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Review: CANON PIXMA MP230 PRINTER 6220B008AA – Considerable value for its price point

Review investigates if Canon Pixma MP Two-30’s features and price meet your printing needs... Read more

Review of Hlavní název produktu: CANON PIXMA MP230 PRINTER 6220B008AA

Table of Contents

Test of Hlavní název produktu: CANON PIXMA MP230 PRINTER 6220B008AA

3.4/5 - (107 votes)

Cena: Check


  • All-in-one functionality: print, copy, scan
  • Compact fit for desktops
  • Straightforward interface with four buttons
  • Quiet mode available for noise reduction
  • Affordable price with cartridges included
  • Decent cartridge longevity


  • Absence of wireless capabilities
  • Excessive noise without quiet mode
  • USB cable not included with purchase
  • Actual page yield may vary for cartridges

“After putting the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 printer through its paces, in my unbiased opinion, the printer offers considerable value for its price point. Despite its lack of wireless capabilities, it does its primary functions well – print, scan, and copy. However, the somewhat noisy operation might be a concern for some, but its quiet mode could be a potential fix. Remembering the missing USB cable during purchase is essential to avoid setup hindrances. For someone not requiring advanced features and wanting a printer for primary day to day tasks, the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 could be a reasonable choice.”

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Brand Canon
Connectivity Technology USB
Printing Technology Dot Matrix
Model Name MP230
Printer Output Monochrome
Maximum Print Speed (Color) 5 ppm
Max Printspeed Monochrome 7 ppm
Item Weight 5300 Grams
Controller Type Push Button
Print media Envelopes, Paper (plain)

Introduction: My Experience With The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 Printer

In an era where digital printing technologies seem to proliferate by the day, it’s essential to have a printer that’s dependable and efficient. Enter the Canon Pixma MP Two-30, an inkjet photo all-in-one printer that I recently had the pleasure of using.

First Impressions: Unboxing The Canon Pixma MP Two-30

Right off the bat, the packaging of the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 gave the impression of being a sturdy and reliable product. The dimensions mentioned on the box made me skeptical about fitting it on my modest-sized desk, but that was an evaluation best left for once the product was out of the box.

Examining The Physical Features: Size, Color, and Finish

On unboxing, the printer, with its nice black finish, looked sleek. The size – 14 inches wide, 11 inches long, and about 6 inches tall – was indeed as described. Though it wasn’t exactly small, it was by no means a behemoth too. It comfortably fit on my desk, immediately dispelling my initial skepticism.

The build appeared robust. It wasn’t overly fancy but definitely sturdy. In short, the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 made a good first impression, not just physically but also in terms of its promised capabilities, as evidenced by the details on the box. However, it was time to delve deeper and see if the experience lived up to the initial impressions.

Remarks on Hlavní název produktu: CANON PIXMA MP230 PRINTER 6220B008AA

Functionality: What Can The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 Do?

  • Canon Pixma MP Two-30 is an all-in-one printer
  • Provides printing, copying, and scanning capabilities
  • Lacks wireless capabilities, needs a cable connection

At the core of any product review is answering the central question: What can this product do? With the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 it’s no different. This sleek device is an all-in-one printer , covering the basic needs of printing, copying, and scanning. Let’s break down each of these functionalities.

Print Capabilities

Being an inkjet printer it providing a satisfactory print quality for both normal documents and photos. There is surely a degree of noise during the printing process which is quite standard when it comes to printers. I mean, it is not as if the makers of the printer promised silence, and the output justifies this minimal disturbance, wouldn’t you agree?

Copy and Scan Functionality

Life is just much easier when a printer also functions as a copier and a scanner, don’t you think? Going beyond just printing, the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 allows you to scan documents directly to your computer, or copy them instantly. This functionality is always a plus and frankly, a necessity in today’s digital world.

Wireless Capabilities: A Miss

This might be a downer for some. The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 lacks wireless capabilities . Being a USB printer, it will serve you well if you do not require a wireless printer, as it connects smoothly to your desktop or laptop via a cable. However, if you’re in the market for a printer that can receive commands from your smartphone or a remote network, this might not be your best fit.

So, in the grand scheme of things, the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 proves to be a sturdy companion for basic printing, copying, and scanning needs. While the absence of wireless capabilities is a bit of a letdown, if you are comfortable with a cable-based setup, this could be a clear winner in the functionality department.

Comments on Hlavní název produktu: CANON PIXMA MP230 PRINTER 6220B008AA

Usability: How Convenient Is The Canon Pixma MP Two-30?

  • Printer makes noise during printing operation
  • Scanner and copier are user-friendly
  • Wireless printing function is absent

Let’s look into the convenience that the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 has to offer me. It’s a balance that a lot of products have to strike: ensuring to pack in a lot of features without over-complicating usability for its users. So, how does this printer fare?

Printing Operation: Noise and Speed

The first aspect I dove into was how easily the printer could get into its stride. Truth to be told, like a typical more budget-friendly model, this printer does make some noise while printing. However, it doesn’t seem any louder than your usual home or office printer. The noise lasts for the standard 10-20 seconds of printing a page, so I wouldn’t call it a nuisance.

Implication: If you expect or hope for a completely silent device, this might not be the one for you.

Scanning and Copying Operation

Moving on to the scanner and copier, it gave an adequate, user-friendly experience. I tried scanning a page and it was fairly straightforward; I managed to get it scanned straight to my computer without a hitch. Additionally, copying a document was just as easy.

Authorities: These functionalities could come off as vital, for those needing frequent document duplication.

Interface: Navigating the Buttons

The top of the printer hosts just four buttons – a power button, start buttons for black and color printing, and a stop/reset button. I found this reasonable and efficient for a printer of this caliber. However, it could take a bit of getting used to, especially if you’re coming from a more button-heavy model.

Advice: You will probably need some time to adjust to this interface, especially if you’re accustomed to printers with more tactile commands.

Communication: The Missing Wireless

One feature that’s notably absent is wireless printing. In today’s age, wireless functionality is almost a staple and its absence here was somewhat surprising. In my case, I did have to rethink my usual workflow that involves printing from multiple devices.

Alert: This printer would work well for you if you primarily print from just one device, like your desktop or laptop. However, it might pose some inconvenience if you’re used to wireless printing.

Considering Hlavní název produktu: CANON PIXMA MP230 PRINTER 6220B008AA

Set-Up Process: Getting Started with the Canon Pixma MP Two-30

  • Canon Pixma MP Two-30 has dual-cartridge system
  • USB cable not included in package
  • Purchase USB cable simultaneously with printer

Setting up a printer can either be a walk in the park or a path filled with thorns, depending on the printer and its instructions. So how does our Canon Pixma MP Two-30 fare? Let’s take a close look.

Inside Look: Cartridge Holders and Their Functionality

The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 opens up into a familiar sight for those used to Canon printers. You’ll find two cartridge holders , one for color and one for black ink, almost as a standard in Canon printers. This dual-cartridge system works quite well if you print both black-and-white and color documents since it allows more flexibility in terms of ink replacement.

The Missing USB Cable: An Unexpected Gap in The Package

One aspect that startled me during the setup was the absence of a USB cable in the package. This printer operates by connecting directly to your desktop or laptop via a USB cable. Although this omission isn’t unique to Canon and is common among many printer manufacturers, it’s important to note for first-time buyers to avoid any surprises when setting up the printer.

The Importance of Purchasing The Printing Cable Simultaneously

  • Having a USB cable handy is essential for the setup process. You’ll need a cable with a USB on one end and a printer port on the other, like this one I had to purchase separately.
  • This step is worth emphasizing: If you’re buying this printer, remember to get the USB cable simultaneously , to avoid any delay in getting your printer up and running. Online or in-store, make sure it’s on your purchase list near the printer itself.

Setting up the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 printer was pretty straightforward, even with the necessary detour to acquire the USB cable. The instructions provided in the manual are clear-cut, and the simplicity of the design makes it even more user-friendly. However, the lack of the USB cable in the package, a vital component for the function of the printer, could potentially make the setup process somewhat inconvenient for those unaware of this need.

Report: Hlavní název produktu: CANON PIXMA MP230 PRINTER 6220B008AA

Pricing and Value: How Much Bang For Your Buck?

  • Canon Pixma MP Two-30 offers cost-effective functionality.
  • Package includes two cartridges, adding value.
  • Consideration needed for future cartridge replacements.

When it comes to evaluating a product, cost and value are always two pivotal factors to consider. With the Canon Pixma MP Two-30, here’s the deal…

The Cost: Worth The Investment For The Capabilities?

The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 can be found online with a price tag ranging from 50 to 60 bucks. Now, considering that it’s a multifunction printer, capable of printing, copying, and scanning, this could seem like a fair asking price. However, the lack of wireless capability could be a setback for some. If you’re the kind who values simplistic functionality over high-tech features, this could well serve your needs.

Value Addition: What’s Included In The Package?

The printer comes bundled with two cartridges – one black and one color. When I consider the high prices of cartridges in general, this does seem to add a decent level of value. Having the printer already armed with ink upon purchase saves you from the immediate cost and inconvenience of having to separately purchase these essential consumables.

Cartridge Life: A Look at Longevity and Replacement Costs

Now, let’s talk longevity. The black cartridge, according to the manufacturer, is expected to last about 220 pages, while the color cartridge has a slightly higher lifespan of around 244 pages. Whether you’ll reach these numbers in reality, could be a bit questionable, you may end up with slightly less. So, while the initial cartridges are a plus, keep in mind that over time, you should factor in the cost of replacements.

To sum up, on the pricing front, the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 seems to offer a reasonable balance between cost, functionality, and value, making it a potential fit for those with basic printing needs and a limit on their tech budget. Just remember, you get what you pay for – a simple, no-frills, all-in-one printer.

Final Verdict: Is The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 The Right Printer For You?

  • Canon Pixma MP Two-30 offers essential features at low cost
  • Lacks wireless capabilities, comes without USB cable
  • Includes quiet mode, effectiveness untested

After putting the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 to the test, it’s time to determine whether this printer hits the mark or falls short. As always, I strive to keep my assessments fair and precise, so let’s delve right into it.

The Core Features Vs. Price

The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 offers essentials like printing, scanning, and photocopying, which meets the needs of many households and small offices. However, it lacks wireless capabilities, which might make it a non-favorite for those looking for a more hi-tech printing solution. Thus, it’s a balance between the machine’s abilities and your specific needs, which leads to my next point: the price.

This printer can typically be found online for around $50-$60. Considering it comes with a set of cartridges right out of the box, I’d say that’s a pretty fair deal, especially for users who primarily need it for basic printing tasks. However, you don’t want to forget that a USB cable is not included and you will have to purchase this separately.

Noise Concerns

No printer is completely noiseless, and this one’s no exception. However, the Pixma MP Two-30 does have a “quiet mode” feature—a potential perk for many. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to test out this mode myself, so I can’t comment on how effective it is. Therefore, if noise levels are a concern for you, I’d recommend doing some extra research or considering other printers that have been proven to be definitely quiet.

The Final Verdict?

To sum it all up, the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 might not have all the bells and whistles of a high-end printer, but it does deliver the basics—printing, scanning, and copying without a fuss. Its price, which includes a set of cartridges (an underappreciated convenience!), makes it an attractive option for those on a budget and without high-end printing needs.

My advice? If you’re after a cost-effective, entry-level printer for basic tasks and don’t mind the absence of wireless support, then the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 is certainly a printer worth considering. This may not be the case for those requiring more advanced features, for whom I’d recommend exploring other options.

Remember folks, a printer should fit your needs—not the other way around!

Conclusion: Closing Thoughts on The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 Review

In conclusion, after a comprehensive examination of the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 printer, we’ve learned quite a bit about its features, capabilities, and overall value.

The Overall Experience

The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 offers a nice balance of functionality and affordability. For a printer that doesn’t break the bank, it manages to handle the basic tasks of printing, copying, and scanning quite efficiently.

The lack of wireless capabilities might be a sticking point for some who require more modern features, but if all you need is a simple, yet practical solution for your home or small office needs, the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 fills the role well.

The Features and Potential Drawbacks

  • Size and Design: Its compact size makes it quite desk-friendly. However, the lack of wireless connectivity could be limiting, as it means you will need to physically connect it to your computer each time – remember to buy a USB cable if you plan to get this printer.
  • Performance: Standard noise levels and decent print speeds typify this printer. The quoted life for the cartridges are reasonable, but actual mileage may vary depending on usage patterns.

Final Thoughts

In the end, while the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 may not have the bells and whistles some of its competitors offer, it holds its own as a reliable, cost-effective solution for regular printing needs. The printer is indeed worth considering, especially for its price range.

If you’re in search of a more advanced printer with upscale features like wireless connectivity, this may not be the pick for you. But if you’re someone who needs a no-frills, straightforward printer for routine tasks, Canon Pixma MP Two-30 could be a robust choice. It’s imperative to align your specific needs, budget, and expectations when making a choice for the best printer for you.

Should you buy the Hlavní název produktu: CANON PIXMA MP230 PRINTER 6220B008AA?

Buy it if…

You’re Seeking a Basic, Compact Printer

The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 provides all basic functionalities such as printing, copying, and scanning in a compact size, making it suitable if your desk space is limited.

You Don’t Require Wireless Connectivity

This printer is a USB printer, great for those who prefer or only need direct connections to their desktop or laptop for printing tasks.

You’re Working On a Budget

With a range of $50 to $60, this printer comes with a pair of ink cartridges, offering reasonably good value for those on a tight budget.

Don’t buy it if…

You Need a Wireless Printer

The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 lacks wireless capabilities, which might be a turn-off if your printing tasks require flexibility and mobility.

Printer Noise Disturbs You

While it has a quiet mode, the printer does generate noise while printing which might be an issue if you prefer a quieter environment.

You’re Uncomfortable With Extra Purchases

The printer doesn’t come with a USB cable, and you’ll need to buy it separately which could be a minor inconvenience.


Does the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 have wireless capabilities?
No, this printer does not have wireless capabilities. You would need to connect it to your device with a USB.
Does the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 come with a USB cable?
No, the printer does not come with a USB cable included. You would need to purchase this separately.
What are the printing capabilities of the Canon Pixma MP Two-30?
The Canon Pixma MP Two-30 has print, scan, and copy functions.
What’s included in the package of Canon Pixma MP Two-30?
The package includes the printer and two cartridges (one black and one color).
How much does the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 cost?
The printer is typically found online for about $50 to $60.
What is the life span of the cartridges used in the Canon Pixma MP Two-30?
The quoted lifespan for the black cartridge is approximately 220 pages, while the color cartridge is quoted to last around 244 pages.
Does the Canon Pixma MP Two-30 have a quiet mode?
Yes, the printer does have a quiet mode according to the manual.

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