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Review: Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black – Excellent quality prints with convenient connectivity

Explore the versatile Canon CP1500 photo printer’s new features and printing prowess in our latest review... Read more

Review of Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black

Test of Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black

4.4/5 - (346 votes)

Cena: $99.00


  • Lab quality 6×4 inch prints
  • Print from phone, computer, camera
  • Can also make passport ID photos
  • Various color options – black, white, pink
  • Utilizes professional lab die sublimation process
  • Wireless connection with smartphones
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack for portability


  • Printer is not supplied with any media
  • Media packs can be expensive
  • Media costlier than High Street Labs, online services
  • Proper working requires a flat surface
  • Screen not touch-sensitive
  • Unable to check image focus on printer screen
  • Faint vertical line risk on prints

“In my final verdict, the Canon CP1500 offers noteworthy attributes such as excellent print quality, convenient connectivity, and the ability to print ID photos. However, its relatively higher running cost compared to online printing services, and the necessity for a flat surface to operate, does impose slight limitations. Despite these, its considerable merits make it a solid choice, offering convenience and portability that might just tip the scales for many. The printer strikes a balance between quality and functionality, and is undoubtedly a useful asset to have whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a small business owner or just someone who enjoys having physical copies of their special memories.”

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Introducing the Canon CP1500

Unveiling a revolutionary piece of technology, Canon recently launched the Canon CP1500. A compound photo printer that was set free into the wild during the summer of 2022. Acting as a successor to the highly popular CP 1300, it’s no surprise that this newcomer has some pretty high expectations to meet.

What is the Canon CP1500?

So, what makes the Canon CP1500 stand out? What’s attention-grabbing is its ability to produce lab-quality 6×4 inch postcard size prints using a variety of sources like your phone, computer, or camera. Love having passport ID photos handy? Good news! The CP1500 has you covered there, too. Fun fact: It’s not an inkjet printer, which means it operates on a different set of rules when it comes to ink and paper usage.

First Impressions and Pricing

At first glance, the CP1500 exudes a sleek, contemporary look. Crafted with your color preferences in mind, it’s available in black, white, or pink. Now let’s talk numbers. The Canon CP1500 is tagged at roughly around $140 or equivalent in pounds. But remember, this price is all about the printer. What’s missing in the deal is the media, which as users, you need to buy separately or keep an eye out for a purchase bundle.

As an experienced user, I understand that cost is a major deciding factor. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that while initial costs may seem steep, it may prove to be a worthy investment in the long run for the convenience and quality it provides.

Observation of Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black

Inside the Canon CP1500

  • Canon CP1500 doesn’t allow use of own ink/paper
  • Running costs are higher than most printing services
  • Special paper/ink leave no leftovers, ensures quality

Once you have the Canon CP1500 in your hands, there’s quite a lot to explore. Let’s dig in and look at what goes on inside this innovative photo printer.

The Media and Running Costs

The CP1500 doesn’t operate like your typical inkjet printer. In fact, you can’t use your own ink or paper with it. It uses a die sublimation process similar to that used by professional labs, requiring special paper and an ink ribbon. The paper and ink are sold together in packs specifically designed for the printer.

Now, from my experience, this approach may have a bearing on your running costs. The printer doesn’t come with any media as standard, so you’ll need to make an additional purchase from the get-go. A pack that can make 36 postcard prints costs approximately $16, which translates to about 44 cents per print. In bulk, the cost per print marginally decreases, but even so, it does turn out to be pricier than most High Street Labs or online printing services .

Delving into the Die Sublimation Process

What makes the Canon CP1500 stand out is its die sublimation technology. Unlike inkjet printing, this process uses heat to transfer dye onto the print medium. The printer carries out four passes: one each for cyan, magenta, and yellow colors, and the fourth for overcoating to protect the prints.

I’ve noticed that the vibrant colors and glossy finish of the prints largely owe to this technology. But be prepared for the printer to take its time: Each print takes four passes to complete, making the process somewhat slower than regular inkjet printing.

The Necessity of Special Paper and Ink

As I mentioned earlier, the CP1500 requires exclusive Canon paper and ink. The ink ribbon and paper come together in the pack, with the exact amount of ink needed for the number of sheets provided. This means, there’s never anything left over , which is efficient but also necessitates a new pack every time you run out of either material.

I do wish Canon had made the printer compatible with third-party materials, giving users more flexibility and control over the running costs. However, the unique print process perhaps requires this exclusivity to ensure uncompromised print quality. So, those planning to get the CP1500 should factor this into their overall expenditure.

Probe of Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black

Physical Aspects of the Canon CP1500

  • Canon CP1500 weighs 850 grams, in three color variants
  • It features a 3.5-inch fixed screen for navigation
  • Incorporates SD card slot, USB-C Port, wireless connection

Let’s delve into the Canon CP1500’s physical traits. This compact printer retains much of its predecessor’s form factor, but with a few noticeable alterations.

Design and Build

The CP1500 shares a striking resemblance with its predecessor, the Canon CP1300. It remains steady at a weight of 850 grams and is available in three different color variants – black, white, and pink. Practical for every personal taste and perfect for blending into any office or room setup. While its size and weight feel sturdy and well-built, remember that its portability comes with the caveat of being careful while handling it.

Screen and Navigation

Upon examining the printer, one notable change is its screen. The previous 3.2-inch tilting screen has been replaced with a slightly larger 3.5-inch fixed screen. While the increase in size is a welcome change, the lack of touch sensitivity left me a bit disappointed. Navigating through the functions is done via a four-way pad with a center confirmation button. A few buttons have been simplified, reducing eight buttons from the previous model to just three.

Inputs and Compartments

The Ink Cassette Compartment: This is located on the right side of the printer. Easy to open and access, making the process of moving the ink cassette in or out smooth and quick.

The Paper Cassette: Designed for loading and unloading ease, it can be inserted into a flap at the front of the printer during use and tucked away securely when not in use.


The printer offers a versatile array of connectivity options, such as:

  • SD Card Slot: Located conveniently at the top left corner for direct memory card usage.
  • USB-C Port: Handy for connecting other devices like card readers or USB storage, broadening printing capabilities.
  • Wireless Connection: A big perk of this printer – connecting wireless devices like smartphones or tablets, making printing hassle-free and convenient.

Finally, at the back, you’ll find a socket for the AC Mains adapter. The addition of an optional rechargeable battery pack noticeably expands the device’s versatility. Bear in mind, though, this option does come at a considerable extra cost.

Overall, the physical aspects of the Canon CP1500, despite minor shortcomings, do justice to its price point and promise of portability.

Interpretation of Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black

Demonstrating the Canon CP1500 in Practice

  • Canon CP1500 offers easy, reliable printing from memory cards.
  • Printing process yields good-quality prints despite minor interface issues.

Stepping into the interactive part of the review, let’s explore a practical scenario of using this printer. To begin, we’ll consider printing from a memory card and look into the nuances of the printing process.

Printing from a Memory Card

One of the easiest ways to get started with the Canon CP1500 is by simply inserting a memory card. For this demonstration, I used a standard SD memory card. As soon as you insert a card, the printer immediately presents you with a series of thumbnails of your photo collection. From there, you can select the images you want to print.

Now, one thing I noticed here is the lack of a zoom function in the thumbnail view. This could make it challenging to select the perfect focus for your print and might force you to lean more on trial and error. However, once you hit ‘okay’, a series of options become available, like cropping the image to various sizes and moving it around within a given frame to create the perfect composition. Yet, the process tends to be more back and forth, rather than seamlessly interactive.

Understanding the Printing Process

The printing process is quite remarkable to observe. Not only does it heat up rather speedily, the printer pulls the sheet through four times, each time representing the three distinct color passes – cyan, magenta, and yellow, with the fourth and final pass being an Overcoat to safeguard the print. This fascinating process results in good quality prints every time. After the print is completed, you simply snap off the perforated edges on either side.

While the entire process is relatively quick and straightforward, it is not exempt from some potential drawbacks. Based on my experience, occasionally, a preview image of the desired print did not appear on the unit interface before printing commenced. This particular model might vary, though, so it’s not necessarily a universal observation.

Overall, if you’re seeking a printer that provides a not overly complicated experience and reliable printing performance, the Canon CP1500 could certainly be a worthwhile consideration – Especially if you primarily print from memory cards. However, its lack of interactive user-interface features might lead to some initial hurdles for those expecting a more intuitive experience.

Assessment of Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black

Additional Features and Options of the CP1500

  • CP1500 features ID photo and smartphone printing options
  • Incorporates QR codes into prints for versatile applications
  • User interface could benefit from an upgrade

With the Canon CP1500 photo printer, you get more than just a machine that prints photos. Let’s dive into some of the additional features and options that come with this printer, focusing specifically on ID photo printing, smartphone printing and the incorporation of QR codes.

Printing ID Photos

One feature that caught my attention was the ability to print ID photos. This led me to think it could be a potential business tool, as well as a consumer product. Here’s the process: choose a portrait picture, adjust the cropping according to the passport photo standards, and hit print. While the interface did seem slightly outdated, lacking a preview function for instance, the ID photo feature produced standard passport size photos quickly and easily. Nothing groundbreaking, but certainly a handy feature.

Printing from Your Smartphone

Allowing more convenience, the printer also offers the ability to print straight from your smartphone. Using the app called “Selfie Photo Layout”, you can select any image from your phone, configure the settings, and print directly. This process uses the printer’s own Wi-Fi network, forgoing the need for any home or office Wi-Fi. While this feature simplified the printing process, keep in mind, a lack of accuracy in color and resolution can occur when printing from phone images.

Utilising the QR Code Option

And here’s something even more interesting. The app lets you apply a QR code to your image. You can adjust the size, select the image, and bam, you have a QR coded print, which could open doors for various applications like wedding invitations or business marketing. This feature provides a versatile edge to the Canon CP1500.

Point to be noted: CP1500 sure offers numerous additional features, but the interface could use an upgrade. It’s crucial to consider that Canon’s focus on functionality does make up for a somewhat outdated user experience.

Report: Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black

Print Quality of the Canon CP1500

  • Canon CP1500 delivers vibrant, lab-quality colored prints
  • Produces impressive black and white images with depth
  • Serves well for home use with robust print quality

In the world of print quality, one key component that can set a printer apart is its output quality. The Canon CP1500 doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. Let’s delve into it.

Analysing the Coloured Prints

Taking into consideration the colored prints, the CP1500 performs significantly well. The color rendition is quite impressive, with vibrant and true-to-life colors. It’s worth noting that the prints produced are comparable to those you would expect from professional labs. This is a nod to Canon’s die-sublimation printing technology, delivering lab-quality prints in a small, home-setup printer. Nevertheless, there were minor instances where the colors were slightly oversaturated, but overall, the color reproduction is commendable.

Assessing the Black and White Quality

While color prints are certainly a highlight of any photo printer, let’s not forget about the equally significant black and white prints. The monochrome printout from the Canon CP1500 left me pleasantly surprised. The black and white mode produced crisp and well contrasted images, showing depth and detail. One would usually expect such quality from more specialized printers. The only minor inconvenience I noticed was that with high contrast black and white images, the printer sometimes struggled to maintain the subtle gray tones, giving a bit of an over-saturated look to the resulted prints.

Tip: For the best quality black and white prints, consider setting your input image explicitly to black and white, to avoid any unnecessary color processing by the printer.

In conclusion, the print quality of the Canon CP1500 is robust, with vibrant color prints and impressive black and white images. While it may not replace your local print shop for larger prints or specialty materials, it serves wonderfully for DIYing your photo albums, postcards, or even ID photos right at home, without compromising on quality.

Check of Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black

Final Thoughts and Conclusions on the Canon CP1500

The Canon CP1500 brings an interesting set of features that position it as a rather nice addition to any home or small business. It offers a unique combination of convenience, quality, and ease of use with some truly commendable print results.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Its ability to produce lab-quality, postcard-sized prints using a dye-sublimation process sets it apart from other consumer printers. Particularly noteworthy is its ability to churn out ID photos with relative ease, representing a potential business opportunity. The convenience of printing from virtually any source – whether a SD memory card, a USB-C connected device, or wirelessly from your phone – is a big plus. Lastly, its price point, while steeper than its predecessor, is not exorbitant given its capabilities – especially when considering the running costs are more affordable than most online printing services.

  • Cons: Though one of the negatives to consider is the limitation to a flat surface for operation. It’s not designed to perform well in variable angles, which means portability is somewhat limited. If you’re looking for a more robust, on-the-go option, something like an Instax printer may cater to your needs better. Additionally, there is an occasional issue of a faint vertical line in the prints, although this can be mitigated by changing or relaoding the paper.

Final Verdict on the Canon CP1500

Having spent ample time reviewing the Canon CP1500, it’s evident that it brings a lot to the table for anyone who needs quick, high-quality photo prints. While it does have minor drawbacks, they’re largely overshadowed by its benefits. At the end of the day, what the CP1500 offers is a reliable, good quality photo printer that balances cost-effectiveness with a robust range of features. It’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a reliable photo printer that can give you the flexibility to create professional looking prints from the comfort of your own home.

Should you buy the Canon SELPHY CP1500 Compact Photo Printer Black?

Buy it if…

You want lab-quality prints at home

The Canon CP1500 offers professional lab quality 6×4 inch postcard sized prints right from the comfort of your home.

You require a versatile printer

The CP1500 offers the convenience of printing directly from your phone, computer, or camera. It also provides specific features, such as the ability to create passport ID photos.

You value convenience and instant results

The CP1500 allows you to print whenever you like without any delay, and even wherever, especially if you choose to purchase the optional rechargeable battery pack.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a tight budget

The running costs per print are more expensive than most High Street Labs or online printing services which might not suit those on a tight budget.

You frequently handle large print jobs

For large print runs, the CP1500’s ink and paper that are specifically designed for it may be costly and time-consuming to replace.

You’re looking for durability and portability

While transportable, the CP1500 needs to operate on a flat surface and may not be robust enough for those requiring a truly portable solution.


What is the Canon CP1500?
The Canon CP1500 is a compound photo printer that can make lab quality 6×4-inch postcard-size prints from your phone, your computer, or your camera.
How much does it cost?
The Canon CP1500 costs around 140 pounds.
What media does the Canon CP1500 use?
The Canon CP1500 employs a die sublimation process requiring special paper and an ink ribbon. The printer does not come with any media as standard, so you will need to buy a pack.
Are there specific running costs for the Canon CP1500?
Running costs for the Canon CP1500 average around 30 to 50 cents or pence per print. Buying the media in bulk can bring the cost down a bit.
Does the Canon CP1500 have a battery?
The Canon CP1500 comes with an AC Mains adapter, however, it does have an optional rechargeable battery pack which is sold separately for around 200 or 180 pounds.
Can you print directly from a memory card or your phone?
Yes, the Canon CP1500 has an SD slot and a USB-C port for directly inserting a memory card or connecting a card reader. It can also connect directly to a computer over USB or to compatible phones and cameras.
How does the Canon CP1500 perform printing from your smartphone?
Printing from your smartphone via the Selfie Photo Layout app is easy and flexible with formats and options that can be adjusted.
Can you print ID photos with Canon CP1500?
Yes, one popular function of the CP1500 is its capability to easily make standard passport ID photos.
How is the print quality of the Canon CP1500?
The print quality of the Canon CP1500 is very good, with lab quality postcard-size prints that match those of High street labs.
What are the limitations of the Canon CP1500?
The Canon CP1500 is most effective when operating on a flat surface. It’s not exceptionally strong and so needs to be operated cautiously to avoid damage. You may also occasionally encounter a faint vertical line on some of your prints.

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