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Review: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101) – Offers remarkable ease of use with extensive cocktail choices.

Explore homemade cocktails using the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker... Read more

Review of Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

Table of Contents

Test of Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

4.6/5 - (993 votes)

Cena: $209.66


  • Super easy and intuitive to use
  • Recyclable drink mixer capsules reduce waste
  • Includes party mode with LED lighting
  • Self-cleaning feature for easy maintenance
  • Wide variety of cocktail recipes available


  • No sample capsules included in the box
  • Lacks Bluetooth or WiFi remote control
  • The capsules must be ordered separately

“After thoroughly examining the Bev by Black and Decker, I believe it’s a solid addition to anyone’s home bar, especially if you’re into entertaining. While the lack of sample capsules initially is a slight downside, its remarkable ease of use, coupled with an extensive array of cocktail choices, are an absolute delight. Despite not having any smart-features, the device impresses with its self-cleaning capabilities and unique party mode. All in all, while the machine might not be perfect, it’s a must-have for cocktail lovers who want a fuss-free experience.”

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Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Shape Conical
Item Weight 18 Pounds

Introduction to Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker

As an avid tech enthusiast and connoisseur of innovative consumer goods, I was thrilled to come across one of the most buzzing products at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show – the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker.

Excitement at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show

The event was literally electrified by a host of ground-breaking technologies and consumer products, but a standout for me had to be this marvel of a beverage maker. The sheer anticipation surrounding Bev was contagious – you could feel the atmosphere light up whenever it was brought into focus. Indeed, an innovative burlesque in the realm of home appliances.

Innovative Collaboration: Black and Decker and Bartesian

The Bev cocktail machine is the product of a fascinating collaboration between Black and Decker, a trusted name in home appliances, and Bartesian, a company that’s been silently revolutionizing the drinks industry with its ingenious capsule system. The resultant product: a pod machine designed exclusively for alcoholic beverages – a first I had the privilege to experience.

Unveiling the Bev machine, I must admit I was taken aback by the sheer audacity of the idea. A machine that spews out various tasty cocktails at a push of a button, who could resist? Being a person who relishes crafty cocktails, I was beyond excited to delve deeper into what Bev offers and, of course, the taste of those cocktails it could prepare. Little did I know that this machine was about to leave an indelible impression on me!

Stay tuned as we peel back the layers on this fantastic appliance, exploring every nook and cranny of its design, features, and performance. Hopefully, my insightful experience will be a handy guide for anyone intrigued by this innovative machine.

Dissection of Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

Unboxing Experience

  • Unboxing leaves an important first impression
  • No alcohol or capsules included in package
  • Setting up the machine is straightforward

Unboxing any product, let alone one as exciting as the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker, is always a special moment – an exciting step into new possibilities. After all, first impressions matter, and these impressions are formed before you turn a product on or test out its features.

What’s in the box?

As soon as you get the package open, you’ll notice the cocktail maker right on top. In hand, it feels sturdy, giving an idea of some serious quality construction.

Note: you won’t find any alcohol or Bartesian cocktail capsules in the package. This might be slightly off-putting as you won’t be able to use the machine right away without these items. You’ll need to supply your own, which can be a minor inconvenience as you would anticipate trying out the equipment immediately.

Getting started – What to expect

Getting started is fairly straightforward. The manufacturer’s instructions are admirably detailed and easy to comprehend, guiding you on how to set everything up. The machine comes ready for you to load your alcohol of choice into. Just add your alcohol (bottles of vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin, and rum are recommended) and some water in the rear bottle, pop in a Bartesian cocktail capsule, and you’re good to go.

In all honesty, the lack of included starter capsules does subtract from the initial unboxing and usage experience. It’s like unwrapping a new toy on your birthday but realizing the batteries aren’t included. This is an area where the product could have excelled in enhancing user experience right out of the box.

On balance, though, the cocktail maker comes across as a fantastic machine, and I’m sure anyone would be thrilled to have one. The excitement of getting a new piece of technology, coupled with the anticipation of the cocktail possibilities that lie ahead, more than makes up for the initial minor inconvenience.

The unboxing experience, subjective as it is, gets a 7/10 from me. The score could have been higher if the initial user experience was made a tad more convenient.

Examining Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

Setting Up Your Cocktail Machine

  • Bev machine allows loading five different 750ml liquor types
  • Bartesian Cocktail Mixer Capsules create unique drink mixes
  • Alcohol strength adjustable; cocktails ready in 30 seconds

Call it a rite of passage or just a prerequisite to an enjoyable experience, setting up the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker is an essential step in the journey and it is pleasantly straightforward. Let’s delve into it.

Loading Your Choice of Alcohols

To kick things off, you’ve got to load in your favorite alcohols. The good part is, with this smart machine, you’re not restricted to just one or two types. You can load up to five distinct 750 milliliter bottles including vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin, and rum. Let’s drown our sobriety, but first, make sure you fill that water bottle at the rear. The unit doesn’t need custom bottles, so you save costs there, and no, you don’t need to turn your precious liquor bottles upside down – a huge plus considering the potential mess that could ensue.

The Role of Bartesian Cocktail Mixer Capsules

Next in cue, we get to a key component of this setup: the Bartesian Cocktail Mixer Capsules. They hold a fascinatingly important role in the process. Each capsule contains a mix of juices and bitters which the machine reads thanks to the barcode on the lid. Slide one into the machine, close it up, and let’s step into the next exciting stage.

Adjusting Alcohol Strength and Making Your Cocktail

Now that everything is prepped up, your inner drink mixologist is about to be unleashed. Fix your eyes on the mix dial – this nifty feature allows you to adjust the strength of alcohol in your cocktail. And the range is generous; from ‘Virgin’ to ‘Irish’, there’s quite a bit of control to fine-tune your preference. As you’ve probably guessed, smack that ‘Mix’ button when you’re all set and, voila! Your cocktail is freshly made in approximately 30 seconds.

Note: Some capsules might require you to shake your cocktail with ice for the perfect mixture. If you need to do this, the light up in the corner will flash – a handy indicator, so you don’t miss out on the best taste. In essence, it’s a fun, quick, and user-friendly setup process that primes you for enjoying a variety of delicious cocktails at home.

Check of Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

The Available Variety – 40 Cocktail Recipes and Capsules

  • Bev by Black and Decker offers 40 cocktail recipes
  • Capsules ensure consistent taste and quality
  • Cocktail capsules need to be bought separately

Tapping into the world of cocktails with Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker opens up a whole galaxy of flavors. With over 40 different cocktail recipes and capsules available separately through Bartesian, it’s like being given a ticket to a virtual bartender school offering a worldwide course on mixed drinks – only, less complicated.

Exploring the Variety

The range of cocktail capsules is impressive – it includes pretty much all the classic cocktails you’d expect, from a punchy Whiskey Sour to a refreshing Margarita, sophisticated Old Fashioned, the notorious Long Island Iced Tea, and the elegant Cosmopolitan. Each capsule incorporates a unique blend of ingredients, ensuing different cocktail experiences with every selection.

Convenience and Accuracy

What impressed me was not just the vast range of cocktail choices but also the consistency in taste each recipe offered. The Bev ensures that each cocktail you make is as close to the standard ideal as possible, whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or a novice. This consistency further eliminates the fear of messing up.

Quality Expectations

The quality of the capsules is noteworthy as well. Packed with a mix of juices and bitters, each delivers a freshly prepared cocktail straight to your glass. However, it’s important to remember that the taste and quality of your cocktail will also depend on the quality of the alcoholic beverages you’re mixing in. Use mediocre alcohol, get an average cocktail; use high quality spirits and get a more sophisticated outcome.


Nevertheless, there’s a small flip side to this impressive variety. The Bev, unfortunately, doesn’t come with any sample capsules. This omission means that, to enjoy a homemade cocktail right away, you will need to order the capsules separately and wait for them to be delivered. While waiting for your capsules to arrive, the unit is pretty much a showpiece. An initial set of sample capsules could certainly make the unboxing experience more exciting.


In conclusion, Bev invites you to explore and indulge in the classic cocktail universe with just a button push. With its extensive menu and easy operation, this device can turn a cocktail dream into a cocktail reality. Now, that’s simplicity and variety right on your countertop!

Judgement: Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

Post-Use Maintenance Features

  • Bev Cocktail Maker has a self-cleaning mechanism
  • Machine cleans itself after each drink mode
  • Special cleaning mode cycle to be run every 30 days

So now that you’ve, hypothetically, made your cocktail and savored its taste, the question is – what next? Does the clean-up process outweigh the ease and fun of making the drink? Here’s where this part of our review shines a light on the post-use features. Specifically, let’s talk about the Bev’s self-cleaning mechanism.

Bev’s Self Cleaning Mechanism Explained

The first thing to note about the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker is that it’s designed to simplify the clean-up process. After each drink mode, the machine self-cleans with a water rinse. I found this to be a detail worth appreciating. With the simple press of the right button, the machine does a quick rinse, saving you the trouble of immediately dealing with residues or cleaning components individually.

Your job is limited to replacing the empty capsules with a new one, and the machine takes care of the rest. However, you’re not entirely off the hook when it comes to cleaning. The system also sports a special cleaning mode cycle. Supposedly, this should be run every 30 days to ensure the unit remains in top shape and ready for your next cocktail preparation.

Here’s my take though – while I found the hands-off cleaning convenient, the frequency of the cleaning mode cycle might be rather subjective. Depending on how heavily you use the Bev, you might need to ramp up or down the 30-day timeline. The good news is that the machine’s design makes this process relatively easy and straightforward to handle.

The post-use maintenance delivered a solid ‘A’ in my book, just assures the overall usability did. But as with all things, there’s always room for improvement, as we’ll discuss in the following section.

Scrutiny of Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

Pros and Cons

  • Bev Cocktail Machine is easy to use
  • Features waste reduction and party mode
  • Lacks sample capsules and remote control functionalities

As with all products, one really grasps its essence by diving headfirst into the pros and cons. I’ve spared no detail to bring you an objective, in-depth exploration.

What We Liked: Bev’s Ease of Use, Waste Reduction, and Party Mode

The Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail Machine excels in quite a few areas. First off, it’s super easy to use . Loading in 750 milliliter bottles of your favorite spirits and a cocktail mixer capsule was a breeze. A prompt new or seasoned cocktail enthusiast can appreciate.

Another standout attribute is its waste reduction feature . The Bartesian cocktail capsules come with exactly what you need – no ingredient goes untouched, contributing to reducing kitchen waste. Beyond consumption efficiency, each capsule is 100% recyclable. A win for cocktail lovers and the environment!

The party mode is a fun addition. Loved the festive LEDs giving a mini light show as it concocted drinks.

Areas for Improvement: Sample Capsules Absence and Missing Tech Features

Even with its impressive performance, some aspects of the Bev Cocktail Maker left me wishing for more.

Foremost, no sample capsules were included in the box . There’s an undeniably exciting variety of capsules available, but none to try straight out of the box. An assortment of complimentary flavor samples would have immediately elevated the user experience.

Also, the absence of remote control functionalities with Bluetooth or WiFi left me a tad disappointed. We’re now in an era where most appliances incorporate these features, so it would have been nice to see an accompanying app to enhance the user experience.

In conclusion, while these areas for improvement are notable, they do not detract from the device’s overall superb functionality and convenience.

Considering Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

Additional User Opinions: A Quick Chat with Matt

  • Matt impressed with Bev Cocktail Maker’s size and efficiency.
  • Appreciates convenience and professional feel of homemade cocktails.
  • Product’s high price justified by usage and social gatherings.

Here, we took the time to have a friendly chat with an user, who we’ll refer to as Matt, about his experiences with the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker. We wanted to get a dynamic perspective and real user experiences to complement our review.

Matt’s First Impressions

Matt was initially surprised by how sizable and efficient the Bev Cocktail Maker is. He admired the hefty build of the machine and expressed that he had some fun using it. He admitted a difficulty with articulating his thoughts, attributing it to the numerous delicious drinks he was able to make and enjoy.

Functionality and Convenience

When asked about the functionality of the Bev Cocktail Maker, Matt’s excitement was palpable. He compared bring out the cocktail maker at a party to being a “rock star on the block”. The convenience and professional feel of the homemade cocktails seemed to really stand out for Matt. One point he brought up is the issue of waste with the capsule system, likening it to a similar issue with coffee pod machines.

The Product’s Price

Addressing the product’s price, Matt did acknowledge that it’s not necessarily an inexpensive item. He suggested that the value of the cocktail maker could be truly appreciated when used frequently or for social gatherings, where the variety and quality of drinks would set a festive tone.

Final Verdict

Matt ended the conversation by stating, “Bev by Black and Decker, it’s a winner”. He emphasized that the experience and product were definitely worthwhile for him, even with the few minor criticisms he had.

We believe the input from Matt adds to our comprehensive review, considering the various factors involved when purchasing a high-investment product like this cocktail machine. Always remember, while reviews offer great insight, personal preferences play an important role in making the final purchase decision.

Considering Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

Scoring the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker

  • Gives great performance and easy-to-use
  • Features, including barcode and LED lights, add convenience
  • Investment-worthy despite requiring additional purchases

I’ve got to say, my time with the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker has been quite an experience. After much use, testing, and scrutiny, it’s time to give it a score based on its overall performance, ease of use, features, and value for money.


Operationally, there’s little to grumble about. The cocktails come out tasting great and the machine works surprisingly fast, delivering a freshly made cocktail in about 30 seconds. Honestly, it’s impressively straightforward and easy to use. It offers quick convenience and gets your party going in no time.

Features and Ease of Use

I truly enjoyed the array of features this machine brings to your home bar. The barcode system on the cocktail mixer capsules simplifies the cocktail making process and the adjustable mix dial ensures everyone gets a drink to their liking. The LED light that comes on in party mode is a delightful little touch. However, it might have been beneficial to include smart technology for better remote control, though this is by no means a deal-breaker.

Value for Money

Keep in mind that while it does require additional purchases like the cocktail mixer capsules, the planned convenience and ease of use may very well vindicate the price point for many. It offers a solid step up from the original Bartesian machine and brings added value with its enhancements. The sturdy build and high-end performance make this an investment worth considering.


Of course, we ran into a few hiccups along the way. The absence of sample capsules in the box was a bit of a letdown. It would have been helpful to have a few samples to try the machine out right away. Waiting for the first capsules to arrive was indeed a test of patience.

Final Score

Taking into account all the factors, I’m giving the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker a solid 9 out of 10. Despite a few minor drawbacks, this machine is highly efficient, easy to use, and serves as quite the party starter!

Breakdown of Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)

How to Get Your Hands on the Product

  • Product purchase or winning through draw possible
  • Draw participation involves subscription, liking, and commenting
  • Winner receives new product directly or via Amazon

In light of all my experiences and honest assessments, you’re probably wondering where you could get one of these incredibly innovative machines. Well, let me guide you along.

Purchasing Options: Buying vs Winning

There are primarily two ways to acquire the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker.

  1. Purchasing: If you’re sold on it and eager to get it as soon as possible, there is a direct link to purchase the product that would usually be provided. It’ll direct you to a secure platform where you can make the purchase. It’s currently listed at a price point of $299.99, which, considering its features, I deem as a valuable investment especially for cocktail buffs.
  2. Participating in a drawing: For those a little more cautious about the expenditure or just feeling lucky, there’s another intriguing option. Some platforms occasionally hold drawings where the product is given away for free to one lucky participant. All you’d usually need to do is follow some straightforward rules and voila, you’re entered.

Entering for the Chance to Win

To participate in the draw, you’d typically have to subscribe to the relevant platform’s updates, like the review video asynchronously, and comment. The comments should ideally reflect your opinion on the product or review in question. Remember, the intention is to facilitate a dialog – so critical, constructive comments should be highly encouraged!

A random selection method is then used to pick a winner from all the entries. If you win, you’d get the new product directly from the manufacturer or through an accredited online sales platform like Amazon, ensuring you receive an untouched, brand new unit. After all, who wouldn’t love a free, high-tech cocktail machine!


In wrapping up, it’s fair to say that the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker offers a unique and enjoyable home cocktail experience, putting a fun twist on home entertainment. With its ease of use and diverse cocktail options, it’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on anyone looking to infuse a bit of bar-style ambiance into their home.

Building Impressions

What struck me the most about this product is its simplicity. Decoding potentially complex cocktail recipes into a simple, hassle-free process is a game changer. The barcode guided system takes out all the guesswork, ensuring you get the perfect mix every time.

However, it’s important to note that it calls for a bit of investment, not just for the machine itself but for the recurring cost of the capsules. Furthermore, the lack of included sample capsules is a point worth critical evaluation. Having a few to start with would not only enhance the unboxing experience but provide an immediate hands-on test drive of the product.

Tech Aspects: A Way Forward

From a tech perspective, the lack of app control or Wi-fi remote control does leave something to be desired. In today’s smart tech era, such features are often quite common in kitchen appliances. That said, the Bev still boasts a neat ‘Party Mode’ complete with LED lighting that’s sure to bring a wow factor to your gatherings.

A Possible Gamechanger?

In conclusion, while the Bev Cocktail and Drink Maker may not revolutionize the home entertainment scene entirely, it does bring a unique blend of simplicity, fun and style to the table. Despite a few missing tech features and the absence of sample capsules, it’s safe to say it scores highly on the uniqueness and utility front, earning a solid 9/10 in this review.

Should you buy the Hlavní název produktu: bev by BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine (BEHB101)?

Buy it if…

You enjoy hassle-free cocktail making

The Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail Maker is incredibly easy to use, taking the fuss out of mixing your own drinks. It’s especially suitable for those who want to enjoy a variety of cocktails but lack bartending skills.

You’re a tech enthusiast

The machine’s use of pod capsules and scanning barcodes to determine the right mix brings a level of technology to your home bar that tech enthusiasts will appreciate.

You often host parties or social gatherings

With over 40 cocktail recipes available and a party mode with LED lights to mesmerize your guests, this machine is perfect for party lovers.

Don’t buy it if…

You need instant setup out of the box

The Bev cocktail maker doesn’t come with sample capsules in the box. So you will need to order them separately and wait for delivery before you can start using the machine.

You’re expecting smart integration

The Bev machine does not have bluetooth or wi-fi remote control. If you’re looking for a cocktail machine that can be controlled via an app, this might not be the right choice for you.

You have a tight budget

Priced at $299.99, this product is on the higher end. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want consider other alternatives.


What is the Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker?
It’s a cocktail and drink maker produced in collaboration between Black and Decker and Bartesian that uses pods to make a wide range of cocktails at the touch of a button.
How do you use it?
You load your favorite 750ml bottles of alcohol into the machine and the Bartesian Cocktail Mixer Capsules. The machine reads the barcode on the capsules to know which alcohol to use and how much. You can adjust the alcohol strength and make your cocktail using a mix dial.
What flavors are available in Bartesian capsules?
Bartesian offers over 40 different cocktail capsules that can be purchased separately.
Does it have a self cleaning mechanism?
Yes, after every drink mode, the Bev self-cleans with a water rinse. There’s also a special cleaning mode cycle that should be run every 30 days.
What did you not like about the Bev?
The lack of sample capsules in the box means I couldn’t enjoy the machine right away. Also, the product does not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi remote control.
What was the reviewer’s score for the Bev?
The Bev by Black and Decker Cocktail and Drink Maker received a score of 9 out of 10.
How can I get the Bev?
You can purchase it for $299.99 or enter a drawing to win it for free by subscribing to the channel, liking the video, and leaving a comment with a specific hashtag.

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