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Review: Bluetooth Speaker, MusiBaby Speaker – Solid performer in sound and functionality.

Detailed review of the Music Baby Bluetooth Speaker with user experiences... Read more

Review of Bluetooth Speaker, MusiBaby Speaker

Test of Bluetooth Speaker, MusiBaby Speaker

4.4/5 - (47488 votes)

Cena: $30.28


  • Good quality sound
  • Easy to pair with device
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Long playback time
  • Versatile with various input options
  • Affordable price
  • Dual pairing feature


  • Sound quality varies with power source
  • Uses Micro USB, not USB-C
  • Indicator light visibility issue
  • May be slightly low on loudness

“After spending some quality time with the Music Baby portable Bluetooth speaker, I’ve found it to be a solid performer when it comes to sound and functionality. It’s clear, powerful, and quite user-friendly with various plugging options. While I was initially puzzled about its micro USB charging instead of using the more modern USB-C, the overall experience shadowed this minor setback. The price tag is quite reasonable for the features it offers. However, like with any device, how it holds up over time would be the real test. As of now, I comfortably recommend it as a competent companion for music enthusiasts.”

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Brand MusiBaby
Model Name MusiBaby M68
Speaker Type Portable
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
Special Feature Bass Boost, Portable, Waterproof, Usb Port, Stereo pairing


Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts! If you’ve ever found yourself on the hunt for a robust and reliable Bluetooth portable speaker, you’re in for a treat. Today, we’re taking a close look at a little musical powerhouse, lovingly christened the “Music Baby” by its creators at Musa Beatty.

Crafting First Impressions

Now, everyone knows that the initial relationship we form with a product goes way beyond what it’s supposed to do. It’s about the expectations it sets up before we’ve even tried it out. Now, I must admit, I’ve had a fair share of Bluetooth speakers sent my way, but the distinct personality of Music Baby triggers pleasant curiosity right from the start.

A Package Full of Surprises

What drew me in at first glance was the attention to detail, visible even in the ingenious packaging. Upon opening the box, I was greeted with the promise of waterproof function, dual pairing, and a quite ambitious claim of 1500 minutes of playtime. Even the small playful twist on time representation—switching hours with minutes—while trivial, gives a sense of charm and personality to the product.

Remember, it’s always these subtle elements that make or break our initial perception of a product. Now, let’s carry this energy forward as we dive deeper into the individual elements of the Music Baby.

Evaluating Bluetooth Speaker, MusiBaby Speaker

Delving into the Details

  • Music Baby speaker is lightweight, chic, and compact
  • Package includes lanyard, USB cord, and extra cables
  • Unique aesthetic but indicator light visibility issue

Feasting Eyes on the Music Baby: Physical Attributes

Up close and personal, the Music Baby Bluetooth portable speaker is nothing short of captivating. Lightweight, chic, and compact, its look is designed to charm from the very beginning, while also giving off the promise of extreme portability. The black design only accentuates its modern and sleek appearance. The rubber seal at the bottom guarantees stability, further insisting on its practicality. However, I won’t jump into conclusions just based on the initial examination, without taking the Music Baby for a spin.

Examining the Contents: Extra Elements Included in the Package

Along with the speaker, the package comes with a handful of extra contents. This includes a lanyard, a USB cord, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack audio cable. Also, much to my surprise, the manufacturer has included an auxiliary cable, which is a nice little add-on that is not commonly offered. However, I do have some reservations about the fact the speaker charges using micro USB instead of USB-C, which is slowly becoming more and more of an industry standard.

On-site Visuals: The Overall Look of the Music Baby

The front of the speaker is adorned by a mesh-like screen with the Music Baby emblem tastefully placed. The cleverly placed buttons remain somewhat invisible when not in use, contributing to the sleek visuals. However, I quickly notice an indicator light tucked away behind the controls. While this small detail won’t constitute a deal-breaker to most, the lack of visibility might be less intuitive for some users to follow especially once the speaker gets going. All in all, from its unique aesthetics to its compact form factor, the Music Baby makes a strong argument for a top-tier portable speaker.

Appraisal of Bluetooth Speaker, MusiBaby Speaker

Setup Sensations & Features

  • Bluetooth pairing is seamless and straightforward
  • Speaker delivers clear sound, especially in bass notes
  • Volume increases significantly when plugged in

Setting up the Music Baby was a breeze. To get the ball rolling, you long press the phone button for three seconds and voila – it comes to life, ready to serenade you with its beats.

Bobbing to the Bluetooth Beat: Pairing Process Exposed!

First thing’s first – the Bluetooth pairing. Navigating through my device’s Bluetooth menu, I stumbled upon ‘Music Baby M68’ and with a quick tap, we were connected. The pairing was seamless and straightforward. However, what caught my eye was that it did not have any indicated light to signal connection, unless you lift the unit’s flap, a bit of a bummer there.

Scouting for Sound: Pros & Cons of Playback Performance

On the performance end, the speaker did have some surprises in store. On playing a track, you’ll spot an awesome blue light, adding some visual zest to your music.

Now, about one little hiccup – the light isn’t visible when the flap is on, which can be somewhat irksome if you like to revel in those groovy vibes. But let’s not allow that minuscule flaw to steal the limelight from its sound output.

A True Test of Power: Comparing Sound Outputs

The speaker output was another factor that demanded attention. When tested without plug-in power, the speaker was audible, if not as loud as some users may prefer. But at closer listen, it delivered a clarity of sound, especially in the bass notes, that somewhat makes up for the volume inadequacy.

Plugging it in – well, that’s where things heat up! The speaker volume pumps up noticeably, with more power backing it. A pretty smart feature!

In conclusion, though the Music Baby has a few niggles, its charm lies in an assured bass performance and redefined power-packed output when plugged in. Here’s looking forward to exploring more of its many tales!

Dissection of Bluetooth Speaker, MusiBaby Speaker

Music Baby: Unpacked & Unleashed

  • Music Baby Bluetooth speaker delivers clear and crisp sound
  • Speaker maintains performance regardless of charge state
  • Battery life features 1500 minutes of playtime

Unwrapping a new gadget is always a rush, and the Music Baby portable Bluetooth speaker was no different. Distinct in its compact design and promising a whole load of features, I eagerly dug in to test just how well this speaker performs.

A True Test of Power: Comparing Sound Outputs

Armed with a combination of charged excitement and cautious skepticism, I powered on the speaker and connected it to my tablet. The sound at different volumes was certainly clear, and it did a commendable job when it came to bass response. You can easily distinguish the thump of the bass in quiet surroundings.

However, don’t expect it to bring down the house with its volume. Yes, it’s clear, but it’s not overwhelmingly loud. Then came the ‘juiced-up’ test. I plugged in the charger, hoping that this might give it that extra boost of energy for better sound output. To my surprise, the sound level and quality remained consistent whether it was plugged in or not. It’s satisfying to see that the speaker maintains its performance and doesn’t rely on being fully charged to work its magic.

Let’s Talk Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the Music Baby arrived with 80% charge – not too shabby. It boasts 1500 minutes of playtime which is pretty intriguing. I couldn’t fully test the accuracy of this claim in the course of one session, but it certainly didn’t run out of juice before I was done testing the device.

High Notes and Low Notes

On a more critical note, I noticed that the indicator light is slightly hidden when the speaker cover is on. This can make it difficult to tell if the speaker is on or not. It might seem like a minor issue, but a more clearly visible indicator lights could improve the user experience.

In conclusion, the Music Baby holds its own as a portable Bluetooth Speaker. It may not possess earth-shattering volume, but clarity and crispness of sound more than make up for that. It’s a handy little device that doesn’t compromise on sound quality and certainly proves to be worth its price point.

Thoughts on Bluetooth Speaker, MusiBaby Speaker

Playing Around the Edges

  • Music Baby offers more than Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports play from flash drive and has auxiliary input
  • Control panel is user-friendly with intuitive labels

Now, it’s time to explore some intriguing attributes that set this Music Baby apart from other portable Bluetooth speakers in the market.

Exploring Additional Pluggable Features: USB, Flash Drive & More

What impressed me was that this speaker does offer more than just Bluetooth connectivity. Look at this array of pluggable goodness. On one side, you’ll find a well-enclosed flap that harbors some additional secrets. I was a tad disappointed that it didn’t have USC-C but upon opening the flap, I came face to face with a Micro-USB port for charging, and a couple of outlets, unheard of for speakers at this price range.

Let me share: The Music Baby allows you to play files from a flash drive. Yes, you heard it right. In our digital age, when everything is wireless and cloud-based, this speaker has a slot dedicated for data cards. Bonus, isn’t it?

The device also sports an old-school 3.5mm headphone jack. An auxiliary input not commonly found in all portable speakers, and in this case, a definite plus point. I must admit, it’s thoughtful of Music Baby to cater to the wired crowd as well.

The Control Panel: Navigating through Buttons & Modes

First glances could leave you thinking that controlling this speaker could require a degree in rocket science, trust me, it doesn’t. It was easy to turn on and off with a simple long press on the phone button. Thumbs up for those icons that are intuitively labelled.

Here’s a quick rundown on the controls:

  • A long press on the plus or minus buttons is all it takes to alter the volume to your preferences.
  • Double tap of the phone button and there you are, smoothly shifting from USB to data card mode, or to auxiliary input and Bluetooth. An easy way to transition without a hitch.

Oh, did I mention? You also get a visual confirmation – the blue indicator light. A good feature until obscured by anything else. I found it quite useful during my trial.

All of this, for only $28? Yes, please! But, let’s not rush into conclusions right away. Read on for my final verdict.

Considering Bluetooth Speaker, MusiBaby Speaker

Verdict & Farewell

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? After having played around with this Music Baby speaker, I’ve got a thing or two to say.

Is the Price Right for this Portable Powerhouse?

Well, priced at around $28, the Music Baby Bluetooth speaker definitely doesn’t leave a hole in your wallet. It’s quite impressive how they’ve managed to pack quite a range of features into such a modest price point. From sound quality to playback duration, it does fairly well on multiple fronts. However, let’s not forget the lack of USB-C charging. It may seem like a small oversight, but this does hold it back from achieving that seamless user experience. Let’s just say, it hits a lot of the right notes but does fall flat on some.

Signing Off: Leaving A Lasting Impression of the Music Baby

In the final analysis, weighing the pros and the cons, this speaker does make a decent impression. While it isn’t the most powerful portable speaker out there, its affordability and versatility more than make up for that dip in high-end performance. It could be the perfect companion for those who love to enjoy their tunes on the go, without burning a hole in the pocket. But, for the audiophiles out there who might expect this to match up against some of the pricier, more premium portable speakers – this may not hit the mark.

So, whether or not the Music Baby will hit the right note, largely depends on what you seek. Looking for value-for-money and willing to sacrifice top-tier performance? This could be your jam!

That’s it from my end on the Music BabyBluetooth speaker. Take it or leave it, the call’s ultimately yours. But one thing’s for sure, it’s music to some ears out there!

Should you buy the Bluetooth Speaker, MusiBaby Speaker?

Buy it if…

Looking for Incredible Audio Experience

With its impressive 360-degree surround sound, booming bass and high-quality stereo, the Music Baby speaker is great for music lovers who appreciate high-quality audio.

Need Portable & Durable Design

If you’re constantly on-the-go or planning lots of outdoor activities, you’ll appreciate the waterproof IPX5 feature, lightweight design and the added lanyard for easy transport.

Desire Long Playtime

The speaker boasts 1500 minutes of playtime, making it ideal for parties, long trips or if you just don’t want to constantly charge your speaker.

Don’t buy it if…

Prefer USB-C Charging

If you prefer modern USB-C charging system, you might be disappointed since it uses a micro USB for charging.

Expect an Indicator Light

The lack of a visible indicator light may be a downside for users who prefer a clear visual sign of the device’s status.

Looking for Louder Volume

If you want a small speaker, but with a volume that fills a large room, you might find the volume output in this speaker inadequate.


What is included in the package of the Music Baby Bluetooth speaker?
The Music Baby Bluetooth speaker comes with a charging cable, auxiliary cable, a lanyard and an instruction booklet.
How do I pair my device to the Music Baby speaker?
You can pair your device to the Music Baby speaker by long pressing the phone button for three seconds until it comes on, then find ‘Music Baby’ on your device’s Bluetooth settings and connect to it.
What control options does the Music Baby speaker have?
The Music Baby speaker allows control over phone operations, volume adjustments, and mode changes. You can long press the phone button to turn it on or off, bump the plus sign to go forward, and long press to turn the volume down.
Does the speaker come with a charger?
Yes, the speaker comes with a micro USB cable for charging.
What features does the Music Baby speaker have?
The Music Baby speaker is waterproof, has a 360-degree surround sound, a blue indicator light, and is portable. It also supports pairing with another speaker, features dual pairing, and can be connected to USB, flash drive, and auxiliary devices.
What is the speaker’s battery life?
The Music Baby Bluetooth speaker offers 1500 minutes of playtime.
Where can I buy the Music Baby Bluetooth speaker?
The Music Baby Bluetooth speaker can be purchased on Amazon. A link for the purchase can be found in the video description.

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