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Review: BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White – Lightweight with strong suction for easy cleaning

Experience our detailed review of the Black and Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum... Read more

Review of BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

Table of Contents

Test of BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

4.3/5 - (4852 votes)

Cena: $76.67


  • Powerful 20V cyclonic filtration motor
  • 44 minutes runtime on low power
  • Integrated LED floodlight for hidden dirt
  • Rotating anti-tangle brush bar
  • Seamless transition between multiple surfaces
  • Can be converted to handheld vacuum
  • Lightweight at only 8.5 pounds


  • Brush bar jams with large items
  • Only 11 minutes operation at full power
  • Requires 5 hours to fully charge
  • Not suitable for extensive cleaning tasks

“Overall, I find the Black and Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum to be a decent investment for its price point. Its lightweight design, combined with strong suction, makes cleaning a breeze, even in those harder-to-reach areas. However, its slightly underperforming battery life and propensity for occasional brush bar clogs leave room for improvement. It may not be adequate for a comprehensive spring cleaning, but for smaller apartments or quick-room cleans, it offers real value. So, with some thoughtful usage and care, this vacuum could indeed be a potent cleaning ally.”

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Special Feature Compact
Filter Type Disk
Included Components (1) BHFEA520J Stick Vacuum; (1) Crevice Tool; (1) Jack Plug Charger; (1) Wall Mount
Is Cordless? Yes

Introduction: Venturing into the World of Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Welcome, folks! In our journey to discover the most efficient household appliances, we’ve focused our investigative lens on the much-needed cleaning companion – the vacuum cleaner. But not just any vacuum cleaner, we’re delving into the world of cordless stick vacuum cleaners.

Why Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners?

Nowadays, cordless stick vacuum cleaners have become an essential for many, offering convenience, power, and versatility all in one package. With a myriad of options in the market, making a choice can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we decided to test out different models, picking apart their specs, assessing their performance, and putting them through the most challenging cleaning scenarios we could think of.

Unbiased and Real–Experience Based Reviews

In all our reviews, we make every effort to remain unbiased. We don’t let flashy ads or product promotions influence our assessment. We test these products in real environments, subjecting them to real messes, just like you would in your own home. We know that a high-quality vacuum cleaner is an investment and we want to help ensure that it’s a worthwhile one for you.

Today’s Contender

So, today we have something quite exciting to share with you. Our spotlight is on the Black and Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum. We put this model through its paces and present to you all its tidbits – the good and the bad. So, join us as we venture into the nitty-gritty of this appliance!

Testing BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

Background: Our Love for Cordless Stick Vacuums

  • Cordless stick vacuums offer convenience and efficiency
  • Their light, slender design allows for free movement
  • Reviews focus on unbiased, critical evaluation of functionality

It’s almost impossible to hide our fascination with cordless stick vacuums. The convenience they provide, the efficiency they deliver, and the innovation they display never cease to amaze us. They have become an integral part of our household cleaning routines, and we are always curious and excited to check out the newest models and evaluate their performances. However, it’s essential to state that our predilection doesn’t mean that we turn a blind eye to their shortcomings. We always ensure to approach every review with a balanced viewpoint, focusing on not just the highs, but also the lows of each product.

Why We Favor Cordless Stick Vacuums

The primary aspect of cordless stick vacuums that wins us over is the freedom of movement they offer. Say goodbye to the struggle of dealing with cords that always seem to tangle or not reach far enough. A cordless vacuum allows you to move freely, reaching even the remotest corners of your house. Their lightweight and slender design further add to the convenience factor, making cleaning less of an exhausting chore.

Our Experience – Successes and Failures

In our journey of exploring and reviewing numerous cordless stick vacuum models, we have had mixed experiences. We’ve come across some remarkable models that captured our hearts with their strong suction power, battery life, and cleaning flexibility. However, we’ve also met with appliances that disappointed us with underwhelming performances.

For instance, we once tried a model that promised high-end features and exceptional performance. While the vacuum had a pretty design, its execution left much to be desired. It failed to deliver the promised suction power, struggled with large debris, and had a woefully short battery life. This experience helped us understand that flashy marketing and appearance are not always indicative of high functionality.

Our Unbiased and Critical Approach

These varied experiences have instilled in us the importance of maintaining an unbiased and critical perspective. As reviewers, our goal is to provide you with trusted and accurate cleaning appliance evaluations, helping you decide the model that best fits your needs.

Synopsis: BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

Features and Specs: Black Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum

  • Runs on 20-volt Cyclonic filtration motor
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery for up to 44 minutes run-time
  • Features autosense technology and can convert into handheld vacuum

Now let’s dive into the real deal, and explore the features and specifications of the Black Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum.

Power Driving the Suction

First thing’s first, let’s talk about the heart of this vacuum – its suction power. The Power Series Plus runs on a 20-volt Cyclonic filtration motor. The power, quite impressively, is enough to take on a good amount of debris and dirt.

Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery: Runtime and Charging

The Power Factor: The vacuum is energized by an integrated lithium-ion battery in the handle. A cut above the rest, this battery takes around five hours to charge up. On low power and sans accessories, you can enjoy up to 44 minutes run-time. Decent enough for a quick round but might feel a bit tight for more extensive cleaning sessions.

LED Light and Anti-Tangle Brush Bar: Uncovering Hidden Dirt

Let’s shine some light on another cool feature – an LED floodlight integrated into the vacuum head. This handy little thing illuminates hidden dirt and dust. It’s not something you find in every cordless vacuum, and I must admit, it’s more useful than you’d initially think.

Another neat feature is the rotating anti-tangle brush bar. It’s designed to pick up hair and debris without getting clogged. Great for homes with pets or long-haired inhabitants.

Autosensing Technology: Adapting Suction to Surfaces

If versatility is what you seek, then you’ll appreciate the autosense technology. This vacuum effectively regulates suction depending on the detritus you’re trying to vacuum. This means it can transition seamlessly from tile to carpet to hardwood floors.

Versatility: From Floor Cleaner to Handheld Vacuum

Finally, say you want to clean those harder-to-reach areas like corners or stairs – no problem. Remove the main stem and motorised head, add the supplied crevice tool, and voila! You’ve got yourself a handheld vacuum. All in all, quite an array of features tucked neatly into a compact package. Stay tuned as we put this vacuum to the test and explore more of its various advantages and disadvantages in the next section.

Investigation of BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

The Almighty Suck Test: Does the Black Decker Stand its Ground?

  • Black Decker vacuum efficiently adapts to different surfaces
  • User-friendly clean-up process and convenient storage
  • May require multiple passes for rougher surfaces

Now let’s get to the part we all have been waiting for – the real life testing. We believe, after all, that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, or in our case, vacuuming!

The Cross-surface Mess Challenge

We created a mess extending across two different floor surfaces to really put the Black Decker to the test. With a mix of dirt types, we examined its capability to pick up debris on both, carpet and tile.

Results? It missed a bit of dirt on the first pass, but impressive was its ability to adapt seamlessly to the changing surface. The technology in the vacuum allowed it to adjust to the surface type without any manual intervention from us.

Easy Clean-up and Convenient Storage

One thing publishers often forget is that implementing the vacuum isn’t the end – what about the clean-up afterwards?

The Black Decker made life easy here. On pressing a button to release the dust bin, we could simply empty the contents into the trash and voila – it was ready for the next round! The vacuum also stands upright and tucks away easily allowing for convenient storage.

Overall assessment? The Black Decker showed proficiency in dealing with household dirt and proved its adaptability to different floor types. Its user-friendly clean-up process and compact storage only added scores to its favor. However, perfectionists might notice a few missed bits on the initial pass, so it might call for a bit more patience when dealing with rougher surfaces.

Overview of BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

Advantages: What We Loved About the Black Decker Power Series Plus

  • Easy to lift, manoeuvre, and clean overhead items
  • Potent suction, ideal for common household dirt
  • Autosense technology adjusts suction depending on surface

There was certainly a lot to like about the Black Decker Power Series Plus. Now, let’s dive into the details that made a lasting, positive impression.

Lightweight Yet Powerful: Cleaning Overhead Items with Ease

When it comes to the convenience of cleaning, the Power Series Plus definitely has a lot to offer. At just eight and a half pounds, this vacuum is easy to lift and manoeuvre . I was particularly impressed how it allows for easy cleaning of items overhead, like window seals, curtains, and ceilings. It was effortless to handle , and I didn’t feel any strain on my arms even after an extended period of use.

Potent Suction: Adept at Handling Household Dust and Rubbish

In terms of performance, the Black Decker Power Series Plus genuinely impressed me with its capability to pick up common household dirt and rubbish. Transitioning seamlessly from one surface to another, its suction power was reliable throughout. Whether cleaning up crumbs after a busy breakfast or tidying up after your furry friends, I found the Power Series Plus to be a stalwart cleaning companion.

What drew me in particularly was its autosense technology that adjusts the suction automatically depending on the surface you’re vacuuming. This technology added to the overall refined user experience, making the cleaning process more effective and less taxing.

It’s worth mentioning that the practical features and the robust performance of the Power Series Plus left me with a positive impression, showcasing Black Decker’s commitment to balance utility with user convenience.

Rundown: BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

Disadvantages: What Disappointed Us

  • Anti-tangle brush bar prone to jamming
  • Disappointing battery performance

In our relentless pursuit of delivering honest and comprehensive product reviews, we found a couple of hang-ups with the Black and Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum. Don’t get us wrong, the product generally holds up pretty well against its competitors. However, there were a few downsides that may give some potential buyers pause.

Unclogging Challenges: Goodbye Rug Tassels and Charger Cables

First off, the vacuum features an anti-tangle brush bar that is supposed to pick up hair and debris without getting clogged up. However, our experience didn’t quite mirror this. For instance, when we happened to vacuum over a loose charger cable, the brush bar got jammed. The same happened when it got too close to the tassels on a rug.

This could be a real inconvenience for users who have to stop the cleaning process to unclog the device. Despite the ‘anti-tangle’ promised feature, it seems prudent to keep an eye out and manually clear the path of any potentially ‘jamming’ obstacles.

Battery Performance: Not Quite Spring Cleaning Material

Another sticking point we found with this vacuum is its battery performance. On paper, its integrated lithium-ion battery offers a decent runtime of up to 44 minutes on low power. In practice, though, if you’re running it full blast, the vacuum juice depletes significantly faster. In fact, we experienced just 11 minutes of operation on full power before it required another 5-hour charge.

For those seeking to handle a full-fledged spring cleaning or an exhaustive tidying session, you might find yourself hitting the pause button on this cordless vacuum more frequently than you’d like. In short, the actual runtime grapples with meeting its promising battery specifications.

In conclusion, while we appreciate the Black and Decker Power Series Plus for its unique features and notable perks, it’s worth acknowledging these potential shortcomings. After all, it’s these elements of transparency and fairness that enrich our reviews and pave the way for well-informed purchasing decisions.

Report: BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

Ranking: A Final Verdict on the Black Decker Power Series Plus

  • Black Decker Power Series Vacuum has versatility and adaptability
  • Scored 8/10 for power, features, usability, value
  • Room for improvement in run time and recharge time

It’s about time we lay down the final cards. After rigorously testing the Black Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum in various conditions, here’s our unbiased and honest review:

The Value Proposition: Is It Worth the $133 Price Tag?

At a first glance, you might think $133 is a bit steep for a compact cordless vacuum cleaner. However, when you factor in the versatility, the integrated battery, anti-tangle brush bar, and its ability to adapt to different floor types, you begin to see the value.

There’s no denying that this little machine packs a decent punch for its size and delivers on its promised functionalities, making it a solid choice for those living in small apartments or if you‘re in need of a quick, efficient cleaner for a single room. Yet, certain limitations – such as shorter run time on full power and minor brush bar issues – may discourage full-house deep-cleaning enthusiasts or anyone accidentally sucking up charger cables and rug tassels. Note: invest your money wisely based on your priority and needs.

A Rating Out of 10

After assessing various factors – power, features, usability, and the value it provides, we’ve decided to give the Black Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum a score of 8 out of 10 .

This score reflects both its strengths and weaknesses. It’s a versatile and lightweight machine that provides good suction power, capable of handling different surfaces. The adjustable angle of the head is a great design feature, and the LED lighting is helpful. The 44 minutes run time on low power is sufficient for quick cleanups, but a mere 11 minutes on full power can be limiting for a more thorough cleaning spree. Ease of switching to a handheld vacuum is also a positive.

However, brush bar jams and the substantial recharge time are areas where there’s room for improvement. While it won’t replace your heavy-duty vacuum for large or intense cleaning tasks, it fits the bill for those seeking a trusty companion for quick and efficient daily touch-ups.

Expose on BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

Your Chance to Own One

  • Black Decker Power Series Vacuum costs $133
  • Option to win product through giveaway

Now that we’ve dived deep into the specs, features, pros, and cons of the Black Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum, you might be wondering about how you can get your hands on this handy appliance. Well, there are two ways to do that.

Option 1: Direct Purchase

The first option is quite straight-forward: you can buy this cordless vacuum cleaner directly. But remember, you’re not just paying $133 for a brand name. You’re paying for a product that’s light, flexible, and convenient to use. It’s a product that aids with efficient cleaning of different floor surfaces, and over-head items, which is quite remarkable for a vacuum cleaner of this price range.

Option 2: Enter Our Giveaway

The second option is even more intriguing: participate in our giveaway for a chance to win this great product. You won’t be spending a dime, and if luck permits, you’ll be the proud owner of this efficient stick vacuum. Now, how cool is that?

Here’s How to Enter the Giveaway:

  1. Ensure you’re subscribed to this channel
  2. Give this video a thumbs up
  3. Drop a comment on this video, and make sure to include the secret hashtag we’ve hidden somewhere in the video

We use a highly sophisticated random generator to select the winner. So, your chances are as good as anyone else’s! The winner will be announced right here on this channel seven days from now. Good luck!

Rating: BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

How to Win: Rules for Our Giveaway

  • Giveaway entries through subscription, like, and commenting
  • Winners chosen via a random selection tool
  • Winner announced seven days after giveaway begins

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway, right? Well, securing a chance to win this fantastic Black Decker Power Series Plus could be easier than you think. Want to know how? Let’s dive right in!

Stay Subscribed, Like and Comment: Getting Your Entry Ticket

The first step to becoming eligible for the giveaway is simply being part of our community. Make sure you’re subscribed and engaging with our content. Additionally, find the hidden hashtag in the review video and drop it in a comment. Remember, your comment is your ticket to enter the draw.

The Highly Sophisticated Random Selector: Deciding the Winner

Ever wondered how we pick our winners? It’s not magic, though it may seem that way! We use a random selection tool to ensure complete fairness in the selection process. Each entry is treated equally and the winner is decided purely by luck.

Winner Announcement Time Frame

We understand that patience isn’t everyone’s strong suit. This is why we try to keep things swift and announce the winner exactly seven days after the giveaway begins. So hold tight, the winner could very well be you!

Note: We strongly encourage a healthy competition. While enthusiasm is appreciated, multiple entries will not be entertained and might lead to disqualification.

Reflection on BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White

Closing Remarks: Why We Are “Review To You”

Through all the ups and downs, the fun, and not so much fun moments, one thing has remained constant – our passion for sharing unbiased, quality reviews with you. When we get our hands on a product, we critically assess its features, functionality, pros, and cons, to provide comprehensive yet concise reviews.

Upcoming Reviews and Giveaways: Stay Tuned!

We look forward to coming back with more intriguing evaluations of top-notch products. And the best part? We’ll continue our exciting giveaways! Participate and you could be the lucky recipient of the next product we review.

A Final Call to Subscribe: Don’t Miss Out

Ensure that you stay tuned to us. By doing so, you won’t miss out on any of our future insightful reviews or our exciting giveaways. Remember, we’re in this journey together, pushing on to remain one step ahead when it comes to cutting-edge, high-quality products!

Till Next Time: A Farewell from Us

And with that, we’ve come to the end of today’s review. We hope our review of the Black and Decker Power Series Plus 20 V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum has been both entertaining and informative for you. Until our next review, goodbye and take care!

Disclaimer: While we strive to provide unbiased and accurate reviews based on our personal experience with the products, we understand that everyone’s experience may vary. Therefore, we recommend doing your own research alongside reading our reviews to make an informed buying decision.

Should you buy the BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ 20V MAX Cordless Vacuum (BHFEA520J), White?

Buy it if…

You Value Versatility

The Black and Decker Power Series Plus can seamlessly transition from tile to carpet to hardwood and can even convert into a handheld vacuum for more convenience.

You’re Keen on Weight and Power

Weighing just 8.5 pounds, it’s light enough to clean overhead items like window sills, curtains, and ceilings. It’s also powerful enough to pick up most household dust and rubbish.

You Love Tech-Infused Cleaning

Advanced features such as LED floodlight for illuminating hidden dirt and Autosense Technology that adjusts suction based on the surface bring a new level of sophistication to your cleaning routines.

Don’t buy it if…

You Need Long Operation Time

On full power, you’ll only get 11 minutes of operation until you need another 5-hour charge. Not enough for extensive cleaning.

You’re Prone to Vacuuming Larger Objects

Despite being anti-tangle, the brush bar can get jammed if you vacuum charger cables or rug tassels.

You Have a Large House to Clean

Given its limited running time on full power, this vacuum might struggle to cover large houses or apartments in a single charge.


What are the key features of Black Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum?
The vacuum runs on a 20-volt cyclonic filtration motor, powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery. It has an LED floodlight, anti-tangle brush bar, and Autosense technology that adjusts the suction depending on the surface.
How long does the Black Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum battery last and how long does it take to charge?
It takes five hours to fully charge. On low power without any accessories attached, it can run for up to 44 minutes. However, on full power operation, it lasts for only 11 minutes.
Is the vacuum easy to empty and store?
Yes, the vacuum is easy to empty with the press of a button to release the dust bin. It also stands upright for easy and convenient storage.
What does the ‘suck test’ reveal about the Black Decker vacuum?
The vacuum handled most of the dirt well during the test across different types of floors, although it might miss one or two bits of dirt on the first pass.
What is the price of the Black Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum and how does it rate out of 10?
The vacuum costs $133 and is rated 8 out of 10 according to the review.
How can I win the Black Decker Power Series Plus 20V Max Cordless Stick Vacuum?
You can enter the drawing for a chance to win the vacuum by subscribing to the channel, liking the video and leaving a comment on the video with the specified hashtag.
How is the winner of the giveaway selected?
The winner is chosen using a highly sophisticated random selection method. The winner will be announced on the channel seven days from the review date.

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