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Review: Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio – Impressive compact design with broadcasting capabilities

Explore CB radios with our detailed review of the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio... Read more

Review of Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio

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Test of Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio

4.3/5 - (296 votes)

Cena: $47.99


  • Very compact design
  • Detailed instruction manual included
  • Full 40 channel broadcasting
  • 4 watt RF output power
  • Includes hands-free option
  • Allows emergency channel fast select


  • Lack of working power cord
  • Requires additional UHF antenna
  • Requires hardwiring or separate adapter
  • Modulation is low
  • No power mic or adapter cord included

“Wrapping up my hands-on experience with the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio, I’d say it’s a decent compact-sized CB radio with pleasant features, yet it does come with some setbacks. Its compact design and broadcasting capabilities are impressive, but the lack of a working power cord and the unmentioned necessity for a UHF antenna are areas where improvements could be made. If you happen to be a devoted CB radio enthusiast or looking for an adventure communication tool, it might be a suitable pick for you. Overall, I rate it a reasonable 3.5 out of 5 stars.”

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Brand Cobra
Color Black
Number of Channels 40
Special Feature Long Range
Age Range (Description) Adult
Tuner Technology UHF
Voltage 12 Volts
Water Resistance Level Water Resistant
Product Dimensions 0.98″D x 4.09″W x 4.37″H
Item Weight 0.66 Pounds

Introduction: My Encounter with the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio

Whether you’re a trucking enthusiast, a long drive lover, or simply someone interested in setting up a fun convoy, the beauty of having a compact and capable CB radio can’t be understated. The Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB radio came to me with the promise of helping me look and sound the part with minimal fuss, and let’s just say, my experience with it was anything but ordinary.

Expectations vs Reality: Unboxing the Cobra 19 Mini CB

The moment I got my hands on the box, I sensed the promise of a nifty, compact device that could easily fit anywhere in my vehicle. Technically speaking, I wasn’t wrong. The box was compact and modest. It unveiled a small but organised assortment of components: the portable CB radio unit with an attached handheld mic, speaker, a U-bracket for mounting and bolts for the same. But the real question was, how would all these components come together in action and how efficiently?

First Impression: Appreciating the Compact Design

Off the bat, I was positive about the small size of the unit. The Cobra 19 certainly lived up to its ‘mini’ moniker. Holding it in one hand made me realise its lightweight nature and compact design could potentially allow for a hassle-free setup process. The handheld mic and speaker felt sturdy and well-built, suggesting a promise of decent audio quality. But only time would tell if that was the case.

Meanwhile, back in the box, the instruction manual seemed quite detailed (which was a relief) but it also pointed towards a possible impending challenge of understanding the whole setup process. However, it’s worth noting that detailed instructions are always a mark of good customer care and comprehensive service, so thumbs up to Cobra on that front.

In terms of aesthetics, the Cobra 19 Mini CB radio managed to earn some brownie points. It’s sleek, black and looks like it would blend seamlessly with most car interiors. However, the real test lies not in the looks, but in the performance. Let’s delve deeper into that in the upcoming sections.

Critique of Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio

Features & Specifications: A Deep Dive

  • Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB radio is compact
  • Packaging includes CB unit, mic, speaker, mounting bracket
  • Unit requires a 12-volt power source

When reviewing a novel product, it’s essential to explore its determined features and specifications. That’s why, I took my time to immerse myself in the fascinating world of the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB radio.

Highlighting the Neat Packaging: What’s in the Box?

As you unbox the Cobra 19, the first thing you’ll notice is how compact and neatly packed it is. Inside, you’ll find the CB unit, a handheld mic, speaker, and a U-bracket for mounting. Also, a strategic inclusion is the bolts necessary for attaching the bracket, making your mounting process easier.

Detailing the Setup Process: From the Bracket to Power Connection

The meticulous organization within the box is commendable, with a detailed instruction manual that simplifies the setup. The unit comes with a stripe 12-volt cable acting as the main power source, intended to be connected seamlessly to your vehicle’s electrical system. For those not comfortable meddling with their car’s volts, fear not, an aftermarket adapter is your plug-and-play best friend.

Powering Up: The Intricacies of the 12 Volt Stripe Cable

Powering this bad boy is a fascinating process. The robust stripe 12-volt cable which connects to the back of the CB radio is designed to tap power from your car’s electrical system. Although it’s meant to be hardwired into your car, you get the flexibility to utilize an aftermarket adapter if you aren’t confident about meddling with the car’s electrical system. It’s worth noting, however, that this isn’t included in the package.

Potential Setbacks: Exploring Other Necessary Add-ons

Although the introduction to its specs came with much excitement, there were a few snags. Ironically, it’s in the way of power access where it fell short. A lack of working power cord is indeed surprising. Plus, you’re expected to have an additional UHF antenna if you wish to continue enjoying AM/FM radio in your vehicle.

The process of setup and exploration of the device’s features was part discovery and part trial-and-error, but thankfully, the comprehensive manual was a true lifesaver. Even though there were some significant oversights, particularly regarding power setup, the experience of toying with the CB radio was enjoyable, almost like relishing a nostalgic piece of tech.

Evaluating Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio

The Performance: Broadcasting & Receiving

  • Cobra 19 Mini CB Radio provides 40 full channels.
  • Includes user-friendly front LCD panel controls.
  • Features hands-free push-to-talk handheld mic.

When it comes to forming an opinion on a product, it’s important to actually dive in and test out the given features to assess its performance in real-time conditions – and that’s exactly what I did with the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio .

My Experience: 40 Full Channels Over 4 Watts RF Output Power

Broadcasting over an advertised 40 full channels with 4 watts RF output power, I was pleasantly surprised by the strength and clarity of the signal, and the ease of channel navigation was straightforward – a deft flick of the knob and voila! However, given the nature of CB radios, the actual performance can vary depending on your location and surroundings. While the indicated power output was commendable, I noted that the performance seemed to suffer slightly in areas with weaker signals.

In-Depth Discussion: From Front LCD Panel Controls to Optional External PA

The front LCD panel controls were fairly user-friendly – from adjusting volume, exploring menu items, and selecting channel frequency to employing the squelch control to filter out weak signals. Remember, the squelch control is crucial in enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio, and I found it reasonably effective, but a tad tedious to get to the right adjustment point.

Italic for the optional external PA: The idea of hooking up to an external PA is a welcome feature for those seeking more sound outputStream. However, regrettably, I was unable to test this feature, but I gather from the inputs of fellow users that the results could be a hit-or-miss.

A Peek into Hands-free Capability: The Push to Talk Handheld Mic

The feature that truly caught my attention was the push-to-talk handheld mic with hands-free capabilities. This feature was a definite winner – Not only did it provide a true long-haul trucker atmosphere, but it also remained practical, allowing hands-on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times.

Yet, despite its functionality, I must mention that the hands-free setup seemed a bit finicky, and would certainly take some getting used to.

Analyzing Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio

Pros & Cons: My Insightful Observation

  • Cobra 19 broadcasts over 40 full channels
  • Has a hands-free feature for safe driving
  • Needs a secondary UHF antenna for AM/FM radio

In my user experience, I found certain aspects of the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio appealing, while some didn’t quite hit the mark. I’ll guide you through both in this section, providing an unbiased review of its advantages and setbacks, and valuable insights into what to expect.

The Good: Rediscovering the Lost Charm of CB Radios

There is an undeniable charm to CB radios, especially to radio enthusiasts like me. Although it is considered a novelty in this age, the Cobra 19 offers a refreshing experience that broadcasts over 40 full channels at 4 watts. This is a perfect accessory if you’re aching for some nostalgia or even if you’re out and about with a group. It’s excellent for communicating with other cars in your convoy. The hands-free feature is super handy, allowing me to keep my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The overall operation creates a fun, enjoyable, and practical experience for users.

The Challenges: From Power Cord Troubles to Necessary Additional UHF Antenna

While the product has its positives, it’s not without its downsides. The power cord arrangement came as a surprise to me. The device is hardwired and does not come with a 12-volt plug. You’ll need to either install one or hardwire it. Admittedly, this could pose a challenge if you’re not technically adept. This was not mentioned on the box or the instruction manual, which I believe the manufacturer should rectify.

Additionally, the radio needs a secondary UHF antenna if you wish to keep your AM/FM radio functional. This could be an additional expense unless you’re okay with the CB radio replacing your car radio. It’s a drawback that I believe potential buyers should be aware of.

In conclusion, while the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio had quite a few exciting features and breathed life into my driving experience, it was not without slight hiccups. However, I believe that these are challenges that a more informed buyer can comfortably work around.

Observation of Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio

Customer Review Analysis: Insights from Other Purchasers

  • Compact size allows for versatile mounting
  • Issues noted with power cord and manual
  • Audio output deemed inadequate

In this section, We’re taking a deep dive into what other users think about the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio, focusing on both positive and negative reviews to provide a balanced overview. It’s always a smart move to consider the experiences of others before making a purchase decision. So, let’s see what the other buyers have to say.

Looking at Positive Reviews

One user was particularly impressed with the compact size of the radio, which allowed them to mount it in places where a larger radio wouldn’t fit. Their review read:

“This mini CB is perfect for the car as it is truly mini and can be mounted in places where a larger, more typical sized radio can go… It also worked well on the highway where I was able to monitor channel 19 to find out where all the speed traps were located, courtesy of the truckers”

Looks like this user found the mini size very handy, and loved that they were still able to monitor traffic efficiently.

Delving into Criticisms

On the flip side, there were a few users who weren’t as pleased. One user noted challenges with the power cord, saying:

“It’s a small CB, does not come with a 12 volt plug… That’s the only reason for three stars. No owner’s manual or operating manual”

Another user found the audio output of the radio rather inadequate. Their review said:

“This radio is a very good radio, but the modulation is next to nothing. There is no power mic or adapter cord for 4-pin mic”

From these reviews, it seems the product might have some shortcomings especially with the power cord, manual absence, and audio output. It’s something to ponder about before making your final decision.

Rating: Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio

The Verdict: To Buy or Not to Buy?

  • Overall performance of CB radio is commendable
  • Compact design and portability are selling points
  • Scored 3.5 out of 5 stars; room for improvement

After spending ample time with the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio and thoroughly going through its functionality, capabilities, shortcomings and user feedback – I have arrived at a verdict. While I must preface any judgement by noting that each individual’s experience with the product may vary, this conclusion is based on an unbiased and detailed analysis of my own unique experience, taking into account all the noteworthy aspects I encountered.

Performance Review

First off, the overall performance of the CB radio is commendable. The full 40 channels broadcasting over an impressive 4 watts of RF output power provided a great listening experience. The push to talk handheld microphone was an especially handy and reliable feature in a hands-free situation.

Design Review

The compact and unintrusive design of the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio is a major selling point. It fits perfectly in places where a larger radio wouldn’t, without compromising the user experience. However, the lack of a working power cord out of the box, and the need for a UHF antenna to pick up normal AM/FM radio signals in your vehicle are clear setbacks. These are areas of improvement that the manufacturer should consider for future iterations.

User Feedback

The Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio has a mixed bag of reviews from users. Some vouch for its high-grade functioning and portability, like Tom, while others have shared concerns about certain missing features and the need for extra accessories. The lack of a 12-volt plug has appeared as a common concern among several users, indicating that the product could increase user satisfaction with such an inclusion.

A Final Word

With all the above points taken into consideration, my final verdict for the Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio places it at a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a decent recreational CB radio that does well in most aspects – but there’s definitely room for improvement. If you’re a CB radio enthusiast or require a reliable means of communication on the road, the positives outweigh the negatives and I would recommend considering this product in your search.

Rundown: Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio

Bonus: How to be a Lucky Subscriber?

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Every great product review has a great ending, and what better way to wrap this up by giving you a chance to own this piece of equipment. Yes, that’s right – it could be yours entirely for free. Not a loaner, not a conditional giveaway, but a completely free Cobra 19 Mini Recreational CB Radio waiting for a new home.

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Should you buy the Cobra 19 MINI Recreational CB Radio?

Buy it if…

You enjoy the nostalgia and novelty of CB radios

CB radios, though less common these days, have a vintage charm and can still provide a lot of fun, especially on road trips.

You’re part of a convoy or group road trip

The Cobra 19 Mini CB radio offers an excellent way to communicate with other vehicles in your group during group trips or convoy.

You want access to emergency channels on the go

The radio offers ‘fast select’ for channels 9 and 19, which are designated for emergency purposes.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re not into DIY installations

The radio needs to be hardwired into your car’s electrical system, which can be tricky if you’re not confident with such setups.

You want to maintain access to traditional AM/FM radio

To use this CB radio, you will need to have an additional UHF antenna installed if you want to continue receiving regular AM/FM radio broadcasts in your car.

You’re not willing to buy additional accessories

The product package doesn’t include some necessary components like a 12-volt plug or a CB antenna, which will involve additional purchase.


What is included in the package of the Cobra 19 Mini CB?
The package includes the compact CB radio unit, a handheld mic and speaker, a u-bracket for mounting, and bolts for attaching the bracket. There’s also a detailed instruction manual and a stripe 12-volt cable.
Do I have to hardwire the CB radio into my car’s electrical system?
The CB radio is designed to be hardwired into your car’s electrical system. If you’re not confident in doing this, you can pick up an aftermarket adapter that plugs into the old cigarette lighter socket.
Can I still pick up normal AM/FM radio in my car?
Yes, but you will need a secondary UHF antenna to be able to do so.
Are there any downsides to this CB radio?
The lack of a working power cord and the need for a secondary uhf antenna to pick up normal am/fm radio are some of the reported downsides.
What are other people saying about this CB radio?
Reviews are mixed. Some users are pleased with the mini size and easy installation, while others were not happy about the missing 12-volt plug and the poor modulation.
What is the final rating of the radio?
The final rating of the radio is three and a half out of five stars.
How can I win the Cobra 19 Mini CB radio?
To win the radio, you need to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and then leave a comment in this video with the hidden hashtag from the review.

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