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Review: BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand – Blends functionality, design, and value brilliantly.

In-depth, unbiased review of the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand’s features and assembly process... Read more

Review of BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand

Table of Contents

Test of BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand

4.7/5 - (89 votes)

Cena: $39.99


  • Premium looking product
  • Non-slip base and gripped top for stability
  • Quality control approved
  • Simple and easy assembly
  • Offers extra space for other items
  • Versatile compatibility with headphones
  • Affordable price


  • Potential residue from glue on the base
  • Requires manual cleaning of glue residue

“In my unbiased opinion, the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand truly stands out. Its aesthetic appeal, stability, and simple assembly procedure are impressive. The stand accommodated different headphones seamlessly, and the non-slip feature was effective. Nevertheless, the minor adhesive residue on the base was a slight drawback, easily fixed, but one worth mentioning. Definitely, this is a product I’d happily recommend. It blends functionality, design, and value for money brilliantly – it’s not often a gadget ticks so many boxes.”

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Color White
Form Factor On ear
Compatible Devices Headphones
Mounting Type Desk,Tabletop


Here’s a product that’s been grabbing attention – Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand. Upon encountering this product, the excitement is palpable, fueled by the anticipation of trying out something new and potentially game-changing in the technosphere.

Welcoming Remarks and Unveiling the Product

With its eye-catching packaging in hands, it’s evident that there’s something quite promising inside, a sense of anticipation that only grows when the box unveils a premium looking standing headset holder – the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand.

Overwhelming First Impression of the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand

The product’s initial impression is striking – it doesn’t feel like just another run-of-the-mill accessory. Rather, it promises a reliable solution for keeping your pricey headsets safe, a quality that’s instantly apparent thanks to the detailed information listed on the side of the box. A strong blend of stable support, non-slip care, fit, and non-deformed features are touted, which sets the stage for a promising product experience right from the outset.

Synopsis: BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand

Product Packaging

  • Premium packaging enhances unboxing experience
  • Features: Stable Support, Non-slip Care, Fit, Non-Deformed
  • Box includes product authentication tag

Getting a fresh package can be pretty exciting, and if that package happens to be a premium product, the anticipation certainly doubles. My unboxing experience with the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand was no exception.

First Glance at the Premium Box

As I received my order, the box itself immediately made an impression. The packaging was not just your everyday carton box; it was a clear representation of the quality that lay within. I admired the craft put into the box with its well-refined finishing which did do justice to the term ‘premium.’

Highlighting Features: Stable Support, Non-slip Care, Fit and Non-deformed

At my first encounter, the evident features that caught my attention were the phrases, “Stable Support” , “Non-slip Care” , “Fit” and “Non-Deformed” imprinted on the side of the box. These succinct but compelling phrases did well to hint at the product’s build and quality. What intrigued me even more was how each term painted a mental image of the product’s value and raised my expectations.

Box Annotations and Tag Authenticity

Turning the box over, it was quite simple to go through the box’s details. The specs and dimensions were cleanly presented without clutter, and the easy-to-understand annotations were a nice touch. The product authentication tag was a trustworthy symbol of the brand’s integrity in vouching this product as an original entity, not a knock-off or counterfeit. This point was particularly reassuring for me considering the influx of counterfeit products out in the market these days.

Overall, the packaging definitely piqued my interest, and I found myself becoming excited to crack open the box and dive into the product. Safe to say, it scored high on the first impression!

Remarks on BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand

Unboxing Experience

  • Premium packaging enhances unboxing experience
  • Product required unboxing knife for opening
  • Box contents are secured and neatly arranged

The moment of unboxing is always filled with anticipation, and the Bank’s Desktop Headset stand did not disappoint. With a first look, the premium packaging certainly sets a high bar and gives the feeling of receiving a high-quality product even before opening the box. However, a product review should be unbiased and evaluate beyond first impressions, so let’s dive in.

Using the Unboxing Knife

The sealed box of this product required a knife to open, which was not an issue as I always have an unboxing knife at hand. However, this may not be the case for everyone, so it might have been more convenient if there was a pull tab or a tear strip for an easier opening experience.

Opening the Box and Initial Reveal

Cutting right down the side, the box peeled open smoothly to reveal its contents. The product was packaged securely, and upon lifting the box lid, I was immediately presented with the base of the stand and some additional accessories. The packaging demonstrated careful thought, which is always appreciated in a product of this nature.

Note: Always remember, cutting the seal should be done cautiously to avoid damaging the contents.

Nothing beats the moment when a new product is revealed, and in this case, it was fascinating. The unboxing enhanced the overall product experience with its well-structured packaging that protected everything inside. But, we should always remember that while opening any box, being cautious and using the right tools is essential to prevent any accidents or damages to the product.

Box Score: 8.5/10

The box was very premium, secured, and contents neatly arranged. Although, the need for an unboxing knife can be inconvenient for some users. In my opinion, client convenience should be a top priority, hence the deductions.

Analyzing BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand

Components and Accessories

  • Desktop Headset Stand includes non-slip base
  • Package contains well-illustrated assembly manual
  • Product passed quality control, ensuring customer satisfaction

First impressions are not only about the product but also about its accessories, as is the case with the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand. The package includes a couple of items, which all play a crucial role in the overall assembly and usage of this product.

Describing the Non-slip Base

The package contained a solid, non-slip base. We’re talking about something that is not just practical, but astoundingly well-made. The entire base is covered with a non-slip surface, so you are guaranteed to have your headphones sit tight without worry of slipping off the stand.

Discussing the Inclusion of the Manual

While assembling the stand might seem straightforward, the Bank ensures that no stone is left unturned. A well-illustrated manual is also provided to assist with assembly. Although it might not be needed, it’s still nice to know it’s there in case we get stuck somewhere down the line.

Quality Control Tag Indicator

In the box, I noticed a tag confirming that the product had passed quality control – always a reassuring thing. Seeing this kind of attention to detail assures me that the Bank puts customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Shiny, Attractive Base with Glue Residue

The stand’s base is quite shiny and aesthetically pleasing. However, I did notice some glue residue on the back. While it doesn’t affect the functionality, a more careful finishing process would have added to the overall positive impression about the product’s quality.

Non-slip Grip for Stability

This desktop headset stand also features a built-in non-slip grip. So, when you put your headset on it, rest assured it’s going to stay put. This grip is quite effective, and its usefulness cannot be overstated.

Examination of BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand

Assembly Procedure

  • Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand has simple assembly process
  • Stand secured quickly to base using provided Allen wrench
  • Assembly improves overall user experience

Now, let’s talk about putting this thing together. The Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand may have a premium look, but it doesn’t come preassembled – on the other hand, it boasts an assembly process that’s refreshingly simple and straightforward.

Step by Step Assembly

Setting this high-quality product up couldn’t be more simple. With only a base and the actual stand, there weren’t many components to fumble over. First, good to knows it came with an appropriate Allen wrench eliminating the need to rummage through my tool box.

  1. The base and stand are joined together via a simple process. The stand is fitted into a designated slot on the upper side of the base.
  2. Next, using the bottom of the base, the screw is easily and smoothly secured into place, holding the two pieces together effortlessly.

Remarkable Simplicity in Assembly

The assembly literally takes less than a minute, with a very small chance of missteps due to its apparent simplicity. Indeed a true testament to the focus on user-centric design of the product. Despite being a high-end product, I appreciated this simple, straightforward and quick assembly which really enhances overall user experience.

During assembly, the product felt strong and sturdy, which is not always the case with such products. I was left feeling confident that my headphones wouldn’t risk taking any accidental falls.

Overall, the assembly, with its stunning blend of simplicity and efficiency, only added to my high regard for this cleverly-designed product.

Review of BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand

Completed Product Review

  • Headset stand boasts premium, sleek aesthetics
  • Accommodates approximately 90% of headphone styles
  • Stable and dependable with non-slip grip

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the completed Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand. Now that we’ve gone through the assembly process, it’s time to examine the final product in all its glory.

Appearance and Feel

The very first thing that catches the eye after assembly is the premium and sleek aesthetics of the product. The shiny, sturdy base coupled with its non-slip grip on top projects an exquisite and high-end look. Certainly, it makes a strong visuals statement on a desk.

Product Evaluation with the Beats Headphones

  • Fit: To test out its functionality, I introduced it to a pair of Beats headphones, which it comfortably accommodated. The curvature of the product seemed to correspond perfectly with the headphones. Based on this, it’s not far-fetched to suggest that this stand could comfortably fit with about 90% of all headphones out there.
  • Stability: The non-slip grip held the headphones in place quite well. The sturdy base did not falter or wobble when subjected to intentional forcing. This is quite impressive compared to other stands used in the past.

Noted Negatives

During the examination, however, there was a sighting of a residue of glue at the back of the base. One could argue this somewhat takes away from the smooth aesthetics the product intends to portray. However, the residue can easily be wiped off using some alcohol.


Despite this minor flaw, there’s no denying the level of craft and attention to detail invested in the product design. The Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand, judging based on its aesthetics, and the compatibility and stability test with the Beats headphones, has proven to be a premium and quite dependable product.

View of BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand

Practical Use

  • Headset stand gives neat, organized vibe to desk
  • Offers additional storage and superior stability
  • Slight residual glue spot may detract aesthetic appeal

In this practical section, I’ll be showing you how the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand performed in a real-life situation as well as its functionality. Remember, a product is more than just its features and design; it also needs to optimally perform under everyday conditions.

Displaying on Desk

My initial experience with this headset stand on the desk was quite impressive. The stand was not only a sleek accessory but also a very practical one. It didn’t take up much space, sitting nicely in one corner of the desk. But it’s not just about saving space. The way the headset stand cradles headphones gives a neat and organized vibe to the desk, which isn’t something most other headset stands do effectively.

Suggestion for Additional Usages

What struck me about this headset stand is how versatile it is. Now, it’s designed to hold your headphones, which it does excellently. The curve of the stand fits perfectly with the headphones I used, gently gripping them, ensuring no slips. However, its practicality extends beyond this.

  1. Space for Additional Storage: There is ample space at the bottom for small items like air pods or cables. You could even tuck in some loose notes there if you wish.
  2. Superior Stability: The stand’s stability is commendable. Despite my attempts to push it, the stand didn’t budge an inch, testament to its dependable quality. It’s reassuring to know your expensive headphones won’t easily topple over.

However, on a critical note, I must mention that I noticed some residual glue on the back of the stand. While this didn’t affect its functionality, it could detract from the overall aesthetic experience for some users.

In conclusion, when it comes to daily use, the Bank’s Headset stand performs effectively, transforming a workspace with its elegance and thoughtful design.

Audit of BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand

Comparison with Other Brands

  • Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand exudes premium feel
  • Exceptionally stable, durable and well-built
  • Highly compatible, especially with AirPods Max

In my journey as a gadget enthusiast, I’ve had the opportunity to explore a variety of headset stands from numerous brands. Reflecting on those experiences really illuminates how the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand compares.

Compared to Previous Experiences

Surprisingly, this is not my first rodeo with headset stands. I’ve had the privilege of reviewing five other stands in the past. However, it’s noteworthy that not all of them made the cut for feedback and public evaluation. This one though, has truly managed to stand out from the rest.

Standout Features

What really differentiates the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand is the undeniable premium feel it exudes. The robust built, the glossy exterior, and the non-slip grip are all traits that, in my opinion, are not so readily found in other products. It’s proved to be exceptionally stable and sturdy, even while giving my table a nudge. The stand remained stubbornly idle. Big points for its resilience.

A Special Shout-Out to AirPods Max Users

Not many headset stands are this considerate towards AirPods Max users. This stand aced in accommodating my pair of Beats while displaying an understanding of the unique design quirks associated with a premium product like AirPods Max. Yes, that makes it a perfect fit for 90% of the headphones out there, but beyond that, it truly seems to be designed with the AirPods Max in mind. If you’re an AirPods Max user, you might really want to look into this.

Final Thoughts

During a comparison, it’s essential to remain unbiased and critical. However, the more I scrutinize the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand, the more it wins me over with its attention to detail, quality build, and value. If the gauge for a product review were a balance scale, this one surely tips it towards the positive side. It’s remarkable how well it performs when compared to the competition.

Estimate of BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand


  • Desktop Headset Stand provides premium feel and functionality
  • Product offers excellent value for money
  • Compatible with wide spectrum of headphones

In my unbiased opinion, the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand truly stands out as a premium, practical, and affordable accessory. It perfectly amalgamates stylish appeal with stellar functionality that aims to enhance your desk setup

Quality and Aesthetics

The build quality of this product is impressive. Desktop Headset Stand radiates a premium feel, with a shiny base and a non-slip grip that resolutely holds your headset. However, losing a few points for the glue residue on the stand, although not a dealbreaker, it does require some slight cleaning.


In terms of cost-effectiveness, I believe this product provides excellent value for money. It’s not going to drain your bank account whilst enriching your workstation with a taste of elegance. It’s a worthwhile investment for music lovers and gaming aficionados to keep their cherished headphones safe and stylishly displayed.

Convenience and Compatibility

Another selling factor of this product is its compatibility. It handles a pair of Beats seamlessly and is designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of headphones. The easy-peasy assembly process and the space-efficient design only add to the convenience factor of this stand.

Purchase Links

Should you opt to get one for yourself, simply follow the links provided to make an easy purchase. Rest assured, this stand won’t break your bank.

Expose on BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand


In conclusion, I must applaud the manufacturer’s attention to detail and the quality build of the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand. It has successfully provided an affordable product that effortlessly combines functionality, aesthetics, and durability.

Product Performance

The Bank’s Headset stand, crafted with a no-slip grip and a sturdy base, guarantees your headphones a secure perch. The versatile curve accommodates 90% of headphones, as confirmed by the perfect fit with the Beats used during my review.

Putting it to Use

The stand’s capacity extends beyond just holding your headphones. The additional space at the base also acts as a handy little spot for storing gadgets or trinkets, making it practical as well as pleasing to the eyes.

Standout Features

  • Stable support: Its non-slip care and sturdy fit ensure your headphones stay put.
  • Premium Finish: Exudes a premium feel that enhances your desk setup.
  • Practical Additional Space: Use the base to store extra accessories.

Critical feedback would be towards the small amount of glue residue found on the stand; although easily removed, it posed a slight blemish, to begin with. This, however, does not significantly detract from the overall positive impression of the product.

With its stylish appeal, effective functionality, and reasonable price, the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand undeniably presents itself as a commendable addition to any desk setup.

Should you buy the BENKS Headphone Stand, Airpods Max Stand, Desktop Headset Holder, Gaming Headset Accessories, Desk Earphone Stand?

Buy it if…

You’re Looking for High-Quality Support for Your Headphones

The Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand boasts a stable and non-slip support feature that ensures security for your headphones.

You Appreciate Ease of Assembly

The assembling process is super easy, even for those not technically inclined.

You Require a Mix of Function and Aesthetics

The shiny, premium-looking design of the product offers a stylish addition to whatever setting you place it.

Don’t buy it if…

Messy Glue Residue Bothers You

The headset stand comes with glue residues at the back which might need some cleaning.

You Don’t Use Airpods or Beats Headphones

The design of the stand is particularly complementary with the shape of Beats headphones and Airpods Max. Other models might not fit as well.

You’re Looking for Lower Priced Options

While not breaking the bank, it is still considered a bit pricey compared to other basic options in the market.


What is the product being reviewed?
The product being reviewed is the Bank’s Desktop Headset Stand.
What are the key features of the stand mentioned in the review?
Key features of the stand include stable support, non-slip care, and a fit and non-deformed design.
What accessories come with the product?
The product comes with a non-slip base, a manual, an allen wrench, a screw, and a quality control tag.
Are there any concerns about the product according to the review?
The reviewer noticed some glue residue on the shiny base but believed it could be easily wiped off with some alcohol.
What does the reviewer say about the assembly of the product?
The reviewer found the assembly of the product to be very simple.
How well does the product hold up with headphones on?
The product held up quite well when tested with Beats headphones.
Does the product look good on a desk?
Yes, the reviewer thinks the product looks very premium and good on a desk.
How does this product compare with others?
The reviewer considers this product as the most premium among all headset stands they’ve reviewed.
Would the reviewer recommend the product?
Yes, the reviewer recommends the product for its quality and affordability.

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