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Review: Apple iPad 9.7-inch, 2017 Model, Space Gray (Renewed) – Delivers more than expected for its price

Detailed, unbiased review on Amazon Renewed Apple iPad 2018 model’s features and value... Read more

Review of Apple iPad 9.7-inch, 2017 Model, Space Gray (Renewed)

Table of Contents

Test of Apple iPad 9.7-inch, 2017 Model, Space Gray (Renewed)

4.5/5 - (1748 votes)

Cena: $144.00


  • Charges smoothly via Lightning cable
  • Appealingly scratch-free aesthetics
  • Affordable at $170
  • Covered by 90-day Amazon renewed guarantee
  • Has a physical home button
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Offers Touch ID setup


  • No mention of device’s durability
  • Manually entering Wi-Fi password can be tedious
  • Requires setting up an Apple ID
  • Need to create a 6-character passcode
  • Fingerprint setup hassle for some
  • Only 9.2GB of 32GB used
  • Software needs update upon receipt

“After thoroughly evaluating the Amazon Renewed Apple iPad 2018 model, in my honest opinion, this device delivers more than expected for its price point. Its aesthetics, functionality, and ease of setup are praiseworthy. The iPad’s storage, software, and solid security measures score big ticks as well. However, keep in mind this is a renewed product and although mine came in excellent condition, experiences may vary. Amazon’s 90-day guarantee offers peace of mind regarding any potential issues. Considering the value proposition and my overall satisfying experience, I personally feel this purchase was well worth it.”

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Brand Apple
Model Name Mac Mini
Memory Storage Capacity 32 GB
Screen Size 9.7 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum 2560 x 1600


Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Today, I had a first-hand encounter with something quite special. It’s the 2018 model of the Amazon Renewed Apple iPad! Many of you might be asking questions like, ‘What exactly is an Amazon Renewed product?’ or ‘Is a refurbished iPad worth it?’. Buckle up, as I’m about to examine the ins and outs of this intriguing gadget that might turn out to be quite a pleasant surprise for budget-conscious consumers.

Unleashing the 2018 Model, Amazon Renewed Apple iPad: An Unbiased Review

Journeying into the world of refurbished tech, I got my hands on the 9.7-inch 2018 model of the Amazon Renewed Apple iPad. With high expectations and curiosity, I was ready to examine it from all angles, and indeed, there’s a lot to unpack here.

Initial Unboxing: Discovering what the iPad Box Contains

Upon unboxing, the familiar Apple packaging ambiance set in, containing the iPad itself, a USB to lightning cable, and a power adapter. Simple and straight to the point. Now the crucial part… Is it en par with the allure of a brand new iPad? Let’s plunge into the details.

Remember that buying renewed doesn’t necessary means compromising. Detail is critical, and that’s exactly what this review aims to provide with an unbiased perspective. Stay tuned!

Lookover of Apple iPad 9.7-inch, 2017 Model, Space Gray (Renewed)

Setting it up

  • Setting up the Renewed Apple iPad is straightforward
  • Device requires charging before use
  • Power button needs to be held for device to start

Setting up the Amazon Renewed Apple iPad was an enlightening experience, to say the least. With a mix of anticipation and curiosity, I found myself ready to dive into the world of Apple products. The process was both straightforward and a bit intriguing, unveiling the specifics of how Apple structures its user experience.

Charging the iPad: For the First Timers

Like a kid with a new toy, the first thing I felt obliged to do was get the tablet powered up. The package comes with a USB to Lightning cable, hinting at the need to charge the device before use. Plugging the cable into the lighting port kindled an excitement that I can only compare to setting up a new device – because, well, that’s exactly what I was doing. I was pleasantly surprised to find the iPad started up automatically as soon as I connected it to the charger, a clear nod to Apple’s user-friendly approach.

Powering it On: Glimpse of the Apple logo

Now, here’s where it got a bit tricky. The ordinary expectation is that devices power on as soon as they’re plugged into a power source. In this case, however, I had to hold down the power button until the Apple logo appeared. Not particularly onerous, but potentially confusing for those not privy to the Apple way of doing things. Perhaps, adding a quick start guide for the uninitiated wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

After the Apple logo graced my screen, I let go of the power button and watched earnestly as the device sprang to life. It was a brilliant example of how a small feature, if executed right, can significantly enhance the user experience. I mean, ever thought about how satisfying it is to see your device spring to life after holding that power button?

It’s worth mentioning here that the tablet had an excellent boot up time, further exciting me to dive in and explore the features of this refurbished device. But let’s not rush things, up next is the inspection for any physical imperfections.

Summary: Apple iPad 9.7-inch, 2017 Model, Space Gray (Renewed)

External Examination

  • Buying Amazon renewed products might be a lottery
  • 2018 Amazon Renewed Apple iPad visually pleasing
  • Performance and functionality are the real tests

So, let’s start the inspection, shall we? In most of the cases, buying Amazon renewed products can be a bit of a lottery. You might hit the jackpot or end up with a dud.

Pristine Aesthetics: An Honest Assessment of the iPad’s Visuals

As I took a moment to absorb my first impressions, the 2018 model of the Amazon Renewed Apple iPad presented a pleasing visage. The lens was free of scratches, which was a pleasant discovery. I mean, I have come across refurbished products that looked like they had seen better days. But this one, it was different. The sides and the back flaunted a clean, almost like-new finish.

The camera port? Spotless! It’s often tricky getting the details right, but this iPad seemed to be carefully cared for before being resold. But remember folks, this has been my experience. I would strongly recommend that you thoroughly inspect your product as soon as it arrives.

My First Perception of Amazon Renewed Products – Unblemished or Not?

Overall, the condition of this iPad would probably exceed your expectations for a renewed product. Though I must add that it is beneficial to manage your expectations when opting for refurbished products. Don’t keep your hopes tied to the prospect of receiving a product that is ‘as good as new.’ It’s renewed , not brand new. But this specific 2018 Amazon Renewed Apple iPad? This piece gave off an air of being well treated, a rare find indeed.

In any case, it’s essential to stay critical and unbiased. While the outward appearance was stellar, the real test lies in the product’s functionality and performance. But on face value, this iPad had nailed the first impression.

Observation of Apple iPad 9.7-inch, 2017 Model, Space Gray (Renewed)

Pricing and Warranty

  • 2018 Apple iPad delivers solid performance for $170
  • Amazon offers a 90-day Renewed Guarantee
  • The guarantee includes replacement and refund options

Budget-friendly? My Take on the $170 Price Tag

As I took a hold of this Amazon Renewed 2018 Apple iPad, one of the striking things that sparked my curiosity was the price. At $170, it reminded me how our perception of tablets has changed over time. We expect higher performance from our tablets now, and I couldn’t help but ponder – can this price tag deliver the desired outcome?

What I gathered is: the iPad does not compromise its noteworthy performance. Honestly, it’s a loveable device. The fluid interface, swift app loads, buttery graphics rendering in games and apps, all speak volumes. The experience felt was difficult to argue against, considering the price I paid.

Exploring Amazon’s 90-day Renewed Guarantee: A Good Deal?

Now, Amazon offers an assurance in the form of a 90-day Renewed Guarantee , which wraps the iPad comfortably within a safety net of sorts. The clock start ticking from the day you purchase the product. In essence, it’s Amazon’s promise that the product is tested and certified to work like new. A relief indeed!

  • The iPad can be replaced or refunded within the 90-day period if it does not work as expected, making the whole deal feel much safer and reliable.

  • Yes, the margins for risks are present, but Amazon’s customer care has shown to be quite responsive based on my previous experiences. They help smoothen out any bumps you might encounter along the way. They are prompt and proactive, which means if there’s an issue, you’re not on your own.

From my perspective, this inbuilt guarantee winds down the “risk” meter considerably. Hence, when shopping for refurbished deals, especially when it’s a fairly substantial purchase such as an iPad, this kind of assurance counts, and it certainly plays its part in leveling the playfield between new and renewed gadgets.

Buttons and Setup

  • Amazon renewed Apple iPad retains physical home button
  • Setup process is user-friendly, requires Apple ID creation

In this section, we’re going to explore the nitty-gritty of setting up the Amazon renewed Apple iPad 2018 model. It’s an integral part that shapes your initial interaction with your new gadget.

Configuring the Physical Home Button: A Guide

The first thing that caught my attention was the presence of the good old physical home button. With Apple’s latest models moving towards button-free designs, this one retains the familiar home button for those who appreciate the old school tactile feedback.

Now, setting up the home button was rather straightforward. It’s simply down to pushing the button which activates the iPad. It’s worth noting that while the mechanism is in no way a deal-breaker, it might seem slightly outdated for those accustomed to new-age touch interfaces.

Setting up the iPad: A Walkthrough from English to United States Settings

The overall setup process was quite user-friendly, just as I anticipated. Once the iPad was powered up, I was prompted to choose my language (English) and region (United States).

I must commend the layout and simplicity of the instructions throughout the setup phase. It was concise, clear, and intuitive – ensuring even first-time users wouldn’t find it complicated.

However, it’s important to mention that setting up as a brand new user comes with a caveat – the need to create an Apple ID. For experienced Apple users, this would be a walk in the park, but if you’re new to the Apple ecosystem, it might seem like an added step before you can jump right in and start using your iPad.

But don’t fret! An Apple ID can be set up quickly, and it’s your golden ticket to access all that the iPad has to offer, from downloading apps to accessing iCloud. It’s an initial hurdle that’s well worth the effort.

Overall, while the presence of the familiar physical home button brings a touch of nostalgia and the setup process showcases Apple’s typical user-friendly design, requiring an Apple ID sign-up for new users could be seen as a slight inconvenience for those eager to get started.

Wi-Fi and Security

  • Wi-Fi setup process prioritizes ease and simplicity
  • Security features adequate, but could benefit from complex passcodes

When it came to connecting my new Amazon Renewed 2018 Apple iPad to my home Wi-Fi, I anticipated a seamless process, and thankfully, it didn’t disappoint.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: How Simple is it?

In the world of tech, Wi-Fi setup interfaces have become incredibly friendly, but it’s always good to check whether a product still holds up by its digital handshake.

The iPad did a quick scan to list all the Wi-Fi networks around me, and a simple tap was all it took to pick my network. Keying the password led me to the next setup page in an instant, indicating that my Wi-Fi connectivity was good. As a user, I want and appreciate such simple yet vital features on a device.


The Wi-Fi setup process was designed with ease and simplicity in mind , making it a breeze even for first-time iPad users.

Protecting Your iPad: Setting up the Fingerprint and Passcode

Security is just as important in a digital item as it is in our lives. The iPad suggests setting up fingerprint identification right after the Wi-Fi setup, and there’s an option to do it later if you prefer. Having an enhanced security feature like biometric scans is always a plus in my eyes. Additionally, creating a passcode is mandatory and requires six characters. So, it does make the tablet secure, but it may not be enough if you treasure high-end encryption.


Overall, the security features do their job in keeping your device safe from unauthorized access, but an option for complex passcodes would have been a welcome addition to enhance security.

Data Transfer and Apple ID

  • Versatile data transfer options available on iPad
  • Apple ID essential for accessing Apple services
  • Additional security layer during Apple ID setup

In this part of my journey with the renewed Apple iPad, I embarked on exploring the process of data transfer and setting up the Apple ID. This is crucial since you’ll need an Apple ID to fully unlock all this tablet’s capabilities. So, let’s dig into it.

Data Transfer: The Basics for New iPad Users

During the initial setup process, I was pleasantly surprised to see how versatile the data transfer options were. The iPad offered a chance to transfer data from another iPad or from an iCloud backup. This, in my view, would be highly convenient for those switching from another Apple device. However, I also noted that the flexibility to start fresh without any data transfer was a smart option for users who wish to begin with a clean slate.

My Experience: I decided to set it up as brand new without any data transfer. While convenient, the data transfer option might not serve someone looking to start anew with their digital life.

Why You Need an Apple ID: The Unvarnished Truth

If you’re new to the iOS ecosystem, you might wonder why an Apple ID is required. Simply put, the Apple ID is your personal key to access Apple’s various services like the App Store, iTunes, iCloud, iMessage, and so on. Without it, the functionality of your device would be significantly limited.

My Experience: As an existing Apple user, I had to enter my Apple ID. I discovered that, if you own an Apple phone, you’ll have to input the passcode that the phone provides in order to set up your iPad. This additional layer of security reassured me about their dedication to user security.

To wrap up, the data transfer and Apple ID setup were straightforward and simple. However, if you’re new to Apple or don’t want to transfer any data from an old device, you might have a slightly different setup experience. Nonetheless, having an Apple ID is vital to get the most out of your iPad experience. So, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Apple user, don’t skip this step.

Storage and Software

  • iPad’s 32GB storage, with 9.2GB already occupied
  • Software upgradable from version 15.4.1 to 16.3
  • Suitable for moderate users, not application-heavy

When it comes to reviewing tech products, the matter of storage and software is perhaps as essential as the physical aspects of the product. During my exploration of the renewed 2018 Apple iPad, I paid particular attention to these aspects.

Evaluating the Storage: A Look at the 32GB iPad

Right off the bat, I dived into the device’s settings to check the storage capacity. As promising as it sounded, I found that the iPad came with 32GB of storage. But how much storage was already used up? A quick glance showed that 9.2GB was already in use.

My take: The pre-occupation of approximately one-third of storage space might feel a tad excessive, especially for those who plan to fill this device with applications and media. However, this is fairly standard across most devices. This iPad version may be more suited for moderate users who don’t require high storage space.

Unpacking the Software Version and Updates: What’s Pre-installed and what can be upgraded?

Upon checking the software version preloaded on the iPad, it was 15.4.1. This immediately piqued my interest – how timely and efficient are the software updates on these renewed devices? With a tap on ‘Software Update’, I noted that it could be upgraded to version 16.3.

My take: An upgrade availability is always a plus point, indicating that despite being a ‘renewed’ product, the device could still keep up with modern software updates. However, the updates need to be handled correctly to prevent any potential performance issue.

Bottom line, for modest users who aren’t application-heavy or too media-centric, this 2018 9.7 inch Amazon-renewed Apple iPad holds its ground pretty decently in the domains of storage and software.

Pros and Cons

  • Amazon Renewed iPad is affordable and high-quality
  • Initial storage and setup might be issues

After utilizing the Amazon Renewed Apple iPad, I believe I’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of this product. This section will share my experiences, highlighting both its strengths and potential drawbacks, in an effort to help you make an informed decision.

Things I Loved About Amazon’s Refreshed iPad

  • Quality: Upon unboxing, I was impressed by the general appearance of the iPad. With no visible scratches or damage, it was hard to believe it was an Amazon Renewed product.

  • Performance: From powering up to connecting to Wi-Fi, everything functioned seamlessly. My initial interactions with the device were simple and intuitive, which was a pleasant surprise.

  • Physical Home Button: As a fan of the traditional clickable home button, I thought this was a major plus. It doubled as the Touch ID, heightening convenience.

  • Affordable: At $170, this product offers compelling value for an Apple iPad. Considering the overall performance and aesthetic of the device, it was money well spent.

  • Guarantee: Amazon’s 90-day renewed guarantee provides an assurance of the product’s reliability. This safety buffer is definitely a commendable feature of the purchase.

Any Downsides? My Unforgiving Assessment

  • Storage: With approximately 9.2GB of 32GB already used, the available storage might not suffice for heavy users. This could potentially necessitate external storage solutions or frequent data cleaning.

  • Preliminary Setup: Although not complex, setting up the iPad requires an Apple ID. For users familiar with Android or other operating systems, this might be an additional step.

  • Software Update: Though it comes with iOS 15.4.1, an immediate software update to 16.3 is available. Depending on your preference, this might be an advantage or an occasional hassle.

In conclusion, there are more positives to this iPad than negatives. It’s a reliable, efficient device that presents respectable value for its price tag. However, as always, different users may experience it differently based on personal preferences and requirements.


After spending some quality time with the 2018 model of the Apple iPad that came to me via Amazon Renewed, I feel in a position to share my concluding thoughts on this particular piece of technology.

Parting Thoughts: Was the Purchase Worth it?

Unquestionably, this Amazon Renewed Apple iPad delivered value that extended far beyond the friendly price tag of $170. The device’s aesthetic appeal was undeniably impressive, showing no visible signs of any previous use, which is a testament to the quality control involved in Amazon’s renewed process.

The setup process was a breeze, and the Wi-Fi connectivity robust and fast, once connected. The finger print security and Touch ID provided an extra layer of security that’s always appreciated in the digital age. With ample storage of 32GB out of which only 9.2GB was pre-used, it leaves plenty of room for personal data and apps.

Downsides & Improvements

That said, every product has room for improvement. The pre-installed software version of 15.4.1 seemed outdated considering the available update to version 16.3. This immediately required an update, slightly dampening the initial experience. It would be more user-friendly if the device came with the latest software update pre-installed.

Additionally, while the physical Home button certainly has its advantages, it felt somewhat old-fashioned, particularly in comparison to newer iPads that have shifted away from this format.

Overall Verdict

Overall, considering the fair purchase price, the product’s top-notch aesthetics, its intuitive setup process, the security and the generous storage space, I can say with firm conviction that this Apple iPad – renewed and sold by Amazon – is indeed a wise purchase. However, keep in mind the minor points of improvement I mentioned, as they might influence your user experience to a certain degree.

In conclusion, Amazon’s renewal process did justice to the 2018 model of the Apple iPad, making it a sound choice for anyone on the market for a tablet that marries high performance with an attractive price point.

Should you buy the Apple iPad 9.7-inch, 2017 Model, Space Gray (Renewed)?

Buy it if…

If you’re on a budget

This Apple iPad model is available at an affordable price of 170 dollars under the Amazon Renewed program, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious customers.

You need a high-quality iPad

The product comes in an excellent condition with no visible scratches or damage, making it almost as good as new.

You appreciate extra security measures

The iPad features a physical home button with Touch ID, allowing you to unlock your device securely with your fingerprint.

Don’t buy it if…

If you expect latest software

The iPad model comes with the pre-installed 15.4.1 version which is not the latest one. You need to update it manually if you want the new software.

You need new and untouched product

Despite being in good condition, it’s still a used product refurbished by Amazon, which might not meet everyone’s taste or expectation.

You prefer products without return windows

The product comes with Amazon’s 90-day renewed guarantee, which may be a turn-off if you prefer buying products without a return policy or conditions.


What’s included in the Apple iPad box?
The box includes the Apple iPad, a USB to lightning cable, and a power adapter for charging.
How do I set up the iPad after unboxing?
Plug in the charger, power it on, and proceed with the on-screen setup instructions, such as selecting language and region, connecting to Wi-Fi, and setting up your Apple ID.
Does the Amazon renewed 2018 model iPad come with a warranty?
Yes, this iPad is covered by Amazon’s 90-day renewed guarantee.
How much does this model cost?
This Amazon renewed 2018 Apple iPad costs $170.
Does this iPad model have a physical home button?
Yes, this iPad has a physical home button which also serves as your touch ID.
How much storage does this iPad come with?
This iPad comes with 32GB storage, out of which 9.2GB is pre-occupied by the software.
Which software version does the iPad have?
The iPad comes with software version 15.4.1 but it can be upgraded to 16.3.
Is the Apple iPad worth the investment?
Based on the review, the Amazon renewed 2018 Apple iPad is a worthy investment considering its aesthetics, functionality, and the budget-friendly price tag.

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