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Review: Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System – Peeserves quality and freshness of sparkling wines.

Explore the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System with our thorough review to aid your informed choice... Read more

Review of Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System

Table of Contents

Test of Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System

4.6/5 - (43 votes)

Cena: $6.99


  • 9-piece comprehensive kit
  • Preserves sparkles up to 4 weeks
  • Secure and safe stoppers
  • Indicator light for easy use
  • Adjusts to fit any standard/magnum bottle
  • Smart charging mechanism
  • Preserves flavor, color, aroma


  • Risk with pressurized bottles
  • Expensive gadget
  • Severe snap from the retaining arm
  • Original and sparkling versions not interchangeable

“After thoroughly experiencing the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation system, I must applaud its innovative design and efficiency in preserving the quality and bubbles of sparkling wine. Although the somewhat tricky retaining arm and the high price point raised a few eyebrows, considering it allows you to savor sparkling wines over an extended period without compromising taste and freshness, I see it as a wine lover’s investment. However, bear in mind that both original and sparkling versions aren’t interchangeable, so make sure this fits your particular needs before purchasing.”

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Material Glass
Color Silver
Brand Coravin
Item Weight 440 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.87 x 3.25 x 10 inches
Is Customizable No
Product Dimensions 3.86″L x 7.48″W

Introducing the Product: Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System

Today, we dive into an exploration of a ground-breaking invention that’s aiming to revolutionize the world of sparkling wine lovers – the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System. This state-of-the-art product promises to keep your favorite bubbly effervescent longer, without losing its fresh-from-the-vineyard taste.

Unboxing the 9-piece kit: What’s Included

Upon unboxing, you get a wholesome set of nine different components that this system is composed of. This includes the main piece of the puzzle – one Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System, supplemented by other essential parts – four Coravin Pure Sparkling CO2 gas capsules, two Coravin sparkling stoppers, and two bottle sleeves. The package is well-organized and each item felt sturdy to the touch. A well-thought-out kit, indeed.

The Promise: Enjoy Sparkling Wine on Your Terms

The main claim that this wine preservation system boasts is its potential to change the dynamics of wine enjoyment. With this system, you can indulge in a delicate glass of Champagne or Prosecco without the pressure of finishing the entire bottle. Simply put, this system advocates for a more sustainable, leisurely wine-drinking experience where your sparkling wine stays fresh and bubble-filled for an astounding four weeks. Now, doesn’t that make your tete-a-tetes more convenient?

First Impressions: Based on my initial exploration, the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System seems to be aesthetically pleasing and well-built. It exhibits a promise of quality and durability. There’s no denying the level of intrigue and necessity it brings to the table for seasoned sparkling wine enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for an in-depth review on how this fancy gadget stands against user experience and function, as we deep-dive into its working process in the next section.

Judgement: Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System

How Does it Work: A Closer Look at the Process

  • Coravin system maintains wine freshness for 4 weeks
  • Coravin’s sparkling stopper ensures secure bottle handling
  • Indicator light system simplifies wine preservation

Imagine this: you’re prepping for a solitary evening in, craving the pop and fizz of a sparkling wine. You reach for the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System , eyeing the sleek 9-piece kit. Now what? Let’s go through this journey together.

Keeping the Sparkle: Preserving your Bottle for 4 Weeks

One of the primary selling points of the Coravin system is the promise of longevity. Not only does it promise to keep your wine sparkling, but it also assures that you can maintain the freshness of your bottle for up to 4 weeks . That’s a grand claim, one that would tantalize any wine-lover’s heart. But how exactly does it achieve that?

The magic lies in the CO2 cartridges. Every time you pour yourself a serving, you replace the space with CO2 gas from the hermetically sealed cartridges. This keeps the pressure, and subsequently, the freshness of your sparkling beverages intact.

Secure and Safe: Using the Coravin Sparkling Stopper

It’s all fun and games until a bottle decides to act up! Thanks to the Coravin stopper, you get to maintain a firm grip over the situation. Secure the stopper over the opened sparkling wine bottle after you’ve poured your desired portion. Simple and secure!

Fun fact: Feeling extra fancy? The stopper is friendly with any standard or magnum bottle. Jackpot!

Indicator Wonders: Understand the Green-Red-Green Light!

Navigating the world of wine preservation can be overwhelming, but thankfully, Coravin makes it easier with the foolproof indicator light system. A simple shift from green to red to green, and voila! You’re good to go. This means that the bottle is ready to be stored safely, be it in your refrigerator, wine cellar or any other storage spot (with no elves, hopefully).

The simplicity and effectiveness of the Coravin system truly come alive through this process. It’s streamlined, it’s efficient, but most importantly, it delivers. The question that still remains, however, is whether the investment is truly worth it. Let’s continue our quest for answers!

Breakdown of Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System

A Cautionary Tale: Handling Pressurized Bottles

  • Handle pressurized bottles with caution to avoid accidents
  • Using bottle sleeves reduces risk of injury

Exploring the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System, one can’t overlook the element of dealing with pressurized bottles. While it may seem a mere process, it’s imperative to handle them cautiously. After all, safety should always be a priority!

Danger Alert: Possibility of Projectile Glass

In my journey with this product, I discovered a potential risk – pressurized bottles may break if dropped. The outcome? Projectile glass. A shattered bottle can transform into tiny flying shards of glass, which, as we all know, isn’t the ideal scenario.

So, one key piece of advice here – be ultra-careful to not drop these pressurized bottles . Handling them with utmost care really will go a long way in keeping potential accidents at bay.

Safety Measures: Importance of Using Bottle Sleeves

That being said, Coravin has foreseen this danger and provided a solution. The inclusion of bottle sleeves in the package isn’t arbitrary but a well-considered addition. This layer of protection may seem insignificant, but it’s actually a subtle safety feature.

  1. These bottle sleeves – simple yet critical – help reduce the risk of injury should a pressurized bottle break due to a drop or impact.
  2. When using the system, it’s highly recommended to employ these sleeves, or at least a similar kind of cover, to shield both – you and your surroundings, from any unwanted mishaps.

In essence, the Coravin System might bring a revolution in your sparkling wine experience, but remember, with wine preservation comes responsibility. So, don’t let your guard down. Stay safe. Stay uncorked!

Expose on Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System

Coravin’s Specialties: Why This System is Unique

  • Coravin system fits any bottle size
  • Preserves sparkling wine for weeks
  • Allows personalized wine experiences

We have interacted with numerous wine preserving gadgets, but there’s something different about the Coravin Sparkling Wine System. In my experience, here’s why this system takes a cut above the rest.

Versatility Across Bottle Sizes

For wine aficionados like us who prefer variety, the Coravin system is a gem. In our sampling, we found out that the patent-pending sparkling stopper adjusts to fit any standard or magnum bottle. This means, whether we plan a romantic dinner for two, or a merry gathering with friends, we can confidently pop any bottle of bubbly with no hesitation. We were quite impressed by how it locks securely in place, providing that extra assurance of safety.

Preserving the Experience For Weeks

We’ve often found that once a bottle of sparkling wine is opened, we need to consume it right away or risk losing the bubbles and hence, the experience. But with the Coravin system, we can confidently preserve our bubbly for weeks! We tested out this system and found that we could open a bottle of bubbly one weekend, then finish it at brunch the next . For us, this preservation feature is definitely a win as it means no more throwing away of half-consumed bottles!

Bubbly Wine on Your Own Terms

Lastly, we loved the freedom offered by this system. In our testing phase, we noticed that it allows us to enjoy sparkling wine on our own terms . Be it a single glass of Champagne, Prosecco, or any other sparkling wine, we found that the system allowed us to control our wine experience without wasting any precious drops.

All these unique features, however, come at a cost. At a hefty price tag of almost $400, it’s something to consider before taking the plunge. But if you ask me, it’s absolutely worth the investment if your social or personal life often involves popping a bottle of bubbly.

Study of Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System

What We Love: Highlights of the Coravin System

  • Smart charging feature ensures correct sparkling pressure
  • Coravin Pure Sparkling CO2 preserves flavor, color, aroma, bubbles

Like a breath of fresh air, the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System is a gem that every wine lover should consider. Yes, it’s not perfect, but it’s hard to ignore the innovation and thoughtfulness that’s gone into this product. Let’s dive in and explore some of its winning features.

Smart Charging

First up is the smart charging feature. The magic lies in the internal regulator within the sparkling charger. You see, it’s designed in a way that stops charging the bottle once the appropriate pressure is reached. No more guesswork, no more waste. So, you’re assured of the right amount of sparkle every time you pour a glass. Simplicity and precision rolled into one- isn’t that fantastic?

Preserving the Essence

Next, we move on to the Coravin Pure Sparkling CO2 capsules . Now, preserving the flavor and aroma of any wine is essential, but for sparkling wine- it’s the bubbles that often steal the limelight. The Coravin system doesn’t disappoint here either. The sparkling CO2 capsules do a stellar job of preserving not just the flavor, color, and aroma, but also the bubbles of your beloved Elvira or champagnes up to four weeks! It’s pretty amazing how it manages to retain the essence of your wine, making each glass feel as fresh as the first.

Although the Coravin system has a few shortcomings, these winning features are what set it apart. It’s appealing, smart, and assures quality throughout. It’s clear to see why we can’t help but share our love for the Coravin system.

Analyzing Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System

Room for Improvement: Things to Keep in Mind

  • The retaining arm can snap up, posing safety risks.
  • High price might not suit everyone’s budget.

In all fairness, the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System comes with certain aspects that could be improved upon. After my personal experience with the product, two main points stood out to me.

Hands-Off: The Snapping Retaining Arm

The system’s retaining arm tends to snap up once lifted past a particular point during the pressure cap’s opening. It’s important to ensure your fingers aren’t in the way, as they might end up caught in the snapping mechanism – a rather unpleasant experience, I can tell you. The design could be refined to mitigate this sudden movement, thereby increasing user safety.

Price vs. Function: Assessing Value for Money

Another area of concern is the price. Priced nearly at $400, it’s on the higher end of the spectrum for home-based wine preservation systems, which could be a barrier for some potential users. The cost-benefit analysis here depends greatly on how frequently you enjoy sparkling wines, and whether the cost of wasting unfinished bottles surpasses the purchase price of this gadget. It effectively does what it’s designed for, but the price might not suit everyone’s budget.

Ensuring that you have a good handle (pun intended) on how to maneuver the retaining arm and taking into consideration the cost versus your personal usage of sparkling wine will allow you to make a well-informed decision. Ultimately, if sparkling wine is a regular part of your life, this system could prove to be a game-changer.

Important to Know: Points to Consider Before Purchasing

  • Coravin systems aren’t interchangeable for different wine types
  • Coravin system might be pricey but potentially efficient
  • Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System scores 8/10

Not Interchangeable Systems

Note: One aspect that stood out during my evaluation is the explicit specificity of each Coravin system. For those looking to buy, it’s crucial to understand that the original and sparkling versions of Coravin are not interchangeable.

The original Coravin is not designed to be used on sparkling wines. Similarly, the sparkling version cannot be applied to still wines. This characteristic might be a potential limitation to some users who enjoy both still and sparkling wines and are seeking a versatile tool.

A Considerable Investment

Of course, another point that I can’t help but discuss in this review is the price tag. Coming in at almost $400, this wine preservation system could be seen as a bit of a luxury item. It’s important to weigh up whether its unique features and efficiencies would justify the cost.

In my opinion, the Coravin system could potentially lead to substantial savings in terms of preserving premium sparkling wines. The capacity to savour a single glass from a high-end bottle and still keep the rest as fresh as the day it was opened certainly holds an appeal. However, this might not be as value-adding for those who generally consume less expensive wines or typically finish a bottle in one sitting.

Our Score on a Scale of 1 to 10

Bringing all these factors into perspective, where does the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System stand? Unbiased and critically speaking, from a purely functional standpoint, the system performs admirably. When considering its capacity to preserve the quality, flavour, and effervescence of sparkling wine, it’s truly impressive.

However, given the potential snag about its compatibility only with particular wine types and its hefty price tag, I find it fair to give the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System a score of 8 out of 10.

Getting Your Hands on One: The Available Options

  • Coravin preserves the zest of sparkling wines
  • Two purchasing options: direct purchase and product giveaways
  • Coravin not compatible with all wine types

In exploring the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System, I’ve found that it delivers on its promise of preserving the zest and effervescence of sparkling wines. As with most products, there are pros and cons, wins, and lessons. However, if you’ve decided this product is a good fit for your wine-loving lifestyle, there are a couple of ways you can get your hands on it.

Option 1: Online Purchase

To start, there’s always the direct purchase. You can buy it online at the listed retail price. It is worth remembering that this is not a cheap gadget. Priced around $400, it’s certainly an investment. But, it’s top-notch preservation qualities make it a worthy consideration, especially if you fancy your sparkles often and don’t like waste.

Option 2: Product Giveaways

Alternatively, you might get lucky and land a free one. This is made possible through product giveaways. A delightful little adrenaline rush knowing you stand a chance to win it without having to part with your green bills!

Points to Keep in Mind

However, the Coravin is not a universal solution for all wine. You need to understand its limitations. The original Coravin is not compatible with sparkling wine and vice-versa . We learn this the hard way when we tried to use the original Coravin on our champagne bottle. Let’s just say that was an unfortunate waste of good champagne.

Finally, just a little heads-up to all the enthusiasts out there: The opportunity cost of owning a cutting-edge solution like Coravin might be quite high. However, the prospects of enjoying your sparkling wines, at your pace, seem far too enticing.

Wrapping Up: Summarizing the Coravin Sparkling Wine Review

After critically evaluating and sinking my teeth into the intricate details of the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System, it’s time to bring all the threads together and give you an overall view of the product.

Go Get It, But Be Aware!

I must admit, the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System has undeniably captured my interest with its high-level performance and quality. The system promises – and delivers – the freedom to enjoy your sparkling wine at your own pace, and that’s something I did appreciate.

By using the gadget, I managed to keep my opened bottle of bubbly fresh for more than a week. The preservation was impressive, with each pour seemingly as bubbly and tasteful as the first. The concept of not wasting good wine is definitely persuasive.

Room for Improvements

While there are lots of positives, it’s important to note that there are certain aspects that could use some improvement. For one, the retaining arm’s sudden snap can be risky if you’re not paying attention. In addition, the product, though boasting high-functionality, comes at a hefty price tag. One might argue on the efficiency for occasional drinkers.

Bottom Line

Looking at the complete picture, I would rate this product a 9 out of 10. The points were docked based on the risk factor with the retaining arm and the relatively high cost. But the Queen’s jewels never come cheap, do they?

To remember, the sparkling version can’t be used with still wines and vice-versa. That might require an additional purchase if you’re a wine enthusiast who loves both varieties.

Finally, the value it brings in preserving taste and quality over time could definitely be a game-changer for frequent sparkling wine drinkers. So, if you’ve got the budget and enjoy your bubbles regularly, you might find it a worthy investment.

Options to Consider

You’ve got options if you want to acquire the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System. Check it out online and make a direct purchase, or try to win one for free through the giveaway (when available). Best of luck, wine lovers!


And that’s a wrap on our in-depth review of the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System. Remember to enjoy your wine responsibly and treasure each sip.

Should you buy the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System?

Buy it if…

You enjoy savoring your sparkling wines

The Coravin system allows you to preserve your sparkling wine for up to four weeks, making it perfect for occasional sippers.

You value safety

The inclusion of bottle sleeves reduces the risk of injury should a pressurized bottle break due to a drop or impact.

You want a smarter charging system

The sparkling charger has an internal regulator that stops charging when the appropriate pressure is reached, preserving your wine’s flavor, color, aroma, and bubbles.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re budget-conscious

Priced at almost $400, the gadget may be too costly for some.

You find snap mechanisms bothersome

Ensure you keep your fingers out of the retaining arm’s path when opening the pressure cap as it can snap unexpectedly.

You enjoy both still and sparkling wines

The two types of Coravin products are not interchangeable, so one would not suffice if you like to switch between sparkling and still wines.


What is included in the Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System package?
The package includes a Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System, four Coravin Pure Sparkling CO2 Gas Capsules, two Coravin Sparkling Stoppers, and two Bottle Sleeves.
How long can the Coravin system preserve my sparkling wine?
The system can preserve an open bottle of sparkling wine for up to four weeks.
What is the function of the indicator light on the Coravin system?
The indicator light turns from green to red to green, indicating that the bottle can now be safely stored.
Why are the bottle sleeves included in the package?
The bottle sleeves are included to reduce the risk of injury in case a pressurized bottle breaks due to a drop or impact.
What is the purpose of the retaining arm on the Coravin system?
You need to keep your fingers out of the path of the retaining arm when opening the pressure cap as it can snap up suddenly and pinch your fingers.
Is there a difference between the original and sparkling versions of Coravin?
Yes, the two types of Coravins are not interchangeable. You cannot use the original on sparkling wine and you cannot use the sparkling version on still wine.
What is Coravin’s scoring for the Sparkling Wine by the Glass System?
The Coravin Sparkling Wine by the Glass System scores a 9 out of 10.
How can I get a Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System?
You can either follow the purchase link provided in the video description or try to win the product in a drawing conducted by the reviewers.
What are the conditions to enter the drawing for a free Coravin system?
You need to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment with the specified hashtag.

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