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Review: Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1) – A sturdy and reliable daily computing partner

Explore the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub’s functionality, style, flexibility, and unique features... Read more

Review of Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)

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Test of Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)

4.6/5 - (25089 votes)

Cena: $34.99


  • Sturdy and stylish design
  • Various functional ports
  • Convenient port placement
  • Power delivery capability
  • Supplied with soft pouch
  • Versatile daily usage
  • Provides necessary port expansion


  • Limitations on certain functions
  • Dependency on the sticker for restrictions

“After a year and a half of regular use, the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub has proven to be a sturdy and reliable addition to my daily computing needs. It’s more than just an accessory – it’s a versatile tool that combines functionality, style, and amazing build quality. However, it does come with limitations, as outlined in the sticker on the hub itself. It’s important to understand these in order to fully harness the potential of this device. Overall, despite these few restrictions, it has earned its place as an almost indispensable partner for my computer.”

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Brand Anker
Color Gray
Hardware Interface MicroSD, DisplayPort, HDMI
Special Feature Fast Data Transfer
Compatible Devices Card Readers, Laptops

A Warm Introduction: My Extended Experience with the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub

Being a tech aficionado, I have had the pleasure to use the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub for an extended period of around a year and a half. During this time, my engagement with this tool has bloomed from a novice perception to a more sophisticated understanding of its features, aesthetics and limitations.

One Year and a Half: My Personal Journey with the 7-in-1 Hub

When I first received this useful gadget, I was intrigued by its compactness, variety of ports, and advanced connectivity options. It seemed like a promising solution to a multitude of my device connection needs. However, as with any product review, it is crucial to delve deep into the experience over time to see if the initial impressions hold true. In my case, it was a mix of highs, lows and discoveries.

The Inevitable Necessity for Modern Computers: Understanding the Product

Before delving into the hands-on review, it is important to understand the idea behind a tool like the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub. It’s a multi-utility hub designed to address the problem of limited ports in modern computers. Acting as a bridge between your computer and multiple devices, this hub allows for simultaneous connections improving mobility, productivity, and accessibility. But the pertinent question here is – how well does it carry out its duties? Let’s explore!

Inspecting Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)

Observing the Appearance: Sturdy, Convenient and Stylish

  • Gunmetal gray hub made of aluminum and polycarbonate
  • All ports organized neatly on one side
  • Optimal cable length for user convenience

Size, Material, and Color: An In-Depth Look at the Hub’s Design

Starting from the unboxing of the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub, one feature that immediately struck me was its compact yet robust structure. We have here a gunmetal gray hub crafted meticulously from a fine blend of aluminum and polycarbonate , giving it a sturdy and premium feel. It’s not just about the rigidness; the hub carries some serious style potency that could seamlessly blend with any modern tech gear.

Location of Crucial Ports: Where Functionality Meets Design

Now let’s talk about convenience. This hub is designed thoughtfully with an excellent layout of ports. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you’ll find the positioning suitable and accessible with all frequently required ports organized neatly on one side of the hub . This is where convenience meets clever design, offering a solution that takes into account a variety of situational needs.

What makes it even more user-friendly is its cable length . The USB C cable attached to this hub is neither too long nor too short, just the right length to let you place the hub in various positions based on your desk setup or on-the-go needs without creating unwanted clutter. It is these little nuances that amplify the overall user experience, making the hub not just another tech accessory but a considerate companion for your devices.

Now, while design and functionality have been woven together elegantly to create this stylish USB hub, it’s not just the looks that you’d buy it for. It’s the convenience and adaptability that it brings to your everyday digital navigation which makes it a worthy investment to consider.

Scrutiny of Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)

The Magic of Every Port: Exploring the Various Functionalities

  • HDMI port delivers 4K quality at 30fps, includes SD card reader.
  • USB C port is primarily used for power delivery.
  • USB C data port, capable of transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps.

Now, let’s dig into the juicy part of the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub – its ports. This is where the true magic and functionality is. A hub is essentially known for its ports and their features, so how about we break them down?

HDMI Port and SD Card Reader: Transferring with Ease

The HDMI port, neatly located on one side, is capable of delivering a 4K picture quality at a rate of 30fps. This is an excellent feature for those who might need to connect their device to a larger display like a TV or a projector. It’s been reliable and I’ve never noticed any lag while using it.

Next to the HDMI port, you’ll find an SD card reader. This has come in astonishingly handy, especially when I need to swiftly transfer high-quality images from my DSLR camera to my computer. A bonus is the micro SD card reader, which proves to be ideal for transferring data from devices using a micro SD, like many smartphones.

USB C port: More Than Just Data Transfer

Now, there’s an interesting twist to the USB C port on this hub. While one would typically assume this port’s main function is for data transfer, it’s actually primarily used for power delivery (PD). This allows you to connect your charger to the hub and then pass through power to your computer. This solid feature has allowed me to charge my laptop even while the hub is connected, which is a fantastic touch.

Investigating the Other Side: The Hub’s Unique Features

Opposite the HDMI and USB C ports, lies a USB C data port, capable of whopping transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps. Let’s not forget the two traditional USB 3.0 ports which are denoted in blue and have equally impressive transfer speeds. The illuminated circle is not just for aesthetics but also indicates when the hub is in use – a small, but useful reminder.

In conclusion, this dynamic range of ports each has unique and useful features. The Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub proves to excel not only in variety but also in functionality and performance.

Analysis of Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)

The Bonus: A Peek Inside the Pouch

  • Pouch adds protection and enhances user experience
  • Smart design allows easy cable management

Let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the additional details that contribute to the overall package of the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub. Specifically, I’d like to talk about the pouch that accompanies the Hub.

The Soft Touch and the Anchor Stamp: Labeling with Style

The Hub comes with a nifty pouch that provides a safe home for it. The pouch feels soft to touch, showing the thoughtful attention to the user’s experience. This is not only pleasant but adds a layer of protection to the Hub, ensuring longevity. The ‘Anchor’ stamp on the pouch is a stylish touch that gives it character and signifies the brand’s commitment to quality.

Maintaining Neatness: Folding Over the Dangling Cable

Cable management can often be an overlooked aspect when it comes to tech gadgetry. What pleased me particularly about the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub is the smart design that allows for easy management of the otherwise cumbersome cable. When the Hub is housed inside the pouch, the dangling cable can be neatly folded over and slipped into the outer sleeve. This approach avoids the potential for clutter and tangling, something I appreciate in a streamlined workspace.

In final analysis, the inclusive pouch brings a bonus not just in terms of aesthetic appeal and protection. When considering the seemingly insignificant aspect of cable management, it adds a thoughtful touch to the product’s design and user-friendliness, making the Hub a more advantageous purchase.

Analyzing Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)

Anchoring my Daily Routine: How I Utilize the 7-in-1 Hub

  • Anchor 7-in-1 Hub streamlines work and personal activities
  • Hub significantly expands MacBook’s connectivity
  • Useful when working with external displays and charging

Living with the Anchor 7-in-1 USB C Hub has been a daily routine for me, a routine that has turned into an essential part of my technological life. This hub, in many ways, has become my digital swiss army knife, helping me to streamline my work and personal activities seamlessly.

One USB Hub, Multiple Usages:

In my daily use, the hub offers an outstanding extension to my MacBook. With just two native USB-C ports on my Mac, the hub contributes significantly to expanding its connectivity, making it easy to connect multiple devices as needed. This is particularly convenient when I’m multitasking and working on complex projects that require various peripherals.

Case in point:
  • I have a USB thumb drive – a whopping 128GB. I leave it plugged into the hub permanently because it doesn’t change the hub’s profile. This way, there are no snags or obstacles to worry about. I use it continually for my storage needs that require frequent, quick access.
  • When it comes to working on intricate designs or vast spreadsheets, I prefer using an external mouse. Thanks to the hub, I can easily bring it into play by plugging it into one of the USB 3 ports.

Going Beyond Basic Requirements: Pairing Up With Other Devices

I’ve also found it extremely useful when working with external displays. When I need more screen real estate, the HDMI cable comes into the scene. I just simply plug it, expanding my view with no lag at all.

The charging capability of the hub is a bonus that I relish. Whether I have the external power source connected to the hub or not, I can easily charge my iPhone providing me with an extra layer of convenience.

While these are just a few examples, believe me when I say that the Anchor 7-in-1 USB C Hub is quite literally a hub of opportunities. It helps me to tailor my setup to my specific needs on any given day, and that’s a freedom I wouldn’t want to be without.

Scrutiny of Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)

Knowing the Limitations: The Unspoken Rules of the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub

  • Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub has limitations
  • Understanding these limitations improves user experience
  • Anchor promotes transparency about product limitations

Now, no product is perfect, and the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub is no exception. It has its own set of limitations. A product’s usability is not only about what it can do, but also about what it can’t. In this section, I’ll introduce you to the unspoken rules or the hidden limitations of this gadget. These unspoken rules can make or break your decision to purchase and use this multipurpose hub.

The Important Sticker: What the Hub Cannot Do

After using my hub extensively, I came across a little sticker. This sticker subtly sheds light on what the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub cannot do. At first, you might oversight it, but once you see it – it provides critical information that clarifies the hub’s constraints.

The limitations are there no doubt, but how they affect your usage depends on your unique style of using the hub. For me, while the limitations existed, they didn’t hinder my experience because these were things I rarely utilized or required. But for other users, they might be a dealbreaker.

That being said, it’s important to know that every product has its limits. By clearly outlining these limitations, Anchor is fostering an atmosphere of transparency and trust. This is something I really appreciate about the product. Instead of discovering these limitations after purchase, I was kept informed from the start.

In conclusion, getting informed about these restrictions has helped me make the most out of my hub and avoid any potential frustrations down the line. It’s part of getting to know your gadget, understanding it, and using it within its boundaries.

Examining Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)

Concluding Views: A Fair Assessment on the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub

The Style, Flexibility, and Durability: Reflecting on the Hub’s High Quality

Having experienced this device for over a year, I can confidently express the utility and efficiency of the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub. It stands out not only in its style and flexibility but also in its manufacturing quality and durability. The gunmetal gray color choice and aluminum and polycarbonate blend give it an appealing and sleek aesthetic. It’s the perfect balance of form and function.

Its cable length caters to different situational needs, providing much-needed flexibility. I’ve also been impressed by its solid construction, effortlessly enduring regular use without showing any signs of wear and tear. This demonstrates the high level of craftsmanship that went into its creation.

Final Thoughts: How Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub Became my Computer’s Best Friend

As someone who engages with multiple digital devices daily, the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub has proven to be an essential accessory for my computer. I’ve come to appreciate the convenience it brings. It offers a diverse range of ports like the HDMI, USB C ports with power delivery, card readers, and even the traditional USB 3 ports, accommodating all my data transfer and charging needs.

However, I would suggest being mindful of the limitations highlighted on the sticker present on the Hub itself. It’s very helpful and upfront about what the Hub can and cannot do, which is appreciated in keeping expectations realistic.

To sum it up, the Anchor 7in1 USB C Hub is a solid tech companion for users who require additional ports while also appreciating style and quality workmanship. In my journey so far, it has been nothing short of being my computer’s best friend!

Should you buy the Anker USB C Hub, 341 USB-C Hub (7-in-1)?

Buy it if…

You need a versatile hub

This 7-in-1 hub offers multiple port options including HDMI, SD card reader, micro SD card reader, and USB C, providing a solution for almost any device you need to connect.

You want a sturdy and stylish companion

The hub is made from aluminum and polycarbonate with a gunmetal gray color, offering durability and a sleek design that complements any tech device beautifully.

Your workspace requires flexibility

With a conveniently lengthy cable, this hub can adjust to any workstation set up, making it ideal if your workspace setup changes frequently.

Don’t buy it if…

You don’t need too many ports

This product may be overkill for you if your devices only require one or two types of ports.

You are on a tight budget

There are cheaper alternatives on the market if you’re not prepared for an investment in a high-quality hub.

You require specific functionality not provided

The Anchor 7in1 USB C hub has its limitations (detailed on the product’s sticker), and it may not provide the specific functionality you require.


How long have you been using the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub?
I’ve been using Anchor 7in1 USB C hub for around a year and a half.
Does the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub feel sturdy and well-constructed?
Yes, the hub feels sturdy. It’s made from aluminum and polycarbonate which gives it its durability.
What ports are available on the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub?
The hub includes an HDMI port, an SD card reader, a Micro SD card reader, and three USB ports. One of the USB ports supports Power Delivery (PD) for charging your device.
Does the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub come with any accessories?
Yes, it comes with a soft pouch for storage and protection when not in use.
How do you typically use the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub?
I use the hub regularly with my MacBook. I usually keep a USB thumb drive plugged in for data storage and also connect an external mouse for productivity. Additionally, it provides an expanded view when I plug in an HDMI cable.
Can the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub charge your device?
Yes, one of the USB C ports on the hub supports Power Delivery (PD), allowing it to charge my computer while the hub is connected.
Are there any limitations to the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub?
There are some limitations to the hub which are clearly mentioned on a sticker on the device.
Do you recommend the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub?
Yes, I consider the Anchor 7in1 USB C hub a great addition to any computer setup that needs additional ports. It’s stylish, flexible and its sturdy construction reflects its high quality.

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