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Review: BLUEAIR Air Purifier DustMagnet 5410i – Notably decreases dust, purifies air efficiently

Reviewing Blueair Dust Magnet’s performance, features, and potential shortcomings in dust purification... Read more

Review of BLUEAIR Air Purifier DustMagnet 5410i

Test of BLUEAIR Air Purifier DustMagnet 5410i

4.5/5 - (404 votes)

Cena: $368.00


  • Effectively reduces dust in the room
  • Convenient Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Integration with Amazon’s Smart Assistant
  • Easy to monitor and control via Blueair app
  • Serves dual purpose as air purifier and side table
  • Easy filter replacement with subscription service


  • High starting price
  • Poor cord management
  • Occasionally inconsistent scheduling feature
  • Limited to Amazon’s Assistant, No Google or Apple

“After six months of consistent usage, I can confidently attest that the Blueair Dust Magnet delivers on its promise of purifying the air and vastly reducing dust. While it’s not a magic wand that will completely eradicate the need for traditional dusting, it does noticeably decrease the frequency. However, the device is more of a luxury than a necessity, with its high price point and its still required optimal placement for best performance. While it has a couple of shortcomings, such as lack of proper cord management and occasional scheduling mishaps, the convenience of the associated app and the smart integration it provides, for me, make it a worthy investment, especially for those of us who are at war with dust.”

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Color White
Brand Blueair
Product Dimensions 11.4″D x 11.4″W x 21.3″H
Floor Area 357 Square Feet
Specification Met AHAM Certified, Energy Star Certified, CARB Certified

My Six-Month War on Dust: Testing the Blueair Dust Magnet

If you’re like me, you understand that “dust” is a four-letter word. It seems to accumulate everywhere, and the moment you swish a cloth over your furniture, your place looks a day from needing another round. So, when I chanced upon Blueair’s Dust Magnet, an air purifier that not only promises to cleanse the air but also remove the dust, I was intrigued. But was it worth the $319? I had no option but to find out.

The Battle Begins: My Initial Thoughts and Expectations

The Dust Magnet seemed like everything I needed. My dust-laden black furniture and carpeted bedroom would finally be saved from constant dusting? Bring it on! With high hopes and a note of skepticism, I introduced the Dust Magnet into my home.

Initial Impression:

The sleek-looking device was convenient to set up and seemed to blend well with my decor. However, it also left me with a lot of questions. How well will it work? Is it worth the cost? What about maintenance?

A Closer Look: Understanding How the Dust Magnet Works

I was, needless to say, a bit skeptical at Blueair’s assertion about the Dust Magnet creating an invisible vortex that traps airborne dust and funnels it into the machine. However, when I examined the positively-charged pre-filters two weeks into use, I could see a noticeable amount of dust. The device was indeed working – it didn’t seem like a marketing gimmick anymore.

Things to Remember: Factors Affecting the Dust Magnet’s Performance

During my experience, I figured out that certain factors noticeably affected the Dust Magnet’s performance. Firstly, the placement of the device was crucial. It needed to be at least five inches away from the wall, and the furniture closer to it accumulated less dust than that further away.


Blueair claims that the Dust Magnet removes 99% of the dust before it settles. But remember, this refers to small dust particles and assumes you have the fan speed on high for over 20 minutes. This might be a bit unrealistic as you probably won’t have the high speed on all the time.

These are just a few key points from my six-month experience with the Blueair Dust Magnet. It’s nowhere near perfect but this little device did change the game for me in my war against dust. As someone who despises dust, it was definitely a purchase I don’t regret.

Should you buy the BLUEAIR Air Purifier DustMagnet 5410i?

Buy it if…

You’re tired of frequent dusting

The Blueair Dust Magnet promises to reduce the amount of dusting you need to do, by trapping airborne dust and sucking it into the machine.

You want a Wi-Fi connected Air Purifier

With Wi-Fi connectivity, the Blueair Dust Magnet allows you to monitor and control indoor air quality remotely through the BlueAir app.

You need a sleek, dual-purpose device

The Blueair Dust Magnet also functions as a side table, making it a versatile and stylish addition to your interior decor.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a tight budget

Starting price of $319 is pretty steep and may not suit those on a budget.

You want a device that’s compatible with Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit

At the moment, the Dust Magnet only syncs with Amazon’s Smart Assistant, which may be inconvenient for users of other smart home tech.

You want perfect cord management

The device doesn’t offer much in the way of cord management, which could lead to clutter or create tripping hazards.


How long did you test the Blueair Dust Magnet?
I tested the Blueair Dust Magnet for over six months.
What is the starting price of Blueair Dust Magnet?
The starting price of Blueair Dust Magnet is $319 US dollars.
Does the placement of the Dust Magnet affect its performance?
Yes, the Dust Magnet needs to be at least five inches away from a wall for optimal performance. I found that where I positioned mine near my desk resulted in less dust on that side of the room.
Does the Blueair Dust Magnet also function as a side table?
Yes, Blueair designed the Dust Magnet to serve as both an air purifier and a side table.
How frequently do the filters need to be replaced?
The main filters are rated for a life of six to 12 months, depending on your indoor air quality and use.
Can the Blueair Dust Magnet be controlled remotely?
Yes, the Blueair app allows you to control your air purifier remotely and offers a scheduling feature.
Can I integrate the Dust Magnet with my smart home system?
You can connect the Blueair Dust Magnet to Amazon’s Smart Assistant through the Alexa Skills feature in the Alexa app. However, there’s currently no proper way to connect the Dust Magnet to the Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit.
What are the downsides of the Dust Magnet?
The two main downsides I found with the Dust Magnet are cord management and sometimes inconsistent scheduling feature, which might be due to a software bug.
Can I get an air purifier for a cheaper price?
Yes, you can get an air purifier for a cheaper price. Blueair also sells air purifiers at a lower price than the Dust Magnet, like the 411 Auto.
Are there other comparable air purifiers you can recommend?
Yes, you might also want to consider the Blueair 411 Auto and the Coway AirMega 250. You can find reviews of these air purifiers in the description or in the playlist to the right.

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