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Review: Brother MFC-J5855DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer – impressive print quality and ink efficiency

Explore the efficient, high-quality Brother MFC J5855DW Printer, an all-inclusive color solution with a year’s supply of ink... Read more

Review of Brother MFC-J5855DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer

Table of Contents

Test of Brother MFC-J5855DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer

4.3/5 - (240 votes)

Cena: $429.99


  • Nearly assembly-free out of the box
  • A year’s worth of ink included
  • Capability to accommodate A3 size paper
  • Easy-to-follow setup and installation process
  • Innovative ink storage system
  • High-quality, fast printing
  • Dust-free, internal paper tray


  • Lacks double-sided scanning feature
  • Non-intuitive printer naming
  • Both machines need to be in the same room

“In my unbiased verdict, the Brother All-In-One Color Printer is indeed a solid investment, especially when it comes to ink efficiency, setup ease and impressive print quality. However, there’s minor room for improvement with the lack of a double-sided scanning feature. If you can overlook this negligible flaw, the printer certainly warrants a place in your home or workplace. An overall score of 9 out of 10 echoes this sentiment precisely.”

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Brand Brother
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Printing Technology Inkjet
Special Feature Auto-Duplex
Color White
Model Name Inkjet Printer
Printer Output Color
Maximum Print Speed (Color) 30 ppm
Max Printspeed Monochrome 30 ppm
Operating System Mac OS 10 15 Catalina, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, Mac OS 11 Big Sur, MacOS 10.14 Mojave, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10

Introductory Thoughts on Brother All-In-One Color Printer

One day not too long ago, my trusty old HP printer decided it had printed its last page. It was time to search high and low for a fitting replacement. My discoveries led me to the new Brother All-In-One Color printer, a device that promises efficiency and high-quality prints. Given its impressive descriptions, I thought, “Why not give it a whirl?” Here’s how it went.

First Impressions and Unboxing Experience

The anticipation was high as I unpacked the Brother All-In-One printer. It was an effortless process with the printer almost ready to go directly out of the box. The effectiveness of the packaging with minimal waste truly struck a chord. After a long day, there’s nothing more rewarding than a straightforward unboxing experience.

What’s Included with the Printer?

Inside the box, you’ll find the printer, of course, resting quietly and ready to work. Along with it, you get the standard power cord and phone line fax cable, with no surprises there. But hold on; there’s more.

  • A bonus year’s worth of ink included.
  • The onboard USB cable deftly hidden inside a cleverly designed compartment.

It’s a thoughtful package that Brother has put together. It leaves you feeling a bit flabbergasted at the extent they’ve gone to ensure you’ve got everything you need right from the get-go.

Noteworthy Ink Efficiency: A Year’s Worth of Ink

We all know how irksome it can be to run out of ink. Well, fret not, folks. The Brother All-In-One printer comes armed with an unbelievable year’s worth of ink which, according to Brother, should print approximately 300 pages every month. Now, isn’t that a refreshing assurance? No more dashing out in the middle of a project to score another cartridge!

Survey of Brother MFC-J5855DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer

Setting Up the Printer: A Smooth Ride

  • Brother All-In-One Printer has simple assembly process
  • Supports paper up to the size of A3
  • Easy ink cartridge installation and setup finalization

When you’ve got a brand new printer waiting to be set up, it can feel like a daunting task. But with the Brother All-In-One Color Printer, it was more of a joyride than a chore. Let me break down what that smooth ride in detail.

Assembly Process: Almost Ready to Go

The thing that caught my attention was the fact that there seemed to be very little assembly required. You simply unbox, plug in the power cord, and you’re just about set to go. The machine comes ready to rock and roll, which, to say the least, gets a definite thumbs up.

Loading the Paper and Adapting to Different Paper Sizes

The process of loading the paper was fairly straightforward and well guided. Pulling out the paper tray, adjusting the paper guides, all does require a bit of patience. However, it’s totally worth noting the ability to accommodate paper up to the size of A3. That’s a superb feature that will surely come in handy. Just ensuring the snug fit of the paper without any buckling and we’re done. Quick, efficient, and definitely satisfying, if you ask me.

Ink Cartridge Installation: Shaking off the Worries

The ink installation process was surprisingly simple. No fuss, no muss. Remove the protective plastic, get those ink cartridges out, give them a bit of a shake, and then you’re ready to install them in their respective color slots. This was by far the simplest part of the setup, even if it included a good, fun shake.

Finalizing Setup: Date, Time and Nozzle Alignment

Finalizing the setup didn’t require too much of a headache, as helpful instructions are right there on the screen. Setting up the time and date, printing the nozzle alignment sheet, and making minor corrections as necessary was a comfortable process to wrap up the installation.

In the end, the experience was refreshing, with none of the usual hurdles one often encounters while setting up a printer. The setup, instruction clarity, and overall user-friendly approach of this Brother printer are certainly commendable.

Weighing Brother MFC-J5855DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer

Going Wireless: Bid Adieu to Cables

  • Brother All-in-one printer offers wireless printing
  • Easy setup process with user-friendly instructions
  • Convenient and practical wireless printing

In our modern digital lifestyle, it’s safe to say that we all appreciate flexibility and convenience. And with this Brother All-in-one printer, I was delighted to find the option to go wireless. Yes, those knots of tangled cables are now becoming a thing of the past. Here’s how this printer helped to de-clutter my workspace.

Connecting to the Home Network: A Quick Guide

One might think that setting up a printer on a home network is an exercise that requires technical expertise. Believe me, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t the case with this printer. First, there’s a neatly streamlined process guided by a batch of user-friendly on-screen instructions.

To initiate the process, simply navigate to the settings icon, denoted by a small spanner. Then head onto the network option and select the wi-fi option. From there, it’s about finding your home network and inputting the password credentials, and voila, you’ve just set your printer up to your network.

Please bear in mind, stronger Wi-Fi signals will facilitate a smoother and quicker setup process.

Installing the Software: Almost there, folks!

Once your printer is connected to your home network, you’re just a step away from entering the realm of wireless printing. The Brother website holds the key to this last step.

Downloading and installing their software was a straightforward process. There’s also a quick startup guide that comes with it, which I found useful. I truly appreciate that with just a few clicks, you are ready to release all your printing work wirelessly.

In conclusion, the convenience and practicality of wireless printing cannot be overstated. The Brother All-in-one printer does a commendable job of simplifying the process, making it user-friendly, well within grasp for anyone regardless of their technical expertise.

The Advent of Mobile Printing

  • Brother MFC J5855DW Inkvestment Printer supports mobile printing
  • Brother iPrint & Scan App available on Apple Store and Google Play
  • Printing directly from mobile device made feasible

With the advancement of technology, printers have evolved from the tangle of wires to a wireless world of magic. And trust me, our new friend, the Brother MFC J5855DW Inkvestment Printer, is no exception! This all-in-one marvel is not only capable of dealing with your home or office printing jobs, but also comes with a feature that allows you to print on the go, straight from your mobile device. So, let’s dive into this exciting aspect.

Explore the Brother iPrint & Scan App

The ability to print directly from your smartphone or tablet is a feature that makes the Brother MFC J5855DW one a perfect fit for today’s mobile generation. The good news? The Brother iPrint & Scan app is readily available on both Apple Store and Google Play marketplace. Once downloaded and connected to the same network as your printer, you’re all equipped for a seamless mobile printing experience. However, I would appreciate if the app interface could be slightly more intuitive. Although it’s loaded with features, new users might need some time to get used to it.

The Freedom to Print from Your Mobile Device

Being able to print directly from your mobile device eliminates all the hassles of transferring files and documents. You could be sitting in your favorite chair, browsing through your photos, select one and directly send it for printing. No need to transfer the photo to your computer, no need to even get up (until you have to pick up the print, of course!). This convenience is a major leap forward in the printing realm, and Brother has done a commendable job incorporating it into this model. However, remember that both your smartphone and printer have to be on the same network, which might limit the functionality in some situations where connecting to the same network is not possible.

Shining Bright: What We Loved about the Brother Inkvestment Printer

  • Easy setup and minimal installation required
  • High-quality, fast printing capability
  • Large, hidden paper tray and extended ink supply

Having tried out the Brother MFC J5855DW Inkvestment tank color inkjet all-in-one printer for quite some time now, we discovered some remarkable features and functionalities that edged over other printers we have used. Here’s a roundup of what we absolutely loved about this device:

Setup Simplicity: An Unexpected Surprise

With tech products, we often brace for hefty setups and installations. However, with this printer, the setup process was frankly a breeze. Minimal assembly required and straightforward instructions truly expedited the whole process – certainly a point to appreciate in this busy world of ours!

Print Quality and Speed: Impressive Stats

The print results from the Brother Inkvestment Printer left us highly impressed. The prints not only boasted sharp, clearly rendered texts and images, but they were also produced quickly. With a speed of 25 to 30 pages per minute, this printer delivered high quality without making us wait – a commendable feat indeed!

Paper Tray: Hidden and High Capacity

A quality worth mentioning is the printer’s conveniently hidden, internal paper tray which shields paper from dust and pet hair – a common annoyance with many printers. Furthermore, its high capacity allows for less frequent refilling and handling, saving valuable time.

In Store: An Investment of Ink

Brother’s move to include a year’s worth of ink was something we genuinely appreciated. Knowing that we could print about 300 pages a month without worrying about sudden ink shortage was quite a relief. Although this number may vary depending on individual usage, the large supply is compelling for any high volume printer user.

Our Verdict

In a nutshell, the easy setup, outstanding print output, the clean, hidden, high capacity paper tray, and aptly named Inkvestment system greatly appealed to us. However, keep in mind that each user’s experience may differ based on their specific needs and applications. We believe it’s important to take into account these factors before making a purchase.

A Slight Whisker of Criticism

  • Brother MFC J5855DW lacks double-sided scanning
  • Double-sided scanning essential for legal documents
  • Printer still offers competitive features and value

At this point in my experience with the Brother MFC J5855DW, I had been largely positive – but it’s time to get a little critical. Despite its many fabulous features, there was one striking limitation that I noticed. This printer lacked the ability to scan both sides of a document, despite boasting the ability to print double-sided. For a machine of such caliber, this missing feature definitely felt out of place.

Double-Sided Scanning: An Overlooked Feature?

Rolling out the transparency, I found it slightly inconvenient not being able to perform double-sided scanning. Imagine needing to scan legal documents or certain forms which have information printed on both sides. You would need to scan one side, flip the page manually, and then scan the other, repeating this for every page in the document. This could potentially become a time-consuming process for those who frequently deal with double-sided documents.

Despite the minor setback…

But, let’s not forget that this was a minor drawback amidst the sea of features provided by this versatile printer. Sure, it’s a feature the printer could have benefited from, but it doesn’t necessarily overshadow the impressive range of functionality this machine delivers. The Brother MFC J5855DW inkvestment tank color inkjet all-in-one printer still offers serious value, making it a strong contender in this product category. Anyway, as with any product, it’s important to consider your own specific needs before making a purchasing decision. If double-sided scanning is a must-have feature for you, then this model might not be the one. But if that’s a compromise you’re willing to make, then there’s a lot to appreciate about this printer.

Gathering Opinions: Speaking to Matt

  • Brother MFC J5855DW printer offers high-quality prints
  • Swift printing speed impresses users
  • User satisfaction is common, offering credibility

The Brother MFC J5855DW Printer had already impressed me with its straightforward setup, excellent print quality, and innovative features. Yet to offer a well-rounded perspective, I decided to connect with another user – Matt.

Initial Impressions

Upon a casual conversation, Matt shared that he regarded the Brother printer as simply a printing tool initially. “It was just another printer until I printed this picture,” he said, surprised at the printer’s performance when he printed a high-detail photograph.

Quality of Print

He was excited about the full bleed right to the edge of the photo, something not observed commonly. He also pointed out the incredible detail in the printed photograph. His awe-struck reaction resonated with my experience. Indeed the Brother MFC J5855DW Printer seemed to offer an incredible quality of prints.

Speed of Printing

Besides the quality, Matt also noticed the swift printing speed. “This printer is insanely fast”, he exclaimed, impressed by the operational efficiency. Speed, as I can confirm, is yet another feather in the Brother printer’s cap.

After engaging with Matt, it emerged significantly that my own satisfaction with the printer was not an isolated experience. The Brother MFC J5855DW Printer had managed to impress another seasoned user with its robust performance, adding credibility to our evaluation.

However, conversations like these do not imply that the printer is devoid of any critiques. They merely serve to highlight its strengths vividly. In the next section, we tread into the area of constructive criticism.

Grading the Brother MFC J5855DW: A Notch Below Perfection

  • Brother MFC J5855DW printer scores 9 out of 10
  • Outstanding print quality and speed
  • Lacks double-sided scanning functionality

A Comprehensive Review and Final Rating

It’s time for the truth, the final judgment of the Brother MFC J5855DW printer. After dissecting every aspect, it’s time for a concluding statement. It has been quite a bumpy ride, full of impressive surprises as well as slight disappointments.

Unboxing and Setup Experience

Beginning the journey, the unboxing took everyone by surprise. The printer was almost ready-to-use right from the start and the setup was indeed a breeze. The inclusion of a year’s worth of ink and the fact that very little assembly was required, were great bonus points.

Printing Quality and Speed

Another significant facet that surely needs praise is the print quality and speed. It is perhaps one of the best-in-class experiences to be found with inkjet printers. With a speed of around 25 to 30 pages per minute, it is indeed an efficient device.

Handling Paper and Ink

The clever design of the internal paper tray protecting against dust accumulation showed thoughtful engineering. And of course, the ample ink storage system is a huge benefit for prolonged use.

Shortcomings: Double-Sided Scanning

Yet, even the best devices have their areas of deficiency. In this scenario, the inability to perform double-sided scanning came as a minor setback. Particularly for a printer that prides itself on two-sided printing, this inability seemed notably inconsistent.

The Final Verdict

Taking these features cumulatively, the Brother MFC J5855DW Inkvestment Tank Inkjet All-In-One Printer stands out as an impressive performer overall, with just a few quirks. So, what’s the final score?

Final Score: 9 out of 10

Yes, considering the multitude of features, impressive performance and minor drawbacks, a score of 9 out of 10 seems fair. It’s not often that you come across a device that beautifully couples efficiency with quality as this printer does. However, it’s important to remember that even exceptional devices can surprise you with their small idiosyncrasies.

How Can You Own One? Exploring the Options

  • Brother MFC J5855DW printer can be purchased directly
  • Participation in review giveaways offers another acquisition method

If experiencing this review has piqued your interest in the Brother MFC J5855DW printer, you’re probably wondering about how you can get your hands on one. Luckily, there are a couple of exciting ways you can make this all-in-one printer a part of your home or office setup.

Purchasing The Brother MFC J5855DW

The first and immediate way to own this printer is to make a purchase. Foregoing the thrill of a giveaway contest, you can simply go to any renowned online marketplace that sells this product. The price of the printer was $299.99 at the time of this review. Remember, cost can vary slightly depending on the platform and any ongoing promotions, so do your homework before making the buying decision.

The Review Giveaway

The second way, which could be more fun and exciting, is to engage with a giveaway contest. Many product review platforms run these contests as a way to engage their audience, and fortunately, the Brother MFC J5855DW printer is often among the prizes.

Note: The method to participate usually includes following the platform, commenting, or engaging in a designated way. I suggest you carefully read through the rules of the contest for a fair chance of winning.

In conclusion, whether you decide to make an immediate purchase or try your luck in a giveaway contest, the Brother MFC J5855DW Printer can very well become a part of your digital tools. Remember, the choice always lies with you, and it’s important you make a decision that suits your needs the most.

Concluding Thoughts and Future Awaits

Having navigated through the intricacies of the Brother MFC J5855DW, I now find myself harboring a profound appreciation for this remarkable all-in-one printer. It’s marvellous how technology has evolved to accommodate our pressing needs with such precision and convenience.

Review Recap

From unboxing to exploring the printer’s impressive features, it’s been an enlightening journey. The initial setup process, undoubtedly, stood out with its sheer simplicity. It had all the makings of a smooth ride, making the journey feel less like a task and more like an empowering step into the future of printing. The print quality and the speed did not disappoint either, with the machine living up to its substantial claims.

However, no product is without its subtle flaws. The lack of double-sided scanning lodged a small thorn in an otherwise blissful experience. While not a deal-breaker, it’s a feature that genuinely could enhance the user experience.

The Future Awaits

I can’t help but eagerly anticipate the ways this remarkable printer could revolutionize our work and personal lives. Its wireless connectivity, remarkable print quality, and the convenience of the Brother iPrint & Scan app make it more than just a printer; it’s a handy assistant that simplifies tasks and streamlines our daily routines.

From an unbiased perspective, the Brother MFC J5855DW certainly leaves a lasting impression. Despite its minute shortfalls, it proves to be a powerhouse of functionality and efficiency. Moving forward, it’s promising to see the progress thus far and I’m excited to watch this space for what lies ahead.

If you find this printer appealing to your needs, don’t forget to explore the purchase options mentioned above. It just might be time to elevate your printing experiences to this new platform of efficiency.

Should you buy the Brother MFC-J5855DW INKvestment Tank Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer?

Buy it if…

You Require High Printing Volume

The Brother All-In-One printer comes with approximately a year’s worth of ink and has the capacity to accommodate A3 size paper. This is ideal if you frequently need to print a large number of pages.

You Value High-Quality Prints

The printer boasts an impressive print quality, making it a great choice if high-resolution printing is important to you.

You Enjoy Wireless Convenience

The printer provides the option for you to connect it to your home network and print from your mobile device using the Brother iPrint & Scan App, which can increase your level of convenience and efficiency.

Don’t buy it if…

You Require Dual-Sided Scanning

If you often scan documents that are printed on both sides, this printer lacks the ability to perform double-sided scanning, making it less suitable for your needs.

You Prefer Clear Product Names

The model name, ‘Inkvestment tank’, can mislead you into thinking it’s an ink tank printer. If clear and straightforward product names are important to you, this can be a detriment.

You Need Compact Home Office Equipment

The printer appears to be large and heavy, which may not be the best fit if you have limited space or prefer lightweight and compact equipment for your home office.


Do I have to assemble the printer on my own?
No, the printer comes almost ready to use. Minimal assembly is required, such as installing the paper and the ink cartridges.
Does the printer include any ink?
Yes, the printer comes with an entire year’s worth of ink, which is estimated to be enough for around 300 pages a month.
Does the printer have wireless capabilities?
Yes, the printer can be connected to your home network for wireless printing, or be connected directly to your computer via a USB.
Can I print from my mobile device?
Yes, as long as your smartphone is on the same network, you can print directly from your mobile device using the Brother iPrint & Scan app.
Does the printer support double-sided printing?
Yes, the printer supports double-sided printing but does not support double-sided scanning.
What is the print quality and speed of this printer?
This printer offers high-quality prints, possibly the best quality from an inkjet. It can print around 25 to 30 pages per minute.
How can I get this printer?
You can purchase the printer through the provided purchase link or you can participate in the Review-to-you drawing to win the printer for free.

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