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Review: andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe – Impressive features and added device security

In-depth review of Doble’s Ring Holder’s design, functionality, and performance for informed decision making... Read more

Review of andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

Table of Contents

Test of andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

4.4/5 - (773 votes)

Cena: $36.99


  • High-quality material and design
  • Thin and low-profile structure
  • Potent and stable magnetic attachment
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Doubles as a kickstand, vertical and horizontal
  • Extra accessories enhance versatility
  • Provides extra phone security


  • Potential discomfort with prolonged use
  • Price could be considered high
  • Size might not appeal to everyone
  • Magnets might be too strong for some

“In my candid opinion, Doble’s Ring Holder has some impressive features that make it a standout gadget. Its slim design, robust magnet, dual functioning, and additional accessories provide a well-rounded user experience. Though it’s slightly on the pricier side, the sheer functionality and convenience it offers do make up for it. As an iPhone user, I appreciate the added security it provides, particularly with an expensive device. However, comfort might be a concern for prolonged use due to the metal ring. Overall, it’s a product I’d recommend, especially for those using larger phones like the iPhone Pro Max.”

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Brand andobil
Color C-Oval-Black
Special Feature Strong Magnetic, 360° Rotation, 125° Flip, Dual-Sided Magnet, Silicone panel, MagSafe Grip
Material 2023 Newest Upgraded
Installation Type Magnetic Mount


Welcome fellow tech enthusiasts! Today, we have the pleasure of examining and testing a quite interesting gadget – it’s the Ring Holder by Doble. Billed as a neat and compact accessory that promises to add convenience to our smartphone usage, it certainly raises some expectations. So let’s explore this device today – is this the accessory you never knew you needed for your smartphone, or just another ‘pretty good’ gadget amongst the countless available on the market today?

Welcome to Slimothy TV: Unveiling the Doble’s Ring Holder

Widely advertised with intriguing phrases like “convenient disassembly and assembly”, this product has quite the exciting promise for an accessory. Convenient and handy – just the two adjectives we want to associate with our everyday tech essentials like smartphone accessories!

A First Impression of Doble’s Ring Holder: Hyped or Humbled?

The box is quite regular, not much of a spectacle – but hey, good products don’t always need flashy exteriors, right? But as we delve into the box, the excitement builds up. Who doesn’t love unravelling the layers of a new gadget! Carefully packaged with an instruction manual, a thank you card, and a bunch of other items, it seems that the makers have done a thorough job of ensuring we have all the bits and pieces at our disposal, to get the most out of our new Ring Holder.

Alright, enough with the anticipation – Let’s venture deep into our review session of the Doble’s Ring Holder to see if it’s a hit or a miss!

View of andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

Exploring the Package

  • User-friendly and efficient packaging
  • Included additional tool and cleaning wipes
  • Provided an instruction manual

As I began to engage with the product, there was undeniable excitement. The packaging might not initially spark interest in the average consumer, but for me, unveiling what’s inside was certainly enticing.

Unboxing with Senior Stabby: Doble’s Ring Holder

Unboxing, which always holds a sort of ceremonial importance, was quite the experience. A swift cut from Senior Stabby, my reliable unboxing tool, revealed the neatly packed ensconce of the ring holder without any fuss. It was an efficient unveiling with minimal effort needed on my part. A tick for user-friendly packaging.

The Surprises Within: Extra Tools and Guidelines

There’s always joy in surprise goodies. It’s like getting a meal and finding an extra side you did not expect. In this case, there was more than I bargained for. Clearly, Doble’s had thought about different types of users and adequately provided for those without an iPhone 13 or 12. The inclusion of the additional tool and cleaning wipes definitely represents a thoughtful touch and an understanding of their diverse consumer base.

However, in the midst of the excitement, let’s not sideline the informative aspect. An instruction manual was part of the package. Hopefully, its presence is merely a formality, but it’s reassuring to have a safety net if needed, particularly for tech-phobics. The sensitivity towards user differences is commendable. Yet, are these extra goodies essential or just a fanciful addition? It seems the answer lies more in practical usage than the unboxing excitement.

When considering the packaging and what it held within, Doble’s has made an effort to make the unboxing experience pleasant and intriguing. The real question, however, is whether these initial impressions will hold steady as we move deeper into the user experience.

Testing andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

The Doble’s Ring Holder in Detail

  • High-quality, sleek design of Doble’s ring holder
  • Slim, non-intrusive against bulky alternatives
  • Potential improvement in carbon fiber detailing functionality

After the eye-opening unboxing, it’s time to delve into the specifics of the Doble’s ring holder. The level of detailing and distinct features now open to evaluation – let’s dive in.

High-Quality Material and Design: An Honest Look at Doble’s Ring Holder

The overall craftsmanship of the ring holder leaves a positive first impression. The metal finish, complete with a dash of carefully embedded carbon fiber, is a testament to the company’s attention to detail. It’s quite an obvious attempt to appeal to those who appreciate a sleek design. However, one might question the functionality of this feature, considering its concealed positioning when attached to the phone.

Size and Bulkiness: A Critical Overview

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – the size. Now, this isn’t a massive piece of equipment by any stretch. However, it undoubtedly adds a noticeable bulk to the phone. Still, the ring holder features a slim design that doesn’t protrude excessively, which is a refreshing change from many alternatives available in the market. It’s a promising feature for someone like myself, who isn’t a fan of bulky phone accessories.

Key takeaways:
  • The Doble’s ring holder is made of high-quality material, backed by a sleek design, and boasts impressive detailing.
  • Its slim, non-intrusive nature makes it an attractive option against bulkier alternatives on the market.
  • There could be some improvements, like a more functional use of the carbon fiber detailing.

As we move forward, it is key to remember that a product’s appeal isn’t just about what meets the eye. Let’s test this ring holder for its practical value in the next section.

Probe of andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

Testing the Doble’s Ring Holder

  • Doble’s Ring Holder has an effortlessly snapping mechanism
  • Holder is durable and can withstand daily use
  • Can hold weight of iPhone 13 Pro comfortably

The time had finally arrived to put the Doble’s Ring Holder through its paces. Up until now, it had given a great first impression. The sleek design, easy unboxing, and advertised durability had all been positive thus far. But the true test lay ahead – how well would it perform under the stress of everyday use?

Attaching to iPhone 13 Pro: Evaluating the Snap Mechanism

First up was the basic task of attaching the ring holder to my iPhone 13 Pro. Many of the accessories that promise an easy snap-into-place mechanism fail to deliver on their bold claims. So, I approached this with a skeptically optimistic mind.

The result? An impressingly effortless snap into place. The holder easily attached, snapping onto the back of my phone with a quiet, but recognizable ‘click’. It stayed firmly in place even when I tried to move it around deliberately, speaking to a robust and reliable mechanism.

A Test of Force and Durability: Doble’s Ring Holder in Action

The next step was to examine how much force it could take before giving out. I pulled on the ring holder— not recklessly, but rather in a way one could imagine happening in the chaos of daily life. It definitely stood strong—a lot more than I expected. However, an accidental forceful tug did leave my finger a bit sore, which suggests that the ring holder, while impressively durable, could be a bit gentler on the fingers.

Overall, the results of the test were a testament to the holder’s strength. It can confidently hold the weight of the iPhone 13 Pro, even when you’re on the move. However, it is recommended to treat it with care and not apply too much pressure unnecessarily.

Judgement: andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

Using the Doble’s Ring Holder

  • Doble’s Ring Holder features a strong magnet
  • Portable and can be easily detached
  • Compatibility with the newer iPhone versions

The User Experience: From Easy Disassembly to Rotation

With the Doble’s Ring Holder in hand, it’s time to give it a go. Removing it from its packaging, the ring holder is black, with a darkened metal finish on the back, and even a touch of carbon fiber. It’s immediately clear that the designers put a lot of thought into these visual aspects, despite the assumption that they won’t be seen often. The ring pops out smoothly on a hinge that feels sturdy.

Upon adhering it to an iPhone 13 Pro, the holder quickly and seamlessly snaps into place. This isn’t surprising given its low profile and the product’s claim to have a strong magnet . The stiffness of this attachment is both a blessing and a curse; it provides stability, but more movement may have been appreciated for specific uses as each user has different comfort preferences.

Servicing Friends in Need: How Portable is Doble’s Ring Holder?

The peculiar advantage of this ring holder is its handoff feature – you can simply detach it and pass it on to a friend in need. It’s just a matter of sliding the holder to the side, showcasing its strong, but not overly stubborn, magnet. This portability suggests it can be useful for those frequently alternating between different cases or phones or for users wanting to share the accessory.

However, a critical problem may arise if the easy disassembly leads to a risk of it falling off unintentionally. This potential trade-off for portability should be considered when deciding if this product is right for you.

Evaluating Compatibility and Application with Newer iPhones

For users of newer iPhone versions, such as iPhone 12 and 13, it’s a relief that the Doble’s Ring Holder can be directly stuck onto the phone’s back. However, it doesn’t feel as satisfyingly firm here as when sticking it to the case. Despite the strong magnet, it can slide around slightly. The experience was easier and more secure with a case attached.

Judgement: andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

The Doble’s Ring Holder as a Kickstand

  • Doble’s Ring Holder functions as a kickstand
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal views
  • Comfort issue due to extended use

Now, let’s look into an extra feature standing out in Doble’s Ring Holder – the kickstand functionality. Incredibly, this little device has more to offer than its primary function of being a secure and stylish ring holder.

Kickstand Functionality: A Surprising Discovery

As I further explored and played around with the ring holder, I discovered it could also function as a kickstand. Whether you need a break from holding your phone during a video chat or want a comfortable viewing angle for watching a movie, Doble’s Ring Holder comes in handy. To my surprise, it was as easy as adjusting the ring stand into position and setting my phone down on a flat surface.

Vertical and Horizontal View: Test and Review

I found myself curious whether this kickstand feature could support both vertical and horizontal views. The testing resulted in a pleasant surprise – it did, indeed, support both orientations. The caveat, however, was that the vertical stance was relatively steep. While it wasn’t an issue for me, I can see how some might find it less than ideal for their use cases.

A Consideration on Comfort

This ring holder, while impressive overall, was not without its shortfalls. For instance, while using it as a kickstand, it could get a bit uncomfortable after an extended period of usage due to the metal construction. This might deter some users, but it’s a fairly common issue among metal ring holders, not just this particular model.

Overall, the kickstand feature of this ring holder adds a significant value. Despite a slight comfort issue, its practicality in offering multiple viewing angles justifies its design choice and is a definite plus when considering whether to purchase this product.

Thoughts on andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

Evaluating Comfort and Practicality

  • Doble’s Ring Holder may cause discomfort with prolonged use
  • Helps maintain secure grip, limiting device drops
  • Practical but potentially uncomfortable due to metallic texture

Ensuring comfort and practicality in day-to-day use is key when it comes to mobile accessories. Examining these factors closely for the Doble’s Ring Holder gives us valuable insights into its real-world usability.

My Phone in my Grip: Assessing comfort with prolonged use

With the Doble’s Ring Holder attached to my device, I began to get a feel for how the accessory impacted my user experience over time. For instance, I noticed that the metallic texture of the ring made it a bit uncomfortable during long periods of use. This isn’t a problem exclusive to this product, as it’s something that can be expected from any metallic ring holder. Regardless, it does bear mentioning as a potential deal-breaker for some users.

A Sleek Solution for Clumsy Hands: Implications for iPhone Pro Max users

Part of practicality is addressing a problem effectively: in this case, providing a secure grip on your device. The Doble’s Ring Holder, with its slim and low-profile design, aids users of larger devices remarkably well. Speaking specifically in the context of iPhone Pro Max users, the large size of the phone can prove unwieldy and occasionally lead to fumbles.

The ring holder fits comfortably between the fingers and provides extra security. For example, if you lose your grasp on the device, it remains hanging on your finger instead of crashing to the ground. This easy and intuitive solution might just be the saving grace your high-end phones need from potential damage.

In terms of practicality, the ring holder excels. However, longer periods of use may surface a slight discomfort issue due to its metallic texture.

Weighing andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

Exploring Additional Uses of the Doble’s Ring Holder

  • Doble’s Ring Holder comes with extra magnetic accessories
  • Can stick to a variety of surfaces
  • Potentially doubles as a mobile phone stand

I had an interesting time exploring the versatility of the Doble’s Ring Holder beyond the usual functions of a phone ring. Let’s dive into the additionals uses of this simply designed, but multi-purpose tool.

Exploring the Extra Accessories: Harnessing the Power of Magnets

One thing I genuinely appreciate about the Doble’s Ring Holder is that it came assigned with extra accessories in the form of small, magnetic plates. These are super sticky and easy to affix to a variety of surfaces, opening up a world of possibilities for where this ring can be used. The side of a wall, a desk, or even a car dashboard could become a handy place to secure your phone.

Stick Anywhere: An Interesting Feature of Doble’s Ring Holder?

The incorporation of the magnetic feature, which can stick practically anywhere, adds considerable value to the Doble’s Ring Holder. In theory, due to the combination of the magnetic plates and the ring, your phone could comfortably be placed on a variety of vertical or horizontal surfaces for maximum viewing advantage. This might well be an appealing feature for individuals who need to access their phone hands-free while working.

In all, the Doble’s Ring Holder’s capacity to extend beyond providing a secure grip on your phone to potentially being a mobile phone stand wherever needed is a convenient addition. Though this function may not be practical for all, it does offer some versatility in how individuals can use it.

Thoughts on andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe

Price and Final Thoughts

  • Doble’s ring holder offers multiple functionalities
  • Ring holder fuses utility and sophistication
  • Improvement needed for user comfort

Reflecting on the Price

The price point of the Doble’s ring holder may seem slightly high initially. However, when considering the multiple functionalities it offers, it demands a second thought. Not only does it serve as an effective phone holder but also a reliable kickstand and, unexpectedly, a versatile hanging tool for your device. How many phone accessories in the market offer so much variety?

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

While the price tag could be a deterrent for some, I would urge potential buyers to look at the larger picture. Here you have a product that is slim, portable, and enhances your phone handling experience. You could argue that protecting your device from accidental falls, exploiting stand functionality for comfortable viewing, and the convenience of hanging your phone anywhere more than balance the scales in favor of the investment.

Final Thoughts

Evaluating the Experience

Through my practical exploration and interaction with the Doble’s ring holder, I found that it delivers what it promises. It’s a functional product that successfully fuses utility and sophistication. The material looks and feels sturdy, the magnet proves to be impressively strong, and the overall design is thoughtful and considers the user’s needs.

Room for Improvement

However, it wouldn’t be fair to ignore that smartphone users with softer skin might perceive the metallic ring holder to be a tad uncomfortable after prolonged use. This aspect of comfort could be ameliorated with the use of softer coating materials in future iterations of the ring holder.

Wrapping it Up

  • The quality and functionality of the Doble’s Ring Holder: Excellent
  • The comfort level in usage: Adequate
  • The value offer considering its price: Good

The overall impression that the product leaves is largely positive, with maximum points scored in quality and functionality, though there seems to be some room for improvement in terms of comfort. In a nutshell, if you are seeking a multifunctional phone accessory that grants substantial control over your device with an added layer of style, it might be worth considering the Doble’s ring holder, notwithstanding its slightly hefty price tag.

Analyzing andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe


All in all, this review of the Doble’s Ring Holder has been quite the journey. I’ve had the chance to thoroughly explore this accessory, from its compact packaging to its multifaceted functionalities. While it carries a somewhat hefty price tag for what it is, its features seem to justify the cost.

Reminder to Viewers: Where to Get Doble’s Ring Holder

Interested in getting your hands on the Doble’s Ring Holder? You can easily find it on established e-commerce platforms. Be sure to check reliable reviews and make an informed decision based on your individual needs and budget.

Signing Off: Until the Next Review

And that wraps up this comprehensive review of the Doble’s Ring Holder. This multifunctional accessory has proven its worth, from acting as a sturdy ring holder to a kickstand and even a no-fuss magnetic phone holder. Remember, the goal is to identify what suits your individual needs best, so don’t hesitate to explore other options as well. Until our next exploration of the latest and greatest in tech accessories, stay curious and empowered in your consumer journey. Happy shopping!

Should you buy the andobil Magnetic Phone Grip (Upgrade) for Magsafe?

Buy it if…

You’re looking for security and peace of mind

The Doble ring holder provides an extra layer of security by securing your phone to your hand, preventing drops and potential damage.

You appreciate versatile function

The ring holder not only acts as a secure grip and stand, but also can be used as a magnetic phone holder if paired with the included metal plates.

You value attention to detail and quality

The Doble ring holder features a sleek, thin design, strong magnetism and quality materials – like darkened metal finish and carbon fiber.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a budget

The price of the Doble ring holder is a bit high compared to other similar products on the market.

You dislike metal contacts

The metal ring may become uncomfortable after long periods of use, especially for sensitive skin.

You don’t like bulky cases or attachments

Although relatively thin, the Doble ring holder still adds something extra to the back of your phone which could be a deal-breaker for minimalists or users who prefer sleek, case-less phones.


Is the Doble’s Ring Holder compatible with all iPhones?
The Doble’s Ring Holder is equipped to work with iPhone 12, 13, or newer versions. For those without MagSafe, a case and setup tool are provided.
Is the Doble’s Ring Holder bulky?
No, the design is thin and low profile, making it not bulky. It is also quite lightweight and convenient.
How strong is the magnet of the Doble’s Ring Holder?
The magnet of the Doble’s Ring Holder is very strong and can endure considerable force before detachment.
Can the Doble’s Ring Holder serve other purposes beyond a ring holder?
Yes, the Doble’s Ring Holder also doubles as a kickstand, and can be used for vertical or horizontal phone viewing. Moreover, it comes with a metal plate that can be attached to any surface, turning it into a magnetic phone holder.
How is the comfort of using the Doble’s Ring Holder for prolonged periods?
The review indicates that it could get mildly uncomfortable due to the metal ring after long periods of usage. However, this concern is applicable to any metal ring holder and not just Doble’s.
Is the Doble’s Ring Holder a valuable investment?
The review indicates that despite its relatively high price, the product is recommended for its strong magnets, slim design, and extra features such as serving as a kickstand and adherence to metallic surfaces.

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