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Review: Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black – Robust, reliable and highly customizable label printer

Explore the Brother QL810W Label Printer’s setup, app features, and printing experiences... Read more

Review of Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

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Test of Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

4.2/5 - (897 votes)

Cena: $149.99


  • Wireless capabilities for convenient printing
  • Includes two types of label rolls
  • App includes a massive range of design options
  • Quickly auto-detects label size and type
  • Auto cut feature for efficient label printing
  • Quality and speed of printing is commendable
  • Continuous label for unlimited design possibilities


  • Lithium battery not included despite instructions
  • Requires connection to a computer initially
  • Additional software required for Mac users
  • Initial setup might be a bit challenging

“After rigorous testing and usage, I can confidently say that the Brother QL810W Label Printer delivers as promised. Despite a few initial setup hurdles, particularly for Mac users, the overall functionality and user experience make up for it. The apps are intuitive, the various labeling options are impressive and the print quality is outstanding. However, it’s important to note the miscommunication regarding the lithium battery. Nonetheless, if you can look past these minor inconveniences, the Brother QL810W is a robust, reliable and highly customizable label printer that simplifies the task for businesses or personal use.”

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Introduction: Embracing Efficiency with the Brother QL810W Label Printer

My journey into the realm of label printers recently led me to the Brother QL810W. Touted for its connectivity, compatibility, and efficiency features, I decided to put its heralded characteristics to the test for a comprehensive review.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Upon unwrapping the printer, my initial impressions were positive. It seems compact yet robust, with a clear indication that the manufacturer prioritized functionality in its design. It comes with all the essential accessories – the AC adapter, USB cable, a quick start guide for ease of setup, and two types of label rolls.

Please note:

Details matter in product reviews. And the first small hiccup to catch my attention was the misleading detail in the instruction manual. Despite the claim of a included lithium battery, the box doesn’t hold any such addition. An honestly small detail, but one that bears noting in the name of transparency.

What’s Inside? A Comprehensive Sneak Peek

As for the two types of labels—the one is a standard set-size address label roll, a staple for any label printer. The second is an exciting addition—a continuous roll. This type of label roll allows greater customization regarding label length—a savvy addition for those who value versatility.

The Brother QL810W also boasts compatibility with a range of other DK labels; however, it’s prudent to cross-check compatibility on the product website. Overall, the out-of-box contents provide a decent starting point, while the promise of flexibility in label choice adds an extra appeal to this nifty printer.

Report: Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

Compatibility Matters: Diving into the Compatible Labels

  • Brother QL810W compatible with various label rolls.
  • Includes standard address and continuous label rolls.
  • Manufacturer’s website needed for label compatibility check.

It’s important when buying a product like this to consider what it is compatible with. In the case of the Brother QL810W, I focused on its compatibility with various label rolls.

Understanding the Specific Label Rolls Included

Included in the box with the Brother QL810W, there were two specific label rolls. The first is a standard address label roll. The labels on this particular roll are a set size. This means it is ideal for straightforward, unchanging labels such as addresses. The second is a continuous roll which is 62 millimeters wide, and it comes in both black and red ink. With this roll, you have more flexibility to create labels of varying lengths. This versatility makes it a terrific tool if you have different labelling needs.

A More In-Depth Look into Other Compatible Labels

What I liked about this label printer is that the manufacturer, Brother, has developed a range of DK labels that are compatible with this model. However, my primary critique here is that you would need to check the Brother’s website to verify which labels are compatible with this specific label printer.

While this didn’t pose a significant problem for me, I do think it’s something worth considering if you’re already using a different set of labels or have specific label needs not covered by the included rolls. The need for potentially regular checks on their website could be a small inconvenience.

Overall , the Brother QL810W provides good compatibility out of the box, but it’s clear there could be limitations if you’re planning to use more specific or diverse labels.

Examination of Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

Connectivity: Going Wireless with the Brother QL810W

  • Brother QL810W label printer has full wireless capability.
  • Lithium battery essential for wireless functionality not included.
  • Device setup is straightforward and promotes mobility.

Let’s talk about the Brother QL810W’s wireless capabilities. One of the standout features of this label printer is its complete wireless capability, offering convenience and flexibility.

An Unexpected Twist: The Missing Lithium Battery Conundrum

However, my initial excitement took a fall when I discovered that the lithium battery wasn’t included in the box, contrary to what’s stated in the instruction manual. Remember, a lithium battery is essential for the full wireless functionality . Despite this minor setback, the printer comes with an AC adapter which can be used to power it.

Getting the Printer Ready: Connecting to a Computer for the First Time

Before you can start printing labels wirelessly, some initial setup is required. Connecting the device to a computer is the primary step. This is not cumbersome and is pretty straightforward. Once the device is linked to a computer, it’s possible to link the printer to your Wi-Fi network through the computer.

One thing is clear about the Brother QL810W: it has been designed with wireless convenience in mind. This is evident from the easy setup process. All you have to do is follow the simple, step-by-step instructions provided with the packaging. Having this level of connectivity options in a label printer is a big plus for anyone who values mobility and convenience in their work environment.

Despite the initial disappointment about the absent lithium battery, the wireless capabilities still won me over. However, I would recommend Brother to improve their product descriptions and packaging content to prevent any confusion in the future.

Investigation of Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

Setting Up: Making Sense of the Software Requirements

  • Windows users could install Brother QL810W easily
  • Mac users need additional software for installation
  • Setup varies across operating systems

Getting a product up and running usually involves some setup time, and the Brother QL810W label printer is no exception. In fact, the setup process may vary depending on the kind of computer you’re operating with.

A Walk in the Park for Windows Users

From my experience, if you’re using a Windows-based system, the process is surprisingly straightforward. Once the printer is plugged in, a helpful “Editor Lite” button pops up on the device, making the printer appear as an external drive on your PC. This houses an in-built program that you can instantly open and use to start printing, thereby bypassing the need for any additional software installation. Certainly, its simplicity and user-friendly nature caught my attention.

A Slight Twist for Mac Users

Though it’s a different ball game for Mac users, it’s still quite manageable. Contrary to what the box claims – no software required – I found that connecting the printer to a Mac did necessitate an additional step. When I plugged it into my Mac, instead of being able to start immediately, I had to install some software to connect to my Wi-Fi network. Not exactly a deal-breaker, but it would have been beneficial to know from the get-go.

Here’s what I did:
  1. Went to the Brother website
  2. Handled the driver download for this specific model
  3. Followed the prompts to connect my printer to the Wi-Fi network

Although this involved a bit more time and effort, it was rather uncomplicated, and I was up and running in no time.

Final Thoughts

Setting up the Brother QL810W printer may not be an absolutely smooth ride, and its setup process could vary across different operating systems. However, with a little patience and following the correct instructions, it’s a task that can be accomplished without much hassle. The promise of ‘no software installation needed’ might not hold entirely true, but the slightly convoluted setup doesn’t overshadow the excellent functionality this label printer has to offer.

Dissection of Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

Creating Custom Labels: Taking Advantage of the Brother App

  • Brother App facilitates custom label creation
  • Physical setup of printer is easy and quick
  • App auto-detects label size avoiding design errors

Now this is where the fun begins – crafting custom labels with the Brother App. The app is brimming with features designed to make your label creation process effortless. But as much as I wanted to dive right in, I thought it’d be best to navigate all the controls on the device first.

Understanding the Printer’s Buttons

The Brother QL810W label printer is loaded with a range of buttons that serve different functions. On the printer, you’ll find the power button, feed button, cut button, Wi-Fi button, editor light, and the Wi-Fi protected setup button. It may seem a little overwhelming at first glance, but once you get into the swing of things, it all starts to make sense.

Note: The Editor Light button serves as your shortcut to editing your labels when connected to a PC, with no additional software installation required. Handy! Although with a catch – this quick access feature was not available for Mac users in my experience.

Quick and Easy Label Installation

Inserting labels into the printer turned out to be quite easy. All you have to do is remove the top and slide the label rolls in and out. Labels can be easily fed from the front, making this process straightforward and fast. And while it’s a simple process, it’s an important one to get right, as incorrect label placement can cause printing errors or even damage the printer.

Navigating Through the App for Custom Labels

Once the physical setup was done, it was time to dive into the Brother Label app to start creating some custom labels. This is where the magic really happens! The process starts with connecting your mobile device to the printer- your phone and your printer need to be on the same Wi-Fi network for this to work. With just a few taps on the ‘settings’ icon and then ‘printer’, it’s all set up.

The app has an intuitive user interface with numerous design tools for creating the perfect labels. Icons for adding text, symbols, images, barcodes, contact details, frames, shapes, and even time and date are right there on the app’s home page.

What stood out to me was the app’s ability to auto-detect the size of the label inserted in the printer, providing an accurate preview for designing the labels. This is a particularly helpful feature, significantly reducing the risk of design errors that don’t fit the label’s dimensions.

So whether you’re looking for something simple and functional or something decorative and distinct, the Brother app has fantastic scope for creativity. One thing’s for sure—with the Brother QL810W Label Printer and the Brother app, the possibilities for creating your perfect labels are nearly endless.

Analyzing Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

Digital Connectivity: Pairing Your Mobile Device to the Label Printer

  • Brother QL810W offers seamless mobile pairing process
  • Must update devices for optimal digital connectivity
  • WiFi network stability crucial for printer’s smart features

Ever since unboxing the Brother QL810W label printer, what had been on my radar to try out was its alleged seamless digital pairing process with a mobile device. Curiosity piqued, my attention turned to connecting and discovering the complete mobile use potential this label printer boasted of.

Initial Connection: Smooth and Simple

My first step was to download the Brother label app, available for both iOS and Android devices. The installation was a breeze, no hiccups experienced. Once installed, I found the interface to be quite straightforward, albeit a bit on the minimalistic side, but no worries right? As long as it gets the job done!

The app quickly recognized the printer, provided, of course, that both were on the same WiFi network. A quick tap on the ‘Printer’ option under the settings symbol led me to a list of identified printers, and lo and behold, there was the Brother QL810W label printer.

Intuitive Features: A Potential Game Changer

I was impressed by the app’s capability to communicate effectively with the printer – a feature I found particularly valuable was the ‘Check Media’ button. Tapping on it gave an exact readout of the size of the label currently in the printer. It’s these small details that make the process a notch above the rest.

Some Caveats to Consider

While my overall experience with the digital connectivity aspect of this printer was largely positive, I must point out that it’s essential to keep your gadgets up to date. Some users have reported connectivity issues with older phone models or operating systems. Make sure to verify if your devices meet the printer’s technical requirements before committing to purchase.

Another critical factor to be aware of is network stability. The printer’s wireless connectivity relies heavily on your WiFi network, so make sure you have a stable, reliable connection to make the most out of your Brother QL810W’s smart features.

All in all, it’s safe to say that the Brother QL810W Label Printer shines in the realm of digital connectivity. Its smart feature set coupled with its ease of use makes the overall mobile device pairing experience a genuinely enjoyable one.

Rundown: Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

Designing Your Labels: Unleashing Your Creativity with the Brother App

  • Brother App allows creative, custom label designs
  • Pre-defined templates provide quick, easy label creation
  • App includes user-friendly design capabilities

Designing labels with the Brother App is a joy to experience. The app’s user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, which makes creating custom labels a breeze. No more relying heavily on default designs; the Brother App gives you creative freedom, allowing you to invent the perfect label for your needs.

Utilizing Pre-defined Templates for Quick Use

The Brother App doesn’t have any shortage of pre-designed templates to play around with. I tried out a few, and they proved to be real time-savers! With just a few clicks, you can edit them to suit your needs without starting from scratch . Whether you need quick shipping labels or even something more fun, like labels for a children’s party, the app has got you covered.

Creating Custom Labels: A Comprehensive Tutorial

To really put the Brother App’s design capabilities to the test, let’s delve deeper into creating a custom label. Here’s how I went about it:

  1. Adding Text: Tap the “Text” icon, and a dialog box pops up for you to input your text. You can easily drag and place it anywhere on your label. The text automatically adjusts to fit its allocated space, and you can quickly change the font type, font size, and alignment.
  2. Adding Images: With the “Images” icon, I was able to easily add an image from my phone’s gallery. The image was converted to grayscale, which complements the labels’ red and black printing colors. The app allows easy cropping and adjustment of the image on the label.
  3. Adding Symbols: Fourthly, I was intrigued by the Symbols option. With a collection of symbols and simple clip art graphics, this feature can add a useful visual element to labels. Easy to add and manipulate on the design, symbols can be effectively incorporated into a label design.

Brushing Up The Design with Guidance

Throughout the design process, the app provides on-screen guidelines and alignment tools, ensuring your elements are evenly spaced and centered. This visual aid significantly enhanced my design experience, eliminating the usual guesswork associated with aligning elements on such a small canvas.

In conclusion, although the Brother App’s design capabilities were simple, they were also flexible and user-friendly .

There’s no steep learning curve, which is great for casual users. For more experienced and creative users, there’s still plenty of scope to customize and create labels that stand out, despite some limitations concerning available fonts and image customization.

View of Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

Printing in Action: Real-Time Review of the Brother QL810W’s Performance

  • Brother QL810W’s auto cut feature enhances printing experience
  • Delivers high-quality prints, weaker on complex images
  • App’s ‘print options’ offer control over printing operations

Now that I’ve adequately dissected the setup process and explored the app functionalities, it’s time to unveil the moment of truth — printing in real-time. The critical question is, does the Brother QL810W deliver as promised? Let’s dive in and find out!

Exploring the Auto Cut Feature

As I was printing the labels, one distinct feature that piqued my curiosity was the auto cut feature. Can it truly enhance the label printing experience? The answer is undoubtedly a resounding ‘yes’. The auto cut feature is a nifty addition that brings in a lot of ease and convenience. With each print, the label was seamlessly cut, giving a neat finish that’s invaluable for any professional setup. This is indeed a well-thought-out feature that reduces user intervention and makes printing a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Assessing Print Quality

Now let’s shift our focus to the most essential aspect of any label printer – the print quality. Brother QL810W promises high-quality prints, but does it stand up to scrutiny?

Well, my two cents after using it for a while now is that the output is indeed impressive. The labels are crisp, clearly legible, and show no signs of ink bleed or smear. However, it’s worth mentioning that the quality takes a hit when darker or complex images are involved. In particular, the limitations of the black-and-white print became quite apparent. But for typical office use and general labelling, Brother QL810W does deliver as promised.

A Critical User Experience Nugget

An interesting facet I discovered during my hands-on experience is the ‘print options’ in the app. A bit hidden in plain sight, this feature allows you to adjust the resolution and specify the number of copies. A simple yet handy feature, it gives you a lot of control over your prints. Also, the option to cut every copy or to delay the trim until the end further adds to the convenience.

In conclusion, on the performance aspect, Brother QL810W stands its ground. There are a few areas of improvement, sure, but nothing that can deter the value proposition it brings to the table. Overall, the QL810W’s performance is, quite undeniably, commendable.

Weighing Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

Exploring Infinite Possibilities with the Continuous Label

  • Continuous label offers limitless design options
  • Switching to continuous label is straightforward
  • Customization features enhance creative output

Now this is the part where things started getting really fun. With the continuous label, my design options seemed limitless. As opposed to the fixed dimensions of the address label, the continuous label gave me the freedom to get creative without the restrictions of a standardized template. Let’s delve a bit deeper into this:

Switching to the Continuous Label: A Seamless Transition

Switching to the continuous label was easier than I anticipated. Removing the previous roll and sliding the new one into place took barely a moment. Once the new roll was secured, I fed it through the front – a remarkably straightforward process. However, there’s a crucial note I’d like to stress: remember to adjust your settings accordingly every time you replace a label roll. Make sure you have your media check done – this would help your printer adjust to the new label size.

Taking Advantage of the Extended Canvas for Creative Freedom

The first thing I noticed when I started creating a new label was the canvas. It showed a vertical representation of my label that expanded or contracted according to the text size I chose. With this feature, I was able to easily visualize the final output of my label. The adjustability of the canvas size is a big plus since it eliminated any guesswork.

The Brother app’s customization features truly shone in this department. For instance, I could easily change the standard black ink to a pop of red – a convenience made possible by the dual-color option of this specific continuous label. This opened up a new realm of creative possibilities for my labels.

Having said all that, creating a custom label was an enjoyable experience. However, I must say that while it offers creatives a great deal of freedom, this feature could potentially be overwhelming to users who prefer having structured templates to work with. Those who aren’t too keen on designing might find the address labels more to their liking.

In conclusion, the continuous label is a versatile feature that gives users as much flexibility as they want in their designs. It adds a layer of personalization to the mix, and although not everyone might appreciate this amount of flexibility, it certainly presents an opportunity to make each label unique.

Inspection of Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black

Concluding Thoughts: Wrapping Up My Experience with the Brother QL810W Label Printer

And here we are, at the end of my journey with the Brother QL810W Label Printer. Has it been a smooth ride, you might wonder? Well, in many ways – yes. But like any piece of technology, it had its own peculiar quirks and hurdles that I had to jump over. Let’s dive into details and wrap up my experience.

Initial Setup Hurdles Worth the Final User Experience?

The Brother QL810W Label Printer made a strong first impression out-of-the-box with its compact design and range of bundled accessories such as AC adapter, USB cable, and two label rolls. It ticked the right boxes. However, I was somewhat disappointed to find the instruction manual stated incorrectly that a lithium battery was included when it wasn’t. A passerby can wonder – if the manufacturer can’t get the contents right, can the printer actually deliver on performance?

Aside from the confusion, the initial setup for the label printer proved to be a bit laborious. On a Windows PC, the setup was quite seamless with the built-in program. However, Mac users would likely find the setup process a bit frustrating as they need to install additional software just to get the printer connected to the Wi-Fi network. This struck me as a drawback.

User-friendliness and Quality Performance

Once the initial hoops were jumped over, the Brother QL810W showed its strengths. Using the label printer was pretty straightforward. Even though the instruction manual proved not very useful at times, the printer’s buttons were self-explanatory, and inserting the labels was initiative.

One of the highlights of the Brother QL810W is its compatibility with the Brother mobile app. This made creating custom labels a breeze – whether it was using a predefined template or creating unique labels from scratch. I found this to be really convenient, especially for quick label creation on the go!

The print quality? Impressive, the printer delivers clear and sharp labels, just as one would hope. This lived up to my expectations.

The Final Verdict

So, is the Brother QL810W Label Printer worth considering? Yes, despite the initial setup pains and incorrect instruction manual particulars, it quickly redeemed itself with its convenient features and quality performance. It’s a handy tool that delivers on its promises once you get past the initial hiccups. For anyone considering investing in a reliable label printer, the Brother QL810W is, in my opinion, a strong contender worth considering.

Should you buy the Brother Printer Wireless, Fast Electronic Label (QL810W), Black?

Buy it if…

You need flexible size options

The printer comes with a continuous roll, enabling users to customize the label length according to their requirements.

You prefer wireless operations

The Brother QL810W can operate wirelessly once connected to a network. It works in synergy with an app for ease of use and mobility.

You require high-quality labels

The printing result shown on the review was crisp and clear, making the printer ideal for professional labeling tasks.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re a Mac user with limited tech skills

The label printer needs some software installation on Mac, which could be a hassle if you’re not tech-savvy.

You need immediate standalone functionality

The printer needs to be connected to a computer to be set up, before you can utilize its wireless functionalities, which could be inconvenient for those who require immediate standalone operation.

Your labeling needs don’t justify the cost

If your needs are basic and low in volume, the printer could be an unnecessary expense, as it is designed for broader label printing capabilities.


What comes in the box with the Brother QL810W Label Printer?
The Brother QL810W Label Printer comes with the label printer itself, an AC adapter, a USB cable, a quick start guide, and two label rolls (an address label roll and a continuous roll).
Does the Brother QL810W Label Printer need to be connected to a computer to start printing labels?
Yes, the Brother QL810W Label Printer needs to be connected to a computer to set up and start printing labels. This printer can also be connected to a WiFi network.
Does the Brother QL810W Label Printer come with a lithium battery?
No, although the instruction manual may suggest, a lithium battery is not included in the box. If you wish to use the printer wirelessly, you’ll have to purchase the additional battery attachment.
Is software installation required for label printing?
If you’re using a PC, software installation is not necessary. However, if you’re using a Mac, you will need to download drivers from the Brother website to connect the printer to your WiFi network.
How does the Brother app work?
Once the Brother QL810W Label Printer is connected to your WiFi network, you can use the Brother app to design and print labels. With this app, you can choose from template designs or create your own labels using the provided tools.
What are the print options available on the Brother app?
The Brother app provides options such as choosing print resolution, quantity of copies, and auto cut feature for individual labels.
How does the continuous label work as compared to the standard address label?
Standard address labels have a set dimension while with the continuous label, you can adjust the length according to your requirements. This allows more flexibility in label design.
Does the printer auto-detect the size of the label?
Yes, the Brother QL810W Label Printer can auto-detect the size of the label inserted.

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