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Review: Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box – Packs innovative features, offers great value.

Experience user-friendly, effortless setup and astounding sound with Amazon’s Be Nice product... Read more

Review of Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

Table of Contents

Test of Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

4.3/5 - (463 votes)

Cena: $249.99


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy plug-in to USB
  • Automatic activation and setup
  • Broad app compatibility and accessibility
  • Quick Android Auto connection via Wi-Fi
  • Rich Amazon music functionality
  • Impressive sound quality


  • Requires Apple Carplay support
  • Trouble reverting from Radio to Android Auto
  • Presence of YouTube may encourage distracted driving

“Having spent a good amount of time testing the ‘Be Nice’ product, I find it to be essentially a robust and handy device, well worth its price, particularly considering its compact design and high functionality. Its swift connection ability and quality sound are definite standouts. Approaching this unbiased though, I did encounter a minor hiccup toggling back to Android Auto from the radio, but with a handy workaround, it wasn’t a significant issue. Overall, the product packs innovative features in a compact package and offers great value for the price, despite the minor inconvenience.”

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Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Controller Type Android
Special Feature 内置蓝牙
Compatible Devices Smartphone
Connector Type USB
Audio Output Mode Stereo
Product Dimensions 3.07″D x 3.07″W x 0.71″H
Supported Internet Services Maps
Control Method Voice


Right off the bat, I’d like to clarify the purpose of writing this review. It’s designed to offer an unbiased, comprehensive, and critical look at a product named “Be Nice”. This is not just another item picked from the myriad of choices in the massive Amazon marketplace. It’s a one-of-a-kind product that’s small, yet packed with fascinating features, which I had the pleasure to play around with over the past days.

Unboxing the Be Nice Product from Amazon

When I first received the product, I was quite intrigued. The packaging was decently done and inside, I found a product that ticked the first box – compact size. The “Be Nice” sat snugly in the palm of my hand – a great first impression if you ask me.

Revealing the Discount and How to Benefit from it

Good news is, there’s a sweet deal you can snag with this product. By clicking on a specific link, which I’m unable to share here for anonymity, you’ll be privy to a $20 discount off the original price on Amazon. Sure, everyone likes a good bargain, but this review isn’t all about that. It’s about digging deep into the performance, usefulness, and practicality of the product. So, let’s dive right in!

Highlight: Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

First Impressions

  • Be Nice product is compact and lightweight
  • Simple USB setup, user-friendly
  • Requires Apple Carplay support for functionality

The moment I received the Be Nice product, I was immediately struck by how compact and lightweight it was. It’s interesting how this easily overlooked aspect greatly appeals to consumers, myself included. It fits right into the palm of my hand, making it an instantly user-friendly product.

Experiencing the Lightweight, So Compact It Fits in The Palm

Having a product that’s not burdensome or unwieldy is great. This makes it simpler to handle and carry around. I can’t help but appreciate its size, while maintaining all of its purported functionalities.

Exploring the Effortless Plugging into USB

First-time setup can be daunting with most tech products, but not this one. You just have to plug it into your USB, which is just about as effortless as it gets. For someone who demands convenience and fuss-free procedures, this is a solid plus.

Finding Out the Requirement for Apple Carplay Support

That being said, there’s an important requirement you should be aware of. To use this product effectively, you’ll have to have Apple Carplay supported. This isn’t a major issue, but it might be a hurdle to non-Apple users. So, make sure your device supports this feature before purchase, as it’s essential for its functionality.

Summing Up

All in all, my first impressions of the Be Nice product were positive and hopeful. With its compact design, simple setup, and a prerequisite that could be a bit challenging for some, it indeed set the stage for the rest of the review.

Examining Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

Activation and Setup

  • Be Nice device offers effortless USB plugging
  • Requires Apple Carplay support
  • Automatically activated on plugging in

Effortless Plugging into USB

Isn’t it great when a gadget is practically plug-and-play? Well, folks, this is exactly what is offered with the Be Nice product. All it requires is a simple plug into the USB. The convenience this feature offers is truly commendable and just makes you want to dive right into exploring everything else about it. Thus, for anyone out there who might be a bit tech-challenged, there’s absolutely nothing to stress about with the setup of this product.

Apple Carplay Support A Pre-Requisite

However, it’s important to keep in mind that this device calls for Apple Carplay support. This could be a potential drawback for those who don’t have Apple Carplay. Thus, before investing in the product, make sure your device supports this, to avoid any disappointments down the line.

The Joy of Automatic Activation

On plugging in the Be Nice device, it automatically fires up and there’s literally nothing else needed! No buttons to fiddle with or instructions to painstakingly follow. You simply plug it in and you’re all set. It’s no exaggeration to say that the ease of activation is one of this device’s notable strengths.

Note: While this pretty much sums up the setup process, I must add, albeit grudgingly, that anyone not familiar with Apple Carplay might need a little extra assistance. But, no worries, a quick google search or scanning through the user manual should sort that out.

User-Friendly Menu Welcomes You

Firing up the Be Nice device brings up an impressively user-friendly menu. The icons are well-arranged and easily identifiable, which contributes greatly to the seamless navigation experience. For a person like me, who appreciates a clean, uncluttered interface, this is a definite plus point.

On the whole, the setup and activation process of the Be Nice device earns a thumbs up for its simplicity and user-friendliness, with a minor caveat around Apple Carplay compatibility. So, folks, make sure to check your device compatibility before jumping on the Be Nice bandwagon.

Analyzing Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

An Overview of The Apps and Their Usage

  • Be Nice device supports wide app integration.
  • Offers plug-and-play app download experience.
  • Seamlessly works with regular phone apps.

One of the core utilities of the Be Nice device is the support for a wide breadth of apps. This nifty little gadget allows you to integrate the apps that you’d typically use on your smartphone, extending their functionality to your commuting experience.

Exploring App Download Options

Although it’s a compact device, don’t be fooled. This product boasts the capacity to accommodate almost any app your heart desires. On my own, I found that the download process was simple and intuitive. All I had to do was navigate to the device’s menu and select the apps I wanted – a truly plug-and-play experience without much of a learning curve.

Checking Out Usual Phone Apps on The Be Nice Product

Something that particularly caught my attention was just how seamlessly my regular phone apps worked with the Be Nice device. Apps installed swiftly, rendered perfectly, and functioned without a hitch. Much to my relief, the user interface was familiar – it felt like an extension of my phone.

Disclaimer: No YouTube Videos in Transit!

Quick word to the wise : despite the convenience that the Be Nice device offers, it’s important to use it responsibly. Yes, the interface is familiar and yes, it’s tempting – but avoid streaming video while driving – save the YouTube videos and popcorn for when you’re safely parked!

In all, the Be Nice device offers a flexible platform for apps, mashing up the comfort of your known phone interfaces with the convenience of in-auto use. The feature-packed device raises the bar for commuting, allowing for a more connected, productive and, yes, safe experience.

Inspection of Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

Connecting Android Auto and Its Ease

  • Connecting Android Auto is user-friendly.
  • Device connects via Wi-fi.
  • Stable Wi-fi key for smooth operation.

When it comes to setting up and connecting Android Auto with this Be Nice product, there’s much to address. Let’s dive straight into it!

Detailing My Predetermined Android Auto Connection Setup

Some products can be a hassle when it comes to connection setup, but this Be Nice product posed no such issues. I had already set up the connection on my Android Auto, and it couldn’t have been easier. The moment you have Android Auto ready on your phone, connecting it to the product is literally a plug-and-play scenario.

The Quick Connection via Wi-Fi

This product leverages WiFi technology to connect to your device. All I had to do was to turn on my WiFi, and the device automatically picked up the connection. The seamless process speaks volumes about its user-friendly interface. However, I did notice a tiny hiccup as my Wi-Fi unexpectedly got cut off, which caused a mild disturbance to my connection. A stable internet connection seems paramount to make this work flawlessly.

  1. Connecting Android Auto is straightforward and user-friendly.
  2. The device connects via Wi-fi, adding to its simplicity.
  3. A stable Wi-fi connection seems to be key for smooth operation. Issues may arise if the Wi-fi signal is unstable.

Overall, while the ease of Android Auto connection featured its share of hits and misses, the process was still notably less complicated and more streamlined than other devices I’ve used in the past.

Scrutiny of Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

Diving into My Android Auto Experience

  • Android Auto on Be Nice device is user-friendly
  • Device provides easy access to Google Maps
  • Amazon Music functionality through Android Auto works excellently

Connecting and setting up the Android Auto on the Be Nice product was a straightforward experience. The device was intuitive and user-friendly. Here, I will share detailed specifics about what I encountered during this process.

Accessing Google Maps and Other Android Supported Apps

Having Android Auto on this device was a game-changer for me. Upon launching, I had immediate access to an array of Android-supported apps, including essentials, such as Google Maps. For someone who relies heavily on GPS for navigation, this feature was particularly appealing.

With Google Maps at my disposal directly via the device, I could conveniently plot my routes while keeping my attention on the road. The on-screen map display was crisp and fast with updates, making my navigation experience smooth and stress-free.

Answering The Amazon Music Functionality Questions

One of the most asked questions I noticed was the functionality of Amazon Music through Android Auto on this device. To clear up any doubt, it indeed does work, and quite excellently that is.

The integration between the device and my Amazon Music account was seamless. The sound quality, as I played my favourite tunes, was impressive. I felt fully immersed in the music due to its clarity. The music streamed without a hitch making my rides more enjoyable.

A Critical Aspect

While the Be Nice device proved fruitful in enhancing the carplay experience with Android Auto, there were places where the speed of operation seemed to falter a bit. The in-between buffering while switching applications was somewhat noticeable. However, this wasn’t a major setback, but worth mentioning for an unbiased and detailed review.

Overall, the Android Auto experience with Be Nice was enriching, offering a wide array of features with commendable performance.

Survey of Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

Pointing Out a Minor Glitch- Switching Back to Android Auto

  • Difficulty reverting to Android Auto from radio
  • Workaround involves using Amazon Music
  • Glitch doesn’t affect overall product usability

Everyone appreciates ruthless honesty and I’m here to give that. Despite the mostly positive experience with this product, I did stumble upon a minor glitch. Now, it wouldn’t be a thorough review if I didn’t share my complete sampling of this product’s features and their respective performance, would it?

Elaborating The Difficulty while Reverting to Android Auto from Radio

As someone who never shies away from trying all features, I ended up switching to the radio function right from my Android Auto. The transition was smooth; I navigated quite smoothly using the controls on my steering wheel. However, when I tried to switch back to the Android Auto option, a minor roadblock occurred. Instead of the swift transitioning I was hoping for, I found it was unable to revert back to my Android Auto. Despite multiple attempts, it didn’t seem to comply.

An unexpected hiccup, indeed!

Revealing My Workaround for This Minor Issue

Not one to be defeated, I found a workaround. Sure, it’s not the most seamless solution, but it’s usable nonetheless. Say if I’m in Google Maps and I want to return to Android Auto after checking out the radio, what I have to do is, I need to go back to Amazon music on my device, press play, and Voila! I’m reconnected to Android Auto. It appears the slight diversion through Amazon Music triggers it to get back into Android Auto mode.

Now, that’s dedication, folks!

This workaround proves effective in getting me back on track, even though ideally, it shouldn’t be required. However, it’s worth pointing out how minuscule this issue is and how it doesn’t affect the overall convenience and usability of the product. It’s a minor hitch in a largely smooth ride.

Investigation of Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

Voice Control and Its Efficiency

  • Voice control enhances safety during driving
  • Google voice control functions effectively
  • Voice control is efficient and reliable

Now, let’s switch gears a bit and talk about one of the features that truly makes life easier when you’re on the go – the voice control. When you’re driving, the less you have to fiddle with your gadgets, the safer you are. This is exactly where voice control comes in.

Demo: Google Voice Control in Action

I tried the Google voice control feature and I was genuinely impressed by how it functioned. All you need is to say “Hey Google” and she’s ready to do your bidding. It was cool to keep my eyes on the road, maintain minimal distraction, and still interact smoothly with the product. That, for me, is an absolute win!

Assurance of Voice Control Functionality (despite Recording Hindrance)

Note: I did have some issues showcasing the voice control when I was recording this, but not to worry, the feature works fine in normal circumstances. I had my initial concerns but once I wasn’t recording, it worked flawlessly 100% of the time. A tech hiccup, nothing more!

Consider this as my crystal clear assurance, from personal experience, that the voice control isn’t just a fancy add-on, but a fully functional, highly efficient feature. The response is pretty quick and accurate in recognizing the commands, which is exactly how it should be.

Interpretation of Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box

Summing Up The Performance and Speed

  • ‘Be Nice’ provides remarkably fast phone connectivity
  • Immediate startup time enhances user experience
  • Minor hiccup while switching back from radio mode

Highlighting the Fast Connection with The Phone

With ‘Be Nice’, connecting my phone has been remarkably fast. As an unbiased observer, the rapid pairing really caught my attention. As soon as I turned on my Wi-Fi and connected, it paired with my phone in mere moments, preventing any unnecessary hold-ups before hitting the road.

Emphasizing on the Quick Startup Time – Seatbelt to Road Ready!

Now, this is something that impressed me. As soon as I plug this device into the USB port and fasten my seatbelt, I’m good to go. When it comes to speed and efficiency, ‘Be Nice’ lets you access your favorite apps, making those road trips or commutes smoother than ever before. It’s really like a conversation with a tech-savvy friend who’s there ready for a chat before you even buckle up.

A caveat

However, it’s worth mentioning that while the performance and speed of ‘Be Nice’ have generally been up to par, the device is not without some small quirks. For instance, as much as I appreciate the swift connection and startup time, the issue with returning to Android Auto mode from the radio did raise an eyebrow. However, once I got a hang of the workaround, that minor meltdown was a thing of the past.

Final Thoughts on Performance and Speed

Overall, while considering the fast phone connectivity and instant startup time, ‘Be Nice’ does deliver on the promise of a sled dog speed experience. But potential buyers may want to consider the minor hiccup when switching back from the radio into Android Auto. Remember, perfection is subjective. This tiny hiccup doesn’t make it a deal breaker, but it’s something worth considering before you commit.


Having unpacked, navigated, and tested this product in various scenarios now, I have to say I’m satisfied with what it has to offer. There’s always a rush of adrenaline as I try new gadgets but this one takes the cake in terms of accessibility.

Pledge to Answer Incoming Questions

Remember, no question is too simple or complex! User experience is dynamic and you might stumble upon experiences that are unique to you. So, whether you wish to clarify a point or require a detailed walkthrough of a specific feature, I encourage all questions. My aim is to ensure that you have the smoothest experience possible with this product.

Final Thoughts – My Happiness Quotient and Potential for This Product

It is efficient, user-friendly, and most importantly, adapts to my smart lifestyle. Despite a small hiccup when switching back to Android Auto from radio, the overall setup works rather seamlessly.

The sound quality is absolutely impressive, creating a perfect environment for that solo drive or a road trip. What makes this even more appealing is the quick start-up time – it’s virtually instantaneous! This is of high value to me as, like many of you, I appreciate tech that does not add time or complexity to my day.

And, the size of this device! The ability for such a small gadget to perform so well is quite admirable. To put it simply, this device is a powerhouse in the palm of your hand.

Should you decide to try this out – and I recommend that you do – I expect you’ll be similarly pleased with its performance. It’s a great blend of functionality, efficiency, and entertainment.

In closing, the essence of this product in a nutshell: Decently quick, handy, and sure to transform your drive time.


This product review was made based on personally experiencing and using the product, it was not influenced by any discouraging or favorable factors. To maintain the transparency and honesty, no brand names or commercial promotions were used.

Should you buy the Binize Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Multimedia Video Box?

Buy it if…

You have an Apple Carplay supported car

The product connects and works seamlessly with cars that support Apple Carplay, making it an immediate plug and play device.

You prefer quality music on the go

With the product’s remarkable sound quality, it makes for an enriching music listening experience while commuting.

You value instant connectivity

The swift and easy connection setup with your phone means you’re ready to hit the road in no time.

Don’t buy it if…

You frequently switch from radio to android auto

Switching back to Android Auto from the radio isn’t instant and might cause an inconvenience if routinely done.

You often use voice control

While the voice control does work, the reviewer experienced a bit of a struggle when recording. This might be an issue for heavy voice command users.

You’re not tech-savvy

Some understanding of how to navigate and download apps is required. If you’re not comfortable with technology, you may find it difficult to use this device.


What is the product being reviewed?
The product being reviewed is ‘Be Nice’ that was ordered from Amazon.
How do I avail the discount mentioned in the review?
According to the reviewer, there’s a link shared that provides a $20 discount on this product.
Does the product require any additional software support?
Yes, the product requires Apple Carplay support for optimal functioning.
Can I download my phone applications on this product?
The review suggests that you can freely download and use any application that you usually use on your phone.
What is the minor issue the reviewer faced?
The reviewer faced a minor issue of not being able to revert back to Android Auto from the radio. However, they found a workaround by going back to Amazon Music and pressing play.
What is the sound quality like, particularly for Amazon Music?
The reviewer found the sound quality for Amazon Music to be amazing.
How does the Google Voice Control function?
According to the review, the Google Voice Control works efficiently, except when the reviewer was recording.
Is the product connection fast?
The reviewer describes the product’s connection speed as fast – it connects the phone by the time the seatbelt is on.

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