and fun. Whether it’s a backyard party or a chill night in, you’ve got an added “wow” factor.

Weighing In

At 640 grams, we’re looking at a device that has some serious heft to it. This certainly gave me the impression of sturdiness and quality in its build. To some, weight equates to inconvenience, but in the world of speakers, it’s usually reflective of better sound quality.

Easy Pairing

The DOS Soundbox Pro also supports stereo pairing . If you’re lucky to have two of these bad boys, you’re in for some surround sound, immersive audio magic. The pairing process was an absolute breeze and offered no technical hitches.

So, those are the key specs. I’ve tried to decipher them in simple, jargon-free language. My first impressions, based on these details, are pretty positive. But as any experienced reviewer would tell you, specs are merely the tip of the iceberg – a good speaker should sound as good as it reads on its product description. And that’s exactly what we’ll dive into next.

Estimate of DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

A Quick Glimpse of Included Accessories

  • Package includes DOS Soundbox Pro and an AUX cable
  • AUX cable is sturdy, long, and designed thoughtfully
  • Soundbox Pro has a microSD card slot

Opening the DOS Soundbox Pro package was quite an experience. In addition to the speaker unit, I was pleasantly surprised to find a 3.5 mm AUX cable included in the box. Honestly, it’s always a treat when manufacturers include nice little extras like this that make it easier for you to start using the product right away.

AUX Cable – A Welcome Bonus

The AUX cable that’s included isn’t some cheap, throw-away item. It’s clearly been designed with some thought. The cable is sturdy and long enough to offer flexibility in how you use the speaker. Whether you want to connect your phone, tablet, or laptop, this cable does the job nicely.


  • Durable build: The cable clearly is built to last, with a good weight to it and a hard plastic covering around the plugs.
  • Length: It’s also of a decent length that offers flexibility in how you position your speaker relative to your audio source.

MicroSD Card Slot – Expand your Music Library

Another stand-out feature is the microSD card slot. While most of us stream music these days, it’s a nice touch to include an option for those who prefer to use a dedicated music library. What’s more, you could conceivably use the Soundbox Pro as a standalone music player, which might be quite handy when you’re out and about.

Room for Improvement

While I definitely appreciate the included AUX cable and the microSD card slot, I can’t help but wish that a carry case had been part of the package. Considering that the speaker is designed to be portable, a carry case would have been the cherry on top of an already generous package of features.

To sum up, the accessories that come with the DOS Soundbox Pro are not afterthoughts. They contribute significantly to the overall user experience and show that the manufacturers have really thought about what their customers might need.

Reflection on DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

External Storage Capability of the DOS Soundbox Pro

  • DOS Soundbox Pro supports external storage via micro SD.
  • Allows music playing without Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Navigating large music library could be challenging.

One feature that sets the DOS Soundbox Pro apart from other portable Bluetooth speakers is its support for external storage via a micro SD card. This opens up the opportunity to use the speaker without relying on a device for music streaming. Let’s take a closer look!

Operation Details

Slots for inserting micro SD cards are not uncommon on speakers, but executing their functionality perfectly is a challenge, and this is where DOS steps up. It easily recognized and played the music I stored on my micro SD card, and that too without needing any additional apps or tools. Just make sure your music files are in a supported format.

Benefits of External Storage

The convenience of playing your favorite tunes without Bluetooth connectivity or a continuously running device is undoubtedly a plus. It’s liberating to move around without having to carry around a Bluetooth device all the time. You just load your music on the micro SD card, plug it into the speaker, and enjoy hours of music.


  • Format Compatibility: Not all audio formats may be supported, so you might need to convert some files to a compatible format before loading them onto your SD card.
  • Card Capacity: There was no specified limit on the SD card capacity the DOS Soundbox Pro can handle. I used a 32GB card, which worked perfectly.

Critical Point

Note: While I purely appreciate the convenience of this SD card feature, it is crucial to note that the speaker does not have a built-in screen, so navigating through a large library of songs could be a bit challenging. Plus, audio tracks might just be played in the order they are stored on the card, which might not always be the way you prefer.

Concluding Thoughts

The external storage capability is surely an added advantage and gives the DOS Soundbox Pro an upper hand in its category. It is a feature worth considering while making your buying decision. However, do be cognizant of the fact that navigating the playlist could potentially be a bit tricky due to the absence of a display.

Thoughts on DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

High-quality Material and Rugged Feel

  • DOS Soundbox Pro has a solid, durable construction
  • Suitable for outdoor usage given its robust build
  • Possible trade-off between sturdiness and portability

As I held the DOS Soundbox Pro Bluetooth speaker in my hands for the first time, one thing that instantly stood out was its solid construction . Weighted at 640 grams, it has a certain degree of heaviness that understatedly conveys its robustness.

Material Choice

The choice of materials used in crafting the speaker certainly lends it a sense of durability. It’s neither plasticky nor looks cheap. Instead, the hard, rubbery plastic shell exudes an impression of indestructibility. This is essential, given that it’s a portable audio device likely to be carried around frequently and could be subject to unintentional drops or abrasions.

A Closer Inspection

One of the highlights that complements the rugged build are the functional, rubber buttons situated on top. They aren’t flimsy but nicely tactile, and I imagine they could survive quite a lot of pressing, twisting, and turning. Again, this is an excellent design choice as one would want their portable speaker to have sturdy controls.

Apt for Outdoor Usage

Owing to this solid construction, the DOS Soundbox Pro would be an ideal pick for outdoor usage. Especially for those camping trips, picnics in the park, or beach outing—places where it could be accidentally dropped, and the last thing you want is your speaker falling apart at the slightest knock.

However, while the device seems rather sturdy, I would refrain from outrightly categorizing it as purely ‘drop-proof’. It would have been beneficial if the manufacturers had provided a specific drop rating. That said, the DOS Soundbox Pro still manages to inspire confidence with its robust built.

Are there any Trade-offs?

Considering such a sturdy build, one might wonder – Are there any trade-offs? The answer, from what I observed, is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The device does carry a bit of heft to it, which some might feel goes against the portability aspect. However, given the impressive audio performance and sturdy build, this is a trade-off one can comfortably live with.

In conclusion, based on my hands-on experience with the DOS Soundbox Pro, one can definitely vouch for its quality of material and rugged feel. A sturdy companion for your adventures, this Bluetooth speaker certainly ticks all the right boxes in the build-quality department. But as always, care should still be taken to ensure long-term durability.

View of DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

An Examination of the Durable Rubber Buttons

  • DOS Soundbox Pro’s rubber buttons are durable and sturdy.
  • Buttons enhance user experience with intuitive layout & easy control.
  • “Extra bass” button significantly impacts audio output.

The DOS Soundbox Pro delivers not just an audio experience, but also a tactile one. The surface of the speaker is adorned with rubber buttons that boast durability and longevity, contributing greatly to the overall sturdy build quality.

The Feel of the Buttons

Upon touch, it’s clear that these buttons are made to withstand the test of time. The rebound when pressed promises enduring resilience, which is a plus for an outdoor gadget like this. No perception of flimsiness or cheap construction could be inferred, indicating excellent workmanship.

Button Layout and Ease of Use

The layout of the buttons is quite intuitive. Initially, I experienced no difficulty in controlling the device even without consulting the user manual. The buttons are large and spaced adequately preventing any accidental presses, another thoughtful design which enhances the user experience.

Functionality Beyond Durability

One thing that particularly caught my attention was the “extra bass” button. Despite being somewhat of a singular feature compared to its peers, this button did wonders in bringing about a noticeable shift in the audio output. Unfortunately, I found the treble to be too high on maximum volume, but balancing it became a breeze thanks to the functionality of this button.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, the creators of the DOS Soundbox Pro have incorporated much thought in the button design and layout, manifesting a crucial detail that essentially impacts the entire user experience. Although one might say that this is a minor aspect when compared to the overall functionality of the speaker, it’s these small details that collectively contribute to making it a great product.


From my personal experience, I would suggest any potential buyer to pay attention to such aspects as it points to the quality and reliability you can expect from the product.

Critique of DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

Emphasis on the Blue version

  • Blue Version of DOS Soundbox Pro is captivating
  • Speaker’s robust construction assures durability
  • Customizable LED lights enhance user experience

Among some significant elements that contribute to the charm of the DOS Soundbox Pro lies its captivating design. The version in focus today is the Blue Version – a shade that adds an edge to the usual monotony.

An Visual Feast

The dark blue shade of this speaker is nothing but eye-catching. The richness in color gives a premium feel to the speaker that quite literally stands out in the crowd. Unlike a traditional black or white speaker, this had a unique appeal that may well be part of its key selling pitch.

A Sturdy Performer

Although looks do matter, performance is what we value most in a portable Bluetooth speaker. Pleasantly, the promise of durability seemed to match the outer aesthetics. With a weight of about 640 grams, the speaker felt robust and well-built. The sturdy plastics and rubber elements indeed left an impression of solid construction that could handle some rough handling.

The LED Factor

The DOS Soundbox Pro also stood out thanks to the LED ring that rims the speaker. The impressive synchrony of blue-coloured LED light with the dark blue speaker was worthy of note. Further, the ability to customize the LED lights certainly enhances the user experience.

In all fairness, while these features are impressive, they might not appeal to all users. Some may find the LED light too flashy, or would prefer a more understated color. It’s always crucial to remember that the choice of color is wholly a matter of personal preference. But the blue version definitely brings something different to the table and may cater to those who like their gadgets to be eye-catching and unique.

Observation of DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

The LED Light – An Add-on Feature Worth Talking About

  • LED light adds aesthetic appeal and indication
  • Feature allows color customization and dynamic experience
  • Party mode flashes light to music’s beat, but is unpredictable

Now let’s turn our attention to one of the more eye-catching features of the DOS Soundbox Pro – the LED light that encircles the speaker. Not only does it add some serious aesthetic appeal to the device, but it also doubles up as a handy indicator.

Choosing Your Colour

The beauty of this feature is its ability to be customized. This means that you can choose any colour that matches your mood, or simply let it cycle through various hues, creating a vibrant and dynamic experience. During my time with the speaker, I found myself often leaving it in colour cycle mode, somewhat mesmerized by the shifting rainbow it would produce.

Party Light Mode

But the LED functionality doesn’t stop there, it also comes with a ‘party light mode’ that allows the LED to flash along with the beat of the music. While this sounds exciting in theory, my experience was somewhat different. Regardless of the type of music I was playing, the LED light in party mode seemed to flash unpredictably. Sometimes it felt more like a loose connection than a beat-driven light show. So personally, this wasn’t my preferred setting. However, tastes may vary, and some users might find this feature adds an extra dimension to their music listening experience.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the LED light feature on the DOS Soundbox Pro is certainly notable. It adds a customized and fun element to the speaker. Nonetheless, like any feature, it has its pros and cons. The ability to choose and cycle through various colours is a definite win. However, the party mode may not be for everyone – as I found it a bit too frantic and unpredictable. Despite this, it’s still interesting to see such a feature added to a portable speaker, and for some, it could be the deal sealer.

Perspective: DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

Pleasing Audio Performance of the DOS Soundbox Pro

  • Swift and simple Bluetooth 4.2 pairing of DOS Soundbox
  • Commendable clear and crisp audio quality
  • Extra Bass button aids high volume treble balancing

Let’s dive into the central facet of the DOS Soundbox Pro – its audio performance. We’re looking for a sound that’s full-bodied but clear, balanced but also customizable. So, how did it fare? Let’s dig in.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Ease of connectivity is essential when using a wireless Bluetooth speaker. The DOS Soundbox Pro stands out in this aspect, offering swift and simple Bluetooth 4.2 pairing. Whether you’re using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, it connects seamlessly every time, without any perplexing hitches or connection losses.

Audio Quality

The audio quality delivered by the DOS Soundbox Pro is quite commendable. It offers a crystal clear, crisp sound that you will appreciate regardless of your preferred music genre. Whether playing soft blues, heavy rock, or the rich beats of EDM, the output was consistently rich in detail and depth, making the listening experience enjoyable.

Navigating High Volumes

So how does it perform when the volume is cranked up? When running at high volumes, the treble seemed somewhat pronounced and might feel slightly overpowering. However, don’t fret. Here’s where the tiny, extra-bass button near the top comes to the rescue. Punch it, and voila! The treble tones down, and a subtle but noticeable surge of bass floods in, creating a more balanced audio experience. It’s not a deal-breaker; rather this ‘particularity’ and its ‘fix’ are something to be aware of.

The Extra Bass Feature

The Extra Bass Button: This is essentially a godsend for the bass lovers. It does an excellent job making up for the treble spiked up during high volumes; it feels as if it provides more body and warmth to the music – and who doesn’t love that?

Dependability at High Volumes

It’s noteworthy to mention this little ‘unexpected’ discovery. Even at full blast, the DOS Soundbox Pro doesn’t back down or cause distortion – a feature admirable for a 20-watt speaker. The volume was impressive and pretty much consistent across various genres tested. A word of caution though, you might want to watch your ears!

So, to sum up, the DOS Soundbox Pro hits mostly all the right notes, offering a pleasing auditory experience over Bluetooth in an affordable, compact yet stylish package. Just remember to push that little extra bass button when things get a bit too ‘trebly’!

Rating: DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

Peculiar Discovery at High Volumes – The Treble Gets High

  • High volumes in DOS Soundbox Pro increase treble
  • ‘Extra Bass’ button counteracts high treble, balances sound
  • Speaker still offers satisfactory overall music enjoyment

During an immersive sound testing session with the DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, a slightly unexpected observation surfaced, particularly when the volume knob was cranked up to its higher registers. This made me sit up and take notes.

The Treble Challenge

Now, one of the most vital elements of a compelling audio presentation is a perfect balance. This principle seemed to get a little skewed when the DOS Soundbox Pro was pushed to its high-volume limits. Though it shouldn’t be an issue for most casual listeners, it’s essential to note that the treble takes quite a leap as you raise the volume.

For those priding themselves on possessing a finely tuned ear, this might result in the sound leaning towards being slightly acute. A scenario where you’re attempting to fill a significant space with music might exacerbate this imbalance. That said, let’s not forget that getting only a spot-on treble range is often challenging even for big brands within the audio industry.

Alternatives and Remedies

After a fair amount of trial and error, I discovered a neat workaround inside the speaker’s repertoire – the Extra Bass button. Not exactly a coincidence that this inference comes exactly when our focus is on a high treble issue!

  1. This button does a commendable job by reducing the treble, getting it down to a more pleasant level and simultaneously cranking up the bass. When used smartly, this feature could bring about an excellent balance, making the speaker truly shine in terms of overall sound performance.

  2. It’s worth mentioning that in my entire duration of using this speaker, this setting was mostly my go-to mode. It offered me a more manageable treble alongside a robust bass, making the overall listening experience more satisfying and well-rounded.

The takeaway

While this treble aspect might be a slight hiccup, the DOS Soundbox Pro scores highly in various other aspects that we’ve been examining. In all fairness, armed with an Extra Bass button and a smart balancing act, you won’t find this issue hindering your overall music enjoyment. It’s a fraction of the experience you undergo with this speaker, and just as every coin has two sides, so does the sound profile of our DOS Soundbox Pro.

Observation of DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

The Magic Extra Bass Button – Balancing the Volume

  • Dos Soundbox Pro features a Magic Extra Bass Button
  • Button balances audio, reducing overpowering treble
  • Button provides tailored listening experience

Now, something that truly impressed me about Dos Soundbox Pro is what I like to call, the Magic Extra Bass Button. This feature isn’t just about providing the expected bass boost. Oh no, it’s more than that.

During my experience, I noticed how the sound tends to skew a bit towards high pitches, especially at high volumes. Although this might not be a big deal for some, for audiophiles who appreciate a balanced sound signature, this could be a slight drawback.

Finding the Balance

  • The High Treble: Initially, this characteristic seemed to overpower the mids and lows. As somebody who enjoys a well-rounded sound profile, I did find this mildly off-putting.
  • Enter Magic Button: When I casually pressed the extra bass button, it’s as if the speaker instantly understood my treble woes. And what happened? The treble was reduced to a more pleasing level, making for a far more balanced audio experience.
  • The Bass Boost: With this single button, not only did the overpowering treble tone fell back in line, but the bass also found a renewed oomph. So, whether you’re listening to a mellow acoustic set or an explosive electronic track, this balanced out sound was music to my ears.

I appreciate that DOS was thoughtful enough to include this feature. In all honesty, it’s a clever solution to managing and manipulating the sound signature on a portable device.

It Turns Relevance into Preference

It’s worth noting that my affinity for this button was so grand that it became my go-to setting throughout the speaker’s use. And that’s the sign of a good feature, isn’t it? When it transitions from being relevant, to preferred.

Taking a Step Back

That being said, while I found the extra bass button to be a true game-changer, it’s important to remind ourselves that the sound preference can vary hugely from person to person. Some might find the high treble at louder volumes to be a plus point for brighter genres of music. So, as always, it all boils down to individual preferences. However, it’s certainly comforting to know that with the DOS Soundbox Pro, you have the option to tailor your listening experience based on your mood and taste.

Scanning DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

Analyzing the Speaker’s Sponsored Claim on Volume

  • First impression of DOS Soundbox Pro is impressive
  • Delivers crisp, distortion-free sound at highest volumes
  • Performs well across rock, pop, and dance tracks

Is there anything as disappointing as a speaker that falls short of it’s promised volume? This time around, our focus falls on the DOS Soundbox Pro — a speaker that swears to stand apart, particularly in terms of volume, even though it’s a mere 20-wattamp. As I paired my device, I didn’t hold back but rather decided to put this tool to the ultimate test.

Initial Impressions

Truthfully, firing up these speakers for the first time was impressive. Even though my expectations were consciously hawkish, the sheer force of the sound cutting through the air made an impact. This, regardless of the genre I played, whether softer acoustic tunes or heavier electric soundscapes.

Pushing Boundaries

But let’s go one further. Let’s push boundaries and take the DOS Soundbox Pro all the way to its maximum. After all, a good speaker doesn’t just produce sound; it fills up space — without any noticeable distortion.

  1. With rock tracks: The speakers held their ground. Even at full blast, the vocals remained clear, the guitars didn’t squeal, and the drums didn’t overpower the rest.
  2. Pop music: I noticed the clarity of vocals, the discernible chord progressions, and more importantly, the bass — clear and distinct, yet not overpowering.
  3. Dance tracks: This was the ultimate test as it checks both treble and bass frequencies. Just a hint of distortion appeared at the very highest volume. But for a portable speaker of this size, I found this negligible.

From my analysis, it’s safe to say that the DOS Soundbox pro delivers stunningly crisp, distortion-free sound pressure levels, particularly for a speaker of its compact size.

Weighing DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

Speaker Performance at Max Volume with Different Genres

  • Speaker handles diverse genre’s high volumes commendably.
  • Minimal distortion, smooth handling of complex audio.
  • Slight overemphasis on treble and brass sounds.

Let’s talk a bit about the speaker’s performance at max volume. I really took my time with these speakers and made sure to play a variety of different genres to properly gauge their overall performance.

Pop and Rock

The performance was impressive! I played some energetic pop hits on the DOS Soundbox Pro, and the clarity was consistent, even at a high volume. The rock songs with their complex instrumentation also sounded wide-ranging, and surprisingly, distortion was minimal. The louder volume highlighted the speaker’s ability to handle detailed treble and midrange sounds in rock music which I found quite appealing.

Classical and Jazz

For the enthusiasts of more subtle and complex genres, I tested classical and jazz pieces. Here again, the speakers didn’t let me down. The dynamic range of symphonic pieces came through fairly well even at high volumes, although I did find the tinier bit of distortion in loud crescendo parts. Jazz music came alive with its intricate mixture of instrument sounds. The only slight discrepancy, in my opinion, was the somewhat overemphasis on brass instruments at higher volumes. However, this is a matter of personal taste. Some users might actually appreciate this aspect!

Hip-Hop and EDM

Moving to genres synonymous with heavy beats and thumping bass – hip-hop and EDM, the DOS Soundbox Pro came through convincingly. These genres require a speaker that can handle low-frequency sounds well, and I found that the soundbox projects these thumping beats adequately. It’s loud, it’s versatile, and it doesn’t lose essential music details in the cacophony of sounds.

Performance Verdict

In conclusion, the DOS Soundbox Pro handles a range of music genres commendably at high volumes. I was particularly impressed with the minimal distortion and the smooth handling of complex, layered audio. However, the slight overemphasis on treble and brass sounds in some genres might not suit everyone’s musical taste.

I hope this gives you a comprehensive insight into what you can expect from the DOS Soundbox Pro when cranking up the volume to enjoy diverse music genres. Remember, a speaker’s performance can be highly subjective and often depends on one’s personal preference. So, keep an open mind while deciding!

Lookover of DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

The Power of Two – The Experience with Stereo Pairing

  • Stereo pairing functionality offers incredible sound
  • Additional expense involved for getting two speakers

One of the more intriguing features of the DOS Soundbox Pro comes into play when you pair not one but two of these portable powerhouses. Let’s take a moment to talk about the whole stereo pairing experience, shall we?

Setting It Up

It was relatively straightforward to set up the stereo pairing. Addressing usability, it’s important to note that pairing wasn’t overly complicated you just need to connect your phone to one of the speakers first, which you designate as your ‘master’, and then pair the speakers together.

Synchronized Sound

Now I was a bit skeptical at first, concerned about synchronization issues. However, these fears were quickly laid to rest—the paired speakers performed flawlessly in-sync, without a hint of lag between them. I have to say, as a seasoned connoisseur of speakers, this consistency was quite impressive and not something to be taken for granted.

Audio Quality in Stereo Pairing mode

And boy, what a difference does this stereo pairing make to the overall sound! The audio was nothing short of incredible, rendering a very full, rich, and crisp auditory experience. Whether it was contemporary pop tunes, heavy rock, soft classical symphonies, or heart-thumping EDM beats, every genre was a joy to listen to in this configuration.

But Here’s the Catch…

However, this is the part where I need to put my critic hat on. As fantastic as the sound is, remember you’re doubling down on speakers which means doubling the cost. It’s not exactly a budget breaker, but price sensitivity might be a deciding factor for some people.

In Summary

So there you have it, folks. The stereo pairing functionality of DOS Soundbox Pro offers an incredible sound experience but it’s worth bearing in mind the additional expense that involves getting two of these speakers. If you have the budget for it, I’d certainly say go for it! It’s an auditory delight that’ll make your favorite tunes take on a whole new life.

Scanning DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

The Simplicity of Pairing with your Phone

  • Easy pairing with Bluetooth 4.2 on DOS Soundbox Pro.
  • Supports wired connection via 3.5mm auxiliary cable.
  • Allows stereo pairing for an immersive sound.

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the ease of pairing with your device can’t be overlooked. Let’s dive right into how the DOS Soundbox Pro stacks up in this aspect.

Connecting with Bluetooth 4.2

With the DOS Soundbox Pro, connecting your device via Bluetooth is as seamless as it gets. There’s a distinct and reassuring beep once your device is successfully paired, making it quite straightforward to ascertain a successful connection without having to revisit your device’s Bluetooth settings. However, there’s no denying the fact that visual confirmation would have been more preferable.

Using the Auxiliary Input

The DOS Soundbox Pro also includes a 3.5mm auxiliary cable which makes it versatile for users who might want to opt for a wired connection. However, it’s worth noting that the cable included seemed noticeably thin, raising questions about its durability over time.

Stereo Pairing for an Immersive Sound Experience

For those who own two of these speakers, you are in for a treat. Stereo pairing mode allows the speakers to play perfectly in sync, delivering a balanced and immersive sound experience. Despite the initial apprehensions, this feature worked extremely well in practice. It was as simple as connecting your phone to the primary speaker and then pairing the speakers together. While this might sound complex, it was surprisingly straightforward and enhanced the overall audio experience to an impressive degree. However, there is still room for improvement with respect to the instructions provided in the user manual to guide users through the stereo pairing process.

MicroSD Support

The DOS Soundbox Pro supports external storage with a microSD card. This is undoubtedly a nice touch for users who prefer storing their favorite music on a dedicated external storage device. Still, it’s not without its drawbacks. The device seemed to struggle a bit with larger capacity cards, leading to a slight delay in playback.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the DOS Soundbox Pro provides different options to meet every user’s unique needs, demonstrating impressive flexibility. However, some minor improvements could make the whole connectivity journey even smoother.

Remarks on DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)

A Breakdown of the Audio Quality

  • DOS Soundbox Pro offers crisp, clear sound
  • Has extra bass button to reduce high treble
  • Supports stereo pairing for fuller sound

In today’s review, we delve into the audio quality of the DOS Soundbox Pro, a feature that most prospective buyers will undeniably be eager to learn about. As an avid consumer of music across a vast array of genres, I found the sound experience using this speaker quite enlightening.

Performance Across Various Genres

During my time with these speakers, I tested them with a variety of music genres to assess their adaptability. I found the sound to be crisp and clear , offering a delightful audio experience irrespective of the type of music being played.

However, a fair review would be incomplete without highlighting a minor hiccup I experienced at full volume. The treble tends to get a tad too high. However, DOS seemingly forethought this scenario and provided an extra bass button on the top of the device. Activating this button noticeably reduces the treble volume and simultaneously brings a warmer, richer bass. This feature swiftly turned the tables, rendering the initial high treble hurdle into a non-issue.

Amazing Performance at Maximum Volume

One thing that caught my attention was the speaker’s power at full volume. At just 20 watts, the DOS Soundbox Pro can really go loud! What’s more, while testing at max volume, I didn’t experience any distortion, which is a definitive plus. Some other speakers on the market tend to dip the volume in the presence of deep bass, but the Soundbox Pro stands its ground, delivering a consistent audio output.

Stereo Pairing Experience

The DOS Soundbox Pro also offers an impactful feature for those who own a pair of these – stereo pairing . This option elevates the audio experience to a new level. The audio output is finely synchronized between the speakers providing a rounded and fuller sound, that’s typically reminiscent of a home stereo system.

In conclusion, the DOS Soundbox Pro, in my experience, has proven itself to be a potent portable speaker. Despite a minor setback with the treble at high volumes, it still delivers a commendable audio performance. Combined with its ability to double up with another speaker for an authentic stereo experience, it possesses all the makeup to satisfy any music enthusiast’s audio needs.

An Honest Advisory on Test Results Based on Recording Equipment

  • Audio tests aren’t exact due to many influencing factors
  • Recording equipment may affect sound perception
  • Individual experiences and preferences vary

Before I dive in to share my personal experiences with the DOS Soundbox Pro’s sound quality, it’s necessary to provide a bit of context about the limitations of our test. While I’ve worked to provide an accurate evaluation of this speaker’s performance, please bear in mind that your experience may differ slightly.

You see, conducting an accurate, thorough, and unbiased audio review is a challenge. It’s crucial to note that the quality of any sound device, be it a speaker or a pair of headphones, is heavily influenced by a host of factors. These factors include not only the device’s specific hardware components but also the recording equipment used to capture the sound, right down to the listener’s personal audio preferences.

Our Testing Setup

To keep things as fair and consistent as possible, I used a high-quality microphone for recording during the test. However, this microphone, just like any other recording equipment, may not capture the sound produced by the speaker in the exact manner that a human ear would perceive it. So while I’m confident in the overall findings of our tests, there is a slight issue of audio translation that should be mentioned.

Experiences May Vary

To elaborate, the sound quality experienced in real life may vary ever so slightly from what’s presented in our review/test. So take my analysis of the audio output with a pinch of salt. After all, the best way to know if a speaker suits you is to experience it personally.

Consider the Context

Advisory: My experience highlighted here is purely related to this particular unit of the DOS Soundbox Pro under the specific test conditions we’ve created. Different units, different environments, and personal preferences will result in varied experiences.

To sum up, here’s my key advice: use this review as a reference, not a precise blueprint. Always take time to consider the context in which the product will be used, your individual preferences, and remember that personal experience often trumps all!

The Aesthetic Appeal of the LED Ring Feature

  • LED ring feature adds aesthetics to DOS Soundbox Pro
  • LED color can be adjusted based on mood or event
  • ‘Party mode’ of LED feature might need improvement

While the DOS Soundbox Pro consistently delivers on a solid audio experience, one design aspect significantly adds to its charm – the LED ring feature. Consider it as a visual representation of your music, pulsing and dancing along with the beats, adding a delightful aesthetic touch to your audio recitals.

Adjustable to Mood and Preference

The LED light ring doesn’t only exist for aesthetics. It provides additional flexibility for users, allowing us to change the LED color based on mood or event. You get to pick from a spectrum of colors, or if you’re like me, you can have it cycle through all, just to keep things lively.

Setting the Ambience

Consider the ambiance this speaker can create with its color-changing LED ring feature. While hosting a small gathering or working on your laptop late at night, this bulb of colors provides decorative lighting, doubling the device as a fantastic conversational piece.

LED Feature – Room for Improvement?

However, not all that glitters is gold – we need to address the ‘party mode’ of the LED feature. On paper, the LEDs flashing to the rhythm of tunes sounds intriguing. In practice, however, it appeared to flash too quickly, which might be bothersome for some users. To be fair, it could vary depending on the type of music you’re blaring; but in my case, it seemed more like an LED with a loose connection than a vibrant, music-inspired light show.


The LED ring feature – definitely a significant aspect of the DOS Soundbox Pro’s appeal. A minor adjustment to the party mode could perhaps elevate the experience. Nevertheless, the overall charm it brings to this Bluetooth speaker made it a win in my book.

The Party Mode – Cool Addition or Loose Cannon?

  • Party mode adds LED light show to music.
  • Lights’ speed and rhythm mismatch can distract.
  • This feature is optional and purely aesthetic.

In my quest to test every feature of the DOS Soundbox Pro, I couldn’t skip the party mode. This addition promises an LED light show synchronized to the beat of your music, giving an impression of a mini DJ booth right on your speaker. But was it a feature that added value to my music listening experience? Let’s dissect this feature a bit more.

The Idea behind the LED Party Mode

The primary goal of the party mode, as it appears, is to elevate your listening experience. It’s supposed to make your speaker not just a source of great sound but also a visual treat – something that can complement a small pool party or a cozy gathering with friends. Your device should not just sound good, it should look good too, right?

Experience With the Party Mode

When I first turned on the party mode, I was quite intrigued. The LEDs danced around, creating a dynamic rainbow of colors that indeed seemed pretty cool to observe. It’s fun and playful, giving off a club-like vibe that I’m sure some users would appreciate. But after a while, something felt off.

Regardless of the music genre or the rhythm, the lights were flashing too fast, painfully distracting from the actual music experience. It gave me an uncanny feeling, almost like facing a strobe light. The experience felt more chaotic than enjoyable, more like an LED bulb with a loose connection than a well-thought-out light show.

Turning Off the Party Mode

Luckily, turning off the party mode was as simple as pressing a button, reassuring me that the feature is optional and won’t hamper the overall usability of the speaker. You can always return to the standard solid light ring or even turn off the LED feature altogether if it doesn’t suit your aesthetic taste. I found myself in the latter category. Since then, I have mostly used my speaker without the LED lights on.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, while the party mode is an innovative idea and could add an interesting visual element to your music experience, it’s execution on the DOS Soundbox Pro was less than perfect. The lights’ speed and lack of synchronization with the music’s rhythm caused more distraction than enhancement. However, given that it’s a “bonus” feature and doesn’t affect the core functionality – the sound output, the party mode can be overlooked or used sparingly based on user preference. If DOS decides to improve upon this feature in future models by providing more customization options or better rhythm sync; it could truly turn into a game-changer.

Battery Life Experiences of the DOS Soundbox Pro

  • DOS Soundbox Pro has a 2200mAh battery
  • Proves long-lasting over normal use
  • Includes helpful battery remaining indicator

In my quest to unravel every dimension of this product, let’s take a moment to discuss the battery life of the DOS Soundbox Pro. In an era where portability and longevity go hand-in-hand, the battery life of a wireless speaker is undeniably crucial for its users.

The Promised Battery Life

According to the specifications, the DOS Soundbox Pro comes with a 2200 milliamp-hour battery. This number may not mean much to some, but to put it simply, it’s a significant capacity for a device of this size.

How long does it really last?

Actual battery life , however, often depends on how we use the speaker. For example, volume levels could significantly impact longevity. During my testing phase, I did notice something quite remarkable: the battery never ran out. Bear in mind, this result was gathered over the normal use of a few days, not via a continuous audio playing marathon.

Helpful Battery Life Indicator

A real gem I found while using this speaker was the inclusion of a battery remaining indicator in the Bluetooth settings of my mobile device. This convenient feature allows you to keep an eye on the battery level, alleviating any sudden speaker-death anxieties. It’s a small but highly practical detail that enhances the user experience.

Concluding Thoughts on Battery Life

The DOS Soundbox Pro performs admirably in terms of battery life. Although I can’t provide an exact up-time duration, my experience with the device suggests it respects the overarching theme of portability that defines a Bluetooth speaker. The additional battery life indicator is a commendable effort in providing constructive user interface enhancements. It’s a worthy feature to note for those who often find themselves anxiously eyeing the charger after a few hours of use.

A Round-Up of All Features and Performance

  • DOS Soundbox Pro: sturdy, portable, good sound quality
  • Easy connection methods and enhanced features
  • Impressive battery life and overall performance

Design and Build Quality

Talking about the DOS Soundbox Pro , we can’t go without adoring its sturdy build. Weighing at 640g, it strikes a balance between portability and robustness. Making it ideal for on-the-go scenarios. The dark blue color variant adds to the aesthetic appeal, while its quality construction assures us of its durability.

Easy Connection and Use

Whether it’s using the 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth, or the microSD card slot, this speaker keeps things simple with hassle-free connections. Although the device sports Bluetooth 4.2 instead of the latest 5.0 version, it still managed to maintain strong connections during our usage without any noticeable lag or disruption.

Sound Performance

Although we do appreciate the crisp sound quality and decent volume it manages to pull out with its 20 Watt output, high volume levels bring forward a high treble problem. But thanks to the handy extra bass button located on its top, it not only enhances the bass but brings down the treble to a more soothing level.

Advanced Features

  • Stereo Pairing: Pairing two of these speakers was a seamless experience. Witnessing a live stereo effect added a new depth to the music we played, we were truly impressed.
  • LED Light: While the customizable LED lights enhance the overall user experience, the fact that these can sync with the music rhythm boosts the fun factor. However, the “Party Mode”, might not be everyone’s cup of tea as the LED flickering could get annoying after a while.

Battery Life

A 2200mAh battery powers the DOS Soundbox Pro and during our testing, it didn’t run out of juice even once. Although, the longevity will vary depending on the volume levels. A cool additional feature is that the remaining battery life can be viewed on your mobile device’s Bluetooth setting directly.

Overall Performance

In terms of overall performance, the DOS Soundbox Pro truly stands out among the crowd of similar Bluetooth speakers. It strikes an almost perfect balance between sound quality, volume levels, portability, build quality, and especially the advanced features it brings to the table at a reasonable price point.

Critical Analysis

Even though we enjoyed testing out the DOS Soundbox Pro, there were certain features we would have liked to improve. The high treble at maximum volumes did require a tweak using the extra bass button to normalize the sound. Also, having Bluetooth 5.0 instead of 4.2, would have been a welcome upgrade considering it’s 2021. Lastly, the LED lights, though visually striking, can get overbearing in “Party Mode”.

In conclusion, the DOS Soundbox Pro does a commendable job in delivering rich and clear audio performance. Its solid build quality, coupled with convenient portability, makes it a strong contender in the Bluetooth speaker market. However, there’s always room for improvement.

How It Holds Up to Its Competitors in the Market

  • DOS Soundbox Pro delivers high-quality audio even at high volumes
  • It features a rugged design and long battery life
  • Offers great value for money compared to similar speakers

Entering the blooming market of portable speakers, the DOS Soundbox Pro has its fair share of competition. But after weeks of trial and comparison, I have to say – it packs quite the punch. Let’s take a closer look.

Sound Quality

In a head-to-head audio performance, the DOS Soundbox Pro holds its own. It delivers a crisp, clear sound, and the treble and bass are reasonably well-balanced, thanks to that magic extra bass button. The majority of the competing speakers I’ve tried in the same price band suck it up when hitting high volumes, with the bass rattling or power issues cropping up. But the Soundbox Pro impressed me with its ability to maintain that quality even at higher volume levels, gaining it valuable points in this critical area.

Build and Design

When I compare it to other devices on the market, this speaker won me over with its rugged, well-built design. This speaker brings a strong sense of durability with its rubber e-plastic build – you’ll be hard-pressed to find such sturdy construction in this price range. However, the true winner here is the LED light feature, although it can be a double-edged sword – while I particularly enjoyed the static color cycle, the ‘party mode’ did feel a bit overzealous.

Battery Life

Battery longevity is another area where it prevails over its competitors. Many portable speakers in this price range tend to miss the mark when it comes to extended playtime. However, the DOS Soundbox Pro, armed with a 2200 mAh battery, seemed to endure quite well under extensive testing.

Value for Money

The DOS Soundbox Pro delivers an above satisfactory performance for its price, outperforming other options in the market. From build quality to sound performance and battery life, it offers decent bang for your buck. Although it won’t outscore some high-end models, when you compare it to speakers in a similar price range, it indeed secures a commanding position.

In conclusion, while the Soundbox Pro isn’t perfect, it does achieve the critical balance of price and performance – an aspect that many other portable speakers struggle to meet.

Details of the Grand Giveaway

  • Grand Giveaway offers free wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Giveaway open worldwide with free shipping
  • Entrants click link, follow steps to enter

Let’s dive right into the bit that’s got everyone excited – the Grand Giveaway . Yes, we are offering one DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker absolutely free to one of you! The whole concept of this giveaway makes this review all the more engaging, doesn’t it?

The mechanics of the giveaway

I’ll begin by highlighting that this is more than just a basic giveaway. This is a phenomenal chance for one lucky person to own this high-performing portable speaker! This truly is an exciting chance to experience the substantial power packed into a compact device, without spending a single penny!

International Entry: Open For All

The giveaway is open worldwide, and shipping is absolutely free of charge . Wherever you are across the globe, as long as you’ve got a legal mailing address, you stand a chance to get this beauty delivered right to your doorstep.

How to enter the giveaway

  1. Click on the link: You’ll find a link in the description below. Once you click on it, you’ll be directed to the giveaway page.
  2. Follow the steps: This page provides a multitude of different ways for you to enter the competition. This could include following specific accounts on Twitter or even as simple as retweeting a tweet. There’s even an option to gain a daily entry, multiplying your chances to win!

Finally, once the giveaway comes to an end, brace yourself because we’ll be picking out the winner live. The suspense, the anticipation – it’s going to be absolutely thrilling! And of course, winners will be contacted to arrange for the shipping of the prize.

Remember, this review is not just about gushing over the speaker, it’s about providing a detailed, unbiased evaluation to help you make an informed decision. Whether or not you are the lucky winner, after reading this review, you’ll at least have a better understanding of whether the DOS Soundbox Pro is worth your hard-earned money.

So, without further ado, let’s keep the ball rolling and delve into the technical aspects of this wireless Bluetooth speaker. Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!

Simple Steps to Enter the Giveaway

  • Giveaway for DOS Soundbox Pro speaker announced
  • Multiple methods to enter the giveaway
  • Giveway open internationally

Alongside the showcase and analysis of the DOS Soundbox Pro wireless Bluetooth speaker, a fantastic opportunity awaits you. A little birdie told me there’s a giveaway happening! Here, you stand a chance to get your hands on this impressive speaker all for free! I’m here to guide you through an uncomplicated set of steps to join this exciting giveaway. Just remember, it is open internationally, no matter where you are in the world, so here we go:

Step 1 – Open The Giveaway Page

First thing’s first, you need to know where to go. There will be a link that directs you to the giveaway page. It’s effortless to spot, don’t worry!

Step 2 – Get Familiar

Once you are on the page, you will find there are several different ways you can enter the giveaway. Breathe. You don’t have to try them all – just opt for the ones you are most comfortable with. Variety is truly the spice of life!

Step 3 – Action Time

  • Retweet: For all you Twitter users out there, there’s a specific tweet intended for the giveaway you can retweet.
  • Subscribe: Subscribe to the specific YouTube platform- easy and cost-free.
  • Follow: You will have the option to follow the tweeter page for the giveaway if you wish to stay more connected.

You can enter the giveaway using only one of these methods, or increase your chances of winning by utilizing them all. It’s entirely up to you. Plus, there is an option for a daily entry, so you can come back and enter again each day!

Step 4 – Waiting Game

Once you have completed your entries, all that’s left is to wait. The lucky winner will be announced live once the giveaway is over. So do keep an eye out for that. Good luck!

The critical point to remember here is this is for fun, and while everyone loves winning, it’s all about participating and sharing in the excitement. I wish you the best of luck, and remember, every participant is a winner for their involvement and commitment to the process. Enjoy!

Announcing the Big Winner Live

  • Winner is announced in a live, transparent process
  • Live event allows for real-time queries and interaction
  • Experience involves thrill, suspense and learning opportunities

Once we’re done putting the DOS Soundbox through its paces and all entries for the giveaway have been carefully collected, it’s time to switch to the most awaited part – the grand reveal of our lucky winner! This part is always thrilling, and in my experience, it adds an extra layer of excitement to the whole affair.

A Transparent Process

One thing I always reassure people about is the transparency of the selection process. While it’s exciting to wait for the result, it’s crucial to ensure fairness to each participant. And guess what’s the best part? This all happens live! Yes, we’ll be announcing the winner in a real-time event, affording everyone an opportunity to tune in, regardless of where they are in the world.

Tapping Into the Power of Live Announcement

The spontaneous nature of a live event adds an extra punch to the whole process. There’s something indescribably exciting about watching your screen as the winning name pops up, the anticipation building up to that moment is simply electrifying.

Responding to Queries

Speaking live also offers an excellent opportunity to address pressing queries, should any exist, about the given product or the giveaway process. Crackling with energy, such live sessions typically invite a flurry of questions and comments, serving as an indispensable platform for interaction with a wider audience.

Say Hello to the Winner

As the time comes to drop the curtain, the identity of the lucky owner of the DOS Soundbox Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker will be unveiled. But don’t fret if your name didn’t pop up on the screen; remember, there’s always a next time. Keep it locked and you might just win on your next attempt.

Final Thoughts

In sum, the live announcement of our winner is definitely one of the highlights of reviewing this product – it’s an event that guarantees as much thrill as reviewing this advanced piece of technology did. While winning the gadget might be the big goal, being part of the process is also an exciting experience as it helps us all learn more about intriguing pieces of audio technology such as the DOS Soundbox Pro.

Final Thoughts and Overall Review Score

  • DOS Soundbox Pro has impressive sound quality
  • Features AUX-In, Bluetooth, microSD support
  • Rated 3.8 out of 5 overall

Wrapping up this review, it’s time to draw our conclusions on the DOS Soundbox Pro. Throughout my time spent assessing this speaker, I’ve genuinely immersed myself in using and understanding all its features and quirks, and here’s what I’ve gathered.


The DOS Soundbox Pro boasted a promising performance overall. The sound quality was impressive, pumping out crisp and clear audio consistently. However, I noted that the treble might be a tad too high at maximum volumes, which was only counterbalanced when the Extra Bass option was activated. In my opinion, a future model could do with an improved balance right out of the box.

Design and Features

This speaker’s design truly took me by surprise. It’s robust, weighty, and feels premium. Plus, it supports Aux-In, Bluetooth, and external storage via microSD – offering a good mix of modern and traditional access methods. The LED light ring brought a fresh fun aspect, yet the party light mode, in my experience, seemed a bit over the top, distracting more than it contributed to the ambiance.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the DOS Soundbox Pro certainly held its ground, offering ample playback time. The handy feature displaying the remaining battery percentage on the connected mobile device was a thoughtful inclusion.

Pairing and Connectivity

Pairing was smooth and easy, and stereo performance was commendable. The ability to control both speakers from just one connected device adds convenience.

Overall Score

On an overall scale, considering all its features and performance, I would rate the DOS Soundbox Pro at out of 5 . It’s a solid product in its range, with a few areas it could improve upon.

Just a reminder, this review is based on my critical, hands-on experience with the product, and I aim to provide an unbiased and honest perspective. Your individual experiences might differ based on personal usage patterns and expectations.

Wishing Good Luck to the Giveaway Participants

Regardless of where you are in the world, entering the giveaway is a simple process. Rest assured, whether you hail from the frosty landscapes of Canada or the sun-kissed islands of the Maldives, the DOS Soundbox Pro could hit your doorstep without incurring a cost on your part. A cherished accolade of global inclusivity and abundant joy!

Given the charm and utility of the product, it may seem like the odds are against you. But remember, every participant stands an equal chance in this lucky draw, and who knows, you might just snag a win!

Please, do remember that presenting an unbiased and genuine representation of the process is of utmost importance for us.

What to Expect

The winner is picked in a completely randomized manner. Let me present a shout-out to good luck and transparent practices!

When Will You Know?

The announcement will be broadcasted live, offering an exciting atmosphere for the announcement of the lucky winner. The sense of suspense really adds to the overall experience and makes it much more exhilarating. So, don’t forget to join the live stream!

Note: We respect your privacy. All gathered information is used entirely for the giveaway and is not intended for any external usage. We are committed to upholding the trust you place in us.

Once again, all the best to all those participating – may the odds ever be in your favor!

Should you buy the DOSS SoundBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker (Upgraded)?

Buy it if…

You’re a fan of sound quality

The DOS Soundbox Pro delivers fantastic sound, with crispness and clarity even at high volumes and a variety of music genres.

You’re into versatility and portability

With Bluetooth 4.2, Aux-In 3.5mm cable, and microSD card support, the speaker can be conveniently connected to various devices. Plus, its rugged design and weight of 640 grams make it a great travel companion.

You value extra features

In addition to providing high-quality sound, the speaker also has color-changing LED lights and an extra bass button, all of which further enhance your listening experience.

Don’t buy it if…

You dislike LED lights

While the LED light feature is customizable and adds aesthetic value, you might find the party mode flashing annoying if you prefer a more settled light effect.

You’re sensitive to high trebles

At high volumes, the treble can go a bit overboard, which might be unpleasant to some listeners who prefer a balance of sounds at all volumes.

You have a strict budget

While the DOS Soundbox Pro offers a good value for its features and quality, it might be a bit pricey if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly speaker.


What is the quality of audio on the DOS Soundbox Pro?
The audio quality on the DOS Soundbox Pro is impressive with clear, crisp sound. However, at high volumes, the treble may be a bit too high which can be resolved by pressing the Extra Bass button.
Does the the LED light on the DOS Soundbox Pro have customizable settings?
Yes, the LED light around the edge of the speaker can be changed, customized, and even set to flash to the beat of the music.
Can the DOS Soundbox Pro Speaker be paired with another one?
Yes, the DOS Soundbox Pro supports stereo pairing if you have two of the speakers.
What are the connection options for DOS Soundbox Pro?
The DOS Soundbox Pro can be easily connected to your device via Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm headphone jack, or you can use a MicroSD card.
What is the battery life of the DOS Soundbox Pro?
The battery life on the speaker is generally good, thanks to the 2200 milliamp hour battery. Battery time varies depending upon the volume you listen to.
Is there a giveaway for the DOS Soundbox Pro?
Yes, there is a giveaway. You can enter by retweeting a tweet on Twitter, following on Twitter, subscribing on YouTube, and some other ways.
Where can I purchase the DOS Soundbox Pro?
The DOS Soundbox Pro is available for purchase on Amazon.
What is the party mode on the DOS Soundbox Pro?
The party mode is a speaker feature where the LEDs flash to the beat of the music. However, it might feel a bit erratically fast to some users.

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