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Review: Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Solidly impressive sound quality at top volume

An insider’s review on Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50’s party-ready features and limitations... Read more

Review of Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Table of Contents

Test of Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

3.5/5 - (43 votes)

Cena: $119.00


  • Powerful bass and great volume
  • Easy pairing with smartphone
  • Multiple USB ports and Aux connector
  • Inbuilt wheels for mobility
  • SD card slot for added convenience
  • Fast charging feature


  • Short battery life at max volume
  • Microphone not included
  • Issues with hardware reliability

“Having spent quality time with the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50, I find it a commendable wireless party speaker with a few hitches. The sound quality was solidly impressive, delivering a resounding bass and clear high ends without distortion even at top volume. The ease of pairing it with my smartphone was a delightful experience. However, I was disappointed with the battery life, falling significantly short of the manufacturer’s bold six-hour claim – it lasted closer to three hours at maximum volume. Also, it was a bit of a letdown that a basic microphone was not included, despite the mic jack feature. All in all, I give it a 7 out of 10 because, despite these caveats, for $100, the Sound Rover 50 provides reasonable value for its price.”

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Brand Altec Lansing
Model Name SoundRover 50
Speaker Type Soundbar
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Portable

Unboxing the Sound Rover 50: A Close Look at My New Party Companion

Let’s start this journey of review, the anticipation almost tangible as I cautiously unbox my new endeavor, the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50. The packaging itself speaks volumes; the protective foam ensuring the speaker makes the journey to your home unscathed is a clear testament to attention to detail. It definitely kindles much-needed confidence in this product.

What’s Included: What to Expect Once Unpacked

Stowed into the box is more than just the promise of a great sound system; there’s also the power charge cable, a snuggly fitting carry handle – a detail that brings to mind the thoughtful design of small luggage bags, and of course, the white set of instructions with the smartphone pairing process clearly delineated.

  • Speaker – The chief attraction of the package, an impressive compact gadget ready to be awakened.
  • Power Charge Cable – The lifeline of the speaker, ensuring your party anthems never prematurely end.
  • Carrying Handle – A small, yet thoughtful accessory to securely transport the speaker.
  • Instruction Set – A detailed guide to pair your smartphone with the speaker effortlessly.

Assembly Explained: Setting up Your Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50

As for assembly, a task that usually overshadows the excitement of a new product – well, fear not. The Sound Rover 50 eases all anxieties with a straightforward assembly process. Simply insert the carry handle until you hear a reassuring click and voila, your speaker’s all set for the party scene.

An unfair bias towards ease and comfort? Probably. But who can resist a product that curtails inconvenience, providing unparalleled user experience right out of the box?

Survey of Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Detailed Tour: Analyzing the Sound Rover 50 Features

  • Sound Rover 50 offers multiple ports and easy controls
  • Features inbuilt wheels for easy mobility
  • LED party lights sync with music

The Sound Rover 50 from Altec Lansing has a host of features to support its functionality as a party speaker. As I began to explore these, it quickly became apparent that this device had been designed with both portability and user experience in mind.

Device Usability: Navigating through the Input Panel

Upon a closer look at the input panel, there’s a selection of three USB ports for anyone needing multiple connections. There’s even an auxiliary connector that hosts a waterproof cover, providing a nifty bit of protection if you’re near a pool or rain-drenched grounds. The presence of an SD card slot proves to be another asset for those desiring an alternative to Bluetooth connectivity.

The speaker also has dials for volume, bass, and treble adjustments. With these controls, you can tweak the sound output to your preference easily. Plus, the switch to power it on and off is clearly labeled and easily accessible.


The Sound Rover 50 is plug and play with most microphones that use a jack. So if you have a mic lying around, karaoke night is definitely a possibility.

Additional Features: Benefits of Inbuilt Wheels and More

Convenience and portability take a front seat with the Sound Rover 50. Starting from the bottom, there were a tiny set of inbuilt wheels. Trust me when I say this; the little wheels make this speaker super easy to move around.

Center stage on the front is where the speakers reside, and they pack a punch. The speaker has a ring of LED party lights that sync with the music beautifully, providing a more interactive audio experience. Moreover, they’re programmable to change to different colors, adding an extra touch to your party ambiance.

Then came pairing the speaker with my smartphone, which turned out to be super easy. And guess what? Altec Lansing states that you can pair a duo of Sound Rover 50s. Yes, that means a potential doubling of your sound output!

The verdict? Altec Lansing seems to know their user base well, creating a party speaker that is convenient in terms of setup, mobility, and in creating that party atmosphere. But like all products, it wasn’t without its downsides, which we’ll be discussing next.

Comments on Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Sound Performance: The Sound Rover 50 Impressions

  • Speaker delivers 360-degree audio with deep bass
  • Ease of use, intuitive device pairing
  • Potent audio delivery suitable for party vibes

Now, we come to arguably the most important aspect of any portable speaker – the sound performance. Undoubtedly, this is where we expect the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 to hold its own. Can it deliver that “real bass,” the punchy tunes, and the high-end clarity we love? Let’s dive in.

The Sound Test

On cranking up the volume, I was immediately met with a rich and vibrant sound. Some speakers tend to distort or lose their depth when volumes are increased, but not this one! The dome-shaped design of the speaker seems to evenly disperse the sound, providing a full 360-degree audio experience. The bass was impressively deep and resonant; it managed to deliver that “in the chest” feel I was looking for—truly an immersive experience.

But how does it stack up when it comes to clarity? Well, even at high volumes, the speaker didn’t lose its fidelity. Mids were clear and crisp, highs were well-defined without being tinny, and even the low ends maintained their thump. The treble and bass adjustments on the panel give you some control over the sound too, and they come in handy when you’re keen on a particular sound signature.

Smartphone Pairing Process: A Breeze

The speaker’s ease of use extends to pairing with devices as well. The pairing process between the speaker and a smartphone was pretty straightforward. I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive and hassle-free it was. Unfortunately, I could not test the claim that you can pair two Sound Rover 50s together as I only had one unit, but given how seamless the initial pairing was, I have no reason to suspect any difficulty.

Sound Quality: A Critical Evaluation

The speaker promises a fantastic audio experience, and for the most part, it delivers that. However, it’s not without its flaws. Some users have reported that they experienced drops in connection, resulting in periodic sound interruptions. Fortunately, in my use, the Bluetooth pairing remained stable and the sound was consistent. However, potential buyers should note that experiences may vary and in environments with a lot of interference, the connection might become unstable.

Additionally, while the strong bass response is generally a plus, audio purists might feel that it sometimes overpowers the mid-tones. Small details in certain songs can get overshadowed by the aggressive bass, losing the balance. I recommend tweaking the treble and bass sliders to find a middle ground that suits your taste best.

Conclusion: A Powerful Addition to Your Party Arsenal

The Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50’s audio performance leaves a profound impression. While it might not be perfect — as is the case with any product — it pretty much gets the job done. Be it outdoor party vibes or a casual music listening experience, this speaker covers a lot of bases with its potent audio delivery.

Synopsis: Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Review Verdict: The Truth about the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50

  • Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 has high-quality sound.
  • Its design includes multiple inputs and user-friendly pairing.
  • The speaker has impressive LED party lights.

Now comes the moment of truth, my honest and unbiased evaluation of the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50. Did it live up to the expectations? Let’s uncover.

The Good

First things first, let’s focus on the things that I loved about this party speaker. Let me tell you, there were quite a few.

  1. High-Quality Sound: The bass and volume capabilities of the Rover 50 are quite impressive. The sound intensity can be summed up by the thumping 90-decibel output, which filled my high ceiling room without any compromises in the quality of the audio frequencies. When the bass kicks in, you can feel it reverberating, signifying a pretty robust sound system.
  2. User-Friendly Design: The multiple inputs and three USB ports, an Aux connector, and an SD card slot together with a user-friendly pairing process, are definitely to its benefit. Take my word, you’ll find this speaker quite convenient and easy to use.
  3. Impressive LED Party Lights: Did I mention the LED lights that surround the speaker? They pulsate and flash in sync with the music dynamically, adding a fun visual element to your party or event.

The Bad

Now why don’t we talk about the less flattering features? You’ve got to take the good with the bad, right?

  • Battery Life: Altec Lansing strongly claims a six-hour battery life, but it didn’t live up to the hype, at least in my case. During my hands-on experience, the battery only lasted about three hours at maximum volume, which was a bit of a letdown.
  • No Microphone Included: While it’s great that the Sound Rover 50 is compatible with microphones, lack of a basic microphone in the box out is a downside. For a product marketed as a party speaker, I expected it to be ready for Karaoke right out of the box.

So there you have it – the honest truth about the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 speaker. Just as no coin has a single side, no product is without its highs and lows. Despite its few shortcomings, its sound quality, design, and LED lights propel it to be a dependable contender in the party speaker category.

Scrutiny of Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Other’s Opinion: Matt’s Take on the Altec Lansing Speaker

  • Matt appreciates Altec Lansing Speaker but has functionality issues
  • Customer service offered replacement for malfunctioning unit
  • Despite issues, Matt lauds speaker’s robust acoustics, user-friendly design

Just as any comprehensive review should include various perspectives, I thought it would be informative to include the feedback of a fellow user of the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50. He goes by the name of Matt and, like me, he has spent some time exploring this standout speaker. Does he mirror my thoughts or diverge with his own, distinctive viewpoint; let’s find out.

Differing Opinions: Discussing the Speaker’s Performance

In Matt’s own words, he emphatically declared his admiration for the speaker. But despite his early infatuation, he ultimately did not feel confident recommending the product. His reasoning was thoroughly compelling.

Matt’s sudden change of heart was largely due to one flaw, a flaw so significant in his eyes that it overshadowed the Sound Rover 50’s prodigious sound quality and succulent feature list: an issue with its functionality.

“I like this speaker, Altec Lansing, but now I can’t recommend it.”

The speaker, it seems, gave out on Matt, rendering him unable to tap into its much-praised pool party capabilities. It’s unfortunate that he had to experience this, but it is important to mention these mishaps as potential customer experiences.

One should not turn a blind eye to the defects of a product, however, unpredictable they may be. These events make us question the reliability of the speaker and compel us to ponder if it’s a widespread issue or just an isolated incident.

Importantly though, customer service came to the rescue in Matt’s case, offering a replacement for his malfunctioning unit. A rather relieving fact that underscores the Altec Lansing ‘s commitment to their customers’ satisfaction.

Going by Matt’s account, this ordeal was indeed a “real bummer” but it didn’t completely sully his impression of the Sound Rover 50. He still found areas of the product to appreciate, lauding its robust acoustics and noting its user-friendly design. But that solitary flaw was enough for him to withhold his recommendation.

To summarize, it’s apparent that while the Sound Rover 50 wields an impressive array of features and stellar audio, its Achilles’ heel appears to be reliability. And as Matt’s testimony clearly indicates, this can, regrettably, undermine the overall user experience.

Examining Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Rating the Sound Rover: My Final Score

  • Sound performance and design impressive, rating: 8.5 and 8 respectively
  • Battery life fell short, rating: 6.5
  • Value for money rated at 7.5
  • Overall rating for the speaker: 7.6

After spending some quality time with the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 at parties and one-on-one sessions, it’s now crunch time. Let’s dive into what essentially separates a decent speaker from a great one – the final score.

Sound Quality and Performance

Right out the gate, the Rover 50 impressed me with it’s impactful sound performance. The sound it delivers, with a maximum volume of 90 decibels, is nothing short of remarkable. At both low and high volumes, the sound remained clear and undistorted. The bass was noteworthy, displaying a palpable vibe that had the ability to fill a room with music without distorting the clarity of notes. My rating for sound performance rests at a well-deserved 8.5.

Design and Usability

The party speaker boasts of a pragmatic design that genuinely mixes functionality with style. The inbuilt wheels enhance portability while the adjustability of volume, bass, and treble promote a tailor-made listening experience. Although, the lack of a microphone, despite having a dedicated mic jack, was a bit disappointing. My rating for design and usability hence, rests at an 8.

Battery Life

For a party speaker, the Rover 50 was touted to have an impressive six-hour battery life. But in an actual scenario, my experiences suggest otherwise. The device consistently fell short to a three-hour mark at max volume. It’s not a deal-breaker but the claim seemed a bit misleading. Thus, for battery life, I’d give it a 6.5.

Value for Money

Considering the sound quality, versatile features, and overall performance, one could say that the Sound Rover 50 does offer bang for your buck. Except for the shorter battery life, it checks most of the boxes for a reliable party speaker. So, I’ll rate it at 7.5 for value for money.

Overall, after considering all aspects, the final rating for the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 stands at 7.6 . Its highlights undoubtedly include the sound performance and design with room for improvement in battery performance.

Testing Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Getting Yours Hands On One: How You Can Own a Rover 50

  • Sound Rover 50 can be bought or won
  • Purchasing has competitive pricing, considering its features
  • Giveaway option requires subscription, video liking, and commenting

Alright folks, let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for – how to make this Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 yours?

Purchasing the Sound Rover 50

Firstly, there is the conventional way – you can purchase this speaker directly. It has a pretty competitive price tag considering the range of features and its overall performance. But before you rush off to buy, bear in mind the points we’ve critiqued in this review. Make sure it aligns with what you’re looking for in a portable party speaker.

The Giveaway Option

But if you’re feeling lucky, there’s another route you could go down. We’re giving away a brand-new Sound Rover 50 to one fortunate individual. Imagine getting your hands on this versatile speaker without spending a dime! Cool, isn’t it?

Entering the Giveaway: Simple Steps

  1. Subscribe to the channel: An easy first step, just hit that ‘subscribe’ button.
  2. Like this review video: If you appreciate the effort we put into reviewing this speaker, show some love.
  3. Comment with the specified hashtag: Look for the hashtag we’ve given in this video and drop it in the comment section. That’s it, you’re in!

Once you’ve followed these three steps, you’ll be entered into our random selection process. Could you be our lucky winner? Only time will tell!

A Quick Note

Whether you decide to buy the Sound Rover 50 or try your luck with our giveaway, remember to consider the critical points we’ve mentioned throughout this review. We aim for our followers to make informed choices about the products they invest in. We hope this review has given you an unbiased, comprehensive understanding of what the Sound Rover 50 has to offer.

Final Say

There you have it, two ways to own the Altec Lansing’s Sound Rover 50. Whether you decide to buy outright or take a chance with the giveaway, this speaker brings a real ‘bang’ to the party!

Reflection on Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Wrapping it Up: Final Thoughts on the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50

So, it’s time to bring this review of the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 to a close, and share my parting thoughts on this portable party speaker.

Value for Money

My experience with this speaker has been a mixture of highs and lows. At its price point, I felt I was getting a solid deal, considering the plethora of features it comes packed with. The aperture for microphone input, adjustability of bass and treble settings, and the SD card slot; not to mention the SEO light display which is quite the crowd pleaser and the inbuilt wheels allowing for easy portability – all make the Sound Rover 50 a good value for money.

Sound Performance

Performance-wise, the Sound Rover 50 proves its mettle. Hitting a maximum volume of 90 decibels, filling my high ceiling room with not just sound but quality sound. The low-end bass didn’t disappoint, and the high-ends didn’t distort, which for a music enthusiast like me, is an essential feature.

Battery Life & Microphone Input

However, two things that left me slightly disgruntled were the battery life and the lack of a microphone. Altec’s claim of a six-hour battery life fell a bit short in practice. At max volume, my device could only muster about three hours. Plus, although there’s a microphone jack, the fact that a microphone wasn’t included in the box felt like a missed opportunity.

The Final Verdict

So, in my book, I’m rating the Sound Rover 50 as a cool 7/10. This is because it largely delivers what it promises, albeit with some caveats. Yes, there are areas where it can certainly kick up its game, but overall, it’s a decent party speaker that does the job it’s meant to do while also providing a few party-friendly extras. If you’re hunting for a reliable, functional, and fun companion for your poolside parties, the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 could still make a good candidate.

Should you buy the Altec Lansing SoundRover 50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker?

Buy it if…

You Want High-Quality Sound

The speaker provides excellent acoustics with a max volume of 90 decibels delivering crisp, clear and room filling sound.

You Enjoy Fun and Functional Features

From LED party lights that pulse to the music to an easy smartphone pairing process, extra ports and a mic jack for karaoke, the speaker is equipped with an array of exciting features.

You Need a Portable and Durable Device

With inbuilt wheels and a carry handle, the Sound Rover 50 is super easy to move around. Plus, it comes with a waterproof aux cover, perfect for poolside parties.

Don’t buy it if…

You Want a Long Battery Life

The battery life on the Sound Rover 50 tends to fall short of Altec Lansing’s claim, getting closer to three hours at max volume instead of the six hours promoted.

You’re Expecting a Microphone Inclusion

While the speaker is set up for microphone use, it doesn’t come with a mic included. You would need to purchase one separately to enjoy karaoke.

You’re Not Comfortable with Manufacturer Defects

Some units may have quality control issues, needing replacement. This could be a potential inconvenience.


What’s included in the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50’s box?
The box includes the speaker itself, power charge cable, a small carry handle, and a set of instructions.
How do I assemble my Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 speaker?
You just need to insert the carry handle as shown until you hear a click.
Does the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 speaker have an aux connector?
Yes, there is an aux connector with waterproof cover on the input panel of the speaker.
How do I pair my smartphone with the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50 speaker?
The instruction manual provides a step-by-step guide for the pairing process, which is described as being very straightforward.
What is the sound quality of the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50?
The speaker delivers a solid sound, with a max volume of 90 decibels measured from three feet away.
What is the battery life of the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50?
Manufacturer’s claim is six hours, but in the review, it yielded closer to a three hours at max volume.
How can I win the Altec Lansing Sound Rover 50?
You need to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment with a specific hashtag. The winner is chosen randomly.

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