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Home » Home & Kitchen » Kitchen & Dining » Coffee, Tea & Espresso » Espresso Machines » Super-Automatic Espresso Machines » Review: Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Milk Frother | WiFi Connected, Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Matte White – Offers quality espresso and easy operation

Review: Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Milk Frother | WiFi Connected, Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Matte White – Offers quality espresso and easy operation

Review of Cafe Bellissimo Semi-automatic Espresso Machine, its pros, cons, brewing techniques and a giveaway opportunity... Read more

Review of Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Milk Frother | WiFi Connected, Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Matte White

Table of Contents

Test of Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Milk Frother | WiFi Connected, Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Matte White

3.4/5 - (178 votes)

Cena: $274.79


  • Made in Italy with high-quality craftsmanship
  • User-friendly 95-ounce water reservoir
  • Built-in grinder with 15 adjustable levels
  • Single and double shot filter options
  • Steam wand for versatile drink creation
  • Wi-Fi enabled for fine-tuning adjustments
  • Strong boiler for excellent espressos


  • Conical Burr Grinder is inconsistent
  • Grinder may jam with fine grinds
  • Cleaning the grinder can be messy
  • Finding the perfect bean blend may require experimentation

“After thoroughly using the Cafe Bellissimo Semi-automatic Espresso Machine, I’ve found myself more impressed than not— an 8 out of 10. The authentic, quality espresso and easy operation are commendable. However, the inconsistent conical burr grinder is a definite drawback; an area that needs improvement. As a coffee connoisseur who enjoys brewing at home, I can see myself recommending this machine, yet making sure to emphasize its minor annoyances. It’s a promising investment, but do some extra homework on your end, especially around choosing the right bean blend for best results.”

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Brand Café
Color Matte White
Product Dimensions 12.7″D x 13.7″W x 16.1″H
Special Feature Programmable, Milk Frother, Removable Tank
Coffee Maker Type Espresso Machine

The Grand Unboxing: Taking a Closer Look at Cafe Bellissimo Semi-automatic Espresso Machine

Upon receiving the Cafe Bellissimo Semi-automatic Espresso Machine, the first order of business was, of course, unpacking the box. It always lends to a certain excitement, a tinge of thrill, almost like it’s Christmas morning, and you’re about to open your presents.

What’s in the Box? An Overview of the Package and Accessories

When you open the box, you’re greeted by not just the espresso machine but a veritable treasure trove of supplementary elements. There’s a steel tamper – perfect for flattening your grounds, the one with the weighty, substantial feel that satisfyingly packs down the coffee. Next up, is a milk pitcher – an essential tool for every wannabe home barista like me craving for the perfect froth. Add to that, a cleaning kit and a bundle of single and double layered filters to get you started on your barista journey.

Made in Italy: Delving into the Details of the Espresso Machine

As for the espresso machine itself, it’s an Italian-made piece, which is your first inkling to expect greatness. The Italians, after all, take their coffee very seriously. The Cafe Bellissimo Espresso Machine follows this tradition, promising users the chance to make perfect at-home barista-quality coffee. More so, it has a 95-ounce water reservoir; talk about volubility! This reduces the need for endless refills and allows you extra cups of the good stuff. Now that’s what I call functionality meeting convenience!

One of the first things you’ll notice about this machine is its design. It’s sleek, modern, and, quite frankly, it looks great on the kitchen counter. It is compact, yet feels sturdy. Strictly critically speaking, the built-in handles on the water reservoir are a really great feature for ease of removal, refilling, and cleaning, and show thoughtful design consideration. One more noteworthy aspect is the machine’s built-in conical burr grinder- an alluring addition that turns out to be a point of contention, but more on that later.

Overall, the unboxing experience paints a picture of promise – a machine that is well-equipped, built with thoughtfulness, and eyeing to deliver the perfect cup of java, every single time. An exciting journey is about to unfold but as always, the devil is in the details, which we’ll explore in the following sections.

Interpretation of Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Milk Frother | WiFi Connected, Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Matte White

The Luxury of Home Barista: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Use Cafe Bellissimo Espresso Machine

  • Cafe Bellissimo espresso machine replicates barista-style coffee at home
  • Features 95-ounce water tank, built-in conical burr grinder
  • Wi-Fi-enabled machine syncs with Smart HQ App

I’ll admit, the idea of perfecting barista-style coffee at home is quite enticing. So, I was intrigued to explore the Cafe Bellissimo Semi-automatic Espresso Machine. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Water Tank Tidbits: A User-Friendly 95-ounce Reservoir

The 95-ounce water reservoir offers the luxury of brewing several cups without the constant need for refills. My experience with the built-in handle was seamless, making it quite convenient to remove, refill, and clean. However, its size may not appeal to everyone – especially if you’re looking to save space or if you don’t drink coffee often.

Get Grinding: Navigating Through the 15 Levels of the Built-in Conical Burr Grinder

The built-in conical burr grinder is a functional feature that offers 15 varying levels from coarsest to finest. However, I must mention that it does have a learning curve. Knowing when to use a single or double shot filter and correctly timing the grind button all comes with practice. Yet, it’s all worth it when you get that perfect grind consistency.

Easy Operation: The Single vs Double Shot Filters and Their Role in Brewing

The choice between the single and double shot filters largely depends on the strength and volume of coffee you prefer. I found the satisfaction in hearing the click when inserted the portafilter into the group head felt authentically barista-like. The simplicity of pressing the single or double button to start brewing was enjoyable, but if precision is your goal, there could be a need for more control over variables like extraction time.

How to Froth and Warm Milk Like a Pro: The Role of the Steam Wand

The steam wand offered a bonus feature for lovers of lattes, cappuccinos or hot chocolate like me. It frothed and warmed milk quite efficiently, though mastering the art of the perfect temperature might require some practice and experimentation.

Wi-Fi Enabled: Syncing with the Smart HQ App for Fine Tuning

Furthermore, being Wi-Fi-enabled, this machine allowed me to sync with the Smart HQ app to fine-tune grind time, water temp and other small adjustments. It even provided some recipe ideas and drink customization settings, although most of this can be managed directly on the machine itself. All in all, if you’re a coffee enthusiast seeking to replicate the coffee shop experience at home, this machine is definitely worth considering.

Thoughts on Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Milk Frother | WiFi Connected, Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Matte White

To Love, or Not To Love? Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of Cafe Bellissimo Espresso Machine

  • Cafe Bellissimo’s 15 bar boiler redefines home brewing
  • Machine has short heat time and user-friendly controls
  • Conical burr grinder’s inconsistency is a drawback

In the world of coffee machines, the cafe Bellissimo semi-automatic espresso machine holds a special place in my heart. But, like any other product, it isn’t without its upsides and downsides. So let’s delve deeper and uncover the true colours of this espresso machine.

What We Love

First, let’s get into the good stuff. The Cafe Bellissimo Semi-automatic espresso machine’s 15 bar boiler redefines the in-home coffee brewing experience. This Italian-made boiler system ensures an incredible shot of delicious, coffee shop-level espresso in the comfort of your own home.

Time is of the essence, especially in our hectic morning routines. Thankfully, the machine’s heat time is short , reducing the wait for our caffeine fix. The boiler produces strong pressure and consistently excellent espresso shots; the proof is in the taste every single time.

When it comes to interfaces, we all crave simplicity. The controls here are user-friendly , especially if you’re already familiar with espresso machines. Even a newbie will find it straightforward with a little bit of practice.

What We Don’t Love

No product is perfect and indeed, Cafe Bellissimo espresso machine comes with a few drawbacks. The main issue lies with its conical burr grinder . Although suspense-building and satisfying in use, its inconsistency puts a bit of a damper on the experience.

You can adjust the grind time via the app, but with fine grinds, the grinder can jam. Clearing it out can turn into an unusually messy situation which isn’t something we want to face time and again.

What to Consider Before Buying One

  1. Patience : If you’ve never tried barista-style coffee before, patience is critical. Choosing the perfect bean blend can take time.
  2. Flexibility : If your first cup doesn’t turn out to be as divine as expected, don’t be disheartened. Try brewing with different bean blends and explore the variety of tastes available before settling down with one.

So there you have it, the Cafe Bellissimo Semi-automatic espresso machine in all its glory and grime, as any unbiased review ought to present. I hope this sets the stage for your decision-making process.

Breakdown of Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Milk Frother | WiFi Connected, Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Matte White

The Verdict: Our Overall Rating for the Cafe Bellisimo Semi-automatic Espresso Machine

  • Produces high-quality coffee shop level espresso
  • Ease of operation and user-friendly controls
  • Inconsistent built-in grinder performance

After thoroughly dissecting the Cafe Bellisimo Semi-automatic Espresso Machine from top to bottom, it’s time to tie it all up in a neat bow with our final verdict.

Quality of the Coffee

When it comes to the most important aspect – the end product, the coffee, the machine delivers big time. The quality of espresso this little guy can make is nothing short of impressive. The 15 bar boiler, crafted carefully in Italy, consistently produces coffee shop level espresso shots, which are not only delightful but hold a lasting aftertaste.

Ease of Use and Controls

Operating the Cafe Bellissimo is easy-peasy with its highly intuitive and user-friendly controls. You’ll get the hang of it just after few tries, even if you’re new to the world of espresso machines. And that satisfying click when you attach the portafilter into the group head, it adds a nice touch, giving you an authentic barista feeling.

The Grinder Dilemma

Is this machine flawless? Not necessarily. We ran into some turbulence with the built-in conical burr grinder. Although theoretically an excellent idea, it didn’t quite deliver in practice. The grind inconsistency was a bit of a letdown, especially when dealing with eloquent fines. It could jam and cause a tidying up hassle, a glitch in an otherwise pretty smooth sailing.

Smart HQ App Compatibility

Do you need to use the Smart HQ app synced with the machine? Not essentially. It’s quite handy for little adjustments like grind time or water temperature, but you can completely get by without it. The machine alone suffices for most part.

The Final Score

Factoring in all these elements, we’ve arrived at a conclusion. If it hadn’t been for the somewhat inconsistent grinder, we’d definitely be looking at a top scorer. But as it stands, we feel a rating of 8 out of 10 is justified for the Cafe Bellissimo Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine.

Remember, this is just our humble opinion. It’s always advised to do a bit of personal research, browse through other user reviews and see if this machine ticks your boxes!

Appraisal of Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Milk Frother | WiFi Connected, Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Matte White

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Should you buy the Café Bellissimo Semi Automatic Espresso Machine + Milk Frother | WiFi Connected, Smart Home Kitchen Essentials | Matte White?

Buy it if…

You crave barista-quality coffee at home

This machine can replicate a coffee shop experience thanks to its authentic espresso making features and milk warming capabilities.

You appreciate easy operation

With it’s easy to use functions like single or double shot filters and simple controls, it will be familiar to those who have prior experience with an espresso machine.

You prefer machines with a large water reservoir

With a 95-ounce water reservoir, you can make several drinks before needing to refill, making this machine a convenient option.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re seeking a top-quality grinder

The grinder on this machine is reported as inconsistent and can jam with fine grinds, which can be frustrating and messy.

You’re new to the barista-style coffee

Finding the perfect blend may take time and experimenting which may be off-putting if you’re looking for a straightforward coffee-making experience.

You’re not a fan of gadgets

This espresso machine’s Wi-Fi enabled sync feature with the Smart HQ app may not appeal to you if you prefer a more traditional, less high-tech approach.


What’s included in the package of the Cafe Bellissimo Espresso Machine?
The package includes the espresso machine itself, a steel tamper for flattening your grounds, a milk pitcher, a cleaning kit, and a selection of single and double layered filters.
How does the built-in conical burr grinder function?
The built-in grinder has 15 levels ranging from coarsest to finest. You can opt for a single or double shot filter; press the grind button once for a single shot and twice for a double. The grinder can jam with fine grinds.
What are the unique features of the Cafe Bellissimo Espresso Machine?
The machine has a 95-ounce water reservoir for extended use, a built-in conical burr grinder with 15 levels, and is also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to sync with the Smart HQ app for fine-tuning settings.
What are the negative aspects of the Cafe Bellissimo Espresso Machine?
The grinder, although adjustable via the app, can be inconsistent. Fine grinds can cause it to jam and cleaning can be a messy ordeal.
What is the price of the Cafe Bellissimo Semi-automatic Espresso Machine?
The machine is available for purchase at $539, but you also have the chance to win it for free by participating in our giveaway
How can I participate in the weekly giveaway of the reviewed products?
You need to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment with the hashtag shown in the video.

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