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Review: De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal – elevation of homebrew coffee to barista-quality level.

Review of DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine’s features, benefits and minor quirks for your perfect home brew... Read more

Review of De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal

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Test of De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal

4.2/5 - (902 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Near-professional, barista quality espresso
  • Highly customizable settings
  • Caters for multiple coffee preferences
  • Non-strenuous cleanup
  • All accessories are dishwasher safe


  • Fixed coffee bean container
  • Difficult beans removal procedure
  • Short steam wand

“After thorough use and testing, my final verdict on the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine is overwhelmingly positive. This delightful espresso machine takes your homebrew coffee to a higher, barista-quality level. Despite minor design flaws like the fixed bean container, the machine offers a fascinating and rewarding experience. It requires a learning curve, but once you master it, switching back to instant or drip coffee is unimaginable. Its sophisticated features, combined with easy clean-up, truly make it a worthwhile investment for any serious coffee lover. I would confidently rate it a respectable 4.5 out of 5 stars. “

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Brand De’Longhi
Color Stainless Steel, Black
Product Dimensions 11.22″D x 14.37″W x 15.87″H
Special Feature Milk Frother
Coffee Maker Type Espresso Machine


Revolutionize Your Coffee Experience: The DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine

Are you tired of drinking coffee that tastes like burnt water? Yearning for a refreshing brew but not quite sure you can commit to going full hipster just yet? Well, allow me to introduce you to a balanced alternative that bridges this gap – the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine. This machine gives you the best of both worlds, helping you make a leap from ‘just’ a coffee drinker to an in-home barista, while sparing you the intricacies of complex coffee recipes!

Making Barista-Grade Extremely Accessible

This machine takes your old coffee routine and transforms it into an immersive, satisfying experience. No more settling for less, your home is your new coffeehouse! The DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine was designed towards fusing ease with sophistication. A novice or a busy bee who just wants their caffeine fix without fuss? It caters to you. An enthusiast wanting to dabble in latte art? The DeLonghi welcomes you just the same.

This well-rounded experience left me impressed with the intelligent design behind the product. But, the question remains: does this machine deliver as promised, or is there more than meets the eye? In the following sections, I’ll be breaking down my experience and critically examining its capabilities, so buckle up for an informative journey through the world of incredible coffee machines!

Weighing De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal

First Impressions and Unboxing

  • DeLonghi Espresso Machine exudes quality and durability
  • Packed with numerous components for coffee making
  • Design is user-friendly but potentially large for some kitchens

Okay, let’s begin with the unboxing. One of the first things you’ll notice is the well-packed DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine. The attention to detail in the packaging itself exudes a certain aura of elegance and sets the tone for what’s inside. It’s immediately clear that this is a product that claims high quality and durability.

Delving into the DeLonghi Espresso Machine:

Upon opening the box, I found a range of components snugly packed inside including:

  • The DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine
  • A cleaning brush accompanied with a descaler
  • A single and double coffee filter
  • Stainless steel milk frothing mug
  • Steam nozzle cleaning needle
  • Manual tamping tools

At first glance, the machine itself exemplifies sleekness with clean lines and a modern aesthetic. It looks incredibly robust, giving an impression that it is built to last.

The Aesthetics and First-touch Perception of the Espresso Machine

Upon lifting the machine, it had a substantial feel to it, which is a good sign considering we are dealing with an appliance meant to stand the test of time. The upper part of the machine houses a conical grinder with easy access for loading coffee beans.

The machine’s smart design implies usability. There are pre-set touch buttons for Espresso, Americano, and hot water, presumably making it user-friendly for even those intimidated by espresso machines.

However, two aspects that could potentially improve are:

  1. The size and location of some buttons could be more intuitive for first-time users.
  2. The overall size of the machine might be a bit too large for some kitchen countertops.

All in all, the DeLonghi Espresso Machine carries an aura of sophistication, promising a hybrid of high functionality and style. This initial unpacking experience left me excited to put the machine to the test, making it a positive first impression overall.

Rating: De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal

Specs and Features

  • DeLonghi Espresso Machine has eight coarseness settings
  • Machine caters to various coffee tastes
  • Offers Espresso, Americano, and hot water options

Moving onto the focus of today’s discussion – the specs and features of the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine. This mighty gadget comes packed with impressive attributes, which I’ll delve into, and critically evaluate their unique performance. Let’s get brewing!

Technical Features of the DeLonghi Espresso Machine

Let’s pay some attention to what this coffee maestro has to offer. Right off the bat, the top-mounted conical grinder caught my eye, it’s where you load up your coffee beans and kickstart the brewing process. But, what’s unique here? Not just one or two, but you have eight different coarseness settings to finesse your perfect blend.

Enthusiastic options presented here aren’t just feel-good features but brilliantly thought out for various coffee tastes. Now that’s an impressive feature!

Understanding Coarse Control: 8 Varying Settings!

Many coffee machines in the market offer a range of coarseness settings, but eight options are truly a rarity. Owning this machine means you are at liberty to choose exactly how you want your coffee ground. Whether you like it coarse for a French Press, medium-coarse for pour-overs or super-fine for Turkish coffee, the DeLonghi Espresso Machine caters to all your coffee desires. It’s safe to say the versatile coarseness settings pack a punch!

Pick Your Shot: From the Perfect Espresso to A Plain Hot Water

  • An Espresso
  • An Americano
  • Plain hot water

Now, it’s not every day that you’ll crave an Americano or Espresso. Sometimes, all you want is plain hot water, and that’s where the DeLonghi Espresso Machine stands out. It respects and caters to the variety of our daily desires. However, I wonder how practical the hot water feature really is for someone who’s investing in an espresso machine? It’s a thoughtful inclusion, undoubtedly, but is the value realized as grandly?

As evidenced, the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso machine comes loaded with a variety of features tailor-made for a truly customizable coffee experience. As we continue, we’ll delve into the practical experience of utilizing these specs & the unique joy they bring to our morning caffeine fix.

Synopsis: De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal

What Makes the DeLonghi La Specialist Stand Out?

  • DeLonghi Espresso Machine provides barista-grade coffee at home
  • Features dishwasher safe accessories for easy cleanup
  • Allows tailored-to-you espresso shots with consistent quality

Experience the Home Barista Life

Ever wanted to bring a touch of the coffee shop home with you? With the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine, you absolutely can! While it takes a hot minute to get into full barista mode if you’ve never dabbled in espresso machine operations, the journey is not only enlightening but also worthwhile.

Level Up Your Coffee Game

What stands out is the immediate elevation of your standard coffee experience. There’s a certain novelty to brewing barista-grade coffee in your kitchen. It’s like stepping into your favourite coffee shop each morning – without having to change out of your pajamas. The machine is not only a wake-up call for your taste buds but also a nifty conversation starter!

Cleanup A Breeze

Concerned about the aftermath of brewing? We all dread the cleaning part, right? Well, this machine is an exception. All accessories are dishwasher safe, waving all cleanup worries goodbye. There’s no need for stressful manual scrubbing or unclogging. This is a total delight for someone who is often rushing or leads a busy lifestyle.

Perfectly Brewed, Every Time

Consistency might be the biggest standout. Each cup is just as rich and aromatic as the last one. This machine serves your coffee just how you like it – every time. The DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine really puts you in control of your caffeine intake, allowing tailored-to-you espresso shots.

Create a Café-like Ambiance

Not only does this machine serve up deliciously brewed coffee, it also adds a certain charm to the kitchen. Imagine cozy café-like vibes, right at home. In that respect, this espresso machine performs double duty – it’s a kitchen appliance and an instant mood-creator.

All said and done, in terms of quality and convenience, the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine is a significant leap up from the instant or drip coffee ritual. It brews a myriad of beverages ranging from an intense shot of espresso to a smooth Americano at a push of a button. So, brace yourself for second glances at your coffee cup and questions like “Oh! Where did you get this coffee?”.

Probe of De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal

Critiques of the DeLonghi Espresso Machine

  • Coffee bean container design hinders convenient bean exchange
  • Steam wand design may cause unfortunate milk spillages

While the DeLonghi La Specialista Arte Espresso Machine will undoubtedly revolutionize your coffee brewing experience at home, it’s essential to delve into some of the areas which present room for improvement, not to cloud this device’s brilliance, but to ensure you are well-informed on what to anticipate.

Bean Container Design

The first feature that left me a little puzzled was the coffee bean container design. It’s a fixed unit, and this makes swapping out different beans more tedious than I would have liked. If you happen to get a new roast, you’re somewhat forced to finish the previous batch before transitioning.


I’d therefore recommend sticking to your preferred variety and limiting the urge to experiment with multiple roasts within short periods.

Steam Wand Design

The steam wand design left me somewhat unsatisfied. It doesn’t extend far enough from the main body of the machine, which posed difficulty in removing a full cup of frothed milk. I found myself needing to angle the cup awkwardly to avoid spills.


If you like your coffee with plenty of milk, you may require extra caution when handling the machine to avoid hot milk spillages. It’s not a deal-breaker but rather a minor inconvenience that takes a little getting used to.

In all fairness, though, it’s clear that the DeLonghi Espresso Machine is a thoughtfully designed piece of equipment. These mentioned points do not, in any way, dwarf the outstanding perks the machine offers. However, having a holistic understanding of a product necessitates acknowledging areas where it may fall slightly short.

Lookover of De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal

The Word on the Streets: Customer Reviews

  • DeLonghi espresso machine praised for barista-level capabilities
  • Users highlight ease of use and home convenience
  • Hassle-free maintenance and superior performance appreciated

Delving into the user experiences and feedback can be an enlightening part of any review, and the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine is no different. We’ve faithfully combed through numerous reviews to provide you with an unbiased, balanced overview of what other coffee lovers are saying about this machine.

From Coffee Novices to Enthusiasts: People’s Take on DeLonghi

The DeLonghi espresso machine seems to hit a sweet spot with a wide range of users, from coffee novices just venturing into the world of premium home-brewed coffee to long-time aficionados who appreciate the subtleties of a finely-crafted espresso. Customer reviews often highlight the machine’s barista-level capabilities, ease of use, and the convenience of making a great cup at home. A common thread across the feedback was the improved coffee experience, the aesthetics, and the overall functionality.

Uncovering Other User Experiences: Conversations with Julie K. and Just Kay

Julie K. , who used to have a Breville Barista Express, praised the DeLonghi machine for its hassle-free maintenance and superior performance. She states, “This coffee machine quickly became our family member, no less. It has everything you need to make a coffee shop grade coffee.”

Another user, Just Kay , corroborated the professional quality sentiment and loved how the machine elevated their kitchen, saying, “This is really like having a professional barista right in your kitchen. It’s fantastic. Everything is professional quality, and the machine is beautiful.”

It seems evident that the DeLonghi espresso machine is well-received among users for its consistent performance and quality coffee brewing features.

Inspecting De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal

Verdict and Ratings

  • DeLonghi Espresso Machine gets 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Provides precise control over brewing process
  • Cleanup is straightforward and easy

In the investigation of the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine, it is easy to conclude that it’s truly a game-changer. It is a step above the common coffee machines, presenting an authentic boutique coffee shop experience in the comfort of your own kitchen. And yet, like any consumer product, it isn’t without its drawbacks.

DeLonghi: A Solid 4.5 Out of 5 Stars Rating

The unit has certainly earned a solid out of 5 stars rating. The machine’s superior construction, broad range of coarseness settings, and favorable convenience across the board truly set the bar high. DeLonghi looks great on the countertop and performs even better when brewing your favorite cup of coffee.

Our Professional Take

  • Pro: One of the merits of this machine is how it offers precise control over the brewing process. This makes it ideal for true coffee aficionados who want their coffee a certain way. The machine may have a learning curve, but it’s definitely worth it once you master your preferred settings.
  • Con: On the flip side, the fixed coffee bean container design might be inconvenient for those who enjoy frequently changing their coffee bean types. The design is something of an oversight that can impact user flexibility.
  • Pro: Clean-up is straightforward, a bonus for anyone leading a busy daily life. Dishwasher safe accessories make maintaining the machine a breeze.
  • Con: The steam wand’s short reach creates a bit of a struggle when trying to remove a full cup of frothed milk. Care must be taken to avoid a potential spill.

In general, the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine manages to impress, offering a nearly perfect at-home barista experience. It’s a product I’ve come to appreciate particularly on those lazy weekend mornings or when entertaining friends or family. While there are handy improvements to be made, its high functionality can appease even the most discerning coffee lovers.

View of De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Try it Out Yourself: The Giveaway

  • Giveaway of DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine
  • Enter through participation, engagement, and using a secret hashtag
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Let’s face it, experiencing is believing. While we’ve done our best to portray our experience with the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine, we believe you should get a personal feel of it. Yes, that’s right. One lucky individual will get a chance to take home this beauty and we’re excited to make that happen!

Win the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine

The DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine could be a game-changer in your coffee journey. With its elegant design, advanced features and the promise of luxury coffee at your convenience, it sounds too good to be true, right? Well, hold onto your mugs, because we’re giving one away!

How You Can Put Your Name in the Hat for a Chance to Win

Entering our giveaway is plain sailing. We believe that everyone should get a fair shot at winning; therefore, the steps to enter are pretty straightforward:

  1. Participation : To ensure fairness, simply participate in the conversation we’ve sparked about this premium espresso machine.
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  3. Use our Secret Hashtag : There’s a secret hashtag revealed somewhere in our review. Find it and put it in your comment for a valid entry.

That’s it. Three simple steps to getting closer to owning the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine.

When and How We Select the Lucky Winner

We’ll be conducting the draw exactly one week from the launch of our review. The lucky person will be selected at random from the list of valid entries. Rest assured, the process will be transparent and impartial, making sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to win.

The winner will be announced through the same platform, so keep your eyes peeled for that update!

We are just as thrilled as you are about this giveaway. Let’s embark on this coffee journey together, shall we?

Investigation of De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal


In conclusion, the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine certainly lives up to the hype. Delivering a barista-grade experience in the comfort of your own kitchen, this machine effortlessly bridges the gap between convenience and quality.

A Comprehensive Overview

From our in-depth discussion on the product’s features and complexities down to its minor shortcomings, we’ve explored what it means to own a DeLonghi, uncovering all the nitty-gritty details.

Critical Evaluation

Despite the fixed coffee bean container and steam wand design posing potential issues, the overall experience remains relatively unaffected. The DeLonghi Espresso Machine stands as a testament to the innovative advancements in-home coffee brewing, making it a must-have coffee companion for both novices and enthusiasts.


Encompassing remarkable technical specifications, easy clean-up process, and the provision to truly customize your brew, we find it hard not to be impressed by this machine. Factoring in the strong feedback it has garnered from the user community, it’s safe to say that this coffee machine hasn’t just met our expectations, but surpassed them.

Final Words

As we wrap up our comprehensive review, one thing’s for certain – with this DeLonghi Espresso Machine, every morning can be a café experience. We are excited to see who the lucky winner of our giveaway will be, and look forward to hearing their personal review. On that note, until we meet again with another in-depth exploration, happy brewing!

Should you buy the De’Longhi La Specialista Arte EC9155MB, Espresso Machine with Grinder, 1450W, Metal?

Buy it if…

Your Coffee Game is More than Average

The DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine is for those enthusiasts who are ready to step up their coffee game by adjusting coarseness settings and brewing barista-style coffee at home.

Frustrated with Cleaning up

With all the accessories being dishwasher safe, this coffee machine makes it extremely easy to clean up after enjoying an excellent cup of coffee.

Your Coffee Preferences Vary

With the option of brewing espresso shots, an Americano, or a full mug of coffee and even frothing milk for lattes or cappuccinos, this could be your go-to for various coffee preferences.

Don’t buy it if…

Commitment to a Single Roast Isn’t Your Thing

With a fixed coffee bean container, changing between different roasts can get tricky. Make sure you’re into the idea of sticking with a particular roast.

Compact Spaces Are Your Norm

The steam wand doesn’t extend very far out from the body of the machine, making it difficult to remove a full cup of hot milk at an angle.

You Are New to Espresso Machines

If you never worked an espresso machine before, using this one initially might be a bit challenging and could take some time to get used to.


What items come with the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine?
The package includes a cleaning brush with descaler, a single and double coffee filter, a stainless steel milk frothing mug, steam nozzle, cleaning needle, and manual tamping tools.
How many coarseness settings does the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine offer?
The DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine offers eight different coarseness settings.
What sizes of shots can the DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso machine brew?
You can choose between three size presets: espresso, americano, and plain hot water.
What is the biggest downside of DeLonghi La Specialist Arte Espresso Machine?
The coffee bean container is a fixed unit which makes emptying out unwanted beans difficult. Also, the steam wand doesn’t extend very far out from the body of the machine, so it can be tricky to remove a full cup of hot milk at an angle.
How do you qualify for the DeLonghi Espresso machine giveaway?
To qualify for the giveaway, you need to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment containing a secret hashtag from the review.

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