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Review: Ampere Shower Power Pro – Hydropower Bluetooth Shower Speaker (Black) – Exceptional sound quality, eco-friendly design

Explore technology and sustainability with a revolutionary shower speaker, despite minor setbacks... Read more

Review of Ampere Shower Power Pro - Hydropower Bluetooth Shower Speaker (Black)

Test of Ampere Shower Power Pro – Hydropower Bluetooth Shower Speaker (Black)

3.7/5 - (62 votes)

Cena: $149.00


  • Hydropower technology eliminates need for batteries
  • Installation process is simple and straight-forward
  • Made from recycled ocean plastic
  • Detachable for standalone use
  • Pairs with another device for stereo sound
  • App includes LED light control and water usage data
  • Strong performance with deep, rich sound


  • Reduces the shower flow by 8 to 24%
  • May pose a problem for low water pressure areas
  • App connectivity issues

“After spending substantial time with the Ampry Shower Power Pro, I have grown quite fond of it. This eco-friendly shower speaker, crafted ingeniously using recycled ocean plastic, blew me away with its exceptional sound quality and the neat concept of turning water energy into light and sound. However, the anticipated reduction in water flow due to the internal charging turbines is worth noting, particularly for those with low water pressure. Also, I experienced some hiccups while trying to connect the app. But overall, its innovative design, sustainability efforts, and functionality undoubtedly make it an innovative addition to daily shower routines.”

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Brand Ampere
Model Name Shower Power Pro
Speaker Type Coaxial
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Portable

Break Free from the Regular: My Shower Chronicles with Ampry’s Shower Speaker

Let’s face it, we all have our shower rituals. Some of us love to let the warm water run as we daydream, others can’t resist a good sing-along to their favorite tunes. For me, it’s always been about enjoying a dynamic soundtrack to my morning routine – nothing gets me movin’ like music. Yet, there was always a challenge – achieving that perfect balance between volume and not waking everybody up!

My Interlude with the Shower Power Pro

The day I stumbled upon Ampry’s Shower Power Pro, I hoped it would be the solution to my ‘silent morning sob stories’. The idea of a speaker designed specifically for the wet, steamy environment of a bathroom intrigued me. My previous attempts at shower concerts always ended with me cranking up the music on my phone to the point where it was disruptive. I decided to give this innovative bathroom gadget a try.

From Silent Showers to Groovy Mornings

Unboxing the Ampere Shower Power Pro, I realised it was more than just another ‘showerproof’ speaker. The packaging itself reflected the brand’s dedication to the environment, and the promise of never needing batteries or a charge sounded too good to be true. Was it really capable of converting the energy from the water flow to power itself? To be unbiased, I tried to control my excitement and set out to test this intriguing product.

First Impressions Count

At first glance, I noticed there were no suction cups or hanging cords, different from most shower speakers I’ve seen till now. The instruction manual came in handy, as the installation process involved more than just sticking the speaker onto the shower wall. I appreciated that Ampry not only thought of a fresh concept but also supplied everything necessary for the installation right within the box, a handy wrench, Teflon thread tape, and a fitting adapter.

Is It Worth It?

  • Sound Quality: Powerfully immersive, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of sound the Shower Power Pro projected.
  • Sustainability factor: The speaker’s construction from recycled ocean plastic is a big plus.
  • Usability: The design is user-friendly with the control on the speaker and an accompanying app for additional controls.

At this point, I feel the product shows potential. However, no review is complete without an exhaustive use over a period of time. The next section will discuss in detail the installation process, features, and the overall performance of the speaker. Stay tuned!

Testing Ampere Shower Power Pro - Hydropower Bluetooth Shower Speaker (Black)

Delving into the Details: Let’s Talk Installation

  • Shower speaker installation involves unscrewing original shower head
  • Teflon tape ensures a waterproof seal
  • Attach speaker and rejoin original shower head

Before dancing in the shower tune, I head on to the first technical step, installation. The instructions manual is included in the package, usually, we tend to disregard these papers, but this time let’s take it seriously. So, let’s get down to business.

First Things First: Unscrewing the Shower Head

Begin by unscrewing the shower head from its stem. No worries, a couple of turns and voila! It’s pretty straightforward.

Laying the Foundation with Teflon Tape

Next, line up the stem with a few wraps of Teflon thread tape. This little guy’s role is crucial. It ensures a waterproof seal and prevents leaking, keeping everything nice and dry outside, save for the desired downpour of your shower.

Securing the Speaker Unit

With the tape in place, it’s time to attach the shower speaker unit. Remember to have the housing and o-ring labeled “input” facing up. Turn it until it sits securely on the stem. Remember to leave the speaker facing you – trust me, this is not the time for surprises in the shower!

Moving on to the Adapter

Teflon tape comes back into play here with the adapter. After wrapping it up, time for the adapter to take its position at the bottom of the speaker unit, just where it’s marked “output”.

The Final Step: Rejoining the Original Shower Head

As the last step of the installation comes, you are to reattach the original shower head to the other side of the adapter and you’re done. Yes, that was it! So much yet no sweat, right?

Turn on the shower, and lo behold! The shower speaker springs to life as soon as the water begins to flow. First impressions? Let’s save it for the next chapter.

Note: Remember, the installation might take a couple tries. But that’s okay. That’s part of the process.

After this installation guide, we’re now ready for some shower tunes. While this looks like a simple DIY installation, don’t be fooled. The Ampre Shower Power Pro packs a punch while keeping its eco-friendly focus. But more on that later…

Perspective: Ampere Shower Power Pro - Hydropower Bluetooth Shower Speaker (Black)

Advantages: What We Loved about the Shower Power Pro

  • Shower Power Pro provides uninterrupted music
  • No batteries needed, uses water power
  • Made from recycled ocean plastic

When you’re looking for a bathroom upgrade, you’ll probably want to know the benefits. So let’s dive right in.

The Joy of Uninterrupted Music

The main feature that captivated us was the capability of the Shower Power Pro to sustain an uninterrupted supply of music. There’s something invigorating about listening to your favorite tunes while taking a shower, and this speaker made it undoubtedly enjoyable without waking everyone in the house.

No Battery Woes

In today’s world, where everything seems to run on batteries, this speaker stood out. The fact that it requires no batteries or recharging is a game-changer. The speaker harnesses the power of flowing water, giving peace of mind to environmentally conscious users.

Sustainable and Awesome

The sense of sustainability was another feature we were impressed with. The use of recycled ocean plastic for its production emphasizes the brand’s commitment to our planet’s well-being. It’s great to see a company taking the initiative to repurpose plastic effectively.

User-Friendly and Versatile

Another advantage was its user-friendliness. The installation process was smooth and uncomplicated, and its compatibility with existing shower systems was commendable. The versatility of the Shower Power Pro, with its ability to function as a standalone device or pair up for a stereo sound, was a winning feature.

Quality Sound

The quality of the sound was superb. Encased within the speaker is a 360-degree sound system that delivers clear and powerful sound waves. The depth of the sound and the overall quality exceeded expectations for a shower space.

App-based Control

Last but not least, the app-based control made the showering experience interactive and customizable. The ability to change LED light colors and patterns, monitor water usage, and control the speaker from a smartphone was a wonderful feature.

However , like every product, this one comes with its minor setbacks; its limitations worth noting. We will discuss this in the section ‘The Downside: Everything Is Not Perfect’ . But overall, the Shower Power Pro lived up to its promise of a delightful shower experience.

Summary: Ampere Shower Power Pro - Hydropower Bluetooth Shower Speaker (Black)

Giveaway Announcement: Got Lucky This Time?

If there’s anything that could possibly be more exhilarating than unboxing and reviewing a fantastic product, it certainly would be receiving one for free! As part of this unique product experience, the Shower Power Pro also came along with an enticing opportunity: a giveaway.

Participate and Win: Your Chance to Grab One

The process of the giveaway was amazingly uncomplicated. All that was required was to follow a simple subscription process. The best part about this contest was its transparency. There was a remarkable sense of fairness and equity involved, with the winners being chosen through a random selection process.

The shower speaker itself, priced at $149, made for a worthy prize. Winning it for free seemed like a significant gain, and the idea of not having to spend anything on a product of such quality added a good dose of suspense and excitement to the overall review process.

Subscribe to Us: Be a Part of the Review

With managing to check all the boxes of a superior product, this shower speaker review was an enjoyable journey from unboxing to usage. And the icing on the cake was undoubtedly this giveaway treat. Irrespective of whether one stands a chance to win or not, subscribing simply meant staying updated with more such exciting product reviews in future.

Final Thoughts: Signing Off Until Next Time.

In a nutshell, it was not merely about the product or the giveaway, but a wholesome appreciation of the entire package. The Shower Power Pro didn’t just utilize the water flow efficiently for its operation, but also created an interactive experience for the user. Factor in the giveaway and it was indeed a noteworthy review experience.

Should you buy the Ampere Shower Power Pro – Hydropower Bluetooth Shower Speaker (Black)?

Buy it if…

You are a regular shower singer

The Ampry Shower Power Pro delivers great sound quality, to accompany your musical shower sessions.

You are eco-conscious

Made from recycled ocean plastic and using the power of running water for charging, this gadget is a great way to incorporate more sustainability into your life.

You like the convenience of wireless devices

With its water-generated power, the speaker doesn’t need charging or battery replacement, and it can also be detached to use as a standalone device.

Don’t buy it if…

Your shower pressure is already low

The charging turbines inside the speaker cause a reduction in shower flow which might be significant if your water pressure is already low.

You want full app functionality

The review mentions difficulties connecting to the app, so you may have trouble utilising its features.

Price is a major factor for you

The product is at the higher end of the price scale for shower speakers, and might not suit all budgets.


Does the Ampry Shower Power Pro require batteries?
No, the Ampry Shower Power Pro does not require batteries. It is powered by the flow of water in your shower.
Is the speaker made from sustainable materials?
Yes, the speaker is made from recycled ocean plastic. It takes around 15 plastic drinking bottles’ worth to produce the speaker.
How does the speaker get charged?
The speaker gets charged via hydroelectric power which is generated by the flow of water in your shower.
Can I detach the speaker from the shower?
Yes, the Ampry Shower Power Pro is detachable and can be used as a standalone device.
Is there an app to control the speaker?
Yes, the hydropower controller app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. This app allows you to pair your smartphone to the speaker, as well as control the color and pattern of the built-in LED lights.
How loud is the speaker?
The speaker delivers loud, 360-degree sound. For stereo sound, it can be paired with another Shower Power Pro speaker.
What effect does the shower speaker have on water flow?
The charging turbines inside the speaker restrict the water flow by about 8 to 24 percent, depending on your setup.

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