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Review: BRTQL700 – Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer – Solid, cost-effective choice for small businesses

Explore the cost-effective and versatile Brother QL 700 label printer for small businesses... Read more

Review of BRTQL700 - Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer

Table of Contents

Test of BRTQL700 – Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer

4.5/5 - (312 votes)

Cena: $119.00


  • Affordable for small businesses
  • Doesn’t require ink
  • Versatile label software
  • Offers variety of applications
  • Syncs well with Amazon


  • Needs power converter for some countries
  • Requires compatible paper sizes
  • Expensive official printer rolls
  • Non-removable print roll tray

“After thorough use and examination, I find the Brother QL 700 to be a solid, cost-effective choice for small businesses and individuals alike. It’s versatile, offering a range of applications beyond simply printing address labels, but it does require a bit of a learning curve to truly get the most out of it. While the cost of official rolls might be a sticking point for some, there are more economical alternatives available. All in all, if you have patience to learn its features and a need for hassle-free label printing, it’s a machine worth considering.”

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Brand Brother
Connectivity Technology USB
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature Monochrome
Color Monochrome
Model Name QL 700
Printer Output Monochrome
Maximum Print Speed (Color) 93 ppm
Max Printspeed Monochrome 93 ppm
Item Weight 1.47 Kilograms

Introduction: First Impressions of the Brother QL 700 Label Printer

If you are running a small to medium-sized business that often needs to send out packages or letters, or even if you just like to stay organized at home, the Brother QL 700 Label Printer might be a device worth considering.

From its fairly pocket-friendly price to its sleek design, the Brother QL 700 Label Printer lends a professional touch right out of the box. At first glance, the printer has a compact design, the kind that would not take up too much workspace. Handling the machine, you will appreciate its sturdy construction which suggests a promise of durability and long term use.

What’s in the box?

Upon purchase, the printer comes with one broad roll of printer paper and a slightly smaller one. Despite the smaller roll requiring a separate purchase for refills, it’s worth noting how these initial provisions allow you to start printing straight away. However, keep in mind that if you need a lot of labels, the cost of new rolls can add up. Despite this, the convenience of being able to print your labels immediately is significant.

A point of convenience

One intriguing feature that one may notice instantly is its claim of being a ‘thermal printer’. This means that it does not require ink cartridges to print labels. Instead, it uses heat to produce the text on the thermal paper, a huge plus for anyone who has concerns over the recurring costs of ink cartridges.

Understandably, people may have different viewpoints about first impressions. However, considering the performance, cost-effectiveness and convenience the Brother QL 700 Label Printer appears to offer, it’s safe to say it makes a promising first impression for a vast array of applications.

In the sections to follow, we will delve deeper into the setup process, its various exciting features, and how they all add up in a real-world scenario.

Verdict: BRTQL700 - Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer

Cost-Effective Convenience: A Game-Changer for Small Business Owners

  • Brother QL 700 is affordable and efficient
  • High ROI due to time efficiency
  • Ongoing cost: replacing thermal print rolls

Speaking from the viewpoint of a small business owner myself, I am constantly seeking tools that make handling day-to-day operations simpler and more efficient. The Brother QL 700 label printer easily fits into this criteria, particularly with its stunning affordability at just around $55 on Amazon, a price I found to be significantly lower than most other label printers online.

Why is it a Game-Changer?

This printer plays an essential role in making tasks like mailing products a breeze. I remember when I used to jot down addresses by hand and how tedious the process was. But with this compact machine, I can print out addresses within seconds and adhere them right onto the packages. This feature is especially important in small businesses like mine, where minimizing manual work directly translates to saving substantial time and energy.

ROI (Return On Investment)

The impressively affordable cost of this machine gives it a high Return On Investment (ROI), given the efficiency it brings to our everyday tasks. While this label printer requires an initial investment, saving time equates to saving money in the long term, and with a reasonable price point, the printer pays for itself rather quickly. It’s an investment that small business owners will appreciate with every label they print.

A Note on Ongoing Costs

It’s also crucial to consider the operational costs beyond the initial purchase price. One significant point is that it’s a thermal printer . That means it operates off heat and does not require ink, which could be a sizable long-term saving. However, replacing the print rolls might invite an ongoing cost. While the printer comes with a roll, additional ones need to be purchased. While official rolls can be expensive, I managed to find unofficial ones (which work just as fine) at a fraction of the cost, approximately three dollars each, which I feel is a reasonable ongoing expense.

Final Takeaway

To sum up, the Brother QL 700 label printer comes with the promise of convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. For small businesses, it seems to be a game-changer and a no-brainer investment. However, as an unbiased reviewer, I’d say it’s worth considering the long-term cost of the label rolls while weighing its benefits.

Investigation of BRTQL700 - Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer

Getting Started: The Initial Setup

  • Brother QL 700 has compact, professional design
  • P-Touch software for customising labels
  • Printer auto-sizes and cuts labels

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Brother QL 700 label printer is its compact, easy-to-use design. Right out of the box, the machine gives off a professional vibe that’s surely going to blend in well with any office setup.

The Essential Software: P-Touch and its Unique Layouts

For your printing needs, you’ll have to install a program called P-Touch. This is where you’ll create and customize your labels. The software is user-friendly and straightforward. Upon opening it, I quickly noticed an array of layouts to choose from. Whether you’re looking to print out addresses, name badges, or a custom design, the variety of options make the process seamless and fun. This program allows you to choose your layout and input the necessary information with ease.

Using the Software

As an example, you can simply click on addresses, select your preferred layout, and type in the return and sending addresses. The layout I picked had the return address at the top and the sending address at the bottom. It felt intuitive and breezy to use, making me wish I had something like this in my earlier days of running a small Etsy store.

Print Quality

Once you’ve finished designing your label, all that’s left is to hit print. The printer promptly churns out your label, automatically cutting it to size, and the output is in high resolution. As convenient as it sounds, you have it right there – neat, professional, and ready to be pasted.

However, I need to mention that to get a perfect print, you’ll need to ensure the layout supports the paper you’re using. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a not-so-perfect print, as I did while trying to print out some cool layouts.

The Printing Process

Besides being user-friendly, another plus point of the Brother QL 700 is how it eliminates the need for manual cutting. Once your label prints out, it automatically cuts the label to size, saving you precious time. The label comes out easily, and all you have to do is peel and stick it. It’s as simple as that!

However, one potential drawback is that you’re initially provided with a small roll of paper, so you might need to consider buying additional rolls if you plan to print a large number of labels. That being said, the printer still offers value, considering its cost and functionality.

One aspect for improvement could be a more comprehensive user guide for initial setup, especially for first-time users. Details about compatible paper types and layout support could be more clearly outlined to avoid trial and error.

Remarks on BRTQL700 - Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer

Beyond Address Labels: The Versatility of Brother QL 700

  • Brother QL 700 printer can print custom banners
  • Printer also serves as an impromptu photo printer
  • Ability to print name badges for events

When you hear ‘label printer,’ you might immediately think – “Great, I can print address labels!” But with the Brother QL 700, you’ll be stunned at just how versatile this machine can prove to be. Exploring the different features of the printer left me amazed.

Creating Custom Banners

One feature that instantly caught my attention was the ability to print banners. I found this particularly intriguing. It could be your loved one’s birthday, an anniversary, or a festive event, and you could decide to create a personalized banner. While I attempted to print out a birthday banner, I ran into a bit of a hiccup. My chosen paper wasn’t compatible with the layout, forcing me to cancel the printing. Lesson learned – always ensure your chosen layout supports the paper you’re using! Note: The application will not print if the layout and paper size do not match; this avoids wastage of label rolls.

From Photos to Name Badges:

Continuing my journey of exploration, I discovered that the Brother QL 700 isn’t just for address labels and banners. With the right template and paper size, I was even able to print a label with a picture of a house on it. Yes, you read that right! Your label printer also doubles as an impromptu photo printer.

Equally impressive was the ability to print name badges, making the printer an excellent tool for events. With its 62 millimeter paper, you can print and stick name badges right onto shirts. This is a game-changer for event management, where such name badges can add a professional touch. Admittedly, I’d never initially thought of a label printer for this use, but seeing the template provided, it was a revelation!

Another aspect of its versatility lies in its customizability – you can design your logo and print it directly onto the labels. This expands its application even further to branding and promotional uses.

In conclusion, this printer isn’t merely a tool in your office, it’s a valuable asset that extends beyond the confines of typical label printing. Brother QL 700 goes beyond expectations, enabling a user to create customized labels for a variety of purposes. The only condition is being aware of the correct paper width and being conscious to match it with the chosen template.

View of BRTQL700 - Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer

Power Supply Considerations: An Important Note for International Users

  • Brother QL 700 works with 115-120 volts power supply
  • Needs voltage converter for use in 240V regions
  • International buyers should verify local voltage supply

As you consider whether the Brother QL 700 label printer is for you, particularly if you’re based outside the U.S., there’s one crucial detail you can’t overlook – the machine’s power supply requirements.

120V: No Worries, But What If…

In countries where the power supply operates at 115-120 volts, the Brother QL 700 will fit right in. It’s specifically designed for this voltage range. You can plug it into your wall socket without giving it a second thought.

The 240V Challenge: Read This if That’s You!

However , things get a tad more complicated if you’re in a region that uses a 240 volt supply. Simply plugging in your printer won’t work! In fact, you could potentially harm the device. You’ll need a voltage converter to adjust your power supply to match the printer’s requirements.

This might seem like a hassle but is merely a proactive step to ensure the longevity of your investment. It’s also something fairly common with many appliances that are used internationally. So, remember to factor in the cost of a converter if you’re in a 240V region.

My advice

For any potential international buyers, I strongly recommend doing your homework before making a purchase. Double-checking your local voltage supply and acquiring a suitable converter before the printer arrives can save you a lot of stress and potential disappointment.

This consideration doesn’t take away from the quality and versatility of Brother QL 700, but it’s something potential international users will need to keep in mind.

Examining BRTQL700 - Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer

Pros of Brother QL 700: My Positive Experience

  • Brother QL 700 printer excels in speed and efficiency
  • Supports varied applications beyond address labels
  • Syncs seamlessly with Amazon, providing organization and time-saving aspects

I’d like to take this opportunity to share my personal experience with the Brother QL 700 label printer. I have found it to be an incredibly handy tool that has simplified my label printing tasks significantly. But let me break it down for you.

Efficiency and Speed

The remarkable speed of this little machine is truly noteworthy. It prints out addresses and labels with such a briskness that often leaves me surprised. Unlike manual writing, which took me a good amount of time and effort, this label printer helps me save on both. So, if you’re someone constantly shipping out products, this is a time-saver you might want to consider.

Variety of Applications

One of the exciting aspects I’ve discovered about the QL 700 is its ability to manage more than just address labels. From custom banners for birthdays to designing name badges, the possibilities are quite impressive. Being able to experiment with these varied applications has been both fun and productive for me.

Amazon Sync

This feature, in particular, has made my life a breeze. If you run an online business via platforms like Amazon, the QL 700 syncs seamlessly with your orders, helping you print labels in a much more organized manner. Again, a big time-saver!


I particularly want to point out the cost-effectiveness of the Brother QL 700. Since it’s a thermal printer, it eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridges, which have always been a peeve of mine with other printers. Also, while the company does sell official label rolls, I’ve found unofficial, less expensive ones to be just as effective.


Last but not least, let’s talk about the build. This machine has held up really well over time, proving its sturdy and reliable nature. So far, it has been a worthy investment for me.

Minor Drawbacks

While these pros clearly outweigh the cons, it’s only fair I talk about a small issue faced with paper compatibility. Certain templates and sizes may not support the paper in use, so it’s critical to ensure they match before printing.

Overall, the Brother QL 700 is a handy tool with multiple advantages that can really rev up your label printing tasks. It’s a blend of convenience, efficiency, versatility, and affordability that definitely adds value to any small business or personal usage.

Highlight: BRTQL700 - Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer

The Printer Paper: An Area of Improvement

  • Brother QL 700’s official paper rolls are expensive
  • Printer only supports paper width of 62mm
  • Better paper compatibility could improve user experience

As a longtime user of the Brother QL 700 Label Printer, one area that I have found could do with some improvement is the printer paper. Allow me to share my detailed thoughts on this aspect of the device.

Cost Consideration: Official vs Unofficial Rolls

One of the first things that struck me about the Brother QL 700 was the cost of official printer paper rolls. They tend to lean towards the expensive side, with prices per roll ranging between $10 to $15. Alternatively, you can purchase unofficial rolls which, in my experience, are just as efficient but far more cost effective, with prices as low as $3 per roll. Though not intended by Brother, adopting this money-saving measure could be a prudent choice.

Size and Compatibility

Another key point which I feel needs addressing is the importance of the width of the paper used in the Brother QL 700 printer. The printer only supports a width of 62mm, meaning not all designs will be printable. This was a minor inconvenience for me when I attempted to print specific designs, only to realize too late that the paper size I was using wasn’t compatible. Although the printer offers a variety of cool templates for labels, its functionality to some extent is sadly restricted by the paper size compatibility.

It’s worth noting that the idea of having a variety of templates is commendable, but it’s the restrictive compatibility that puts a bit of a damper on this potentially fantastic feature. If the printer somehow accommodated a wider range of paper sizes, it would no doubt enhance its overall user experience.

Looking Ahead

In conclusion, while the printer paper might be a small aspect of the Brother QL 700 Label Printer, it plays a significant role in the user’s experience. The overall functionality and versatility of the printer could potentially be improved by introducing broader paper compatibility and more affordable official paper roll options. This, in my opinion, would elevate the Brother QL 700 from being a great printer to an exceptional one.

Making the Most of Your Machine: Tips and Tricks

  • The Brother QL 700 printer has multiple templates
  • Can create custom event labels and name badges
  • Check compatibility of functions with your paper roll

In this section, I’ll be sharing some valuable tips and tricks to enhance your usage of the Brother QL 700 label printer. I’ve experimented extensively with this device, and these pointers aim to increase your productivity and also broaden the scope of this label printer.

Experimenting with Templates

Did you know that the Brother QL 700 offers multiple templates for you to utilize? While the primary function of this machine is to print address labels, these templates open up a world of creative possibilities. The machine is not just utility-focused, but also fun to use. Let’s dive in:

  • Themed Labels: The P-touch software has a bunch of different templates to choose from. Whether it’s for an official event or a fun personal project, these themed labels can be a fantastic addition. The only thing to remember when using these templates is to make sure the layout matches the width of the paper you’re using (62 millimeters).

Name Badges and Event Labels

The versatility of this machine surprised me too. For instance, it’s perfect for creating name badges! You have the power to design these any way you like, suiting the aesthetic of your event. It’s also great for creating custom labels for events. Say, you’re hosting a gathering and wanted to issue VIP stickers, the Brother QL 700 has got you covered.

  • Design Your Own: With the option to design your own labels complete with logos, your events are sure to stand out! Just make sure the template width fits the standard 62mm roll that the printer uses for optimal results.

Remember, it’s all about making the most of this machine. Don’t feel constrained by its original purpose, there’s so much more you can do!

Remember the Compatibility

Last but not least, do remember that not all functions may be compatible with your paper roll. Certain functions or templates may be exclusively designed for specific types of paper. Be sure to double-check before making your selection.

A Few More Things Before Wrap up!

  • Printer’s unique plastic roll serves as affordable alternative
  • Modification and securement of roll might be tricky
  • Brother QL 700 useful for constant labelling or shipping

Before reaching an end to this evaluation journey of Brother QL 700 label printer, here are a few more observations and pointers that you simply can’t miss out on to get the most out of it!

DIY Solution to Avoid Additional Rolls Purchase

Are you a fan of cost-effective solutions? Well, this printer might just offer you one. The printer initially arrives with a unique plastic roll . Don’t be too quick to discard this as it can serve as an affordable alternative to external rolls that you’d otherwise have to purchase. However, making it work can be a little tricky. It requires you to modify the roll a bit .

The primary challenge is to firmly secure the roll each time you change it. Although it may demand a little practice and patience, once mastered, you can cut the costs of the consumables. However, if you aren’t too keen on this DIY method, fairly inexpensive rolls are available for purchase online, with prices you can hopefully swallow. Remember, a cost-saving mindset might pay off for small business owners!

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy It?

The printer serves a multitude of purposes and fulfills various needs. It leaves room for creativity with versatile templates, custom logos, even decorations for your special occasions. This printer can very well be an enjoyable investment for design enthusiasts!

Though it has its own set of challenges, including compatibility and size restrictions around paper rolls, and power supply considerations for international users, if you’re someone constantly labeling or shipping, a Brother QL 700 could be a fantastic addition to your toolkit . By taking some time to get familiar with its possible quirks, you could unlock its full potential and convenience for your business or personal needs.

I strongly suggest that before making a purchase, you consider the various factors we’ve delved into. Examine your usage requirements, your budget for recurring costs, and the market competition, and then make an informed decision!

Conclusion: My Final Verdict on the Brother QL 700 Label Printer

After a thorough examination and testing of the Brother QL 700 Label Printer, my inspection loaded with highs and lows concludes with a mostly positive verdict. By and large, the printer wields an impressive array of features that are definitely noteworthy.

Why I would Recommend Brother QL 700

I found the thermal printing feature quite a boon. The printer’s ability to deliver high-quality printouts minus the need for ink makes for convenient operation and potential cost savings in the long run. Furthermore, the P-Touch software’s versatility takes users beyond simple label creation, allowing room for personalized creativity and utility. Whether I needed to print out addresses, name badges, or decorative banners, this option came in handy.

The Verdict

For small business owners or avid online sellers, the Brother QL 700 proves to be a reliable companion. Its potential for effortless syncing with Amazon gives it a competitive edge. The ease of operation and the quality of the output make it a commendable choice overall.

What Could Be Improved

However, I found the cost of the official printer paper rather steep. As the printer comes with only two starter rolls, you might need to budget for buying additional rolls soon. But there are cheaper alternatives available that work just as well, so that’s a silver lining.

Another aspect that could use some improvement is paper compatibility. You have to ensure that your chosen template aligns with the paper size you have loaded, which can be a minor stumbling block during operation.

The Bottom Line

Despite these niggles, the Brother QL 700 stands strong as a highly efficient and user-friendly gadget. It streamlines the tedious task of hand-writing addresses and pumps out high-quality labels in a snap. Notwithstanding its minor inconveniences, I would still highly recommend the Brother QL 700 for anyone in need of an efficient, versatile label printer.

Should you buy the BRTQL700 – Brother QL-700 Direct Thermal Printer?

Buy it if…

You Own a Small Business

Perfect for e-commerce owners who need to print labels often. It could greatly increase efficiency and streamline the packaging process.

You’re Looking for Ink-Free Printing

As a thermal printer, there’s no requirement to refill ink, making it cost-effective and hassle-free.

You Need Versatile Printing Options

The printer offers a variety of layouts and can print address labels, name badges, and even custom banners. It’s a fantastic multi-functional tool.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a Budget

The official rolls from the manufacturer are fairly expensive. If you’re not willing to use non-official ones, this could add up to a considerable expense.

You Need Larger Prints

The printer does have a limitation in paper size. Printing large labels or banners may not be possible.

You Reside in a Country with 240 volts

The printer might require a converter for operation in countries where the standard voltage is 240. So, do consider this before purchase.


What type of printing does the Brother QL 700 Label Printer offer?
It offers thermal printing, which means it does not require ink.
Does the Brother QL 700 come with paper rolls?
Yes, the printer comes with one roll of printer paper and a smaller roll. Additional rolls will need to be purchased separately.
What software do I need to install to use the Brother QL 700 Label Printer?
You need to install the P-Touch software.
Can I use different layouts for printing?
Yes, the Brother QL 700 Label Printer offers many different layouts for your printing needs.
Are there any power supply considerations I should be aware of?
Yes, the printer requires a 115-120V power supply. If you’re in a country that uses 240V, you will need a converter.
Where can I find cheaper paper rolls for the Brother QL 700 Printer?
The review mentioned that unofficial rolls could be purchased at a cheaper price on Amazon and Ebay.
Can I create my own logo for events?
Yes, the Brother QL 700 Label Printer offers a feature where you can design and print your own logo.
Do I need to purchase separate rolls in addition to the one in the printer box?
No, if you can modify the first roll that came with the printer or find a way to securely attach the paper to it, you won’t need a new roll. Alternatively, they can be purchased online.
Can I print name badges with this Printer?
Yes, the Brother QL 700 Label Printer can print name badges, logos, and other designs on labels.

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