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Review: Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19″/24″ Propane Griddle with Instastart Ignition – Great companion for grilling enthusiasts on the go

Comprehensive review of Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT for barbecue lovers... Read more

Review of Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

Table of Contents

Test of Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19″/24″ Propane Griddle with Instastart Ignition

3.7/5 - (19 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Portable with compact design
  • Large 24-inch cooking surface
  • Even heat distribution
  • Powerful, up to 20,000 BTUs
  • Easy and quick cleanup
  • Convenient transport with rear wheels


  • Requires assembly upon purchase
  • Weak lid latches
  • No built-in thermometer
  • Propane not included
  • Sizeable packaging yet needs assembly

“After spending considerable time with the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT, I can confidently say it’s truly a great companion for any grilling enthusiast on the go. Despite its compact size, the grill offers a commendable power, capacity, and even heat distribution. The portability and ease of clean-up definitely gained my appreciation. However, the assembly time and lack of a built-in thermometer left a bit to be desired. In terms of durability, only time will tell if the latches would last. All in all, for someone who loves camping and grilling, the convenience and functionality it offers makes the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT worth considering.”

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Material Steel
Brand Coleman
Color Black
Product Dimensions 32.1″L x 21.3″W x 16.54″Th
Shape Rectangular

Introduction: Setting The Camping Scene with Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT

In the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of the perfect grilled meal, there’s nothing like hitting the great outdoors with a proper grilling companion. Ladies and gents, let’s set the scene, picturing that perfect outdoor setting, a beautiful camping spot, and of course, good company. The real star, however, is the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT, a portable grilling solution that promises to make al fresco cooking a breeze. Portable, powerful, and ready for the off-grid challenges, this grill has the makings of an excellent outdoor companion.

A Travel-friendly Grilling Companion

What’s really impressive about this little grilling wizard is its compactness. Folded down, it’s comparably no bigger than your standard carry-on luggage – a key portability feature that may prove essential for campers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Easy to store and transport, it could be a nice addition to your outdoor kit.

A Promise of Free Gadgets and How to Win

There is always that extra spark when there is an opportunity to win a free gadget. Who will be the lucky one to bag this fantastic piece of grilling tech free of charge? All while simply enjoying a great review ? That’s the true icing on the cake!

In this unbiased and comprehensive review, every aspect of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT is put to the test; analyzing its features, identifying potential flaws, and giving it a run for the good old grilling fun. All of this is aimed towards ensuring you are informed about what to anticipate when you choose to get this travel-friendly grilling companion.

Evaluating Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

The Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT: Portability and Power in One Package

  • Coleman Road Trip Grill offers portability and power
  • Features compactness, convenience, and full-size functionality
  • Generates up to 20,000 BTUs of grilling power

You’re probably wondering, “Can a portable grill really pack a punch?” The answer, at least in the case of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT, is a solid yes. This grill comes in a compact yet functional design, offering a unique balance of utility and portability.

Impressively Compact Design

The first good impression I got with this grill is its compact size. When folded down, it’s no bigger than a piece of carry-on luggage, making it great for folks who love to keep things neat and tidy during transit. Despite its relative compactness, once it’s set up, it unfolds into a full-size grill. This combo of convenience and functionality is truly impressive.

The Unfolding Experience

As you unfold this grill, you may notice that it doesn’t take much effort. It’s decently lightweight, eh, roughly approximating to a petite 70 pounds. Once unfolded, it stands around 31.5 inches off the ground. That’s a little below waist height for most adults, but don’t let this minor shortcoming interfere with its performance.

Power and Heating

It’s portable, but does it perform? Well, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle doesn’t skimp on power. It impressively generates up to 20,000 BTUs of grilling power. Quite remarkable for a portable grill, if you ask me. Hook up the propane – which, by the way, isn’t part of the package – and with the push of a button, it lights up. I must confess, the instant start ignition system felt slick and quick.

As I started cooking, I could feel the heat evenly distributed across the cooking surface, with up to 95% of surface achieving temperatures above 480 degrees F. This even distribution is certainly a plus when searing your steaks or grilling veggies for a nice, even, cook.

However, it’s crucial to highlight that this power needs to be handled thoughtfully. Make sure you’re adjusting the heat to cater specifically to what you’re cooking. After all, some may find the heat slightly overkill especially when grilling delicate foods like fish, so be sure to keep an eagle eye on your food while it cooks!

Appraisal of Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

Getting Up Close and Personal with the 24″ Cooking Surface

  • The Coleman Griddle XLT has a 24″ cooking surface
  • The grilling surface is made of durable rolled carbon steel
  • Can grill multiple burgers simultaneously, but avoid crowding

In discussing the efficiency of a portability-driven grill, a critical factor remains the availability of space for your burgers, sausages, and veggies. With Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT , the magic unfolds with a spacious 24” cooking surface.

Rolled Carbon Steel: A Material Choice Review

The grilling surface comprises of robust rolled carbon steel which confesses its industrial strength and durability. Besides, the clean, smooth finish of the cooking surface certainly makes it looked geared up for a grill fest. I was certainly pleased with the quality of the material. However, future use and handling would be the real test. With steel materials, rusting and chipping can be a concern. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning would be crucial to prevent this.

Cooking Capacity: Can It Really Grill Thirteen Burgers?

Yes, size does matter when it comes to grilling. More space means more food peppering the grill simultaneously, promising a quick serve. While this claim seemed perfect for a party situation, getting 13 burger patties on the griddle might feel a bit crammed. However, the concept here was likely to provide an idea about the roomy surface rather than convincing you to push its capacity to its maximum limit. It didn’t take long for me to acknowledge that the griddle can conveniently make a decent meal for a small group without requiring multiple rounds of grilling.

Nevertheless, the burger patty test might vary based on the size of the patties. Larger patties might struggle a bit to have a friendly grill party altogether. Balance and efficient use of space are vital for uniform cooking.

In conclusion, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT provides a generous cooking surface, an essential feature for an outdoor, portable grill. However, don’t rush to stuff the griddle; give your food some breathing space for a better grilling experience.

Analysis of Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

Diving Into the Grill’s Functionalities

  • Runs on propane for mobile camping use
  • Features instant start ignition system
  • Delivers 20,000 BTUs despite compact size

Want to know the real beauty of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT? It is hands down its functionalities. This layman-friendly grill is every camper’s dream, but let’s dig a bit deeper and see why that is.

Powering Up: Propane Hookup and Ignition System

First things first, it runs on propane. Could you ask for more mobility? Certainly not from a device designed to aid in your camping adventures. It depends on propane tanks, which, unfortunately, you will have to arrange separately as they are not included with the grill. However, once you hook up the propane, boy does this thing come alive!

Lighting it up is a breeze, thanks to the instant start ignition system. It’s a simple one-push affair and voila! No messing around with matches or lighter fluid. It’s speedy and, more importantly, safe. However, you might feel the absence of a fuel gauge to monitor gas levels, a feature some competitors already offer.

No-Compromise Power: A Look at the Grill’s 20,000 BTUs

Stepping into the power arena, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle is quite the contender. Despite its compact design, the device can put out up to 20,000 BTUs. It doesn’t matter if it’s burgers, sausages, or kebabs, this grill has got you covered. But, is it the most powerful grill out there? Probably not. But does it deliver power efficiently and proportionately for its size? Absolutely yes.

It’s also important to note that with more power comes quicker consumption. So, you need to play smart by controlling the flames and optimizing fuel usage, particularly if you’re planning an extended camping trip.

In a nutshell, yes, the functionalities of Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT make it the cool compact grill it promises to be. Yet, the presence of a fuel gauge and a bit more power could take the grilling experience to the next level.

Reflection on Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

The Heat Distribution and Cooking Capabilities

  • Coleman Road Trip Griddle has uniform heat distribution
  • Grill’s heating power reaches 20,000 BTUs
  • Grill has a wide range of culinary capabilities

Let’s first have a chat about this grill’s incredible heat distribution, shall we?

The Gritty Details: Surface Temperature and Even Heat Distribution

Despite being so compact, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle sure packs a punch when it comes to heating power. The numbers speak for themselves: it can put out up to 20,000 BTUs of heat and can reach impressive temperatures way above 480 degrees Fahrenheit, no small feat indeed for a portable grill.

What I find particularly interesting, however, is not just the sheer power, but how effectively utilizes it. Heat distribution is surprisingly even across the cooking surface, with up to 95% of the surface matching the set temperature. It seems that no matter where you place your food, it will cook uniformly and efficiently, reducing the need for constant shuffling and rearranging.

Food Variety: From Sausages to Kebabs, Can It Handle It All?

How versatile is this grill, you ask? In all fairness, this Coleman Road Trip Griddle appears to have a pretty wide range of culinary capabilities.

The grill did a fantastic job with all the usual suspects: burgers, sausages, and bacon. But it didn’t stop there; it’s no one-trick pony! When I decided to push the boundaries a little, it handled skewered kebabs as well as it did the basics. So, if you’re looking for a portable grill that won’t limit your imaginative cookouts, this one is worth considering.

However, let’s be clear. While the heat is uniformly distributed and capable of handling a variety of foods, it’s yet to be determined if the grill can tackle complicated grill recipes. Worth giving it a go, I’d say.

Rundown: Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

Cleaning and Maintenance Simplified

  • The Coleman grill is easy to clean and maintain
  • Features include a flat cooking surface and a drip tray
  • Proactive cleaning and maintenance prolong its lifespan

Clean up after a delicious meal can sometimes be a drag, right? But here comes the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT promising an easier approach to this process. So, let’s delve into it.

Clean-Up Ease: Is It a Myth or Reality?

One thing which immediately stands out about this grill is its flat cooking surface. It’s simple and straightforward, making it less of a hassle to clean compared to your typical barbecue grills. Now, the main question – how did it hold up during the clean-up process? I had some initial concerns but it turned out to be quite simple.

Flat Cooking Surface

After cooking up a storm, there are bound to be some leftover food pieces and grease. Thankfully, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT has a flat cooking surface which can be easily wiped down. It felt convenient and quick, rather than an exhausting chore. However, the ease of clean-up doesn’t end here.

The Rear Hole and Drip Tray

The grill comes equipped with a unique, thought-out design element – a hole at the back of the griddle plate. Any excess remnants of your meal can be conveniently swept down this hole which leads to a removable drip tray. The tray collects any excess oils and grease from the meal, preventing it from messing up the grill’s underneath. It’s an easy clean-up solution, although you really need to keep an eye on that tray as it can quickly fill up. Pro tip: Make sure you’re cleaning it out after each cooking session. No one likes a grease overflow.

Maintenance: A Critical Piece for Longevity

Given its portable and compact design, maintaining the grill in tip-top condition might be a concern for many. Here, the durability of the cooking surface, the sturdiness of the latches, and the condition of the drip tray are worth keeping an eye on. Some minor issues were noticed with the latches which appeared little weak. This was slightly less comforting for long-term expectations and a point Coleman could definitely improve on.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT does seem to prioritize user convenience when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. However, just like any other grill, being proactive and responsible with your cleaning and maintenance routine can go a long way in preserving its lifespan. This particularly applies when it comes to the drip tray and the latches.

Evaluating Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

Likes and Dislikes: A Balanced Review

  • Coleman Road Trip Griddle highly portable
  • Remarkably simple to clean
  • Concerns about latch durability and assembly time

Like all products, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT is not without its strengths and weaknesses. From portability to cleaning ease, there is both praise and criticism to be given. Let’s delve into the details.

The Convenience Quotient: Size, Weight, and Wheels

The first noteworthy feature of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle that appeals to me is its portability . Despite its sizable cooking surface, the grill folds into a compact size not much bigger than a piece of carry-on luggage. This is quite impressive. Weighing only 70 pounds, it’s conveniently light for a grill this powerful and is easily transported around via two sturdy rear wheels. Makes hauling it to and from the campsite a breeze!

Assessing the Cleaning Experience: Griddle vs. BBQ Grill

When it comes to ease of cleaning, the Road Trip Griddle outshines most standard barbecue grills. Why is this, you ask? Well, it all comes down to the flat griddle cooking surface – it’s remarkably simple to clean compared to the traditional grooved surfaces of other grills. No more struggling with those stubborn, charred debris wedged between grates. A definite plus in my book!

Possible Deal breakers: List of Cons

While the Coleman Road Trip Griddle performs well in many areas, I found a few potential deal breakers worth mentioning.

Assembly Time: So, How Much Assembly Is Actually Required?

The Road Trip Griddle arrives with a certain amount of assembly required. While this is not unusual for a grill, the process took longer than expected. Anything beyond 10 minutes for assembly might raise some eyebrows. So, if you’re not a fan of DIY, keep this factor in mind.

Discussing Durability: Latches and Their Longevity

The durability of the latches is another concern. They hold the lid closed during transport, but they seem weak and unreliable for long-term heavy usage . Future buyers should be aware of this as it has the potential to affect the grill’s portability.

A Missed Mark: No Built-in Thermometer?

The final issue I spotted is the lack of a built-in thermometer. Most barbecues and grills come with one built into the lid. Unfortunately, it’s absent on the Coleman. This is a significant miss, especially for those who value precision in their grilling temperatures.

To sum up, while the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT exhibits excellent portability and easy cleaning, potential buyers should consider the assembly time, durability of parts, and missing thermometer before deciding to purchase.

Inspecting Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

Possible Deal breakers: List of Cons

  • Assembly time requires more than expected
  • Weak latches inhibiting product durability
  • Lacks a built-in thermometer

The product in question, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT, truly stands out for its portability and power. But being unbiased and critical is essential in providing an informative and authentic review. So, let’s dive into some potential drawbacks you might want to consider before making your purchase.

Assembly Time

Firstly, this portable grill requires some assembly before you can start grilling up some juicy burgers or steaks. Be prepared to spend a little more time setting it up than you’d initially expect – up to about 10 minutes, in my case. If it takes longer than that, it might be a good idea to refer to the manual for guidance.

Durability Concerns

Another possible quibble I had was with the durability of the latches. These latches, which are meant to hold the lid closed during transit, seemed quite weak and didn’t seem likely to withstand heavy, long-term use. It’s worth noting for those who plan on using this grill regularly or for extended periods.

Missed Essential Feature

Lastly, it was a bit surprising to see that the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT does not have a built-in thermometer. Though this omission doesn’t necessarily affect its overall functionality, it’s a desirable feature for precise grilling. A thermometer could make your cooking experience more predictable and help you achieve your desired food doneness more accurately. This isn’t a deal-breaker but could be a potential annoyance for some.

In conclusion, while the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT has solid features and offers excellent portability, it does have a few areas where improvements could make an even stronger product. None of these are substantial enough to deter the overall usage, but it’s worth acknowledging.

Dissection of Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

What’s the Verdict from Matt: A Voice from Behind the Shots.

  • Large box indicates complex grill assembly
  • Grill lacks built-in thermometer for precision
  • Product promises portability with power

With a good deal of time spent firing up the grill, now’s the perfect time to share some candid insights gleaned from the experience. Being both behind the camera and up close to the grill, presented some first-hand experiences that might serve to either sway or solidify your decision to go for this grill.

Out-of-the-box Thoughts: Box Size vs. Assembly Effort

On first impression, it was quite surprising to see how large the box was. I found myself wondering why it was necessary for the box to be so big, considering the compact design that the grill supposedly adheres to. Did it indicate complex assembly, or was it simply about packaging?

However, as we got down to assembling the unit, the need for such a large box became clear. It took a little bit of time to get everything together. While the product promises ease and speed, the assembly process did not exactly sing the same tune.

Note: If you find assembly taking longer than ten minutes, it may be wise to consult the manual. It might seem simple, but a few extra glances at the instructions can make a significant difference, potentially saving you some time and unnecessary frustration.

Real-Time Feedback from Grill Master Matt

With the grill successfully assembled and cooking underway, the experience was generally positive. The grill managed a good batch of burgers, handling heat distribution well. However, the absence of a built-in thermometer was noticeable. For purists, the guesswork might be part of the charm, but for the casual griller who desires precision, this could pose a bit of a challenge.

On the whole, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT did deliver on its core promise: offering portability with power. Yet, certain elements like the box size and assembly, required a bit of patience. As always, it’s a balancing act between what the product offers and what you require from a portable grill.

Check of Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

Final Considerations Before Buying

  • Coleman Grill doesn’t include propane tank
  • Grill compatible with specific sized propane bottles

Before you click that “Add to Cart” button or start imagining delightful BBQ sessions, there are a few important factors to consider. Understanding these components will help you make a decision that aligns with your needs, ensuring your grilling experience is positive and satisfying.

Propane Reminder: You Need to Bring Your Own

First and foremost, don’t forget that the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT does not come with its own propane tank. If you’re expecting to open the box and start grilling right away, you’re in for a bit of disappointment. This might feel like a minor inconvenience that can be easily handled with a quick trip to the local hardware store. However, it’s critical we mention this to save you from any unexpected surprises.

Compatibility Notes: Fitting and Installation

Another factor to keep in mind is the fitting for the propane tank. The grill is designed for specific sized propane bottles, so you’ll need to source them appropriately. There is the option to use a plum fitting, just ensure it’s compatible with the grill. This factor is especially important if you plan to take the grill on road trips or camping where specific propane bottles might not be readily available.

As we wrap up this discussion about the Coleman Road Trip Griddle, remember: Transparency is key in reviews, and it’s unfair to hold back any information that could influence your purchasing decision. Each grill comes with its own set of pros and cons; however, by being aware of what you’re getting into, you’re setting yourself up for a far more satisfying experience. Happy Grilling!

Examination of Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

Scoring the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT: Our Final Rating.

  • Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT highly portable and efficient
  • Weak latches, lacks built-in thermometer
  • Product score: 8/10

As with any product, our objective, comprehensive assessment of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT is reliant on our first-hand experience and critical analysis. In the pursuit of transparency, we strive to carefully balance our personal likes and dislikes about the product while considering its intended users and applications.

Assessing Functionality and Performance

The Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT was strong in both portability and high-performance grilling – a combination we did not find in many grills in the otherwise cluttered portable grill marketplace. Its efficient ignition system, decent heat distribution, and adaptable cooking surface are hard to compete with. Where it stood out remarkably was with its convenient design that transforms into a compact unit, perfect for those who travel light yet don’t want to compromise their grill experience.

Construction and Convenience Features

The construction of the unit is reliable save for a few design oddities. The weak latches were a disappointment, and Coleman could look into making them more robust. The lack of a thermometer – a standard feature on many barbecues – seems like an oversight that should be corrected in future models.

Weighing in the Pros and the Cons


  • Compact and lightweight design perfect for road tripping and camping.
  • Easy to clean flat griddle surface
  • Superior heat output and distribution.


  • Weak latches which may affect long-term durability.
  • No built-in thermometer to monitor cooking temperature.
  • Some assembly required.

The Final Score

Considering all the factors, we award the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT a solid 8 out of 10 . It’s a high-performing grill that delivers on its promise of portability. It comes with a set of convenient features that are unfortunately slightly undermined by a few design imperfections. Regardless, we believe this grill presents excellent value and performance, perfect for outdoor adventurers and grill enthusiasts alike.

Analysis of Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

How You Can Own One: To Buy or Try Your Luck?

  • Can purchase Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT directly
  • Chance to win a Coleman Road Trip Griddle free
  • Propane needed for grill not included in package

If you’re convinced that the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT is a worthy investment for your camping trips or backyard BBQ parties, you have two options to get your hands on one.

Your First Option: Purchase the Coleman Griddle

Option one is the more straightforward route. You can buy the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT directly. There’s a link provided in the video description, it redirects to an online retail site where you can easily purchase this product. The price at the time of this review was $369.99. A reasonable price point for such a portable and powerful grill, considering its features and the convenience it offers. Remember, the cost will vary slightly depending on your region and the retailer’s pricing policy.

Your Second Option: Try Your Luck!

Option two is a bit more fun. There’s an opportunity to win a Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT for free. Yes, you heard it correctly – for free! These giveaways happen periodically as mentioned at the beginning of the video. Participants are required to enter a relevant hashtag in the comments section of the video for a chance to win this product.

Before You Decide

Regardless of the route you choose, let me point out an important detail. The propane necessary to run the grill doesn’t come included with the package, regardless of whether you choose to buy or luck out and win one. Having to supply your own propane might seem a little inconvenient, but it’s a pretty standard requirement for most portable grills on the market.

Finally, whether you decide to buy it outright or try your luck in a giveaway, this grill is a competent cooking companion for outdoor activities. Its power, portability, and ease of use more than compensate for the minor cons we’ve outlined. Either way, happy grilling!

Evaluating Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19

13.0 Signing Off: Stay Tuned for More Reviews and Giveaways.

And there you have it, an unbiased and detailed review of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT. From convenience to functionality, this portable grill has proven to be a reliable companion for any outdoor aficionado’s grilling needs. However, it’s also essential to acknowledge its limitations like the lack of thermometer and the somewhat weak lid latches. Remember, every user’s experience can differ, and what matters most is whether this product aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

What to Expect in Future Reviews

Our mission is to provide you with thorough, unbiased reviews of the latest and greatest products. We believe in sharing our real-life experiences – the good, the bad, and the surprising. So, you can expect us to continue delivering comprehensive reviews of various products, aiming to give you the most accurate insights possible to help with your buying decisions.

Exciting Giveaways To Look Forward To

We do more than just reviewing products – we also love to give them away! Yes, that’s right. We appreciate our readers, and from time to time, we hold giveaways in which one lucky reader, like you, can win some top-notch products. It’s our way of saying thanks and giving back for your great support.

A Final Farewell… For Now

So, until the next review, stay tuned and keep exploring! We hope this review was helpful and informative. But remember, no review can be a substitute for your own experience and judgment. Use our reviews as a guide, double-check details, and make sure the product is right for you before making a purchase.

And remember, keep your eyes peeled for our next review and who knows, you could be our next giveaway winner. Until then, Happy grilling!

Should you buy the Coleman RoadTrip Griddle, 19″/24″ Propane Griddle with Instastart Ignition?

Buy it if…

You are a frequent camper

The Coleman Grill’s portable design, easy setup, and high heat output make it ideal for campers who enjoy grilling outdoors.

You desire a grill with easy cleanup

The flat cooking surface and removable drip tray make the Coleman Grill cleaning process a piece of cake, perfect for those who dislike messy grills.

You require a large cooking area

With its 24-inch cooking surface, it can easily handle all your grilling needs.

Don’t buy it if…

You dislike assembly

The Coleman Grill requires some assembly before use, which may be a turn-off for those who prefer ‘ready-to-use’ equipment.

You value durability in all aspects

The potentially weak latches may not hold up to heavy, long-term usage.

You prefer cooking with accurate heat control

The absence of a built-in thermometer might be an issue for those who grill with precision.


What is the size of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT when folded?
When folded, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT is no bigger than a piece of carry-on luggage.
How easy is the assembly of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT?
The assembly of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT may take a little time. If it takes longer than 10 minutes, you should probably consult the manual.
Does the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT come with a thermometer?
No, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT does not come with a built-in thermometer.
What is the weight of the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT when folded?
When folded, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT weighs only 70 pounds.
How much does the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT cost?
The Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT costs $369.99.
Does the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT come with propane included?
No, the propane does not come included with the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT. You will need to find an appropriately sized propane bottle or use a plum fitting that’s compatible.
How can I win the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT?
To potentially win the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT, you need to subscribe to the channel, like the corresponding video, and leave a comment with the hashtag they showed in the video.
Is it possible for me to transport the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT easily?
Yes, the Coleman Road Trip Griddle XLT is easily transported because of its light weight and the addition of two rear wheels.

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