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Review: andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear – Exceptional MagSafe compatibility and user-friendly design

Unbiased review of Endoble’s iPhone 14 Pro cases with impressive design and functionality... Read more

Review of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

Table of Contents

Test of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

4.4/5 - (130 votes)

Cena: $27.99


  • Bonus microfiber cloth included in packages
  • No signs of yellowing in the transparent case
  • Stable and functional kickstand on both cases
  • Strong magnetic hold for MagSafe compatibility
  • Transparent case showcases iPhone’s original color
  • Matte finish offers sleek look for black case
  • Cutouts and buttons on cases are perfect fit


  • Slick sides on black case might affect grip
  • Differing material strength between black and transparent cases
  • Deep color of phone less visible in black case

“After thoroughly reviewing both the transparent and black Endoble iPhone 14 cases, my unbiased verdict lies in high regard for these products. The thoughtful design, the practicality of the built-in stand, and the exceptional compatibility with MagSafe all contribute positively to a user-friendly experience. Additionally, the inclusion of a high-quality microfiber cloth provides a surprisingly impressive touch that elevates the overall value. There are some minor differences between the cases, but both maintain a solid quality commendable for protection and style.”

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Brand andobil
Color Clear
Form Factor Basic Case
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 14 Pro
Material N52 Super Strong Magnet, Halbach Array, Aviation Aluminum Alloy Stand, German Bayer Crystal Clear Material, Exclusive Patented Anti-yellowing Insulation Layer Technology, Solid Anti-scratched Back Panel, Soft Shockproof Protective Airbags

Introduction: Discovering Endoble’s Newest Offerings

Get ready for a unique journey as we dive deep into the latest product lineup from Endoble – a brand known for crafting high-quality smartphone cases. This time around, it sent out two of its newest iPhone 14 Pro cases for an unbiased, critical review.

Unboxing: A Personal Take on Endoble’s Simple yet Functional Packaging

The exploration begins with the simplicity of the box it comes in; ‘Life Series Case for Smartphone’ it reads, but what it holds inside is much more specific! On flipping the box around, the clear mention of ‘iPhone 14 Pro case with stand’ in transparent and black variants raised the excitement. Such straightforward information gives a hint of brand transparency, a great first impression indeed.

First Impressions: The Intriguing Inclusions of Endoble’s Case Boxes

What’s inside the box, you might ask? Well, what strikes as most intriguing aren’t merely the cases but the add-ons that come along. Upon unboxing, in addition to the smartphone case, there is also an Endoble-branded microfiber cloth – an unexpected but welcome inclusion. Judging by the looks, it seems to be a quality item and promises to wipe off those pesky fingerprints with ease.

Now, with first impressions taken care of, it’s time to delve deeper and examine these cases in detail. Let’s navigate through the intriguing transparent case first, shall we?

Interpretation of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

The Transparent Case: Unveiling the Clear Beauty of Endoble’s iPhone 14 Pro Case

  • Endoble’s iPhone 14 Pro case offers high-quality protection
  • Includes endoble microfiber cloth, ensures no discoloration
  • Case features a stable kickstand and MagSafe compatibility

It’s not every day you come across a phone case that turns out to not just be another pretty face, but one that also delivers where it counts. Endoble’s iPhone 14 Pro transparent case is what we have on our trial table today, and it promises to be an interesting ride.

What’s Included: Uncovering the Extras with the Transparent Case

Right off the bat, the transparent case package offers more than just the case itself. Inside the box, we have an endoble microfiber cloth – a worthy mention for the surprisingly high quality of cloth provided. It is akin to Apple’s, and trust me, that is a compliment of the highest order in the world of microfibers!

Color Test: An Unbiased Judging of the Case’s Degree of Yellowness

Next, we have the clear, transparent case itself. Absent of any discoloration or yellowness, it is a true testament to the recent manufacturing and quality assurance. The case gets a solid zero on the yellowness scale – where zero means perfectly clear and no signs of yellowing. Much appreciated, Endoble!

A Closer Look: Scrutiny of Case Design and iPhone Integration

The case fits like a glove on the iPhone 14 Pro. The deep purple color of the phone visibly shines through, adding to the overall looks. Each cutout is precise, and all buttons are easily accessible. Little details like perfect cutouts, and just the right amount of raisivity for the camera and the front face, make a huge impact on everyday usability.

The Stand Test: How Stable is Endoble’s Kickstand Feature?

A highlight of this case is its kickstand feature, and rightly so. The stand is stable, robust, and works well both in portrait and landscape mode. Pocketing the phone with the kickstand out wouldn’t be recommended, but the ease of operation and the sturdy build quality are noteworthy.

MagSafe Compatibility: Unquestionable!

The inclusion of MagSafe compatibility in this Endoble case cannot be understated. The magnetic connection is robust, earning a solid 8.5 to 8.7 (out of 10) on the strength scale. Charging with the case on is a breeze with no interference whatsoever from the case. It’s quite impressive and adds to the overall convenience.

Overall, the transparent case provides a solid roundup of features, maintaining an elegant look while not compromising on any functionality. It’s a valuable protective accessory for your iPhone 14 Pro and seems more than capable of living up to its promise.

Check of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

MagSafe Compatibility: More than Just A Gimmick?

  • Endoble cases have impressive MagSafe magnetic strength
  • Allows efficient charging despite case on
  • MagSafe compatibility is not a gimmick

In the world of iPhone accessories, one feature that tends to create quite the buzz is MagSafe compatibility. But is it more than just a fancy addition? With the Endoble cases for the iPhone 14 Pro, I set out to discover just that.

Strength Test: How Strong is the Magnetic Connection?

One of the critical aspects of a good MagSafe case is its magnetic strength, which determines how securely the phone attaches to any MagSafe accessory. In the case of the Transparent Endoble version, the magnetic pull was impressive. Compared to many I’ve tried, the MagSafe in this case displayed a much stronger grip. No doubt, the specific material of the case played a considerable part in this.

Rating: On a scale of one to ten, I give it an 8.7 for magnetic strength. That’s saying something!

Charging Test: Functionality Verification of MagSafe with Case On

The strength of a magnetic connection, however, wouldn’t matter if the case prevents efficient charging. To explore this, I connected the MagSafe charger with the case still attached to the iPhone 14 pro. The result? Complete success. Not only did the charger attach beautifully, but it also began charging the phone seamlessly. The case exhibits no hinderance to the MagSafe charger’s functionality—thus passing this test with flying colors. As for the Black Endoble case, the MagSafe experience was slightly different. In comparison to the transparent variant, this one had a little less grip, probably owing to the material variances. I’d rate it an 8 out of 10 for magnetic strength- still robust, but a notch below its clear counterpart.

However, just like its transparent sibling, it also allows seamless and efficient charging, thus living up to its claims of being a MagSafe compatible case. So, overall, is the MagSafe compatibility of the Endoble collection just a gimmick? Based on the evidence, I would say not! It delivers on both magnetic strength and unimpeded charging—making a compelling argument for those seeking a compatible case for their iPhones.

Analysis of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear


Unveiling the Black Case: A Deeper Dive into Endoble’s Darker Offering

  • Black case includes microfiber cloth and warranty card
  • Frosted matte black material has unique aesthetic
  • MagSafe strength slightly lower compared to transparent case

After running the gauntlet with the transparent case from Endoble, it’s time I shifted my focus towards its darker counterpart. Tucked away in a similar simple box, the black case immediately radiates a completely different vibe.


Checking the Contents: Are Extras Still Included with the Black Case?


The first thing I checked upon unboxing the black case is whether it also came with any additional extras. And it did. Much to my surprise, it repeated the neat inclusion of a quality microfiber cloth and a warranty card that I found with the transparent case. These small yet beneficial add-ons instantly increased its value proposition.


Initial Reactions: A Fresh Look at the Frosted Matte Black Material


On unwrapping the black case itself, its frosted matte black material struck me as sleek and robust. It faintly reminded me of a stealth aircraft, radiating an aura of sturdiness. Unlike the transparent version, this one subtly diffuses the color of the iPhone, giving it a unique, stealthy identity. And yet, it still allowed the device’s deep purple hue to peek through subtly, providing a different kind of aesthetic altogether.


Button Feel Test: An Overlooked Element Now Given Attention


Next up in my testing lineup was the case’s button feel, something I missed while reviewing the transparent case. To keep the review balanced, I focused on the tactility and responsiveness. The buttons were comfortable and had a solid click to them, giving an enjoyable tactile feedback when pressed.


Stand and MagSafe Test: Does the Black Case Level with the Transparent One?


Moving onto the MagSafe and stand functionality, a feature I can’t help but appreciate, I noticed a slight difference. The stand proved to be equally efficient and stable, but the MagSafe strength was slightly compromised, clocking in at an 8 out of 10 compared to the slightly higher rating of the transparent case. The change in material is possibly the cause for this variation, although it still functioned perfectly for charging with no major issues noted.

It’s these honest observations and subtle differences that render every end-user experience unique, contributing to a comprehensive review process.

Verdict: andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

Concluding Thoughts: Fair Criticisms and Unbiased Praises for Endoble iPhone 14 Pro Cases

Overall Impressions: The Battle Between Transparency and Stealth

Given a thorough test and consideration, we can appreciate the thoughtfulness Endoble has put in both case creations. The decision between the two comes down to personal style preference. The transparent case stands out with its zero yellowness and lets the color of the iPhone shine through. The matte black case, with its stealthed-out design, is perfect for those who appreciate understated elegance.

The Unexpected Microfiber Cloth: Examining It as a Game-changer

Interestingly, both cases included a high-quality microfiber cloth, a rare treat in phone case packages. Not just a throw-in, it confidently stands up to even Apple’s own cloth in terms of functionality. While it’s a small detail, it goes a long way in terms of user experience. It’s not often a brand goes that extra mile, but in this case, Endoble has done just that.

Final Verdict: Endoble Cases, Thumbs Up or Down?

Looking at these cases in terms of design, functionality, and the extras included, Endoble comes out looking impressive. The cases show no obvious issues, have decent protection with case raisivity and they work perfectly with MagSafe. So, I’d have to give these a thumbs up! Of course, there’s always room for improvement. Perhaps adding more grip to the sides of the black case, for example, would enhance its usability. It’s worth noting, though, that this doesn’t take away from the overall positive aspects of these products.

CTA: Inviting the Audience to Join in on the Discovery

These were my experiences with Endoble’s iPhone 14 Pro cases, and now it’s your turn to see what you think. Check them out, see if they meet or even exceed your expectations. Just remember, it’s not just about the look or feel, it’s also about the functionality and little added extras that make a product truly stand out.

Should you buy the andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear?

Buy it if…

You value protective features

Both of Endoble’s iPhone 14 Pro cases offer substantial protection, with well-measured cutouts and raisivity for camera and front screen.

You like multifunctionality

These cases have a well-integrated stand that offers landscape and portrait modes for convenient viewing

You appreciate thoughtful extras

Endoble includes a quality microfiber cloth identical to Apple’s cloth, ideal for keeping your screen dust and fingerprint-free.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer a grippier feel

The frosted matte black case is a bit slicker to the touch compared to the transparent case, which may not suit everyone.

You’re looking for a very vibrant case

Although stylish, the frosted matte black case does mute the color of your iPhone 14 Pro.

You don’t use MagSafe

While these cases rate high in MagSafe compatibility and strength, if you don’t use MagSafe, this selling point might not be beneficial to you.


What are the contents included with the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro cases?
Both the Transparent and Black Endoble iPhone 14 Pro cases come with a case, an Endoble microfiber cloth, and a warranty card.
What is the quality of the included microfiber cloth?
The included Endoble microfiber cloth is high quality and very similar to Apple’s cloth. It’s effective in removing smudges or fingerprints from your phone.
Do the cases discolor or have any sign of yellowness?
Based on the review, the transparent case showed no signs of yellowness. The production date of the case might be recent, hence its clear appearance.
How well do the cases integrate with the iPhone 14 Pro?
Both cases integrate well with the iPhone 14 Pro, allowing the phone’s key details to show clearly. The cases have accurate cutouts for the speaker, buttons, mute switch, and camera, and they feel perfect to touch.
What’s unique about the kickstand feature on these cases?
The kickstand feature on the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro cases is not only stable and sturdy but also versatile, allowing the phone to be propped up in landscape mode and even upside down.
How compatible are these cases with Magsafe?
The Endoble iPhone 14 Pro cases have high compatibility with Magsafe, achieving high ratings in terms of strength of the magnetic connection and functionality in charging while the case is on.
Where can I purchase these Endoble iPhone 14 Pro cases?
The Endoble iPhone 14 Pro cases can be purchased from Endoble’s official website or authorized retailers. Links to buy these cases are provided below the review video.

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