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Review: andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear – Convenient with Magsafe compatibility and kickstand feature

Explore the new Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case with a smoky matte look, outstanding protection, and a versatile MagSafe kickstand... Read more

Review of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

Table of Contents

Test of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

4.5/5 - (124 votes)

Cena: $36.99


  • Sleek, smoky matte design
  • Free microfiber cloth included
  • High-quality metal buttons
  • Perfect camera resivity
  • Accessible mute switch cutout
  • Durable and protective
  • Multifunctional, swivel kickstand


  • Buttons potentially plastic, not metal
  • Button touch sensation not super cold
  • Potentially impractical ‘upside down’ kickstand position

“As an experienced reviewer, having the opportunity to thoroughly test the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case was simply fascinating. I’m quite impressed with its well-thought-out design, remarkable features, and high-quality materials. The swiveling kickstand and Magsafe compatibility offer a level of convenience not typically seen. However, it’s essential to note that while the metal buttons felt premium, they didn’t have the cool touch characteristic of metal; a minor detail, nonetheless. The smoky matte finish gives your phone a sophisticated edge too. But remember, personal preference plays a role here. So, even though I appreciate and recommend this case for its attributes, it’s always best to consider your specific needs and style when choosing.”

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Brand andobil
Color Clear
Form Factor ✅ 2023 Easy – relax Series ✅ 360° Rotatable Double Sided Magnet Ring
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 14 Pro
Material N52 Super Strong Magnet, Halbach Array, Aviation Aluminum Alloy Stand, German Bayer Crystal Clear Material, Exclusive Patented Anti-yellowing Insulation Layer Technology, Solid Anti-scratched Back Panel, Soft Shockproof Protective Airbags

Introduction: Unboxing the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro Case

Now, I have to admit, there’s nothing quite like unboxing a brand new product. The anticipation intertwined with curiosity; it’s quite a unique thrill! In this instance, we’re dealing with the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case – a fresh entrant into the gadget accessories whirlpool.

Free Extras: Appreciating Endoble’s Unique Touch

Before we even discuss the case at hand, I was pleasantly surprised with the appearance of little extras right in the box. A microfiber cloth to keep your investment sparkling clean! For a moment, let’s all show some appreciation for Endoble. It’s not every day that a company throws in useful extras, even more surprisingly, without additional charge. A truly commendable practice that adds real value.

Initial Impressions: Attuned to the Glam of Smoky Matte

Onto the main event, the unboxing of the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case. Not to be biased, but on first sight, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the smoky matte finish. For those of you who lean towards subtle yet stylish aesthetics, this one’s right up your alley. Not too in-your-face, and not too dull; it hits a sweet spot by being understated yet distinctly trendy. But again, that’s just my first impression – let’s get into more intricate particulars.

Appraisal of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

Physical Overview: Dissecting the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro Case

  • Endoble iPhone 14 Pro Case feels premium with metallic buttons
  • Case offers smooth operation for fitting iPhone 14 Pro
  • Endoble case is compatible with screen protector

If you’re as detail-oriented as me when it comes to phone cases, you’ll appreciate this first-hand experience I had with the new Endoble case for the iPhone 14 Pro. Let’s dive into the particulars, shall we?

Premium Feel: A Close Look at the Case’s Metallic Buttons

Upon first contact with the case, I noticed the metallic buttons, offering an immediate impression of quality. Feeling them under my fingertips, I was initially quite convinced of their metallic nature. But, interestingly, the buttons were not exceptionally cold to the touch, leading me to think that they might, in fact, be made of a high-quality plastic designed to simulate metal. I genuinely appreciated such detail. This bit of uncertainty is a mild criticism, but worth mentioning as it may impact long-standing wear and tear.

Getting the Phone In: Fitting in the iPhone 14 Pro in Deep Purple

I then went on to insert my deep purple colored iPhone 14 Pro into the case, which was a smooth operation. My device slid effortlessly into its new housing, the case offering just enough grip without making the process feel forced. Once fitted, my iPhone felt snug and secure, easing my concerns about potential slippage.

A neat little highlight

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of resivity the case had despite my phone already having a screen protector. Rather than bulging or impeding the device’s features, the Endoble case seemed to enhance my phone’s appearance, giving it a smoky allure while preserving functionality. So, if you’re worried about screen protector compatibility, rest assured, you’re good to go.

Synopsis: andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

Intricate Detailed Examination: Digging Deeper into the Product’s Features

  • Case respects existing screen protectors
  • Subtle branding enhances aesthetic appeal
  • Provides reliable camera protection

Moving onto the details of the case itself, it becomes evident that the designers truly considered the user experience to the last detail. Let’s delve into the specifics of this iPhone 14 Pro case made by Endoble.

Checking underneath the Case: Screen Protector Compatibility

One crucial feature I immediately noticed was the case’s respect for any added screen protection. It’s a delight to see that if you’ve already got a screen protector on, this case isn’t going to ruin it. The case offers decent screen resivity, maintaining a nice catch of functionality and safety that I appreciate.

Scrutinizing the Brand’s Logo: Complementing the Case’s Aesthetic

The Endoble branding on the ring is quite subtle and pleasing. It’s right there without being overbearing, highlighting authenticity while complimenting its overall aesthetics. Small details like this can enhance an accessory’s appeal and Endoble does not miss.

Tested and Approved: Protective Camera Resivity Assessment

Onto the camera protection, the outfitted case gives an impression of security immediately. The camera module neatly nestles into the cutout, giving a secure, even snug feel. Not once was I concerned about my camera lenses’ safety while checking the buttons or the case’s sides.

As a last note, remember to stay critical of any product. Take into account each of the features and details mentioned above. It is essential to consider what is particularly important for you in an iPhone case. Is it the compatibility with a screen protector? Is its branding or the camera safety? All of these form essential facets when deciding on the best iPhone 14 Pro case, and Endoble, as per my experience, does tick numerous boxes here.

Evaluating andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

Interacting with the Case: Probing everything about the Buttons

  • Endoble’s case offers optimal button accessibility and usability
  • Buttons provide satisfying, responsive tactile feedback
  • Mute switch operates effortlessly due to thoughtful design

One integral yet far too frequently glossed over aspect of cell phone cases is the accessibility and usability of the buttons. Poorly designed covers can make pressing buttons feel like moving a mountain. Inversely, premium ones, like the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case, can elevate your interactions with your device to a comfortable level, even exceeding the stock feel of the phone.

Quick Feedback: The Feel of the Buttons

The buttons on this Endoble case initially deceived me with their metallic feel. Upon a closer feel of it, though, I realised they were not cold to touch, leading me to believe that they are, in fact, plastic. However, do not let the plastic build fool you . The buttons are exceptionally responsive. The clickiness, combined with the tactile feedback, results in a satisfying experience that rivals, if not surpasses, the response of the bare device.

Checking Accessibility: Testing the Mute Switch

The accessibility of the mute switch, often overlooked in case designs, was another point of scrutiny. Thankfully, the Endoble’s design checks this box too. The cutout is perfect, allowing for seamless and effortless switching. Users, regardless of their fingernail length, will find no difficulty toggling the switch. This signifies that Endoble focused not merely on the aesthetics but paid due attention to functionality as well.

In summary , Endoble has meticulously designed the button and switch encounters on this case with consideration for ease of use and satisfying feedback. The buttons do not detract from the device’s inherent feel, but rather, enhance it. The mute switch, too, remains effortlessly operable, thanks to the thoughtful design.

Probe of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

Exploring the Case’s Main Attraction: The Multi-functional Kickstand

  • Kickstand offers multi-positional flexibility for iPhone positioning
  • Offers substantial degree of angle adjustment and rotation
  • Endoble case’s kickstand enhances user experience significantly

Now let’s dive into one of the standout features of this iPhone 14 Pro case from Endoble – the multi-functional kickstand.

Accommodating Every Need: Testing Different Positions

The first thing to note about the kickstand is its flexibility. It can cater to your iPhone positioning preferences, whether you’re scrolling through your favorite app in portrait mode, catching a quick Netflix episode in landscape orientation, or perhaps, you’re into upside-down scrolling, which although unconventional, the case doesn’t discriminate against. I must admit, this multi-positional flexibility is quite a novelty, and I am impressed.

A Look at the Case’s Range of Motion

The range of motion that this case offers is noteworthy. The kickstand allows for a substantial degree of angle adjustment, right from comfortably inclined positions for distraction-free video consumption to completely flat for pocket-friendly storage. The kickstand’s back-and-forth swings and snapping back into its place is seamless and feels sturdy enough to withstand regular use.

Unique Twist: The Rotating Capability

And here’s where things get interesting. Not limited to straightforward leaning action, this case’s kickstand promises a full-circle rotation. If you’re trying to capture a perfect panoramic shot or need an instant makeshift tripod for a group selfie, the rotating kickstand is a convenient and welcome addition. However, the longevity of the swivel mechanism remains to be seen.

In conclusion, the Endoble case’s multi-functional kickstand goes beyond the conventional case offerings and presents a feature that is both unique and functional. It is clear that Endoble has focused on enhancing the user’s experience through clever design and thoughtful additions.

Critique of andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

The Wow Factor: MagSafe Compatibility

  • Case offers MagSafe compatibility for improved functionality
  • MagSafe feature provides strong suction, effective charging
  • No interference with other device functions

Of all the features that this case boasts, one, in particular, emerged as the real game changer- its MagSafe compatibility. This unique feature takes sleekest phone cases from a protective and aesthetic accessory to an entirely new functionality level.

Locking into Place: Suction Strength Test

Keen to test the MagSafe compatibility’s effectiveness, the first test was checking how well the case’s MagSafe function could hold the charger in place. As I brought the charger closer, I could feel the pulling force getting stronger as it neared the iPhone. With a satisfying snap, the charger locked onto the case. Giving it a few tugs to test the suction strength, the charger remained solidly in place. As for the suction strength scale, I would confidently give it an 8.5 for its impressive hold.

Confirming Functions: Ensuring Effective Charging

To ensure that the case’s MagSafe feature could successfully charge the phone through the case, the charger was attached again. The iPhone responded immediately, showing the charging symbol on its screen. Despite the protective layer of the case, the MagSafe charger had no trouble supplying power to the device.

A Critical Evaluation

While the MagSafe compatibility is a significant selling point, it is essential to confirm that it does not interfere with other device functions. The case stood up to the test. Even with the charger attached, the phone could connect to Wi-Fi and network services without any hindrance, and the audio clarity during calls was not affected.

On the flip side, I found that the charger still tends to heat up a bit while connected, especially during fast charging. Though it’s not a deal breaker, it’s certainly a minor point that could be improved upon.


Overall, the MagSafe compatibility of the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case has proven intriguing and beneficial. It adds an extra dimension of practicality, making charging easier and more convenient without compromising the device’s protection. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, this feature alone would have me singing Endoble’s praises.

Inspecting andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

Conclusion: Best in Class

  • Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case offers top-notch quality.
  • Practical and stylish design with added features.
  • Offers effective MagSafe compatibility.

After spending a substantial amount of time using and reviewing the product, I can confidently conclude that this Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case is indeed best in its class. Here’s why.

Unboxing Experience

Right from the get-go, the unboxing experience is pleasant, starting with the neat packaging and the little additions added by Endoble. They give an honorable mention to the microfiber cloth included for free. Many companies usually overlook this, but Endoble was considerate enough to add it, and that in itself is a testament to the thoughtfulness placed into this product.


The matte finish is a clear winner in the design department. I have to point out the smoky look, which adds a subtle edge to the usual clear case concept. The Endoble brand logo, strategically positioned, enhances the overall aesthetic of the case without being too loud or presumptuous.


As for functionality, here’s where the case truly shines. One would expect a case to protect the phone, and yes, this case does that job with perfection. But what sets it apart is the added features. The well-thought-out button design provides a tactile experience while maintaining accessibility. The screen and camera resivity, along with the brilliant mute switch cutout, testify to the product’s attention to detail. But what takes the cake is the multi-functional kickstand with its impressive range of motion and rotating capability.

MagSafe Compatibility

Let’s talk about MagSafe compatibility. The case ticks this box too! Not only does it provide effective and effortless charging, but it also does so with an impressive suction strength, making the experience smoother and more practical.

Overall Assessment

In my opinion, the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case manages to strike a perfect balance between style and practicality, bringing the best of both worlds to its users. This case excels not only in looks but also in delivering a host of functionalities that can tick off every point in a demanding iPhone user’s checklist. Classed as best, this case holds true to its title and beyond.

Reflection on andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear

Gratitude and Call to Action

Expressing my gratitude, I want to acknowledge the gesture of Endoble for providing the iPHone 14 Pro case free of charge for this review. Integrity is critical to me, so note that this courtesy has not influenced my review in any way. I’ve approached this review cautiously, ensuring I captured the benefits and shortcomings (if any) of the case.

Acknowledging Endoble

The completeness of the package, including useful extras like the microfiber cloth, enhances the unboxing experience. The attention to detail is noteworthy, displaying their care and consideration for their customers’ needs. The case is incredibly functional, offering protection and style without compromising on uniqueness. The inclusion of the multifunctional kickstand and magsafe compatibility are also standout features.

Further Exploration

You shouldn’t skip trying the iPhone 14 Pro case from Endoble. Whether you are after functionality, aesthetic appeal, or both, this case seems to tick all the boxes. As always, you’re encouraged to gather as much information as possible. There are useful links provided below for your further exploration.

Remember, an informed decision is always the best decision. What’s more, personal practical experience will beat any review. So if you have the opportunity, give this case a try!

Should you buy the andobil for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear?

Buy it if…

You are looking for an attractive yet functional case

With its smokey black matte design, this case is sure to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your iPhone 14 Pro while offering high-level functionality.

You need a case with a kickstand

The Endoble case comes with a multifunctional kickstand that swivels and adjusts to your needs. Ideal for viewing content and hands-free usage.

You appreciate the convenience of MagSafe compatibility

The case seamlessly attaches to the MagSafe charger ensuring your phone is tightly secured and charges with no hitches.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer natural metal buttons

Despite the premium feel, the buttons on the case are plastic and might not appeal to those who prefer genuine metal buttons.

You’re not a fan of logos and branding on your case

The Endoble logo is prominently displayed on the case’s ring. If you prefer a more minimalistic look, this might not be the case for you.

You don’t fancy extra features

The Endoble case features a kickstand and MagSafe compatibility – functionalities you might not need if you’re just after a basic protective case.


What comes included with the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case?
The case comes with its own microfiber cloth and a card from the company, besides the case itself.
Is the case compatible with screen protectors?
Yes, the case is compatible with screen protectors and offers good resivity.
Does the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case have a kickstand?
Yes, the case features a kickstand that swivels and supports various positions including landscape, portrait, and upside-down modes.
What’s unique about the kickstand on the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case?
The kickstand is not only versatile in terms of positioning but it’s MagSafe compatible.
Is the case MagSafe compatible?
Yes. The case is not only MagSafe compatible but also locks into place with strong suction power and charges effectively.
Can the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case accommodate different phone positions?
Yes, the case’s kickstand can accommodate landscape, portrait, and even upside-down modes.
Will the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case fit the deep purple iPhone color?
Yes, the case is designed to fit the iPhone 14 Pro and complements its deep purple color well.
What is the look of the Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case?
The Endoble iPhone 14 Pro case has a smoke black, matte look to it.

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