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Review: Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) – Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band – Enhanced performance, remarkable aesthetics

Reviewing the new Apple Watch’s enhancements, innovations, refined design, and advanced health features... Read more

Review of Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Table of Contents

Test of Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) – Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

4.2/5 - (10998 votes)

Cena: $150.00


  • Larger display for better user interaction
  • Enhanced audio with louder speakers
  • Improved sensor and faster processor
  • Compatible with older watch bands
  • Attractive new gold stainless steel variant
  • Unified and elegant packaging design
  • Infusion of practical health features like EKG monitor


  • More expensive than the previous series
  • Gold stainless steel durability is uncertain
  • Too basic paperwork
  • Smaller batteries
  • Can’t add complications in full screen mode
  • Some settings, like heart rate, are not activated
  • No notable changes in sport band design

“After carefully analyzing every feature and testing out every function, I must say, the new Apple Watch series by Detroit Pork genuinely lives up to the hype. The design is stunning, it feels more comfortable, the enlarged screen elevates the user experience, and the revamped health features truly make it a worthy companion for anyone. However, I wish there were some adjustments in terms of the battery size and the basic accessories included in the package. Overall, its enhanced performance and remarkable aesthetics make it an impressive piece of technology, though the ultimate value may vary based on personal usage and requirements.”

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Brand Apple
Model Name series 4
Style Space Gray Aluminum + Black Sport Band
Color Space Gray, Black
Screen Size 44 Millimeters
Special Feature Electrocardiography, Heart rate, Accelerometer, Altimeter, Ambient light sensor, Gyro sensor, Heart rate sensor, GPS,Time Display,Phone Call, Notifications
Shape Rectangular
Target Audience Unisex Adult
Age Range (Description) Adult
Compatible Devices Smartphone

Opening Statements

Introducing the Redesigned Apple Watch from Apple

Today we plunge headfirst into the world of Apple’s latest marvel—the redesigned Apple Watch. This isn’t just a review, it’s a comprehensive look into the revamp of the tech giant’s popular wearable, now beautifully re-engineered inside and out.

Brief Look at the Revolutionary Change in Apple Watch Design

Since its inception in 2015, the Apple Watch has become a familiar sight on wrists around the world. Five years in and we are welcomed with its first significant design transformation—a testament to Apple’s commitment to evolution and refinement. This isn’t your everyday design tweak; we’re talking about an overhaul that goes beyond aesthetics, hitting at the core of functionality and user experience. From increased screen size to design slimming, Apple has embarked on a journey to redefine the smartwatch market once again. But is all that glitters gold? Let’s find out.

Perspective: Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Essential Features

  • Enlarged screens enhance Apple Watch user experience
  • Louder speakers and improved microphones enhance interactions
  • Compatibility retained with older Apple Watch Bands

Right off the bat, the most notable change we face in this new Apple watch series is its enlarged screens. Despite my initial hesitation, I find these larger screens to be a welcoming improvement.

Exploring The Enlarged Screens: The Battle between 38 and 42 Millimeters vs 40 and 44 Millimeters

From a side-by-side comparison, the screen size increase from 38 or 42mm to either 40mm or 44mm is actually rather substantial. It provides a more immersive user experience, delivering more vibrant colors, and sharper image details. However, the sheer size might be intimidating to some, especially to those with smaller wrists.

Louder Speakers, Improved Microphones; All in a Slimmer Design

Moving on to the acoustics, Apple did not overlook a single detail. They’ve implemented louder speakers and superior microphones that greatly enhance your interactions with Siri, receiving calls directly from the watch, as well as listening to music or podcasts. The microphones are more sensitive and pick up voice commands with near-perfect accuracy, even in noisy environments. The speaker volume has been given an upward nudge, making audio playback noticeably louder.

Assessing the Enhanced Sensors and Processor: An Unbiased View

Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and a new heart rate monitor, combined with an advanced digital crown that gives haptic feedback, the Apple Watch does not disappoint in the tech department. An increase in processing speed was also observable with the new S4 CPU, making transitions within the watch interface fluid and pleasing to the user’s eyes. However, despite the faster processor, the S4 isn’t without its shortcomings. While I did find the battery life to last roughly the same as the previous series, the margin was thin enough to not be confidently disregarded.

Compatibility with older Apple Watch Bands: A Nostalgic Retention

The significant design overhaul luckily didn’t deter Apple from retaining the compatibility for older, existing bands with the new models. This could potentially save users from spending extra bucks on new bands and benefit those who are emotionally attached to their old bands or simply do not wish to part way with them. It is nonetheless a detail that emphasizes Apple’s understanding of its users and their habits.

Expose on Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Costs and Variations

  • Apple watches cater to various customer segments
  • Price range varies from $399, diverse design choices
  • Aluminum option for minimalist, stainless steel for luxury seekers

As I navigated around the variety of Apple watches on offer, the thought of affordability versus luxury arose in my mind. The wide range of cost, from the convenient aluminum version to the upscale stainless steel option, makes it a viable product for different customer segments.

Investigating the Price Spectrum of the New Series: Stylishly Affordable or Luxuriously Expensive?

Starter price for the Apple Watch series begins at $399 for the smallest 40mm aluminum design. It’s not exactly cheap, but considering the progressive technology crammed into such a small package, the price feels justified. However, it’s important to note whether customers are willing to pay this much for the device and the subsequent monthly charges if cellular connectivity is initiated.

Unveiling the Aesthetics of the Stainless Steel Watch in Gold: An Alluring Addition

Moving up the cost scale, we reach the Stainless Steel watch category. The addition of a gleaming gold color option certainly appeals to the aesthetic tastes of those who wish to match their Apple watch with their iPhone 10s and 10’s max. Although it may seem like a minor detail, I found the coherence in design between devices to be a delightful experience.

From Casual Aluminium to Elegant Stainless Steel: A Variety for Every User

In this diverse selection, customers undoubtedly have a varied choice. From the casual vibrancy of aluminum Watch bands to the more sophisticated stainless steel bands, Apple has catered to a broad spectrum of preferences. Users looking for a less formal, daily-use option might find the inexpensive aluminum variant more appealing. On the other hand, users looking to make a style statement with their watch might opt for the elegant and pricier Stainless steel variant.

In conclusion, while the price range of this new series varies greatly, it also caters to a broad audience. The affordability and versatility of the Aluminum watches attract the minimalist customers, while the expensive Stainless Steel option lures in those who want extravagance and luxury. All things considered, understanding what each variant has to offer can help potential customers make a well-informed decision.

Audit of Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Unboxing Experience

  • Unified packaging design is user-friendly and sleek
  • Watch and bands are packed separately for appreciation
  • Unboxing experience exudes elegance and precision

As a seasoned gadget enthusiast, the unboxing experience of a new product is a moment I particularly look forward to, and the new Apple Watch didn’t disappoint. Here’s a detailed chronicle of what it feels like when you’re about to lay hands on this innovative piece for the first time.

Exploring the Unified Packaging Design: An Unboxing Experience

The first thing that caught my eye was the unified packaging design. It’s evident that Apple has put thought into making the packaging sleek and user-friendly. The matte finish box appealed to my aesthetic sense, and the embossed image on the front gave an enticing sneak peak into what lay inside.

Tackling the Practicality of Separately Packaged Watch Bands

Upon opening the box, I noticed that the watch and bands were packed separately. A rather novel and practical touch, this allowed me to appreciate each component individually. Care had clearly been taken to ensure these elements were presented neatly, and would be free from any possible transit-induced damage.

A Touch of Unexpected Elegance: Unwrapping the Apple Watch

The real moment of wow came when I unwrapped the Apple Watch. Tucked inside a color-matched microfiber pouch indicating the size, the watch appeared understated yet elegant. The attention to such minute details enriches the unboxing experience, making it feel more personal. However, I would like to mention that the watch was quite lightweight, which could be interpreted as feeling less premium.

All in all, the unboxing experience is well-aligned with Apple’s reputation for curating meticulous and celebratory product introductions. It was a positive, straightforward process that added to the aura of sophistication commonly associated with the brand.

Key takeaway: The clear attention to detail demonstrates that Apple has put effort into creating not just a standard product, but also a positively memorable experience.The overall impression is one of elegance and precision, true to the Apple Watch itself.

Observation of Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Accessories Overview

  • Box includes 5-watt USB wall adapter
  • Wireless Inductive Charging Puck included
  • Accessories could use an upgrade

As the accessories arguably round off the user experience of the Apple watch, it’s important not to overlook them. Let’s delve into my first-hand experience with them.

What’s in the Box?

Upon unboxing, the first thing we see are the familiar accessories. For starters, the box comes with a 5-watt USB wall adapter . This is a steady, yet unchanged accompaniment reminiscent of previous unboxing

Wireless Inductive Charging Puck

One component that caught my eye was the Wireless Inductive Charging Puck . Like the original Apple watch, the kind of puck you get is dependent on the watch you purchase. The stainless steel watch still comes with a stainless steel version of the puck while the aluminum watch carries on with a white plastic version. This consistency in accessories despite the model of the watch is laudable.

Evaluating The Offerings

On a critical note, it feels as though the accessories could use an upgrade. While it’s true that their functionality shines through, a move towards a more innovative or refreshed look would not be misplaced. For someone looking to switch from the previous series to the new one, the resemblance might come off as too uncanny, taking some freshness away from the unboxing experience of a ‘new’ product.

Quality of Paperwork

As far as the paperwork goes, it is pretty straightforward, showing users how to install the watch bands and set it up the first time. However, a more comprehensive guide wouldn’t hurt, especially for first-time users.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the accessories maintain a standard of simplicity and practicality. However, there’s potential for creativity and novelty here, which if utilized might enrich the user experience even more.

Evaluating Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

The Apple Watch Bands: A Closer Look

  • Sport Band provides comfort during strenuous activities
  • Milanese Loop is adjustable, breathable, and premium
  • Setting up requires an iPhone

My experience with the new Apple watch bands have been quite an interesting journey. Let’s dissect them into two categories for a closer perspective: the Sport Band and the Milanese Loop.

The Sport Band

The sport band, maintaining its original design since the inception of the Apple watch, sparked a sense of nostalgia. The subtle sameness in design brought back memories of earlier encounters with Apple watches, and it was comforting to find it in the unboxing of the new series. It is manufactured from the same fluorastomer material making it just as soft and comfortable as before – especially during workouts – an important feature if you’re looking to wear your watch during particularly strenuous activities.

However, the sport bands that come with the Apple watches have a color matching rivet. I noticed this might not be the case for the ones you buy off the shelf, which could be a downside for consumers who value color coordination.

The Milanese Loop

Transitioning to the Milanese loop, it is a sight to behold. Present in glorious space black and a new entrant – gold, the design remains almost the same as the original except for an important cancellation. The Milanese loop can now flex open; you can actually pass the loop through the watch band lug.

The Milanese loop comes off a touch more formal than its counterpart, positioning itself as a premium band. But, it’s highly adjustable and breathes quite easily. Most importantly, it didn’t trigger any allergic reaction which could occasionally happen with polymer or leather bands.

Setup Process

The setup process is simple but requires an iPhone. The steps are pretty straightforward – boot up the Apple watch, hold it near your iPhone, and the setup process gets triggered. While I thought this was extremely convenient, the reliance on having an iPhone could be a potential obstacle for non-iPhone users.

The inclusive setup process guides you on how to install the watch bands, render it functional for the first time, sync it with your iPhone, and introduces you to some of the new features, including a heart rate monitor.

Overall, the bands – both the Sport Band and the Milanese Loop – strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality, staying true to the standards that Apple has been known for. You might have individual preferences and may lean towards one over the other, but both stand their ground as solid choices in their own right.

Expose on Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Material and Durability

  • Apple Watch uses Ion-X glass or sapphire crystal
  • High durability in various atmospheric conditions
  • Endurance in everyday use remaining intact

When it comes to smartwatches, especially ones that might carry a bit of a hefty price tag like the Apple watch, durability is not negotiable. These wearable gadgets should withstand a wide array of elements, and continue performing optimally. As such, let’s dive into the material and durability of the new Apple Watch.

Ion-X Glass vs Sapphire Crystal

Apple ensured that they employ robust materials for the Apple Watch. The watch faces are crafted either from the Ion-X glass for the aluminum choice or from sapphire crystal for the stainless steel models. The Ion-X glass isn’t reflective and appears to be less susceptible to shattering, making it an ideal choice for those with a more active lifestyle. On the other hand, the sapphire crystal might reflect a bit more but, owing to its high scratch resistance, I found it to maintain a brand-new appearance even after extended use.

Scratch Test

Gauging the scratch resistance of the watch, I meticulously examined them after exposing to a variety of atmospheric conditions. The aluminum design proved to be mightily impressive, the anodized finish didn’t succumb to any visible scratches, and the band remained in perfect shape. The sapphire crystal glass, on the other hand, held up remarkably well, maintaining an unwavering resilience against scratches even after being subjected to daily use for a year. Hence both Apple Watch variants can comfortably handle the rigors of daily life.

Durability in Everyday Use

Throughout the year where I wore my Apple watch each day—during workouts, while swimming, for all kinds of activities—the watch never faltered. Be it in the rain or under the sun, the Apple Watch displayed commendable stamina and resilience, with everything, right down to the buckle and the straps, remaining intact.

While it’s true that any piece of technology, when handled roughly, will eventually show signs of wear and tear, during the course of my usage, the Apple Watch genuinely earned my praise for both, its aesthetic appeal and its impressive endurance capabilities. Certainly, it can’t be exempted from the laws of physics and nature but, at least from my experience, it strikes a balance between style and strength.

As always, these observations are a result of my unique user experience and I strongly urge potential buyers to consider their individual lifestyle and usage before making a decision. A watch may perform beyond expectations for one person but fall short for another.

Weighing Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Display and Technology

  • LPTO OLED display enhances battery efficiency, visibility.
  • Screen size increased for more immersive interface.
  • New EKG monitor feature for health insights.

The first thing I noticed about the Series 4 watch were the subtle changes brought about with the display and technology. Apple has gone all out, bringing in quite a few upgrades. Here’s my unbiased and critical observation on them.

Inspecting the New Display Technology: LPTO OLED Display

With the new Series 4, Apple introduces the LPTO OLED display. This is Apple’s first application of this technology, which is aimed at enhancing battery efficiency. However, it’s not just about longevity. With a brightness level of up to 1000 nits, this watch is extremely visible even in bright daylight, providing a comfortable and quality viewing experience in various lighting conditions.

A Comparison between Bigger Screens and smaller screens: A Shift in Users’ Experience

Moving away from the previous 38 and 42 millimeters size, the new watch boasts of a 40 and 44 millimeter display. Despite these bigger screens, the watch still maintains a sleek design. More so, the display is more rounded, eliminating the box-like feel of the previous versions. What’s fascinating is how the display appears closer to the glass, seemingly floating on top. To the user, this change provides a more immersive interface, a welcoming shift from the previous box-like feel.

A new era in health monitoring: The Introductions of EKG monitors

Another striking feature of the Series 4 watch is the addition of a new electrical heart rate sensor. This works in synergy with the redesigned digital crown to provide an EKG reading. This is definitely a game-changer for health-conscious users. It can warn of a low or high heart rate, providing invaluable health insights. However, it’s important to note that this feature is not yet activated in the current software. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting development to look forward to in future updates.

In conclusion, the Series 4 watch does an incredible job in refining its display and incorporating advanced health-focused technology. There are still areas for improvement, especially in the full utilization of health-focused features. However, the strides in display quality and size pave the way for an enhanced user experience.

Synopsis: Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Hardware Enhancement

  • S4 CPU doubles performance of previous S3
  • Series 4 offers impactful whole-day battery performance
  • New gyroscopes and G-Force sensors enhance safety features

In my journey of exploring the new Apple Watch, I found myself particularly fascinated by its hardware enhancements. As a seasoned user of the previous series, I was genuinely curious to see how the new hardware would measure up. Be prepared as I delve critically and impartially into these new aspects.

A dive into the Enhanced Hardware Specs

The new S4 CPU exhilarated me from the moment I heard about it. I mean, cynically, how much difference could a 64-bit dual-core processor deliver? To my surprise, it was leaps and bounds ahead, pumping up the performance to twice that of the S3. Such power translates to incredibly smooth operation, with transitions as fluid as flowing water. The on-board storage is a plentiful 16 gigs – letting you hoard apps and download an array of WatchOS updates without batting an eye.

Evaluating the Battery: Smaller Yet Consistent?

Now, let’s discuss the elephant in the room – battery life. If there’s one thing that meets a hard skeptical wall in a user’s mind, it’s the concept of a smaller battery that works just as well. We’ve all grappled with battery woes at some point, right? And at first, when I heard that the new battery is about 30% smaller, I was not thrilled. Despite the claim of the same 18-hour lifespan, I was ready for disappointment.

Enter reality, and I confess, I found myself taken aback. Not only does the Series 4 pull off a heroic whole-day performance, often it winds up with a good 60 percent of juice left. This redefines power efficiency in my book, folks! It does beg the question – has Apple truly managed to squeeze more out of less?

In precision-engineering terms, the Big Win is the addition of new gyroscopes and G-Force sensors capable of unbelievable sensitivity, detecting up to 32 G’s to be precise. As a techie, that had my heart pounding with excitement. These sensors weave in some amazing fall-detection abilities to back the emergency call feature – a real plus for safety. There’s no denying, this kind of enhancement makes the watch a potential lifesaver!

In my opinion, the hardware enhancements of the Apple Watch series 4 truly up the ante, setting a new standard in smartwatch technology. From resurrected processing power to an almost miraculous battery performance, hardware modifications impress through and through.

Considering Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Cellular Connectivity and UI

  • Apple Watch Series 4 offers cellular connectivity
  • User Interface redesigned, offering sophisticated, intuitive navigating experience
  • WatchOS 5 adds multitude of new features

Starting with the Apple Watch Series 4 , we get the exciting feature – cellular connectivity. This meant the Apple watch could for the first time run independently of your iPhone. The full access to the internet, complete with full-fledged phone calls and standard text messaging makes it not only a fitness tracker but a communication device onto itself.

Enabling this feature was rather straightforward. This incorporates the phone number from the iPhone that it’s paired to. As a result, you only need to add your watch to the existing service on your iPhone. Once this is done, you are free to leave your phone at home and use your Apple Watch for your calls and text messages. A special shout-out to future smartwatches: this is what makes an Apple product stand out.

User Interface (UI)

The UI on this Apple Watch got me scrolling swiftly through apps, swift toggling, and fast-forwarding music – all effortlessly. Here, the redesign really shines as the UI is more sophisticated and intuitive than previous models, making the most of the expanded screen real estate.

  • Animation with Siri: Siri has a brand-new look with a new animation that responds to your voice. A subtle but welcome feature considering how integral Siri is to the overall Apple ecosystem.
  • Improved App Accessibility: Double pressing the digital crown brings you to your most recent app, a handy feature you’ll find yourself frequently using.
  • Notification Handling: A simple swipe down from the watch face takes you to your notifications, and they’re neatly stacked on top of each other, just like in IOS 12. Nice integration right there.

Lastly, WatchOS 5 adds a multitude of new features to the mix, making it tough to keep track. A particularly interesting one is the ability to access websites directly from the Apple Watch, which is extremely convenient for things like checking detailed emails.

Anywhere else, having this many updates could feel like an uphill battle. However, with all these features being so neatly organized into a coherent and user-friendly interface, it’s less about struggling to remember where everything is, and more about the excitement of what I might discover next.

Highlight: Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Wear and Tear

  • Stainless steel Apple watch gathers micro-scratches over time
  • Aluminum variant is more forgiving to daily wear and tear
  • Sapphire Crystal glass surface resists scratches well

One of the crucial aspects to be considered about any device, especially one that we wear daily, is how well it handles Wear and Tear . Let’s take a look at our Apple Watch’s resilience.

Assessing the impact of Time on Stainless Steel Colors

The moment these watches are unboxed, they start their battle against time. Now, if you’re considering the stainless steel variant, it’s worth noting how the colors react over time.

The raw stainless steel, with its polished shimmery silver look, tends to gather micro-scratches with use, becoming a bit ‘brushed’ with time. The upsides? It’s easy to refurbish, and these tiny scratches are less visible.

On the other hand, the Space Black color with its diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating holds up extremely well against scratches. I wore it consistently for a year, and it still looks like it just came straight out of the box.

As for the gold stainless, it’s a new addition to the palette, and its durability is yet to be tested. With a month’s use, the gold variant stood up well with no noticeable scratches.

Tolerating the Wear and Tear of Aluminium Watch

If you lean toward the cheaper aluminum variant, there’s good news. The super durable 7000 series aluminum with its anodized finish is quite forgiving to daily wear and tear, reducing visible scratches significantly.

Sapphire Crystal Glass: A Showdown with Time

The glass surface of the watch, the ‘face’ that you look at every day, is likewise an important consideration. The aluminum watches come with Ion-X glass surface, which is robust and less prone to shattering.

On the other hand, the more expensive stainless-steel option comes with Sapphire Crystal glass surface, which resists scratches better but might be more prone to shattering. Characteristically, after a year of use, the sapphire glass on my stainless-steel variant remains as clear and scratch-free as day one.

Bottom line? Both Apple watches, in aluminum or stainless steel, are built for resilience, each in their specific ways. Rather than one being superior to the other, it’s more about which type of durability – scratch resistance vs shatter resistance – suits your lifestyle better. And, of course, there’s always the consideration of your fashion preference and budget.

Audit of Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

Software Updates

  • Series 4 enhanced with software updates.
  • Additional screen space improves user experience, needs familiarity.
  • Notification, control center layout are user-friendly

When I first explored the software of the series 4 watches, I couldn’t help but notice the notable tweaks and enhancements in the software design. The revamp of the software into watch OS 5, specifically paired with series 4, has indeed notched up the game.

The Interface of Watch OS 5 on Series 4

The most significant difference I observed right away was the extra screen real estate offered. From conveniently scrolling through apps to viewing details in the weather app, the display dimension has certainly contributed to the user-friendliness. The haptic feedback on scrolling gave a more tactile experience that lends to the overall realism of usage.

Moreover, you can rearrange your app icons – drag and drop them around as needed. All that screen real estate further comes in handy when you use the standard watch face, dubbed “infograph,” which is abundant in complications.

My development:

I found the new UI spotlighting efficient use of screen space, facilitating easier inputs and offering better visual gratification. However, initial users might need time to familiarize themselves with the new layout.

New Watch Faces

Exploring the myriad of new watch faces or “complications,” from checking wind conditions to the earth position, I discovered countless options catering to different user preferences. I particularly liked how each complication also serves as a shortcut to the relevant apps, enhancing ease of use. However, it’s essential to note that not all full-screen watch faces can add complications, and for those who love complications, the circular version would be a preferred choice.

My development:

Though the range of watch faces is indeed commendable, I couldn’t help but wish there was a bit more flexibility and customization options in the full-screen watch faces that currently don’t allow adding complications.

Notifications and Control Center

On swiping down, I could access all my notifications, which are stacked perfectly on top of each other just like in iOS 12, enhancing usability. The control center, which is accessible with a simple upward swipe from the watch face, contains essential toggles. Significant modes like the ‘do not disturb,’ ‘theater mode,’ and ‘water lock mode’ offer another layer of customization to suit different user needs.

My development:

I found that the notification and control center layout is designed intuitively, offering an incredibly user-friendly experience. Yet, a minor drawback I experienced resided in the water-lock mode which necessitates a sound to eject the water. Some users may not prefer this. Overall, while the software updates bring a host of improvements and features, there are a few areas where the interface might need a bit more customization. Nonetheless, watch OS 5 on series 4 is definitely a step up and proves a powerhouse packed in a tiny case.

Analysis of Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) - Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band


As an objective reviewer, my aim is not to sway you in any particular direction, but rather to provide you with an unbiased and comprehensive overview of my experience with the Apple Watch. As I bring this article to a close, let’s take an in-depth look into the pros and cons of the different features that I’ve encountered.

My Overall Impressions

After using the new Apple Watch for a while, it’s clear that Apple has poured its engineering might into this small but feature-packed device. For the first time, the Apple Watch feels swift and responsive, efficiently delivering on its software promises. This watch definitely has the polish and performance I anticipated from an Apple device.

A Few Concerns

While I appreciate the benefits and technological advancements, there are a few areas for improvement. The most noticeable one is the onset of scratches on the stainless steel body of the watch. Over time, this could diminish the appeal for some users. Moreover, understanding all the features can be quite overwhelming, especially for new users, and might require a bit of a learning curve.

Unbiased and Comprehensive View

  1. Design: Though it’s slimmer and has larger screens, the watch maintains compatibility with older watch bands. This is a welcome design decision for all previous band owners. The redesigned digital crown with haptic feedback, louder speakers, and a more compact optical heart rate sensor all contribute to a more cohesive and efficient design.
  2. Hardware: The watch’s hardware is impressive; with 16 gigs of onboard storage, an S4 dual-core processor, and a battery life of approximately 18 hours, the watch packs a punch in terms of performance.
  3. Software: With WatchOS 5 on Series 4, the watch is more user-friendly than ever. Notifications are now stacked–an efficient feature for email checking process. The interface is more responsive, while features like heart monitor and fall detection adds an extra layer of health consciousness.
  4. Price: While the cost is a bit on the higher end, it justifies its price tag with its slew of features and enhancements.

In conclusion, the series 4 Apple Watch offers a seamless combination of form, function, and finesse. Although there’s room for improvement, the device is undeniably a formidable tool packed with technology that’s designed to enhance the day-to-day life of its users. Whether these new enhancements and features are worthy enough for an upgrade from an older series, or worthy of being your first smartwatch, is entirely a decision individual users should make.

Should you buy the Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44MM) – Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band?

Buy it if…

You value greater screens and finer designs

This Apple Watch boasts a complete redesign with larger screen sizes and slimmer configuration, while maintaining compatibility with existing watch bands.

You’re looking for health-oriented features

The new watch has an enhanced heart rate sensor and offers an EKG monitor function, making it a great choice for health-conscious individuals.

You enjoy fast and modern tech

The new processor in this watch boosts performance up to twice the speed of the Series 3 watch, ideal for tech enthusiasts wanting the latest and fastest gadget.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a tight budget

With the starting price at $399 for the smallest size with aluminum finish, the watch might be too pricey for some.

You’re not fond of specific color choices

The new stainless steel version adds a third color, gold, which might not be to everyone’s liking. The aluminum version doesn’t offer any new color choices compared to the previous year.

You have concerns over long-term durability

Despite both aluminum and stainless steel versions gaining a much larger ceramic back panel, there might be reservations about the potential brittleness of the sapphire crystal glass and how the gold stainless steel finish will wear over time.


What are the improvements made in the new Apple Watch design?
The new Apple Watch has a larger screen size, upgraded from 38 and 42 millimeters to 40 and 44 millimeters. Despite a larger screen, the watch is made thinner. There are louder speakers, better microphones, enhanced sensors, and a new processor which improves performance.
Will my old Apple watch bands still fit the new design?
Yes, despite the new design and larger screens, the old watch bands are still compatible with the new Apple Watch.
What colors are available for the new Apple Watch?
For the aluminum watch, color options remain the same as the previous year. However, the stainless steel version now adds a third color: gold, which matches the new iPhone 10s and 10’s max.
Is the Apple Watch packaging different from previous versions?
Yes, the packaging design has been unified for all versions of the Apple Watch, with the watch and bands packaged separately for convenience.
What materials are used for the Apple Watch screen?
The aluminum watches use Ion-X glass for the faceplate while the stainless steel watches use sapphire crystal.
What is the new display technology used in the Apple Watch?
The new Apple Watch uses a technology called LPTO OLED Display, which is good for battery efficiency. The display can reach a maximum brightness of 1000 nits, making it extremely visible under bright daylight conditions.
Does the new Apple Watch have cellular connectivity?
Yes, the new Apple Watch has cellular connectivity, which means it can operate independently of your iPhone.
How resistant to wear and tear is the new Apple Watch?
The gold, space black, and aluminum designs each have different degrees of resistance to scratches. The sapphire crystal glass used on the stainless steel watch is also very durable, highly resistant to scratches.
What new features does Watch OS 5 offer on the new Apple Watch?
Watch OS 5 on the new Apple Watch offers more spacious display, interactive notifications, the ability to access websites, and new animations with Siri among other things.

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