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Review: Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder – significantly enhances video recording and photography experience

Enhance video and photoshoots with the Auto Face Tracking Tripod’s Bluetooth, 360-degree tracking, and universal phone fit... Read more

Review of Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

Table of Contents

Test of Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

4.4/5 - (2692 votes)

Cena: $35.99


  • Quick and easy initial setup
  • Convenient Bluetooth syncing
  • Stand-and-sit height adjustability
  • Universal phone fit
  • Efficient in both vertical and horizontal positions
  • Impressive 360-degree face tracking capacity
  • Compact and portable design


  • Need to manually adjust camera angle
  • Bluetooth clicker could be lost easily
  • Dependent on charge for functionality
  • Limitations in range of moves

“Considering the features and ease of use, I am undeniably impressed with the Auto Face Tracking Tripod. Its compact design, ability to adjust heights, universally fit any smartphone, and the convenience of the Bluetooth clicker all contribute to an enhanced user experience. However, I did find the initial setup process a little bit tricky. But once you’re past that, it’s a real gem, especially for those of us who often engage in video recording and photography. The 360-degree face recognition genuinely makes the tripod something worth investing in. So, overall: thumbs up for this little gadget!”

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Color Black
Brand camrola
Compatible Devices Cellphone, Camera
Item Weight 298 Grams
Product Dimensions 3.93″D x 3.93″W x 7.75″H

First Impressions: Unboxing the Auto Face Tracking Tripod

From the moment I first got my hands on the box, the Auto Face Tracking Tripod already had me filled with anticipation. One of the most striking aspects I noticed almost instantly was how compact the packaging itself is – a sure sign of a device that won’t take up much space, whether in a work studio or on a busy desk.

Items Inside The Package: A Quick Rundown

  • The Auto Face Tracking Piece: The core of the system, this piece, stood out as the main game-changer right from the get-go.
  • Mini Tripod Stand: Compact yet robust, this allows for easy mounting of the face tracker.
  • Charge Cord: A critical component, tucked neatly inside the package.
  • Bluetooth Clicker: Truly, a nifty little inclusion for remote control picture taking.

Each item was well-protected in the box, safe from any potential transit damage, which is always a good start.

Initial Setup: Assembling the Tricky Bits

What caught my attention straight away during the setup process was the easy assembly. The tripod screw, which married the auto tracking piece and the stand, flowed easily into the thread, which indicated a well-thought-out design. Plus, having a separate stand just for the Auto Face Tracking piece was an impressive detail.

However, for someone inexperienced with such gadgets, a little patience might be required at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze. In short, while the unboxing and initial setup was not without its minor hiccups, it’s definitely straightforward enough for the majority of users.

Reflection on Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

Pairing The Tripod: The Magic of Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth pairing process is simple and important.
  • Bluetooth clicker allows remote operation for photos.
  • Auto face tracking tripod excelled in pairing ease.

The pairing process is quite straightforward but oh-so-important. After all, the magic of this auto face tracking tripod lies in the simplicity of its Bluetooth pairing. Let’s cover each step.

Syncing the Bluetooth Clicker: The Take-Away Picture Tool

One of the accessories the tripod comes with is an incredibly handy Bluetooth clicker. This little device allows for remote operation to take pictures from a distance. It’s simple enough, just sync it with your phone.

To get started, I powered the clicker on, and voila, it was ready for pairing, indicated by a fast blinking blue light . The whole process is quite intuitive, a breeze even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.

Blinking Blue Light: A Symbol of Successful Syncing

Once the pairing process is underway, pay attention to a particular little blue light on the clicker. It’s set to blink during the pairing process. Once the blinking stopped, I knew I had successfully connected the clicker to my phone. A seamless, painless process. I was quite impressed to be honest.

This kind of pairing speed and ease is not always guaranteed with every device, but this auto face tracking tripod excelled in this regard .

Please note, although my experience was smooth, pairing time and success can vary based on different factors, including the specific phone model, Bluetooth version, etc. Therefore, mileage may vary.

If you’re experiencing difficulties at this stage, I recommend checking the troubleshooting section in the user manual. It provided useful instructions during the pairing stage for me.

Study of Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

The Power Button & Sit-Stand Adjustability: Making It Work For You

  • Power button initiates straightforward camera setup
  • Sit-and-stand adjustability offers height flexibility
  • Tripod might wobble with large DSLR cameras

Now, let’s talk about functionality. I’ll cover two crucial aspects that make it fairly convenient to use – the power button and the sit-and-stand adjustability.

The Power Button

See this little guy? The power button is right here. It’s very straightforward – press it, and the whole setup comes to life. No complex sequences or long press-and-hold nonsense. It’s simple and it works.

Sit-and-Stand Adjustability

But the real gem here is the sit-and-stand adjustment. Wondering what it does? Well, it allows for height adjustments – so whether you’re at a desk or standing up, it does the job. Translation: no need for a taller tripod to give you that perfect angle.

  • Standing setup: You can push up the Camera Part when standing.
  • Sitting setup: Angle it down or straight when sitting or when positioned at a lower level in general.

Essentially, it offers a great deal of flexibility, significantly improving its usability.

My Impressions

The sit-and-stand adjustability lifts a considerable weight. The tripod doesn’t need an additional stand or constant adjustments. If you’re like me, preferring a gadget that’s quick to adjust, then you’ll appreciate this feature.

The power button? As common as it appears, it’s a charm. No fiddling around with switches or knobs is always a big plus.

Any downsides? Well, not much here, to be honest. However, people with large DSLR cameras might find the tripod a bit wobbly in the standing position. But this might not be much of an issue with smaller, lightweight cameras or smartphones. Overall, an impressive gadget, catering to various shooting preferences with its adjustable “neck”.

View of Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

Inserting the Phone: Universal Fit and Orientation Changes

  • Phone holder has universal fit with pull-apart edges
  • Easy orientation change from vertical to horizontal

Let’s move on to a rather fundamental feature – Phone insertion. This component is vitally imperative, simply because if your phone doesn’t fit well or doesn’t maintain its position, the entire face-tracking tripod loses its purpose. Well, here’s where, in my opinion, this tripod earns some major brownie points!

Pull-Apart Edges: Making Space for My Phone

The phone holder is designed rather smartly, with pull-apart edges that snugly secure your phone inside. This cunning design allows the holder to house phones of varying sizes. It generously accommodated my iPhone. But don’t worry Android users, it’s built to universally fit any phone size. Irrespective of whether you have a smaller older-gen phone or a brand new “phablet”, this tripod claims to handle it all.

I have to mention this though, it does require a slightly firm pull to fit larger phones. While that might seem a bit stiff initially, it’s this exact snugness that gives your phone a stable, secure spot.

Vertical to Horizontal: Rotating My Phone with Ease

Next, something I truly appreciate about this product is its easy orientation change. It essentially lets you switch your phone’s position from vertical to horizontal (for all you landscape mode vloggers) in a jiffy. No cumbersome adjustments or screws to deal with here!

It’s rather simple, all you need to do is rotate your phone within the holder from a portrait to landscape mode. That’s it! I’ve worked with plenty of tripods in the past that made orientation changes a real chore. So, finding this user-friendly solution is indeed refreshing.

In conclusion, I find that its universal fit and easy orientation change demonstrates the designer’s thoughtful consideration about varying user requirements. Although I’m a firm believer that experience is subjective and might differ from user to user, for my specific use-case, the phone insertion method worked rather well.

Probe of Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

A Hands-on Demo: Putting The Auto Face Tracking To The Test

  • Auto Face Tracking adjusts camera 360-degree with movements
  • Tripod aids efficient video recording and picture taking
  • Bluetooth clicker simplifies quick snapshots

Alright, now to the fun part – the real world test! With the phone duly inserted and the tripod all set, it’s time to witness the magic of Auto Face Tracking. Engage your curiosity, as I was definitely did while testing this out.

Tracking Treks: The 360 Degree Advantages

As soon as I flicked the switch on, a small yet inquisitive green light sprung into life, hinting at the tiny tech-wizard nestled inside the tripod that was about to do its job. Now, this is where it gets really interesting. I started moving around, and wonder of wonders, the tripod follows! The face tracking feature swiftly kicked into gear, and the device tracked my every move. Up to 360 degrees, the camera swiveled to keep my face central in the frame – whether I was making random movements or specific, posed actions. This is some serious convenience, particularly for those who need to constantly move while on a call, or when creating content without a dedicated cameraman.

Comfort in Video Recording and Picture Taking: Tripod to the Rescue

Now, getting onto what this device can potentially be most used for – video recording and picture taking. The level of ease here is noteworthy. The fact that you can just keep going about whatever it is you are doing while the tripod does all the tracking, is incredibly freeing. Never again will half of your shots end up with you awkwardly half inside the frame. Plus, if I wanted to alter the lighting just a bit, or change my position to capture a different angle, it’s just a simple movement away.

Efficiency of the Bluetooth Clicker

The Bluetooth clicker demonstrated its utility remarkably especially when it comes to taking quick snapshots. No more rushing to the camera or phone, fumbling with controls to grab that one perfect snapshot. An effortless click on the pocket-sized remote effortlessly takes care of it all.

Overall, from the look of things, I must say – this demo demonstrated the Auto Face Tracking Tripod’s credibility as a must-have tool in your photography arsenal. The device definitely carries the potential to ease the stress of video recording and picture taking, especially for the digital content creators among us. However, there’s always room for improvement. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how this tool evolves in the future.

Considering Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

The Little Green Light: The Torchbearer of Face Recognition

  • Green light indicator signifies face recognition is activated
  • Device offers a 360-degree rotation tracking
  • Steady, assertive motion improves tracking experience

As soon as I had my phone securely nestled in the holder, it was time to see the auto face tracking in action. And here’s an interesting thing: the bright little green light indicator on the side. It’s not just a stylish touch; it’s a telltale sign that the device is ready, and * face recognition is activated *.

Witnessing the Green Light in Action

Once the green light was on, it began tracking me. I must say, it was nothing short of impressive. This little tripod instantly latched on to my whereabouts. As I moved, it moved, maintaining a good degree of fluidity.

360-degree tracking feature: A Real Boon

What’s more, this green light took my fascination to another level when I experienced how the device could follow my face in a full circle of 360 degrees. Yes, you heard it right – the face tracking prowess offers a complete 360-degree rotation . That means no matter how much I waltzed around, the device could track me just fine.

The User Experience

Although it’s a nifty feature, it’s worth noting that the face recognition isn’t always perfectly accurate. Occasionally, it seemed to lose its track for a moment, especially if I moved very rapidly. Thus, a * steady, assertive motion * helps in maintaining a more robust tracking experience.

Undeniably, these are minor glitches in an otherwise highly functional device. The green indicator light and what it signifies – the face recognition feature – is definitely one of the key selling points of this tripod. It functions exceptionally well for anyone who needs their camera to follow them around, whether they’re doing live videos, online seminars, or just capturing those candid shots.

Testing Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

Using the Bluetooth Clicker: Try a Snapshot By Just Clicking This Button

  • Bluetooth Clicker remote controls phone camera
  • Operational range approximately 20 feet
  • Minor delay in photo capture

As I dig a little deeper into the features of this Auto Face Tracking Tripod, I came across this nifty Bluetooth Clicker that accompanies it. The clicker works as a remote control for your phone camera, providing the freedom to take photos from a distance.

Syncing and Usage

Pairing this clicker with my phone was pretty straightforward. As soon as the Bluetooth is turned on, a little blue light starts to blink, signaling its readiness. Once synced, I jumped into testing it out.

One unique thing I noticed about this Bluetooth clicker is its operational range. I stepped back a good distance – let’s say around 20 feet – and it still managed to register the commands and took pictures. I find this very convenient especially when I navigate around during livestreams or when I need to adjust the lighting during my shoots.


Generally speaking, the clicker operates efficiently. However, I did notice a split-second delay from the moment I pressed the button to the point when the photo was actually taken. This might not be a deal-breaker for many, but for those wanting to capture spontaneous moments or precise instances, this slight delay could potentially be a disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

Despite its minor flaw, this Bluetooth clicker is a handy accessory for the Auto Face Tracking Tripod. It empowers me to take pictures from afar without constantly being tied down to the device. It’s a significant feature that adds to the convenience aspect of this useful gadget.

Study of Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

The Range Test: Stretching the Limits

  • Auto Tracking Tripod performs well at range and speed
  • Bluetooth connection is reliable over distances
  • Lighting and crowded conditions may affect performance

After familiarising myself with all the fancy features and setups, the last piece of the puzzle was to step back and see just how far this Auto Face Tracking Tripod can stretch its limits. I was curious to find out if it would still hold up if I strayed a little too far, or moved a little too quickly.

Testing the Auto Tracking Limits

I found a spacious area and placed the tripod at one end. With my phone firmly gripped in the tripod and the Bluetooth clicker in my pocket, I walked as far as I could in either direction.

In an impressive turn of events, the device managed to track my movements faithfully, pivoting smoothly even when I ventured quite a distance away. It’s pretty clear that this gadget was designed with the word ‘range’ in mind.

Staying Connected

Next, I wanted to test if the Bluetooth connection would also maintain its integrity over the same distance. Despite the initial scepticism, the Bluetooth clicker worked flawlessly, making it possible for me to take snapshots even when I was quite a distance away from the device.

Tracking Speed

Not stopping at that, I also wanted to test if the tripod would track me faithfully when I moved quickly from one point to another. To my surprise, the face tracking precisely kept up with my brisk pace. I’m definitely impressed with how capable this little device is.

Unseen Challenges

While everything seemed perfect, I can’t overlook the fact that my testing conditions were ideal. I am aware that results might slightly differ in crowded places or in different lighting conditions. But based on my controlled test, it’s safe to say this tripod has an impressive tracking range and speed.

Worth the Investment

In overall terms, the Auto Face Tracking Tripod is unmistakably a champ when it comes to its tracking abilities. The final takeaway from this range test is that it truly offers fantastic value for its price. However, keep in mind that, like any gadget, it may have limitations, undoubtedly many of which come to light in different conditions and scenarios.

Inspection of Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

Overall Impressions: The Compact, Convenient Photo Companion

After spending time with the Auto Face Tracking Tripod, forming an in-depth opinion about it became quite straightforward. The initial impressions of the product aren’t merely surface level but run deep, making a real impression. Making a comprehensive consensus wasn’t easy, considering the multitude of features it holds. Still, everything proceeded as follows:

The Space-saving, Ease-of-use Wins

The compact size of this tripod is genuinely a game-changer. In a world where ease and convenience are paramount, this small, easily portable device scores high on the scale. It doesn’t require an expanse to set up, nor does it present a challenge to transport. Setting it up in a variety of different locales didn’t give me any trouble.

What’s more, the ease of use offered by this device is both practical and appealing. Especially from the viewpoint of a non-techie person, the inclusion of uncomplicated operational processes like the Bluetooth pairing is a breath of fresh air.

Making Life Easier: From Videography to Photoshoots

When it comes to specific requirements, I liked how this tripod adapts to different scenarios. Whether participating in a video call, recording oneself, or carrying out photo shoots, this device can handle it all. The face tracking is impressive as it tracks up to 360 degrees. This functionality presents a great asset for capturing motion.

Another aspect that deserves praise is the remote clicker. It worked flawlessly when standing afar, giving me the freedom to take shots from any angle. It removed the limitation of having someone or at least a hand near the device.

On the critical end though, the tripod may not be the ideal pick for professional photographers looking for sophisticated level controls. Also, the small size may not be compatible for heavy or oversized devices. Personal preferences may come into play here, influencing the overall user experience with the device.

Yet, overall, for casual use and everyday photography or video requirements, this Auto Face Tracking Tripod does bring a lot to the table. It’s a worthwhile addition to anyone’s gadgetry collection.

Should you buy the Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder?

Buy it if…

You want auto face tracking

The auto face tracking tripod follows you up to 360-degrees, making it convenient for video recording or live streaming without the need of using your hands.

Fit for phones of all sizes

The tripod holds your phone universally. Whether an iPhone or Android, the pull-apart edges make sure your phone fits.

You value portability

The compact design makes it incredibly portable and ideal for those who are constantly on the move.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer not to be dependent on Bluetooth

The tripod’s functionality relies heavily on Bluetooth connectivity; if you have issues with this feature, you might not find this product useful.

You are looking for larger tripods

This tripod adjusts for standing and sitting positions, but if you specifically need a taller tripod, this might not be for you.

You don’t do long recordings or live streaming

If you don’t require a hands-free solution, or don’t often do video recording or live streaming, you might not fully utilize this product’s features.


What items come with the Auto Face Tracking Tripod?
The package includes the Auto Face Tracking tripod itself, a Mini tripod stand, a Bluetooth clicker, and a charging cord.
Is the tripod compatible with both iPhone and Android?
Yes, thanks to the Universal phone holder with pull-apart edges, the tripod can accommodate both types of phones.
How does the tripod adjust to different heights?
The tripod features a stand-and-sit height adjustment and can also adjust the Camera Part based on your height or level to the camera.
How does the Auto Face Tracking feature work?
Once switched on and paired with your phone, it uses face recognition technology to follow your movements up to 360 degrees.
How do I pair my phone with the tripod?
You can sync your phone with the tripod via Bluetooth. A blinking blue light on the tripod’s Bluetooth clicker indicates the pairing is successful.
What is the function of the Bluetooth clicker?
The Bluetooth clicker allows you to take pictures from a distance. You can also use it to adjust the light by moving it slightly.
What is the range of the Bluetooth clicker?
Detailed range specifications aren’t mentioned, but the reviewer was able to walk away a considerable distance while still being able to operate the clicker.
How to switch between vertical and horizontal orientations?
You can easily move your phone from a vertical to a horizontal position on the tripod.
What does the reviewer like about the tripod?
The reviewer likes its compactness, face tracking ability, flexibility for stand-and-sit height adjustment, capability to fit any phone, and the Universal Fit and Orientation Changes.

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